Bush and Cheny in intimate business contact with the real prime
suspects of the WTC/Pentagon crashbombing frame-up

Here is document backup for the frame-up reconstruction:

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Dan Rather is interviewing a FEMA agent on national TV.
The agent - from National Urban Search & Rescue, part
of FEMA - says his group was one of the first to arrive
in New York - late Monday night 9-10-01 and went into
action Tuesday morning - 'Disaster 9-11'
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The Bush - Cheny - Giffen - Kazakhstan link:

Dick Eastman - eastman@wolfenet.com wrote:

Here is document backup for the frame-up reconstruction:

On August 14, 2000 this story appeared in a soon-to-be-defunct populist
newspaper, famous for exposing the power of the Bilderberg globalists.  This
articleputs Bush and Cheny in intimate business contact with the real prime
suspects of the WTC/Pentagon crashbombing frame-up.  (Also, below, excerpts
from Seymore M. Hershe's expose  of  some of the same people in his New
Yorker article of August 9, 2001).

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The GOP presidential ticket may be fending off questions from reporters
concerning a Swiss investigation linking George W. Bush and Dick Cheny to
big oil's bribes and pay-offs to foreign interests.

by Martin Mann

Gov. George W. Bush and Richard Cheny, the Republican presidential and vice
presidential candidates, known in Washington as the "oil ticket" for their
intimate connections to the petroleum industry, may face worse corruption
scandals in coming months than the lewd, mendacious and cash-hungry Clinton
administration ever did.  The Spotlight has learned from European and U.S.
investigative sources.

   As Cheney, a millionaire petroleum executive who served as defense
secretary in the administration of George Bus, the candidate's father, rose
to accept the vice-presidential nomination from the cheering Republican
convention in Philadelphia,  Swiss prosecutors quietly moved to impound over
$130 million in allegedly laundered funds depositied in Swiss banks.

   According to preliminary findings of the Swiss inquiry, the frozen funds
represent under-the-table payoffs slipped to the top government officials of
Kazakhstan by giant U.S. petroleurm companies seeking favored access to that
oil-rich country, a former Soviet province that attained independence after
the collapse of communism.

   Adised by Swiss authorities that the suspect acounts -- more than $85
million found hidden in private numbered accounts controlled by Kazakh
President Nursultan A. Nazarbayev in a single Geneva bank,  Banque Pictet --
may violate the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, federal authorities in
New York launched an investigation of
their own.

   The U.S. probe quickly focused on James H. Giffen, head of the Mercator
Corporation, known as an influential American financial advisor to

   Last month, the Justice Department sent Swiss chief prosecutor Daniel
Devaud a confidential memorandum naming Giffen and his public-relations
company as targets of a formal federal criminal investigation.

   According to this memorandum, the Giffen probe was triggered by the
findings of FBI agents in New York indicating that the millions impounded at
Banque Pictet and other Swiss money-centers represented illegal payoffs to
Kazakh officials by three major U.S. oil companies:  Exxon Mobil, BP Amoco,
and Phillips Petroleum.

   Giffen's alleged role was that of the go-between who secretly transferred
these huge bribes from the U.S. oil corporations along circuitous
international money-laundering routes to Kazakhstan's president and his top

   Spokespersons for Exxon Mobil, BP Amoco and Phillips Petreleum have
denied any wrongdoing.  Mark J. MacDougal, a Washington lawyer for Giffen
also denied the charges.

   But the Swiss-American inquiry is continuing. If it turns up solid
evidence of bribery by U.S. oil interests -- sources close to the case call
it "the most likely outcome" -- the next time-bomb of a question will be:
How many other petroleum potentates are soiled by this sordid affair?

   Until he was offered -- and accepted -- the Republican vice-presidential
nomination this month, Cheny served as president of the Halliburton
Corporation, the world's largest oil-service, exploration and engineering

   A number of Halliburton's field operations have been linked to Exxon
Mobil's and BP Amoco's overseas ventures in recent years.  Investigators are
poised to explore whether these links involved any operations in
corruption-riddled Kazakhstan.

Washington is buzzing with excited rumors that some major Bush campaign
contributors -- long time coronies of the presidential candidate -- will
face not just stinging embarrassemtn but criminal indictment when these
cases hit the headlines, especially if the Republicans fail to gain the
White House this fall.  (end of Martin Mann's article of August 14, 2000)


The Price of Oil; What was Mobil uo to in Kazakhstan and Russia?
by Semour M. Hersh
New Yorker (Magazine), July 9, 2001 Pp. 48-65

In the fall of 1997, an international businessman named Farhat Tabbah filed
suit in London against three American businessmen, the oil minister of
Kazakhstan, and a subsidiary of the Mobil Corporation.  He charged that they
had cheated him out of millions of dollars in commissions on what was to
have been a ten-year swap of oil between Kazakhstan and Iran.  Mobil and the
other defendent denied the allegations and successfully moved to suppress
all Tabbah's affidavits and supporting documentation.  A few months after
Tabbah filed his lawsuit, he flew to the United States and gave his account
of the swap plan to federal authorities.  He also turned over seveeral file
drawers of documents, including internal Mobil faxes and memos, to agents
of the United States Customs Service.

   Mobil conducted an investigation into its own actions and its potential
liabilities.  (American oil companies are forbidden by federal sanctions
from trading with Iran or facilitating such trades without license from the
Treasury Department.)  That investigation, which lasted more than a year and
was assisted by Patton Boggs, a Washington law firm, found evidence that J.
Bryan Williams III, a senior executive in charge of many of the conmpany's
overseas crude-oil transactions, may have facilitated the planned Iranian
oil swap.  Williams was one of the three businessmen named in Tabbah's suit.
Mobil's senior management, however, then in the process of negotiating a
merger with Exxon, concluded that there was no  need to report this evidence
to the Securities and Exchange COmmission or to stockholders.  Bryan
WIlliams retired quietly in early 1998, at the age of fifty-eight, and, the
next year, Mobil and Exxon merged to form ExxonMobil, the world's largest
and most powerful publically traded oil company.

   Mobil investigators also uncovered an array of unseemly  business
dealings that took place in Russia and Kazakhstan in the mid-nineties.  MOre
than a billion dollars of Mobil's cash was paid to Russian companies in
unorthodox transactions; questionable accounting practices were followed;
and multimillion-dollar transfers were made that, as a Patton Boggs report
put it in one case, "did not have any apparent valid business purpose."   The
investrigators' working papers and summary reports, many of which were
obtained for this article, suggest that Mobil's activities in Russia and
Kazakhstan were not driven entirely by the desire for quick profit.  The
company also had a strategic goal:  access to Kazakhstan's rich Tengiz oil

   Tabbah's court papers and the internal Mobil documents gathered for this
account provide an unparralled view of a major American oil company's
dealings in the former Soviet Union.  They raise questions about the
company's decisions to enter deals that ultimately benefitted powerful
figures in the region, including President Nursultan Nazarbayev, of
Kazakhstan, and former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, of Russia.

   A federal grand jury in Washington has been hearing  evidence on the swap
allecgations, along with allegations of money laundering and bribery, since
last year.  Before a second grand jury, in New York, Mobil and other
American oil companies that do business in Kazakhstan were being questioned
about possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Under the
F.C.P.A., which was passed in 1997, it is unlawful for any American to bribe
foreign officials, either directly or through an agent, "for the purpose of
obtaining or retaining business."

   ExxonMobil has refused to permit any of its employees to be interviewed
for this account, and has asked former Mobil employees not to cooperate.
The company has stated that it was not involved in the awap, did not own any
of the oil that was swapped, and did not authorize any employees to
participate in the planning and excecution of the swap.  Bryan WIlliams
refuses to be interviewed, but, in a written statement, he denied any
involvement in the swap.  Williams also declared that Mobil had approved all
the deals and contracts he worked on.  When The New Yorker sent details of
the allegations to ExxonMobil for comment, an outside attorney, Martin
London, responded on the company's behalf, stating that  many of the
allegations were erroneous," and that the "broad theme of your attack on
Mobil's business integrity is both incorrect and actionable."  It would be
"innapropriate" for ExxonMobil to discuss the allegations specifically,
London wrote, because "there are ongoing grand-jury investigations relating
to the matters addressed in your letter."

   The oil industry has long been swapping as a way to reduce the cost of
transporting crude oil, by pipeline or other menas, to refineries.  The
arrangement also provides a way to get oil from remote oil fields and
isolated nations, such as Kazakhstan, to market.  In a swap, the title to
oil in one location is transferred to oil of an equivalent value that may be
hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away.  Because of the potential for
abuse in such complicated transactions, major oil companies carefully
monitor and record their swaps.

   "It's extrememly rare for a legitimate company to play pricing games in a
transfer," said Thomas Stauffer, a retired economics professor at Harvard
and Georgetown who specializes in oil and taxation issues.  "But in the
Third World --and especially in places like Kazakhstan -- its an invitation
to corruption.  You can hide a lot of sins in an oil swap. Title to oil in
any tanker might change a dozen times before it gets to port."  Such sins
include oil laundering -- concealing an illegal source of oil -- and
sanctions busting.    "Oil is oil,"  Stauffer said.  It can be sold in any
given market at any time."  Men like Marc Rich, the fugitive financier who
was pardoned by Presidnet Clinton in January, have earned hundreds of
millions of dollars over the years by brokering oil deals with pariah
nations such as Iran and the former regime in South Africa.

In Mobil's case, the company's inhouse investigators came to believe that
the proposed swap between Kazakhstan and Iran was but one element in a
complex of seemingly high-risk business deals that were devised by Bryan
Williams.  The investigation also led to the two other Americans named in
the Tabbah's suit:  James H. Griffen, a New York merchant banker and advisor
to Kazakhstan's President Nazarbayev; and Friedhelm Eronat, a businessman
who often acted on behalf of Mobil overseas.  The business dealings and
friendships among these three men date back many years, and they have done
billions of dollars worth of deals worldwide.  The three might nver have
become the focus of grand-jury scrutiny if they hadn't fallen out with
Farhat Tabbah.


Kazakhstan and the other former Soviet Republics in the Caspian Sea region
(Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan) have become notorious for
exploitation, corruption, and seemingly bottomless fields of oil whose
boundary seldom benefits the average citizen.  Almaty, the business capital
of Kazakhstan, still has the solid look, the unemployment, the pollution of
the Soviet days, despite a decade of increasing oil and gas production.
Close to the Presidential palace, however, two new luxury hotels have been
built for the foreign businessmen drawn by the country's natural resources.

   The Tengiz oil field is one of the most important finds since Alaska's
Prudhoe Bay, in 1968. The Soivets tried to develop it in the
nineteen-eighties, but instead triggered a gigantic blowout and a fire that
burned for a year, with a column of flame six hundred feet high.  Tengiz was
not put into systematic production  until the early nineteen-nineties, when
newly independent Kazakhstan sold a half interest of the field to Chevron,
the American oil company.  Tengiz's output has steadily expanded since then.
"It's a geologist's dream -- the sort of field you see once in a
generation,"  Edward C. Chow, a retired Chevron executive, said. "It's a
mother of an oil field, and we still don't know how much oil is in it."

   Bryan Williams turned out to be crucial to Mobil's efforts to get into
Tengiz. As executive vice-president of Mobil Sales and Supply, he bought
crude oil from oil companies controlled by foreign governments.  A lawyer
turned oil man, WIlliams had graduated from the University of North Carolina
and New York University Law School and spent several years at Sherman &
Sterling, a prominent New York firm.  In the early nineteen-seventies, he
joined Mobil.  His first major assignment was in Saudi Arabia, where Lucio
A. Noto, who later became Mobil's C.E.O., was in charge of company

   At Mobil, Williams was respected by his peers for his ability, his
panache, and his daring.  One retired Mobil senior executive said he was
widely known as a "cowboy" -- a high-flier in a high-flying business.
International spot-market crude-oil prices are extremely volatile -- the
price of oil varies constantly from country to country -- and narrow profit
margins can change within minutes, necessitating snap judgements.  It was
accepted at Mobil that successful oil man like Williams needed autonomy,
with no second-guessing, as they routinely committed millions in the hunt
for profits.  Williams repaid the trust with smart deals.

   He consistenly produced high profits, former Mobil officials told me, and
eventually became a favorite of Noto.     "Noto and Bryan were close," DOn
Voelte, a former vice-president who left Mobil in 1997, recalled.  ALthough
Williams reported not directly to Noto but to the head of sales at Mobil
headquarters, Voelte said that "Bryan was the go-to guy in the international
trading area."  Noto would "always chastize other Mobil folks, saying, "Just
go to Bryan.  He knows how to handle these things.'"  ANother  Mobil insider
tells of a high-level meeting at which Noto signaled out Williams as "the
only entrepreneur in the whole business."

  To get into Tengiz, Mobil needed the help of James Giffen, who represented
the Kazahk government.  (giffen was identified in press reports last summer
as a target of a federal investigation into corruption and money
laundering.)  Giffen grew up in Stocton, California, where his father ran a
men's clothing store.  He was graduated from the U.C.L.A. law school in
19654 and spent eleven years with the Armco Steel Corporation, which
struggled during the COld War to gain export approval for the slae of
oil-drilling equipment and steel goods to the Soviet Union.  In the
mid-eighties, Giffen set up a banking company called Mercator, based in New
York City.  He was brash, intelligent, eager to make money.  "I nver had any
evidence that he was anything more than a smart operator,"  Jack F. Matlock,
Jr., who was the U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to 1991
recalled. "He was always working for No. 1 -- Jim Giffen.  But I could
understand that.  I didn't detect anything irregular.

