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Why the Real Name Is
`Osama Bin London'

by EIR Staff

Since 1996, Executive Intelligence Review has been the publication of record in exposing that the alleged terrorist "mastermind," Osama Bin Laden, is in fact a creation of U.S. and British intelligence services operating under the doctrine of Zbigniew Brzezinski, and his Trilateral Commission underling Samuel Huntington's theory of the "Clash of Civilizations."

In August, 1998, under the influence of high level agents of British and Israeli disinformation, the United States made the disastrous move to send cruise missile strikes against the the Al Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, Sudan, and against a number of locations in of a series of locations in Afghanistan, in "revenge" against Osama Bin Laden. The attacks had no effect in stopping alleged Bin Laden terrorism, and the Khartoum attack tragically killed an innocent civilian. Reports later revealed that U.S. intelligence agencies knew that the medicine factory in Khartoum was not a Bin Laden weapons plant, but that leading State Dept. figures around Madelaine Albright ignored reports that the Al Shifa plant had no connection to terrorism.

In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 strategic covert operation against the United States, where more than 6,000 people were killed, the same Osama Bin Laden false trail is being hyped by the U.S. media. Media repitition of the same disinformation and drivel that followed the 1998 Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania constitutes a threat to the national security. Again, EIR is warning that the "Bin Laden did it" propaganda line is a dangerous ruse that blindsides a real investigation into who was responsible for Sept. 11. At least a dozen major articles have appeared in EIR since 1996 detailing Bin Laden and his network as assets of British geopolitical destabilization. The excerpt here are taken from an article by Joseph Brewda which appeared in New Federalist newspaper on August 25, 1998.

With the U.S. bombing of the Afghan headquarters of Osama Bin Laden, the alleged mastermind of the terrorist bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the American public has suddenly been hit with wildly exaggerated newspaper articles and television reports depicting Bin Laden as some new "Carlos the Jackal," a semi-mythical figure at the center of "international terrorism."

Only in the fantasy-ridden world of Hollywood do "rich" "criminal masterminds" carry on their own wars and terrorism. Outside the world of James Bond, things work quite differently. Within the U.S., this news service has been unique in its coverage of Bin Laden since July 1996, long before he was on anyone's "radar screen." EIRNS correctly identified him as a deployable and easily manipulable asset of British Intelligence services. He does not determine London's terrorist policy or its targets, and has a secondary assigned role bearing on financing, propaganda, and diversion, in the network in which he is deployed.

Bin Laden sometimes attempts to disguise his British affiliation, or the fact that the international headquarters of his movement is in London, and not, as absurdly claimed by the U.S. media, in Afghanistan or Sudan. Yet the truth can be seen by anyone who cares to seek it: Bin Laden called up the editor of the London-based Arabic daily Al Quds Al Arabi last week, to reassure the British that he was "only interested in hitting the U.S. and Israel" in response to the attack on Afghanistan, and not Britain. On Aug. 22, his London-based mouthpiece, Omar Bakri, also emphasized to the London-based Arabic daily Al Sharq Al Awsat, that "we have a covenant of peace with the British government."

The embassy bombings, as the U.S. government also knows but refuses to say, were not the work of Bin Laden. They were carried out on effective orders from London, and possibly with Israeli mediation, and may have included assets other than those identified with Bin Laden and his networks. In fact, some intelligence specialists have speculated that Bin Laden's role was more as part of an effort to entrap the Clinton administration into launching its ineffective and counterproductive attacks last week—which attacks will have long-term disastrous effects for U.S. policy, and which therefore serve London's larger interests in this period of global financial chaos and crisis. - Who Is Bin Laden, Anyway? -

To really understand Bin Laden requires stepping back from U.S. State Department and Defense Department press briefings, and Washington Post fulminations, to examine how and why Britain invented him, and how he is being deployed today.

As we have reported, and as is known to various international intelligence operatives, Osama Bin Laden first got involved in the terrorist and intelligence "business" in 1980, when he was picked up by the Thatcher and Reagan/Bush adminstration to help fund their "secret war" in Afghanistan. Since 1982, especially, Osama was often seen at the Afghan Mujahideen training camps in Peshawar, Pakistan, handing out sackfuls of cash to the "57 varieties" of Mujahideen groups then fighting Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

This Afghan "secret war" was designed by Britain's Viscount Cranbourne, scion of the Cecil family, and his sidekick, Lord Bethell, as part of their general "Arc of Crisis" policy of using "Islamic fervor" to undermine the Soviet Union (while also, eventually, eliminating U.S. presence from the region). It was passed off to a duped Ronald Reagan by then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher .... Bin Laden, whose Saudi family became fabulously wealthy through government construction contracts, was one of a number of so-called private, dissavowable channels used to fund the war.

Osama Bin Laden first came to the attention of his future masters through their earlier deployment of his cousin and mentor, Sheikh Salim Bin Laden, one of four Saudis allowed entry into Britain's Prince Philip's exclusive 1001 Club, the financial conduit of his World Wildlife Fund. The Bin Laden family is the wealthiest non-royal family in the Saudi kingdom; Sheikh Salim was considered excessively Anglophilic, even by Saudi standards.

Sheikh Salim also found U.S. patrons. By 1979, he had become a business partner of George Bush's son, current Texas Governor George W. Bush, in the family's Zapata Oil and Arbusto Ltd.

Organizing Terrorism

By the time the Afghan war broke out in 1980, Sheik Salim was already a dominant figure in the British-run Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) which Thatcher and Bush used to fund their Afghan war. Osama, then a 20-year-old kid, was enlisted as the Sheikh's junior partner. His zeal for the "Afghan cause," and his $400 million in personal assets, came in handy.

In 1988, the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, and the Bush and Thatcher governments dropped the Afghan Mujahideen from their roster of "Freedom Fighters," and dumped them on the job market. They remained under British Intelligence control, however. Many were soon redeployed to North Africa and the Mideast, to carry out terrorist actions ascribed to "Islamic terrorist groups," on behalf of British geopolitical aims. Bin Laden remained Britain's primary paymaster for these groups, and nothing more.




Backyard terrorism

The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years - and it's still at it

George Monbiot
Tuesday October 30, 2001
The Guardian

"If any government sponsors the outlaws and killers of innocents," George Bush announced on the day he began bombing Afghanistan, "they have become outlaws and murderers themselves. And they will take that lonely path at their own peril." I'm glad he said "any government", as there's one which, though it has yet to be identified as a sponsor of terrorism, requires his urgent attention.

For the past 55 years it has been running a terrorist training camp, whose victims massively outnumber the people killed by the attack on New York, the embassy bombings and the other atrocities laid, rightly or wrongly, at al-Qaida's door. The camp is called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or Whisc. It is based in Fort Benning, Georgia, and it is funded by Mr Bush's government.

Until January this year, Whisc was called the "School of the Americas", or SOA. Since 1946, SOA has trained more than 60,000 Latin American soldiers and policemen. Among its graduates are many of the continent's most notorious torturers, mass murderers, dictators and state terrorists. As hundreds of pages of documentation compiled by the pressure group SOA Watch show, Latin America has been ripped apart by its alumni.

In June this year, Colonel Byron Lima Estrada, once a student at the school, was convicted in Guatemala City of murdering Bishop Juan Gerardi in 1998. Gerardi was killed because he had helped to write a report on the atrocities committed by Guatemala's D-2, the military intelligence agency run by Lima Estrada with the help of two other SOA graduates. D-2 coordinated the "anti-insurgency" campaign which obliterated 448 Mayan Indian villages, and murdered tens of thousands of their people. Forty per cent of the cabinet ministers who served the genocidal regimes of Lucas Garcia, Rios Montt and Mejia Victores studied at the School of the Americas.

In 1993, the United Nations truth commission on El Salvador named the army officers who had committed the worst atrocities of the civil war. Two-thirds of them had been trained at the School of the Americas. Among them were Roberto D'Aubuisson, the leader of El Salvador's death squads; the men who killed Archbishop Oscar Romero; and 19 of the 26 soldiers who murdered the Jesuit priests in 1989. In Chile, the school's graduates ran both Augusto Pinochet's secret police and his three principal concentration camps. One of them helped to murder Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffit in Washington DC in 1976.

Argentina's dictators Roberto Viola and Leopoldo Galtieri, Panama's Manuel Noriega and Omar Torrijos, Peru's Juan Velasco Alvarado and Ecuador's Guillermo Rodriguez all benefited from the school's instruction. So did the leader of the Grupo Colina death squad in Fujimori's Peru; four of the five officers who ran the infamous Battalion 3-16 in Honduras (which controlled the death squads there in the 1980s) and the commander responsible for the 1994 Ocosingo massacre in Mexico.

