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Occult Activities at the Elite Bohemian Grove in Northern California Exposed! Alex Jones Tells His Story

Austin, TX -- Last July, documentary filmmaker Alex Jones infiltrated Bohemian Grove, becoming the first person to capture the bizarre occult activities of the all-male elite club membership on videotape. This footage recently aired in England, Ireland and Scotland on UK Channel Four as Part Three of a four-part special: The Secret Rulers of the World.

Alex Jones was inside the 2,700 acre elite compound for over five hours, and states, "Thank God I caught the whole thing on videotape because no one would believe me if I hadn’t. I have trouble believing what I witnessed with my own two eyes. It was actually that bizarre."

For over 128 years, world leaders have traveled to Sonoma County California in the month of July. Almost immediately, bizarre rumors began to circulate in the local press that something dark and occult was going on. The rumors entailed dark stories of men in black and red robes and a giant 40-foot stone owl, to which something, or someone was being sacrificed.

Alex Jones, being a radio talk-show host had heard the rumors many times, so he decided to look into it and did some research. To his surprise, mainstream media articles from Parade Magazine, the Associated Press, Reuters, the Sacramento Bee, and the Washington Times confirmed the incredible. World leaders were traveling yearly to the rural redwood-covered hills of Northern California and photos actually existed of the giant stone owl and the men in black and red robes.

"I was angered," Jones said, "that in over 50 years there had been only a handful of news stories written on Bohemian Grove, and that these stories calmly reported on the rumors and engaged in a whitewash, thus hiding a giant story in plain view."

Reading about all the law enforcement and Secret Service protecting the Grove’s mysteries every July, Jones took the challenge of Jon Ronson of World of Wonder Productions to "blow Bohemian Grove wide-open with his hidden cameras."

After traveling from Austin, Texas to San Francisco, Jones and the other members of his team met up with the British filmmakers and began a three-day investigation before attempting to enter the Grove.

On July 15, 2000, Alex Jones and his assistant Mike, equipped with two hidden video cameras and disguised as members of the Bohemian Club successfully infiltrated the elite cult compound.

One of the most commonly asked questions is: How did they get in?

Following is a transcript of a taped interview with Alex Jones, who describes his infiltration of the super-secret elitist camp and what he witnessed inside:

"The Bohemian Club lies within a range of large hills and cliffs with 300-400 ft. drops. The club itself consists of large log cabin-style homes built into the gorge walls.

There is only one entrance on the north side of the compound, which is a paved road, appropriately named "Bohemian Avenue."

A low barbed-wire fence surrounds the entire perimeter of the club, but the fence doesn’t matter because there is only one place where the hills come together, leaving an opening traversable by foot or car. Simply stated, the Bohemian Grove is a walled city.

After being dropped off near the Bohemian Club, we inserted ourselves into the woods about 100 yards from the main entrance. After going over the barbed wire fence, we found ourselves in what can only be described as a moat. The entire area along the road to the foot of the cliff walls had been dug out and flooded.

We were able to make our way across the expansive swamp by jumping from broken tree limbs and other debris.

After climbing up a steep embankment, pulling our way up by gripping on tree roots, we found ourselves in a large parking lot, with hundreds of cars. We saw several dozen Bohemian Club employees/servants getting out of the vehicles, which were everything from Mercedes-Benz to Ford Tempos.

At about 100 yards through the trees, we saw a much larger parking lot, filled with more late-model, luxury-style cars. Obviously, this was the parking area of the actual 2,000 members of the Bohemian Club.

When you come in on the main road, the moat, the swamp and the embankment are off to the right (off to the west) just 50 yards of so. By going across the swamp or moat, we made our way past the first two checkpoints, which consisted of a small guard shack on the left-hand side of the road and another 50 yards down the road another guard shack on the right-hand side of the road.

It’s a good thing that we decided to sneak around the first two checkpoints, by entering through the Bohemian Grove employee parking lot, because the real checkpoints lie deeper inside the Grove. There was a checkpoint in the middle of the road (a large guard shack with several dozen security people) and then guard shacks on the left and right sides of the road, which were kind of like the German-style checkpoints you see in old news reels.

I told Mike I thought it would be a good idea if we tried to get on one of the large trucks (the flat-back open trucks that had padded seats that were actually picking up members of the Bohemian Club as well as the employees). So, we went ahead and walked through the woods to the Bohemian Club member parking area and waited for one of the large trucks to pull up, at which time myself and Mike climbed onto the back with two older gentlemen.

Mike and myself made small-talk conversation as we got onto the black-top road and drove deeper into the Grove, now approaching these larger checkpoints. In the two or three minutes that we were on board the truck, we caught an interesting conversation on tape, as two of the members discussed the prices of their ceremonial robes (all of that is in my video, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove).

Our first close call happened as we neared the main checkpoint. The truck actually stopped, at which time an older, gray-haired man made eye contact with the driver of the truck and walked around the back of the truck to stare myself and Mike right in the eye. Obviously, he was afraid that we might be guests of the two older gentlemen we were riding in with in the truck (as Bohemian Club members are allowed to bring guests) so he didn’t ask us who we were or what we were doing. The guards went ahead and waved us on with a look of suspicion.

Then we were inside the Bohemian Grove. We had heard all of the bizarre rumors and were about to find out what was really going on inside. The mystery was getting closer to being solved.

