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Tucson Shooting: Gifford's Doctors Were Actors


Rep Gifford's Operation Safeway EXPOSED

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Fw: FROM THE WORLD'S A STAGE DEPT.: Giffords doctors are actors the whole shooting a charade


Tue, 5 Apr 2011 01:03:36 -0400

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What do you think?  The least mentioned person is Federal Judge John Roll, a constitutional minded judge who was killed during this time.  He was the Arizona Federal Judge who helped move Sheriff Richard Mack up the ladder to his win in Supreme Court...that the Sheriff's oath is to the consitution and to the people and that it is not in the Sheriff's purview to enforce Federal laws but to protect the citizen's from the over zealous Federal authorities, domestic or foreign enemies.

How could Gabriel Giffords recovery so quickly from being shot in the head at point blank range, whiile under reported Constitutional Judge John Rolls is dead!


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Here we see Brandan Lee Pittman, the owner of Radian-Helix Media, a film, video and CGI development studio, appearing to play the roll of Bryce Tiriany. Reportedly one of Jared Loughners High school friends. Goggle "Loughner friends lucid dreams" to se the videos on Youtube.
We also see what appears to be Pittman playing yet another role as the individual we see in the mug shot of which the media told us is Jared Lee Loughner.
Note the facial landmarks in each photograph the one on the left is from Pittmans own personal portfolio posted to a modeling web site. Although his head in this photograph is tilted slightly down, which will give the upper lip a more fore shortened appearance, we can match the facial landmarks minus the photoshoped nose and eye wounds exactly.
Pay close attention to the dimple area in both photos, note the destinct characteristics that show these to be the same person.
              as Loughner
Here we see a photo of Steven Cates (left) who claimes to be in Jared Loughners Pima College Poetry class together with Don Coorough (Right). In a Side by side comparrison we see the same facial landmarks colored contacts and minus the wig. (which Steven says is not a wig but is tropical colored natural hair) He claimes this is part of his "Gimmic" since he is a pro wrestler. There are videos of him acting as a manager for a backyard type wrestling outfit that appears to take place in the back of a bar of some type. As for the term "Pro" since he is a student and could make his living as an actor playing the rolw of a wresting manager, Ill give him that.
I have communicated with him on seval ocasionas and he maintains he is not Don but will not answer details questions when I pressed them. What makes Steven such an important part of this investigations is the fact that he is the only person iassociated with the Radian-Helix Media group (owned by Brandan Pittman) that continues his action both on and off camera. His persona with the Pink hair seems to be the persona he uses in other non related videos. This is key because it connects him to the media group and the groups memo on the Mod site owned by partner Dave Weiss states. In that memo is lists Cates and 3 others as working on a CGI role playing First person action gam called "Brazil" which Steven said is no longer a work in progress.
              Cates and Don coorogh













Best regards,

Eileen Dannemann
Director,  National Coalition of Organized Women
319 855-0307

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