All this, the school's defenders insist, is ancient history. But SOA graduates are also involved in the dirty war now being waged, with US support, in Colombia. In 1999 the US State Department's report on human rights named two SOA graduates as the murderers of the peace commissioner, Alex Lopera. Last year, Human Rights Watch revealed that seven former pupils are running paramilitary groups there and have commissioned kidnappings, disappearances, murders and massacres. In February this year an SOA graduate in Colombia was convicted of complicity in the torture and killing of 30 peasants by paramilitaries. The school is now drawing more of its students from Colombia than from any other country.

The FBI defines terrorism as "violent acts... intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a government, or affect the conduct of a government", which is a precise description of the activities of SOA's graduates. But how can we be sure that their alma mater has had any part in this? Well, in 1996, the US government was forced to release seven of the school's training manuals. Among other top tips for terrorists, they recommended blackmail, torture, execution and the arrest of witnesses' relatives.

Last year, partly as a result of the campaign run by SOA Watch, several US congressmen tried to shut the school down. They were defeated by 10 votes. Instead, the House of Representatives voted to close it and then immediately reopen it under a different name. So, just as Windscale turned into Sellafield in the hope of parrying public memory, the School of the Americas washed its hands of the past by renaming itself Whisc. As the school's Colonel Mark Morgan informed the Department of Defense just before the vote in Congress: "Some of your bosses have told us that they can't support anything with the name 'School of the Americas' on it. Our proposal addresses this concern. It changes the name." Paul Coverdell, the Georgia senator who had fought to save the school, told the papers that the changes were "basically cosmetic".

But visit Whisc's website and you'll see that the School of the Americas has been all but excised from the record. Even the page marked "History" fails to mention it. Whisc's courses, it tells us, "cover a broad spectrum of relevant areas, such as operational planning for peace operations; disaster relief; civil-military operations; tactical planning and execution of counter drug operations".

Several pages describe its human rights initiatives. But, though they account for almost the entire training programme, combat and commando techniques, counter-insurgency and interrogation aren't mentioned. Nor is the fact that Whisc's "peace" and "human rights" options were also offered by SOA in the hope of appeasing Congress and preserving its budget: but hardly any of the students chose to take them.

We can't expect this terrorist training camp to reform itself: after all, it refuses even to acknowledge that it has a past, let alone to learn from it. So, given that the evidence linking the school to continuing atrocities in Latin America is rather stronger than the evidence linking the al-Qaida training camps to the attack on New York, what should we do about the "evil-doers" in Fort Benning, Georgia?

Well, we could urge our governments to apply full diplomatic pressure, and to seek the extradition of the school's commanders for trial on charges of complicity in crimes against humanity. Alternatively, we could demand that our governments attack the United States, bombing its military installations, cities and airports in the hope of overthrowing its unelected government and replacing it with a new administration overseen by the UN. In case this proposal proves unpopular with the American people, we could win their hearts and minds by dropping naan bread and dried curry in plastic bags stamped with the Afghan flag.

You object that this prescription is ridiculous, and I agree. But try as I might, I cannot see the moral difference between this course of action and the war now being waged in Afghanistan




Attempts: the investigation and following

laden220.jpg (14096 bytes)

Ben Laden and the CIA: details of the meeting

After information revealed by RFI and The Figaro concerning a meeting in last July between Ben Laden and an agent of the CIA to Dubaï, the American agency speaks «of total absurdity». RFI maintains and precise his/her/its information.

The local representative of the CIA who gave back visit to Oussama Ben Laden - last July 12 - to the American hospital of Dubaï is called Larry Mitchell. If his/her/its precise business card that he/it is «consular agent», each knows to Dubaï, notably in the small middle of expatriates that he/it works under cover. In clear, Larry Mitchell belongs to her «big house», says the CIA otherwise. Him even, some remainder doesn't hide himself of it...

Good connoisseur of the Arabian world and especially of the peninsula, Larry Mitchell is a high character in color that égaie often evenings a few gloomy of expatriates of Dubaï. One of his/her/its near has custom to say that his/her/its natural exuberance often curls it «confidential defense». And it is maybe one of reasons for which he/it has been recalled to the United States since last July 15.

About twenty days after attempts of September 11, in a communiqué dated of October 5, 2001, the CIA already qualified ungrounded rumors of information according to which the agency of information had had, in the past of contacts with Ben Laden and his/her/its setting, notably to the time of the war against the soviet union in Afghanistan. He/it is that this communiqué of the CIA is in complete contradiction with the official declarations of several representatives of the American administration herself.

The CIA and Ben Laden: a long history

A return on the past is necessary and capital to double title, first of all historically, but also because it permits to judge the seriousness of official certain communiqués. The old director of the CIA, Robert Gâtes affirm in his/her/its memoirs that the American services began has help the Afghan moudjahidines - of which friends of Oussama Ben Laden - six months before the soviet intervention...

This affirmation that annihilates the communiqué of the CIA of last October 5 has been confirmed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the old counselor to the security of the president Carter and I mention it: «According to the official version of history, the help of the CIA to Afghans started current 1980, that is to say after the soviet intervention of December 24, 1979. But the reality kept secret until now is all other...» and pursues Brzezinski «it is July 3, 1979 that the president Carter signed the first guideline on the clandestine aid to objectors of the pro--soviet regime of Kaboul. And that day, I wrote a note to the president to explain him that in my opinion this help was going to drag a military intervention of the soviet


Ben Laden received an agent of the CIA to Dubaï

According to information collected by RFI, Oussama Ben Laden met an American agent whereas he was treated in July in a hospital of Dubaï. Information denied by this last.

The multimillionaire of origin Saudi Oussama Ben Laden stayed to the American hospital of Dubaï between the 4 and last July 14, either two months before attempts of September 11, according to the introverted information in the emirate, confirmed by the near sources of European information services.

Accompanied of his/her/its Egyptian personal physician, four bodyguards, and an Algerian male nurse, Ben Laden has been admitted in a following VIP of the urology department. The American hospital of Dubaï is reputed for his/her/its treatments of kidney stones and the masculine infertilité. Ben Laden endures a renal infection that propagates himself to the liver, infection requiring some specialized cares.

Outrage of his/her/its family's members, of the Saudi personalities and émirienneses, Oussama Ben Laden received - July 12, 2001 - the visit of the local representative of the CIA. In station to Dubaï since several years, this last regained the United States definitely last July 15.

This fundamental event writes down itself in the setting of a police war opened between the CIA and the FBI at the time of investigations led on the anti-American attempts of Nairobi and Dars be-Salaam of August 1998. This secret meeting between Oussama Ben Laden and the CIA in last July confirms that the American power station, that formed Ben Laden in Istanbul since 1979, doesn't have ever really broken with sound «honorable correspondent».

Of the uninterrupted relations since 1979

The CIA began to «to treat» -as say specialists - that to be-to-say began to work with Oussama Ben Laden since 1979.

To this time, the young Oussama is 23 years old. Engineer, he/it represents in Turkey the enterprise domestic Bin Laden Group - one of the thickest enterprises of BTP of the Middle East. And it is since Istanbul, with the help of the CIA, that he/it begins to organize collections of fund for the holy war of Afghanistan against the soviet army.

With the help of the CIA he/it also brings up a path of welcome and recruiting of volunteers -sorte of international Brigades of the Afghan resistance - path that will drain a few 12 000 men from Algeria, of Egypt, of Yemen of Somalia or Philippines. It is what one calls today them «Arabian Afghans». It is them that constitute today kataëb(phalangeses), the armed groups of the organization of Ben Laden, al-Qaïda.

One could think that after the end of the cold war after the shrinking of Afghanistan of the red army, this relation CIA-Ben Laden stops... In fact, the relation continued, notably after 1994, date to which Ben Laden fell his/her/its Saudi nationality officially.

Finally, it is necessary to add that this relation always passed in transit - if one can say - through the intermediary of the Turki prince, the almighty Saudi secret service chief. This last has been dislocated of his/her/its functions last August 31, either ten days before attempts. One opens here limps it of Saudi Pandora and the American oil interest case.



http://www.radiofranceinternationale.fr/special.asp?m1=1&m2=1&SurTitre='Attentats++l+enquête+et+les+suites'&Titre='Ben+Laden+a+reçu+un+agent+de+la+CIA+à+Dubaï (site down)




It is marked over


The Friday 21 September 2001

Iuand I was small, long before Brussels, one already served the cream of cheese sterilized, of which, before even that the cow laughs, the familiar mark was called Harbor-hello. And long before the pub, her «advertising» identified the authenticity of the product in this brief «slogan» that anticipated all potential counterfeiting: «Harbor-hello, it is marked over.» Hey well!, young people, America, it is similar. It is marked over. When screens of CNN displayed headbands successively «America under attack», «America's new war» or «War against terror», it was necessary to read a program there as much that a mark of factory of information: to name things, it appropriate them, and this exercise is anything less that innocent.

