Part One

For Those Who Don't Already Know
by Fred Marshall Jr. - September, 2002

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."
         - Thomas Jefferson (before the existence of the privately-owned Federal Reserve)


"None are so helplessly enslaved as those who mistakenly believe themselves to be free" - Goethe


"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.  May your chains set lightly upon you, and posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."  - Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.


"Corporations have been enthroned .... An era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people... until wealth is aggregated in a few hands ... and the Republic is destroyed." -- Abraham Lincoln, American president, 1861-1865

"Give me control of a nation's money, and I care
not who makes its laws." - Mayer Rothschild

"When an honestly mistaken man comes face-to-face with the truth, he must either cease being mistaken or quit being honest." - FACT


Ladies and Gentlemen:

There are 172 of you on my list now.

It burdens my heart to have to write this, but I can put it off no longer.  If it should cost me my freedom, or my life, I will not be alone.

The late William Cooper (author "Behold a Pale Horse") was gunned down by the Feds two weeks after the so-called Patriot Act went into effect.  They apparently killed one of their own wayward deputies, in what they reported was an exchange of gunfire, and blamed the deputy‚€™s death on the dead Cooper.  There were no non-government witnesses.

The limited local publicity the event received reported that Cooper shot the deputy twice in the head with a handgun, while running away from federal officers and local sheriff‚€™s deputies (that means firing over his shoulder in the opposite direction).

Not one of the reports mentioned that William Cooper had but one leg and could not run.  Not one of the reports pointed to the difficulty of scoring a single head shot with a handgun at 30 yards while standing still and taking careful aim......and said nothing of the odds of scoring TWO such headshots while ANY direction.

A more likely scenario is that THEY shot the deputy but a single shot failed to kill him, and the shooter had no choice but to finish the job with a second shot.  The lone non-government witness is dead. Was there an autopsy?  Of course not, there were "witnesses."
(One of the news reports:
(Biography- http://www.William

In recent years, former Congressmen George Hansen and James Traficant were framed, indicted, tried, convicted, and incarcerated because they knew too much.  Hansen was given "diesel therapy" by being transferred from prison to prison every three or four days for two solid years.   He has written a book that is hair-raising, entitled "To Harass Our People."  Traficant will likely encounter similar treatment.  I suspect he will never be seen again.  He knows too much and helped too many honest and decent people whom government agencies were bound and determined to "nail," and he spoke out on the floor of the House of Representatives about forbidden subjects.   They framed him, disgraced him in public, and locked him away.

It is also worth mentioning at this juncture that Senator Joseph McCarthy made lots of allegations in the 40‚€™s and 50‚€™s regarding Communists and Communist sympathizers in government and in Hollywood.  He was discredited, disgraced, and drummed out of office.  His health failed and he died.  Subsequent in-depth investigations and research of archival documents, accelerated by the advent of the Internet, has since proven that he did not make a single unfounded accusation.  The eight people in FDR‚€™s immediate staff and cabinet whom McCarthy accused of being Communists were, in fact, Communists.  They were simply more powerful than he was.  Several well-documented books have been written about McCarthy‚€™s accuracy and actually include certified copies of relevant documents, but tens of thousands of copies have been confiscated and destroyed.

One of the Patriot Act‚€™s main goals, aside from finding and apprehending known and suspected terrorists, is to reign in and silence or, in the alternative.....get rid of altogether...... (1) people who believe in the long-defunct Constitution for the United States of America strongly enough to speak out to defend it, and (2) people who know too much and "spread" their knowledge.  I fit both categories.  Guess that makes me an "enemy of the state," according to the provisions of the Patriot Act.

I love this country (it isn‚€™t a "nation," the Supreme Court confirmed that by ruling it a "society" instead of a nation) and I respect the Constitution as written.  I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution (not the country or the flag or the government or any political party or individual) on nine separate occasions.

I served in uniform for 20 years and three months, on home soil, overseas, and served nearly three years in the combat war zone that was Vietnam.  I also served a year as a Department of the Army Civilian in grade GS-9 in civil service, immediately following my uniformed career.  I am not now, and I have never been, anti-government; but I AM anti-BAD government, and anti-CORRUPT government....and I shall continue to be.

The facts presented herein are not theory.  Speculative content is clearly self-evident.

I have researched extensively and have examined and checked the work of other researchers, and am convinced that facts are rock-solid because all aspects are extensively and indisputably documented.  Thanks to the vastness and speed of the Internet, research that used to take months and years can be done in mere hours, even minutes in many cases.  No longer do we have to go to libraries and archives and search documents page by page, as was the case when I began my research some 12 years ago.

Things long hidden from the public, or obscured by complex and burdensome legal documents, laws, statutes, regulations, and government operating manuals are seeing the light of day more rapidly than the mind can comprehend.  Tens of millions of people are learning the truth about facts heretofore cleverly hidden from the public.  The existence of widespread and rampant government corruption and outright intentional fraud has been a closely guarded secret, but the shielding layers are gradually being peeled away.

I suggest you sit down and relax.   Have a drink if you are so prone.  You will need one.  You may need two or three.  This is a long read, but one you can ill-afford to ignore.

Before I begin, it is imperative that I illustrate how "incrementalism" works.
                   The Incremental Creation of an Obedient Culture

Start with a cage containing five monkeys.   Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string, and place a set of stairs under it.   Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb towards the banana.

As soon as he touches the stairs, blast all the other monkeys with a spray of near-freezing cold water.

After a while, another monkey makes an attempt at the stairs and you again spray all the other monkeys with a blast of ice-cold water.

Soon, another monkey tries to climb the stairs and, having been sprayed twice with ice-cold water, the other monkeys will try and prevent him from touching the stairs, not wanting to endure the freezing water they have associated with any one of them climbing the stairs.

Now, put away the cold water.

Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one.  The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the stairs.   To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him.

After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted.

Next remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one.
The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked.  The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm, even though he has not been sprayed with cold water himself and hasn‚€™t seen another monkey sprayed with cold water. He only knows he was attacked when he approached the stairs.

Now replace a third original monkey with a new one, then a fourth, and then the fifth.

Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked.  Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs, or why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.....but they conform to the behavior they observe exhibited by their peers.

After all the original monkeys have been replaced, none of the monkeys now occupying the cage have ever been sprayed with cold water, nor have they seen another monkey sprayed with cold water.

Nevertheless, no monkey ever again reaches the stairs to try for the banana.

Why not?

Because as far as they know that's the way it's always been done around here!

And that is how an obedient culture begins......peasant members are conditioned and manipulated by unseen forces controlled by the elite without the knowledge or consent of the peasants (the governed).  It was done gradually by deception and, in time, reinforcement from above was no longer necessary because it is the result of intimidation by peers.

Americans have been similarly conditioned.  Over the past 40 years or so, our populace has been deliberately and systematically "dumbed down" by relatively unseen federal influence and control of the schools via subsidies and grants......"if you don‚€™t do as we say, we will withhold the grant money."

What has gradually disappeared from the public schools?  God.  Discipline.  Letter grades, on a descending scale, commensurate with performance.  Family values.  The voice of parents.   Local control and oversight.  In-depth studies of American and western culture.  The absoluteness of right and wrong.  The stigma formerly attached to substandard behavior.  Efficient management of school resources.  More.   The learning has been removed from education.  Pride in appearance is gone.   Civility in behavior is rare.  The golden rule is AWOL.  Ambition is a rarity, and is often discouraged by peers.

What has replaced the above things which have been lost?  Darwin‚€™s evolution theory, presented as near-fact.   Disorder.  Social promotions, inflated grades, and conversion from letter grades to "satisfactory" and "unsatisfactory" in many districts.   "Alternate" lifestyles, presented as equal to marriage, and "diversity."  Rules and "zero tolerance" dictated to parents.   Government funded abortions for teens without the knowledge of parents.   Federally mandated curricula and agendas.  Black History studies, and familiarization with foreign cultures, to the extent that they detract from learning our native western history and cultures.  Blurred lines between right and wrong.   "Tolerance" of behavior formerly unacceptable to society.   Top-heavy, inefficient, bureaucratic, and costly mismanagement of school resources.

