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From: American Patriot Friends Network 08/05/98

When ever we have seen these kinds of spins in the media. Something
happens. We have no recourse to the media spin. The below is about
the worst I've seen.... half truths, lies, twisting of facts and
lack of knowledge.... It makes me wonder! What is going to happen?

Subject: Militia movement alive and extreme as ever
Subject: Ex-colonel offers to help lead Rudolph safely out of woods

(above page is down as of May 6, 2000)

Militia movement alive and extreme as ever
08/05/98 05:31:29 AM
By Patrick May
Knight Ridder Newspapers

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Three years after Oklahoma City,
the shadows of discontent still spread over the land.
>From militiamen to neo-Nazis, a dark counterculture
cranks out a stream of bigotry and rebellion. And a
string of killings, robberies and manhunts keeps
cracking the calm, like firecrackers dropped at
America's feet.

Although ranks have thinned among traditional militia
groups since extremist Timothy McVeigh blew apart the
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City,
human-rights observers spy a sea change in the way
discontent now simmers. Law enforcement and new state
laws have driven the hard core underground,
anti-government conspiracies flourish and extremist
rhetoric is bleeding over lines that once separated
so-called patriot groups, like militias, from the
ultraconservative religious fringe.


(above page is down as of May 6, 2000) OKLAHOMA BOMBING AND THE POLITICS OF

"The patriot movement is losing the softies who once
waited in the woods for a revolution that never
came," said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law
Center, a civil rights group recognized as the
authority on far-right organizations. ``At the same
time, we're seeing a definite hardening of the
underground -- people willing to kill and maim. And
increasingly, there's an overlap between the militia
and the old-line hate groups like the Klan.''

Shared veins run through this mother lode of scorn:
"common law court" tactics designed to gum up local
government with fake property liens and bogus checks;
propagation of Jewish-conspiracy myths and banking
plots; increasing signs of millennium paranoia among
extremist groups counting down the days to an
impending race war.

``The rabid community-based militia groups ... are
greatly curtailed,'' said Ken Toole, a human-rights
organizer in Montana. ``Unfortunately, that's now
replaced with these fringe ideas creeping into the
political mainstream.''

The militia groups insist their intentions are

``We're just regular people up here in Noxon,'' said
John Trochmann, who runs the Militia of Montana. ``We
gather intelligence, dissect it and put it into a
picture to show people what's wrong with America.
We're solution-oriented and nonviolent.''

The post-Oklahoma City proliferation of so-called
identity politics and the cross-pollination of groups
that embrace it has spawned a number of trends: Law
enforcement has become more proactive in sniffing out
plots of violence; 19 states have stiffened laws to
discourage common-law antics; hate groups and their
human-rights nemeses have become enamored with the
Internet as a tool to spread their messages; and
communities across the nation have begun to fight

Hate groups are thriving nationwide. At last count,
the law center said there were 478 race-based groups
and 523 patriot organizations, which include militias
and common-law-court activists such as the Freemen.
And by no means are they limited to rural or more
isolated states; one study showed there are 42 militia
or common-law groups now operating in California. Yet
one area -- a long scenic stretch from eastern
Washington state to the middle of Montana -- remains a
microcosm of anti-government fervor. Here are a few
stops along that route:

NOXON, Mont. -- In a corner booth at the Hereford, a
roadside log-cabin diner a mile outside town,
America's most enduring militia major-domo settles
into his house salad. John Trochmann -- preacher's
son, former snowmobile manufacturer and 54-year-old
head of the Militia of Montana -- is both hungry and
fed up.

``I'm tired of the alphabet soup -- DEA, FBI, BLM --
telling us what to do,'' says the man behind the gray
beard made famous by the network news. ``This is a
non-representative government, starting with
(President) Clinton helping bail out the Mexican peso
to help his bosses.''

Those ``bosses'' would be the ones Trochmann calls
``the global grabbers'' -- an international clique of
corporate conspirators plundering the poor and hiding
behind the United Nations peacekeeping forces, which
Trochmann sees as a gang of dirty cops.