So when the administration Bush Jr. - ten years after the one of Dad launching his/her/its «Storm of the desert» against Saddam - baptizes «Infinity Justice» the supposed to operation to answer to attempts of September 11. His/her/its titled French is restored us in an approximate «Justice without limits», that is not without evoking some sportier practices (but it is always the entertainment) whose Yankee adores, as fights «no limits» (in fact, «no rules» - no codified) of monstrous pugilistes. But «without limits» sins in this that he/it doesn't give account of the messianic longing to her «justice», as definite by the uncle Sam and his/her/its nephew George W. Bush.

In the apparentement of «justice» and of «without limits», one discerns well that something doesn't go. The two terms, has priori little compatible (the justice, especially divine, is always relative), knock themselves as in an oxymoron. More ambitious again, «infinite Justice» dresses his/her/its infinite arrogance of a metaphysics veil; she/it makes echo to the God America bless - that, he/it decorated, transcend the nation - as much that to the symmetrical «garden of Allah» of pirates kamikazes; and makes go in by the window this «crusade of the good against the pain» to which Bush, in a start, had seemed to show the door. Infinity justice, it is the Harbor - Salute of America.

http://www.liberation.fr/quotidien/debats/septembre01/20010921c.html (site down)



Fragements of correspondence

On occasion of attempts of September 11, 2001, I wrote some emails has the but announcing my reflections on the crisis that shook USA. I have wishes to consign them here for their character informatif (that is what I think USA) and educational (her, it is especially for me seen that these reflections have participle has my formation)

12/09/01: the Wakening

I learned the news has my wakening (that makes funny to hear that planes collapse on the WTC instead of my usual classical music). Evidement, didn't I believe there, then as seeing the tower collapsing in direct has the TV, I had a shock (the syndrome of the missing arm at amputate them, do you know?). A friend told me very lucidly that a movie not relating any such events would have no credit, nor public. It is indeed incredible!

Now, I understand the pain and the number of potential physical victims is frightening. What today makes me fear is the economic implication and politics. All risk to be played in hours has come. But the European stock market losing between 7 and 10%, 1300 financial societies and another one of WTC disparaisant in less than 2 hours, the confidence of households bet has pain whereas it is the only exit has an economic downturn, veiled a lot of indications that could drag a vicious cerle and an in waiting crisis. The number of people touched is then not in ten of thousand but in billions...

Politically, I also have very fear of a civilization conflict. How does himself can him that Bush makes in 2 minutes 4 credentials to the devil, call has the prayer and mention the psalm 23 of the bible? To less to want to trigger hostilities with the Moslem world - including on the American soil - that doesn't share forcing these values. For what that makes so much proselytism does a president look? Republican already decided that it was about Ben Laden, the public opinion begins has be condition. Do you remember of the way whose CIA treated the tentative of attempt of Atlanta? While immediately designating an innocent to make fall again as soon as possible the pressure, to show a supposed efficiency " and let tea continuous show!!!. Result: A life broken and no progress... I am afraid rightly that history repeats itself. USA don't know what is history.

Me I put myself at the moment full of questions, oil crisis in case of blind attack of CUSTOMS (did he/it decorate that here gas passed has $5 the gallon)? Crisis similar major ecomonique otherwise worse than with the oil shocks? Arrogance - already not present pain in the republican camp - reduced? Pretext for the backing until doesn't have the police excessive suffocation already on the subject in a country pain advance? Conflict of civilizations?

Once again I am collapses by the disaster of yesterday but I think that this is not anything in comparison of that that can occur in hours has come. Without wanting to dramatize, I am persuades that history is very often chaotic. A beating of butterfly wing in the Argentinian pampa and a storm releases to the large of India. Then an excessive reaction by a beginner guides by the nostalgic of the cold war...

One can say that the liberty has been attacked (even if I am ready has argue on the liberty to commit of such acts biting too many humilitations and has protest that USA are, far of it, propagators of liberty have shortcoming hulls it with their monitorings and regulars sapages of people self-determination by their secret services) but, if the liberty has been attacked, it is about not killing in answer tolerance, the difference, the economic balance. Finally, why to meditate today " the liberty doesn't stop begins the one of others either...

For me September 11, 2001 is also an important date, America was ever so much touched (humanly, politically and economically) in if a short time. December 7, 1941 was just military, June 6, 1944 implied more ideology, but can be that September 11, 2001 will be very more serious. Today, are we very close to the precipice, the Etats-unises - and the remainder of the world with them - go them to make a big not forward?

To see... What do you think of it you two [Stéphane and Sofiane]? Don't I too either dramatize?


PS: I make some can be too much a little but, an attempt having made a dead triggered the first world geurre, a lack of march confidence dragged the crisis of 1929, a conflict of civilization was has the origin of World War II. Don't take me for a Nostradamus, but I believe historic character of the moment really extremely.

PS2: I want rightly to make react you - even while taking some extreme positions - because to make fun of of the situation has the present hour decorated me symptomatic of a country whose people has neither no receding nor serious capacity of analysis. it is that that me hated here. This pernitieux abandonment of responsibility of the population to the profit of an individual handful. USA are not a democracy, but a political oligarchy and, maybe mainly, economic. A handful controls while letting the remainder in apathy and the inability to judge facts (yes pictures are striking but after analyses are necessary, the American eat its full today of pictures and don't look for has debate -in all case at home, in the Indiana - I hate this America...)

PS3: Oups, their system of monitoring be able to well look for me noise with this kind of argument - all promenades can be read with Echelon, it is necessary that I stop losing temper ;o)

14/09/01: the anguish and the Anger

[In answer has a friend - appellons-the Pierre - that mentioned me has the following of precedent email his/her/its disagreement, while mentioning the editorial of Mr Colombani, but as the existance of a conflict of civilization or the less homes of destabilization in the arabo-Moslem world. His/her/its points of disagreement also carried on the implication of the American democracy and he/it pushed his/her/its subject while condemning the French rhetoric to relanses enough nauseaondses of viscerally anti-American " Gaullism]

Pierre hello,

To my humble opinion you have can be read my promenade quickly a little, there are some key words that nuancent quite a lot of my subjects and in any case I didn't recognize myself in the person that you see has reading that you made my promenade. Me as I read the editorial of J M Colombani (before sending you this promenade.), Me as I think that we are, let's must and, in fact, can be only interdependent of the American.

However, the subject of my promenade was to announce my consternation face has the echo that has this crisis. Too many americiainses only see the total " war " as only exit. Too much American don't look for has analyze facts. The opinion is manipulated, staleness of patriotism (no far to be " America against the remainder of the world ") give me the qualm... What I reproach them that is not to look for has understand reasons, nor to think about consequences. many live in the present fury instant (however Mr Colombani says well that the lunacy was never a strength that can regenerate the world). Americianses are near has destroy all to take vengeance, I say no!!!

By the way We now, had not badly the conflict of civilization evokes in geopolitics has the ENSTA the new grid of reading of the American... But believe you reelement that one would have been able to (and of him?), in France after attempts, does to hear the President of the Republic to mention the Bible, to make reference to the devil and to call Frenches have the prayer? You believe that a bishop who announces on CNN that yes the devil exists, that one comes from us the rappeller is not the propagator of a certain obscurantism (it is so easy to see all is black, either white!). Evidement that is injuries after the Moslem students and beaten on the US campuses...

Of grandma, on conflicts of the arabo-Moslem world as you say it, I will like your to recall rightly that good number of most serious was foment in part, kept and pushed by CUSTOMS: are camps of Afghan mujahidines practice very often old camps of the CIA, has the very big majority of settings of the army Pakistani been formed to CUSTOMS (a friend's father here for example), does the israelo-Palestinian conflict also take a lot of importance by reason of sustains it that Israel receives USA (are you you already demand how one can make push oranges in the desert without no major resources?)... The list is long enough, and even for the less important conflicts, it would be possible to see as says it Mr Colombani a certain ranceour of the peoples face has the west. Don't we have the same values, why prentendre that ours are the good, and does to want to impose have them all price? Evidement that skids follow... What I mean to say here that is that USA with an underground politics and sometimes pernitieuse (what I said while announcing that the Liberty for them is especially theirs, not those of others) have cheek to learners wizards, Ben Laden is one of their products, they don't want to recognize it.