By "dumbing down" the students, beginning decades ago, the majority of two generations has graduated without being prepared to survive and prosper in an adult atmosphere.  A staggering number can barely read.  Illiteracy is at its highest peak since the early 1930‚€™s.

The result is that such immature adults become parents and are then unable to properly rear their children, so they look to the schools to do what they, as parents, are not willing or able to do.  Of course, this was the original motivate parents to abdicate their parental responsibilities while giving their consent to the school to manage their children FOR them.

The longer this goes on, the less competent society becomes.  The more incompetent people become, the easier they are for government to control as a society.

This has been no accident; it was, and is, BY DESIGN.

To understand where all this is leading, one must understand where the POWER is and who wields it.

Notice I did not use the word "authority," I used "POWER."

To illustrate the difference, the mafia has no authority, but it has POWER because it will break your legs if you don‚€™t do as it wishes.  Where, then, is the POWER which runs this country in virtually all aspects of our lives?

The core around which all else revolves in the United States is the Federal Reserve.  It is a registered foreign for-profit corporation principally owned by ten (10) international banking conglomerates, as listed below:

   1.   The Rothschild Family - London
   2.    The Rothschild Family - Berlin
   3.    The Lazard Brothers - Paris
   4.    Israel Seiff - Italy
   5.    Kuhn-Loeb - Germany
   6.    The Warburgs - Amsterdam
   7.    The Warburgs - Hamburg
   8.    Lehman Brothers - New York City
   9.    Goldman & Sachs - New York City
*10.  The Rockefeller Family - New York City
       *The Rockefeller Family is the only non-Jewish shareholder of the

             Federal Reserve.   I don‚€™t suggest there is any significance attached
                   to that fact but it is, nonetheless, a fact, and readers are free to
                   form their own opinions.

The Federal Reserve was illegally established, in 1913, by corrupt legislators in sufficient numbers to sneak the legislation through just hours before Christmas when the honest legislators who would have blocked it were home for the holidays (folks traveled by horse and buggy and trains back then).  The details of that are not sufficiently important to this presentation to merit their lengthy disclosure here.  Suffice it to say that it was a deliberate move designed to give the organization total control of the United States and its vast assets.

The Act was intentionally companioned with the 16th Amendment which had previously been bulldozed through during the 1912 and 1913 time frame in much the same the "dark of night"....and was fraudulently declared by Secretary of State Philander Knox to be properly ratified.   He did that in spite of the fact that fewer than half the states actually ratified it through their individual legislatures in accordance with their respective State Constitutions, and in accordance with the Constitution for the United States of America.

Bill Benson‚€™s book "The Law That Never Was" (16th Amendment) thoroughly documents this with authentic certified copies of legislative actions from the archives of each state then in existence.  His personal research was painstaking, exhaustive, and consumed years of his dedicated life.  He obtained and assembled these documents and he has stored the originals in a secured location unknown to the government, with copies secured in a second location unknown to the government.  A third set of documents he has used in a wide variety of endeavors to teach the truth to the general public.

Benson, now an aging gentleman, declined offers by the imperial federal government establishment to buy the rights to his book before publication for any price he wished to specify.  He discloses in the book that one Senator‚€™s office communicated several offers to him, on behalf of the government.  He declined them all and published the book anyway.  The government reportedly has a team of full-time agents whose sole mission in life is to find every possible copy of the book they can lay their hands on and destroy it.

Establishing the Federal Reserve and "ratifying" the 16th Amendment set the stage for the subsequent withdrawal of the gold reserves which previously backed United States Currency and limited the amount of money which could be spent and in circulation at any given time.  Once that standard was removed, the Congress had access to an unlimited supply of currency (not money) it could merely spend into existence at will, and created an elaborate debt ponzi scheme designed to enrich the owners of the entity.....the Federal Reserve.....which printed worthless paper currency.  It is best described as "fiat money."

Noteworthy, too, is the fact that the Constitution has never been amended so as to permit paper notes, especially when printed by an entity external to the Government of the United States, to be substituted for gold and silver for the purpose of  representing money.  How can the removal of the "gold standard" have been done legally?  I don't know.

Considering the degree of greed inherent in humanity, this system guarantees that the government‚€™s reckless and irresponsible spending will eventually result in such a massive amount of perceived "debt" that it will topple the government and the country.  Keep in mind that there is no real debt, because no value has been given and the only cost to the Federal Reserve has been its cost of paper, ink, printing machinery, and other printing and cutting supplies.  It costs the same to print a sheet of one-dollar bills as it does to print a sheet of one hundred dollar bills.  There is no value involved, by any stretch of the imagination and there is, therefore, no real debt.

But the whole idea of the ponzi scheme was to create a perceived debt upon which the Federal Reserve could charge interest, and force the American people to pledge sufficient amounts of their labor to pay the interest.  To accomplish this, they needed a tax on "income".....even though the Constitution expressly prohibits the taxing of a man‚€™s labor (that‚€™s why our founding fathers led the declaration of our independence from England where there were debtors‚€™ prisons and man‚€™s labor was taxed).

Passing the 16th Amendment to the Constitution gave the appearance of "legalizing" an income tax, even though the Supreme Court has since ruled that it applies only to corporate profits......that it "created no new taxing authority."

The 16th Amendment reads:

       "The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

To the vast majority of readers, that looks pretty clear, especially the clause "from whatever source derived."   It seems to mean all money received by an individual, no matter the source.   But those familiar with law know that words mean things......precise things.......and must be interpreted properly in order to be understood.

The word "income" had years earlier come to mean, in its legal applications, "corporate profit" and had been so ruled by the Supreme Court.  Therefore, as the Supreme Court has ruled since, the taxes referred to in the 16th Amendment are direct excise taxes and apply only to corporate profits.  Ergo, the ruling that it "created no new taxing authority," because corporate profits were already being legally taxed prior to the 16th Amendment.

Permit me to illustrate and explain the deliberate fraud here.  Re-read the 16th Amendment but substitute the word "widgets" for "income."  It would then read:

       "The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on widgets, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

What is the first thing one must do before beginning a "new" tax system to comply with the wording above?   Define "widgets?"  Of course.  Before you can tax something, you must first know what it is and how to recognize it when you see it.

So, the first thing the "income tax code" (Title 26 of the United States Code [statutes] and 26 Code of Federal Regulations [implementing regulations]) should do is to define "income."   Right?

But it doesn‚€™t.

Nowhere in all the millions of words in those two voluminous sets of code and regulations can the definition of "income" be found.  Nowhere in the hundreds of IRS operating manuals, training manuals, or "customer" publications can the definition be found.  But something else IS defined........"gross income," an entirely different "animal."

That was no accident.  It was deliberate so that readers would connect together two words they think they understand, so as to believe that (1) all monies accruing to an individual is "income," (2) gross income is all monies accruing to an individual before operating expenses or other costs are deducted, and (3) everyone must pay individual income taxes.

All three are factually untrue, however.

In 26 USC and 26 CFR, the only entities REQUIRED to file and pay taxes are those "liable" or "made liable" for such taxes.  The only humans "liable" or "made liable" are listed below, and include aliens, citizens earning money abroad, and withholding agents who have collected voluntary contributions from employees or others.  Withholding agents are fiduciaries and must turn over monies which they hold as trustees (Section 1461, 26 USC "Liability for Withheld Income).

Most experts, including many former career IRS officers, agree that those REQUIRED to file are the 12 listed below, and ONLY those 12 are required to file, under the tax code:

(1) Income tax returns on which all, or a portion, of the tax is to be
paid in foreign currency.

(2) Income tax returns of an individual citizen of the United States
whose principal place of abode for the period with respect to which the return
is filed is outside the United States.

(3) Income tax returns of an individual citizen of a possession of the
United States (whether or not a citizen of the United States) who has no
legal residence or principal place of business in any internal revenue
district in the United States (actually, there are no "internal revenue"
districts; the districts to which this refers are "Customs" districts).

(4) Except in the case of any departing alien return under section 6851
and Sec. 1.6851-2, the income tax return of any nonresident alien.

(5) The income tax return of an estate or trust the fiduciary of which
is outside the United States and who has no legal residence or principal
place of business in any internal revenue district in the United States.
(actually, there are no "internal revenue" districts; the districts to
which this refers are "Customs" districts).