  Giffen spent years cultivating senior officials of the COmmunist PArty,
such as Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was the Party's rising star in Kazakhstan.
In the late eighties, Nazarbayev, a former steel worker and engineer, became
First Secretary of the Kazahk Communist Party.  After the Soviet collapse,
in 1991, he won the Presidency of the country.  Giffen then became an
important Presidential adviser.

   Nazarbayev's regime was quick to cooperate with the first Bush
Administration's plans to denuclearize the breakaway Soviet republics; more
than a thousand warheads that had been deployed by the Kremlin in Kazakhstan
at the height of the Cold War were sent back to Russia, without incident.
The CLinton Administration's initial approach was to emphasize the building
of democratic institutions -- a largely futile effort--but it soon turned to
security issues, such as reducing drug trafficking.  Diplomacy concentrated
for the most part on providing opportunities for American oil companies
seeking to do business in Kazakhstan, and on plans to build pipelines that
would allow the new republics to deliver their oil and natural gas directly
to the West by way of a Black Sea port in Turkey, thus bypassing both
Russia, to the north, and Iran, to the south.

   AMerican officials say that  Nazarbayev has misappropriated hundreds of
millions of dollars.  He has also shared generously the perrequisites of his
office (as he defined them) with his immediate family.  His eldest daughter,
Dariga, controls the national televeision network, and a son-in-law is the
presidnet of a state oil-and-gas pipeline.  The country has not prospered
under Nazarbayev's rule.  Social conditions have deteriorated steadily;
per-capita  G.N.P. is just thirteen hundred dollars a year.  The nation is
so burdened with an external debt of more than eight billion dollars, and
with a huge and rapidly growing level of capital flight:  a fifth of the
country's total money supply is now stashed in Swiss banks.  Nonetheless,
Nazarbayev has been viewed by many in Washington not as a despot but as a
charismatic political leader who could hold his nation together.

   According to William Courtney, who was the first American Ambassador to
Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev became "more authoritarian as his power grew, and
came to depend on Jim Giffen more and more."  By 1995, Courtney syas,
"Nazarbayev had inserted Giffen as an indispensable go-between for some key

      IN the late nineteen-eighties, Giffen had helped Chevron buy into the
Tengiz field.  But a new president of Chevron's overseas division, Richard
Matxke, decided not to deal further with Giffen, and Chevron's relationships
inside Kazakhstan quickely soured.  Matzke is said to have proudly told one
colleague that his company "didn't pay a nickle" in middleman's fees after
getting into Tengiz. However, Giffen subsequently demanded a "success" fee
and received it  --  seven and a half cents per barrel of Chevron's share of
the Tengiz oil.  It earned him millions of dollars in royalties --at least
three million last year alone.

   More and more, Kazakhstan insiders told me, Giffen's power became tied to
his ability to help Nazarbayev and his government cronies, including Nurlan
Balgymbayev, the oil-and-gas minister, benefit from the oil business.
Balgymbayev, wh was named as a defendant in Tabbah's suit, began his career,
in the nineteen-seventies, as an engineer in the Soviet oil fields.  He
became friendly in those years with Viktor Chernomyrdin and the other men
who created Gazprom, the powerful Russian energy consortium.  In 1994, after
an unhappy year with Chevron, Balgymbayev was appointed Kazakhstan's
oil-and-gas minister.  He routinely told foreign oil companies seeking to do
business in Kazakhstan that any prosepctive deal had to involve Giffen and
Mercator, which had offices there.

   Dan White, a former ARCO executive, siad that when, in late 1995, he
arrived to open an ARCO office in the former Soviet Union a senior American
diplomat in Kazakhstan told him, "The best way to get what you want is to
see Giffen."  One afternoon, White happened to encounter the Kazakh oil
minister in a hotel lobby.  They exchanged a few pleasantries, and then
Balgymbayev raced off to the airport.  At that moment, White recalled, "the
fellow next to him says, 'I'm Jim Giffen,'" and told him, "Dan, nobody gets
to Balgymbayev without coming through me."  Giffen paused, White told me,
and said, "You know this is a strange place here.  A lot of people carry
guns, and bad things happen to people."

 (end of excerpt, at end of page 51 of an article that continues to p.
65)   The New Yorker article must be the starting point for any
man seeing to expose the true authors of the crashbombing terror
acts of September 11th, the Great Frame-Up.

Dick Eastman - eastman@wolfenet.com
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.


Dick Eastman eastman@wolfenet.com
Here is how the WTC/Pentagon crash bombing operation came...
Fri Oct 19 17:01:17 2001

Here is how the WTC/Pentagon crashbombing operation came,
about,with strong documentary evidence available supporting every
step of this scenario. I am willing to field all questions discussants
can devise to test this solution.

Mossad and the CIA were dealing Afgan-opium-derived "China-
white" heroin or at least were devoting effort to protect the
supply sources of the multi-trillion-dollar money-laundered
deposits backing the global investments of American
and Britsih merchant banks. The Afgan Northern Alliance
druglords grow 80 to 90 percent of the worlds opium, the
prime ingredient of heroin, which is then moved over the small
China-Afgan boarder for processing and distribution by the
giant People's Liberation Army - Triad transnational corporation-
drug cartel-and military instrument. Against this giant network
the religious Taliban had been erradicating Afgan opium production,
supressing production and profits for druglords, bankers and
globalization capitalists alike.

Thus this became the initial motivation of a renegade group of CIA
and/or Mossad having an interest in defeating Taliban.
(Nothing absurd so far, right?)

Next, the Russian and Kazakh mafias have ties with U.S. executive
James Giffen in Kazakhstan -- a man under investigation by
a New York grand jury in the months before September 11
for illegal involvement in an oil swaps between Kazakhstan
and sanctioned Iran (read the Aug. 9 New Yorker Magazine
for a full account of this by Seymore Hershe -- I have already
presented long excerpts of this in past posts) -- and all of the
evidence for this crime was being kept on the 20th through
25th floor of one of the WTC towers where the FBI had its
New York Offices. And James Giffen is the man anyone has
to go through to get any oil agreement with Kazakhstan --
including any pipelines built that would traverse Afganistan.
(There is $6 trillion dollars worth of oil and gas in Central Asia.)
Giffen certainly understood -- if he did not originate the idea --
that if he couldcan get operatives (even "captured" vengeful Islamic
activists whose rage could be shaped and directed to use of terror)
to destroy the FBI offices in the WTC building and the documentation
evidence it contained, then he would be escape grand jury indictment
-- and, as an powerful added benefit, the (framed) Taliban would get
replaced with a regime in Afganistan that would permit a pipeline to be
built -- preferably a Northern Alliance druglord government that would
harmonize with Giffen's own unethical (murderous) entrepreneural style.
(See the New Yorker artlical for details of Giffen's history.)

(So far this super-crime scheme involves only a small group of people--
Russian Mafia and perhaps a Giffen - renegade CIA or a Giffen
"dark-side" Mossad link. But other, even more powerful players
may have had involvement -- certainly they stood to gain
tremendously if the crashbomb frame-up were successfully accomplished.
(Prior to September 11 charges had been brought against
Alan Greenspan (forgive me -- in a previous post I said "Milton Friedman"
instead of Greenspan -- Friedman is a great and honest and honorable
academic scholar and Nobel Prize winner -- who, very superficially,
looks like Greenspan)
-- at any rate, Alan Greenspan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan & Co. and other
powerful American financial figures and instiutions had charges brought
against them -- reportedly a very well-documented case --over the fixing
of gold prices -- with evidence for that case too stored by the FBI
on the FBI floors of the WTC! These parties would not only profit
heavily from the "carrot" of both oil and drug monies circulating through
thier great
financial instiutions, but they also would gain from avoding the "stick"
of one of the most threatening lawsuits ever to confront the U.S. financial
establishment (realize what a guilty verdict in this case would mean to
these leading financial families and to the Establishment in general!) --
these parties would welcome predictable and certainly substantial
benefits from the the destruction of the evidence in the WTC
and of some of the witnesses and researchers on the case as well.)

Notice that so far we have powerful men with powerful incentives
who characteristically operate in secret and under the protection
of wealth, status and power -- both the carrot ($2 trillion in annual
drug revenues funneled through the banking system -- which has
funded much of the proceeds to fund the development of the
Princeling-Triad dictatorship in China, btw, -- (The communist government
has been in the opium business since the 1930's -- Mao pioneered the
model later followed by Peru's Shining Path and Colombia's Maoist
F.A.R.C. narco-terrorists. And Zhou Enlai devised the plan in the 1950's
of weakening American society through a drug invasion.)

"China white" heroin distributed by the People's Liberation Army,
made from Afgan opium links all banker and oilman to the corrupt
and renegade the secret state agencies, CIA, FBI, and Mossad
-- renegade agents of either agency may have seen this opportunity
for mutual gain and found the way -- having profiles of each of the
players -- to propose the crashbombing frame-up as the best "solution"
to each of players most troublesome problems, while making enormous
profits besides.

Note that the Bush's are tied to both the CIA and oil and, through
Mena Arkansas drug smuggling and through the Iran-Contra
drugs and arms deals etc. (drugworld investigator Daniel Hopsicker,
as well as Noam Chomsky and many others have exposed this
thoroughly -- at least in the broad strokes necessary to support
this reconstruction of the crime.)
(THe facts of the drug connections are known to everyone from
the Russians, to the John Birchers, to Wired Magazine, Harpers,
New Yorker, the Village Voice, the Nation, and Rolling Stone
Magazine, all having explored the drug - Establishment connections
in great detail.)

Which brings us to Ariel Sharon. His hard-head policy of
retaliation regardless of collateral damage and his provocation
at the mosque cost him dearly in world opinion. In fact the
Bush administration was very close to making initiating a major
policy shift -- obviously known to Sharon from the greatest intelligence
organization in the world -- Bush was planning the the
recognition/sponsorhip of a seperate Palestinian state. (Also
war crime charges had been brought against Sharon in international
court, further putting his hard-line policy against the Palestinians
in unfavorable light.

Mindful of Ariel Sharon's self-made hard spot, it is entirely
possible that the same CIA or Mossad mastermind that thought of
the crashbombing frame-up plan in the first place decided to take
the risk of telling Sharon about the plan, offering it as a solution
to the trapped old "freedom fighter's" problems as well. If the
U.S. could be made to think that the hated Osama bin Laden --
that Islamic fundametnalism itself -- is responsible for destroying
twin towers of the WTC and the American government itself,
then, Sharon would certainly grasp, American opinion woudl
radically swing to an extremely hard line against all Moslem
and Arab entities not securely under their thumb, and most
particularly, from Sharon's viewpoint, against Palestinians.

No profile of Sharon gives any indication that he would not
close on such a deal, such a serving of his higher good, his
prime directive.

And that is all that was needed to carry off this operation.

The getting and conditioning/deceiving of hijackers is an easy affair.
Mossad has infiltrated bin Ladin's forces in Central Asia and the Mideast
-- but it is a radically decentralized organization (as it must be to
remain viable)
and so it was an easy matter for this "dark-side" Mossad, with Sharon's
clandestine approval, to trick some very angry and vengeful Arabs into
thinking they were doing bin Ladens or some other anti-Zionist or anti-
Globalization radicals to agree to hijack the four planes. Millions in the
world hated the America and the globalization that the World Trade Center
represents. These recruited hijackers need not have been Arabs -- there
are Croats, Serbs, Latin Americans, and Iranians and any number
of other victim-pool people who could have volunteered to conduct
the hijacking -- possibly without fully understanding the end result of
the mission -- they need not have "signed on" for a suicide bombing.
(Many aviation experts on the net are describing a system built
into commercial airliners for taking over control of flight from the
ground, a system developed to combat terrorism. It is possible
that the course of the plane's flight was taken over by this system
installed to thwart hijackers (detailed in several reports
on the web.) But if the crashes were not effected in this way,
psychological-control methods, wholly sufficient for the job, were
also available. The technology of behavoir control is further
advanced than the popular press has made people aware.
Skilled psy op agents can get subjects angry enough and
convinced enough of the justice and good effects of "acts'
represented as serving their 'cause" to be willing to undertake
even suicidal missions. (Activist Alan Yu has researched this
technology as have other researchers from a broad spectrum
of political orientation.)

And this is all that is needed to conduct the terror act.

But then what?

When the crashes take place -- word merely has to be
put out by those involved (the CIA, Mossad, Sharon
and those complicit in the Bush Administration,
(based on his behavior, my money is on Paul Wolfowitz)
to push the theme that bin Ladin was responsible and that
this aggressive war to overthrow the Taliban is the only
immediate appropriate reaction -- since, the spin goes,
the Afgans are responsible for "harboring" bin Laden and
that "harboring is exactly the same as terrorism" and that
for that reason the entire Afgan government must be
terminated (must be "ended as a state" to use Wolfowitz's
revealing phrasing of September 12.)

The frame-up has all sorts of collateral benefits for the
perpetrators. Now the perpetrators can tell the unsuspecting
that bin Ladin's guilt has been established beyond doubt --
that for the sake of the security and safety of Israel and
the United States that it is necessary that the impression of
an "open and shut case" must be spun. (The news media
is exhorted to be patriotic and exemplary "wartime correspondents"
and sets about selling the blaming of bin Ladin and advocating
war and overthrow in Afganistan -- because they have been
deceitfully led to believe they really know who bombed the
buildings; and among the elite of the news publishers,
they "know" it is in the best interests of Israel and Wall Street
that this be the response, that this be the spin.

And Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair each benefit enormously, politically.