``America is a business,'' he says, moving knife and
fork into his T-bone steak. ``All we're trying to do
is show people what's really going on in America.
Because if we don't change things, this'll be the end
of our nation.''


He's now in his 14th year of trying to ensure that
doesn't happen. Opponents say Trochmann can't draw the
crowds he once did before Oklahoma City sent weekend
warriors scurrying back to the safety of their
everyday lives. Phooey, he says.

``The mainstream media was ordered by design not to
report on the militia movement,'' says Trochmann. ``In
fact, today it's much stronger, much smarter and more
underground, which is exactly where it should have
been in the first place.''


It's hard to tell how big of a following he has. But
there are people listening out there. He says his Web
site gets an average of 700 visitors a day. And he
sells enough anti-government books, tapes and videos
through his ``Preparedness Catalog'' to support the
three families that feed the publicity pipeline from a
pole-barn home in Noxon.


Trochmann delivers his life in sound bites:

On childhood: ``I was the `why boy' of the family.''

On his separatist conversion: ``The Secret Service
killed (President) Kennedy, and I've been in hot
pursuit of the truth ever since.''

On federal efforts at gun control: ``They can have our
guns -- one bullet at a time.''

Trochmann is big on paperwork. Before polishing off
his baked potato, he shoves a stack of documents
across the table, sort of a psych report on what makes
the Militia of Montana tick: copies of its newsletter,
Taking Aim; a U.S. Navy intelligence report on the
group, obtained, says Trochmann, from some federal
``deep throat''; juicy excerpts from the divorce file
of one of Trochmann's archenemies, civil-rights
activist Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law


As he finishes off his dinner, Trochmann grows
pensive. He seems as determined as ever to prepare the
masses for the coming fall of big government. He
quotes a University of Montana study that shows 35
percent of western Montanans support the militia's

Then he pulls out a dogeared copy of what he calls
``our second Bible'' -- ``The Art of War,'' by Sun
Tzu. He flips to his favorite line:

``Know others while being unknown to others.''

RUBY RIDGE, Idaho -- Clusters of tin mailboxes along
Highway 2 are the only hints of the lives tucked away
behind this curtain of fir and pine. The folded hills
cupping the hamlet of Naples are like thick blankets
that people come here to pull over their heads.
They're hiding from cities gone mad, from the detritus
of job or family, from the country they've fallen out
of love with.

``Back in these woods, there's a lot of fear of big
government,'' says carpenter Jerry Davis, 49, at the
Naples General Store. ``We got a bad reputation, but
most of us are just hard-working country people.''

They got that reputation because back in 1983, Randy
Weaver gathered up his ideas on white separatism and
came here to hide. Instead, he stewed. He eventually
got so angry he ran for sheriff, but lost. He traveled
to the nearby Aryan Nations compound and swapped
conspiracy theories with confederates. Then, as a
weapons charge brought the world closing in on his
lonely outpost, Weaver walked out of hiding and into a
blood bath.

In the summer of 1992, this was where all rebels
focused their repulsion for the laws of the land. When
it exploded in a firefight between federal agents and
the hilltop clan, one government man and two members
of Weaver's family were dead.

Six years later, the silence of these hills still
screams. Eventually, Weaver and an associate were
acquitted of killing the agent. And the FBI agent who
killed Weaver's wife and son was exonerated. Weaver
now lives 100 miles away in Kalispell, Mont., pushing
his new book on talk shows.

``The book is a memorial to my wife and son,'' he
says. ``It shows what can happen when a government
gets too much power.''

Weaver the widower can break your heart. Follow the
eyes of the chain-smoking 50-year-old and it's obvious
the photos on his mantel were truly loved ones. But
then Weaver the separatist pops out and the madness of
Ruby Ridge comes alive again. ``This country's rotten
to the core,'' he will say. Or, ``Jews and non-Jews
shouldn't intermarry; you don't see mule deer breeding
with whitetail, do you?''


