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FBI Profiler-Candice DeLong.
Premeditated murder of Chandra Levy.
Chandra knew Rock Creek Park was dangerous.
She would not have gone there along!
Her body was found 300 yards from running path..
UPDATED: The Chandra Mystery-MSNBC-05/25/02

Chandra Levy Saves GW Bush
What an amazing coincidence!
Chandra Levy's body turns up just in time to distract the entire US media from questions about what the Bush administration knew before 9/11. Her body miraculously appears in a wooded area that was thoroughly searched by police officials after her disappearance. It's "discovered" just in time to bounce all questions about Bush right out of the news. Will we get to hear more about the man who was, "looking for turtles" and found her? I doubt it.

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Gary Condit settles lawsuit with tabloids involving intern Chandra ...
KVIA, TX - Sep 9, 2004
... Gary Condit is settling a libel lawsuit against three tabloid newspapers over stories connecting him to the death and disappearance of intern Chandra Levy. ...

Wed Aug 1 12:18:04 2001

Cheney provides Condit with an alibi for May 1st,
"we now have the Wall Street Journal writing, on page one, about the
[Bush] rumors" "Cheney, Condit Met on Crucial Day in Intern Case
Saturday July 21 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Rep. Gary Condit (news - bio -
voting record) met with Vice President Dick Cheney (news - web
sites) on the afternoon of May 1, Cheney's spokeswoman confirmed on
Saturday-a meeting that took place at the time police say intern
Chandra Levy logged off her laptop computer for the last time and
disappeared. "They (Condit and Cheney) met on May 1 at 12:30 (p.m.).
The meeting lasted about 25 minutes," said Cheney spokeswoman
Juleanna Glover Weiss, adding the two discussed the California energy
crisis. 'There was nothing unusual about the meeting in any
aspect,'she said. Asked if anyone from the Washington, D.C., police
department had contacted Cheney or his office about the investigation
of Levy's disappearance, Glover Weiss responded, "Not that I'm aware
of." Levy was last seen on April 30. Her disappearance, under
investigation as a missing person case, has drawn international media
attention because of her relationship with Condit. Police sources
have told reporters that Condit, 53, admitted in his last interview
with police he was having an affair with Levy. Police officials have
repeatedly said Condit, who is married, is not a suspect in Levy's
disappearance. Newsweek, quoting White House and law enforcement
sources, reported on its Web site on Friday that Condit, a California
Democrat, had a private meeting with Cheney on Capitol Hill on May 1.
D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey has said Levy, 24, was in her
apartment on the afternoon of May 1, sending e-mail and looking at
Internet sites. Newsweek said an analysis of the hard drive on Levy's
computer showed she signed off at about 1 p.m., the last moment for
which police can account for her. Citing police sources and Condit's
lawyers, Newsweek said Condit had accounted for his entire day on May
1. "He was in his office (that afternoon)," an unidentified law
enforcement official was quoted as saying. "We've spoken to his staff
and we're comfortable with their responses. His time is accounted
"WASHINGTON-Rep. Gary Condit inhabits the limbo peculiar to public
figures whose private lives come into the
spotlight. Publicly, the Ceres Democrat continues political business
as usual. He has met twice with
President Bush in recent days, at the White House and at Sequoia
National Park.",1113,273273,00.html
"I'm so very pleased that three members of the United States Congress
are here, three really fine public servants-Cal Dooley,Gary Condit,
and George Radanovich. Thank you all so much for coming."
May 30, 2001 excerpted from Dubya's speech at Sequoia National Park
"Who's in Bush's Cabinet?
A look at the loyal GOP soldiers and palatable Dems likely to be
invited into a Bush-Cheney White House.
Democratic turncoats Gary Condit of California,(was among those
mentioned ) as possible picks for Bush cabinet slots"

"Gang members then and now." Five rebellious Democrats, dubbed the
"Gang of 5" by reporters, made a deal with the 36-member Republican
caucus in 1988 to form a bare majority of the 80-member Assembly and
oust legendary Speaker Willie Brown. The quarrelsome quintet demanded
a private meeting of Democratic members to declare that they would
join with Republicans to hand the speakership to a
GOP leader if Brown didn't step down in favor of one of the rebels.
But before they got to that subject, the ever-wily Brown made an
announcement: Republican Assemblyman Richard Longshore had died the
night before. Suddenly, the Gang of 5 no longer could form a 41-vote
majority and the rebellion, for all intents, was over. The gang
members -(included) Gary Condit.- Condit segued into Congress,
representing an upper San Joaquin Valley district and creating a
powerful local political machine. He also has become a
very influential, if unofficial, adviser to Davis on water and
agricultural matters. There have been published reports that Condit
could become a Democratic member of President-elect George W. Bush's
Cabinet, perhaps as agriculture secretary."
Condit was among 19 House signatories of an anti-Indian letter to
Bush which may be found at (site down 11/16/05)
other house signers included such "luminaries" as Congressman Dan
Burton (R-IN) and Congressman James Traficant (D-OH) see also
"The 18th is represented by Condit, a conservative, pro-life Democrat
who leads the Blue Dogs and continues to win with comfortable margins.
Condit faced no major party opposition in 1998; a Libertarian
challenger picked up 13 percent of the vote."
"In 1995, he became a founding member of the Blue Dog Democrats, a
conservative House group willing to side with Republicans on key
issues. He was one of only a few Democrats who joined President
George W. Bush's tax-cut signing ceremony. In this booming but still
rural swath of California, where conservative Democrats are nearly
interchangeable with the preferred Republican Party."
Condit was among "10 Democrats who broke ranks and voted for
(Dubya's) tax cut."
(as was James A. Traficant Jr. (OH) ) (site down 11/16/05)
"Strengthening UMRA has been a legislative priority of the 105th
Congress. Senator Spencer Abraham (R-MI) and Representative Gary
Condit (D-CA), for example, introduced the Mandates Information Act
(H.R. 1010 and S. 389) to toughen the UMRA by extending the use of the
"point of order" to private-sector mandates, which would prohibit
additional floor action unless it was waived by majority vote. In
addition, it would direct the CBO to inform Congress about the effects
of mandates on consumers, workers, and small businesses. The bill has
been opposed by some environmental groups." ?
"The "Blue Dog"Democrats (including Gary Condit) (meant to contrast
with "Yellow Dog" loyalist Democrats) organize to push their party
toward the right."
"Agribusiness: Top Recipients Rank 1 Candidate Bush, George W Amount
$2,641,602 Rank 13 Candidate Condit, Gary A (D-CA) Amount $840,770" (site down 11/16/05)
"a group of Central Valley Congressmen (Doolittle, Fazio, Pombo,
Radanovich, Thomis, Dooley and Condit) have introduced H.R. 1906, a
bill drafted by the Central Valley Project Water Association (which
represents the contractors who receive highly subsidized water from
the federal Central Valley Project (CVP)). This bill would decimate
all of the CVPIA's environmental benefits of restoring rivers,
fisheries and wildlife refuges (including the San Francisco
bay/delta), while at the same time actually increasing subsidies to
already highly subsidized agribusiness water users. According to
George Miller (D-CA), author of the 1992 CVPIA, "The agribusiness
legislation introduced today is not a serious effort to correct
alleged flaws in the Central Valley Improvement Act. It's a bald-faced
effort by the subsidized, corporate irrigators to recapture their
control of 85% of the project's water. What's wrong" with the CVPIA in
their view, is that the environment won, the California economy won,
the taxpayers won-and the subsidized irrigators lost. The Doolittle
bill is nothing more than their effort to reverse history, at great
expense to the taxpayers of America and the environment of California.
AWA Whitewater Online, 19 December 1995."
Remember that list of Condit contributors?
EXCERPTED FROM: "Condit, Gary A PAC Contributions, 1999-2000 (as of
December 1, 2000)
Lets take some of them 1 at a time. Enron Corp and its alleged
relationship to the Bush Cheney gang
can be delved into in some depth by doing a search at the archives of down) Koch Industries "David H.
Koch of Koch Industries, a massive oil company, sits
on the board of the Reason Foundation and is also a funder. Koch
Industries is currently under two unrelated investigations by the EPA
for environmental violations in Minnesota and the
southwest, and has paid millions in environmental fines for other
violations of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. Pacific Research
Institute has received funding from most of the large conservative
foundations: Sarah Scaife Foundation, the David H. Koch Foundation,
the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and the John M. Olin
Foundation. The Pacific Research Institute recently published
Environmental Gore, A Constructive Response to Earth in the Balance." "Petrodollar
Scholars Billionaire oilmen Charles and David Koch are fast joining
the Scaifes, the Olins, the Bradleys and the Smith-Richardsons as
major funding sources for the conservative movement's powerful "third
stream" of political money, channeled from philanthropic foundations
into right-wing causes. The Koch foundations now lavish $4 million to
$5 million a year on anti-regulatory "free market" think tanks and
other groups- To advance their goals, the Kochs have entered into a
pragmatic alliance with Republican politicians.. ROBERT PARRY" "My name is Doro
Bush Koch. I'm proud to be the sister of George W. Bush." (site down)