Once again what I mentioned on USA, is not valid for all American. My concern comes from the big American means mass that is manipulated so comfortably and that doesn't take the time to analyze situations, that make a blind confidence in his/her/its policies, his/her/its economists. No America is not a democracy of the at the time of that voters don't choose freely. No America is not a democracy of the at the time of that the people doesn't have means (analysis, receding, critical mind since the muzzled medias and controls by the multinational maintain them in the real, alone reason ignorance facts are watches) to make a lucid and personal choice. The worse being can be that they are not conscious to be manipulate by a cynical handful that hardly wants to open him eyes... Just a fact, by tea way, a democracy can it to the people, how makes himself it that Bush didn't have the majority of voices (whereas in addition there was a triangular has his/her/its advantage...)

What I say for the politics is, has my sense, worse again for the economy, if you saw as they are sucker and don't surrender account that one manufactures them their happiness via the consumption, me I don't want to exist by what I buy solely. If you saw techniques of unconscious setting up persuasion here, you would become pale (" hold buy two wholes of it, it will be separately " dearer than two!).

Finally, what I mentioned was my concern and disgust face has America that I coast, I don't say that it is all the America. I am perfectly conscious that there are the very lucid people and ends analysts. I am just disgusts by obscurantism and the manipulation of crowds... I think rightly that the situation is very serious, chaotic and that the receding and the hold of conscience are necessary to avoid a major disaster.

I didn't reread myself and wanted to speak of so of something else (as the role of France for example), but I want to go has a service has the memory of victims has 12h00. Me you biting recontacterais...


14/09/01: the anguish and the Anger (Following)

[the following of the answer has this friend, some hours later...]

Well me revoila therefore before the computer and very settled has let pass as many spelling mistakes that precedement...

Since what I wrote you, I learned (in " The World ") that a decree of reservist mobilization was sign, that the United States are near has use ALL means (including, it is said between lines, the atomic weapon!!!), that they push members of the NATO has commit has quotes them, that decorate with flowers the T-shirtses " Bombardons the Arabic in streets of NY, they owe all to die " and that violences against the Moslem get worse more and more...

Therefore yes I remain convinced of what I said. As declared him Hubert Vedhrine, I don't think that it is necessary to make a conflict of civilization of it (it is absurd seen that, I also had the confirmation of " the World " of it, so Ben Laden is so rich that is thanks to USA that have him implies in trafficses of weapons and if he is so dangerous that is parceque he was previously recurte by the CIA and that he knows their system...). Examples that you mentioned myself are able all to be thus nearly associate to USA or has the politics of under-hand and destabilization that the CIA appreciates so much indirectly. Evidement, it one doesn't protest it too strong.

No what rebels that is the American that say that students internationnauxes must go in at home after having learned that it is pupils pilots saudis that probably diverted planes. My department would only cut down has 7-8 stepped up instead of 60-70, the development of USA would be put indeed has pain. When I hear that, it is true that I nearly wish that they expel us for acceler falls them. These people don't achieve that their brains are foreign and that they don't owe their strength that has the way that they have to suck " elites from all over the world. No, USA don't know what is history: The American have forgets that their big-parents or rear big-parents were immigrant. I tell it to you again stronger, this behavior disgusted me...

Once again, don't I judge all American but mass beuglante that follows blindness a weak president who doesn't find anything of better than of himself autocongratuler via his/her/its equals (did you hear his/her/its telephone conversation with Guliani? I failed so bouziller my radio I was goes up again).

This service to which I surrendered was not able to acceuillir enough world. Whereas the majority wanted to throw itself/themselves on the TV (their ;o opium), a great boy has demand if there were a priest, pastor or rabbi in the aid. And in the absence of answer, has proposes an ecumenical prayer, without distinction of religion or race. So we have prays so that " God not only brings wisdom to leaders in view of the resolution of a problem American but world ". Several people called to the forgiveness then and had the measure. Even if it was not about forcing of American and that one has when same finished with a " Our Father ", and their text of salute to the flag (with moreover him ' stars and stripes ' to the middle of us and each the hand on the chest as if they were going to leave has the war), it made me of the good to see that some remain lucid. Some only...

Good veiled, I am myself carries away again but I want to show that rightly that me I see and feel here.


On the role of France now evidement that we must be interdependent of CUSTOMS, but not forcing to bombard our ally of yesterday, we cannot have position of weather vane as them (these supports remain can be our only " prestige " and reason to be whereas they will always have friends " interested parties "). Personally, I trust that one can be seen again like an against-power (or rather a modulator) and that CNN feels to oblige to ask has Chirac if he is ready has participate has bombardments and that this one doesn't begin...

You see, I know than me also that thinks it I am manipulates and not completely lucid, but for me, France is indeed the " country of human rights ". A few months ago I spoke some with a Canadian friend who thought that it was rather CUSTOMS. And well no, contrary to CUSTOMS, my country pretends HIM has the universality. I trust that he/it -sometimes puts clumsily himself - like a model and that he/it is not - maybe by the strength of things it is true - an economic and cultural sansue closing again itself/themselves on her even of the that that doesn't work anymore (the American protectionisme is not that economic, I have just discovered that it is as politics and cultural).

The United States must be keys to react (oil for Iraq, major interests for Israel, attempts on their soil for the Afganistan...). Me I don't think that France is only as selfish and preoccupied of his/her/its only interests (even so evidement she is not all innocent). Are USA a people or excel individualism, the weak nor are don't like, alone count those that can you to be useful, how want you that their foreign policy is different (does Bush have him even him announcement in countryside)? Our country always was not exempt of contradictions with his/her/its ideals, but has my sense, it makes them share more. Our country, maybe parceque he/it doesn't have the choice, is more generous than USA.

What is some thousand of deaths US face has 700 000 Tutses (that France is himself when same felt obliges to help, would not this be that by remord)? Anything would say doesn't import what lucid individual... Only the American were shoot in direct. Only the American are arrogant. Only americianses don't want to learn history, nor to recognize their responsibility. In short. Only americianses were manipulate

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, Place to tears, room to blood...


Final commentary

[Extricates the " Libe " of September 15 and 16, 2001] " Today a man is not worth another man ". It is especially it that I want to keep and to put in evidence with this crisis...

Don't hesitate has send me of commentaries on these texts (as keeping has the mind that they have been written in the fire of the ;o action) and thank you to have read up to here. In fact, I doubted that a person reads these lines one day, don't hesitate therefore has prove me the opposite (Guillaume Marty the ace makes, thank you Tai-Tai!)




–Free Internet-Version of Michael Kents of weekly dispatch " more knows - better lives " No. 31/2001 –

M. Kent, 16.10.2001, after a report of Michael C., Ruppert's online-magazine " From the poaching-It " on: www.copvcia.com attacks: Bush was informed previously!

Insider-trade: highest circles the CIA involves! CIA finances masked operations with opium-trade! Families Bush and stores: her/its/their business-connection!

3101-08-MCR.jpg (31567 bytes)The former LA-police officer and present-day publicist Michael C. Rupperts publishes in his/its Internet-Magazin " From the poaching-It " (www.copvcia.com) shocking facts.

By the vehement adherence of the Americans at the war, without proof, questions were tossed up. After through it more than obviously to day it stepped that it is in keinster manner about revenge or the discovery of stores (he/it was probably directly in the center of the first air raids, it was missed however), a gaze was to be thrown on it, why " Uncle Sam " is so keen on on war-playing.

What with it kicked at the light, is nothing other, than that, which I had written as prelude to psycho-politics Band-2,: this planet is a lunatic asylum in the hands of the most criminal of the criminal, the pervert of the pervert, and waiter-villains of the villains.

Let's illuminate the backgrounds of the Afghanistan-Angriffskrieges near, we come also here upon the old known Verfilzungens, with the only difference, directly again that one uses the word " terrorism-fight " today for it, while one still said war, attack or mass-murder to it recently: politics, terrorism, big-banks, secret services, arms-industry, drugs, corruption, Mafia, illegal money-businesses–that is, as always, the kings, ladies, towers, horses and runners of the chess-game, while that is sacrificed farmers as always.

The purpose of that probably through them/her/it CIA at least with initiated and on the basis of WTC - and Pentagon-attacks executed by probably remote-controlled airplanes was the justification, about a new (world - )Krieg, to begin. Conversations from airplane-pulpits become not only from the so-called "Black Boxes", den Flugschreibern mitgeschnitten, sondern auch vom Boden. As in initial media-news–before the Terroristentheorie was ready-knitted–was communicated, has said also the captains of the abducted machines nothing of terrorists or Arabs but has reported desperately, that they can steer no longer. Does this explain, why we were allowed to hear no more tone from the pulpits until now, why the Black Boxeses were not found geflissentlich maybe?