And trillions of dollars are enough to subdue and supress
criticism of the investigation -- after all, who would know better than
the CIA and Mossad exactly who is responsible? (The fact has
been reported -- in a different context, of course -- that the U.S.
intelligence receives all of its ground intelligence from Central Asia
through Mossad's network of infiltrator spies -- in other words,
whatever "proofs" the U.S. has (and has shown Tony Blair and NATO)
has come exclusively through Sharon via Mossad. The "evidence"
so-called, thus, is no counterweight to this reconstruction of the crime.
The "evidence" comes exclusively from the prime "frame-up" suspect.

Has Mossad done this kind of thing before? Remember
the USS Liberty, an American ship with flag flying,
deliberatly attacked and sunk (in multiple attack waves)
with efforts to kill every saior abord -- either to destroy
information that the ship may have intercepted or to
frame Arab states to gain the support of American
public opinion. (There are other cases involving the
blowing up of a disco dance nightclub, again to frame
targeted enemies -- a case actually brought to light
by the non-renegade "good side" Mossad.

The coverup apparently has unlimited resources. Two
Mossad men caught red handed days after the WTC
crashbombings, were carryhing explosive charges and
detonation controls in the government chambers of the
Mexican legislature? Apparently big bribes have been,
because these men have been set free.

One surmises that appeals are made to the bodey man
of a "destabalizing international crisis" is the truth were
to get out. This is ancient cloak of deviant ruling elites.

How many readers -- even if they strongly suspect that
this reconstruction fits the facts -- would not deny the
conclusion anyway because of fear of what this fact would
do to Israel's reputation and thus to her security and survival?

Yet this view may be wrong. If Israeli's on the "good side"
were to arrest Sharon and chase down the renegades of
the Mossad "dark side" and bring them to justice --
tensions in the Mideast would dissolve, and good-faith
restored -- good faith that will never return to the world
as long as the greatest terror frame-up in history is not
corrected by justice and the truth.

Also, if this reconstruction is valid, then that certainly
raises the liklihood that Ariel Sharon was also the
man who gave the order for the murder of Yhitzak Rabin.
Israel's greatest peacmaker (if that title does not go to
Began for his treaty with Sadat.)

Conviction of Sharon would mean that the warmongering
"take-no-prisoners" school of Zionism would at last be
discredited and that the humanitarian way of Rabin
could again be given another chance -- with
the Palestinians gaining restored faith in Israel to be
fair and just after seeing Sharon removed and brought
to justice.

I know that at this point you are poised to throw the
usual tomatoes and call me a "loon" and a "nazi" -- but
I know that those who call me those names are themselves
fearful that this analysis may be right.. (ANd I forgive
you in advance for having to through those tomatoes
out of loyalty and not knowing what else to do in your

It is a rotten world all around -- but my advice is
to seek the truth wherever it leads and then to enforce
justice -- justice against the real authors of the Sept 11 terror,
whoever they may be -- to go after Sharon just as strenuously
as you were recently ready to hunt down bin Laden.

And of course, the United States has a similar house cleaning
of its topmost shelves of power and influence -- a job that we
have been putting off since the 1870's. (How the entire world will
benefit from that job!)

(And I should make this clearer: The media are not silent because
they are conmplicit in the terror -- they are silent because they
are "yes men" who "know where their bread is buttered" and they
are not about to jump up and say "Sharon did it" until they see
others in their postions doing so. This is consitent with today's
"Dilbert" world of Establishment-monopolized organizations.
Only an earth shaking event, like the exposing of the Establishment's
role in the WTC terror, will shake down this system.)

Now, let's discuss this intelligently.

Dick Eastman - eastman@wolfenet.com
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible toevery other man.

Mike Ruppert debates DE on Frame-up analysis

Dick Eastman
Mike Ruppert debates DE on Frame-up analysis
Sat Oct 20 21:09:12 2001

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of
truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and
murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the
end they always fall. Think of it ... always."
-- Mohatma Gandhi

(Thanks to Betsy Stang - bebird@aol.com of the
Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources)

Here is a man, Mike Ruppert, who strongly disagrees with the
frame-up analysis:

Mike Ruppert's views appear in "Lower-case letters""
Dick Eastman responds in "CAPITAL LETTERS"

This is patently and demonstrably inaccurate information. I encourage any
who are spreading to stop it immediately. To suggest that the Mossad are
business partners with the Taliban is beyond stupid. It indicates the need
for psychiatric medication.

SAY 80 OR 90

Afghanistan does not produce 80-90% of the world's heroin. At its peak in
2000, Afghanistan produced 75% of the world's opium. It produced almost none
last year. Almost Afghan heroin has been sold in Western Europe for the last
decade. Involving the Chinese would mean smuggling in the wrong direction;
send it east to get it west.

"China White" does not come from China. It is a generic name that refers to
the fourth stage of refinement. It can be made in Mexico or Colombia or
Thailand or Iran. As a former LAPD narcotics investigator who was trained
also by the DEA I know this to be a fact



I have never seen ANY credible information that the PLA distributes it.


In fact, the cash flows through the Caucasus and the Balkans remove any
possibility of Chinese involvement.


60% of the U.S. heroin supply originates in Colombia.


There has never been any credible evidence that the Mossad is in business
with the Taliban or the Northern Alliance while there is an abundance of
evidence that the CIA has been for a long time.


A documented, sourced and verified analysis of the Afghanistan heroin
situation has previously been posted to this list. It is also available on
my web site, www.copvcia.com. The server company pulled the site today
because we have been getting so much traffic that we blew their servers. We
will be up and running within 48 hours.

Whoever originated this b.s. story should be totally ashamed for their lack
of sourcing, lack of integrity, and utter disregard for the truth.


223 S. 64TH AVE.

Mike Ruppert
"From The Wilderness"

Fritz Springmeier

Fritz Springmeier springmeierpatty@usa.net
Sun Oct 21 00:07:13 2001

By Fritz Springmeier

It is seldom that half a dozen people send me the same article. Obviously
Eastman’s article hit a positive chord with some readers. After reading his
article it is clear that his article will seriously mislead people. It is
based upon some false premises, and its conclusion doesn’t go anywhere near
explaining what is going on.
Eastman claims to have solved the 9-11 attack. He has reduced the attack to
the explanation that renegade factions of the CIA and Mossad were dealing in
opium in Afghanistan. The attack was designed to prevent the Taliban from
cutting off their opium. Wall Street quietly went along because the banks will
gain from all the drug and oil money that will continue to flow. Sharon of the
Israelis is then theorized to have joined in order to solve all his problems
with the Moslems. Finally he adds this theory about the news media, “The news
media is exhorted to be patriotic and exemplary ‘wartime correspondents’ and
set about selling the blaming of bin Ladin [sic] and advocating war and
overthrow in Afganistan [sic] –because they have been deceitfully led to
believe they really know who bombed the buildings…”
What is wrong with Eastman’s theories? First, it is clear from reading his
article, (and I read it several times to make sure I understood) that he
subscribes to the theory that the CIA and Mossad are good guys but
unfortunately have renegade factions that misbehave. This is totally wrong.
Historically, both agencies were set up dirty from the start by the elite. CIC
Army intelligence distrusted the CIA from its beginning with good reasons.
Victor Ostrovsky’s By Way of Deception is a good introduction to understand
the entire Mossad is corrupt—not a few renegades. Ostrovsky’s book is just the
starting point of the corruption.
Next, it is clear that Eastman thinks the establishment news media are simply
being deceived by the government and trying to be patriotic. Our news media is
owned and controlled by the power elite. The news media is not patriotic and
will never be, unless one considers support for a global tyrannical
socialistic New World Order to be patriotic. Nor have they been deceived. They
are the deceivers. They have repeatedly squashed their reporters from
reporting on things that would expose the truth about the 9-11 tragedy. You
will notice that our press did not properly investigate the Gulf of Tonkin
incident (which started the Vietnam War). Now it is known to have been a U.S.
government hoax, now that the Vietnam War is over. They have the people to
investigate this tragedy—they don’t want to, and several reporters who have
tried have been given rough treatment by their superiors.
Eastman totally misses the real significance of what is happening. This is
not some project to make money for some rich men and some renegade spooks.
This war is to social engineer the world to ask for the “all-powerful” (not
counting Almighty God) one-world government they want to bring in. Obviously
Eastman is not aware (or chooses to ignore) of their written plans to bring in
three world wars in order to progressively take us into stronger world
governments. The First World War gave us the League of Nations. The Second
World War gave us the United Nations. Their third world war will give us the
last and ultimate Global Government.
I research and expose the world’s elite. Some people seem to think that all
that motivates these people is money. These people are motivated by bigger
lusts than money. These are the people who make the money, loan us the money
they make, and tell us what that money is going to be worth. The world’s elite
could not spend their money—if they tried to spend it, they would simply
reinvest it. These people have more money than they can use. Money is not
their primary motive. Power is their motive. They are motivated by the desire
for incredible power. They want to be gods over us and to step on us and grind
us like little ants so that their sadistic minds can feel even more godlike.
I am not dreaming this up, I am reporting to people how they think (and even
talk), and if you could be in their satanic cabals, you would get to hear for
yourself how these sadistic power hungry men (and women) lust to cause large
scale pain just for their perverted egos. People misuse the Bible. They quote
the verse “the love of money is the root of all evil.” There was no money in
the Garden of Eden. Satan didn’t tempt people with money. He tempted them with
the power to be gods.
Some of these powerful bloodlines got it into their heads that they were gods
thousands of years ago, and those bloodlines are still around, treating us no
better than they did when the slaves built the pyramids. When the Bible says
there is nothing new under the sun—these bloodlines are certainly not new. The
Rothschilds trace themselves back to Nimrod, who used slaves for his building
projects, and loved to make war.
If you think the WTC attack was just to make a few billion dollars from
Afghanistan, guess again. The stakes are much higher. The United States
entered W.W. II on a similar type sneak attack, which used planes. W.W. II was
an expensive war to humanity. Oh yes, I’ve heard people who didn’t fight in
the war say how wonderful the war was, so many great things came from it. But
anyone who suffered in that war or fought in the front lines knows
differently. Over 20 million Allied and Axis fighting men were killed. How
many more suffered wounds to their bodies and minds? Over 20 million Russians
(civilians and military) died in the war. Several of the major combatant
countries lost many millions of people dead, not to mention the enormous
suffering and huge debts all these countries incurred to the international
bankers. What if all the money that got spent on bombers and bombs during that
war had been put into schools and improving third world agriculture? Where
would the world be if instead of destruction all that energy had been put into
A third world war involves much bigger things than drug profits in Afghanistan
(or even oil and drug profits). The powerful world elite know exactly what
they are doing. Their stakes are incredibly high, and the profits in
Afghanistan will be real nice to certain people, but they are relatively no
more important than Czech steel works were for the Nazis going into W.W. II.
Our leaders have unleashed a script for world war that may well continue to
escalate. Let’s not be in denial about the tragedy that is unfolding. W.W.I
was not about the archduke getting assassinated. (If that was the reason for
the war, what logic does it make to kill tens of millions of men because some
royal heir got shot?) W.W. II was not about Czechoslovakia, nor is W.W. III
going to be about the Taliban. If this thing continues to escalate, -- and no
one seems to be stopping that agenda, it will unleash forces all over this
When Neville Chamberlain dealt with Hitler, he was able to convince people
that peace was on hand because they didn’t see the bigger picture. People, the
bigger picture is that a third world war has been planned for a long time.
Both bin Laden and the American press has called this a third world war. I
wish they were wrong. But I still have a duty to drag people out of their
limited understanding. This war is not about Afghanistan, nor is it about bin

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1998 (At Least look at this before replying)

Turkmenistan: China Plans To Aid Construction Of Iranian Pipeline
Afghanistan War Planned Months Before 911 Suicide Air Attack


Lara :bravehrt@concentric.net
Afghanistan War Planned Months Before 911 Suicide Air Attack
Fri Oct 19 01:06:14 2001

What does Osama bin Laden know that makes him more
valuable dead than alive? In the world of CIA
operations, you don't generally double cross one
of your own agents and set them up for a patsy to
some crime unless you insure they are NOT captured
alive. It might prove embarrassing if they were
given the opportunity to tell their side. [Indeed!]
Afghanistan War Planned Months Before 911 Suicide Air Attacks
It's All About Blood Money

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE? - Afghanistan War Planned Months Before Suicide Air
Attacks Motive is Oil Profits for Multinational War Partners May be tied to
OKC blast and Operation Northwoods.

FOLLOW THE MONEY - CIA proprietaries in Oil Industry profit from war

911 - A FAMILY AFFAIR - Two CIA Directors have cozy 'relations' with bin
'Only those powerful men who know the truth will profit, and every American
will have paid for it with their souls, some with their blood...'


Foreign Press Reveals Collin Powel Negotiated Afghanistan War Months Before
Suicide Air Attacks: Motive is Oil Profits for Multinational War Partners

The BBC and an Indian news agency in seperate stories, one months before
and one shortly after the suicide air attack on America, have presented the
most horrendous picture to date regarding the true nature of the terror in
NYC and elsewhere:

Prior knowledge. Links to these stories are contained herein.

Those backing President Bush's request for a coalition had better make
certain they are getting their fair share of the spoils of war, a war
arranged months before the suicide air attacks against the US. A pact for
war against the Taliban was made between the United States, CIS (Russia),
Pakistan, and India to facilitate a Middle-East to S.E. Asia Oil Pipeline,
which cannot take place with growing political and religious upheaval in
the region at the hands of the Taliban. Iran is thought to be a covert
member to the pact. The combat was initially slated for mid October, which
would seem to account for warnings that preparing for war will take time.