"Last night the sister of the next President of the United States,
Doro Bush Koch, a resident of Montgomery Co., represented Maryland for
our roll call vote. I was reminded of what a great Republican Party we
have in Maryland."
"Kicked in the Koch An oil pipeline company a bit too close to Slick
Dubya for comfort faces indictment by David J. Gonzo Friday, August
4, 2000 -- NEW YORK (AmpolNS) -- Well, golly, gee! In the wake of what
one senior Republican official described as "the biggest orgy of
hedonism in the history of politics," and at just the time when sound
bites from George W. Bush's
GOP Convention acceptance speech- short on specifics and originality,
long on cheap shots against Bill Clinton and Al Gore-are making the
rounds of the cable news shows, the candidate finds himself saddled
with a potential felon in his own backyard, tied to him by family!
The story got buried by the major newspapers and wire services, but
here's the gist: the U.S. Department of Justice has informed
Kansas-based Koch Petroleum, one of the nation's largest oil pipeline
companies, that it will face indictment on environmental charges in
Texas that are about to be turned over to a grand jury, according to
unnamed federal officials cited in news reports. The indictment stems
from evidence that five Koch employees conspired to conceal problems
in concerning the monitoring of benzene, a cancer-causing chemical, at
Koch's Corpus Christi refinery in the mid-1990s, by filing a
deceptive report concerning its benzene levels-and that a state
regulatory official pre-approved the language! Koch Petroleum is, by
the way, a major donor to the Republican Party. And some Republicans,
including Texas Congressman Dick Armey, are trying to raise questions
of "timing"-but it's funny how Armey and his allies ignore a few
facts: first, an investigation has been underway since 1996; second,
Koch sought court delays to keep the documents secret and have the
matter dealt with by Bush Administration state regulators rather than
the EPA; and third, an agreement between Koch and the federal
government to extend the statute of limitations has just expired
Another problem for Koch: Texas officials now say they intend to
support the federal investigation of Koch as part of a joint task
force. Also, the pipeline moguls look to be a repeat offender: earlier
in the year, Koch settled one case concerning oil leaks in six states
out of court with a record $35 million payment to the government, and
it also pleaded guilty in Minnesota to discharging oil into streams
there and paid an $8 million fine. Here's the follow-the-money
skinny: Koch Petroleum and executive David Koch have given well over
$200,000 to the GOP this election; employees have donated $27,500 to
Bush's presidential bid; Koch Petroleum has thrown a whopping
$225,000 in PAC money to GOP candidates for Congress. And this story
may be a little too close to George W. Bush for comfort: his sister,
Doro Bush Koch, is married to one Bobby Koch, a member of the
petro-business clan and Beltway lobbyist for (and senior vice
president of) the San Francisco-based Wine Institute. Doro has been
rumored to have been the biggest fundraiser of all of her brother's
$100,000-plus "Pioneers." Wonder where she found all that money-the
in-laws, maybe? Who says oil and wine don't mix? 'Nuff said. "
Walt Disney Co is another Condit contributor. R RATED BUSH'S BILLION
DOLLAR DISNEY DEAL "-Gov. George W. Bush was on the board of directors
of a company that raised $1 billion to finance Walt Disney Co.movies"
TRW is a Condit Contributor as is Union Pacific. "Cheney is also a
corporate director of such giant companies as Procter and Gamble,
TRW, EDS, US West, Union Pacific and Lockheed Martin,
the world's largest defense contractor. His wife, the rabidly
reactionary Lynne Cheney, earned $300K as a board director on many of
the same firms."
Chevron Corp is another Condit Contributor .


Sat Apr 30, 2005 16:45

While in California, Levy had served as an intern with then California Governor Gray Davis. There she discovered the private world of high level politicians, many of whom live wild satanic sex lives. As an intern in the Federal Bureau of Prisons during the winter and spring of 2001, she worked in the Public Affairs section, and Press Office. Chandra's co workers at the Bureau of Prisons praised her work and noted that Chandra was very computer literate. Her last duties at BOP before her unexpected termination, and her disappearance, involved helping arrange media coverage of Timothy McVeigh's execution, originally scheduled for May 16 2001. Chandra was in a perfect position to have access to highly classified data about McVeigh, that linked him to U.S. intelligence operations involving CIA sponsored terrorism, both here and abroad. Chandra would easily be able to obtain this information pertaining to McVeigh, and more importantly, related inside information to the impending 9-11 attacks. Her disappearance was conveniently just two weeks before McVeigh's scheduled execution. Due to the discovery of documents that had not been given to McVeigh's defense team, his execution was rescheduled and carried out on June 11, 2001. Rumors ran strong with speculation about the date of Chandra's disappearance, May 1 2001, and McVeigh's two execution dates. The information that Chandra Levy possessed would have been far more damaging to the government, and their desire to eliminate the potential loose cannon, McVeigh.

Chandra would also have easy access to information concerning members of the Bin Laden Family residing in the U.S., some of whom had national security contracts with the U.S. Government. Osama bin Laden, contrary to the lies put out by the corporate media, was not on the outs with his family, who secretly funded him. It's no coincidence that right after 9-11, the FBI arranged by plane to whisk many Bin Laden Family members out of the U.S.. Chandra had access to records detailing the clandestine business arrangements between the U.S. government and the Bin Laden Family, along with McVeigh's ties to CIA sponsored domestic and foreign terrorists, all of which would be of great interest to the Israeli government. As I've said, Gary Condit was a senior member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, privy to closed door sessions dealing with covert operations of the spy community. Chandra was reportedly pumping Condit for hot information, in return for sexual favors. In a People Magazine interview on September 9, 2001, Condit indicated Chandra had a strong interest in the McVeigh case, terrorism, and the middle east. "She was much more interested in those things than I was", Condit recalled. The massive publicity evaporated when America was attacked September 11, 2001. Condit demanded of Levy total discretion when it came to ANYTHING concerning their relationship. That included not only private information about his perverted sexual misconduct, but also any INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION she might come across in the course of their relationship.

Anyone "connecting the dots" would have to conclude that Chandra Levy had come upon some of the most incredible intelligence secrets in history, including the plan to use huge terrorist strikes in America to justify global wars, finance the military industrial complex, and justify a police state here at home in a huge power grab. David Schippers, Chief Council for the House Judiciary Committee and head prosecutor responsible for conducting the impeachment against former President Clinton, has now gone public revealing that in the months BEFORE the 9-11 attacks, many FBI agents had come to him informing him about the impending attacks. These agents knew the names of the hijackers, the targets of their attacks, the proposed dates, and the sources of the terrorists' funding, etc., many months in advance of the 9/11 attacks. The FBI command pulled them off of their investigations into these terrorists and threatened them with the National Security Act. They told them that if they talked about any of the information pertaining to their investigations that they would be prosecuted. So many of them sought the council of Mr. Schippers wanting to get somebody in the U.S. government to take action against these terrorists before their plan could be implemented. Mr. Schippers talked to many Congressmen and Senators, and tried to get a hold of Att. Gen. John Ashcroft, all only to get the run-around.


As with Waco, the OKC bombing, and of course 9-11, the establishment put their spin on the Levy story, and nothing more is said. The truth about Chandra Levy will never be told by the mainstream media. Condit lost his bid for re-election, the global wars are raging, with more being planned, and Chandra Levy is just a faded memory. Another lie told, another lie accepted. Mission accomplished. Let's move on. Do not make the mistake of thinking that September 11, 2001 happened the way they brainwashed you to think it did. And try to understand the true nature of the people who control this global government. Illusion is the name of their game, and they're quite skilled at it. They should be. It's a game they've been playing for such a long time.

Alex Jones To Change Website Name
by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani

America, there are traitors in the land. Traitors in government positions, now masquerading as conservatives, but they are really corrupt one world government socialists, bent on the destruction of America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and your freedom, in order to usher in their long dreamed of tyrannical New World Order, global government. It's time for the true patriots of this country to wake up and face the glaring facts, to move outside the box of the false paradigm of left/right politics, to realize that globalists have seized control of both the Democrat and Republican Parties, and their agenda is the same. No matter which party is in power, the globalist agenda and the incremental destruction of America steadily marches forward. It's time to wake up and take a stand against these corrupt criminals. Your families future and the future of America depend on it. You owe it to your country, your family, and yourselves to see the massive deception in government and media, and then do your part to sound the alarm. All opinions on these types of issues are welcome on this message board. MY WEBSITE IS:


MEDIUM RARE - By Jim Rarey -

August 13, 2001

[This is the fourth in a series of articles by the author based on the premise
that Chandra Levy's disappearance and presumed death resulted from information
she could have uncovered from Bureau of Prison records as part of her official
duties there. (See bottom of this article for reference to earlier articles.)]

Whether or not Chandra actually had knowledge of the two massive government
cover-ups discussed in this article, the possibility or perception that she
did (or was actively pursuing either of them) would make her dangerous to
powerful people and would be reason enough for her elimination.

Before rejecting the idea that a "mere" intern could have such an impact, the
reader should delve into Chandra's background as discussed in this writer's
article "Chandra's Dangerous Knowledge." The information in that article came
mostly from an in-depth story by Washington Times reporter Frank Murray.
Chandra was not an "ordinary" intern.

Chandra was peripherally involved in the Oklahoma City bombing story as she
worked with journalists and TV personalities arranging coverage of Timothy
McVeigh's execution.

One of the key figures discussed in previous articles was Dr. Louis Jolyon
West. (There is a minor flap on the Internet over the spelling of his middle
name, at least three versions of which have appeared in various documents
and stories.)

Dr. West was one of the premiere scientists involved in mind control
experiments, supported by the CIA. He worked closely with Sidney Gottlieb,
director of the CIA's infamous MK-ULTRA mind control program.

West allegedly visited McVeigh up to seventeen times in prison and may (it
is speculated) have been instrumental in persuading McVeigh to remain silent
about coconspirators in the OKC bombing.

This becomes plausible when coupled with McVeigh's claim that he was implanted
with a (biotelemetric) microchip during the Gulf war. Mind control researcher
Alex Constantine has documented (in his article, "The Good Soldier") the
tremendous scientific advances made in mind control since the early days of
Gottlieb and West's experiments with LSD. (West is said to have accidentally
killed a bull elephant with an overdose of LSD, possibly leading to his
nickname of "Jolly.")

But West may also have changed the course of recorded history in relation to
the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Again in a prison venue, Dr. West "examined" Jack Ruby after his conviction
for killing alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. At the time, Ruby had been
begging Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Earl Warren to bring him to
Washington so he could tell his complete story. Warren refused, for security
reasons, but condescended to meet with Ruby at the prison.

In a somewhat rambling (drug induced?) conversation with Warren, Ruby again
pleaded with Warren to be left alone in the room with the Chief Justice, which
was refused. Ruby was portrayed in the media as  being paranoid and incoherent
in that interview. Ruby died in prison,  reportedly of cancer, before his
appeal had been heard.