It is with this war about power-extraction in the Asian area, about raw materials (u.a. Petroleum and natural gas), about the alleged rescue of the inflated stock exchange-system, about which " Zurechtstutzung " of the Islam, about the supremacy in the world-heroin-trade and about the cram-hit to the enforcement of the much quoted new world-order. It is about the Monopoly-Spiel of the power and the money, shortly: about " business ace usual ", about the usual everyday-businesses of the " mighty " on planet earth.

3101-08-BL.jpg (11557 bytes)Although exceptionally many different photos of exist stores, we receive a, to see however the most frequently,: that, with the alleged identification of the Top-Logenbrüder, the stretched out forefinger: " look ago, my brothers, I am still involved " einvernehmlich in the game! that shall in accordance with " Freemason-signal in the press ", the book of the Erzkatholiken Johannes Rothkranz, that is discussed very controversial, means. Even if I am no supporter of this conspiracy-theory, I determine with astonishment again and again that the raised forefinger is identifiable constantly–in fact on no account accidental.

Bush and stores, figures in the same game–and it is not impossible that they possess even the same game-color.

The American publicist Michael C. Ruppert devotes time since over two decades to the illegal drug-businesses the CIA. He/it pointed out z.B. after, that that was already involved CIA in the seventies in the drug-trade, about with it just as covered as to finance doubtful operations in the Middle East.

Michael Ruppert studied politics, official of the police was 5 years in Los Angeles, before he/it became active as free publicist. On his/its Webseite " From the of poaching-It Publications " www.copvcia.com / (Cop versus CIA - police officer against CIA) publishes unrelenting unveilings he/it. Here some superscripts of his/its reports:


12.10.01: the lies over the Taliban-Heroin. Propaganda as lie-work uncovered. The goals of the war: Russia and the oil, heroin as the weapon of the war. A repetition of that Vietnam - drug-trade-era the CIA.

09.10.01: the proof of the criminal share-trade through insiders directly before the attacks on the WTC leads into the highest levels of the CIA.

19.09.01: three generations of the Bush-family has armed America's enemies: from Hitler over Saddam Hussein until stores. Shocking proof for the inner conspiracy behind the Carlyle group, and George Bush role–from the embankment Street journal documents–as business partners of the aggressors of America.

19.09.01: the connections of Bush and stores. The " Noriega Pakistan " (Noriega was the president of a Central America-niches of country, who was directly in the drug-trade of involviert,), some economic connections behind the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.

09.09.01: proof for it, that that has adjudicated Bush Administration not to prevent the attacks, from their entering she/it knowledge had. And a motive.

More over the opium-war and the long-time commercial and financial connections of the family-clans Bush and stores on the next sides.

Online Magazin FTW "From The Wilderness" Online magazine FTW " From The poaching-It " www.copvcia.com

–Free Internet-Version of Michael Kents of weekly dispatch " more knows - better lives " No. 31/2001 –




–Free Internet-Version of Michael Kents of weekly dispatch " more knows - better lives " No. 31/2001 –

Michael Kent, 17.10.2001,

Opium and the funding of masked CIA-operations

3101-10.jpg (54092 bytes)

»Finanzielle connections between Bush's Republican and Osama stores reaches back far, and the political and economic connections existed without interruption since over 20 years. And something like a new alliance with Pakistan (neighbor-country of Afghanistan) looks, simply only the apparent-development of one decades is lasting heroin-trade partner-shaft. «writes Michael C. Ruppert in the article " that stores - Bush Familien-Geschäftsverbindung " in the online-magazine " From the poaching-It " on www.copvcia.com.

Afghanistan was long time with 75% of the world market-share the biggest world-wide supplier for raw-opium. In the o.g. Article describes M. Ruppert, that the Talibanregierung had the entire Heroinernte destroyed in the last year from supposedly religious reasons. Leading government-representatives convinced the farmers with mild methods supposedly to tear out the poppy-plants and to grow wheat instead. That the annihilation of the poppy-fields was actually carried out, several serious sources as well as leading Presseagenturen confirmed.

In the article " Uncle Sam's Junk (the by-product of uncle Sam [USA]): heroin, Taliban, Pakistan " on http://www.heise.de/tp / describes Mathias Bröckers in the detail, as that brought ISI CIA and the pakistanische secret service in the Russian-Afghan war the Afghan farmers to it, at all first heroin, to grow. The Islamic " freedom-fighters " based by the CIA, that so-called "Mujaheddin" verlangten von den Bauern als sog. Revolution-taxes " poppy! That CIA was involved also decisive at the construction of the necessary laboratories and controlled the trade, with which was earned splendidly. If there were 300 dollars per kilos for the farmers, the material had already sold to the western wholesale dealers for 10.000 dollars.

Also the special interest Tony Blairs as well as Großbritanniens wird im Artikel verdeutlicht. Bröckers refers not only on newer occurrences but also on the old history of the Ost-indischen society of the crown, that already at that time–the hands of course in innocence washing–the poppy-trade with China organized and controlled.

We have »Wie in a nutshell the two monsters of the modern time " here terrorism " and " drugs " together and can recognize that it is about interrelated and house-done problems. The junkies (Heroinabhängigen) all over the world was burned not only to it, a corrupt clique Pakistani-shears to finance politicians but also the construction of Islam-educating (Taliban " = " students of the Islam ") and Tausender of brain-washed, " sacred warriors "... Since agrees no democratic parliament of the world of such a geopolitical guerrilla-strategy, let alone she/it would finance, one needs other discreet taking-streaming for it. «means Bröckers further.

For this reason, the drug-searchers come with 75% of all big cases " upon the protective hand of the secret services ", as Andreas of Bülow (former Federal-research-minister) in his/its book " in the name of the state " (Munich, 1999) describes. »Als " lubricants " of the terror are indisputable illegal drugs with her/its/their gigantic profit margins until dato for the Undercover foreign politics of the USA «, according to Mathias Bröckers more.

After the Talibans have gotten out of the opium-trade, is little astonishing that the Afghan North-alliance (the opponents of the Taliban)–powerfully from the CIA supports–has assured to continue the opium-cultivation again, they should come to power. Does even a context consist with the assassination of the North-alliance-leader Massud of September? Didn't he/it want to agree to the renewed opium-cultivation and the conditions the CIA?

That thereupon again from the CIA controlled drug-trade on the air-way over the airport in Taschkent fills the cash registers in the USA, takes Russia and the Balkans the merit and destabilisiert achieved on the previous trade-routes consequently also these regions.

One should become itself conscious over it that drugs always played in the framework of the world-politics on planet earth a central role. The world-population gives collected from more money for illegal drugs than for food, apartment, clothing, education and medical care annually. The annual net profits move in the Billionen-Dollar-Bereich. So tragically it sounds, it corresponds to the truth however that disturbances in the drug-trade endanger the peace and the stability of the world-politics as well as the world trade. A got out from drugs would be feasible therefore only in smallest steps.

–Free Internet-Version of Michael Kents of weekly dispatch " more knows - better lives " No. 31/2001 –




To know Michael Kent, 17.10.2001 proof, or the ability and to perceive

3101-07-M.jpg (6727 bytes)

From and at appears inquiries after proof–exactly in the context with the attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC). What are proof? It is vouchers for the exact time, the exact place, the exact occurrences. The issue is however in the practice more than only very relatively. In truth, you not even own a proof that airplanes have really flown into the WTC! It also could itself about from in the front until behind phony pictures deals! Maybe, you know somebody, that was over there and experienced it skin-near. Can you trust him/it blindly? Maybe, the brought photos are phony files from the PC?

You/they have a proof first for it that the WTC actually exists no longer, if you have looked at it on the spot–and even then you still lack the proof that airplanes have in-flown. You/they had to would have been to the time of the event on the spot therefore!! Do you recognize the dilemma?

Also different-around, it applies: self if Mr. Bush now before the world-public steps and a confession would set aside the brand: " yes, stores, the CIA and I has contrived that together, the airplanes were remote* control, that ‘victims ' in him/it (exchanged) airplanes was CIA-agents and other people, who had to dive. Us it went us about it, one dozen, to beat flies with a tab, that again completely ailing US-Wirtschaft to aufpäppeln to rescue the stock exchange-system, the Asian raw material, to swipe, to remain king in the opium-trade, and finally the beautiful, to push through new world-order, etc Außerdem war dies die billigste Methode, ein Gebäude abzureißen, das dringend hätte Asbest-saniert werden müssen!" Even, if this happened and all CIA-documents of the public would be submitted, do I ask you, whether this would be a proof then? Bush has given already much doubtful of itself, and the CIA exercises the art of the perfected lie since decades as his/its craft as a matter of routine–would be proof that therefore?