The truck drove in for several more minutes and stopped at which time we off-loaded. I told Mike that I wanted to get to cover. It took us about 45 minutes to an hour to walk all the way through to the bottom of the gorge, at which point the road actually ended and a cars could no longer drive on it, as it turned into a concrete-paved, blacktop foot-path.

We reached the end of the gorge, which is an observation deck at the top of a 300-foot cliff overlooking the Russian River and the small town of Monte Rio on the other side. It was my plan to have the least amount of contact with the Bohemian Club members and staff as I could and to wait until nightfall to attempt to get out our hidden cameras and to catch the Cremation of Care ceremony on tape.

At this point, I should digress and go back and say that as we were walking into the Grove we came within about ten yards of the 40 foot stone owl that sits to the north side of the small lake. We were only about seven yards away from the black altar that sits at the base of the owl.

So, already at this point we had proven a big rumor true: yes there is a giant stone owl – yes there is an altar. As we were walking deeper into the grove, past the lake, we even saw little metal crosses sticking up from the water’s edge. We’ll get to those little metal crosses later.

So, now we had been there about an hour at the observation deck. There was no one around. All of the sudden, there was an older gentleman, about 67-70 years old, wearing a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department uniform coming up the path . We didn’t even see him coming. I believe he was the Sheriff, and he started speaking to us in some kind of code.

He looked directly at me and said, "Were you here in 1913? Are you one of the old ones?"

Now obviously, I was 27 years old and the man knew I wasn’t around in 1913 and that I wasn’t one of the old ones. Knowing that he was testing me, I just calmly said, "Yeah, I’m with the Hillbillies."

To explain that, there are about 95 different clubs within the Bohemian Club. All the different club houses and log cabin-style mansions that are built into the cliffs have different names and different memberships. The most elite club, according to press reports is Mandaley, with Henry Kissinger and Paul Volcker, former Federal Reserve Chairman and other New World Order bosses.

The Hillbilly Camp is the camp that the Bushes are members of, along with many other notables in American industry, banking, media and government. At that point he smiled and said, "Well, enjoy the day." He then turned around and walked off.

After he left I said to Mike, "Look, we’ve got to get to a new position and hide ourselves in the woods." So we traveled back into the gorge, off the cliffside and the observation deck. About half-way into the gorge, we noticed that two men in dark suits and sunglasses were following us. I decided to slow down.

The two men ,who were obviously private security, Secret Service or somebody’s private body guards, walked up to us and asked us our names. I gave them my fake name and Mike gave them his fake name, and we told them that we were members of the Hillbilly Club.

They said, "take it easy, don’t stress yourselves out and enjoy yourselves," which was a theme that came up more later. At this point, we had been confronted twice and were now being followed. I told Mike that we had to get into a heavily populated area where a lot of the Grove members were congregating.

So we went into several of the clubs and almost had our identities blown. We went in and had a few drinks, because everyone was drinking copiously and they were offering us wine in some of the clubhouses. We then got back on the road and into a large outdoor feasting area, where hundreds of tables were being set from some party or revelry.

I told Mike we should go up the steep road into the hills where some of the larger structures were located. It took us about 20 minutes to walk up the road into the only hills that were accessible by foot. At that point some of the employees began to ask us why weren’t riding the truck up. We told them that we wanted exercise, at which point they started acting pretty suspicious.

We noticed that high up in the hills many of the large log cabin structures were deserted, with many large outside decks. So we went into the Web Camp and just made ourselves comfortable. (The camps have different names like Lost Boys, Doom, Dragon etc.) We simply sat out the next hour, reloaded our hidden cameras and got them back into place.

By then, the shadows were getting long and it was just a few minutes until dusk. We started to hear bizarre chanting and singing coming from down below us in the gorge. So we traveled back into the gorge. On our way back down, we saw thousands of men chanting and singing drunkenly beneath the giant redwoods.

It was like something out of a fantasy novel. I expected to see a dragon come hopping by any moment. There were huge skulls hanging down from the floodlights, satanic-styled owls with glowing eyes, (a lot of trappings of death) that we could now see in the twilight illuminated by the large floodlights.

The feasting revelers were beginning to break up and to travel down paths towards the lake. We decided to go ahead and mix in with them and go where they were going. They were going towards the east side of the bank about 100 yards across the north tip of the lake where the idol and altar stood.

As we were walking around the lake, the only black man we saw, a very large man, saw myself and Mike walking very quickly compared to other members in the crowd (we wanted to get a good place on the east side of the bank to watch the Cremation of Care ritual – most of the rumors I had heard were now coming true).

He said, "trouble yourselves not! Take it easy! The cares of the world are off your shoulders! You’re not supposed to walk that fast." He then gave us two full-color programs. On the cover of the program, they show Moloch, the big owl, with a burning body enflamed beneath it (the program can be viewed at Also a little demon, with the initials PJ was sweeping up someone’s ashes on the lower left-hand corner of the program (which is also on my film, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove).

Thousands of the men began to gather on the eastern bank, private servants (as opposed to the Bohemian Grove employees, who all wear red shirts and who weren’t allowed to be present for the ritual) began to put out chairs for their elderly employers.