Dr. West was one of a number of psychiatrists "appointed" by the court to
examine Ruby. Several years later, before the House Select Committee on
Assassinations, chaired by liberal Democrat Louis Stokes of Ohio, Alan
Adelson (a Southfield, Michigan attorney who had represented both Jack
Ruby and his brother Earl) testified about Dr. West's involvement.

Adelson said West was the last psychiatrist to deal with Ruby (Jack) and
the only one to diagnose paranoia. All the other psychiatrists and
psychologists were working with attorney F. Lee Bailey developing a
"psychomotor epilepsy" defense for Ruby, he said. Adelson also added that
he (Adelson) had extensive conversations with West about Jack's paranoia,
both in Dallas and Detroit.

The select committee issued a controversial report concluding that President
Kennedy had been killed by a conspiracy involving more than one person.

Adelson died around 1986 at the age of 55. Dr. West passed away in January
of 1999 at his home in Los Angeles, reportedly of cancer, at the age of 74
shortly after stories surfaced on the web about his visits to McVeigh.

What would Ruby have said to Earl Warren in a one on one? We will never know.

Another government coverup waiting to unravel, which could be triggered by
records at the Bureau of Prisons, covers a litany of names familiar to
researchers of CIA involvement in drug and arms smuggling.

Carlos Lehder (Rivas), a cofounder of the Medellin drug cartel in Columbia,
was tried in the U.S. and sentenced to life plus 135 years in prison. In
return for his "key" testimony against former Panamanian dictator (and CIA
asset) Manuel Noriega, Lehder's sentence was reduced to fifty-five years,
reportedly without the possibility of parole.

During Chandra's tenure at the Bureau of Prisons, a major story on the
Internet (with convincing documentation) involves claims that Lehder is
out of prison and traveling freely around the world. A separate rumor
(not confirmed) is that Lehder is in Russia helping the CIA to set up
drug distribution networks.

Both Lehder and Noriega are said to have extensive knowledge of the CIA's
involvement in drug smuggling and distribution. At Noriega's trial in Miami
the federal judge suppressed all mention of the CIA, much as the federal
judge in McVeigh's Denver trial refused to let witnesses testify about the
government's prior knowledge of the OKC bombing and probable involvement
of government agents.

Could Chandra have come across any Bureau of Prison records that confirm any
part of either of these two blockbuster issues? Just a visitor's log
confirming West's visits to McVeigh or documentation of Lehder's release
from prison could have proved fatal to Chandra.

The author's next article will pose a number of questions that either need
answers or apparently have never been asked.

Related articles available on request from

Condit's Rock and a Hard Place

Chandra's Dangerous Knowledge

Condit: The Circling of the Wagons

Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety.

The author is a free lance writer based in Romulus, Michigan. He is a
former newspaper editor and investigative reporter, a retired customs
administrator and accountant, and a student of history and the U.S.

If you would like to receive Medium Rare articles directly, please contact
us at

Although not necessary, we would appreciate an indication of the city and/or
state or country (If outside the USA) in which you are located to give us an
idea as to where our articles are being received.

CIA + CONDIT + Chandra Levy + Timothy McVeigh
The Circling of the Wagons


susan-carlson3.BMP (1228854 bytes)
Execution Eye Witness

Note: Susan Carlson was a friend of Chandra Levy!
Execution Eye Witness - Susan Carlson, Media Witness: 4 min. 27 sec.
"he appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow
breathing, even after being pronounced dead and his eyes remained open".
(Windows Media Player) - See and hear this first!
Execution Eye Witness


Okc boming cover-up:

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Jim Rarey
Tue Jul 31 11:39:38 2001

By Jim Rarey

July 31, 2001


This writer has been challenged by several subscribers to provide more
information on which the scenario was based in the Medium Rare article of July
26th (Condit’s Rock and a Hard Place). In that article it was postulated that
Chandra Levi may have come into possession of information that made her
dangerous to powerful people, not necessarily Gary Condit, that required her

Consequently, please bear with us while we "build the case."

It appears obvious that Chandra is (was) a bright inquisitive girl and young
woman with a penchant for intrigue.

In high school Chandra joined the Explorer Scouts police program where she
sometimes worked undercover to catch retailers selling alcohol to minors. She
was also a writer for the school newspaper.

After her 1995 high school graduation she spent four years at San Francisco
State University majoring in journalism with a minor in criminal justice. She
entered the graduate program at the University of Southern California (USC)
working toward, and earning, a masters degree in public administration.

The USC program required a number of internships in lieu of a dissertation,
which Chandra fulfilled with a vengeance.

An in depth article by Washington Times writer Frank J. Murray, entitled "Who
is Chandra Levy," outlines an extensive and curious convergence with the
Condit family.

>From August 1998 to August 1999 she was an editorial assistant in the sports
department of the Modesto Bee newspaper, a part of a newspaper chain including
the Sacramento Bee which is a left leaning partisan supporter of California

Overlapping that internship was a stint at the Modesto police department where
she worked as a clerk. Condit’s older brother is a Modesto police officer who
was demoted in rank stemming from unauthorized purchases and disposal of
firearms from the police inventory of confiscated weapons.

During the period she was with the police department, Chandra, then 22, had a
year-long affair with another police officer Mark Steele, ten years her senior.
Steele, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, said Chandra took it hard
when he broke off the relationship and continued to pursue him. Steel is no
longer with the department.

For three months in 1999, ending in December, Chandra interned in the lobbying
office of Republican Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan.

>From February to June 2000 she interned on the legal staff of Democrat Governor
Gray Davis. Two of Gary Condit’s offspring were also on Davis’ staff at that
time. Son Chad was the governor’s liaison to the Central Valley at a starting
salary of $95,234 a year. Daughter Cadee made $30,000 a year as a Davis press
aide. It is not known if Chandra knew or even met Condit’s daughter and son.

In October of 2000 Chandra started her intern job at the Bureau of Prisons in
Washington, D.C. According to Murray’s article, "Her job at the Bureau of
Prisons information office required her to do Internet searches and scan
newspapers to prepare daily news summaries, answer telephone calls and mail, and
help with special projects. In one, she coordinated media attendance at planning
sessions for the execution of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh." (Emphasis

According to a Washington Post story, Chandra’s duties also included researching
Bureau of Prison records.

In an earlier article, this writer had speculated that Chandra, during her
research, may have come across evidence supporting allegations made on the
Internet that Dr. Louis Jolyn (Jolly) West had visited McVeigh in prison a
number of times. One such article asserted the number of visits was seventeen.

Dr. West (since conveniently deceased) was deeply involved in mind control
experiments with ties to the CIA. At one time West had tried to set up a
department at UCLA, where he was a professor, involving melting of brain
synapses to control the subjects’ minds. These rumors had fostered the belief in
some that McVeigh was indeed a "Manchurian Candidate" programmed for the
Oklahoma bombing. McVeigh at one time claimed that a microchip had been
implanted in him while in the service.

It is entirely reasonable to suggest that Chandra may have uncovered such
evidence during her search of bureau records. If she let the wrong person,
including Condit, know she had that evidence, she may have signed her own death

In the writer’s last article, it was also suggested that the intelligence
community might be trying to divert attention from Condit to relieve pressure on
him from some damaging disclosure he could make.

Supporting that suspicion is one fact of which knowledgable readers will
immediately grasp the significance. The FBI’s lead investigator on the Levy case
is one Bradley J. Garrett. According to author and investigative reporter Todd
Fahey, who specializes in intelligence affairs, Garrett was the FBI’s lead
investigator in the murder of intern Mary Caitlan Mahoney at a Georgetown
Starbucks coffeeshop as well as the "suicide" of White House Counsel Vince

If there is a diversion or cover-up in progress, this writer does not believe it
is to save Gary Condit. It most surely would be to hide a much larger issue with
national security implications.

Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety.

The author is a free lance writer based in Romulus, Michigan. He is a former
newspaper editor and investigative reporter, a retired customs administrator and
accountant, and a student of history and the U.S. Constitution.

If you would like to receive Medium Rare articles directly, please contact us at

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Sherman H. Skolnick
THE CHANDRA LEVY AFFAIR by Sherman H. Skolnick
Sun Jul 22 22:59:03 2001

THE CHANDRA LEVY AFFAIR by Sherman H. Skolnick

Some stories remain incomplete. Sometimes for months. Sometimes for
years. In the beginning, they may sound like notes of a conspiracy theory.
BUT, notice, our principal activity for more than four decades as a research
and investigation group devoted to the public interest, has been fingering
corrupt judges and probing political murders. We are NOT conspiracy
theorists. A crooked judges does not get sent to jail, as we have caused again
and again, by pie in the sky and mere philosophy. Pursuing matters
accomplishes much.

Otherwise reliable sources, known to us for decades but never identified to
preserve their position and safety, have urged us to pursue the following
details. The story is obviously incomplete. To get the public to think
differently than the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, we offer the
following notes. YOU be the judge for this moment.

[1] SOME BACKGROUND. We were the first and probably among the very
few to point out that Monica Lewinsky was reportedly positioned from an
early age to be a Mata Hari type, to use sex to infiltrate the Clinton White
House. From all the known facts, we were convinced and remain convinced,
she was reportedly a creature of renegade units of Israeli intelligence, The
Mossad. Apparently the acting deputy chief for North America for The
Mossad was Rahm Emanuel, on and off for some six years Clinton White
House Senior Advisor.

If you understand "spook" work, black bag operatives, and such, you can
comprehend our assertion that Rahm was both a Clinton loyalist and a
contributor to his scandals by way of manipulating him, all at the same time.

[2] Monica's father was originally from Central America. He was ostensibly a
"sleeper agent" for The Mossad. That is, an intelligence asset pressed into
service when and as needed. {Monica's father, like Chandra Levy's father, is
an oncologist, tumor and cancer specialist.]