(6) Income tax returns of foreign corporations.

(7) The return by a withholding agent of the income tax required to be
withheld at source under chapter 3 of the Code on nonresident aliens and
foreign corporations and tax-free covenant bonds.

(8) Income tax returns of persons who claim the benefits of section 911
(relating to earned income from sources without the United States).

(9) Income tax returns of corporations which claim the benefits of
section 922 (relating to special deduction for Western Hemisphere trade
corporations) except in the case of consolidated returns filed pursuant
to the regulations under section 1502.

(10) Income tax returns of persons who claim the benefits of section 931
(relating to income from sources within possessions of the United States).

(11) Income tax returns of persons who claim the benefits of section 933
(relating to income from sources within Puerto Rico).

(12) Income tax returns of corporations which claim the benefits of
section 941 (relating to the special deduction for China Trade Act corporations).

All others are not required to file or pay because they are not "liable" and have not been "made liable" by any statute or regulation.  Therefore, IF they file and pay, they do so VOLUNTARILY by assessing themselves.

In layman's terms, it appears the general intent is to tax foreigners earning money inside this country, U.S. citizens earning money outside this country, and to make agents withholding such taxes liable to turn over such withheld funds to the government.  All others who wish to pay taxes may do so voluntarily.

                                                 End of Part One


Part Two

The absence of an unambiguous identification of who is liable is no oversight or inadvertent error.  The Congress clearly knows how to state that someone is liable.  Throughout the sections pertaining to the manufacture, sale, storage, and distribution of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and some drugs, the terminology is indelibly clear as to who is liable.....the word is used repeatedly there.

Back to voluntarily assessing yourself.   When you look at the instructions for the 1040 or 1040A or 1040EZ, nowhere will you find any wording which states, in effect, "If you earn more than $_____ but less than $_____, then you owe $_____ or are "liable" for $______ .

What it states instead is something to the effect that YOU can determine the amount you owe in Table 2 on page ___ .  The wording changes slightly from year to year, but the "determination" is ALWAYS up to you to do voluntarily.

"YOU can determine."  If you go to the table and YOU admit that YOU have earned a certain amount, and YOU fit it into the table and YOU determine the amount you OWE, and YOU write that amount in the form in the place prescribed, then YOU have just ASSESSED YOURSELF.  Once you sign the form under penalties of perjury, you have just VOLUNTARILY agreed to pay the amount YOU have assessed YOURSELF.  If you do not assess yourself, then no one else can do so for you......legally.....not even the IRS.

That, dear hearts, is precisely what the Federal Reserve WANTS (and expects) you to do......send them YOUR money VOLUNTARILY.  If you do, then they don‚€™t have to send their leg-breakers looking for you, and there can be no claim that the law violates the Constitution...... because it DOESN‚€™T.  So long as you are not COMPELLED to file and pay, and you do so voluntarily, then no breach of the Constitution has occurred.

There have been arguments raised that being forced to sign "under penalties of perjury" amounts to "compelled self-incrimination" and violates your fifth amendment rights, because you are providing information which can later be used against you.  But that is not so; you aren‚€™t compelled to sign because you aren‚€™t compelled to FILE in the first place.  Your attestation under penalties of perjury is a VOLUNTARY act.

If you file a "return" without signing it......or signing it but lining out the "penalties of perjury" oath, you are likely to be "assessed" a $500 penalty for filing a "frivolous" return.  There is no authority in law for assessing such a penalty.  Still, it is done every single day and there are ongoing efforts to convince Congress to "raise" the nonexistent penalty from $500 to $3,000.   Go figure.

It gets worse.  When readers see such words as "person," "individual," "resident," "taxpayer," they automatically presume that such words apply to them.   Factually, they typically do not.  Most of them, such as "person," are defined as artificial entities which never die, such as corporations, trusts, etc., but never include living people identified as being liable for the income tax.   "Resident" refers to non-citizens in almost all cases, such as resident aliens and non-resident aliens.

"Individual" and "U.S. Individual" are defined so as to EXCLUDE most Americans.  Most Americans are NOT included in the definition of "U.S. Individuals."  Individual applies to certain aliens and residents of United States Possessions such as Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc.

Note:  Unlike dictionaries which define words in a single place, law often defines terms differently in different locations for differing applications.  That is to say, sometimes a dog is a dog and sometimes it‚€™s a cat.  Remember "it depends on what the definition of ‚€™is‚€™ is and what the definition of ‚€™sexual relations‚€™ is."?  The trick is to find the definition that fits the application which concerns you.

"Taxpayer" is another deception.  It is a single word created, to deliberately mislead and suggest a liability for taxes, by combining the single words "tax" and "payer."  The fact is that "tax payer" simply means "a payer of taxes" as opposed to a person who is liable for taxes.

What is the title printed at the top of the Form 1040?  "U.S. Individual Income Tax Return."  Does it apply to you?  Of course not.  Would a form entitled "Afghanistan Individual Tax Return" apply to you?  Would you respond to a letter from the Canadian government directing you to report for the draft?  Why, then, should you be expected to fill out and submit a form which does not apply to you?  Because it APPEARS to apply to you.  That is BY DESIGN.

Nowhere in the code will you find any reference to a living, breathing human being who eats, sleeps, and bleeds, except in one place where a particular category of drugs is being described as substances which can be injected into the veins of a human being.  No definition in the Code includes humans, other than those mentioned above.

And the use of the word "Return" in the form‚€™s title is deliberate as well.  It is used instead of the more accurately descriptive term "Refund."  The filing of the form is, in effect, a request for a refund of all, or a portion of, the amounts previously withheld by withholding agents.

The proof that the tax system is 100% VOLUNTARY is infinitely more extensive than presented here, but the intent of this essay is to expose the reality of the matter without getting bogged down with the technicality of it all.  A link is furnished at the end which lists more than 500 penetrating legal questions the answers to which clearly disclose the true nature of the scam, and how comprehensively it has been intentionally hidden.

"Well then," you ask, "why do so many people go to jail for failing to file or pay?"

That will take a little explaining.   Basically, it is because the U.S. Attorneys, assistant U.S. Attorneys, and federal judges conspire to convict non-filers and non-payers so as to keep up the image that taxes are mandatory.  If everyone were to learn that the system is voluntary and suddenly stopped paying, the Federal Reserve owners would have their cash flow cut off, but there would be no ill effect upon the United States.

Don‚€™t believe the myth that this money is used to build roads, schools, and fund government programs, because NOT A SINGLE PENNY OF THAT MONEY REMAINS ON AMERICAN is extracted from our economy and it destroys our people.

Roads are built and maintained by gasoline taxes, and excise taxes on tires and truck bodies, among other taxes.  Schools are built and maintained with local taxes.  Government programs are funded with the fiat money spent into existence out of thin air, and that is the way it would be if the Congress coined and valued money.....INSTEAD of the Federal Reserve..... as is STILL required by the Constitution.

That myth was purposely created, and is deliberately perpetuated, to keep everyone "in line."

There would be a debt, of course, but the United States would owe itself, NOT the despotic international bankers.  It could pay off the debt to itself, from time to time, because there would be no interest accumulation on the principal.  By contrast, it can never pay off "the debt" to the Federal Reserve BECAUSE of the accumulation of interest.   But the Federal Reserve is not concerned with being paid off, it is concerned with collecting interest forever.

Think for a moment what the effect would be if, overnight, all Americans no longer filed or paid income taxes.  Essentially, most people would have 20-30% more money to spend or save.  Much would be saved, and that would increase the amount that community banks could lend.  More, however, would be spent into the economy.  There would suddenly be more demand for goods and services across the nation.  Stores would expand, and more trucks would be on the road (ye gads!) delivering goods.

More people could afford to buy homes.   That means more building materials, and a need for more carpenters, carpet layers, bricklayers, more painters, and so on.  JOBS would be so plentiful that unemployment would drop to 1% or so.  The United States would prosper as no country ever has.   But the money magnates and the politicians would lose CONTROL of the people.....and that, dear hearts, can‚€™t be allowed to happen.