The sun had now sunk behind the hill. It was completely dark and you couldn’t even see the other side of the water. There were bats flying around and a lot of natural fog building on the surface of the water (there is a lot of fog in Northern California that time of year).

Picture this , if Count Dracula lived in North America, he would live in Sonoma County. This was spooky stuff. The hair on the back of my neck was beginning to stand up at this point.

Then, out of the woods, all of the sudden came thirty priests in black robes, their faces painted up like death, with a man dressed like the Grim Reaper pulling a wagon with a bound body. Then we noticed something that we had seen during the day. Large black canopies had been unfurled out of the trees on the western side of the bank (we’re on the eastern side – only about 70 yards away at that point) and they unfurled those, and the wagon pulled behind it.

The men then began to yell out, "burn him again! He’s going to get what he deserves!

Now, I must digress and say that the reason I was able to see the priest in the black robes, the priest painted-up like death, and the bound body on the back of the wagon, was because they were all carrying torches. The place was pretty illuminated by the torches being carried by the thirty priests in front and the thirty priests behind the wagon.

Probably out of the entire ritual that I witnessed, the most important aspect of the ceremony was what happened first. The wagon went behind these big black sheets hanging out of the trees, down to the ground, obscuring the view, and for about 10 minutes nothing happened.

It was quiet except for the hateful shouts of the old men, who said things like, "Oh yeah! Burn that bastard! Kill him! That’s what he deserves!" All we could hear was them whispering and smacking their lips. This went on and on.

Now on the west side of the bank, (we’re were on the east side, about 60-70 yards away) at the front, about 100 yards away on the north side, is the idol, sitting in darkness. No one was paying attention to that. Everyone was disoriented as they stared across the water at whatever was happening behind those black curtains with that bound body.

Whether it was an effigy or real, we do not know. (This is kind of like the Skull and Bones ritual that the New York Observer caught on tape. They claim that the video shows them slitting the throats of ceremonial effigies.) Is all of this in effigy? We don’t know.

We were all focused at what was going on across the pond. Suddenly the owl was lit up by some flood lights and out ran a hundred priests or so in black, red and green robes. Most of them were in black, some in red and a couple in silver or green robes.

Then, out came the high priest, who went through all his incantations about the dead (who is dead at the Grove in the past, may their spirits be conjured and brought back there by the "great owl"). He praised the owl for about twenty minutes and he talked about "goodly Tyre and Babylon."

(I know how bizarre this all sounds, just remember that we have all of this on tape in my video, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, which has aired nationally in the United Kingdom, and might air here in the United States, unless it is suppressed.)

So, the priest talked about "goodly Tyre and Babylon." Well,, there is only one "great owl" of Babylon and "goodly" Tyre. If you read your Bible, or any historical document of the time, they were burning children in the Babylonian and Caananite kingdoms before the owl-god Moloch.

Suddenly, (again, we had initially been misdirected from the owl by the activities behind the curtains across the bank, then we were paying attention to the owl and the priests on the island ) back on the west bank, there was an old-fashioned river-style boat, with that grim reaper character who had been driving the wagon, and he was poling himself across the water with the bound body up on the bow.

He brought the bound body to the high priest who was waiting for it at the foot of the owl, at the bottom of large circular steps on which the owl sits. Then, in very macabre fashion, the two black-clad priests rubbed and caressed the sacrificial body and brought it before the owl.

The body begged for its life, over a speaker system. They refused it mercy. They took it up onto the altar. The "great owl" told them to burn the body (which they called "dull care,")which looks like a human wrapped up in black cloth. Right above the altar there was a large stone lamp that was burning that they call the "eternal flame." The high priest took an unlit torch and lit his torch with this flame.

The body again begged for mercy. The high priest then walked down (with some difficulty, because this high priest was so old, he could hardly even walk), and lit the pyre on fire. He began to say that he would read the signs in the remains, a deep occult tradition. This is not the Hollywood devil with red pajamas – this is the real deal, Babylon mystery religion-style.

The body continued to scream in pain. Suddenly, all of those little metal crosses that we had seen along the bank during the day burst into flame. So, I was there witnessing something right out of the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch’s Visions of Hell: burning metal crosses, priests in red and black robes with the high priest in a silver robe with a red cape, a burning body screaming in pain, a giant stone great-horned owl, world leaders, bankers, media and the head of academia engaged in these activities. It was total insanity.

So the ritual ended and all the old men started breaking up and going back to the big hall in the giant redwoods. Myself and Mike high-tailed it out of there, walking at a brisk pace. We encountered no resistance when we left. We walked right by guards and were out on the main road, Bohemian Avenue.

It is a lot easier to get out of the Grove than it is to get in, because a lot of these world leaders that you read about in the news leave the Grove to go into the small town Monte Rio. They go into the bars for prostitutes that are flown in from around the world to service them.

Down the road the British media was waiting to pick us up. They asked us, "Did you get it? Did you get it?"

One of the producers, John Sergeant, said, "You’ve done it Alex! You’ve blown Bohemian Grove wide open!"

There is so much more to this story that we don’t have time to get into. I decided to have this interview transcribed and put on my website, You really need to get the film, or at least look at the photos or the stills of the video on Look at the program there with the burning body and read the mainstream media news stories about the history of the Grove, and you will realize how real all this is.

