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The FBI are liars. Part I.

A well respected attorney asked that we provide "good circulation" for these cases so that "people will understand that the government is behind similar things, like the Oklahoma City bombing...". Our re-review of these investigations and the exposure of the FBI's deceipt and "strong arm" style of obstructing justice are paramount now, more than ever, in view of the (alleged) opening of southern (formerly secret) sovereignty files and new federal scrutiny having been placed on the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination due to pressure placed on the FBI by Coretta King and others. Take a gander at the Byron De La Beckwith case...and the (docket #64180) August 25, 1994 Circuit Court Complaint filed by Plaintiff James Earl Ray. (Note: the documents have not been represented here in their entirety due to length.) -----------------------------------------------------------------------


Byron De La Beckwith Case, State of Mississippi. Overview: Prominent civil rights activist Medger Evers was assassinated in 1963. A short time after the Evers murder, Byron De La Beckwith, a community leader and a Mississippian with separatist beliefs, was arrested for reportedly carrying a bomb in his car. De La Beckwith, once released, became the victim of a vicious smear campaign in which he was portrayed as a "Klanner" and a "Neo Nazi", although he was neither. In 1994, De La Beckwith was arrested again and charged with the 1963 murder of Evers. FBI Agent Stringer claims that the FBI planted the bomb on De La Beckwith in the first place...and it is suspected that they eventually framed De La Beckwith with the Evers Murder. The Evers assassination became one of the most highly profiled murder cases in the history of the United States. Listed below are excerpts from agent William R. Stringer's October 18, 1994 deposition. ---------------------------------


Examination by Judge Dillard: --Okay, my name is William R. Stringer, spelled S-T-R-I-N-G-E-R. I was born March 1st, 1927 at Birmingham, Alabama, to William M. and Mary Thelma Stringer nee Chandler; thus I am an American by birth and a white Southerner by the grace of God. I began employment with the FBI--you might spell that out--the Federal Bureau of Investigation, because some people, I've found, don't even know what "FBI" means--on January 20th, 1947, in Washington, D. C. I subsequently worked in various offices of the FBI until January 23, 1970 when I arrived in Jackson, Mississippi.

I make the following statement of my own free will; that no threats or promises have been made to me, and nothing has been used to coerce me into giving this statement, but I give this statement of my desire to tell the truth about a certain situation and hope that the proper officials of our government will take the necessary action to bring about justice in this matter. Is that all right? On or about a certain day in the year 1973, the exact date I do not recall, while I was in the office of the Jackson FBI, I was summoned to the office of Roy K. Moore, who was at that time the special agent in charge of the Jackson division of the FBI. Upon arriving in Mr. Moore's office, I observed Special Agent Thompson Berry, Webb, to already be seated in the office besides Mr. Moore.

Mr. Moore immediately informed me that we were all aware that Tommy Webb was working on a case involving Byron De La Beckwith and he desired for me to assist Tommy Webb in the case by assisting Webb in getting some sticks of dynamite into the automobile of Mr. Beckwith. I immediately informed Mr. Moore that I absolutely would not participate in such an act, that such an act was of criminal action and would make me no better than any criminal I have ever tried or would try to obtain information on to convict them in court.

I told him I absolutely would not--what was the word I used?--I would not set up Mr. Beckwith or any other person in an illegal manner. Mr. Moore than stated to me that he was ordering me to work with Tommy Webb and get this dynamite into Beckwith's car so it could be used as evidence to convict him in a case._______________________________________________

I had no prior knowledge of any details of any investigation that the FBI had been conducting on Mr. Beckwith. My knowledge of Mr. Beckwith consisted only of what I read in the newspaper and saw on the television and heard on radio. Mr. Moore then stated to me if I refused to assist Tommy Webb in putting the dynamite into Mr Beckwith's car, he was going to have to do something to me, which he did not at first specify what he meant.