[3] Many have forgotten that Monica was later sent by Clinton to hold a key
position in the Pentagon, as assistant to the Press Chief. She traveled on
occasion with one or more of the top Pentagon officials. She admits one such
official got her pregnant and she required an abortion. Her purpose, as we
understood it, was to infiltrate close to the top U.S. military, including the
Chiefs of Staff. Her task? To try to sniff out reportedly the names and details
of the small circle of flag officers, Admirals and Generals, plotting, as
authorized by the Military Code, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton
for treason. If Clinton were to have them arrested for mutiny, if they survived
and were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with
documented charges, for example, of Clinton's treason with the head of the
Red Chinese Secret Police. [Visit our extensive website series on the "Red
Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".]

As we have incorporated details in past exclusive stories, there have been
some 24 of these flag officers. Ten have been assassinated, including Admiral
Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, and General David McCloud,
head of the Alaska Military District. Of those who survived, they took up
residence, out-of-uniform, in a Paris suburb, protected by the French CIA. So
far as we can determine, we are the only ones, through our exclusive stories,
to write about this subject of these very brave top military officers. Some
three times during the Clinton White House they quietly returned to the U.S.
Someday, no doubt a book will come out about this chapter in American
history. Assisting these flag officers was former Director of Central
Intelligence, William Colby, himself assassinated in 1996 and made falsely to
seem to be a boat accident.

[4] After leaving the Clinton White House, Rahm Emanuel became a
Managing Director of an alleged "investment banker", Wasserstein Perella.
Their reputed specialty? Apparently laundering funds of the Red Chinese
Secret Police through the Chicago markets. [Details in various of our website

Are the following apparent events a mere coincidence, a similarity, or what?

[5] Chandra Ann Levy as she became active was about the same age as
Monica Lewinsky. And some surmise, Levy was reportedly a creation of
renegade units of The Mossad, but not authorized as such by the State of
Israel Government.

[6] Like Monica, the reputed purpose of Chandra was to infiltrate. To use her
womanly wiles to find out things. She reportedly had a boyfriend in the FBI.
She became an intern in THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS, the winter
and spring leading up to the date set originally, May 16, 2001, for the
execution of Timothy McVeigh, described by the pressfakers as "the lone
bomber". Cynics called him "Lee Harvey McVeigh", drawing an example of
the alleged "lone assassin" of President John F. Kennedy.

[7] Ms Levy became friendly with Gary Condit, Democrat Congressman from
her home district in California. He is from California's 18th Congressional
District. Plainly, Condit was reportedly in a position to know highly classified
data about McVeigh and the intelligence agencies. With topmost security
clearance, Cong. Condit is a member of the House Permanent Select
Committee on Intelligence. The type of data Denver Trial Judge Richard
Matsch refused to require the U.S. Government to turn over to McVeigh's
Chief Defense Counsel, Stephen Jones. For Mcveigh, prior to the 1997
murder trial, Jones filed an extra-ordinary Petition in the next higher tribunal,
U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit, Denver, McVeigh versus Judge Matsch,
to try to compel Judge Matsch to require the data to be turned over to Jones.
The federal appeals judges likewise refused. Judge Matsch, and the higher
court judges, could easily be intimidated by the American CIA, reminding the
judges about how several years prior, Judge Matsch's daughter Elizabeth was
apparently murdered.

Judge Matsch was the one who covered up the billions of dollars of purported
embezzlement done by Neil Bush, son of the Elder Bush. The rip-off was done
of and through a Denver savings and loan, Silverado. [Visit our website
series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" with documents attached of
secret Federal Reserve wire transfers authorized by Greenspan for
laundering billions of dollars, such as for Neil Bush and others of the Bush
Family.] Judge Matsch saved Neil Bush from prison. The Judge's daughter
was apparently murdered in 1992, before the Elder Bush left the White

[8] Some contend that Chandra Levy was also friendly with key Republicans.
Including reportedly a circle of White House types that include White House
RESIDENT and OCCUPANT George W. Bush's strategy chief, officially
listed as White House Senior Advisor, Karl Rove. Just as some began
pursuing details reportedly of this circle, others started an apparent diversion
of Karl Rove on a stock situation involving a conflict of interest.

[9] Notice the time-line. "Ms Levy, a graduate student at the University of
Southern California, spent the winter and early spring here AS AN INTERN
friend introduced her to Mr. Condit, who represents Modesto, Ms Levy's
hometown. Her WASHINGTON INTERNSHIP ended on April 23. ON THE
EVENING OF APRIL 30, she turned in her membership at a local health
club, and the authorities say THAT WAS THE LAST TIME SHE WAS
SEEN IN PUBLIC. ON MAY 6, her frantic parents, unable to reach her,
REPORTED HER MISSING." New York Times, June 22, 2001 (Emphasis

May 6, 2001, was ten days prior to the original date set for McVeigh's
execution. From their unit Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune ran the
following story, Thursday, May 10, 2001 "Washington--Federal law
enforcement officials revealed Thursday that they had found some 3,000
pages of FBI materials that had been mislaid in the Oklahoma City bombing
case, and defense attorneys for Timothy J. McVeigh immediately said they
hope to win a stay of his execution scheduled in just five days".

As the New York Times stated in referring to Ms Levy's parents meeting
with the District of Columbia's police chief, "The Levys, wearing yellow
ribbons, looked dazed and tired as they met with reporters in the sweltering
summer sun, both before and after their session with the chief. They said
little, leaving most of the talking to THEIR LAWYER, BILLY MARTIN,
former federal prosecutor WHO REPRESENTED MARCIA LEWIS,
MOTHER OF MONICA S. LEWINSKY, during the inquiry into Ms
Lewinsky's relationship with President Bill Clinton". NY Times, 6//22/2001
(Emphasis added.)

Some find it helpful, if not convenient, though not necessarily crucial, that
Condit is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

So, did Chandra Ann Levy know too much about the real background of the
Timothy McVeigh matter? Through her FBI boyfriend, through her internship
with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and through her friendship with a
Congressman, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on
Intelligence, and having topmost security clearance? Did she run for her life?
Was she caused to "disappear"? Persuaded to leave the U.S.? Or just
snuffed out?

Former intelligence operatives contend all this is important and urge further
investigation. Are they right? The story is obviously incomplete but we
believe it is an important start. More coming. Stay tuned.

[Visit our prior website stories to understand the motives of Clinton/Bush
Family to cover up anything linked to the Oklahoma City bombings.]

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman,
Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial
and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since
1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show,
"Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a
heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped,
self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE
STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H.
Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7
days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before
sending FAX, call.


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"THE CHANDRA LEVY AFFAIR, Part Two"  by Sherman H. Skolnick 8/20/01, -

The story I posted about Chandra Levy, 6/22/01, should be considered as
Part One.

At that time I was about the first to raise questions as to how she
somehow wiggled her way into the press office, in Washington, D.C., of
the FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled,
war-mongering monopoly press seemed to spend all their time raising only
tidbits of sexual matters about Chandra and Congressman Gary Condit.

The District of Columbia authorities and the FBI, at least according to
press accounts, had not taken an interest in or interviewing fellow
employees of hers in that press office. Notice the time-line, tending to
show the importance of where Ms Levy was an intern.

===Late November, 2000. Having earned at a California university a
Master's Degree in criminal justice and journalism, Ms Levy was given a
job as an intern in a very sensitive place. [And what domestic and/or
foreign intelligence agencies arranged THAT?] That was about the time
Timothy McVeigh decided not to appeal further the murder conviction as
to the bombing of the Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City, April
19, 1995.

In December, 2000, the Federal trial Judge Richard Matsch in Denver set
the McVeigh execution date as May 16, 2001. That piece of data got lost
in the press shuffle as it occurred on the same day that the "Gang of
Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court installed George W. Bush as the
"occupant" and "resident" of the White House. Albert Gore, Jr., having
won the popular vote nationwide by some 600,000 votes, became the
un-inaugurated President of the U.S. That was historically similar to
the 1876 Presidential Election when U.S. troops blocked Tilden, who won
the popular vote, from approaching the inauguration site where Hayes was
sworn in as "President". The Hayes forces, like with George W. Bush,
stole the White House through an Electoral College vote using a corrupt
U.S. Supreme Court Judge as well as corruption in the FLORIDA voting.
[Visit our website stories on the year 2000 Election and Gore Vidal's
book called simply "1876".]

===As the time ticked away toward the execution date, Ms Levy reportedly
had taken a great interest in unearthing details through her press
office connection. After all, as a child she used to volunteer to assist
the local police in her home district. At an early age she hoped to have
a career reportedly in the American CIA. The McVeigh affair was a
repository of numerous secrets tending to incriminate George Herbert
Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and then White House occupant George W. Bush.
Such as the suppressed and concealed Iraqi connection to the multiple
bombings in Oklahoma City. Such as, the publicly-undisclosed FBI
surveillance tapes showing in the month before the bombings, McVeigh in
the company of Iraqi military officers, supposed "defectors" (actually
double agents) brought into the U.S. by the Elder Bush. Two thousand
such Iraqi military officers, some from intelligence units, since the
end of the Persian Gulf War in 1991, have been settled, financed, and
housed in OKLAHOMA CITY. Making the arrangements was the Elder Bush as
President, and continuing the same with Clinton as President and then
George W. Bush as White House resident.

[Visit our website related stories, such as "The Secrets of Timothy

===Some weeks after her disappearance on the afternoon of May 1, 2001,
the FBI contends Ms Levy was last in her apartment in the District of
Columbia that afternoon using her computer. [Could someone else having
been using her computer, somehow knowing her password?] The FBI
announced that they had retrieved, from her hard disk drive, from that
afternoon, some 38 websites viewed by her. They proclaimed that none of
them was important. REALLY? They said she [or was it her alter ego and
ghost] had clicked on It is a website for those
wishing to visit France. Maps, travel guides, and such,are given
on-line. The site is reportedly also used by the French CIA to track
those interested in visiting France who should, in their view, be
surveilled. In our original story, we raised the questions of Ms Levy
with The Mossad, Israeli intelligence, comparing the situation to that
of Monica Lewinsky. A section of The Mossad has long collaborated with a
unit of the French CIA, sort of an open secret.

Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff, in a supposedly exclusive story,
claimed Gary Condit had an alibi for the early afternoon of May 1, 2001.
Condit was supposedly in the office of Vice President Richard Cheney.
And that Cheney supposedly was trying to win Condit over to the GOP
position as to the electric mess in California. [Newsweek website
7/20/01.] Going back to the time Isikoff was with the sister
publication, the Washington Post, he seemed to always be a reputed front
for foreign intelligence and the American CIA, poo-pooing any real
information as merely the ravings of "conspiracy theorists".

Knowing a lot about him and the Washington Post as a front for the
American CIA, we call him Michael ISAFRAUD. [Visit our website story,
"The Late Grand Dragon of The Washington Post".]

===A few days after her disappearance, the FBI sheepishly admits on May
10, 2001, that they somehow "forgot" to give McVeigh's lawyers some
three thousand documents. [Caused by details Ms Levy uncovered through
the Bureau of Prisons?] So, the execution date is changed to June 11,
2001. There are ten media people selected to be at the death house
window at the Terre Haute, Indiana, prison, to witness the execution of
McVeigh. One of them, not contradicted by the others, says that "he
appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow breathing,
even after being pronounced dead and his eyes remained open". Video
interview on MSNBC, (video streaming,6/11/01), of Susan Carlson,
reporter for WLS-AM Radio, Chicago. [Story was suppressed by most other
media, including all mass media in Chicago, including apparently her own
radio station.] Some doctors ridiculed the way the prison people put the
go-to-sleep sedative in McVeigh's leg, not a major upper body vein. In
the leg, the sedative would take, some doctors claim, four hours to act.
Hey, isn't a go-to-sleep sedative supposed to make you do that, that is,
close your eyes and go to sleep?

===July 29, 2001, some five weeks after I raised the Levy-Bureau of
Prisons issue, the Washington Times publishes a story entitled "Who is
Chandra Levy?" In it they state, "Her job at the Bureau of Prisons
information office required her to do internet searches and scan
newspapers to prepare daily news summaries, answer telephone calls and
TIMOTHY McVEIGH." (Emphasis added.)

The owners of the Washington Times reportedly are the Korean CIA by and
through Rev. Sun Myung Moon who ostensibly launders billions of dollars
from tax-dodging and illegal dealings of heavy industry in South Korea.
It is more or less an open secret that Americans are seldom reminded of
that. [The Elder Bush has been a paid lobbyist and consultant for Rev.
Moon's propaganda activities in South America.] By raising the
McVeigh-Ms Levy issue, is the Korean CIA trying again to blackmail the
American government for an advantage for South Korea? Some years ago,
there was a tremendous scandal in Washington. The Korean CIA reportedly
bribed or attempted to bribe, key members of the U.S. Congress. Have we
all forgotten about this event? [For some years, crusading reporter
Robert Parry has written stories for his newsletter exposing the
clandestine dealings of Rev. Moon and his gang.]

In a moment of sarcasm, we call him REV. SUN EARTH MOON.
For some months I have been discussing this time-line on various radio

The McVeigh matter was not the only thing Ms Levy did using her position
in the key place in the Federal Bureau of Prisons apparatus. She
unearthed reportedly details tending to incriminate George Herbert
Walker Bush and his sons George W. and Jeb, among others. Ms Levy was
inquiring into a great little-mentioned secret. That is, the
disappearance reportedly from the U.S. prison system of Carlos Enrique
Lehder Rivas, also known as CARLOS LEHDER. With the aid and blessings of
the Elder Bush and his sons, and the American CIA, Lehder was the
co-founder of the Medellin Dope Cartel in Colombia.

Lehder is the only drug cartel baron to have been extradited to the U.S.
where he was put on trial on federal criminal charges, convicted, and
originally sentenced to more than a life term.

Some background. In the late 1970s, Jeb Bush was installed as the head
of the Venezuela unit of Texas Commerce Bank, a principal owner of which
was his father, George Herbert Walker Bush. The bank unit reportedly
became part of the money laundering of proceeds from the Colombia
Medellin Drug Cartel co-founded by Carlos Lehder as a Bush Family
business partner. The Drug Cartel was moreso headquartered in the U.S.
than in Colombia. It was part of the whole CIA operation to the southern
states of the United States, headquartered, in part, through an airport
in western Arkansas, at Mena. The Elder Bush, his sons Jeb and George
W., and Ollie North, and Bill Clinton, were all part of the operation.
Guns were smuggled by CIA airflights to Central America with side-trips
to Colombia to pick up huge shipments of cocaine which supported the
Colombia economy moreso than coffee.

The tiny First National Bank of Mena, Arkansas, was purchased by the
Riady family, ethnic Chinese tied to Bill Clinton and the Bush Family.
The bank reportedly was a transmission point for the huge dope cash flow
which went up to Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago. The
Chicago bank for many years had as a principal stockholder Cong. Dan
Rostenkowski. For years a Chairman of the Board of the Chicago bank was
a reputed former U.S. Secret Service official, Dan Shannon.
Rostenkowski, called Rosty for short, was closely aligned with the
Chicago markets, the next transmission point of the dope loot from
Rosty's bank. That is, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago
Board of Trade, and a sort of basement, step-sister operation called
Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Rosty, as the long-time head of the tax-writing committee of Congress,
got many "speech fees" and other benefits from the Chicago markets. He
in turn pushed through almost private laws, favoring the Chicago markets
with tax loopholes on straddles and hedging. So from Rosty's bank in
Chicago the huge dope cash flow reportedly was transmitted to the
Chicago markets and disguised as soybean and currency trading. Assisting
this in all the years was international swindler Marc Rich tied to both
the Bush Family and Bill and Hillary Clinton. [Visit our website for
stories on Marc Rich.]

Rosty was eventually defrocked and sent to federal prison for defrauding
the private bank of the U.S. Congress.

The Medellin Drug Cartel operating through Mena and the Chicago bank and
the Chicago markets, has other collaborators. On occasion when the huge
shipments of Colombia dope somehow became an issue in Chicago's highly
corrupt federal courts, the Drug Cartel had corrupt federal judges to
aid them. One such has been Chicago Federal Appeals Judge Iliana D.
Rovner [(312)435-5608] Rovner has been part of the Jim Thompson gang of
public office criminals. "Big Jim" formerly Illinois Governor has had
Rovner as his legal advisor. In recent years he has been the head of the
Winston & Strawn Chicago-based law firm octopus, with worldwide
offices.  Some years ago on our one-hour public access Cable TV Program,
"Broadsides", we told how Winston & Strawn reportedly has an inner unit,
walled off from the rest of the law firm, engaging not in lawfirm work
but in dope cartel matters. Several employees of the firm after the show
was aired confirmed the validity of our charges.

As in the historical example of 1876, the year 2000 election was
corrupted in the Electoral College phase through FLORIDA. Cocaine money
from the Medellin Cartel, with Carlos Lehder and his business partners
the Bush family, was the principal corrupting force. Tens of millions of
dope dollars were used to work a malign influence reportedly on DEMOCRAT
officials in southern Florida, to have them stop the recounting of the
ballots which would have put Gore over the top on the Electoral College
vote. Gore was done in by corrupt members of his own party. In politics
as a reality, can you talk publicly how your party's OWN KEY PEOPLE, by
bribery, stabbed you in the back and helped the Bush Family steal the
White House after also corrupting part of the U.S. Supreme Court [just
like in 1876]?

The dope cartel loot used for these purposes was laundered for them by
at least two Chicago-based commodity brokers funneling the dirty money
through the Chicago markets. [The disguised accounts are known to some.]

You can see the tie-in to the Bush family. In the late 1970s, about the
time just after the Elder Bush was the head of America's secret
political police, the CIA; a major espionage agency operative, Barry
Seal operated the airplanes to bring in dope from the Medellin Cartel,
with the collaboration of the Bush family, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and
Ollie North. The co-founders of the drug cartel were Carlos Lehder,
originally from Germany, and Pablo Escobar and his two brothers. To
control matters in later years, the Elder Bush arranged to have Pablo
assassinated, disguised as an "arrest" situation. [For related details,
see "Killing Pablo" by Mark Bowden, 2001.]

The links of Barry Seal to the Bush family and the Medellin Cartel is
evident in the recent book, "Barry & 'the boys'---The CIA, The Mob, and
America's Secret History" by Daniel Hopsicker.

Carlos Lehder fought extradition to the U.S. For that purpose, he
arranged to shoot up the Colombia  Supreme Court Building. The Justices
there were considering the extradition issue. Assassinated on Lehder's
orders were eleven high court justices and many other people. Lehder
also reportedly arranged to have assassinated the Minister of Justice in

Carlos Lehder was finally arrested and extradited to the U.S. He became
a key witness in the dope trial against Panama strongman Manuel Noriega
who had been seized by the Elder Bush as President and his Miliary/CIA.
In his own trial, Lehder was convicted and sentenced to more than a life
term. BUT, because in his testimony against Noriega, Lehder had evaded
mentioning that the Bush family were implicated with Noriega in the dope
business, Lehders's sentence was reduced to 55 years in prison.

On occasion, the U.S. federal prison system can be as corrupt as the
press tells us the justice system is in Mexico. Why is the  monopoly
press always pointing to corruption ELSEWHERE instead of right here in
America? For a price, we are often told, a major criminal in MEXICO can
walk right out of prison and disappear. Is the same true in the U.S.?