You need to do this because a week after I got out of the Bohemian Grove, a group called the Bohemian Grove Action Network, (a group that protests the Grove and is against the corruption, elitism and how women are denied access, because the Grove is all-male, of course), contacted different press outlets. I got ten unsolicited media calls from the west coast media.

I gave them the information, and we put the video clips on the web at They all said that the infiltration and what our cameras caught on tape would be a huge story. After that, we never heard from them again.

That shows the power of the Grove. The only places we have been able to get information out about Bohemian Grove has been on talk radio across the country, the Internet, and now across the United Kingdom. Hopefully, they’ve broken the ice abroad by broadcasting this over UK Channel Four and this true story of Bohemian Grove will make it into the mainstream United States media.

This has really been life changing for me, to go in there and witness this and then have some people spin it, like, "oh, it’s just fraternity fun." These people were deadly serious. This is a story that needs to be told and the establishment is trying to suppress it. Please spread this information to every corner of the world.

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TV Snap Shot on April 14, 2003  OWL in BACKGROUND

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Inside Bohemian Grove: The Story People Magazine Won't Let You Read

When Dirk Mathison, San Francisco bureau chief for People magazine, infiltrated the exclusive Bohemian Grove retreat this summer, he got a view into the U.S. elite that very few reporters have glimpsed. Unfortunately, that elite includes the management of Time Warner, the owner of People, which prevented Mathison from telling his story.

Bohemian Grove, a secluded campground in California's Sonoma County, is the site of an annual two-week gathering of a highly select, all-male club, whose members have included every Republican president since Calvin Coolidge. Current participants include George Bush, Henry Kissinger, James Baker and David Rockefeller -- a virtual who's who of the most powerful men in business and government.

Few journalists have gotten into the Grove and been allowed to tell the tale (one exception is Philip Weiss, whose November 1989 Spy piece provides the most detailed inside account), and members maintain that the goings-on there are not newsworthy events, merely private fun. In fact, official business is conducted there: Policy speeches are regularly made by members and guests, and the club privately boasts that the Manhattan Project was conceived on its grounds.

Given the veil of secrecy that surrounds the Bohemian "encampment," a reporter needs to enter the grounds covertly in order to get a full portrait. Mathison entered the grounds three times July 1991, aided by activists from the Bohemian Grove Action Network.

He witnessed a speech -- "Smart Weapons" -- by former Navy Secretary John Lehman, who stated that the Pentagon estimates that 200,000 Iraqis were killed by the U.S. and its allies during the Gulf War. Other featured speakers included Defense Secretary Richard Cheney on "Major Defense Problems of the 21st Century", former Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Joseph Califano on "America's Health Revolution -- Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Pays", and former Attorney General Elliott Richardson on "Defining the New World Order".

Mathison's entree into the secret world of the Grove was cut short on July 20, however, when he was recognized by two of the participants in the festivities -- executives from Time Warner, People's publisher. More loyal to the Grove than to journalistic endeavor, they had the reporter removed from the premises (San Francisco Weekly, 8/7/91).

Mathison already had plenty of material, however, and turned in an article to his editors, which was scheduled to appear in the Aug. 5, 1991 issue. They were pleased with the piece, according to Mathison: "They liked it enough to expand it a bit," he told Extra!.

But then the story was suddenly killed. Landon Jones, managing editor of People, told Extra! that the decision had nothing to do with the Time Warner executives. "It was cut partially because he hadn't been there long enough to get a complete story. Secondly, we felt very uncertain about reporting what we did have, because, and this is my fault and I take responsibility for this, I simply didn't realize it was technically trespassing."

For his part, Mathison said he did not know why the story was killed, and implied it would be nearly impossible to find the real reason. "It's easier to penetrate the Bohemian Grove than the Time-Life Building," he told Extra!.

But the story raises questions about the ability of a media entity to report critically on an elite when its executives are enthusiastic members of that elite. Indeed, the Time organization was noted for sending a corporate plane to the Bohemian gathering every year, according to long-time Grove-watcher Kerry Richardson.

Time Warner is not the only media corporation with Bohemian connections. The list of Fourth Estate bigwigs who have been members or guests is extensive: Franklin Murphy, the former CEO of the Times Mirror corporation; William Randolph Hearst, Jr.; Jack Howard and Charles Scripps of the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain; Tom Johnson, president of CNN and former publisher of the Los Angeles Times.

When Associated Press president Louis Boccardi spoke at one of the Grove's "Lakeside Talks" about kidnapped reporter Terry Anderson (Spy, 11/89), he referred to his audience as men of "power and rank" and "gave them more details than he said he was willing to give his readers."

Walter Cronkite, now on the CBS board, hangs out at the same lodge at Bohemian Grove as George Bush and the former chairs of Procter & Gamble and Bank of America; Cronkite's voice has served as the voice of the Owl of Bohemia, a fixture in the club's mock-druidic rituals.

The media figures attending the retreat all agree not to report on what goes on inside. The prohibition seems to apply to reporters who are not guests or members as well: In 1982, NPR got a recording of Henry Kissinger's speech at the Grove -- but declined to air it (Spy, 11/89). Also in 1982, a Time reporter went undercover as a waiter in Bohemian Grove; like Mathison's People article, his story was killed.