Up on Ruby Ridge, the quiet is broken by the curious,
the devotees and the disturbed. They come to see the
spot where either the feds murdered innocent people or
the right-wing scofflaws got stupid and paid a big
price. But they're all disappointed, because while the
property is still owned by Weaver's three daughters,
it's up a gutted dirt road guarded by irritable
neighbors with shotguns. Besides, the cabin was
crushed two winters ago beneath 12 feet of snow. The
outpost is empty.

>> >'The Octopus' " conspircy can survive expose'......"
I'm not upset with you but with all the johnny-come-latelies. All of them
have interviewed me, used my work and not a word of credit lines even
though everything is copyrighted. From Riconochutto (who never saw
publicity until us) to Russbacher, Kumnick, Earl Brian (from early
mind-control issues to October Surprise), to pioneering the Inslaw series,
to Wackenhut and Cabazons (as I say we were even sued for libel on that one
and won the case). We had a lot of correspondence when you were on the fax
network and I'm glad to see you use the internet without your high phone
Our website is and includes INSLAW, WACKENHUT,
OCTOBER SURPRISE with Russbacher and also inside reports from Iran
intelligence, EARL BRIAN in October Surprise, Inslaw and Mind Control

((( We were the only publication involved with Barry Kumnick, his
father was the next door neighbor of Randy Weaver. Kumnick enhanced the
INSLAW software with artificial intelligence - a quantum leap - and
disappeared for a year. His father had him call us when he resurfaced.
Hamilton says he would have been a key witness to his case. )))

In sharing information, I request others to spread the information not to
make profit. Like yourself, you do this for the dedication and it ticks me
off to see publications for profit with speculative information. As you
know the government using discrediting processes on issues like this, and
one some run off half-cocked they can ruin it for the real truth.

Still, visitors come, though they usually get no
farther than Lisa Montgomery's dairy farm.

``A guy came last week,'' said Montgomery, 28. ``Said
his name was Yahweh. He had a car full of Bibles and
he was talking nonsense.

``He was sorry the Weaver cabin was gone. So he put
some flowers on the road up to their place. And then
he drove away.''


SANDPOINT-COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- If he really hopes
to claim the Pacific Northwest as a whites-only
homeland, the Rev. Richard Butler may want to
reconsider. The 80-year-old leader of the
white-supremacist Aryan Nations, based the past two
decades on a 20-acre compound midway between these two
panhandle towns, has run into a wall of opposition
from locals with their own agenda: to claim Idaho as a
``hate-free zone.''

The line was drawn in 1994, when 500 people attended a
human-rights rally in Sandpoint to rise up against
Butler's anti-Semitism. And on July 18, 1,000 marchers
lined the streets of Coeur d'Alene (population:
31,076) to protest a march by 92 of Butler's

Neither his ill health nor dwindling ranks of
supporters have deterred Butler.

`The Northwest is already our promised land ...
because you can put your kids in school here and they
won't get beat up by blacks for their lunch money,''
he said in an interview at his compound office,
protected by attack dogs and gun-toting skinheads,
surrounded by photos of his hero, Adolph Hitler.
``We're mostly white up here and that's why so many
people have fled the multiculturalism of California to
join us.''

His opponents have heard this rhetoric for years. One
of them is human rights activist Marshall Mend, a real
estate agent in Hayden who has had his for-sale signs
defaced over the years with drawings of a devil with
horns. Mend, who is Jewish, has kept the personal
attacks in perspective.

``People around the country think everyone up here is
a racist,'' says Mend of the Kootenai County Task
Force on Human Relations, sister group to another in
Sandpoint (population: 6,748). ``We're trying to
portray Idaho as a place where human rights are alive
and well. But it takes years to change the perception
that people like Butler have given to this state. ...
We have bigots like anywhere else. But we actually
have fewer hard-core racists because of the resistance
we've mounted.''