Chandra Levy, through her sensitive position in the Federal Bureau of
Prisons, through their computers and facilities, and human intelligence
contacts, reportedly unearthed a dangerous group of details related to
the foregoing. For example, that the Bush Family, to protect themselves
from jail, arranged for their business partner, Carlos Lehder, to
disappear from the U.S. prison system. Is Lehder in Germany, courtesy of
German counter-intelligence?  Note, a key witness in the Oklahoma
bombings, Andreas Strassmeir, part of German counter-intelligence,
reportedly played a role in the bombings. He was allowed to be
unlawfully in the U.S. and to disppear from the U.S., thanks to the
corruption and connivance of the highest level of the U.S. government.
And remember, German counter-intelligence in Frankfurt [tied to
Strassmeir], had advance knowledge of the team on the way to the U.S. to
assassinate Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.,
and make some think it was a "suicide". [Visit our website series,
"Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" Part Four.]

For the American Gestapo, that is, the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
to say they have no idea what happened to Chandra Levy is simply
ridiculous. A deep down FBI secret is that they, early on, suspected she
was being used by foreign intelligence agencies, the French CIA and The
Mossad, to blackmail the Bush White House. So, the Counter-Intelligence
Division of the FBI was tapping her phone. [Hey, does anyone realize
that while all this is happening, the Hanssen spy case unfolds. We
contend he is actually a CIA official who penetrated FBI
counter-intelligence to expose a high-level mole. Hanssen somehow fell
between the cracks. Visit our website story on this.]

As of now, there seem to be two possibilities. Either Ms Levy has been
snuffed out to protect members of the Bush Family and their partnership
with drug cartel baron Carlos Lehder and his disappearance from the
Federal Prison System. With the Bush Family members if this opened up
widely publicly, being subject to federal criminal prosecution for dope
money laundering and treason. OR, Ms Levy is parked somewhere overseas,
Paris or Tel Aviv, where her details would suddenly surface starting in
some major foreign press outlet. In Europe, top officials mumble that
George W. is incompetent on financial matters and foreign affairs.
Overseas there has started an attack on the so-called U.S. Dollar. Are
the profound secrets of McVeigh and Carlos Lehder in some small part,
involved in the attack on the U.S. Dollar which some say started with
the French Rothschilds?
More coming as it develops. Stay tuned.
Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court-reformer and since 1963,
Founder/Chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Since
1991, a regular panelist and since 1995, Moderator/Producer, of
"Broadsides", a one-hour weekly taped public access Cable TV Program,
cablecast within Chicago to some 400,000 viewers each Monday evening, 9
p.m., Channel 21 Cable TV. For a heavy packet of our printed stories,
send $5.00[U.S. funds and a stamped, self-addressed BUSINESS size
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Chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 8 a.m.
ROUTINE" CALLS, (773) 375-5741. For updates of our work on a recorded
phone message, not an expensive call: (773) 731-1100. WEBSITE: {NOTE "s" after NAME IN WEBSITE ADDRESS.]

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What's Known About Levy Case
Sat Jul 14 16:07:50 2001

Saturday July 14 12:27 PM ET

What's Known About Levy Case

By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Some questions and answers about the search for former federal intern
Chandra Levy, and her connection to Rep. Gary Condit (news - bio - voting record), D-Calif.:

Q: Who is Chandra Levy?

A: A 24-year-old from Modesto, Calif., who came to Washington last fall as part of her master's
degree program in public administration at the University of Southern California. She lived in an
apartment near Dupont Circle, a fashionable Washington neighborhood, and worked as a paid intern
at the Bureau of Prisons, in the public information office. Her internship was unexpectedly cut short in
late April because her superiors learned she had finished her college course work in December,
making her ineligible to continue.

Q: When did she disappear?

A: Levy was last seen April 30 when she canceled her membership at a health club near her
apartment. She was making preparations for returning to California and attending the university's
graduation ceremony. She sent her parents, Dr. Robert and Susan Levy, an e-mail on May 1 in which
she noted airplane fares for her trip home. Police have said they have no reason to doubt Levy was
the message sender. When her parents could not reach their daughter over the next five days, they
called police. Her mother also telephoned Democratic Rep. Gary Condit, who represents Modesto,
and asked for his help. Police entered Levy's apartment May 10 and found her partially packed bags,
wallet, cell phone and computer. Only her keys were missing. There were no signs of foul play.

Q: What do police think happened to Levy?

A: They do not know but are pursuing four theories: She was murdered; she killed herself; she went
into hiding; or she has amnesia. Police have all but ruled out suicide because so much time has passed
without her body being found. They are searching abandoned buildings in neighborhoods near Levy's
apartment and have distributed simulated pictures of Levy with different hair styles. Police say they still
consider the case a missing persons investigation and not a crime, though they acknowledge that as
more times passes the likelihood of murder increases.

Q: What was the relationship between Condit and Levy?

A: Condit initially put up $10,000 for a reward for Levy's safe return and issued a statement in which
he called her a ``great person and good friend.'' Questions about the nature of their relationship
escalated during the next few weeks amid media reports the two may have been romantically
involved. Condit's aides denied the reports; he remained publicly silent. Condit did not acknowledge
an affair in interviews with police in mid-May and on June 23, police sources have said. Levy's aunt
issued a statement July 6 in which she said Levy had told her she began an affair with the married
Condit last Thanksgiving. On the night of July 6, in a third police interview, Condit said he and Levy
had an intimate relationship, a police source has said.

Q: What does their relationship have to do with Levy's disappearance?

A: Police do not know if there is a link, but Condit may have been one of the last people to talk to or
see Levy. Investigators say it is important to establish the frame of mind and movements of a person in
the days before they go missing, and the best way to do that is to interview to people who saw and
talked to the person.

Q: Is Condit a suspect in her disappearance?

A: No. Police say there are no suspects because they have no evidence of a crime. Police did search
Condit's apartment late Tuesday and early Wednesday with his consent and obtained a DNA sample
from him Thursday. Condit submitted to a lie detector test arranged by his lawyer and, according to
the lawyer, was found to be truthful when denying any knowledge about what happened to Levy.

Q: What is the relevance of allegations that other women have had affairs with Condit?

A: It is unclear. Terrance Gainer, Washington's No. 2 police official, said those accounts have yielded
nothing useful in the search for Levy. But federal officials have expanded a preliminary criminal
investigation to determine whether Condit obstructed the investigation of Levy's disappearance. In
particular, flight attendant Anne Marie Smith alleges Condit asked her to sign a statement denying a
10-month affair she says they had. Smith, who spent two days answering questions from prosecutors
and FBI (news - web sites) agents last week, also claims Condit told her she did not have to
cooperate with FBI agents. Condit has denied asking anyone to lie or encouraging them not to
cooperate with investigators. He has said nothing about Smith's allegation of an affair. Last week, a
California minister told The Washington Post that seven years ago, his then-18-year-old daughter had
an affair with Condit. A signed statement in the daughter's name that was tacked to the father's front
door on the day the report was published denied an affair. A Condit spokesman also denied an affair.

Saturday July 14 11:32 AM ET

Condit's Lawyer Lashes Out at Media Coverage

By Deborah Zabarenko

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Gary Condit,
the congressman questioned in the
disappearance of intern Chandra Levy, has
taken a privately administered lie-detector
test and gave a DNA sample to
investigators, his lawyer says.

But a senior police official immediately
disparaged the lie-detector test as
``self-serving'' because it was done without
police participation and police had not seen
the full results.

``He has submitted himself to a polygraph examination, the results and
raw data ... are being sent to the FBI (news - web sites) and the D.C.
police,'' attorney Abbe Lowell said Friday of Condit.

At a news conference where he lashed out at media coverage of the
Levy case, Lowell said Condit had answered questions about key
points in the case of Levy, the 24-year-old Californian last seen April

Barry Colvert, a former FBI special agent who administered the
polygraph test, ``concluded that the congressman was not deceptive in
any way,'' Lowell said.

Colvert asked Condit the questions that ``really matter'' in this case,
according to Lowell: ``Did the congressman have anything at all to do
with the disappearance of Miss Levy? Did he harm her or cause anyone
else to harm her in any way? Does he know where she can be located?''

Lowell said Condit had also offered a DNA sample to the authorities
investigating the disappearance. Officials have repeatedly said the
California Democrat is not a suspect, but Levy's family maintains he
should have come forward sooner.


Washington assistant chief of police Terrance Gainer said later that
police would have to participate in the lie-detector test ``for it to be
really meaningful'' and that it was administered in a ``not-normal
technique,'' in which the questioner was not given the full facts of the

``This is a bit self-serving,'' Gainer told reporters, referring to Condit's
polygraph test. ``We'll take that information like we take everything, and
examine it.''

Word that Condit had taken a polygraph apparently caught police by
surprise. Condit's attorney had been in talks with Gainer on terms for a
polygraph, and late on Thursday the police chief said nothing had been

``I had several conversations with Abbe Lowell about it and my
impression was that we were going to continue that dialogue and get to
it,'' Gainer said. ``I don't think it surprises anybody that a defense
attorney as sharp as Abbe Lowell would give his client a polygraph
before he offers it to the police,'' said Gainer. ``I just didn't expect it
quite this way.''

Condit's attorney complained the media had focused on the lawmaker:
``The more time you spend on Congressman Condit, his family, his life
and his past, the more you are diverting attention and resources from the
one thing that really matters here -- finding Chandra Levy.''

Minutes after Lowell finished speaking,
Washington police posted four
computer-enhanced portraits of Levy, who
had long, curly dark hair, on its Web site -- -- meant to show
what she might look like with short hair,
blond hair or a ponytail.


``The Metropolitan Police Department is exploring the possibility that
Chandra Levy may have changed her appearance since she was first
reported missing in May,'' the department said in a statement released
with the pictures.

Condit, a 53-year-old married father of two, has gone about his
congressional business this week but has not spoken to the media crews
that have dogged his heels from his Washington apartment to Capitol

Later on Friday, Billy Martin, an attorney representing the Levy family,
told reporters in Washington the family is ``very disappointed. ... We
asked the congressman to cooperate with law enforcement authorities
on agreeing to terms that would avoid any questions as to the objectivity
of the polygraph.''

``... It seems that the congressman and his attorneys snuck off to a private polygraph examiner and
took a polygraph on his terms,'' Martin said. ``Once again it shows to us the congressman is releasing
information on his terms and when he wants to release that information.''