The problem is that the ONLY logical pipeline route runs for nearly a
thousand miles along the Afghanistan border with Iran and Pakistan,
(largely so close as to be visible from the border. This route would seem
to provide the US with the best incentive to date to cooperate with Iran
by, in essence, competing with a proposed Chinese backed oil pipeline
project serving the same oil fields in northern Iran and points south,
preventing China from obtaining a defacto monopoly holder on oil supplies
for SE Asia. The Chinese began negotiating that project in 1997, causing a
great deal of consternation for the Clinton administration and major US oil
companies who stood to gain little in the project.

However, the Taliban are fomenting both religious and political instability
in the region between Iranian and Pakistani Shiites and Taliban Sunni
Islamic sects, with notable success. This unrest makes impractical the
financial investment and international cooperation required to construct
the pipeline.

The solution was apparantly to be death warrants for both the Taliban
leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, and capitalistic terrorist Osama bin Laden,
who had apparantly grown too profitable and too strong for his former CIA
masters and American business partners to control. Destruction of the
Taliban was imperative, but political needs would not permit a simple

For Pakistan and India, long bitter rivals, to partner would require only
sufficient profits to make peace between them more palatable. However,
Pakistan required a significant motive beyond profits to risk internal
conflict due to its nation's divided religious and political landscape, all
intertwined with allegiances to the Taliban. There needed to be an
extremely irresistible reason for the nation's leadership to back/support
military action against what their own citizens considered a virtual
spiritual ally.

In like manner, Iran required an irresistible reason to publicly support
with vocal blessings American interests in any such action, and at the same
time, needed a way to salve bitter wounds between the two countries which
would allow future joint financial ventures.

In similar manner, the United States needed a very powerful and
irresistible reason to mobilize America into supporting such a war, a war
which would be extremely difficult to prosecute, as the Soviet Union could
testify of first hand, having found the Soviet-Afghanistan war to be their

The logical solution which would indeed provide irresistible reasons for
all concerned, would now seem to be the horrific terror campaign against
the NYC and Washington DC by former CIA strong man, Osama bin Laden, who
perhaps is still on the payroll after all. The question is, if the war was
being secretely planned by the administration... a war which could not be
sold to Americans without such a catastrophic event... then who really
planned the 911 event?

The attack comes in the wake of revelations by author James Bamford in his
book Body of Evidence of a secret plan for US military intelligence
operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American targets... blow up
buildings, shoot down civilian airliners, blow up American war ships, and
assassinate American citizens... for political gain. Operation Northwoods
was signed off by all five Joint Chiefs of Staff under the Kennedy
administration as a way to foment public support for a war against Cuba,
who would be blamed for the terrorist acts. Rejected sternly by President
Kennedy, which may have contributed to reasons behind his assassination,
this Reichtag fire approach to political gain may have been the model for
September 11, shifting the blame this time to the Taliban homeland. What
would make a more irresistible excuse for war?

In light of these revelations, American media needs to decide if it will
continue to ignore truth and the principles of journalism for its preferred
role as Fourth Estate PR spokesperson of government. Will they tell America
these facts or hide what the rest of the world already knows through news
agencies which have no such loyalties?

Will American politicians find themselves being asked by their constituents
if they knew in advance of this death pact, and have the blood of innocents
on their hands as coconspirators, or will they demand a full accounting of
the facts before signing off on the blood lust boiling over as result of
this war plot?

For more information, please review the following news sources:

The first is a BBC story of a former Pakistani diplomat coming forward to
tell of his country's knowledge of the planned war, concerned perhaps that
the air attacks were not as advertised. Find it at this Link

The above article confirms the second, which was written by an Indian news
agency months before the attack and is much more detailed.

H. Michael Sweeney is a published author in the area of personal privacy
and safety, and an expert on disinformation and an investigative writer
specializing in crimes of the intelligence community. Mr. Sweeney is one of
many persons seeking to educate America of the existence of these facts.
For more information about Mr. Sweeney, his books, pkpr@proparanoid.com?subject="PKPR: Free Sample Newsletter,
please" newsletter, please visit his Web site.

'America will undoubtedly have its unstoppable war thanks to the Fourth
Estate, but at what price?' asks Mr. Sweeney. 'Only those powerful men who
know the truth will profit, and every American will have paid for it with
their souls, others with their blood." He adds that "It is extremely ironic
that this plan comes so close on the heels of the release of the James Bond
film, The World is Not Enough, which parallels many of the key elements of
the underlying story."

End Press Release

Always Follow the Money -NO MATTER WHERE IT LEADS

In the aftermath of the horror of what many are simply calling 911 we find
government investigators following the money. Now that strong evidence
exists that the true reason for the war is oil, and in the certain
knowledge such a war could not be sold the American people without some
catastrophic catalyst event, perhaps it is wise to ask if they are
following ALL the money.

Indeed, proof of prior knowledge... especially the actual plotting to
create the so-called war on terrorism which we are now offered as our only
savior... this demands we ask. But both media and government would seem
inept at the task, known to have short memories - perhaps because of who
the President of the United States is at this time. I do not have a short
memory in such things. I seem to recall there was once another President
Bush. Iíd like to compare the two histories with respect to the money.

Media has made no secret of the fact that G.W. Bush, like his father, was
involved heavily in the Oil industry. Less vocal, perhaps, that the
'family-owned' oil firms which often seemed intertwined heavily in CIA
interests, a picture perhaps first presented in Mark Lane's remarkable
book, Plausible Denial, which links former President George H.W. Bush to
the Bay of Pigs operation and through it, to the subsequent assassination
of President J.F.K. by CIA (see CIA sworn courtroom) Ironic to me, BTW, is
that a certain recent comedic film about the BOP invasion featured JAKE and
Bush (one in the same). Film scripts often have notes penned in the
margins, and there is often more than one copy made. These make for very
interesting reading, and often, protect their holder.

And barely a mention has been given to the fact that Dick Cheney, who has
enjoyed a role in both Bush administrations, also has an oil industry
background as head of Halliburton (a huge oil industry service company), or
that there are also ties between Cheney and the Bush family to the drug
business. This will lead us to even more cozy ties to vast media power and,
through these, more ties to CIA. So when we follow the money, we might want
to follow all of these trails.

Bush Gets bin Laden Funds

The Houston Chronicle ran a series of articles starting in June 4, 1992
which attempted to follow the Bush oil investment trail, only to discover
what are now seen as financial ties to capitalistic terrorist, Osama bin
Laden. According to the Chronicle, entrepreneur James R. Bath guided money
to Bush oil firms from Saudi investors in hopes of influencing U.S. policy
under President Reagan and Vice President Bush.

The Bush family, of course, claims no knowledge of where Bath got his
money, assuming it his own. Personally, I find this incredulous given the
many ties to CIA any examination will reveal, in light of the expertise the
elder Bush has in setting up and funding CIA proprietaries. So, of course,
we must presume there was no foreknowledge to the significance of this
investment relative to our war on terrorism. At least we are told we must.
But we might be smarter to consider the entire collective of facts which
strongly suggest other than claimed by the Bush family. Here are a few
excerpted quotes (italics added.)

...documents indicate that the Saudis were using Bath and their huge
financial resources to influence U.S. policy. Such representation by Bath
would require that he be registered as a foreign agent with the U.S.
Department of Justice (he was not so registered.)

...An Annapolis graduate and former Navy fighter pilot, (Bill) White, 46,
claims that Bath and the judicial system, under the veil of national
security (where did that come from in a simple oil company start up? it
could only have been imposed by CIA to protect illegal proprietary funding
and/or operational activities), have blackballed him professionally and
financially because he has refused to keep quiet about what he regards as a
conspiracy to secretly funnel Saudi dollars to the United States.
(Investment dollars - profit dollars would soon enough flow back to the bin
Laden family.)

In sworn depositions, Bath said he represented four prominent Saudis as a
trustee (the bin Laden Brothers, including Osaman) and that he would use
his name on their investments (ever heard of illegal silent partners?). In
return, he said, he would receive a 5 percent interest in their deals. Tax
documents and personal financial records show that Bath personally had a 5
percent interest in Arbusto '79 Ltd., and Arbusto '80 Ltd., limited
partnerships controlled by George W. Bush, President Bush's eldest son.
Arbusto means bush in Spanish...

George W. Bush's company, Bush Exploration Co., general partner in the
limited partnerships, went through several mergers, eventually evolving
into Harken Energy Corp., a suburban Dallas-based company. Bush, known
informally as George Jr., is a shareholder and director of Harken, which
has been granted lucrative offshore drilling rights off the coast of
Bahrain in the Persian Gulf...

Note: these donít come with Cracker Jacks - you have to have the favor of
someone in the Royal family, which might be easier if they are worried
about regional invasion from Iraq and want assurances of American
protections - a thought which makes more sense knowing these rights were
obtained just a weeks before Iraq steam-rolled into Kuwait and threatened
Saudi interests as well.

According to a 1976 trust agreement, drawn shortly after Bush was appointed
director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Saudi Sheik Salem M. bin Laden
appointed Bath as his business representative in Houston. (in other words,
Bath, who had CIA ties, first entered into the bin Laden relationship while
the elder Bush was Director of CIA) Bin laden, along with his brothers
(specifically to include Osama bin Laden), owns bin Laden Brothers
Construction, one of the largest construction companies in the Middle East.

According to White, Bath told him that he had assisted the CIA in a liaison
role with Saudi Arabia since 1976 (we call such a person an operative, or
an in-place asset.) Bath has previously denied having worked for the CIA
(which he would be required to do if working for CIA.) In a sworn
deposition, Bath said he was the sole director of Skyway Aircraft Leasing
Ltd., a company that a court document shows is owned by Khaled bin Mahfouz.
Bin Mahfouz had been a major shareholder in the Bank of Credit and Commerce
International (BCCI), a banking empire that has been accused of money
laundering and of using Mideast oil money to seek ties to political leaders
in several countries.

End excerpts. The infamous and ill fated BCCI scandal was CIA's
Oliver-North- Iran-Contra money laundering channel operated by Mahfouz and
which thus served arms dealers Adnan Koshoggi and Manucher Ghorbanifar, and
of course, through funding of the Afghani war efforts by CIA, if not
somewhat indirectly, Osama bin Laden. We further learn In False Profits, a
telling book by Peter Truell and Larry Gurwin, that Bath and bin Mahfouz
put Skyway together with CIA aircraft and operated the airline as an
extension of Air America, which pretty much makes Bath CIA, plain and
simple - despite his dutiful denials. Also in the book, by the way, is this:

'When Bush (the Father) ran for President a decade later, several people
connected with BCCI offered to help. One intriguing example is Mohammed
Rahim Motaghi Irvani, an Iranian immigrant with multiple ties to BCCI, as
noted in Chapter 6. In 1987, Irvani wrote to James A. Baker, III, Bush's
campaign manager, saying he would like to help in the race (another middle
east attempt at influence on the White House?) The letter was forwarded to
Baker by former CIA director Richard Helms (a long-time CIA fellow and
friend to George Bush who was also associated with the Bay of Pigs
operation), with a note describing Irvani as 'a man of substance and

>From something called the Intelligence Newsletter, we have these excrpted
insights into the Harkin funding process, one which reveals further Middle
East ties - again to include Ossama bin Laden, BCCI, and an important name
for us to consider further on in the dialog, The Carlyle Group:

Indeed, among the figures Bush dealt with indirectly when he ran oil
companies was Saudi banker Khaled Bin Mahfouz who, Intelligence Newsletter
has learned, is currently under house arrest in a hospital in Taef at the
behest of the American author-ities. The latter are looking into
contribut-ions Mahfouz is said to have made to welfare associations close
to terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

...In 1987 Mahfouz's representative in the U.S., Abdullah Taha Bakhsh,
acquired an 11.5% stake in a company in which the Bush was a shareholder,
director and adviser, Harken Energy...

...An American banker named Jacksen Stephens who was to also be deeply
involved in the BCCI affair moved in 1987 to invest $25 million in Harken.
The transaction took place in Geneva with the money was paid through a
joint venture set up between the Union des Banques Suisses and the Geneva
branch of the BCCI; the financial accord was signed by both Stephens and
Bakksh. Other links between Bush and Mahfouz can be found through
investments in the Carlyle Group, an American investment firm managed by a
board on which former president George Bush himself sat. The younger Bush
personally held shares in one of the components of the Carlyle group, the
Caterair company, between 1990-94. And Carlyle today ranks as a leading
contributor to Bush's electoral campaign. On Carlyle's advisory board
figures the name of Sami Baarma, director of the Pakistani financial
establishment Prime Commercial Bank that is based in Lahore and owned by

We might wonder exactly how Harken could capture the lucrative and prized
contract for the Bahrain oil explorations. If it did not involve the
intelligence community or Presidential favors, and was not related to the
looming regional threat of invasion by Iraq, then what? The powerful Amoco
oil company had been negotiating for the rights to this prize since 1987.
All bets were that they would win hands down, but instead, Harken, a small
upstart with no useful capital reserves or assets and no operational
history winds out. What happened? We might get some insights from this
December 6, 1991 Wall Street Journal excerpt (italics added) from an
article by Thomas Petzinger Jr., Peter Truell, and Jill Abramson - found at
http://www.freerepubl ic.com (scroll down to find document):

Harken officials, in extensive interviews, maintain that Bahrain wanted a
small company (which contradicts what Bahrain officials were indicating
prior to the decision) that would devote full attention to the project, a
point Bahraini Oil Minister Shirawi confirms. To find one, he turned to a
longtime friend, Michael Ameen, a Houston oil consultant who had worked in
the Mideast for Mobil Corp. and Arabian American Oil Co. (Aramco).

