While Congress Is on Recess, Bush Fills 12 Panel Positions

(It seems they are all heavy contributors to Bush,  getting ready for 2004?)

Published: December 28, 2003

CRAWFORD, Tex., Dec. 26 (AP) — President Bush bypassed Congress on Friday and named 12 people to government panels after their nominations stalled in the Senate.

By approving them during the Congressional recess, Mr. Bush avoided the Senate confirmation process. The following officials were appointed:

Albert Casey of Texas, to be a governor of the United States Postal Service.

[Fired RTC chief Albert Casey to allow his friend Roger Altman to monitor and block Whitewater investigations. http://www.seebo.net/scandals.html White House rap sheet

Albert Casey, then chairman of the Resolution Trust Corp. which oversaw failed savings-and-loans, "recalled receiving a call from Gray about the referral’s status," the report said. "Casey went to William Roelle, executive vice president of the RTC, and asked about the status. Roelle told Casey the Clintons were not named as targets, but simply as potential witnesses."
While Casey was checking out the referral’s status, he recalled getting another call from Gray. This time, Casey said, Gray "told him to forget about his earlier inquiry," the Whitewater report said.
When questioned by Whitewater investigators, this Bush aide, too, offered a distinctly different account. "Gray did not remember a telephone conversation with Casey, along the lines discussed above," the report said. Gray "believed he first learned about the referral from Casey, but he thought it may have been at a dinner party. Gray might also have heard about the referral from a journalist."
Investigative Focus


While the accounts from Barr and Casey might seem to carry more credibility because they took action based on their understandings of what the Bush aides had told them, the Whitewater prosecutors drew no negative conclusions about the testimony of Holiday and Gray. The lack of skepticism is in contrast to the report’s generally tendentious tone in assessing conflicting testimony involving the Clintons and other witnesses.

A reason for the disinterest in the Holiday-Gray contradictions - beyond the obvious political motives of Starr and Ray - could be that the Republican-dominated three-judge panel that set the parameters for the Whitewater investigation never authorized a look into the possible political origins of the case.
The panel, headed by conservative U.S. Appeals Court Judge David Sentelle, a protégé of Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., did not permit an examination of the possibility that the original Whitewater criminal referral was part of a political dirty trick to ensure the reelection of George H.W. Bush.
In studying the case’s early days, the Whitewater prosecutors were authorized only to investigate
"whether before or after the 1992 election of President Clinton, any action that had the effect of delaying or impeding the investigation could raise the question of whether anyone in the Department of Justice unlawfully obstructed the investigation," the report said.
In other words, the Bush administration was never under investigation for instigating a politically motivated - and potentially illegal - criminal probe of the Clintons, as Banks and the Little Rock FBI officials suspected. Rather, Banks was under investigation for possibly obstructing justice when he refused to play along.

There was also little investigative interest in determining whether Holiday and Gray were lying about their inquiries, conversations which created at least the appearance of high-level interest in Washington.

In the end, however, the prosecutors chose not to pursue Banks and the other Little Rock investigators who had gotten in the way. "The evidence was insufficient to prove that any Department of Justice official obstructed justice by engaging in conduct intended to delay or impede the investigation of the RTC’s criminal referral," the report said. http://www.dreamwater.org/art/issuesalibis/page55.html


Bradley D. Belt of Washington, to the Social Security Advisory Board.

[Expertise: International finance; geoeconomic risk analysis and global business strategy; legislative and regulatory policy

Bradley Belt previously served as vice president of CSIS, responsible for policy development, corporate strategy, and oversight of the Center's international finance, information technology, and domestic initiatives. Belt joined CSIS from Capitol Hill where he served as Republican counsel to the Senate Banking Committee, chief counsel to the Securities Subcommittee, and as legislative director and general counsel to Senator John McCain. He also served in senior staff positions at the Securities and Exchange Commission. As president of Washington Capital Group and managing director of the Commonwealth Group, Belt advises companies and financial institutions on public policy and business strategy issues. He has written and lectured on international finance, global strategy, and legislative policy, and has appeared as a commentator on CNN, C-SPAN, and CNBC. Belt is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and is a member of the State of New York, District of Columbia, and U.S. Supreme Court bars.