Washington police continued their search of abandoned buildings in two sections of the city on Friday:
Levy's Dupont Circle neighborhood and the Shaw area, where a gentrification boom has left many
structures vacant or under renovation, with many possible places for a body or evidence to be

Levy had just finished an internship with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and had planned to return to
California, her family said. Her last communication with them was an e-mail sent May 1 discussing
bargain air fares to California.

Condit has been interviewed by authorities three times about Levy's disappearance. The first two
times, Condit called Levy a friend, but The Washington Post and other media reported he
acknowledged a romantic relationship in a third interview.

Levy's aunt, Linda Zamsky, said last week Levy told her she was having an ``intimate'' relationship with

Sen. Barbara Boxer (news - bio - voting record), a fellow California Democrat, said ''Congressman
Condit must put aside any considerations for himself and tell all he knows ... to law enforcement
authorities without further delay. He needs to be truthful and forthcoming with the authorities to help
them find Chandra.''

Republicans went further. Rep. Bob Barr (news - bio - voting record) of Georgia and Rep. David
Weldon of Florida have both called on Condit to resign.

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Joshua Micah Marshall
Chandra's contested calls to Condit
Wed Aug 1 21:36:04 2001

Chandra's contested calls to Condit
It's the New York Post vs. Newsweek. Or could the truth lie somewhere in
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Aug. 1, 2001 | WASHINGTON -- We all know that Chandra Levy made a flurry of
frantic calls to Gary Condit in the final days before she disappeared, right?

Maybe not.

That Levy left a series of messages with Condit's private answering service
in the last days before her disappearance has been part of the Condit-Chandra
gospel ever since it was first reported June 8 by Niles Lathem in the New
York Post. But according to a Newsweek exclusive by Michael Isikoff, that
last-minute flurry of calls simply never happened. According to Isikoff, the
calls to Condit's private line tapered off in mid-April, and Levy's
"cell-phone records show no calls at all" to Condit's private message line
(or any other number used by Condit) during the crucial last week prior to
her disappearance on May 1.

The mystery surrounding what, if any, communication took place between Levy
and Condit in the final days before her disappearance is riddled with
confusion and contradiction. Not the least of which is that the first
on-the-record confirmation of last-minute calls from Levy to Condit came from
none other than Condit's first attorney, Joseph Cotchett. Even Isikoff notes
some possible questions presented by his revelation; Condit apparently told
police that his last conversation with Levy took place on April 29, when he
returned a call she had made to his answering service. But Levy's cellphone
records, reviewed by Newsweek, show no such call, opening the possibility
that Levy may have been contacting Condit on yet another line.

In the wake of Isikoff's weekend report, some news organizations were quick
to note that they'd taken a pass on the cellphone story all along. "I've
repeatedly been waved away from that story by my sources," CNN's Bob Franken
told Salon Monday, hastening to mention that CNN had never run with that

Ultimately, those calls may not seem that important. But their apparently
suspicious nature played a key role in escalating the story in early June,
and raising concerns (maybe voiced only privately) that the Condit-Levy
relationship might be related to Levy's disappearance. New reports that the
calls never took place are now playing an equally key role in deflating it.
And rightly so. If there was never any basis to the stories of Levy's frantic
phone calls, the whole case begins to look rather different.

The Post's Lathem told Salon, "I stand by the story," and Newsweek stands by
its story as well. Thus we have an anomaly of separate news organizations
sticking by contradictory reports, with each claiming reliable sources as the
basis of their reports. The contradiction raises several possibilities, the
most intriguing being that one side in the case is deliberately leaking
misinformation to the press to further its own agenda in either escalating or
killing the story.

Could there be a technicality? A third possibility that would make sense of
the contradictory story lines? Perhaps so.

Rita Cosby of Fox News has reviewed copies of Levy's cellphone records that
she has in her possession. Cosby reported on the contents of these records
two weeks ago and, according to her, they show a pattern of calls that
confirm the substance of Isikoff's report -- while lending some credence to
the New York Post article as well. When Levy contacted Condit, her habit was
to leave a message on his special line, and then make repeated calls to her
own answering machine to see if the congressman had returned her calls.
Levy's cellphone records show no calls to Condit's line in the final days
before her disappearance.
However, the records do show a buildup of calls from Levy "constantly
checking [for messages] on her home machine," according to Cosby, in the
final days prior to her disappearance.

A flurry of calls Chandra made to her own answering machine is certainly a
far cry from calls to Condit's special line. But they do suggest, possibly, a
more complicated chain of events that may give some clue as to why two news
organizations are standing behind such contradictory versions of events. They
also follow a pattern detailed in Isikoff's story, which reports that after
contacting Condit's special line "Levy would start calling her home message
machine, sometimes up to six times in a row, apparently to see if Condit had
returned the call." So there may be some truth to both reports, though, like
so many developments in this story, it all simply raises more questions than
it resolves.

About the writer
Joshua Micah Marshall is a writer in

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Related stories
Condit's team: Chandra was no angel
By suggesting the intern may have her
own sordid past, the congressman's
spinners shoot themselves in the foot --
By Joshua Micah Marshall

ABC's messy role in Condit affair
The network now says one of its
reporters -- the subject of tabloid rumors
-- claims she never met with Condit the
day he claims they did, the day Chandra
Levy most likely disappeared.
By Joshua Micah Marshall

Did Condit make that phone call?
The congressman's wife and another
alleged mistress are pulled into the
investigation, while a suicide theory
emerges to explain Chandra Levy's
By Joshua Micah Marshall

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By: Todd Brendan Fahey

Congressman Gary Condit has been interviewed for the fourth time by law
enforcement officials, but, as is being reported by Niles Latham of the New
York Post, investigators "were not allowed" to ask of him details regarding
the watch case which he placed into a trash can in Alexandria, Virginia, with
the assistance of his driver, senior aide Michael Dayton, just hours before
FBI were to search his Adams-Morgan apartment, July 10th. It must be
concluded, then--since this fourth investigatory meeting with Condit was
anticipated by FBI sources at being five (5) hours in length, but lasted barely
60 minutes--that Abbe Lowell, Condit's attorney, advised his client against
answering any among that line of questioning; or else, since Condit has not
yet been declared a suspect, terminated the interview prematurely. Whatever
the case, the Congressman is not cooperating, as is the fee

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MEDIUM RARE August 18, 2001
By Jim Rarey


In the last several articles published by this writer, a theory has been
developed that the disappearance of former intern Chandra Levy had little
or nothing to do with her affair with Congressman Gary Condit. Rather,
that something Chandra learned on her job at the Bureau of Prisons made
her dangerous to powerful people who arranged her elimination.

One of the two scenarios advanced had to do with allegations that Timothy
McVeigh had been visited a number of time by Dr. Louis Jolyon West, one of
the premiere CIA mind control experts. The other was allegations that Carlos
Lehder, cofounder of the Medellin drug cartel in Columbia had been released
from federal prison where he was supposed to be serving a 55 year sentence
with no parole.

Lehder was a witness against Manuel Noriega in the Panamanian dictator's
trial in Miami. Both Lehder and Noriega are said to have extensive knowledge
of CIA involvement in illegal drug distribution.

In the normal course of her duties at the Bureau of Prisons, Chandra could
have run across information on either or both subjects. (See articles,
"Chandra's Dangerous Knowledge," "Condit: The Circling of the Wagons," and
"Chandra: Unraveling Government Cover-ups?")

While this writer believes Condit's involvement in Chandra's disappearance
is peripheral at best (although possibly criminal), he most probably knows
why she disappeared and generally who is responsible.

Condit sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Members
of that committee would have to be blind and deaf not to be aware of the
massive government cover-ups, among other things, of the CIA involvement in
illegal drugs and the government's foreknowledge and probable participation
in the OKC bombing.

It is likely that Condit's top aides, his chief of staff in California (Mike
Lynch) and Michael Dayton his office manager in Washington, were privy to
secret information their boss was working with. It is not known what level
of security clearances they had, if any (remember this is during the Clinton
administration). Given the lack of security in Washington in those days, it's
entirely possible the aides saw a lot of classified information regardless
of their clearance levels.

There has been discussion on cable talk shows of the possibility of "squeezing"
one or both of Condit's aides. That is, charging them with some violation of
law in order to get them to give information on Condit's activities.

Both would appear to be vulnerable to that tactic. Dayton is said to have been
the driver when Condit disposed of the watch box as well as telling Joline
McKay (the watch giver) not to cooperate with the authorities.

Both have been with Condit for some time and are said to be fiercely loyal to
him. They are well paid for that loyalty with Drayton earning in the mid
$90,000 range and Lynch's salary topping $100,000.

So what, besides the fear of being "disappeared" themselves, is keeping Condit
and his staff quiet? One answer may be high-powered Washington lawyers.

Condit, of course, has Abbe Lowell as his lead attorney (Although Anne Marie
Smith's lawyer, Jim Robinson, said Lowell is quitting the case). Lowell
obtained national recognition when he made the closing argument in defense
of President Clinton at his Senate impeachment trial. According to USA
Today there is a long string of troubled politicians he has defended
including; Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, Rep. Joseph McDade and Jim Wright.

Lowell also had worked as counsel to the United Nations high commission for
human rights. He has worked for Greenpeace and for Ralph Nader at the Center
for Auto Safety.

Lowell was a special assistant to the Attorney General in the Carter
administration. At the time of the impeachment trial, he was the Democrats'
chief counsel on the House Judiciary Committee.

According to an Aug. 17, 2001 article in the on line version of Time magazine,
Michael Dayton has retained another top Washington criminal lawyer, Stanley
Brand, who just happens to be a partner in the same law firm he founded with
Abbe Lowell and election law specialist Stephen M. Ryan. Brand was General
Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives under Speaker Tip O'Neill.

The Time article also reveals that Mike Lynch has retained Beth Wilkinson
described as an "ex-Timothy McVeigh prosecutor." She is much more than that.