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Movers, shakers from politics, business go Bohemian: Annual Sonoma fete draws Bushes, Kissinger, Powell, Gingrich

The Sacramento Bee

By Suzanne Bohan
Bee Correspondent
(Published Aug. 2, 1999)

MONTE RIO -- The Bohemian Club's Annual Summer Encampment came to a close here Sunday, ending a two-week retreat for the rich and powerful that President Herbert Hoover once called "the greatest men's party on Earth."
The club's famed annual gathering has been held for more than 100 years at the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, about 70 miles north of San Francisco in Sonoma County. This year's event drew in notables such as former President George Bush, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, retired Gen. Colin Powell, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Dow Chemical Chairman Frank Popoff, as well as actor Danny Glover.

The men gather to celebrate what they call "the spirit of Bohemia," said Peter Phillips, a Sonoma State University sociology professor who wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Bohemian Club.

"This is a place men can go and hang out with people who are similar to them," he said.

The annual gathering near the Russian River, which was first held in 1879, starts with the "Cremation of Care" ritual, in which the club's mascot is burned in effigy, symbolizing a freedom from care. Members also perform several plays, and gourmet food and expensive wine are plentiful.

While the club was formed in 1872 by a group of San Francisco journalists, the male-only club now bars journalists from membership to protect the group's privacy. Membership is coveted, and people routinely wait 10 or 15 years before gaining admittance. There are currently about 2,700 members.

The club has drawn criticism for years because of its emphasis on privacy. What particularly concerns Phillips and others are the "Lakeside Talks" held during the summer retreat. This year, Powell was expected to deliver a talk titled "America's Promise Leading Armies and Leading Kids," and Popoff, of Dow Chemical, was to give a speech called "Environmental Journey."

"These are often public policy speeches," said Mary Moore, with Bohemian Grove Action Network, a protest group. "And the American public is not privy to it."

No one from the club returned several calls from The Bee.

Bohemian Grove Action Network has periodically held demonstrations at the grove, although none were held this year.

The point of the protests, Moore said, has been "to let the American public know that what they've learned in civics isn't the full story on how decision-making . . . is made in this country." The Bohemian Club, she said, "is one of the most elite organizations on the planet."

When the group sponsors public policy talks that are held without public scrutiny, "the average American feels left out of the process," she said.

Phillips echoes Moore's objections to the off-the-record nature of the Lakeside Talks.

"These are extremely powerful people and private discussions on policy issues that affect us certainly go against democratic principles," he said. "There's no reason that those speeches they're giving couldn't be transcribed and made public. They have a responsibility to be open about

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Bohemian Club

 The August 2, 1982 edition of Newsweek magazine reported: "... the world's most prestigious summer camp - the Bohemian Grove - is now in session 75 miles north of San Francisco. The fiercely guarded, 2,700 acre retreat is the country extension of San Francisco's all-male ultra-exclusive Bohemian Club to which every Republican President since Herbert Hoover has belonged.

With its high-powered clientele, coveted privacy and cabalistic rituals, the Bohemian Grove has prompted considerable suspicion. ... The most important events, however are the "lakeside talks" (past orators: Alexander Hague and Casper Weinberger). This year's speaker was Henry Kissinger on The Challenge of the '80s." Maclean's magazine, March 23, 1981 reported: "Each summer, for three weekends - this year's will be the 103rd - nearly 2,000 Bohemians, with guests in tow, speed in by car and corporate jet to their guarded Grove, close by the hamlet of Monte Rio (population 1,200) on the Russian River. The Grove's Shakespearean motto, "Weaving spiders come not here," is an injunction to forget wheeling and dealing which is widely ignored. While 'ruling-class cohesiveness' rarely lets slip details of accommodations arrived at there, some - such as the 1967 agreement by Ronald Reagan, over a drink with Richard Nixon, to stay out of the coming presidential race - have helped mold America's destiny.

... Oddly enough, reporters are barred from this club, formed one night in 1872 by five bored news hawks on the old San Francisco Examiner to promote good fellowship (i.e., booze-ups) and 'to help elevate journalism to that place in the popular estimation to which it is entitled.' That aspiration went down the drain when membership was extended to show people, and by 1878, the year of the first Grove-fest, the journalist were already on their way out.

Today, a prospective member faces an interrogation that, according to one club man, 'would satisfy the KGB.' There is a waiting list of 1,500 notables, all eager to pay the $2,500 initiation fee and $600 a year dues.

Mother Jones, August 1981 volume 6 page 28, reported a partial list of some of the prominent members: "George P. Shultz, Stephen Bechtel, Jr., Gerald R. Ford, Henry Kissinger, William F. Buckley, Jr., Fred L. Hartley, Merv Griffin, Thomas Haywood, Joseph Coors, Edward Teller, Ronald Reagan, A. W. Clausen, George Bush, William French Smith, John E. Swearingten, Casper W. Weinberger, Justin Dart, William E. Simon, and hundreds of other prominent politicos and businessmen."

Antony C. Sutton, Editor of an excellent monthly newsletter, Phoenix Letter, stated in the October, 1996 edition:

"Up to a few months ago, our knowledge of Bohemian Grove, the exclusive elitist hideaway by supposedly adult wheeler dealers, a.k.a. Washington statesman and prominent people (all male.)