Proof prove consequently in the practice of the life to be quite useless. The truth is that you can rely with it on nobody, as on itself! And that is the reason for it simultaneously, why the many follower-human beings are tended so very much, the brainwashing-media, to give beliefs. It does work to compose puzzle-parts, it necessitates, that one gives serious thought mentally to it, it necessitates that one brings itself in. And that is simply that, which the people at the all most grudging does! You/they hate mental work! Physical work would be no problem, the people even still pay money that you may work bodily (fitness-studio), it is about intellectual operations therefore! You/they should understand that, because it explains you, why you have it with many of your fellow men so horribly heavily.

3101-07-WTC.jpg (47188 bytes)

If somebody would concede itself therefore to refuse the public brainwashing-opinion, the load of the responsibility would close with it on him/it. I stood in the first days after the attacks in front of the election to ignore the topic or to penetrate completely. These days were the hell. But in contrast to those, that it still works today awfully, if they think of the topic, or in contrast to those, that have fallen into the Endzeitfieber evasively, I can speak today about it vigorously, because I have penetrated the area for me. This is an intellectual work, that can decrease you no one. Also not the dispatch. She/it can arrange incentives and should help, the " bewilderment-buoys ", that were installed, to lead about people into the madperson, to circumnavigate more elegantly. That is much worse than proof!

If one has decide to do it with somebody, that needs " itself on the step of " proof, one turns the skewer. He/it says: " proof me, that it is " about petroleum! Then, you say: " proof you me rather first-once, that it was really " terrorists! And then you ask a few good questions, as z.B.: " Why it start the one warfare, if they have not at all proven still, whoever were " the perpetrators? Then, you have probably made it, his/its, to inflict a jump thought-bowl, concreted. He/it is forced into even thinking consequently.

Needing " " proof is on a scale of the human knowledge-ability on a very deep level. Essentially you possess the ability as mental nature to in-perceive " into each any time at each any place ", and above this point, the ability is to know! Knowledge without looking! Simply so. It is an immediate issue, that necessitates no time, and a natural, each nature immanent offering. Only, such becomes abgeleugnet on a planet of the lies of course vehemently. Only if knowledge and perceiving work no longer, one must look, searches, thinks etc Jemand sagt: "Da ich nicht wissen kann, brauche ich Symbole, die mir die Wahrheit sagen." She/it suck that, proof ". It is the same step, on which also people, that visit a fortune-teller, are. You/they don't know, they don't think, they want that another takes on the responsibility. Actually, they are afraid of responsibility.

The dispatch goes to awake spirits, that are inclined to it, to know. Now, the whole steps government - and Medienarmada on and tries with force to devaluate the intuitive knowledge. Dispatch 28 says then: " one, two, three and this and that "–and with the awake reader–however only with the awake reader–happens the following: " ah, has known " ich's however! Do you see? The original, intuitive knowledge was rehabilitated again. That is everything. And that is much better, than proof!! As well the awake reader could however also refuse, what the dispatch writes. He/it has the free election. Because maybe it doesn't correspond to his/its intuitive knowledge! Therefore, the goal of the dispatch is not to be clarified " " the mass but the world-improvement-friends, to grasp under the arms. And the only reason, why the dispatch should be spread, is that, that those " Jedi-Ritters ", that they not yet know, become aware also on it and know that there are us.

3101-08-GWB.jpg (24875 bytes)The war–and it is actually a real war, probably the only real war–that since eons on this world runs, the war is between this last " Jedi-Rittern " and the " Bösewichtern " - the classic cliche, the ancient epic. It is true! It is true natural. It is the fight between the one, that wants a decent world, a world full of peace and freedom, a world of the decency, honesty, sincerity and truth. A world of high values, a world of diligence, courage, pride, honor and decency, a world without war, drugs and crimes, a world of the reason, the aesthetics, the art, the civilization.

The other side wants de facto a world of the subjugation, the suppression, the enslavement, the crime, the drugs, the wars, the money-power, the manipulation,. A world, as she/it from Huxley in his/its book " beautiful, new world " 1923 startling in detail was described.

The danger with that, which I write here, lies in a too strong Schwarz-Weiß-Malerei. If these things would be as clear as in Hollywood-film, the mankind had probably to would suffer from this problem no longer. The things are natural facet-more richly and appear blurred, less high-contrast, of course each human being puts both property as well as evil in everyone of us and is essentially good, sincere, honest natural his/its soul, strongly and constructive. And of course true intents are covered up outside frequently. The most dangerous villain is not that, that lends itself the paint of a big benefactor? But there are these endeavors like above described. You/they are VERY visible. You/they are so visible that one cannot see her/it/them only then, if one doesn't see also the forest before louder trees. Daily, hourly, yes minütlich is delivered this fight on planet earth. Exactly today, exactly now!!! The good endeavors to the freedom, to the peace, to the luck, to the truth... against the endeavors to the hate, to the terror, to the death, to the lie.

The dispatch was written the freedom, honesty, decency, truth, education, responsibility and virtue for those awake spirits, that don't go concurring, that think independently, wishes.

It is only nachrangig about waking the " mass of the followers ". It is about appealing to the " Jedi-Ritter " that these may become aware of her/its/their immanent responsibility again that they may become active that they wake up, the rudder peacefully and responsibly into the hand takes and erects a golden age for finished on Earth, even for the Bösewichter.

Whoever has the feeling therefore, he/it must prove other people something with the dispatch, that has misunderstood something basic. One should relay the dispatch, of course! But only, so that she/it reaches into the hands of the one, in which she/it belongs, someday: into the hands of the future-builders and future-farmers.

–Free Internet-Version of Michael Kents of weekly dispatch " more knows - better lives " No. 31/2001 –




–Free Internet-Version of Michael Kents of weekly dispatch " more knows - better lives " No. 31/2001 –


All US-Militäreinsätze after the World War II!

After the destruction and defeat of the German empire and the liquidation of his/its leadership, after which »Ausrottung of the German militarism «, that »Entnazifizierung «, condemnation and Umerziehung of the supposedly only and biggest criminal-people of the world, the eternal peace should take lodging on Earth. Into what it has turned, is known. The historians hardly keep up to display the number of the wars after 1945 and the millions of dead persons, let alone, the respective causes or even the »Schuldigen «, to determine. More final is usually almost impossible, because the war-opponents are often only replacements from confessed or secret background-powers. From occasion of the youngest, from the USA led »friedenschaffenden measures «with the destruction of the Serbian infrastructure and industry, with which less it in truth about »Humanität «or »Menschenrechte «but about the power-influence on the Balkans went and goes, here an installation of the »friedenschaffenden measures «the USA since 1945. The following documentation of US-Manövern, »Polizei«-Operationen, logistics - and care-being-sentences as well as miscellaneous explained and unexplained wars raises no claim on wholeness.. But can astonish it, that people fight against the world-wide power-claim of the USA more and more?


The »Weltfrieden «began 1945:

Cold war world-wide: 28. February 1946 to 25. December 1991

Korea-war: 27. June 1950 to 27. July 1953

Suez-crisis: Egypt, 26. July until 15. November 1956

Operation »Blue Bat. «: Lebanon, 15. July 1958 to 20. Octobers 1958

Taiwan-street: 23. August 1958 until June 1963

Congo: 14. July 1960 to 1. September 1962

Laos: 19. April 1961 to 7. Octobers 1962

Operation »Tailwind «: Laos, 1970,

Operation »Ivory Coast/Kingoin «: North-Vietnam, 21. November 1970

Operation »Endsweep «: North-Vietnam, 27. January 1972 to 27. July 1973

Operation »Linebacker l «: North-Vietnam, 10. May 1972 to 23. Octobers 1972

Operation »Linebacker II «: North-Vietnam, 18. December 1972 to 29. December 1972

Operation »Pocket Money «: North-Vietnam, 9. May until 23. Octobers 1972

Operation »Freedom train «: North-Vietnam, 6. April until 10. May 1972

Operation »Arc Light «: southeast-Asia, 18. June 1965 until April 1970

Operation »Rolling Thunder «: South-Vietnam, 24. February 1965 until October 1968

Operation »Ranch hand «: South-Vietnam, January 1962 to 1971,

Vietnam-war: Vietnam, 15. March 1962 to 28. January 1973

Cuba-crisis: world-wide, 24. Octobers 1962 until June 1963

Operation »Powerpack «: Dominican republic, 28. April 1965 to 21. September 1966

Sechs-Tage-Krieg: Middle East, 13. May until 10. June 1967

Operation »Nickel Grass «: Middle East, 6. Octobers 1973 to 17. November 1973

Operation »Eagle Pull «: Cambodia, 11. April until 13. April 1975

Operation »Frequent wind «: evacuation from Saigon, 29. April 1975 to 30. April 1975