It's hard to say how much support Butler really has.
Asked about dedicated followers or mailing lists,
Butler responds: ``We're not interested in numbers.
Only Jews are interested in numbers.''

Still, his Aryan Nations Web site gets thousands of
hits every week. More troubling, say human-rights
organizers in Sandpoint, are other more covert groups,
one of which puts out a free weekly newspaper packed
with extremist articles.

``I'm proud to be part of a community that stands up
to these groups,'' says Gretchen Hellar, head of the
all-volunteer Bonner County Human Rights Task Force.
``It's very important that we set the agenda instead
of having it dictated by them.''

That sort of thinking led a few weeks ago to the
``Lemons-to-Lemonade'' fund-raising campaign that
sought pledges for every minute the Aryan Nations
march lasted. It netted more than $28,000, say
organizers. One proposal for the money is to erect a
statue in downtown Coeur d'Alene in honor of Holocaust

The inscription, says Mend, would read: ``Paid for by
the Aryan Nations march.''


HELENA, Mont. -- It's sunup over in Missoula and
residents awake to a shock on their front lawns: a
32-page treatise on how Jews have taken over

Within days, the Helena-based Human Rights Network is
on the case. The network's mission: to alert
Missoulans to the threat of a new group it suspects is
behind the door-to-door literature drops. The plan:
``The next time they drop literature, our team will
immediately follow behind dropping our own literature
explaining what the group's about,'' says Paul Shivey,
35, who put 30,000 miles on his car last year roaming
the state to rally residents against hate groups.

Outreach has been a key weapon in the network's
arsenal from the start. By 1990, local civil-rights
groups had begun to pop up around the state in
response to the rise in popularity of Militia of
Montana leader Trochmann. The nonprofit network was
formed to pull them all together.

``One-third of what we do now is research and
monitoring of hate groups,'' says Ken Toole, a former
state Department of Education administrator who serves
as director of programs for the network. ``Oklahoma
City changed everything overnight, convincing
communities and law enforcement of the dangers
inherent in these groups. We spend a lot of our time
pushing them to the surface so people can't ignore
what they're up to.''

In a warren of small offices on the third floor of a
downtown Helena bank building, Toole and a paid staff
of six take an in-your-face posture to keep tabs on
extremist groups in Montana, a state Toole describes
as the original ``epicenter of militia and common-law
court movements.''

File cabinets burst at the seams with reports and news
clippings on target groups. ``Aryan Nation -- Idaho,''
says one. ``Anti-Fascist Activity,'' says another.
Tapes of hate-group radio shows fill tall bookshelves.
Information, often shared with law enforcement groups,
is cross-referenced in the network's computer
database. Staff members use it to push public policy
and legislative efforts. Lately, much of the focus has
been on pushing for more protection for gay rights in
a state lacking them.

Eight years after first butting heads with Trochmann,
Toole says the militia leader is still up to his old

``He's encouraging people to organize themselves into
armed units that will affect change from outside the
political process,'' says Toole. ``In effect, they're
saying the government doesn't really represent us
anymore so we need to organize ourselves. ... We
believe some of his followers are taking that next
step and forming these little units like Tim McVeigh

``And that is what we're trying to stop.''

PHOTOS (from KRT Photo Service, 202-383-6099)
ARCHIVE PHOTOS on PressLink Online (from KRT Photo Service, 202-383-6099):
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(c) 1998, San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, Calif.).
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Mercury News, at
Distributed by Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.
AP-NY-08-05-98 0625EDT

Mark of Michigan - report:
August 5, 1998 ANN ARBOR
Antigovernment activist faces trial


(above page down as of May 6, 2000)


From: "Maher, Steve (SD-EX)"

Scan the below numbers and then tell me what global super power they are
associated with:

- 709,000 regular service soldiers;
- 293,000 reserve troops;
- Eight standing army divisions;
- 20 air force and navy air wings with 2,000 combat air craft;
- 232 strategic bombers;
- 13 strategic ballistic missile submarines with 3,114 nuclear
warheads on 232 missiles;
- 500 ICBMs with 1,950 warheads
- Four aircraft carriers, and;
- 121 surface combat ships and submarines.
- Plus all the airfields, support bases shipyards and logistical
assets to sustain these assets.