It is neither accident nor coincidence that an international banking cartel, known as the Federal Reserve, and the Internal Revenue Service.....both unaccountable to the United States Government or its people and neither may ever be audited (because they are not "under" United States control or supervision)......has kept the people of this country and its government in a state of perpetual debt for longer than 75 years.)

Still, it was possible to initially convince one generation of Americans that an income tax was legal and necessary, and subsequent generations were "brought into line" in precisely the same way the monkeys learned not to touch the stairs....."that‚€™s the way it has always been around here."

Well now, the super wealthy owners, of this new cash cow called the Federal Reserve, knew that people would not pay the income tax if they ever learned that they did not HAVE to.....for much the same reason we know the monkey would eat the banana if he became convinced the other four monkeys would not attack him.

So, four things were needed.

First, there would have to be some income tax laws designed in such a way as not to violate the Constitution, and the best way that could be done was to make tax payments voluntary, but MAKE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE they were mandatory.  The powers knew they can do most anything they want to, provided it is legal and provided it is voluntary.

Secondly, there would have to be a collection agency to create fear, and perpetuate the fear, necessary to keep the voluntary payments coming in.

Third, there would have to be absolute control of the courts to insure that non-volunteers were put into jail (the debtors‚€™ prison prohibited by the Constitution).

Fourth, indoctrination of the public was needed to establish the belief that taxes were mandatory, and it would be easy to use the human emotions of jealousy and class envy to apply peer pressure by fomenting the idea that "I pay MY taxes, and you must pay YOURS."  This latter move was a stroke of genius, as it not only helped make the system palatable to the masses, it also worked well to keep in line the potential jury pool who could be relied upon to convict fellow citizens who failed or refused to "pay their fair share," especially since the members of the jury had dutifully paid "theirs."

All this was easily accomplished.   Establishing the Internal Revenue Service.....itself a non-government registered foreign corporation.....would create an army of tax collectors and leg-breakers (it is easy to recruit such people.....most folks LOVE to have power over others).

Having selected trusted senior officials of the IRS to assemble extensive and invasive records on all federal judges and all subordinate Revenue Officers (in order to control them) would insure that citizens reluctant to volunteer to pay the taxes would be pursued, indicted if they did not pay, and convicted if they were tried in court.  The secret oath to the Federal Reserve taken by federal judges trumps the pomp-and-circumstance oath they take to uphold the defunct Constitution.

The combined effects of the Privacy Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Administrative Procedures Act, the Paperwork Reduction Act, and other prevailing applicable legislation, prohibit federal agencies from maintaining records on "individuals" (defined in these publications so as to INCLUDE most Americans) except under certain, specific circumstances.

That doesn‚€™t prohibit a foreign corporation, such as the Internal Revenue Service, from keeping records on us.   However, the IRS cannot use that as a defense because disclosing the fact that they ARE a foreign entity would destroy all their schemes.  So, they "play along" with SOME of America‚€™s laws.

So as not to violate those prohibitions, the IRS DOES NOT maintain records on you and me.  Instead, it converts us to business entities and keep records on those business entities by converting your "name" (John Smith) to a business title (JOHN SMITH).  Of course you are not told this and if you ask an IRS representative (s)he will most likely say "no" because either (s)he doesn‚€™t even know it or is not permitted to "spill the beans," if (s)he does know it.

In order to make your activities "taxable," they make entries into the master file classifying you as something which will fool the computers into calculating taxes against you (usually under Title 27, "Intoxicating Liquors).  Most of us have in "our" master file......without our knowledge......a classification such as low level, mid-level, high level drug dealer or drug lord, depending upon the amount of money we accrue in our lives.

The files they maintain on an artificial entity, bearing an all-upper-case title resembling MY name, from which they periodically send letters to my address, carries "me" (in code) as a high-level drug dealer operating out of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  I have copies of these encoded records, pertaining to six specific "tax years," in my possession.

I know of hundreds of others who have obtained "their" records and found that they too are labeled as "drug dealers."  The odds are good that you are too.  Disproving such lies in court is extremely difficult because the judge may well accept "what's in the record" as valid.  The details of the Traficant case would probably prove that.   It certainly worked with George Hansen.

There is SO MUCH MORE that space will not permit me to discuss here.

But let me just briefly tell you about Bob Schulz and the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education (

Bob attempted, on behalf of the Foundation and the American People, to get government to respond to our perceived "rights" under the First Amendment "to petition government for a redress of grievances."

He assembled experts and thousands of documents, composed 537 legitimate and relevant questions to the government, and submitted them to all three branches of government in person.  The foundation ran full page ads for nearly six months last year, in USA TODAY and the Washington Times, disclosing the fraud of the income tax system to the public in considerable detail.   Some of those ads cost $100,000 EACH.  Honestly answering the questions posed would expose the fraud to the American people and the world.

He secured an agreement with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, the Department of Justice, and the Department of the Treasury to have their experts meet with his experts in a public forum, in Washington, D.C., to address these valid and legitimate questions.

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland agreed to chair the "symposium."  The date was set for mid-September, 2001, but when 9-11 occurred, Bob requested and obtained a postponement because he knew the symposium would attract little attention due to the country‚€™s obsession with 9-11.

A new date was set for February, 2002.   Soon, the IRS, DOJ, and Treasury insisted that the meeting be held in secret.  When Bob demanded that it be held publicly and televised, all the government representatives, who had previously meet.....withdrew, one by one.

Disappointed, Bob nevertheless held the symposium without them.  At Foundation expense, he had the two-day symposium web-cast live, and made VHS tapes and DVDs produced and distributed as widely as possible, for small donations to the Foundation.  I know of no better investment available to you.   Order the tapes today.

Fully Interactive.   Four CD ROMS  $29.95
Order Truth-In-Taxation-Hearing Items

During the two-day symposium, shocking testimony was heard from the following witnesses, and testimony was supported by pertinent documents displayed on the screen for attendees to clearly see; and they are included in the videos:

Joseph Banister - Former IRS Special Agent for Criminal Investigation Division
John Turner - Former IRS Revenue Officer
Sherry Peel Jackson - Former IRS Agent, Fraud Investigator
Larry BeCraft - Tax Attorney
Paul Chappel - Tax Attorney
Ned Spahl - Tax Attorney
Bill Benson - Tax expert, researcher, and author of books on income tax
Irwin Schiff - Tax expert, researcher, and author of books on income tax
Victoria Osborne - Certified Forensic Accountant, specializing in taxes

The facts disclosed during those two days are both eye-opening and awesome.  Order the tapes/DVD's.  You cannot afford not to.

The mainstream media have been whom is give this matter no coverage at all.  The Washington Times and USA TODAY have informed Bob in writing.....that they "cannot" carry any future ads because it "might confuse the public."

Wonder where those clever words originated?

So, a "drive on Washington" is being planned for November 11-14.  The details can be found on the website previously furnished.  I intend to participate and I encourage all of you to participate, if you value what little liberty remains for citizens in this country.

Back to the message.

The Internal Revenue Service is but one department of the Federal Reserve‚€™s collection arm.  Similar departments collect taxes in Australia and New Zealand, Great Britain, and Canada.  Several very credible tax law researchers have compared the tax laws of the United States with the tax laws of the aforementioned countries and the codes are not only similar, they are virtually identical, with most provisions being the same, verbatim.

That is not a coincidence; the legislative bodies of five countries have not written identical laws accidentally.  It is clear that the laws are written by representatives of the Federal Reserve, or whatever the other countries call it, and given to the legislators of the five countries to publish so that it appears to be law.  This is called "under Color of Law." That is, it appears to be law and is accepted as law until challenged or refuted.

To illustrate the awesome size of this illegal enterprise, let‚€™s get a feel for money, as opposed to currency.

Currency is not money.  Money ALWAYS earns interest (for somebody) while currency NEVER does.  Money is now nothing more than an electronic accounting entry in an account in a banking institution.

To protect the Federal Reserve‚€™s interests, it has labored tirelessly until we now have a situation wherein ALL banking operations are "federally insured," (boy, that is misleading) and thus controlled by the rules of the Federal Reserve, also known in the highest secure circles as The World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Currency is merely a way of facilitating smaller financial transactions, and a way of keeping score, so to speak.  But don‚€™t forget that currency never earns interest.  The "money" in your pocket earns no interest.  No matter to whom you give it, it earns no interest.  When it reaches the bank, an accounting entry equal to the face value of the currency is made and it is that entry which accrues interest....that ENTRY represents money.  The currency is simply stacked up in the bank in much the same way that paper and plastic bags are stored in a supermarket, ready to be used when needed.