He, a few moments later, said that if I did not assist Tommy Webb in putting dynamite into Mr. Beckwith's car that he was going to have all of Tommy Webb's work reassigned to me and I would have to do my own work as well as the work that was assigned to Webb. I told Mr. Moore that would be all right with me, that I still refused to do anything illegal. I thereupon left Mr. Moore's office and within a few days, I started getting cases reassigned to me which had previously been assigned to Special Agent Tommy Webb. I worked these cases, never complained to anyone about it, and shortly thereafter, Tommy Webb started coming to my desk frequently and informing me of the progress of his attempt to put dynamite in Mr. Beckwith's car.

In fact, on one occasion, Special Agent Tommy Webb informed me that he had obtained the dynamite by purchasing it at the Dixie Dynamite Company which was at that time located on Northside Drive across the street from the Mississippi Power and Light Co. substation. He informed me that he told the lady in the Dixie Dynamite Co. office in making application for the explosive that he intended to use the dynamite to blow up stumps on his mother's farm in Ranking County, Miss. On a certain date, approximately two to three weeks after that time of hearing Special Agent Webb (talking with the dispatcher on the radio), Special Agent Webb came to my desk to inform me that Mr. Beckwith had been in Jackson earlier and that he had been notified of Mr. Beckwith coming to Jackson before he actually arrived by being informed of Mr. Beckwith's intention by Gordon Clark, who he referred to as one of his informants.

According to Special Agent Webb, Mr. Clark, Mr. Matthews and Mr. Beckwith all went to lunch at the Mayflower Cafe on Capitol Street in Jackson, Mississippi. While they were in the Mayflower Cafe, Webb stated that he used a key to Mr. Beckwith's car, which he had previously obtained, and entered Mr. Beckwith's car, which was on a street off Capitol Street beside the Cafe, at which time, he placed several sticks of dynamite, an alarm clock, and a battery on the floor of Mr. Beckwith's automobile behind the driver's seat. He stated that he then closed and relocked the doors to Mr. Beckwith's car and returned to his own car.

Webb informed me that sometime thereafter Beckwith came out from the Mayflower Cafe and got in his car and drove away. Special Agent Webb informed me that he then followed this vehicle of Mr. Beckwith and followed him to New Orleans, Louisiana. He stated that upon arriving in New Orleans, he radioed the New Orleans FBI office on the FBI radio and informed the New Orleans radio dispatcher that Mr. Beckwith was in New Orleans and that he had dynamite in his automobile. Special Agent Webb thereafter informed me that the FBI, including himself, took this case of interstate transportation of an explosive device to the federal grand jury in New Orleans, and the grand jury returned a true bill of indictment. ...

(Webb) stated further that when the jury went out of the room to decide whether they wanted to vote guilty or not guilty (at Beckwith's federal criminal trial), the judge called the United States Attorney and the defense attorney to the bar and told the United States attorney that he did not believe the testimony which Special Agent Webb had given and that if the jury returned a not guilty verdict, he wanted Mr. Webb investigated for possiby giving perjured testimony... ...Webb informed me at a later date that he, Roy K. Moore, of the Jackson office of the FBI, and several others immediately went from the federal court in New _____________________________________________________________________ Orleans to the state capitol of Lousiana at Baton Rouge and conferred with someone in the state attorney general's office who Mr. Webb stated was a former FBI agent and that they were able to get Mr. Beckwith charged in the state of Louisiana with possession of dynamite.Special Agent Webb explained to me that the difference between the federal law and the state law was that it was necessary to--under federal law to prove that Beckwith knew he had the dynamite in his possession when he crossed the state line from Mississippi to the state of Louisiana, but under Louisiana law, they need only prove that he had the dynamite in his possession; they did not have to prove that he knew he had the dynamite. ...

I was shot on August 18th, 1971, while I was on duty with the FBI in Jackson, Mississippi. I was at the rear of 1148 Lewis Street, Jackson, where the FBI and the Jackson Police Departments had gone to make several arrests of members of the Republic of Africa, this address being their Jackson headquarters. My gunshot wound was caused by being shot at close range with an AR180, which is a civilian version of the military M-16 assault rifle. This rifle has a muzzle velocity of 4,000 feet per second and when it hit my left upper leg, it entered my leg and tumbled like the M-16 shell is supposed to do, or bullet is supposed to do and tore my leg inside to shreds. I still have parts of the bullet in my leg. My gunshot wound never got well on the outside--

or on the inside, rather, as it did on the outside, and it is now infected to the point where I have been informed by doctors, due to the infection in my gunshot wound, that if this infection gets in my blood stream, it could cause me to have blood poisoning and I would die almost immediately. I have been told by doctors to not expect to live beyond a year or so if the infection in my leg does not get better. I desire that this information be made public and get to the proper authorities who can do something about the injustice to framing Mr. Beckwith by the FBI as I would like to see this done before I die, which could be today or any other day in the near future. ...