We dismissed the behavior as immature, even pitiful by emotionally disturbed juveniles and not worth attention. This is where Kissinger, Ford, Nixon, Bechtel, Bush, Cheney, Hoover and their friends (2600 members) hang out and "relax." And if they want to behave as little boys that is their privilege, it is private property.

Recent [O'Brien and Phillips, TRANCE Formation of America (pp 170-1)] information may radically change this perception of Bohemian Grove. Not merely drunkenness, unbounded use of alcohol and drugs with vague homosexual tones (confirmed by our sources) but reported activities much more serious - kidnapping, rape, pedophilia, sodomy, ritual murder. Investigation is blocked under the 1947 National Security Act. (!) And like the Omaha child abuse case, includes illegal detention of children.

For decades, there have been vague rumors of weird goings on in Bohemian Grove in more remote parts of its 2200 acres. Reliable reports claim Druidic like rituals, druids in red hooded robes marching in procession and chanting to the Great Owl (Moloch.) A funeral pyre with "corpses." (Scores of men work in the Bohemian Grove as servants so this party is fairly well established.)

An article in a local community newspaper, Santa Rosa Sun (1993, July) reported on the Cult of Canaan and the legend of Moloch in place at Bohemian Grove. The Moloch Pagan Cult of Sacrifice is human sacrifice. About the mid 1980s there were rumors of murders in remote parts of the property. A local police investigation went nowhere. State investigators on related criminal acts went nowhere.

According to an observer and near victim, who can describe the Bohemian Grove inner hideaways, the closed sanctum, even the decor at secret locations, places where no outsider goes (or servants according to our sources) there is an UNDERGROUND lounge (sign spelled U.N.derground) a Dark Room, a Leather Room and a Necrophilia Room.

Here is one of O'Brien's quote "Slaves of advancing age or with failed programming were sacrificially murdered at random in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grove and I felt it was only a matter of time until it would be me."

This potential victim survived. Others reportedly did not.


The Origin of Moloch, Druid and Canaanite Cult

These cults were based on human sacrifice. Why would a 20th century resort reproduce the cult ceremonies? At the minimum, it demonstrates an attraction to the ceremonial practices of the cult, i.e. adoration of destruction, blood, barbarity and sacrifice of children.

In brief, the O'Brien charges are consistent with the tenants of Bohemian Grove as played out in ceremony. This is not a resort devoted to, for example, tennis or swimming. It is apparently devoted to blood sacrifices.

John Milton in Paradise Lost described Moloch as follows:

"First Moloch, horrid king, besmirched with blood

Of human sacrifice, and parents' tears,

Though, for the noise of drums and timbrels loud,

Their children's cries unheard, that passed through fire

To his grim idol."

"Many political reputations and world governments secrets were staked on the belief that I could not be deprogrammed and rehabilitated to recall that which I was supposed to forget."

So much for the programming experts. Colonel Aquino is a psychology "expert" linked to mind control with Defense Intelligence Agency and presumably first class talent, yet (Cathy) O'Brien was apparently deprogrammed and secrets spilled all over." (end quoting)

The monthly Phoenix Letter is available by writing to Phoenix Letter, Suite 216 C, 1517 14th St. West, Billings, MT 59102.

The book "TRANCE Formation of America" is an autobiography by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips. Cathy and her 8 year old daughter were rescued from their mind-controlled existence in 1988 and taken to Alaska by Mark Phillips for safety and rehabilitation. She and her daughter were victims of the US Government Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET MK-Ultra Project Monarch (MIND CONTROL). Cathy became a White House "Presidential Model" Mind-control slave. Later on, her very young daughter was included in this evil MIND CONTROL project, and was physically, sexually and mentally tortured by the pen-stripe suited leaders of the most powerful organization in the world, our US Government. I will not take this space to tell you the entire story, because it is much more alarming as it is related by Cathy in this VERY DISTURBING book. My first reaction to reading these facts was utter sadness to learn about two innocent human beings that were tortured and treated as simple tools for the pleasure of our world leaders. This was followed by extreme anger, when I realized that the persons committing these horrible crimes were not repeat offenders who were just recently released from a maximum security prison or mental hospital, but people who are our recent and current elected and appointed state and federal leaders. If this book does not deeply sadden you, and then make you very angry, you just don't understand.

As these world leaders, who have all the creature comforts that they could ever desire, look around for something new and interesting to do to amuse themselves, is it not reasonable to assume that they eventually will revert to pagan ritual rites, mind control, pedophilia, necrophilia, homosexuality, bestiality, prostitution and yes - human sacrifice? Apparently they already have!!

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

Bohemian Grove Intruder Says He Feared Human Sacrifices

In jailhouse interview, suspect says he sneaked into exclusive Monte Rio club prepared to kill

January 22, 2002


Richard McCaslin planned a heavily armed assault on the exclusive Bohemian Grove men's club for more than a year, believing "it would take something dramatic" to draw attention to human sacrifices he feared were being held there.

In a jailhouse interview Monday night, the well-spoken, lucid and clean-shaven man said he "wanted to make a point" and was prepared to kill people at the Monte Rio resort if necessary.

McCaslin, 37, is being held in the mental health ward of the Sonoma County Jail, facing several felony charges stemming from his commando-like entry into the grove this weekend.

McCaslin, who calls himself the "Phantom Patriot," said he doesn't belong to any militia, the National Rifle Association or any religious group, fearing he'd be immediately pigeon-holed and not taken seriously.