Mr. Ameen represents yet another BCCI notation in the Harken story. As the
head of government relations for Aramco, he says he had close-up dealings
for years with the Saudi royal family and its advisers, including Mr.
Adham, the BCCI principal, who is also a former Saudi intelligence chief
(You don't suppose, that as former intelligence chief for the Saudi's, that
he might not have known and established an excellent working relationship
with the former intelligence chief for the United States, George Bush?) Mr.
Ameen was close enough to the Pharaon family that he recalls meeting a
young Ghaith on his graduation from college.

Mr. Ameen had been a friend for 25 years of Mr. Bakhsh, the large Harken
shareholder (yet another Middle East investor.) But he says that when faced
with having to recommend to Bahrain one small oil company out of the
hundreds to choose from, he chose Harken out of pure serendipity. Within 10
minutes of discussing the matter by phone with Bahrain's oil minister, Mr.
Ameen says, he got a call from one of Harken's investment bankers at
Stephens in Little Rock.

Before long, Mr. Ameen was leading Harken delegations to London and
Bahrain, where, according to the company, Harken officials displayed keen
knowledge of the region's geology and disarmed the Bahrainis with their
open negotiating style.

In the midst of Harken's talks with Bahrain, Mr. Ameen -- simultaneously
working as a State Department consultant -- briefed the incoming U.S.
ambassador to Bahrain, Charles Hostler. Mr. Ameen ultimately received a fee
of about $100,000 from Harken.

So we see a consistent pattern involving Bush Presidencies, Middle-East
investments linked to and through CIA resources, typically to include the
criminally corrupt BCCI bank, said investments both within and without the
oil industry, and political 'investments' of similar construct. And as with
the current war on Afghanistan, it should be pointed out in addition to
these coincidental consistencies, that the same old gang at work now was
present and played key roles in the Gulf War: Bush, of course, albeit the
heir; Colin Powell; Dick Cheney; and James Baker.

Of course, we donít know Harken was (or is) used by CIA, only that CIA
seems to be involved peripherally in every aspect, just as seen for his
Father's companies. But we do know this from excerpts From a HOUSTON, March
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Harken Energy Corporation announced that:

"security issues surrounding its (Harken) Colombian Operations have
increased significantly in the recent past... In addition to these security
issues, the Company has also become the subject of media focus in Colombia
that may further complicate its security position in the country... The
Company is also currently analyzing and upgrading its security procedures
and will initiate immediate action to expand security measures for both
personnel and field operations... Mikel D. Faulkner, Harken's Chairman and
CEO stated, 'Although we expect to continue our efforts in Colombia,
presently, the Company must focus more management time and financial
resources on the recently increased security issues confronting our
personnel and operations.

Columbia is a hot bed of drug king pins known to cause political unrest and
conduct terrorism against US companies (largely in the belief they are CIA
fronts aiding in the ëdrug warí - and in recognition of the fact that one
of their largest competitors in the illicit drug trade is CIA). So the
above may be seen as a ënormalí response to a tough situation perhaps faced
by many American firms in Columbia - or - as worded, it also paints a
picture which is quite suitable to insertion of additional CIA agents and
operatives into the area under cover of ëimproving security."

As I explore the oil profit motive, know that others have explored the drug
profit motive. Afghanistan has only one cash crop, and it is poppy fields
which are used only to make heroin. Once again, it is the same players:
Bush, Cheney, Baker, and CIA - but a whole different set of corporate
players, though they, too, are from the oil industry, and they, too, are
very involved in both the Gulf War and our war on terrorism. For more
information on this angle, please visit this Link.

Bush Sends Money to Taliban

But for now there are still more oil ties to follow. If it helps media to
remember, the US under Bush as President would funnel millions of dollars,
arms, and covert intelligence and other assistance through CIA to help the
Afghani Mujahadene fight Soviet forces in what would prove to be Russia's
Vietnam. While a ëvictoryí, a chief benefactor of all the training,
weapons, and money would prove to be Osama bin Laden, essentially a CIA
backed operative. The establishment of the Taliban was thus assured, thanks
to bin Laden, CIA, and George H.W. Bush.

And just in time to turn, and bite the hand of the son of the man who fed
them? What it is, and what it seems, are often two different things. Since
the war, money continued to flow to the Taliban from the Bush
administrations - both of them, up until the air attacks of 911. Here are
excerpts from TASHKENT, Aug 08, 2001 (Itar-Tass via COMTEX)

The George W. Bush administration is to provide additional financial
assistance to the people of Afghanistan... The total volume of U.S.
financial help to Afghanistan will amount to over 132 million dollars this
year. Thus, the USA will become the world's biggest financial source for

These investments stopped only after the air attacks of 911? We now know
that as recent as May, Secretary Colin Powell was announcing money for
Afghanistan. $43M in additional assistance, in fact - but within that same
time frame he was secretly making plans for war against Afghanistan? These
two facts fly in the face of logic, unless, of course, there is a broad
covert conspiracy outside of official US government - a shadow government
of profiteers and criminals. Someone is double crossing someone, and
getting paid well for it. The question is how they will get paid.

The trillion dollar oil fields (an arbitrary dollar estimate, perhaps) in
Iran and the pipeline to serve it may be financial incentive enough for
such a double cross, but there is an icing to the cake. Everybody makes
money in a war - if they are a part of the military industrial intelligence
media complex (MIIM - a term I first coined in 1996 in my unpublished book,
Fatal Rebirth). But some people want more than their fair share. Just in
time for a looming oil shortage caused by the conflict, which always spells
profits in the oil industry, certain CIA entwined oil industry players are
shifting into high gear...

The Bush-bin Laden investments in Harken Energy didnít really seem to go
anywhere, the company certainly not immediately taking advantage of its
Middle-East oil leases except to attract investors. After all, it was a
land drilling operation when founded, and had no experience, expertise, or
floating drill rigs. But a ënewí focus was established for Harken Energy
once it was put the hands of a ëblind trustí as required when entering
public office. This new direction was to enter into offshore exploration,
regardless of any inherent abilities or resources to do so. But it happens
you can subcontract such things. One such company you can subcontract with
is Global Marine.

Oil Companies Poised for War Profits

Who is Global Marine? A company which coincidentally was formed within
months of the formation of CIA, and which was essentially a Union Oil
holding by the time it got rolling. In 1973 it undertook a contract for CIA
to design, have built, and operate the Glomar Explorer (virtually all
Global Marine vessels are named Glomar something or other.) Construction
was contracted to be undertaken at Howard Hughes Shipyards.

Glomar Explorer & Howard Hughes' HK-1 (Spruce Goose)

Howard was, along with his immense corporate wealth, by now himself largely
at the disposal of CIA interests, best seen perhaps by diversion of part of
his TWA Airline Holdings to CIA proprietorship in the form of what would
eventually become Evergreen Corporation. Evergreen even wound up with
Howard's most prized possession, the Spruce Goose flying boat, now in a
museum an hours drive from where I type this. Another example is the Hughes
Medical Center in Florida which retained the name, but became the favorite
haunt of mysterious guests, many of whom checked in never to be seen again
in their original persona or state of being. Take that any way you like,
and it would be correct (for more on Hughes and CIA, see Jim Hougan, Spooks.)

1973 was a magical year, for it marked not only CIA ties to the company,
but a long 18 year period where the company did not make a profit,
according to the Corporate web site. One might ask how a major corporation
could survive 18 years of red ink, and still continually add new ships to
its inventory, which it dispatched to points around the world. The answer
might have to do with bottomless CIA funding (why the name Evergreen was
selected for CIA's Airline, Iím told ), and the need to have cover
operations near hot spots where agents might need to be inserted, listening
posts and supply lines established, and emergency extraction made easy.

This can certainly be argued by those disposed to protest the notion as
mere speculation - but one stark fact fuels this speculation. CIA lost the
right to have and endlessly fund proprietaries in 1984 - and so, a few
years later, Glomar Marine filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. This
effectively neutralized debt while keeping the firm and its ships afloat,
and when considered with the prior 18 year financial red ink magic,
certainly gives one pause to consider.

Miraculously, the company instantly took off once more, almost as if there
had never been any downturn in its business. Something about a
Bush-CIA-driven Gulf War and oil crises at the time seems to have played a
role - a war which was, by the way, on the heels of record low prices for
crude (which seemed to have no useful impact on the high prices at the
pump, which would skyrocket anyway with the war.) Remember that formula:
Low Crude Price = War = High Crude Price = Profits.

Of course, CIA also directly helped Global Marine's finances even in the
tough times and beyond, in that it continued to pay them handsomely for the
Glomar Explorer's operation through 1995 - but this also insured CIA ties
remained within the corporate umbrella. Of course, this begs the question -
did CIA walk away from a good thing just because the contract expired?
Perhaps that question can be answered by the reader once seeing where
history is taking us.

Especially with respect to that Gulf War. Looking back, how might Kuwait
adequately thank the US - specifically to thank CIA for manipulating
American public opinion and other favors, the Bush family, and friends?
Well it may have actually started right after the war, and if so, it would
seem to continue to this day - but the answer will need to be unfolded
slowly... by jumping ahead to the aftermath of 911.

As with the period just prior to the Gulf War, the price of crude has now
dropped dramatically. An article in the Sept. 26 US Today says about oil
prices based on OPECs decision not to cut production (and thus drive prices
even lower):

Suspicion they would do that sent prices to new lows Tuesday, as investors
tried to get ahead of the news, says Cameron Hanover Daily Energy Hedger
newsletter. That was after a huge sell-off Monday, which resulted in the
biggest 1-day drop in crude-oil prices since the Gulf War in January 1991

Well, at last - here is ONE media source that has a memory, but they donít
quite draw the full conclusion: The price of crude dropped BECAUSE of the
911 attack, which has chopped both aviation and ground fuel consumption
dramatically. Remember the formula? Low Crude Price = War = High Crude
Price = Profits! Perhaps it is time for another war to drive the price of
crude back up?

Well, if it is, then it might be time to do something really interesting if
you are an oil industry player - like for Global Marine to merge with Sate
Fe Industries, an American company which happens to have been a sole
proprietorship of the Kuwaiti Petroleum Corporation. You guessed it - an
interesting little investment in the American oil industry by Kuwait, one
which might be seen as a thank you in the context of our earlier question.

Who is Santa Fe? Well, coincidentally, it is another company which grew
from a Union Oil beginning and which was founded in, coincidentally, in
1946 within months of the founding of CIA. Unlike Global Marine, Santa Fe
specialized in land drilling rigs - until about the time that it became a
wholly owned subsidiary of, coincidentally, Kuwaiti Petroleum Corporation
in 1981. Like Global, it enjoyed dramatic success, even in the time frame
that Global was sinking into the sea of Chapter 11.

Now one unusual feature of this particular Kuwaiti firm doing business in
America, is that it is neither incorporated and operated out of America or
out of Kuwait. Instead it is operated out of CIA's preferred place to run
its own wholly owned operations, the Cayman Islands. Now if CIA was somehow
involved, that would be a good thing, because it could then fund a lot of
black project stuff without having to trouble Congress one whit about
oversight, legality, etc. I sleep better at night...

Perhaps we should next ask about Union Oil, but then we would just get into
the Rockefeller Family's vast holdings in ALL oil companies, and of course,
their money and influence goes just about anywhere and everywhere one might
look. That would include the (Senator) Rockefeller Commission on
Assassinations which elected not to tell us about Marita Lorenze, who
testified before it on JFK. It would also include the principle force
behind the NWO movement in the United States, the Council on Foreign
Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the international Cabal of the

Perhaps we should ask if Penzoil and or Harken Energy have been, are, or
will be investing in or doing business with the new Global Marine/Santa Fe
Entity, Global Sante Fe. It will also be interesting to see if perhaps the
new entity will move offshore to the Cayman Islands, which was where Sante
Fe's corporate registry was maintained. You canít tell these things by the
name, apparently.

So there we have the oil industry/CIA/Bush/Middle-East/bin Laden
relationships x 2, once for George Herbert walker and once for George
Walker, each with the help of Bath, Powell, Cheney, and Baker. I consider
it a fragmentary bomb shell packed with little exploding bomblets of
coincidence and convenience. But it does not end there.

Yet More Profits and Ties

T V Parasuram (PTI - a Hindu Television Network, India) reports from
Washington, September 28, that in the war on terrorism, defense spending
will benefit the Carlyle Group, a Washington D.C. bank specializing in
buyouts of defense and aerospace companies. A major investor in the Carlyle
Group is the bin Laden Brothers. Parasuram cites as their source Wall
Street Journal intelligence dispatches (like a wire service.)

In recent years, former president George H W Bush, ex-secretary of state
James Baker and ex-secretary of defense Frank Carlucci have made the
pilgrimage to the bin Laden family's headquarters in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).
Ex-president Bush makes speeches on behalf of Carlyle Group and is senior
adviser to its Asian Partners Fund, while Baker is its senior counselor and
Carlucci is the group's chairman.

So here we are. Poised to unleash our military might in a war for oil
profits which was planned months before the 911 terror. You and I would
never have supported a war on the Taliban before the air attacks. But
someone knew that. Someone calculated that in order to get you and me to
sign off in the name of American pride and loyalty, and perhaps in the name
of revenge and blood lust - would require an extremely catastrophic and
horrific event. Someone calculated that to get Pakistan to risk civil war
would require some super compelling event which would justify their aid to
the US. Someone figured out that to get Iran to remain soft on US actions
in their backyard would requires such an event, as well.