¶Raymond Simon, the former director of the Arkansas Department of Education, to be assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education at the Education Department. http://web.archive.org/web/20001203103000/http://www.csis.org/html/4belt.html

Interview with General Wesley K. Clark (Ret.) on Security Issues - August 8,
2000 -- Gen. Wesley K. Clark, U.S. Army Ret., was the Supreme Allied
Commander in Europe from July 1997 to May 2000. Clark was in overall command
of NATO's military forces in Europe and commanded the alliance's military
response to the Kosovo crisis -- Operation Allied Force. He is now with the
Stephens Group Inc. in venture capital and a senior advisor with the Center
for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

What is Clark doing now?

... joined Little Rock-based Stephens Group Inc. [111 Center Street, Little
Rock, Arkansas 72201 (800) 643-9691, www.stephens.com] as a corporate
consultant to help develop emerging-technology companies. For Immediate
Release June 29, 2000 ... "U.S. Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark recently retired
after 34 years of dedicated military service to his country. A native of
Little Rock, Ark., Clark and his wife now reside in Arlington, Va. Their
son, Wesley Jr., is a screenwriter in Los Angeles."

Also a senior adviser at CSIS - (Center for Strategic and International
Studies, 1800 K Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20006 Fax 202-775-3153 ]


2000 CSIS budget, $16 million,
CSIS Affiliates: [from website] The International Councillors, a group of
international business leaders chaired by Henry Kissinger, meets
semiannually to discuss the implications of the changing economic and
strategic environment. The Advisory Board is composed of both public- and
private-sector policymakers, including several members of Congress. Zbigniew
Brzezinski and Carla Hills cochair the board. The Washington Roundtable
meets three to four times a year with members of Congress, executive branch
officials, and other Washington experts to discuss pressing policy issues of
the day. The Houston and Dallas Roundtables bring together local business
leaders and CSIS experts to discuss current international political and
economic trends.
CSIS Board, Counselors, and Advisers Board of Trustees Chairman Sam Nunn
Senior Partner, King and Spalding Vice Chairman David M. Abshire President,
Center for the Study of the Presidency, and Cofounder of CSIS Chairman,

Executive Committee Anne Armstrong* Former U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain
Members George L. Argyros Carla A. Hills Betty Beene Ray L. Hunt Reginald K.
Brack Henry A. Kissinger William E. Brock Donald B. Marron Harold Brown
Felix G. Rohatyn Zbigniew Brzezinski Charles A. Sanders William S. Cohen
James R. Schlesinger J. Michael Cook William A. Schreyer* Ralph Cossa Brent
Scowcroft Douglas N. Daft Murray Weidenbaum Robert A. Day Dolores D. Wharton
Richard Fairbanks Frederick B. Whittemore Michael P. Galvin* R. James
Woolsey Joseph T. Gorman Amos A. Jordan, (Emeritus) John J. Hamre* Leonard
H. Marks, (Emeritus) Robert S. Strauss, (Emeritus) *Member of the Executive
Committee Counselors William E. Brock Henry A. Kissinger Harold Brown Sam
Nunn Zbigniew Brzezinski James R. Schlesinger William S. Cohen Brent
Scowcroft Richard Fairbanks Senior Advisers J. Carter Beese Amos A. Jordan

Bradley D. Belt John Kornblum James M. Bodner Robert H. Kupperman Stanton H.
Burnett Laurence Martin Richard R. Burt Thomas F. (Mack) McLarty Wesley K.
Clark Walter Slocombe William K. Clark, Jr. Robert Tyrer Arnaud de
Borchgrave Anthony Zinni Diana Lady Dougan Luis E. Giusti Fred C. Iklé
(Distinguished Scholar in Residence)
Waging Modern War:Bosnia, Kosovo, and the Future of Combat by Wesley K.
Clark, Hardcover - 304 pages 1 Ed edition (May 22, 2001) Public Affairs;
ISBN: 158648043X [amazon]
http://ndtceda.com/archives/200109/0892.html ]

Gay Hart Gaines of Florida, to the board of directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

[Presidential Nomination http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/nominations/436.html