Operation »Mayaguezc «: Cambodia, 15. May 1975

Operations »Eagle Claw/Desert One «: Iran, 25. April 1980

El Salvador, Nicaragua: 1. January 1981, 1. February 1992

Golf of Sidra: Libya, 18. August 1981

US Multinational Force: Lebanon, 25. August 1982 to 1. December 1987

Operation »Urgent Fury «: Grenada, 23. Octobers 1983 to 21. November 1983

Operation »Attain Document «: Libya, 26. January 1986 to 29. March 1986

Operation »El Dorado Canyon «: Libya, 12. April 1986 to 17. April 1986

Operation »Blast Furnace «: Bolivia, July 1986 until November 1986,

Operation »Praying Mantis «: Persian gulf, 17. April until 19. April 1988

Operation »Ernest Will «: Persian gulf, 24. July 1987 to 2. August 1990

Operation »Promote Liberty «: Panama, 31. July 1990

Operation »Just Cause «: Panama, 20. December 1989 to 31. January 1990

Operation »Nimrod Dancer «: Panama, May 1989 to 20. December 1989

Operation »Ghost zone «: Bolivia, March 1990 to 1993,

Operation »Sharp Edge «: Liberia, May 1990 to 8. January 1991

Operation »Desert Farewell «: South-west-Asia, from 1. January 1992

Operation »Desert Calm «: South-west-Asia, 1. March 1991 to 1. January 1992

Operations »Desert Sword «/ Desert Sabre «: South-west-Asia, 24. February 1991 to 28. February 1991

Operation »Desert Storm «: Iraq, 17. January until 28. February 1991

Operation »Imminent Thunder «: November 1990, operation »Desert Shield «, 2. August 1990 to 17. January 1991

Operation »Eastern Exit «: Somalia, 2. January until 11. January 1991

Operation »Productiv Effort/Sea fishing rod «: Bangladesh, May until June 1991,

Operation »Fiery Vigil «: Philippines, June 1991,

Operation »Victor Squared «: Haiti, September 1991,

Operation »Quick elevator «: Zaire, 24. September until 7. Octobers 1991

Operation »Silver Anvil «: Sierra Leone, 2. May until 5. May 1992

Operation »Distant Runner «: Rwanda, 9. April until 15. April 1994

Operations »Quiet Resolve «/ »Support Hope «: Rwanda, 22. July until 30. September 1994

Operation »Uphold/Restore Democracy «: Haiti, 19. September 1994 to 31. March 1995

Operation »Golden Pheasant «: Honduras, from March 1988,

Operation »Wipeout «: Hawaii, from 1990,

Operation »Support justice «: South America, 1991 to 1994,

Operation »Coronet Nighthawk «: centrally - and South America, from 1991,

Operation »Desert Falcon «: Saudi Arabia, from 1991,

Operation »Southern Watch «: Iraq, from 1991,

Operation »Provide Comfort «: Kurdistan, 5. April 1991 until December 1994

Operation »Provide Comfort Ii «: Kurdistan, 24. July 1991 to 31. December 1996

Operation »Provide Hope 1-V «: GU, 10. February 1992 to 10. May 1999

Operation »Provide Promise «: Bosnia, 3. July 1992 until March 1996

Operation »Maritime monitor «: Adriatic, 16. July 1992 to 22. November 1992

Operation »Sky monitor «: Bosnia-Hercegovina, from 16. Octobers 1992

Operation »Maritime Guard «: Adriatic, 22. November 1992 to 15. June 1993

Operation »Desert Strike «: Iraq, 17. January 1993, 26. June 1993, 3. September 1996: Cruise missile-Angriffe and bombardments

Operation »Deny Flight «: Bosnia, 12. April 1993 to 20. December 1995

Operation »Steady State «: South America, 1994 until April 1996 jobs «briskly Response «

Zentralafrikanische republic, May 1994 until August 1996,

Operation »Able Sentry «: Serbia-Macedonia, from 5. July 1994

Operation »Vigliant Warrior «: Kuwait, Octobers 1994 until November 1994,

Operation »Sharp Guard «: Adriatic, 15. June 1993 until December 1995

Operation »Safe Border «: Peru / Ecuador, from 1995,

Operation »United Shield «: Somalia, 22. January 1995 to 2. July 1995

Operation »Nomad Vigil «: Albania, 1. July 1995 to 5. November 1996

Operation »Quick elevator «: Croatia, July 1995,

Operation »Outermined Effort «: Bosnia, July 1995 until December 1995,

Operation »Vigliant Sentinel «: Kuwait, from August 1995,

Operation »Deliberate Force «: Republika Srpska, 29. August 1995 to 21. September 1995

Operation »Joint Endeavor «: Bosnia-Hercegovina, December 1995 until December 1996,

Operation »Decisive Enhancement «: Adriatic, December 1995 to 19. June 1996

Operation »Decisive Endeavor / Decisive Edge «: Bosnia-Hercegovina, January 1996 until December 1996,

Operation »Nomad Endeavor «: Taszar, Hungaries, from March 1996,

Operation »Laxer Strike «: South Africa, from April 1996,

Operation »Assured Response «: Liberia, April 1996 until August 1996

Operation »Desert Focus «: Saudi Arabia, from July 1996,

Operation »Paelfle Haven/Quick transit «: Iraq - Guam, 15. September 1996 to 16. December 1996

Operation »Guardian Assistance «: Zaire/Ruanda/Uganda, 15. November 1996 to 27. December 1996

Operation »Determlned Guard «, Adriatic, from December 1996,

Operation »Northern Watch «: Kurdistan, from 31. December 1996

Operation »Guardian Retrieval «: Congo, March 1997 until June 1997,

Operation »Noble obelisk «: Sierra Leone, May 1997 until June 1997,

Operation »Bevel Edge «: Cambodia, July 1997,

Operation »Phoenix Scorpion l «: Iraq, November 1997,

Operation »Noble Response «: Kenya, 21. January 1998 to 25. March 1998

Operation »Phoenix Scorpion II «: Iraq, February 1998,

Operation »Shepherd Venture «: Guinea-Bissau, 10. June 1998 to 17. June 1998

Operation »Determined Falcon «Kosovo/Albanien, 15. June 1998 to 16. June 1998

Operation »Joint Force «: from 20. June 1998

Operation »Joint Guard «: Bosnia-Hercegovina, 20. June 1998

Operation »Dellberate Force «: Bosnia-Hercegovina, from 20. June 1998

Operation »Resolute Response «: Africa, from August 1998,

Operation »Infinite Reach «: Sudan/Afghanistan, 20. August 1998

Operation »Determined Force «: Kosovo, 8. Octobers 1998 to 23. March 1999

Operation »Eagle Eye «: Kosovo, 16. Octobers 1998 to 24. March 1999

Operation »Phoenix Scorpion III «: Iraq, November 1998,

Operation »Phoenix Scorpion IV «: Iraq, December 1998,

Operation »Desert Fox «: Iraq, 16. December 1998 to 20. December 1998

Operation »Cobalt Flash «: Kosovo, from 23. March 1999

Operation »Sustain Hope/AIIied Harbour «: Kosovo, from 5. April 1999

Operation »Shining Hope «: Kosovo, from 5. April 1999

The nameless operation: for years regular air raids on goals in the Iraq, the no longer is mentioned.


–Free Internet-Version of Michael Kents of weekly dispatch " more knows - better lives " No. 31/2001 –




INSURER the World Trade Center Allein becomes five billions dollars costs anuses the terror-attack on the World Trade Center the insurers ary troubled about at ridge damage-balance. Is already now plainly: the attack probably cause the costliest of people catastrophe for her/it/them. 
New York/Hamburg - with establishment of the insurance-damages would have to the destroyed World-Trade-Center-Türmes, that business - and personnel property of the tenants and her/its/their co-workers and the compensations for injured employees is considered. Claims had to quietly would be taken for astray gone business-revenues and the expenses to the equipment of alternative temporary operation at other places into account.

For the damages interrelated with the breakdown of the office-towers alone, the experts reckon with expenses of approximately five billions dollars. Expensive something only nature-catastrophes like tornados, floods and earthquakes until now. The bomb attack on the World Trade Center in the year 1993 had caused insurance-damageses of 510 million dollars. The bomb attack in Oklahoma city in the year 1995 had costs 125 million dollars. The riots in Los Angeles in the year 1992 had caused damages of 775 million dollars.