                                           End of Part Two

Part Three

Back to what is commonly called "money."  Permit me to create a mental image in your mind so you have a more realistic feel for what we‚€™re talking about.

As you scan down the list of the following 83 Fortune 500 companies, try to imagine how much retail money pours into these companies in a day or month or year.......or even in an hour.  See how many of them you recognize, and mentally conjure up an idea of how massive most of them are.   Then read on, following the list.

Anheuser Busch
Apple Computer
Applied Materials
Auto Zone
Bank of New York Company
Barnes and Noble
Best Buy
Bethlehem Steel
Black and Decker
Borders Group
Capital One Financial
Charles Schwab
Circuit City Stores
Colgate Palmolive
Dole Foods
Eastman Chemical
Estee Lauder
General Dynamics
General Mills
Goodyear Tire
Harley Davidson
Harrah‚€™s Entertainment
Hershey Foods
Hilton Hotels
H. J. Heinz
Hormel Foods
ITT Industries
KB Homes
Lenmark International
Levi Strauss
Liz Claiborne
Long‚€™s Drug Stores
Mellon Financial Corporation
MGM Mirage
Micron Technology
Mutual of Omaha
Northwest Airlines
New York Times
Office Depot
Office Max
Owens Corning
Pepsi Americas
Pepsi Bottling
Phelps Dodge
Pitney Bowes
Pulte Homes
Radio Shack
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco
Ryder Systems
Sherwin Williams
Shopko Stores
Southwest Airlines
Starwood Hotels and Resorts
Texas Instruments
Toys R Us
U.S. Airways Group
USA Networks

Combining the gross receipts of the companies above, they take in $47,000,000 per hour, $1,300,000,000 per day, and $498,000,000,000 (half a TRILLION dollars) per year.

In return for the half-trillion dollars these companies take from the American people each year, they provide countless foods, goods, services, transportation, and entertainment.  Most people would agree that, overall, a fair exchange takes place in these hundreds of millions of transactions.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service extorts the same amount of money from Americans but gives NOTHING in return.  Not only do they give nothing in return, the intimidation and fear tactics they employ destroys families, illegally seizes homes, bank accounts, and other private property and breaks up marriages, drives people to commit suicide, and supplies slave labor for our federal prisons.  Get on the Internet and search for UNICOR and see what a massive, massive business enterprise it is.  It‚€™s own website is there, and thousands of other sites explain what it is and how it operates.  Your web search will produce more than 19,000 responses.

It operates using nearly-free prison labor, at a labor cost of the mere forty cents an hour that prisoners are paid.  Every individual federal government agency is prohibited, by law, from procuring any item from any other source until it has verified that UNICOR cannot supply it.  Only then are agencies permitted to purchase elsewhere.  If UNICOR has it, or can get it, then the federal agencies MUST purchase from UNICOR.

Captive market?

You bet, and it constitutes unfair competition for countless legitimate American businesses.

Who owns the majority of the stock in UNICOR?  Current and former judges, lawyers, and legislators.  Who else did you expect?

Yes, that‚€™s‚€™re thinking ahead.....when a judge, who owns UNICOR stock, sentences a defendant to a prison term, he is increasing the value of his own stock because he is increasing the size of the labor pool in an organization which he partially owns and which pays him dividends.   Conflict of interest?  Of course, but do you expect the judge to tell you that?

Most of you will be surprised to learn that total prison population in 1992 was 2.3 million.  As of December, 2001, that figure was 6.5 million.  And it continues to grow with every passing day.

The United States has more people incarcerated than any other industrialized nation in the world......more than Russia and China, and nearly as much as their numbers COMBINED.  And a large percentage of the federal prison population consists of people illegally convicted of tax offenses.......a debtor‚€™s prison.

Didn‚€™t I say that was prohibited by the Constitution?  I thought I had.  That is why the Constitution, at Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 3, gives Congress the power and duty to establish uniform laws on the subject of obviate debtors‚€™ prisons.   The 13th Amendment prohibits involuntary servitude yet that is exactly what a debtors‚€™ prison constitutes, when people are incarcerated without having committed any crime, but merely because they OWE the "master."

When President Bill Clinton took office in January, 1993, there were approximately 2,600 U.S. Attorneys and Assistant U.S. Attorneys.   All......repeat ALL......of them were summarily dismissed by the President and Attorney General Janet Reno, and replacements were appointed.  This had never been done before in history.

By the time he left office, there were nearly 8,400 of them, and federal courts had ballooned from 26 to 114, with a similar increase in the number of federal judges.

Now, it is easier to understand why the prisons are bulging with tens of thousands of people who should be home with their families instead of being slave labor units producing private profit for the stockholders of UNICOR.  Do you think Enron and WorldCom ripped investors off?  Both are child‚€™s play compared to what our courts and prison system do to Americans, and it is all known and condoned by the Congress and our government.  Fraud?  Certainly, and of the very worst kind.

Now it‚€™s time to back up and cover a couple of things I didn‚€™t fit in before.  First, bankruptcy.   In 1933, FDR declared the United States of America to be Bankrupt, and it went into receivership.  That status has been renewed 34 times by the Congress.

A great reference is "Why a Bankrupt America?"  by Devvy Kidd.
You can find her at and you can order her book (click here) at

Why did the country go bankrupt?   Re-read the Thomas Jefferson quote at the beginning of this piece.  The inflation and deflation which led us into the stock market crash of 1929, and the ensuing Great Depression, was manipulated by none other than the Federal Reserve.  FDR helped them to increase its effects by parlaying it long enough to get himself elected to a second and third term as the people‚€™s "savior."

WWII assured his fourth term.  What he did, in effect, was introduce and implement the vehicle which would provide the permanent connection (the social security NUMBER) of the people to the "government" and forever enslave them all, and enslave their children and their children‚€™s children.

Millions of Americans have been intimidated into having social security numbers assigned to their newborn children before leaving the hospital.  They may as well sign a sworn document that "I hereby consent to having my child inducted into the federal slave camp."  For, you see, it is the social security number which ties you to the IRS.  Write them a letter and ask them how much you owe, then say that you have no social security number.  Your reply will be in two parts: "(1) without a number, the tax does not apply to you, and (2) IF YOU WISH to apply for a number, here is how."  They are giving you an opportunity to volunteer into the system that will enslave you.

Back to FDR‚€™s bankruptcy.   When an entity files for bankruptcy, it goes into what is known as "Receivership."  That is, a third party is put in charge of receiving all accounts payable to the bankrupt enterprise.  The receiver is then responsible for paying legitimate, verified debts FOR the bankrupt entity.  It‚€™s more complicated than that, but it is sufficient for this discussion.

Who/What is the "Receiver" in America‚€™s bankruptcy?  This is fun.  The Receiver is the Secretary of the Treasury.......of Puerto Rico.  Wow!  Who is the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico?  That‚€™s easy.  Puerto Rico is a U.S. Possession.  The person who holds the title "Secretary of the Treasury of the United States" is the same person, except with a twist.  It was Robert Rubin under Clinton, and it is Paul O‚€™neil under President Bush.  But wait.   Hold the phone.

The person occupying those two positions is also the Governor of the World Bank.  Since Puerto Rico has its own internal government, there is no real job for a Secretary of the Treasury in Puerto it appears the title was created to magically produce a "disinterested" third party to handle the bankruptcy, since the Federal Reserve (aka the World Bank) is the holder of the U.S. indebtedness and cannot act as receiver in its own behalf.

Still holding the phone?  It gets better still.  Since that same person is also the Governor of the World Bank (Paul O‚€™Neil, who replaced Robert Rubin), what can be the purpose of these dual/triple identities?  How better can one protect his interests than to put three hats on a man and put him in three positions to see that things are handled HIS way?

Paul O‚€™Neil is, in reality, the payer, the payee, and the supervisor of payments.