Gay Hart Gaines


Public Broadcasting Corp, Bd of Dirs



Date of Announcement:

November 17, 2003

Date Nomination Sent to the Senate:

November 17, 2003

Gaines, a Republican activist and friend of Cheney, invited Cheney to do a book signing in Palm Beach and Matthews offered the venue. http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/newsfd/auto/feed/news/2003/10/28/1067320500.19830.4877.9432.html;COXnetJSessionID=1vtUIG8vvJwxQxEY8XXRvvOjymSojLfo8mwExjNWY8z1NDXI4URN!-1049052790?urac=n&urvf=10726557641410.524940312551871

President Bush made twelve recess appointments to various government panels. Two are of particular interest:
Gay Hart Gaines of Florida, to be a member of the board of directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The president nominated Gaines on Nov. 17, 2003. Gaines is a major donor to Republican causes and candidates; she gave $1,000 to Bush's presidential campaign in 2000 and again this year, and has given tens of thousands more to Republican National Committee campaign accounts
http://www.alphapatriot.com/home/index.html  ]

Claudia Puig

Senior VP and GM, Miami Hispanic  Broadcasting  Corp.      

Claudia Puig of Florida, to the board of directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

[Claudia Puig is vice president and general manager of Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation, which owns some of the top-rated Spanish-language radio stations in Miami. During her tenure, HBC’s FM stations in Miami have consistently ranked among the top three stations in the market while WAQI-AM and WQBA-AM rank number one and two among the AM stations. Most recently, Puig was appointed by City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz to the Arts and Entertainment Council. Puig lives in Key Biscayne.

Claudia Puig of Key Biscayne is general manager of Heftel Broadcasting. Sergio Pino of Coral Gables is president and CEO of Century Homebuilders. http://southflorida.bizjournals.com/southflorida/stories/2003/01/06/daily50.html

Claudia Puig of Florida, to be a member of the board of directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Bush first nominated Puig on Jan. 9, 2003. Puig gave the maximum allowable donation to Bush's re-election campaign this year. http://www.alphapatriot.com/home/index.html ]


Fayza Veronique Boulad Rodman of Washington, to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The president nominated Rodman on Oct. 24, 2003.


Cynthia Boich of California, to the board of directors of the Corporation for National and Community Service. 

[Bush nominated Boich on Sept. 23, 2003. She donated money to one-time Bush presidential rivals John McCain and Bob Smith.

Appointment of Cynthia Boich as a Member of the Advisory Committee on Small and Minority Business Ownership

September 27, 1985

The President today announced his intention to appoint Cynthia Boich to be a member of the Advisory Committee on Small and Minority Business Ownership. She will succeed Al Cardenas.

Ms. Boich presently serves as a consultant to Cynthia Boich & Associates, a corporate art marketing firm in Phoenix, AZ. She was founder and served as president of the firm in 1981 - 1984. Previously, she was with Armour-Dial, Inc., in product management (1977 - 1981); and with J. Walter Thompson Co. as an account executive in 1974 - 1976.

She graduated from Bethany College (B.A., 1969) and the American Graduate School of International Management (M.A., 1973). She was born November 10, 1947, in Steubenville, OH, and now resides in Scottsdale, AZ. http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/resource/speeches/1985/92785b.htm


Dorothy A. Johnson of Michigan, to the board of directors of the Corporation for National and Community Service. Bush nominated Johnson on Sept. 23, 2003.


Henry Lozano
Co-Founder of the Red
Ribbon Week Program
The National Red Ribbon Campaign was sparked by the murder of DEA Special Agent Enrique Camarena by drug traffickers


Henry Lozano of California, to the board of directors of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

[The president nominated Henry Lozano and Cynthia Boich to serve on the board of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). Lozano entered the Teen Challenge program as a heroin addict, kicked the habit, then served as the director of Teen Challenge’s sites in Riverside and Orange County, Calif., from 1975 to 1984. He now serves as CEO of Californians for Drug Free Youth, a nonprofit that develops drug prevention strategies and policies, based in Forest Falls, Calif. http://www.youthtoday.org/youthtoday/newsmakers.html]

Henry Lozano, Los Angeles, Ca – Congressional District 30.