What I fear, is that someone figured out what such an event might should
best be. They next figured out how to engineer it, to fund it, and to
execute it - in a way that made profits. Did Osama bin Laden act alone? Was
he the architect? Follow the money. Look who benefits. Look at who's
fingerprints are on the war plans. These are the people who have much to
answer for... before I will sign off on this war. Unless someone can answer
some tough questions about all this, Iíd rather sign off on the arrest
warrant of the entire White House Staff.

Family Ties Involve bin Laden with Former
CIA Directors George Bush, Richard Helms

>From the Village Voice, an article entitled Mondo Washington: The
Accidental Operative, by Camelia Fard & James Ridgeway, Additional
reporting: Ariston-Lizabeth Anderson and Rouven Gueissaz. This piece
documents how closely the CIA and the Taliban, and perhaps, Osama bin Laden
really are, and hints at the value of Afghanistan to CIA as a tactical
opportunity to capture a new drug supply. It turns out that the niece of
former CIA Director Richard Helms is the defacto ambassador to the Taliban,
and thus, the principle political buffer between the US and Osama bin
Laden. Moreover, it highlights how badly the administration and
intelligence community does NOT want Osama bin Laden captured and brought
to justice. Please consider these startling excerpts, italics added:

June 6, 2001. On this muggy afternoon, a group of neatly attired men and a
handful of women gather in a conference room at the Johns Hopkins School of
Advanced International Studies (often looked on as a CIA think tank.) The
guest list includes officials from the furthest corners of the
world?Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Turkey?and reps from the
World Bank, the Uzbekistan chamber of commerce, the oil industry, and the
Russian news agency Tass, along with various individuals identified only as
'U.S. Government,' which in times past was code for spook.

At hand is a low-profile briefing on international narcotics by a top State
Department official, who has recently returned from a United Nations trip
to inspect the poppy fields of Afghanistan, source of 80 percent of the
world's opium and target of a recent eradication campaign by the
fundamentalist Taliban. The lecture begins as every other in Washington:
The speaker politely informs the crowd he has nothing to do with
policymaking. And, by the way, it's all off the record.

Lecture over, the chairman asks for questions. One man after another rises
to describe his own observations while in the foreign service. The
moderator pauses, looks to the back of the room, and says in a scarcely
audible voice: 'Laili Helms.' The room goes silent.

Note: Richard Helms and George Bush were key CIA managers involved in the
Bay of Pigs matter according to Mark Lane, and thus, both tied to the
assassination of JFK as mentioned earlier. Both would eventually become
directors of CIA. In CIA, there are axioms seldom left unapplied: Once CIA,
always CIA. The son of CIA becomes CIA. The wife of CIA is from CIA.
Considering these axioms, it is most curious that the son of former CIA
Director George Bush does business with the Brother of Osama bin Laden in
the setting up of businesses which seem very tied to CIA - while at the
same time, a woman with CIA ties and who is married into the family of
former CIA Director Richard Helms represents the Taliban, protector of
Osama bin Laden. This coziness among the CIA and bin Laden families all
suggests to me that perhaps Osama bin Laden may still very much be a CIA
protected operative, and makes me very nervous about who really
orchestrated the 911 attacks.

Laili Helms, his niece by marriage, is an operative, too - but of a
different kind...

In 1999, Helms says, she got a message from the Taliban leadership that
they were willing to turn over all of bin Laden's communications equipment,
which they had seized, to the U.S. When she called the State Department
with this offer, officials were at first interested, but later said, 'No.
We want him.'

Note: Convenient answer. Rather than take away the capability of bin Laden
to direct his people abroad (and perhaps, to communicate with his CIA
overseers), a line is drawn in the sand demanding that which was not
possible. Why not take the gear and still seek the man, having weakened his
ability to avoid capture in the process? Perhaps because getting the man is
NOT the actual goal. Perhaps he is more useful where he is, doing what he

In the same year, Prince Turki, head of Saudi intelligence, reputedly came
up with a scheme to capture bin Laden on his own; after consulting with the
Taliban he flew his private plane to Kabul and drove out to see Mullah Omar
at his HQ. The two men sat down, as Helms recounts the story, and the Saudi
said, 'There's just one little thing. Will you kill bin Laden before you
put him on the plane?' Mullah Omar called for a bucket of cold water. As
the Saudi delegation fidgeted, he took off his turban, splashed water on
his head, and then washed his hands before sitting back down. 'You know why
I asked for the cold water?' he asked Turki. 'What you just said made my
blood boil.'

Bin Laden was a guest of the Afghanis and there was no way they were going
to kill him, though they might turn him over for a trial. At that the deal
collapsed, and Turki flew home empty-handed.

Note: What does Osama bin Laden know that makes him more valuable dead than
alive? In the world of CIA operations, you don't generally double cross one
of your own agents and set them up for a patsy to some crime unless you
insure they are not captured alive. It might prove embarrassing if they
were given the opportunity to tell their side.

Early this year, the Taliban's ambassador at large, Hashami, a young man
speaking perfect English, met with CIA operations people and State
Department reps, Helms says. At this final meeting, she says, Hashami
proposed that the Taliban hold bin Laden in one location long enough for
the U.S. to locate and destroy him. The U.S. refused, says Helms, who
claims she was the go-between in this deal between the supreme leader and
the feds...

Again, we see the government refusing to take an opportunity to stop Osama
bin Laden cold. Why? Because there would be no body produced. They want him
'brought to justice', but only it would seem they only want him brought out
as a corpse - if the clues assembled herein are taken at face value.

Perhaps we should ask why we are really going to war, and who really
ordered the 911 attacks. As my friend and author Alex Constantine has said
in mail list"his own newsletters on topic...

The entire case against Osama Bin Laden rested on the claim that the
identities of the hijackers were known. That claim fell apart when even the
US admitted that the hijackers had used phony identifications with the
stolen identities of mideastern arabs on them. Moreover, the hijackers had
made a conspicuous display of themselves in various locales to make sure
that the stolen identities would be remembered. The forged IDs wreck any
chain of evidence that leads from the hijackers to those who controlled them.

So, where are we? Well, it looks like we're about to invade Afghanistan. We
don't know for sure that Osama actually had anything to do with the attacks
on the World Trade Towers but we are still going to invade Afghanistan. We
don't even know that Osama is still inside Afghanistan but we are still
going to invade Afghanistan. It is rapidly becoming clear that Osama was
just the excuse; the real goal all along was to invade Afghanistan, which
is, of course, what the US was telling other countries it intended to do
last summer...While American media gave us all Condit all the time.


Government Had Prior Knowledge - Pending 9-11 Attack

High masons tell us "Order ab Chao".
Which means..."out of chaos comes ORDER...a new world order."
Hence, predictive words of Henry Kissinger, "Today, America
would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore
order. Tomorrow they will be grateful."
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991
LB Bork lb@pacinlaw.org 


Subject: More in support of  "WTC   FRAME-UP    PSY-OP  CASE  SOLVED -- WHO AND
WHY -- w. ample evidence assembled"
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 04:36:00 -0700
From: "Dick Eastman" eastman@wolfenet.com
To: editor@villagevoice.com

Here, from all over the world is more information supporting the
reconstruction of the September 11 Crashbombing frame-up
and war-pretexting   presented in the posting: "Subject: WTC
F R A M E - U P    PSY - OP CASE     SOLVED -- WHO
AND WHY -- w. ample evidence assembled"

(Note: The dictionary defines a "pretext" as "a false reason put
forward to conceal a real one" and "frame-up" as "a fraudlent
incrimination of an innocent person, "or "a scheme to cause an
innocent person to be accused of a crime;also: the action
resulting from such a scheme.")

Item #1:  (intro and second Hersh excerpt)

Seymore Hersh has presented us with a clear picture of  ruthless and bold
super rogues, bred of anarcho-capitalist moral laissez-faire, men  who both
stand to make billions by framing the Taliban, but who also, at the same
time,  as desperate as cornered rats as they face a New York grand jury
over the illegal swaps, the bribes and the other crimes Hersh has
 The suspects include James W. Giffen, the man who accuaratley boasts that
everyone and everything must go through to get to the Pesident of Kazakhstan
(Nazarbayev).  In play, also, are transnational oil firms wanting a pipeline
Kazakh oil through Afganistan, an undertaking that had to be in partnership
with Giffen to even be discussed with the Afgan government.  And there is
a New York grand jury that likely will  bring serious criminal charges and
civil liability exposure to not one, but several major oil companies and
investment bankers  -- a case that would undermine all of international
globalization as these crimes were made public.

But what about September 11?

We also find in Hersh's article  grand jury hearings under way that require
evidence of the criminal swap transactions, evidence stored in several
computers in the World Trade Center where certainly some of the swaptions
and derivatives trades were crafted and processed,  as well as traders --
potential incriminating witnesses -- who were involved in those deals,
 who work at the World Trade Center.
(It is a simple matter to get the names of all the firms referred to in this
article and see which had offices in the WTC, and which people who might
have testified before that grand jury worked there.)

The Taliban, despite the propaganda-war-machine portrayals are a
fiercly independent people (like the Montana militias, only ten
times that)  --  but are a desperate criminal seeking to retain his
vast ill-gotten wealth, his great despotic power and to stay out
of jail and disgrace (both disgrace before society, and disgrace
before admiring criminals impressed with his boldness and flair)
as James W. Giffen, certainly appears from Hersh's account.

I am not claiming that Hersh has enough here to convict Giffen.
I am saying that this information about him and about all of the
circumstances and players certainly kicks Osama aside as
prime suspect number one.  (And note that the investment bankers
and the Russian and Kazakh mafias are also interested in the
continuance of the Afgan opium that the American-backed
Northern druglords (called "anti-terrorists" in our newspapers
and television) provide the Chinese triads and, presumably,
the various mafias of the former Soviet Union.

Certainly what Seymore Hersh has provided lends more than "the shadow of
doubt" needed to reopen the 9-11 investigation books that have been closed
with no compelling evidence whatsoever, in an obvious frame-up kangaroo
public-opinion court, on Osama bin Ladin, his organization, and even the
than the Repbulicans have to the John Birch Society or Democrats to the
American Way. Everything is based on bin Ladin's past record and
status as "terror suspect No. 1  (a status that also makes Osama
frame-up target No. 1 too, we should realize).

At any rate, here is more from the New Yorker article:

Excerpts from the last two pages (64-65) of Hershe's 7-9-01 story on Giffen
and the crimes of Mobil, the Kazakhstan's all-mafia government, pipelines
Afganistan and motives for super-terror in people demonstrably physically
and mentally able able to follow through:

"...A few months later, Mobil went to federal court in northern Virginia to
compel William's testimony.  The internal documents reflected the growing
anxiety at headquarters about just what Williams -- identified in the papers
as "JBW" -- would say.  The fear was that he would try to help Wronat get
compensation for his lost business.  Williams "can't help Eronat win it
while at the same time screwing Mobil," a memorandum noted.  "He can't say
my buddy wasn't involved at all" --in the illegal swap--"because his buddy
has already admitted involvement.  If Williams tries to sneak in that Mobil
was involved, he contradicts himself because he's already sworn that Mobil
wasn't.  In so contradicting himself, he destroys his credibility."

...By early summer, documents show, a solution had been proposed -- Mobil
would offer Eronat 2.4 million. Eronat would not pursue his complaints
against Mobila nd would support the settlement with Tabbah.  If the company
decided to act on the proposal to pay Eronat something, a Mobil document
reasoned, that paymenbt should be delayed, so that there could be no
suggestion that it was being made "to avoid troubling testimony."  It is
unclear whether Mobil actually paid Eronat any money.

There was one further step.  A few months before the merger, Mobil notified
Patton Boggs, which had been involved in at least two other sensitive
inquiries for the company in the late nineteen-ninties, that its work on the
matter was done.  A senior Patton Boggs lawyer later complained to a
colleague in Washington that Mobil's top management had "deep-sixed" the
investigation into its dealings with Kazakhstan.

   WIlliam's view today of his former employer is not known.  He and Mobil
agreed, in negotiations over his retirement, that neither would publically
disparage the other.

In 1999, Swiss banking officials discovered that about eighty-five  million
dollars that was destined for a Kazakhstan government account had been
shifted to what to what seemed to be a personal account belonging to
President Nazarbayev.  SOme of the money had been transferred there through
accounts  linked to James Giffen.  The evidence was passed on to the
Department of Justice -- Giffen was, after all, an American citizen -- and
the U.S. investigation got under way.

   There were published reports last summer that payments of more than sixty
million dollars from three American oil companies -- Mobil, Amoco, and
Phillips -- operating directly through foreign subsidiaries, had allegedly
been made to Swiss bank accounts linked to Giffen.  SOme thirty million
dollars of that money, Swiss officials say, was subsequently shifted by
Giffen into acconts controlled by Nazarbayev;  his oil minister,
Balgymbayev;  and the opposition leader, Kazhegeldin.  Kazhegeldin
publically admitted that he had received six million dollars via the bank
transfers, but insisted through his attorney that he had returned the money.
Later, it became known that a second federal investigation, focussing on the
swap, had begun in Washington.

   Giffen's attorney told the Wall Street Journal last year that his client
"has served as an official of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 1992, and has
always acted lawfully and at the direction of that nation's leadership."
ANy funds that Giffen disbursed, he added, were used in developing Kazakh
natural resources, promoting democracy, and building public works.