Who, then, pays the salary of this three-hat man?  That‚€™s easy, who has the money?  The Federal Reserve, of course.  "Well then," you naturally ask, "does Paul O‚€™Neil get paid by both the Federal Reserve/World Bank AND the United States?"  No, the United States has no positive funds, it has only negatives.  Besides, it would be illegal, from a fiduciary standpoint, to receive pay from parties with opposing interests without fully disclosing the fact and the nature of the relationship to both.

Right about now, you‚€™re saying "I ain‚€™t believing this!"

Have I said "It gets better" yet?   I thought so.  Well, it gets MUCH "better."

In this bogus debt ponzi scheme I mentioned.......the bills are called "Federal Reserve Notes."  A note is a debt instrument, just like the note on a car you have financed, or a mortgage on your home if it isn‚€™t yet paid for.

Look at any federal reserve note.  On the face, you will notice it bears two signatures.......The "Treasurer of the United States," a valid and occupied position representing the party which owes, and "Secretary of the Treasury," the REPRESENTATIVE of the party which is owed.   Those two signatures represent both parties to the transaction, just as any other note or mortgage bears the signatures of both Creditor and Debtor.

That Federal Reserve Note you‚€˜re looking at, and all other ones of all denominations, is a legal mortgage debt instrument.  The scheme is "hidden in plain sight."  But make no mistake here.  The note is FULLY ENFORCEABLE upon its BEARER.

Why doesn‚€™t the note reflect "Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico," since that would identify the receiver?  Well, that would raise too many questions the government doesn‚€™t want to answer.....just as it is unwilling to answer the Foundation‚€™s questions.

But fear not, they have covered their butts by defining "Secretary of the Treasury" as "Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico" in remote locations in several titles of the United States Code.

For example, throughout Title 26 ("Internal Revenue Code") and Title 27 ("Intoxicating Liquors," which covers alcohol, tobacco and firearms), you will find numerous references to "The Secretary," "The Secretary," "The Secretary."

When you go to "definitions," you will find "The Secretary" is DEFINED as "The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico," obscurely located of course, BUT IT IS THERE.

Okay.  Paul O‚€™Neil represents the World Bank/Federal Reserve, is paid by them and is not paid by the U.S.   What guarantee does he have that we will ever pay our debt to the entity he represents? The answer to that is in three parts:

1.  He supervises the Treasury of the United States, as its uncompensated Secretary, and he supervises the Treasurer of the United States in his/her performance of duty.  "But," you say, "Our president appointed him to his United States job."  Keep right on dreaming, my friends, the Federal Reserve dictates who presidents "appoint" as Secretary and who they "appoint" as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  No president has ever had those choices since the Fed was created in 1913.

2.  He supervises the Internal Revenue Service which, in spite of published statutes and implementing regulations WHICH DELIBERATELY HAVE NEVER BEEN ENACTED BY THE CONGRESS INTO POSITIVE LAW, collects "taxes" by use of FEAR and brute POWER and LEG-BREAKING tactics since it LACKS legislative authority, and........ get ready now, be sure your drink is full......

3.  He has COLLATERAL.   What is the collateral, you ask?  Why, that is easy.  The collateral is the PHYSICAL BODY, PROPERTY, and LABOR of everyone in possession of the debt instruments, the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

Yes, dear hearts, he has YOU and he has ME, and he has everyone both of us know.  We can only hope there never comes a foreclosure action.

However, in a sense, that is precisely what you see when a person fails to file a voluntary tax return and is put in jail for 1-5 years for.........for........for a MISDEMEANOR, which is all willful failure to file amounts to.

Put another way, the people who have been to jail, and who are now in jail, having been convicted of tax-related charges, have been foreclosed upon.

Yes, the "money" you carry in your pocket represents a debt YOU owe.  The more you have, the more you owe.   I realize most of you don‚€™t believe that for a minute, but I‚€™ll prove it to you.

Suppose you have $1,000 in your pocket today, and I have $100 in mine.
You considered purchasing a riding lawn mower yesterday with your $1,000 but you did not.  I considered buying a microwave oven with my $100 yesterday, but I did not.

Tomorrow morning, the Federal Reserve announces that the bills in circulation are no longer negotiable.......they are no good, they have no value beyond lighting fires and papering walls.

Consider what has just happened to us.

You lost $1,000 you would not have lost had you bought the riding lawn mower with it yesterday.  I lost only $100 I would not have lost had I bought the microwave oven yesterday.

We both lost precisely BECAUSE we were holding the notes (or the ‚€™bag," whichever way you wish to look at it).  We were foreclosed upon, so they took the collateral property (the equivalent of the lawn mower and the microwave) which we held in our temporary custody in the form of Federal Reserve Notes.

So, next time you hear someone bad-mouthing "the rich," just stop and realize that they are far more at risk than the rest of us are......because they are holding much more liability (debt instruments) than we commoners hold.

Now, some of you are saying "Damn, Fred, there you go again with one of your black helicopter conspiracy theories."   Does it occur to you that this is exactly what the Federal Reserve and the United States Government WANTS you to do?  If you, and the general public, will laugh at me then THEY don‚€™t have to discredit me.  They love it when you do their dirty work for them.

Don‚€™t forget, OUR Congresses have voted to renew (they have no choice) this bankruptcy 34 timesTHEY ALL KNOW.  But they want everyone else who knows to be discredited and ignored.  No matter how true my revelations are, they are worthless if people believe them to be cockeyed.

Would members of Congress be re-elected if they were to honor their oath and tell us?  Perhaps we should ask James Traficant.....he tried his dead-level best to tell us, time after time after time, on national television.  Who heard him?  The IRS, the Federal Reserve, the Department of Justice, the judges............and only a handful of US.....just those who were LISTENING.

They WANT the masses to discredit the few who actually know, so that their voices are not heard.  If the peer pressure (remember the monkeys) shuts us up, then fine, we may be permitted to remain relatively "free."

Speak out and be heard though, and we must be silenced.

But if we cannot be silenced that way, then there are at least two other options.......two avenues they could choose to pursue.   They can silence us for a couple of years by putting us into prison where no one important can hear our rants and ravings or, failing that, they can give us a personal invitation to join William Cooper, John F. Kennedy, Kathleen Willey‚€™s cat, and countless others.

NOW you know what happened to JFK.  You all keep thinking ahead of me.

He announced his intention, in a university commencement speech in June, 1963, to sign an Executive Order severing ties with the Federal Reserve and returning to the Congress its Constitutional duty to coin and value money.

He was killed November 22, 1963.  He had already signed the order, and the very first official thing LBJ did, after taking the unnecessary oath (that was just for public consumption), was to rescind Kennedy‚€™s EO.

He did that ON THE PLANE.   Who do you suppose prepared it for his signature in advance?  How did they know he would become President that day?  Well, folks, I can‚€™t answer all your questions.  I don‚€™t know who, specifically, arranged the assassination and pulled the trigger, but we all NOW know who was behind it and what the motive was.

Aaahhh, now it‚€™s time for the next question, and a little bit....not much though....of speculation on my part.

What could the leaders of these ten conglomerates want that surely they don‚€™t already have?  That‚€™s easy.  They want a New World Order, and they may well get it.  Greedy despots never have enough.  Controlling the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand is not enough for them.

They want it all.  Not for themselves, because they won‚€™t live long enough to enjoy it.  They want it for their descendants and for their own posterity.  They want to be remembered.  Forever.   And, no matter what happens, THEY WILL BE REMEMBERED.

Their ancestors tried the League of Nations and it failed, but it was soon replaced by the United Nations.  The master plan would have been much further along decades ago had it not been for the United States with its abiding belief in God, its imaginary Constitution, its perceived freedom, its national pride, and its GUNS.

All that must be DESTROYED before major, final steps are taken.

So, they set about doing that.  Dumb us down.  Dilute our national pride by inundating us with immigrants they have insured (through the NEA and other organizations) will fight to resist assimilation while demanding their own cultures be recognized as paramount.

Splinter us up and divide us.  Flood the country with addictive drugs, pass laws to make them illegal, and watch what happens.   Gangs will form, turf will be claimed, and gunfights will create an atmosphere which will make the weak beg for government protection and a guarantee of safety.