The fact-insurance-policies covered damages through fires, explosion, smocks normally or other damages from, institute's explained the Insurance piece of information in New York. Insurance-policies exclude was statements according to his/its. The war-case is defined however normally ace declared was between nations. Countenance of the growing globally terrorism, therefore some commercial insurance-policies could exclude through Terroristenattacken originated damages.

The American government is " myself-insured ", according to that the destruction of at government-building is no commercial insurance-matter. Insured commercial business in the Pentagon could suffer insurance-damages however, it something called.

Above all the return-insurers ary involved beside the insurance-societies. Many insurance-societies partially put on her/its/their Versicherungsrisiken through agreements with reinsurances on thesis of business. They agree with it against to high singles-damages in catastrophe-fell from.

" The damage-burden for the group can be " considerably, at speaker of the persons from Munich said return ace world-biggest business of the industry on Wednesday. The return-insurer Hanover return quietly has no overview over the effect. " It becomes days, if weeks don't read to flat " at assessment of the damages, speaker Ralf Arndt said in Hanover.

The Swiss Swiss Re - she/it therefore belongs to the Weltgrößtens of the industry - goes anuses ridge, coarse estimations of it from that itself the own damage-sum on converted approximately 1,56 billionses Mark amounts. Each reinsurance-business wants probably virtually be involved because of the relatively narrow market. However the risks ary atomized by reciprocal safeguardings and could be carried consequently therefore in magnitudes like this catastrophe.

At the completely exchange in Tokyo gave on Wednesday - like already at the European trade centers on Tuesday - above all the papers of the insurances and airlines anuses. Among the losers, and Fire Insurance, Japan Airlines and universe were navy Tokyo Nippon Airways.

INSURER the World Trade Center Allein becomes five billion dollars costs after the terror-attack on the World Trade Center the insurers are troubled about a first damage-balance. Is already now plainly: the attack probably cause the costliest of people catastrophe for her/it/them. New York/Hamburg - with establishment of the insurance-damages would have to the destroyed World-Trade-Center-Türmes, that business - and personal property of the tenants and her/its/their co-workers and the compensations for injured employees is considered. Claims had to still would be taken for astray gone business-revenues and the expenses to the equipment of alternative temporary operations at other places into account.

For the damages interrelated with the breakdown of the office-towers alone, the experts reckon with expenses of approximately five billions dollars. Expensive was only nature-catastrophes like tornados, floods and earthquakes until now. The bomb attack on the World Trade Center in the year 1993 had caused insurance-damages of 510 million dollars. The bomb attack in Oklahoma city in the year 1995 had cost 125 million dollars. The riots in Los Angeles in the year 1992 had caused damages of 775 million dollars.

The fact-insurance-policies covered damages through fires, explosion, smoke normally or other damages from, institutes explained the Insurance information in New York. Insurance-policies exclude war according to his/its statements. The war-case is defined however normally as declared war between nations. Countenance of the growing global terrorism, also some commercial insurance-policies could exclude through Terroristenattacken originated damages.

The American government is " myself-insured ", so that the destruction of a government-building is no commercial insurance-matter. Insured commercial businesses in the Pentagon could suffer insurance-damages however, it was called.

Above all the return-insurers are involved beside the insurance-societies. Many insurance-societies partially put on her/its/their Versicherungsrisiken through agreements with reinsurances on these businesses. They agree with it against to high singles-damages in catastrophe-fell from.

" The damage-burden for the group can be " considerably, a speaker of the persons from Munich said return as world-biggest business of the industry on Wednesday. The return-insurer Hannover Rück still has no overview over the effects. " It becomes days, if weeks don't last to plan " an assessment of the damages, speaker Ralf Arndt said in Hanover.

The Swiss Swiss Re - she/it also belongs to the Weltgrößtens of the industry - goes after first, coarse estimations of it from that itself the own damage-sum on converted approximately 1,56 billions marks amounts. Each reinsurance-business will probably virtually be involved because of the relatively narrow market. However the risks are atomized by reciprocal safeguardings and could be carried consequently also in magnitudes like this catastrophe.

At the stock exchange in Tokyo gave on Wednesday - like already at the European trade centers on Tuesday - above all the papers of the insurances and airlines after. Among the losers, and Fire Insurance, Japan Airlines and universe were navy Tokyo Nippon Airways.




Families of victims meet with the WTC-Trümmerns to a mass-prayer

NEW YORK - hundreds of families of the victims of the terror-attacks on the World Trade Center has thought directly beside the debris-field of the skyscrapers in a mourning-church service of her/its/their killed member. At the rite took the archbishop of the city, Edward Egan, just as part a rabbi and an imam. You/they emphasized, that there is no difference between Moslems or Jews, Christians or Hindus in the belief at the humanity. The blind Italian opera-star of Andrea Bocelli sang that " Ave Maria ".

Under the debris of the skyscrapers, approximately 4700 corpses are still suspected according to official statements. (29. Octobers 2001 02:54)

http://www.tages-anzeiger.ch/ticker_update/1028d375715375715010520020.shtml (site down)



To mobilize against the war

We publish in our sites and we send in the lists a resolution of the most important net American antiguerra, the international action center that has the principal center really to NY from where the resolution originates..

The anticipated demonstrations against the war and is born her/it you/they must be relaunched, the global solidarity, the help from people to people must be relaunched, is necessary to fight against the inside repression and the racism.

The pacifists to NY don't have any hesitation.

Under we also put in line the resolution in English of the party of the workers of Belgium, we hope for to do us her in him to go quickly over our usual organizational and cultural horizons.


Statement from the International Action Center on Events of
September 11, 2001

This statement was written from New York City.

Everyone here has been deeply affected by today's events.
The International Action Center extends its most heartfelt
sympathies and condolences to all those who have lost loved
ones today as well as the thousands of workers who were in
lower Manhattan today.

While at this moment thousands of families are in mourning
for the death and injuries of loved ones, the Bush
administration is taking advantage of the tragic human toll
to strengthen the forces of repression while intensifying
the Pentagon's war drive, especially in the Middle East.

Arab and Muslim peoples in the United States are reporting
that they are facing racist harassment in their communities,
on their jobs and at mosques. Anti-Arab racism is a poison
that should be repudiated. We call on all people who oppose
racism to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Arab-American
community in the face of this reactionary frenzy.

After the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City
in 1995, the U.S. government and media were quick to
speculate that Arab and Islamic organizations were
responsible; but as everyone now knows, extreme right-wing
Army veteran Timothy McVeigh was to blame.

New War Danger

The International Action Center urges all anti-war activists
and progressive people to remain on the highest alert in
opposing the Bush administration and the Pentagon's plans to
use this crisis as the springboard for a new round of
aggression in the Third World, especially against the people
of the Middle East.

In August 1998, the Pentagon delivered murderous cruise
missile air strikes against a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan
without any evidence, supposedly in retaliation for the
bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kenya. The cruise missiles
destroyed the Al Shifa Pharmaceutical factory that provided
most of Sudan's medicines. Thousands of African people
perished as a direct result of the Pentagon's bombing.

President Ronald Reagan ordered the invasion of Grenada in
the Caribbean shortly after a truck bomb exploded at a U.S.
Marine Corps base in Lebanon in 1983. Under Bush senior,
over 2,000 Panamanians were killed in the middle of the
night on Christmas Eve in 1989 under the pretext of the war
on drugs.

In 1986, after pointing a finger at Syria, Iran and several
Palestinian organizations for an explosion at a discothèque
in Germany, U.S. aircraft bombed Tripoli and Benzagi in
Libya. Hundreds of civilians, including children, died in
their sleep as the U.S. Air Force carried out this nighttime
sneak attack.

We ask activists and the people of this country to be ready
to protest new Pentagon aggression in the coming period.

The Bush administration will use this current crisis as a
means to justify a further expansion of the Pentagon's war
budget at the expense of money for housing, education,
health care, jobs and other human needs.

Danger of More State Repression

Throughout the country, the military, FBI and local police
authorities are now sealing off large urban areas,
blockading bridges, tunnels and roads, and mobilizing a
massive presence of police and the National Guard. All this
reveals an advanced stage of planning for domestic
repression that can be used against the progressive and
labor movements, and the Black, Latino, Asian, Arab and
other oppressed communities.

All the more reason to resist the current efforts to
strengthen police measures under cover of the present

Build Solidarity

The people of New York City and the country cannot allow the
Bush administration and the Pentagon to play on their
genuine feelings of shock and disbelief to stir reaction and
strengthen the forces of repression. This will not help the
working and oppressed people of this or any country.

The only way to respond to today's events is to extend
solidarity to the families and friends of those who perished
or who were injured at the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon; build global solidarity with people around the
world struggling against war, poverty and exploitation; and
deepen the movement to protest new Pentagon aggression.

Send replies to   iacenter@action-mail.org







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