McCaslin said he thinks he is sane.

"They might beg to differ," he said with a laugh, pointing his thumb behind him into the mental health ward.

On Saturday night, McCaslin went to the grove armed with a semiautomatic rifle/shotgun hybrid, a .45-caliber handgun, a crossbow, a 2-foot-long sword, a knife and a hand-made bomb launcher. Wearing a skeleton mask and carrying several of the weapons, he sneaked past guard houses into the grove near the Russian River.

Each summer, the grove is home to a private men-only gathering that attracts former Republican presidents, powerful business leaders and other influential figures.

Though he knew the annual grove gathering was months before, he thought there still would be people there.

"I expected heavy resistance," he said. But he got none.

He also carried a camouflage-colored Bible, poems he'd written and pamphlets about his motives and concerns. One pamphlet included a reference to an Old Testament verse from Leviticus above a crossed-out Bohemian Club insignia. He said he left the papers at the base of a huge owl "idol."

After his arrest, he told detectives that he had come to the Bohemian Grove to kill child molesters and those performing human sacrifices.

"He planned on killing people," Sonoma County Sheriff's Sgt. Steve Brown said. "He planned on confronting people doing these weird things."

His fears of the alleged events were based on a videotape put out a few years ago by radio host Alex Jones, who claims on his Web site that "bizarre, Luciferian ceremonies" occur there.

Jones could not be reached for comment Monday.

McCaslin said the tape was fuzzy and didn't show any faces. It appeared to have been taken surreptitiously by Jones from as far as 200 yards from the owl idol during the grove's annual and highly secret "Cremation of Care" ceremony. But he said he could make out the form of a wrapped infant, which he believed was real and alive, being sacrificed.

He also heard more on Jones' radio show a few months ago about legendary and secret goings-on at the private 2,000-acre Bohemian Grove that solidified his desire to take action.

A Marine in the early 1980s and a former stuntman at Six Flags amusement park in Texas, McCaslin isn't married and has no children. Otherwise, he said, he couldn't have taken on the act.

"That wouldn't be responsible," he said.

He said he legally bought the weapons over time. He said he considered the legal and personal consequences if he was caught, and what his prison time could be depending on the whether he killed someone.

Last July, he made a reconnaissance mission to the grove. He wanted to make sure it really existed and how to get there.

In late December, McCaslin said he moved to Carson City, Nev., from Austin, Texas.

He got an apartment and spent a few weeks "blending in," finalizing his plans. "If I chickened out, I liked Nevada -- I could live there," he said.

On Saturday, he drove his pickup to Sonoma County and parked in the dark near the grove.

After sneaking inside the grounds, McCaslin said he heard only a couple of voices and realized there was no one there but security.

After about an hour, his flashlight died. It was pitch black under the redwoods and his efforts to sneak around were hampered.

He couldn't find the tall owl statue and eventually slept on a mattress in a cabin, waiting for dawn. With the early light, he found the owl quickly and left his marks and papers.

Not wanting the trip to have been in vain, he said he went into a dining hall, and using degreaser and some flammable materials, set an admittedly "poorly made fire."

"I'm not an arsonist," he said.

The fire was doused by a sprinkler system, but the fire alarm alerted security. McCaslin knew he'd been spotted and began walking out of the grove.

Sheriff's deputies and CHP officers, called by grove security officers, arrived and confronted McCaslin, who was wearing the skeleton mask and carrying the MK-1 assault rifle-shotgun, loaded with 70mm shotgun slugs and a full 30-shell magazine of .223-caliber bullets.

He also was wearing a bulletproof vest and a blue uniform similar to what police SWAT team members wear. On opposite shoulders, he wore patches of the Democrats' donkey and the Republican elephant, each within crossed-out red circles.

McCaslin said he waited behind a tree, wondering whether the officers were "legitimate" or part of the "Bohemian conspiracy" and planned to kill him to cover up his efforts.

When the officers did not shoot, McCaslin said he knew they were legitimate and then "took the hard way out," putting down his weapons and giving up peacefully.

Brown said the officers showed great restraint during the confrontation and were relieved when McCaslin put his gun down.

Detectives describe McCaslin as an intelligent, well-read man who is a fan of American history and government actions. He has no criminal record.

Although some of beliefs may seem bizarre, Brown said, McCaslin did not appear to be mentally unstable.

"He thinks (Timothy) McVeigh was programmed by the government to blow up Oklahoma City," he said. "And that (Osama) bin Laden has a company that George Bush is a partner in. But he's not dumb. His beliefs are just a little different," Brown said.

McCaslin will be arraigned Wednesday on six felony charges

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

Bohemian Club conducting own probe of break-in


Police say ex-Secret Service agent working at Grove misrepresented himself at jail

February 1, 2002


The Bohemian Club is quietly conducting its own investigation into how a heavily armed man managed to sneak past security into the club's Russian River camp.

Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre camp near Monte Rio, is the site of an annual encampment attended by entertainers and corporate and political leaders.

Richard McCaslin, a self-styled commando who was arrested after a brief standoff with sheriff's deputies, says he went to the grove looking for pagan ceremonies and human sacrifices that he heard about on a talk radio program.