This will make us much easier to control and will give them the climate they need to plan gun registration and, later on, total firearm confiscation.  Hitler worked that plan to perfection.  If you don't believe that it's "coming to a theater near you," then you just haven't been reading the "signs."

Don‚€™t forget.......or maybe you did not know......that MLK, Jr., Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, and several others were methodically trained at a Communist training camp in Tennessee in 1957 to create racial unrest and division of the American people along racial lines (I have their pictures, taken during that training).  That strategy has been remarkably successful, and has been continually perpetuated by the likes of Louis Farakkan, Jesse the extortionist Jackson, Al Sharpton, and several others.

                                                 End of Part Three

Part Four

If you are the Fed, spend HUGE AMOUNTS (Click here to see how it's spent) of the money your IRS EXTORTS from the people on developing technology.  Spend it on elaborate and all-encompassing surveillance systems.  Monitor, electronically, ALL e-mails, ALL phone calls, ALL faxes, ALL internet browsing.

Install cameras, in all your IRS office locations, which feature the new technology capable of reading retinal reactions with sufficient accuracy to determine when taxpayers are lying.  Conceal them from "customers" so they are unaware of their presence and use.  If the "word" gets out, laugh and discredit accusers by calling them "conspiracy theorists."

Aahhh, the irony of it all.  Extort money from people, then spend it to perform lie detector tests on them, without their knowledge, each time they enter your IRS offices.   Your agents will then know when the people lie about how they are using "your" money, and they‚€™ll continue to wave their flags and talk about their Constitutional right to be protected against compelled self-incrimination.  If they only knew that you‚€™re spending their money to spy on them and denying them their perceived rights..............

Goethe was right when he said "None are so helplessly enslaved as those who mistakenly believe themselves to be free."

You have access to 38,000 operational satellites in orbit, put them to maximum use.  Use the Echelon and Carnivore satellite spy systems..... developed to spy on USSR during the cold war but converted to domestic use afterwards..... to accomplish the major portion of this, but supplement them with cameras and listening devices in parking lots, shopping centers, install them in traffic lights, and in and around all government buildings.

Gather and catalog all the information and establish profiles of each individual you expect might be, or one day become, a threat.   Get the kids in school to tell the teachers about their home lives, who has guns, who has parents who can be useful to you later and who you will have to incarcerate in order to silence them.  Train the children to "rat" on their parents as Hitler did so effectively.

Don‚€™t bother much early on with the sheep who can be counted on to follow the herd.  Concentrate on the strong-willed, for the time being.

Work toward removing currency altogether from societies.  Computers will let you track financial transactions so you can keep up with ALL "your" money.

Have the IRS go ahead and let the contracts for the surveillance equipment (hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars).  Develop tracking devices you can make everyone carry in a standardized I.D. card or, better yet, a surgical implant if you can get the people to accept it.

Test it on dogs and cats and other family pets first, and gauge general acceptance of opposition which must be overcome in time.   Some people value their pets above their spouses and, if you give them a way to keep their dogs from getting lost, they will jump at it.  Once used to do that, they will beg for it for their children.
Click here: EXISTING IRS CONTRACTS - How the money is spent

Train your law enforcement agencies to work together under a single command structure.  Use FEMA initially, because everyone thinks that is an agency which helps during national disaster.  Keep 7% of the budget for national disasters, but dedicate 93% to building a secret federal police force.   Arm and equip them with compatible systems. Have all the shoulder patches made and ready so that, when the right moment comes, you can have every officer don a patch and you will have an instant single federal police force.  Get everything ready.

Have FEMA to upgrade the equipment already installed in ALL radio and television stations which will allow you to override the systems so that you can instantly control ALL of them if you should ever need to do that.   Quelling civil unrest, preventing riots, broadcasting propaganda to restore order......all these are potential needs and uses for such a system, in addition to the "emergency" uses with which the public is already familiar.

Plan and execute a few high-profile standoffs and catastrophic explosions.  Scare the masses.  They must be eventually demoralized to the point of begging for protection.  Blow up a federal building, so that it appears unknown forces are striking at the very heart of the symbols of government.

The people do not know that control equipment has been available since the early 1970‚€™s that will, when and if installed, permit the Defense Department to instantly commandeer all non-military aircraft in U.S. airspace and fly them accurately from ground-based command posts, leaving pilots totally helpless.

This capability can be used to fly a couple of jumbo jets into huge skyscrapers and, since all passengers will perish leaving no witnesses, you can have the media (don‚€™t forget that you own them too) report that the planes were hijacked.  You might even have to produce some fake identities for the phantom hijackers and fabricate a story explaining how they managed to get on the planes without being detected.

Make the story nearly ridiculous, to test the gullibility of the public.  Dream up something simple like letter openers, or pocket knives, or box cutters, and report them as the weapons used.  If the people buy that, they will buy anything in the future.

If they don‚€™t, hell you control the media, report that further investigation has turned up more information and issue a corrected story.  Try whatever it takes until something works.  Remember how you had to change the story several times when the OKC bombings nearly went awry?

The people will gobble up whatever you show them on television.  If they see it on the screen or read it in print (those who can read), they will believe it.  More importantly, they will defend it to those who don‚€™t believe it.

I don‚€™t know why we spent so much money going to the moon; that could have been done in a movie studio and the people would have just loved it.  Can you be sure it wasn‚€™t done in a studio?   Hello, Houston.

Recruit and train assassination teams to eliminate key dissidents who will resist the New World Order with their every breath.   For training purposes, make them believe they are training to operate in places like Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.  Once trained, they will follow orders no matter whom you give them as targets.  It‚€™s their job, and they will do it, and do it with precision.  Just tell them it is for the good of the country and national security.

It‚€™s time to test some of this and measure the reactions.  Your behavioral experts have already told you what to expect under differing circumstances, but tests must be conducted.

Use civilian law enforcement teams in conjunction with uniformed military personnel to conduct exercises in the outskirts of smaller cities first.  Design the exercises to create a shock effect, using the element of surprise to see how the inhabitants react.  For the most part, they will "freeze" up and follow the instructions your jeep and helicopter-mounted loud speakers blast at them.

They will be scared and beg you to protect them.  Of course your solutions, for which they will beg, will require them to surrender most of their liberty, but they will not resist.

A few will resist, of course, but you have concentration camps already constructed and manned, sufficient to handle about 10% of the population (30 million) which is the percentage you can expect to protest and rebel.  Remove them immediately from the masses so that the masses will follow your instructions instead of rallying around strong leaders who will emerge among them.

At some point you will need a common cause around which to rally the peoples of different countries and cultures.  The cause must be something which interests a wide variety of differing peoples.  It cannot be religion, there are too many different ones and religion is one of the things which must be destroyed because religion produces charismatic leaders and you must destroy the climate before any superstar emerges.  It cannot be a country or national pride, because no one country or culture is large enough for your needs.

The all-powerful......known to many but obscure to most......struck upon the ideal cause 25 years ago, and they have been working feverishly to pound it into every young skull they can for a long time now.  What do we all share?  The atmosphere.

The "Environment," don‚€™t you know.  It‚€™s taught in the schools and public service announcements are constantly broadcast on radio and television to indoctrinate the children and the adults sufficiently gullible to be swayed.

You are back in the driver‚€™s seat.  Work to convince the fools and the children that the planet is getting too hot and then call it "global warming."  Discredit and otherwise silence the real scientists who debunk the phony theory.  Put forth corruptible scientists on your payroll, or give them a government grant and make them beholden to you for their very livelihood.

Hold meetings of many nations through your U.N. organization and get the world on board.  Make them all conscious of the "need" to conserve, recycle, and "protect the planet."  Never let them know that mankind can‚€™t destroy Nature‚€™s planet or that Earth will shake people off as it did the dinosaurs and as a dog shakes off water.

Give the military some new toys to test.   Send them out with lasers on secret missions to test and see how rapidly they can melt some selected ice caps and icebergs.  When the extra water results from the accelerated melting and runs southward, use that to buttress your argument that the weather is getting warmer.  Instigate and motivate fools who can be turned into environmental extremists and give them a forum in which to yell and convince the masses that the sky is falling and what doesn‚€™t fall has a big hole in it.