  Giffen and Eronat, through a lawyer, Thomas Yannucci, refused to be
interviewed for this article.  In statements relayed by Yannucci, both men
were evasive.  Documents made available for this article demonstrate that
Giffen and Eronat were intimately involved in the proposed oil swap between
Iran and Kazakhstan.  Giffen's statement to The NEw Yorker said that, as
"Counselor to the President of Kazakhstan," he, "obviously was aware that
the swap  transaction was under negotiation."  Nevertheless, he said, at no
time did he or any of the companies with which he was associated "violate
any law of the United States, including the sanctions regulations."  Eronat
answered a list of specific questions about his role with a general assault
on Tabbah's credibility.  This response was accompanied by a three-page
letter from Peter Felter, the London lawyer who was the attorney for several
of the parties in the Iran-Kazakhstan swap talks, including API.  Felter,
too, denounced Tabbah as a fraud and a thief, and "an unreliable and
discredited witness," and added, "As far as we are concerned, there is no
comparison between the credibility, standing and veracity of Mr. Tabbah as
compared with Mobil."  William's responses to questions from the New Yorker,
as conveyed by his attorney, David Schertler, denigrate Tabbah as well.

   Richard Lilley, Tabbah's soliciter, responded to the attacks on his
client by describing him as "keen to cooperate with the U.S government, not
out of vengence but because he wants the matter to be investigated so that
the truth about this extraordinary matter can be told."  Lilley has been
retained by the justice Department in a continuing  effort to persuade the
British court to permit Tabbah to testify before an American grand jury.
The government's sanctions case may yet hinge on his testimony.

   Today, President Nazarbayev is said by State Department officials to be
anxious about the inquiries, which he views as politically motivated.  "He
brings up the investigation with everybody," a former American Ambassador to
Kazakhstan said.  Last summer,  the Kazakh parliament passed a law granting
Nazarbayev lifetime immunity from any legal liability stemming from his
actions in office, with the exception of high treason.  More recently, the
President angered his critics by pushing through passage of a bill that gave
all Kazakh citizens the right to bring money into the country with no
questions asked  -- and no tax assessed.   Opposition leaders -- delcaring
that the legislation amounted to little more than the legalization of money
laundering --  suggested that the biggest benefactors would be Nazarbayev
and his intimates.

   Nazarbayev has been cracking down on the press and on opposition
political parties.  During a visit  to Almaty last winter, I met with
dissident editors, who told of newspapers and radio stations being closed.
One prominent journalist was convicted of insulting the President in print.
AN AMerican lawyer who has practiced in the booming oil economy of
Kazakhstan for the past five years explained that corruption had spread
throughout the society:  "Every act is something you have to pay for, and
every job is bought and sold."  HE provided some going prices -- three
thousand dollars to become a policeman and the same amount to join the
state customs service.  It would cost hundreds of thousands to become a
supreme-court justice.

   In a speech at the Hague at the end of May, John Ashcroft, the U.S
Attorney General, said, "We must come to a recognition, personally and
culturally, that corruption is not just a violation of the law, not just an
economic disadvantage, and not merely a political problem, but that it is
morally wrong."  It should be "no longer seen as an accepted cost of doing
business," he went on.  "It is now widely recognized that the consequences
of corruption can be devastating to the poor, devastating to the economies,
devastating  to the legitimacy and stability of government and deestating to
the moral fabrick of society."

   Ashcroft's concerns apparently are not shared by all of the international
oil community.  It may never be known why Mobil's leadership exercised so
little oversight on the executives who delt with Russian and Kazakhstan, and
whose activities posed such enormous legal and financial risks.  Indeed the
actions alleged in connection with the Tabbah case "bet the company," in the
words of one person close to the Mobil investigation, "with maximum criminal
and civil exposure."  This person has concluded that people in the industry
believed that the importance of oil in the national and world economy would
insulate them from any complaints of wrongdoing.  He summed up the oilmen's
attitude this way:  "what's man afraid of? The cold and the dark.  We make
it warm and we make it light."

(end excerpt)

Item  #2:

Asset of humanity, Wendell Solomons of Sri Lanka
(Authur C. Clark's 2001 A Space Oddessy is dedicated
to him) wrote this for his WorldCity@topica.com list
(my disscussant community for over two years):
You recollect that -

     (1) When the September 11th tragedy hit, network TV
     showed us that Osama bin Laden was guilty. In what
     seemed like 90 minutes, BBC studios looked in on
     Ehud Barak and CNN looked in on Richard Holbrooke. The
     former Israeli PM and the former U.S. Yugoslav negotiator
     both voiced this name.

The statistical probabilities of correctly picking out one
name from 6 billion of our names for broadcast must classify
these two men as geniuses to be honored with Nobel awards -
or had they used their cell phones to coordinate the

After that name was signed, sealed and delivered -- ships,
planes and helicopters were fueled up at major cost.

Then another agenda appeared before our eyes -

     (2) Within a month U.S. attack officers interviewed on
     TV said that the Taleban administration was the target.

Do you suspect that the shift of focus might mask any
business-like motives?

Take for instance, energy-sparing Europe. Economy in
manufacturing makes for competitiveness in EU products. As
natural consequence of competitiveness, the new Euro went up
from $0.61 two years ago to $0.91 in the middle of this

Obviously, the more oil prices rise - the better the
competitiveness of Europe's exports to the U.S.A becomes. We
know that North America is highly geared to energy use at
home and work place.

President Clinton had removed the fancy wrapper in 1999: "If
we are going to have a strong relationship that includes our
ability to sell around the world, Europe has got to be the
key ... that is what this Kosovo thing is all about."

The commercial logic of the attack on Afghanistan holds with
the same task of keeping the Euro from replacing the Wall
Street cartel's privately issued U.S. dollar as world
default currency.

A board of Wall Street private bank directors issues the
U.S. dollar. They retain for themselves monopoly access to
the printing press. They wish to continue on their virtual
credit card spree as long as they can keep the world
encircled with paper tokens printed with the words "IN GOD

The private company violates the practice of the first
Mosaic Commandment and invites the entire world, including
its atheist Buddhists, to substitute for the Almighty - a
trust in a pyramid scheme. The Creator for a Buddhist's
belief and yours and mine, is the private company headed by
Alan Greenspan who does not so much as honor his company
paper by placing his signature on the note (compare the
company greenback paper with a currency note of any
ordinary, public owned Central bank.) _1/

In Wall Street's pursuit of grandiose scenario, Europe is
not supposed to use its historic opportunity today to
consolidate, to coordinate policies and thus avoid being a
launch pad for war between nation states. Wall Street wants
to retain for money lenders operating wholesale business,
the traditional benefits of profit on war-mobilization loans
used by any two belligerent sides.

In a real world, however, Wall Street today charts plans for
a Europe that has grown to unite more than 400 million
people. To the economist, Europe has plainly become a pool
of civilian industrial skills larger than that of the 270
million population of the current money-magnate nest, the

Then, a large share of software engineering has been
migrating to and fro between Silicon Valley in the U.S.A.
and Bangalore in India, a country which has a population
larger than Europe and North America combined. Therefore
Wall Street no longer holds at home a strategic skills asset
in computer software.

Computer hardware migrated long ago to India, China, Japan,
Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore (examine a CD-ROM
laser housing or check any computer mouse.) As for military
and aerospace equipment, U.S. agencies are forced to compare
purchases from its superpower ally for the latter offers
better price levels to Europe and the world.

By 1996 this superpower ally was entered by George Soros and
his Open Society Institutes. Albert Armand Gore and Dr
Armand Hammer ("Lenin's friend") had paved the way for the
penetration and contamination of the Yeltsin family. Under
such aegis, New York's Brooklyn Beach mafia also handpicked
and made partners of several of Russia's criminals and
confidence tricksters. That explains the sensational
appearance of network media's so-called "Baby Millionaires"
and of "Russian Mafia."

So Soros knew ahead of us that Wall Street's accessories had
planted electrodes in Moscow and got it in tow. Soros was now
to release a new finance capital manifesto to the world with
a backhanded title, 'The Capitalist Threat' (in February 1997
in the 'Atlantic Monthly'.)

The manifesto puzzled his admirers, because the man who 'bet
against the Bank of England' (with insider tips inferred)
changes step to indicate that diversity is a threat. In
Soros' new reckoning, because Moscow is at last in tow, U.S.
allies must now be called to heel. They must submit to E
PLURIBUS UNUM. That is to be read by erstwhile allies as
submission to the rule of Soros and clan-married Wall Street
finance capital (Gore's daughter married the grandson of
Wall Street Jacob Schiff, whose hidden grove of kingpins
enjoys a priest ancestor who shared a Frankfurt-on-the-Maine
mansion with Warburg scions in the 18th Century.)

The Soros manifesto puzzled his admirers, because the man
who 'bet against the Bank of England' (with insider tips
inferred) changes step to indicate that diversity is a
threat. In Soros' new reckoning, because Moscow is at last
in tow, U.S. allies must now be called to heel. They must
submit to E PLURIBUS UNUM. That is to be read by erstwhile
allies as submission to the rule of Soros and clan-married
Wall Street finance capital (Gore's daughter married the
grandson of Wall Street Jacob Schiff, whose caravan of
king-pins traces to a clergical ancestor who shared a
Frankfurt-on-the-Maine mansion with Warburg scions in the
18th Century.)

Yet, Soros is asking for submission to a finance capital
clan that has relocated, engorged new retainers and assets,
and warped the once powerful U.S. manufacturing based
economy; the textbooks show the industrial system was
once emulated by today's foreign leaders.

The dilemma facing the U.S. appears in numerous Senate
speeches. You meet with claims that the U.S. economy is
drowning in a sea of red ink. From the Congressional Record
of September 6, 2001 in the Senate:

Mr. BYRD. "Mr. President, will the Senator yield?"
Mr. DORGAN. "Yes, of course, I will be happy to yield."
Mr. BYRD. "What are those figures representing our drowning?"
Mr. DORGAN. "There's the current accounts deficit. With
Mexico alone, it is over $30 billion a year. In fact, our
aggregate trade deficit is over a billion and a quarter a
day, every single day ..."

Mr. DORGAN [continues] "Do not build walls and keep things
out of here. But our negotiators need to say, 'We expect
fair trade.' We expect them to stand up for this country's
interests. Stand up for the American worker. Stand up for
American business. Stand up for American products. We are
sick and tired of unfair trade bargains that put us in a sea
of red ink and put our employees and businesses at a


Due to such observations, Wall Street money houses hanker to
shoot up allies in Europe just like erstwhile Taleban camp

Now, Europe can't be taken by means of one more predatory
money broker attack as in the case of Japan and the Asian

Once - accident; twice - happenstance; thrice - enemy

Therefore Wall Street has to choose the long haul attack and
must first shore up its oil assets in the Middle East so as
to make exports more competitive (by keeping a hold on oil
and thus, the price of U.S. manufactured goods.) More, Wall
Street just cannot afford to see a repeat in Saudi Arabia of
the takeover of oil in its prize Iran (as happened with the
fall of the Shah) and its prize Iraq (as happened with the
fall of Prince Faisal.)

(a) Saudi Royal, vintage-1935 fundamentalism (restoring of
Sharia law, e.g. a ban on women driving cars) is supposed in
Wall Street strategy to prevail over the ethical challenge
from Taleban fundamentalism. However today, few educated
Arabs continue to share solidarity with the forces of Ariel
Sharon as he slaughters people as if they are slaves in a
19th Century U.S. sugar plantation. Before Big Oil decided
on today's gambit that will use Sharon as bogeyman, it had
counted on the Shah to saber-rattle, to flutter hearts (among
those who could afford balmy harem evenings paid for by
petroleum users everywhere) and thus keep a barrel of oil
down at 1/20th of its present cost to Big Oil.

If the Saudi Royal family falls in the sequence of
republicanism, that would immediately isolate and undermine
the equally recent Royals of the pocket emirates and Gulf

(b) As to backup for the next lap, the Yeltsin family's
insurance company, represented by Mr. Putin, has agreed to
provide energy reserves to be sent to Indian Ocean terminals.
The pipelines carrying oil and gas from Kazakhstan have to
bridge the territory of Afghanistan where the Taleban
mujahedin camps want to disentangle themselves from handlers
(originally Carter/Brzezinsky.)

So the costly attack on Afghanistan figures on the balance
sheet as a DIGGING-IN for fossil-fuel energy supplies. With
that accomplished, Wall Street's dollar is supposed to
retain its vigor and accomplish the long-term task of
splitting the European Union into nation states.

Towards a parallel end, for backup oil and gas pipelines to
the Mediterranean Sea, a pliable regime was required in
Yugoslavia. That in part explains why Taleban camp-trained
provocateurs served to cause crossfire and allow
Clinton/Albright to bring a neo-Slash-and-Burn culture to
Europe's Balkans before this turn to Afghanistan.

The real mujahedin job is done. George Soros ceased his
campaign of talking down the Euro on the basis of 'fiscal'
frailties in Europe in mid-March 1999. His abrupt cessation
of press interviews on that coincides with the time when
Madeline Albright could reasonably be expected to confirm
to Soros that missiles would hit Yugoslavia -- within a week.

In European perceptions, however, fiscal frailties were
resolvable. In money broker perceptions at the same time,
the Central Bank issued Euro would replace the private
cartel issued US dollar in a normal sequence of events.

To George Soros, his continuing silence in the matter is
golden. In his perception, economic migrants from the
missile-devastated Yugoslavia would flood the European Union
and serve as a wick to ignite - in the fullness of time -
hireling ultra nationalist parties whose free-for-all could
indeed provoke fiscal frailties and tear apart the European

Take an ordinary humanist approach that contrasts with
the plan. Mikhail Gorbachev applied his iconized media
popularity in the West to query the perpetrators of the
attacks in 1999 on whether their purpose was to "Europeanize
the Balkans" or "Balkanize Europe."