Californians for Drug Free Youth
Contact: Henry Lozano
Address: P.O Box 768
Big Bear City, CA 92314
Phone: 909.584.1170
Fax: 909.584.4485
mailto:ca4dfy@aol.com  http://www.drugfreeca.org/events.asp

CALIFORNIA: President Elect 2000

Sunil Aghi, Amy Arambula, Rachel Binah, R. Stephen Bollinger, Roberts Braden, Laura Karolina Capps, Anni Chung, Joseph A. Cislowski, Sheldon Cohn, Thor Emblem, Elsa Favila, John Freidenrich, Cecelia Fuentes, Glen Fuller, James Garrison, Sally Goehring, Florence Gold, Jill S. Hardy, Therese Horsting, Georgie Huff, Robert Eugene Hurd, Harriet A. Ingram, Robert Jordan, John Koza, John Laird, N. Mark Lam, Manuel M. Lopez, Henry Lozano, David Mann, Beverly Martin, R. Keith McDonald, Carol D. Norberg, Ron Oberndorfer, Gerard Orozco, Trudy Owens, Gregory S. Pettis, Flo Rene Pickett, Theodore H. Plant, Art Pulaski, Eloise Reyes, Alex Arthur Reza, C. Craig Roberts, Jason Rodriguez, Luis D. Rojas, Howard L. Schock, Lane Sherman, David A. Torres, Larry Trullinger, Angelo K. Tsakopoulos, Richard Valle, Karen Waters, Don Wilcox, William K. Wong, Rosalind Wyman http://www.presidentelect.org/e2000.html


Ronald E. Meisburg of Virginia, to the National Labor Relations Board.

A non-profit educational organization providing information on legal issues related to the energy and mineral industry through workshops, specialty programs, publications and electronic information
Past President -
Ronald E. Meisburg http://www.emlf.org/who.htm

Ronald E. Meisburg
Firm Profile: Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
Fifth Floor, 2400 N Street, N.W.
Washington, District of Columbia 20037
Practice Areas: Labor and Employment; Governmental Affairs; Litigation
Admitted: 1974, Kentucky; 1980, District of Columbia; U.S. Supreme Court
Law School: University of Louisville, J.D., 1974
College: Carson-Newman College, B.A., 1969
Member: District of Columbia Bar; Kentucky and American Bar Associations.
Biography: President, Energy and Mineral Law Foundation, 1994-1995. Member: Employment Lawyers Advisory Council, 1996-1998; National Association of Manufacturers, 1996-1998. Industrial Relations Committee Member, U.S. Council for International Business, 1993-1998.
Born: Bowling Green, Kentucky, July 28, 1947
Web Site:

Ronald E. Meisburg

Phone: 202.887.0855
Fax: 202.887.0866
Washington Office

Areas of Practice:

Labor and Employment
Ogletree Governmental Affairs
Workplace Safety and Health
Ronald E. Meisburg began his legal career in 1974 on the National Office staff of the Solicitor of the U.S. Department of Labor in Washington, D.C. For six years he represented the Secretary of Labor before federal appellate courts and administrative agencies, working in both the Division of Employee Benefits and the Division of Mine Safety and Health. In 1978 he received the Secretary of Labor's Distinguished Achievement Award.

Prior to joining Ogletree Deakins, Mr. Meisburg was a partner with the law firm of Heenan, Althen & Roles for twenty-two years, where he devoted substantial time to assisting employers in the preparation and presentation of arbitration cases, and in related proceedings in the federal courts and before the National Labor Relations Board. Mr. Meisburg also maintains an active client counseling practice, and has had substantial experience in assisting companies deal with labor and employment issues involved in corporate transactions and reorganizations.

Mr. Meisburg is also involved in the international aspects of labor law, particularly those involving corporate campaigns and proceedings before multinational bodies such as the International Labor Organization (ILO). Mr. Meisburg has served as a member of the Industrial Relations Committee of the U.S. Council for International Business, which represents the interests of employers doing business in the United States before the ILO and in other similar groups.