Don‚€™t tell anyone that the earth has 25% MORE vegetation now than it had in 1920, and keep the scientists quiet who want to tell the world the truth.  Keep them off your radio and television stations, and remove their websites as quickly as you can find them.

You get the idea.

But, Fred, how can ten people manage all of this?

Ten people DON‚€™T manage all of this.  They have many helpers......some who know what they are doing and some who have simply been duped into playing roles which produce the results you want.  They need three or four thousand key people.  Elite people.  Influential people.   People whose loyalty can be bought with promises of a place of honor and power in the New World Order.

Organize them in such a way that they can be controlled without knowing they are being controlled.  Set up something similar to an executive branch, a house and a senate.  Call them the Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission.  Pick your members carefully.   Have an annual meeting, and call it a planning conference.

Do it in June when the weather is great.   Find a remote and secure location in the hills of Northern California to hold the meeting.  Bohemian Grove will do just fine.  Its 2,700 acres will suffice, and you can use America‚€™s Secret Service to provide security.  Have them worship a 40-foot owl, to help destroy any religious loyalties they might have.  Each mid-summer, spend three weeks or so planning the coming year‚€˜s global trade, international commerce, national and international politics, and "sustainability"......find the ideal number of inhabitants the earth can comfortably handle, and can be efficiently controlled, while replenishing all necessary elements as they are used.

Then plan for ways to reduce the population from its current six billion to a more manageable four billion, by planning to get rid of the elderly, the sick, the crippled, and the generally unproductive first.  Then you can move on to the undesirables.....homosexuals, smokers, fat people, and the rebellious.   After 35 years of dumbing down the masses, 90% will do as they are told without question.  You can use Presidio of San Francisco, formerly a military base, to set up your study groups and think tanks, right under the noses of the people you are planning to enslave.  They will never notice.

When local Californians near Bohemian Grove, and nosy rank and file reporters, start to ask questions (they will see these world leaders, media moguls and key anchors, financial magnates, key military leaders who must be included so as to handle any potential insurrections, traveling through airports, in limousines, and private planes as they assemble in a single general location, and they will certainly be aware of all the stepped-up security), tell everyone it is an annual vacation where top, influential people gather in protected privacy to relax and let their hair down.

It must be a men-only organization.   You can even invite a little media coverage, provided it is well controlled.   In that way, your operation is safe if a few people get too nosy.  The people will buy your explanations, provided they are plausible, and they will "go away."  Just keep all outsiders away from the actual planning sessions and secret exchanges.

Soon it will be time to confiscate all privately-owned firearms.  You will have to plan this carefully because it cannot be done all at once.  With the most precise coordination, hit small places first, concentrating on the more isolated areas in "flyover" country.  Keep the media occupied somewhere else with a few clever diversions, and this can be done quietly.

You can use military and civilian law enforcement teams you have trained under FEMA supervision, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.  No one will object; most don‚€™t even know the concept.  This will give you an opportunity to use the hundreds of thousands of foreign troops you have been training in obscure locations here in the States for the past five years.  They won‚€™t hesitate to shoot first and ask questions later, because they won‚€™t be shooting their own countrymen.

Then, reorganize your forces and hit the medium-sized towns and small cities next.  They will be the toughest, so you will need all your forces to descend upon the target areas simultaneously.  Use a combined force of U.S. and United Nations troops.  Once that is done, then the big cities and metropolitan areas will be a piece of cake.  Fewer guns, per capita, exist in major cities because they are so overcrowded.  People who would carry guns in smaller areas do not do so in the crowded big-city environments.

When you think the time is right, have the U. S. president to declare martial law.  Instruct the sheep and incarcerate the dissidents.  Now, you can take your time and issue new instructions for the orderly completion of your economic and physical enslavement.  Now you can.....if you haven‚€™t already.....remove the money, implant the biometric monitoring devices, and begin rationing all foodstuffs, goods and services.

Using the boundaries established in the United Nations Biosphere maps, you can isolate each section into groups of 50,000 or fewer, forbid their travel outside their assigned areas, and exert absolute control.   So long as you keep them separated and censor the controlled news which is disseminated, a world peace will be within reach......there will be little freedom for the masses, but there will be peace and your elite managers will have freedoms to do pretty much as they wish.

I could go on.  There is SO MUCH more which needs to be beaten into the skulls of all Americans.  I am grateful you have read this far, but you may well be just beginning if you explore the sites I have furnished at the end.

Numerous links are furnished below which will give you reference reading and improve your mental picture of what is to come in the United States of America.  Believing it or not  is your choice.  Call the foregoing a theory if you like, but nearly every last aspect of this scenario either has already been done, already exists, or is feasibly "do-able" under present day conditions, with technology now existing.

I‚€™m copyrighting this paper.   Why would I risk my own safety?  First, I love God.  Secondly, I love this country.  I joined the Army at 18, willing to die, if necessary, for the country, my family, and my God.  I went to Vietnam three times, all voluntarily, prepared once again to die, if necessary.  In 1985, I was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and given 18 months to live, by four doctors, three of whom are now dead.

Why have I survived this long?   Because God still has something he wants me to do.  Since He doesn‚€™t write me notes.....and I couldn‚€™t read His handwriting if He did.....then I can only guess.  Maybe this is IT.  Maybe it isn‚€™t.  I just know I cannot shrink from what He MAY want of me.  What does He want of YOU?  Is there a role here that you can play?

"None are so helplessly enslaved as those who
mistakenly believe themselves to be free" - Goethe

Can we really ignore the great conspiracy.....the master plan....and its many sub-conspiracies as mere theories?   Is the demonizing of the messengers as "conspiracy theorists" really just a conspiracy to avoid the all costs?  The conspirators are organized; they are more than just powerful.  They are out to control us and everything in the world that can be owned.

It's not just a theory anymore.

The documentation is overwhelming.

Is what you‚€™re living for worth dying for?  Or at least worth standing up for?  This country was founded by only a few good men who were willing to take that pledge.  It doesn‚€™t take an entire society to bring about change, it only takes a few brave leaders.....the masses will follow obediently.

Just look at what a few South Central Los Angeles criminals have done to society‚€™s appearance.  They pulled their pants down to hide the surveillance ankle bracelets they wore during probation, called it "the new style" when questioned, and America‚€™s youth wasted no time emulating its "leaders."

Will you become a leader for positive good?   Will you help to educate the masses and help us find the few good leaders we need to help us?

Permit me to repeat a fact I listed at the beginning of this paper:

"When an honestly mistaken man comes face-to-face with the truth,
he must either cease being mistaken or quit being honest."

I ask you to do two things.  First, educate as many people as you can.  Secondly, join the drive to Washington in November, and recruit everyone you can find to join you.

Copyright September 2002
       Fred Marshall Jr.
May be reproduced and distributed for information only,
in accordance with the provisions of Title 17 USC,
Section 107, in non-profit endeavors only.

"Give me control of a nation's money, and I care
not who makes its laws." - Mayer Rothchild
"Those who own the country ought to govern it." -- John Jay, American statesman and first Chief Justice of US Supreme Court, 1745-1829
"If there are men in this country big enough to own the government of the United States, they are going to own it." -- Woodrow Wilson, presidential candidate,1912 -The Nation magazine, July 3, 2000, p5   (Corporate Government?)
" Scare the hell out of the American people." -- Senator Arthur Vandenburg, telling President Truman what the he needed to do in order  to tax the American people to pay for the weapons and covert activities of the U.S. National Security State
"We need a common enemy to unite us." -- Condoleeza Rice, National Security Advisor, March 2000
"We are potentially the most dangerous agency in the country." -- FBI Director Louis Freeh, to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, 1997
"The major function of secrecy in Washington is to keep the U.S. people ... from knowing what the nation's leaders are doing." -- John Stockwell, former CIA official and author
"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." -- Adolf Hitler
What's happened in America today is too many people live in areas where there's no family structure, no community structure and no work structure.  And so there's a lot of irresponsibility. And so a lot of people say there's too much personal freedom.  When personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit it...." -- President Bill Clinton
"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." -- Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderburgers meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.
"We should cease to talk about vague and unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better." -- George Kennan, head of U.S. State Department Policy Planning Staff, 1948
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