Beth Wilkinson attended Princeton University on a four year R.O.T.C.
scholarship. She obtained a J.D. degree from the University of Virginia
law school.

Captain Wilkinson served as assistant to the Army General Counsel for
intelligence, special operations and national security matters during her
four year Army obligation. During that tour of duty she was assigned to
the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida for six
months to assist the prosecution team in U.S. vs Manuel Noriega with
litigation regarding the use of classified information.

In other words, her specific duty was to make sure no mention of the CIA drug
involvement got into the public record, at which she was eminently successful.

Wilkinson, after leaving the army, joined the Clinton /Reno Justice Department,
first as Counsel to the Deputy Attorney General for criminal law matters and
later as Principal Deputy Chief of the Terrorism and Violent Crime Section of
the Criminal Division.

In that capacity she was part of the prosecution team in both the McVeigh and
Nichols trials. She continued her coverup of any government involvement
raising successful objections to any witnesses or facts that would implicate

Wilkinson delivered the summation at the penalty phases in both trials
demanding the death penalty for both McVeigh and Nichols. The jury, however,
returned a life without parole sentence for Nichols.

Several commentators have questioned why such high-powered legal
representation is needed in just a missing person's case.

This writer does not believe that Condit and his staff requested these
lawyers. They were most likely assigned there as a team with a containment
strategy to ensure that no mention is made of the CIA/drug and OKC bombing
(Timothy McVeigh) subjects in connection with Chandra Levy's disappearance.

Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety.

The author is a free lance writer based in Romulus, Michigan. He is a
former newspaper editor and investigative reporter, a retired customs
administrator and accountant, and a student of history and the
U.S. Constitution.

If you would like to receive Medium Rare articles directly, please contact
us at .

Although not necessary, we would appreciate an indication of the city and/or
state or country (If outside the USA) in which you are located to give us
an idea as to where our articles are being received.

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Robert Sterling
Cult Expert Louis Jolyon West Dies
Sun Aug 19 01:38:47 2001

Konformist: "Cult Expert" Louis Jolyon West Dies

The death of the first Beast of the Month.

The Wire - News from The AP
Cult Expert Louis Jolyon West Dies

LOS ANGELES (AP) Dr. Louis Jolyon West, a psychiatrist and cult
expert who conducted court-ordered examinations of Jack Ruby and
Patricia Hearst, has died of cancer. He was 74.

West, who died Saturday at his home here, headed the psychiatry
department and the Neuropsychiatric Institute at the University of
California at Los Angeles for 20 years. He retired in 1989, but
remained active in research and mentoring students.

West began studying torture and brainwashing during the Korean
War, and eventually expanded his research to include post-traumatic
stress syndrome, alcohol and drug abuse, pain, sleep problems,
dreams and hypnosis.

West frequently served as a court-appointed expert
psychiatrist. He testified that Ruby, killer of President Kennedy's
assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, suffered from ``major mental illness
apparently precipitated by the stress of his trial and its
aftermath.'' That opinion forestalled Ruby's death sentence, and he
died of cancer in prison.

West was also one of four psychiatrists who examined Hearst,
the kidnapping victim turned bank robber, before her 1976 trial.
The panel found she was sane and able to stand trial but
``psychologically damaged as a result of torture.'' It recommended
she should be treated before the trial, a recommendation ignored by
the court.

In a speech after Hearst's conviction, West said, ``The
government finished the destruction of her life started by an
anti-government group.'' Her sentence was eventually commuted.

West was sought out by the news media for insight on cults as
recently as 1997, when the group Heaven's Gate staged a mass
suicide in San Diego.

A civil rights activist, West was the first white psychiatrist
to go to South Africa to testify on behalf of black prisoners
during the attempt to end apartheid. He was a member of the White
House Conference on Civil Rights in 1966, and he worked for years
to abolish the death penalty.
Beast of the Month - May 1997
Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West, CIA "Cult Expert" and Brainwasher

"I yam an anti-Christ..."
John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) of The Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the UK"

Happy Beltane, folks.

And, in honor of what some would unfairly label as a "black magic" holiday (it
is a pagan/wiccan fertility event, though certainly black magicians party on
it), it seemed as good of a time as any to start a new feature - The
Konformist Beast of the Month (Trademark), an award celebrating the top
servant to the forces of darkness in this material world the previous month.

Yes, there were some good nominees for the first trophy, but this was actually
a pretty easy decision to make. The winner, Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West,
professor of psychiatry at UCLA, in many ways has merely culminated a lifetime
of nefarious behavior in reaching this infernally climatic point. Having said
that, don't think that Dr. West was given this award out of sympathy over
being ignored, a la Henry Fonda's Oscar for "On Golden Pond". No, like any
other notoriety that Dr. West has received, it has been thoroughly earned by
his special brand of despicable behavior.

First a little history of the dear doctor: Dr. West, in case you didn't know,
is a psychiatrist notorious for his participation in CIA mind control
experiments, including the infamous MK-Ultra project. The activities of Dr.
West are rather legendary in some circles, and he is featured prominently in
"Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD, and the Sixties Rebellion", by Martin A. Lee and
Bruce Shlain, about the untold story behind the hippie drug culture.
According to a biography courtesy of Parascope, West once injected an elephant
with a lethal dosage of LSD. Then, in 1964, Dr. West examined Oswald's
assassin Jack Ruby in his jail cell, and concluded that Ruby, who was claiming
a right-wing cabal was responsible for JFKis murder, was paranoid and mentally
ill. He placed Ruby on "happy pills", which left Ruby quite unhappy. He died
of cancer two years later, after claiming he had been injected with cancerous
biological material. In the seventies, West formulated plans for the Center
for the Study and Reduction of Violence, originally proposed by then-Governor
Ronald Reagan. West described the program as an attempt to predict
occurrences of violent behavior in specific population groups. According to
Dr. West, "The major known correlates of violence are sex (male), age
(youthful), ethnicity (black), and urbanicity." Dr. West then discussed a
wide variety of treatments, including chemical castration, psycho surgery and
experimental drugs, which were to be co-ordinated with a California law
enforcement program, using computer databases to track "pre-delinquent" youth
for preemptive treatment, i.e. young blacks with no criminal record. The
California State Legislature officially dismantled plans for the Center after
information regarding the program was leaked to the press, although if you
believe that ended it, you certainly are a sap. Perhaps it's best to let an
expert on CIA inhuman behavior, Alex Constantine, describe what is among the
worst of Dr. West's "experiments" (at least known about), performed through
the Stanford Research Institute:

Apart from monitoring the health of the subjects, according to SRI spokesmen,
Dr. West conducted his own experimental studies of the "phenomenology of
dissociative states," or multiple personalities, at the Institute. Dr. Colin
Ross, a specialist in dissociative disorders, offers that Dr. West's work for
the CIA centered on the biology or personality of dissociative states. Many
victims of the CIA-anchored experimentation have been left with multiple
personalities induced at a young age, and it is certain that the CIA can
trigger induced multiple personalities electronically from a remote source to
commit any act on cue, the ultimate Manchurian Candidate.

Currently, Dr. West is on the air as a commentator on psychiatric matters on
KCAL television in Los Angeles, after previously being used as a "cult expert"
on stories involving the "Branch Davidians"(as they've been labeled) of Waco
and the People's Temple of Jonestown, both which have CIA fingerprints all
over the place. And it is under this disguise that Dr. West receives this
special honor.

When the 39 "suicides" were being reported upon in Rancho Santa Fe, the
corporate press brought out the usual suspects in denouncing these strange
cults which are a sinister outside threat to our decent society. Leading the
charge was Dr. West. "It's really ruthless to exploit people on the basis of
their illnesses," he proclaimed with an air of moral disgust. "To go after
people with medical problems because you know they're more vulnerable... and
pull them into something that could cost them their lives is as bad as you can
get." He would later pronounce, "I see them victims of a hoax. There was
villainy here."

Orwell would be proud, as Jolly West knows a thing or two about exploiting ill
people with medical problems and costing them their lives. For once, though,
Dr. West does not lie: he is about as bad as you can get, and the corporate
press' use of him as a mouthpiece shows the transparent fraudulence of their
reporting. (Later, Dr. West, naturally, linked blame of the cult deaths to
the internet, in a quote for a L.A. Times article titled, "Cult Targeted Web
Sites for Abuse, Depression Victims".)

The book is still open on Heaven's Gate, but if it was just another CIA
brainwashing experiment, there certainly wouldn't be anything new in this.
And so, while his generally vile behavior is enough for him to be recognized
as a demon-in-the-flesh, it is the remarkable ability to use his forked tongue
and crocodile tears and be a true deceiver that makes him so worthy on this
honor, as he managed to lay blame on "suicidal cults" and the all-dangerous
internet for social calamities that are at least partially masterminded by Dr.
West and his repulsive ilk. And for this, we salute you, Dr. West, as Beast
of the Month. Congratulations, and keep up the great work, Jolly!!!

The Konformist
Robert Sterling
Post Office Box 24825
Los Angeles, California 90024-0825
(310) 399-5648

Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West
British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

Louis Jolyon West, director of the UCLA
Neuropsychiatric Institute until his resignation
following exposure of possible violations of
federal law regarding use of government funds

Monday January 18, 1999
Notorious Mind Control Researcher Louis Jolyon West Dead

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The Terrance (Terry) Yeakey Incident
Terrance (Terry) Yeakey was a courageous young black
Oklahoma City police officer who was on duty near the
Murrah Building the morning of that building's bombing.
Officer Yeakey entered the bombed out Murrah building
and saw things that apparently caused him to be murdered.
The hideous details are within these audio tapes

Get RealPlayer 8
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Part 1
Part 2


Oklahoma Bombing Cover-Up

Oklahoma City Bombing

OKC UPDATE: Air Force Photos and JANE GRAHAM

Fed Implicated in OKC Bombing

Mind Control & Timothy McVeigh's Rise from "Robotic" Soldier to Mad Bomber


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