Mr. Meisburg devotes substantial time to legal writing and speaking on various employment law topics. He served as President of the Eastern Mineral Law Foundation and has also served on the editorial advisory board of the University of Kentucky's Journal of Natural Resources & Environmental Law.

J.D., University of Louisville, 1974
B.A., Carson-Newman College, 1969

Admitted to Practice:
District of Columbia
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Various U.S. District Courts
Various U.S. Courts of Appeal
United States Supreme Court

Professional Activities:
District of Columbia Bar Association
Kentucky Bar Association
American Bar Association
Energy and Mineral Law Foundation - President, 1994-1995
Employment Lawyers Advisory Council - Member, 1996-1998
National Association of Manufacturers - Member, 1996-1998
U.S. Council for International Business - Industrial Relations Committee Member, 1993-1998


President to Fill NLRB Vacancy President Bush announced his intent to nominate Ronald E. Meisburg to fill the current vacancy on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). When the Senate recesses for its Thanksgiving break, President Bush will have the option of appointing Meisburg to fill the seat immediately. A recess appointment would last until the Senate adjourns its 2004 session, but if confirmed by the Senate, Meisburg would be able to serve until August 27, 2008. This appointment will bring the five-member board’s composition to three Republicans and two Democrats. Breaking the NLRB’s current deadlock is critically important because many issues of interest to merit shop contractors come before the NLRB each year. NLRB Launches Redesigned Internet Site On November 7, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) launched its redesigned website to enable the public to more easily find information and interact with the agency.
This one caught my eye.
Ronald E. Meisburg of Virginia, to be a member of the National Labor Relations Board. Bush nominated Meisburg on Nov. 20, 2003.
Well not only is he a labor lawyer who has represented many corporations, he has represented many coal companies against the United Mine Workers of America.
Guess you get two campaign donation birds with one stone since that's management labor lawyer who works with energy companies.
Let's see how partisan he is when cases come up to the board. He'll be there until 2005.


Clark Kent Ervin of Texas, to be inspector general, Homeland Security Department. Mr. Bush nominated Mr. Ervin on Jan. 10, and he has served as interim inspector general.

[The chief internal investigator at the Department of Homeland Security has decided that his ties to the Republican Party in Texas prevent him from conducting an inquiry into how the department became entangled in a bitter partisan dispute in the Texas Statehouse, the department announced today.
The withdrawal from the case by the department's acting inspector general, Clark Kent Ervin, was another awkward turn in the controversy for the department, which has been forced to explain why its resources were diverted last week to a politically inspired hunt for the private plane of a Democratic state lawmaker.
The announcement of Mr. Ervin's withdrawal came on the same day that a group of Texas Democrats in the United States House of Representatives wrote to the secretary of homeland security, Tom Ridge, to urge that Mr. Ervin, an unsuccessful Republican Congressional candidate from Houston, be pulled off the inquiry because of his "political conflict of interest."
The whole episode has been a textbook case to the ACLU and others of how the Bush Administration would misuse the DHS for political purposes]

DHS Leadership
Acting Inspector General - Clark Kent Ervin
Clark Kent Ervin has been the Acting Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security since January
24, 2003, the first day of the department. Prior to his designation as Acting Inspector General, he served as the Inspector General of the Department of State and the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
Mr. Ervin served as the Deputy Attorney General/General Counsel and Director of Administration from 1999 until the spring of 2001 in the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. He served as the Assistant Secretary of State of Texas from 1995-99. He served as the Associate Director of Policy for the Office of National Service at the White House from 1989-91.
A native of Houston, Texas, Mr. Ervin graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government. Winning a Rhodes scholarship after college, Mr. Ervin attended Oxford University from 1980-82, earning a Master of Arts degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He then returned to Harvard, graduating cum laude in 1985 with a Doctor of Laws degree.
Prior to and between stints in federal and state government, Mr. Ervin practiced law in Houston, first with the firm of Vinson & Elkins, and later with that of Locke, Liddell & Sapp. Mr. Ervin is married to Carolyn A. Harris
. http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/display?theme=11&content=17


Robert Lerner of Maryland, to be commissioner of education statistics at the Education Department.

The appointments are valid until the next Congress takes office, in January 2005.


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