So while TV reflects pictures of Bush's and Clinton's
"strength," the story behind Slash-and-Burn culture applied
in Afghanistan and Yugoslavia suggets that the ultimate
fear of their monied magnates is exposure.

After soiling the nest in the USA, they would have no
Western frontier left on our planet.

The "Anarchist" Black Block (eyewitnesses at the Genoa G-7
protest have gained the impression that it contained police
decoys_2/) missed a cue on September 29 and 30, 2001 at
anti-war rallies in Washington D.C. If the Block changes its
historic, two-year track record (Seattle 1999, Washington
2000, Montreal 2001, Genoa 2001) and no longer infiltrates
Peace rallies, then the rallies in North America will reach
the levels of anti-Vietnam ones.

In the final account Wall Street _3/ brains trusts are
destined to lapse and miss their cue in finding police,
Black Block or other decoys in numbers enough to handle
trouble in 200 countries placed on edge worldwide.

That message is written for Wall Street magnates. Following
the cover page printed by its brains trusts comes the red
blood of tragically massacred American and foreign innocents
of September 11th, 2001 (a) in its own precinct, (b) in
which its brains trusts' own camp followers stand accused,
(c) in an apparent lapse of duty on the part of its own
security bodies.

The frenzy that seeps through TV can be read as showing that
the magnates are already overextended and true help at this
juncture must keep the world city from deluge in rivers of


_1/ In like manner the U. S. Federal Reserve System affair
does not highlight a legal company name on the note (as the
Bank of England does) but instead instructs its design
artists to use bold 3-D design to signal to you - UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA. Yet, the U.S. Finance minister and the
U.S. Treasurer have hardly applied their signatures to a
proposed flag or a map of the country. Both are government
officials and not employees of the company which applies one
of its subsidiaries' names in the little apprehended reverse
print encircling the seal miniaturized for the left end of
the slip.

_2/ Speaking of infiltration, a newspaper revealed that
the 1993 attempt to blow up the World Trade Center went
ahead after an infiltrator provided a fuse supplied by
the FBI for the fertilizer bomb. The Arabic-speaking
infiltrator, an Egyptian services-trained specialist, was
turned to support the explosion at a cost of $ 1 million
to the FBI ("FBI Tipster Said He Built NY Bomb", Chicago
Tribune, Dec. 15, 1993.)

_3/ The U.S. Founding Fathers had been conscious of attempts
to manipulate money and credit. They had fought a running
battle with the Wall Street of their day. Thomas Jefferson
wrote to John Adams: "... I sincerely believe with you that
banking establishments are more dangerous than standing
armies ..."

Abraham Lincoln owes his reputation as "Honest Abe" to
formulations such as this: "I see in the near future a
crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble
for the safety of my country ... corporations have been
enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will
follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to
prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the
people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the
Republic is destroyed."

Today's prejudice is that I am Robinson Crusoe and that the
world is my Man Friday to use as I may. Yet, 6 billion
Robinson Crusoes would become a mighty source of trouble
(for they must also turn each other into Man Friday.) It is
Daniel Defoe's scenario that has been given unprecedented
pamphleteering run for 25 years by the World Bank and IMF
controlled by a cronyist money cartel (through the U.S.
Treasury Secretary's majority voting share). The cartel now
increasingly figures as the spider in the center of a web
where it is not subject to "Free Trade" reform (or even
public accountability aside from Alan Greenspan's rocket
scientist, publicity accounts before Congress and the

In contrast to dealing with Robinson Crusoe 'as reality,'
British policy at home and in the colonies had already
learnt to invest in games that cultivated sportsmanship and
team spirit. Therefore, the names or social infrastructure
for solo badminton or for team basketball, reveal greatly --
British nurture and care.
.    .    .    .    .     .    .    .    .     .    .    .    .
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Item #3:
Here is an article from July 26, 2001, 41 days before the
crashbombing that set in motion military operations in Afganistan:

http://tinyurl.com/4rwjwd    http://tinyurl.com/4llqcb
In this article published in India last summer, the Indian Government
announces that it will support America's PLANNED military incursion into
afghanistan in an anti-Taliban military plan. India and Iran will
"facilitate" the planned US-Russia hostilities against the Taliban.  (We see
here the Establishment's intentions, but what is missing of course is the
will of the
American People to spill their children's blood to force pipelines,
opium production, and remove veils.  Yet they expended all the effort and
resources anyway!  As if they expected that the attitude of the American
people would change!!!   Here is evidence for the these claims:
By Our Correspondent

 26 June 2001: India and Iran will "facilitate" US and Russian plans for
"limited military action" against the Taliban if the contemplated tough new
economic sanctions don't bend Afghanistan's fundamentalist regime.

 The Taliban controls 90 per cent of Afghanistan and is advancing northward
along the Salang highway and preparing for a rear attack on the opposition
Northern Alliance from Tajikistan-Afghanistan border positions.

 Indian foreign secretary Chokila Iyer attended a crucial session of the
second Indo-Russian joint working group on Afghanistan in Moscow amidst
increase of Taliban's military activity near the Tajikistan border. And,
Russia's Federal Security Bureau (the former KGB) chief Nicolai Patroshev is
visiting Teheran this week in connection with Taliban's military build-up.

 Indian officials say that India and Iran will only play the role of
"facilitator" while the US and Russia will combat the Taliban from the front
with the help of two Central Asian countries, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, to
push Taliban lines back to the 1998 position 50 km away from Mazar-e-Sharief
city in northern Afghanistan.

 Military action will be the last option though it now seems scarcely
avoidable with the UN banned from Taliban-controlled areas. The UN which
adopted various means in the last four years to resolve the Afghan problem
is now being suspected by the Taliban and refused entry into Taliban areas
of the war-ravaged nation through a decree issued by Taliban chief Mullah
Mohammad Omar last month.


Item #2:

Let me remind you once more of the game plan the
Trilateral Commission (founded by David Rockefeller
and first headed by Zbignew Brzezhenski) declared in
its 1975 "Report on the Governability of Democracies:"

    "We have come to recognize that there
 are potentially desirable limits to economic
 growth.  There are also potentially desirable
 limits to the indefinite extension of political
 democracy...A government which lacks authority
 ...will have little ability, short of cataclysmic
 crisis, to impose on its peope the sacrifices
 which may be necessary."

I remember Brzezhinski, he is a cold-blooded
yes-man techo-babble charleton -- who speaks
of lives in the most impersonal terms, who can
talk about the need to get the world population
down to a "sustainable" two billion (just enough
to provide servants and handymen and labor
inputs to sustain the elite in their  great fortunes,
in the piles of their aquired assets, the sequestered
wealth of the human race.

Item #3:

Here is a statement by a first hand witness to the following event:

Condolezza Rice, Bush's National Security Advisor, was in Houston to give a
speech in March of 2000. This was prior to Bush assuming the Presidency and
her assuming her new position in his administration. She had worked under
Bush Senior as head of Russian and East European Affairs. Her words were
most prophetic. She said, and these are exact quotes:

"We need a common enemy to unite us."

"We need a new threat as a marker to where we will lead."

"Seperation of powers is a problem for foreign policy."

These statements were not in response to questions but were in the body of
her speech.

Afterwards I asked about about America losing it's moral authority which,
I believe, was the greatest contributing factor in our victory in the Cold
War. This led to the destruction of the Soviet Union which our military
might could not do. She was visibly angered and disturbed by my comments
and simply retorted. "We have other means of asserting our authority".
Meaning, of course, military might and deception.

It is clear to me that the September 11 crashbombing fit perfectly into her
idea of what "we need", what Bush wants. Bush has, to date, been the
greatest benefactor of the events of September 11 and for the foreseeable
future will continue to be.

Item #4:
Another letter from the same citizen:

The best lead on who was behind this was the puts purchased (stock option
contracts betting the price will fall). On one of the cable shows on finance
a analysist said the number of puts in United Airlines, American Airlines
(only in the airlines used by the hijackers) and businesses in the WTC that
were going to be substantially impacted, was 90 times the number of puts
purchase on a daily average THE DAY BEFORE THE ATTACK and this was WORLDWIDE
purchases. He gave some examples of a put purchased for $375,000 that was
worth $2.4 million the day after the attack. Who would gamble that much
without insider knowledge? The numbers of puts purchased, in addition to the
size of the investments, indicate that an extremely large number of people,
possibly thousands, knew the exact day of the attack, the exact target, and
the exact means.

The "money trail" was a big story for a day and then very suddenly no
further mention has been made of it. It was used just long enough to secure
the seizure of money from targeted groups and additions to the
anti-terrorist legislation.

I look forward to seeing the information I am providing you included in your

One more thing I picked up on the news. Some bigwig in the military, I don't
remember his name, was being interviewed on the 17th day following the
attack. He was asked "when can we expect some action in Afganistan". His
reply "The buildup there has been going on for several weeks so it could be
very soon." 17 days is a little short of "several weeks". The quick response
indicates the buildup was beginning even before the attack took place.

A thought I had - If you know, or suspect, you are going to be attacked, it
might be strategic to stage an attack on yourself so you can be ready with
the response. Thus catching your enemy off-guard and unprepared. When
comparing this operation with the attack on WTC in 1993 it appears far too
sophisticated and effective for the type of group it is being blamed on. It
would seem that Some intellegence would have been picked up on an operation
of this size. It could be that some in the intellegence community allowed,
or even assisted, in it happening for the strategic purposes of those they
answer to.

If not guilty for the actual attack there are those in the US governmnet
that are guilty of knowing about it and letting, if not aiding and abetting,
in making it happen. It is interesting to note how little criticizm there
has been of the CIA, FBI, or the intellegence community for letting this
happen. Rather they have been rewarded with bigger budgets and more power.

What people need to continue to ask themselves is not just "who had motive"
(end of letter)

Item #5:

And yet another letter, merely to invite the jury to recall to mind things
they have seen and heard and to sift them for clues:
I read your article on the rense site. The person who sent you some notes
on connie rice, did not have the fortune of seeing rumsfield on the 9th of
sept in an interview on fox news like I did. it was a late sunday afternoon
or early evening, The interview was with brit hume I am pretty sure, and
rumsfield was unusually happy about the coming week where his defense budget
cuts would be reversed, in fact he was inferring that his budget would be
increased by a large % when congress would come to understand how important
defense was to national security. It was such an interesting interview I
made my wife sit down and watch it which is very unusual because like most
women, she is not into the global or national events...and my vibes from it
were not good. That sept 11 evening interview with the pentagon at 9 pm had
all the big wigs on, again rumsfield was the point man for the press
conference. after his speech the first question taken from a reporter was
right to rumsfield and he asked him if intelligence or anyone high up in the
government had any knowledge of the events. Rumsfield looked like he got
punched in the stomach, looked down and away and said " I cant answer any
questions of a national security issue" I was like what heck, total
destruction and this guy looks away as guilty as sin and wont answer the
reporters question. if you get your hands on the video footage of the press
conf, its a real eye opener. Bottom line, they knew, what other reason was
pres bush out of dc for over a month, and "on vacation finding peace and
quiet. " More crap. just how stupid do they think we are. Today my wife
showed me a picture of a 31 year old fire man she went to school with and is
listed as "missing". They can lie all they want, all you have to do is
follow the "wacko" conspiarcy writings for the last 10-20 years to see where
we are headed next.
(end of letter)


Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 22:44:06 -0600
From: "Bill Douglas"  wtcqd2000@hotmail.com
To: apfn@apfn.org

God bless you, please ask everyone you send this to to send it to every
group, listserve, association, bulletin board they can and ask them to do
the same and on and on and on and on. Faxes are better, but send emails too
(numbers and addresses
"ACTION KIT"below for House & Senate Democrats).


To all of my Fellow Decent American Friends !

PLEASE USE the WORK I'VE DONE. I spent days putting together the below
contact list of emails and fax numbers, and the information to send out,
because WE MUST FORCE Congress and the Media to get to the bottom of this.

I am not  asking you to believe this on its face, I am urging you to read
the information, and think for yourself.   Those who perished on 9-11
deserve that.


· The insider trading profits made off the tragedy now may lead to an
investment house chaired by the #3 man at the CIA.  Is this why it was
DROPPED by the media when they realized it wasn't Arab Terrorists who played
the stock.

Info confirmed  by Independent Newspaper in UK:

· ABC News.com's May, 2001 story exposes recently released documents that
showed the US Joint Chiefs of Staff actually planned to foment domestic
terrorism to whip Americans into a pro-war frenzy. This was in the 60's but
it shows that the highest echelons of our govt. have actually considered
terrorizing their own people for political gain.

* The French Newspaper, Le Figaro reports the CIA met with Bin Laden in
Dubai, in July 2002, only 2 months before the
9-11 horror.  A German translation of this report can be found at:
Consider why Anthrax was sent to the top Democrat's office? Wouldn't foreign
terrorists want to "divide" our nation, rather than "uniting" the opposition
behind the war effort? (food for thought, considering that reports reveal
the Anthrax strain sent to Daschle's office more resembles Anthrax created
by the US military than that of Iraq or Russia).

[New Scientist | 19:00 24 October 01 Anthrax Bacteria Likely to Be
US military Strain Debora MacKenzie ]

ALERT THEM ABOUT "THIS ISSUE"   Faxes are better, but send both.
Note: Due to the Anthrax upset many Congressmembers are NOT getting their
emails.  Send them emails anyway, BUT if you can get access to a fax machine
send EVERY SINGLE Democratic Senator and Congressperson a FAX with the above

               Action Kit! Click here clikhere.gif (13151 bytes)

Bill Douglas  -   wtcqd2000@hotmail.com


High Alert for Travel 06-23-01





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