Is this country Russia? No. Red China? Nope. Great Britain? Wrong again!

Give Up? Well don't feel too badly if you are unable to identify this
global superpower because this country no longer exists. It has vanished."

Answer: "These are the American military forces that have DISAPPEARED
since Bill Clinton took office. Think about the implications!"

>From Forecasts & Trends , Gary Halbrent, Editor

Note that, according to Penatgon estimates, not only is the U.S.
incapable of fighting and winning two simultaneous major
conflicts, as has been their goal for years... but would be
hardpressed to support even one, without pulling in troops
from Germany, Korea, the Balkans, etc. and weakening or
abandoning the missions in those places.

What is going on here.... is this another set-up to discredit?
(above page is down as of May 6, 200)

Ex-colonel offers to help lead Rudolph safely out of woods
Knight Ridder Newspapers

CHARLOTTE -- Former Green Beret colonel and conservative presidential
candidate James "Bo" Gritz wants to help guide Eric Rudolph to a safe

In a statement released over the Internet and his short-wave radio show,
Gritz offered to give Rudolph legal and physical protection if the
fugitive, charged in the Jan. 29 fatal bombing of a Birmingham, Ala.,
abortion clinic, will come out of the woods. One person died in the
explosion; another was seriously injured.

Gritz says he'll travel to Western North Carolina -- along with a band of
volunteers recruited through his radio commentary and pro-militia Internet
news groups -- as soon as he gets a signal from Rudolph.

"Eric's mom recently expressed fears that her son will be shot on sight.
I share her concern," Gritz said in the Internet statement. "Bounty
hunters abound, seeking the $1 million reward for Eric's arrest. I can
imagine why Eric has remained at large. ... It's time to thwart those
with blood money in their eye and save Eric Rudolph!"

Federal agents believe Rudolph has been hiding in the North Carolina
mountains since early February. FBI agents in Andrews, headquarters for
the 200 investigators searching for the suspect, said Tuesday that they
hadn't heard of Gritz's offer, but they wouldn't keep him away if he
tried to come.

Gritz, a Vietnam veteran and a national leader of the conservative patriot
movement, helped negotiate an end to the FBI siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho,
in 1992 and briefly became a mediator in the Freemen standoff in Montana
last year.

In his offer to Rudolph, he promises to give the $1 million reward to
Rudolph's mother. And he says he will secure assurances of Rudolph's
safety from prosecutors.

"I pray, anyone who wants to see Eric safe, please help me get this
message to him," Gritz said. "I know hundreds of good people in the
Andrews area. I will personally guarantee Eric's safety, his proper
representation, and delivery of the entire reward to his mother or
anyone he designates."

Distributed by Knight Ridder//Tribune Information Services.


Did Clinton really kill these people?
A list of Clinton friends who "died mysteriously"

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Star Tribune : JFK autopsy files include claims of missing notes, photos
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missing notes photos Associated Press WASHINGTON D C -- Records of
the 1963 autopsy performed on President John Kennedy are incomplete
and the doctors who conducted it undermined

Washington Post : No Retrial in Trade Center Bombing Case <1>
(page down 05/06/00)

Print Edition On Our Site No Retrial in Trade Center Bombing Case
Associated Press Wednesday August 5 1998 Page A07 NEW YORK Aug 4&#151 A
federal appeals court today upheld the convictions of four men in the
1993 World Trade Center bombing

Trade Center convictions upheld <1>
(FOX News : School shootings do not mark a trend <2>

School shootings do not mark a trend 1 57 p m ET 1758 GMT August 4 1998 NEW YORK Aug 04 Contrary to popular belief there is no trend of school killings according to a report from the Justice Policy Institute a research arm of the nonprofit

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