Bill, one other thing: in all of this activity, the Tarrants case and "Terror in the Night" and all these books about all of this, Matthews comes out as supposedly being the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and there's a lot of people that believe that he was a plant from the beginning...Let me tell you about this case. I don't know how the FBI found out that Tommy Tarrants was going to Meredian but they found out about it, so--I think they found out through Kathy Ainsworth, who was an FBI informant, who was also an informant for Fred Sanders of the Police Department. And she--I don't know who she informed, but she informed somebody in the FBI office that Tommy was going to Meridian and they told her not to go, but they didn't tell her why not to go. And, so Tommy talked her into going with him and in the meantime, Roy Moore had Special Agent Frank Watts and Special Agent John Proctor and other agents of the FBI assigned to the Meridian Office to get the local authorities to set up a roadblock for Tommy Tarrants and to assassinate him when he got there.

And, when they were tipped that Tommy Tarrants was approaching the roadblock, just as he turned into the driveway of the place where he was going to, they fired upon Tarrants in his automobile, there being numerous officers who fired upon Tarrant's automobile and allegedly making it look like Bonnie and Clyde's car when the Texas Rangers shot it up. ...And the FBI sent a couple of goons down here; they were going to physically beat me up and make me retract things that I had said, the illegal activity that I told him (Attorney General Levy) about, which I did tell them about this...this Beckwith matter. ...In January of this year (1994), Mr. Dunn and I went to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Jackson and talked to Kent McDaniels, the first assistant U.S. attorney and I outlined in detail this information that I have just furnished _____________________________________________________________________ You don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail. Get completely free e-mail from Juno at http://www.juno.com Or call Juno at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866] concerning Mr. Beckwith. I outlined in detail the information to Mr. McDaniels and he made notes of it. He later informed me that he had sent a communication to the Justice Department in Washington, D. C., but had not heard from them. ...Well, (an unnamed agent) and Jim Ingram (now, Director of Public Safety, State of Mississippi) and (SAC) Tom Fitzpatrick composed a letter to this (Caucasian) guy who was a student at Tougaloo College and was allegedly mixed up in racial activities and the letter identified the sender as a member of a certain gang of blacks here in Jackson and told this student of Tougaloo if he didn't get out of town, they were going to kill him.

And after he composed the letter, Fitzpatrick submitted it to Jim Ingram and Roy Moore and they approved it and they sent it to Washington and it was allegedly approved back there to be sent and Fitzpatrick actually put the letter in the mail. It wasn't a threat by any black organization or any black militant or anything. It was strictly a letter that originated in the FBI office by Tom Fitzpatrick. Question: How would that help the civil rights? Answer: I don't know how it would help. Question: But that was part of the--what did they call it? --Counter-Intelligence? Answer: Yeah. ...Well, like Jim Ingram (Commissioner of Public Safety, State of Mississippi) told me about a year or so ago--we were at an ex-FBI agents' luncheon--and I was telling some of the guys around about the illegal activities that I knew Roy Moore was involved in when he was with the FBI and Jim Ingram came up to me and told me that I'd better quit talking about Roy Moore like that; and I told him, "I haven't said anything that wasn't the truth, I'll say what I want to.

" He says, "Well something could happen to you if you keep that up. In fact, you could get hurt." And I told him, "Jim, you do what you have to; and I'll do what I have to." I feel...there are only two things I'm afraid of. That's a snake I can hear and can't see...and God. And the only reason I'm afraid of God is respect; it's not that I'm fearful that he's going to do something wrong to me. I respect God. --------------------------- Update: Recently, De La Beckwith's appeals have been shut down, denied. FBI Agent Stringer is dead.


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