Since his arrest, McCaslin has been questioned in jail twice by a former Secret Service agent who is part of the security detail at the grove.

Bohemian Club officials say they are simply trying to ensure the safety of their members and guests, a group that often includes presidents and Cabinet secretaries during the two-week summer encampment.

The questioning prompted a complaint from McCaslin's public defender, and sheriff's officials said the grove security man, identified as Martin Allen, misrepresented himself to gain privileged access to McCaslin in the county jail.

Assistant Sheriff Mike Costa said Allen identified himself as an active Secret Service agent to obtain visits without time constraints, a right typically granted to lawyers and law enforcement.

Costa said Allen "took advantage of all the resources available to him in order to accomplish his mission, which was to see Mr. McCaslin for longer than the 30 minutes granted to him as a civilian."

A spokesman for the Bohemian Club confirmed that Allen visited McCaslin twice last week to obtain information for an internal investigation of the break-in.

As for Costa's statement that Allen misrepresented himself, spokesman Mike Oggero said: "I think he told them who he is and gave them his background."

McCaslin's attorney, Deputy Public Defender Jeff Mitchell, said he was concerned that some of the information his client shared could be subpoenaed by prosecutors and used against him in court.

"It presents some difficult legal issues," he said. "He's been asked everything by this person ... Given all this conspiracy stuff that's floating around, it's very interesting."

Oggero said the club doesn't intend to share any information obtained by Allen with other agencies.

"We have an ongoing commitment to do everything we can to provide a safe environment for our members, guests and staff," he said. "This is simply ... a little research to make sure we're doing what we can to make the grove safe."

Jail officials say Allen flashed a Secret Service badge and whispered he was an agent before his visits to McCaslin.

His visiting privileges have been revoked, Costa said.

"His ID credentials should have 'retired' stamped across them," he said. "He is not a peace officer. He's more or less like a private investigator."

Allen didn't return telephone calls seeking comment.

McCaslin is being held without bail on a variety of state and federal criminal charges including arson and possession of an assault weapon.

He was dressed in a skeleton mask and a hooded costume with the words "phantom patriot" on his chest when he was arrested at the grove Jan. 20. He was carrying several weapons, including a crossbow, an assault rifle and a homemade bomb launcher.

McCaslin said he expected to find people sacrificing children in rituals performed before an owl statue in the camp. Only the security detail was present, however, and he was arrested after allegedly setting a fire in the grove's mess hall.

McCaslin said Allen came prepared with a list of questions and spent about four hours interviewing him.

In a jailhouse interview Thursday, McCaslin said Allen questioned him about how he entered the grove and what he saw once he was inside.

"He asked, 'Were you disappointed with security?'" he said. "I figured they would have chain-link fences up by now. No guard dogs. No microcameras. Yeah, it's off-season, but still...

"They don't want people going in there, but from what I saw they weren't too worried about people sneaking in."

Once inside, McCaslin said he didn't see much because his flashlight died.

A Texas native and former Marine, McCaslin said he once pursued a career in acting and auditioned for a role as an FBI agent in the 1999 movie "Miss Congeniality." He also said he portrayed "Batman" at an amusement park.

McCaslin said he is the only child of deceased parents and was unemployed and living off an inheritance when he was arrested.

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

A lodge gone black

When it comes to tinfoil-hat
conspiracy theories, all roads
lead to
Sonoma County. Specifically,
to Bohemian Grove, where a giant owl
awaits the faithful.


By R.V. Scheide

Deep in the woods there’s a funeral that’s swinging ...”
--Nick Cave, back in his Birthday Party days

For the past two weeks, some of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world have been holed up in the dusky redwoods 30 miles west of Santa Rosa, consuming copious amount of alcohol, dressing up in women’s clothing for amateur theatrical productions and generally making total idiots out of themselves during the 125th annual midsummer gathering of the San Francisco-based Bohemian Club.

The club insists that the retreat, held on a 2,700-acre, privately held spread called the Bohemian Grove, which is situated on the south bank of the Russian River just outside the small town of Monte Rio, is simply a means for its 2,500 or so members, culled from the uppermost reaches of society, to blow off the vast quantities of steam that come with the territory.

But others aren’t so certain.

It’s an intensely secretive affair, and no media are allowed in. While no one outside the grove knows for sure who is attending this year’s affair, past participants have included both George Bushes, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Caspar Weinberger, James Baker, Dick Cheney, Malcolm Forbes, Stephen Bechtel and a host of prominent CEOs and business leaders, most of them conservative, many of them from California, 99 percent of them white men.

The presence of so many powerful men meeting in secret has led some critics of the Bohos, as they are known, to speculate that more is going on here than a simple two-week romp in the woods. Some of the critics claim that important public-policy decisions are being made here in secret. Others point to the gathering’s bizarre opening ceremony, in which a mock human sacrifice occurs, as evidence of occult activity. Still others say that the two-week sojourn merely provides cover for the rich and powerful to change back into their original form, a shape-shifting reptilian species that came from another planet thousands of years ago.

But while the charges of these various critics differ wildly, they have one thing in common. They all seem to agree that the men who meet here deep in the woods are involved in a vast conspiracy that has but one aim: global domination.

Mary Moore, a longtime Sonoma County activist who founded the Bohemian Grove Action Network, which has helped organize demonstrations outside the grove since 1980, has been one of the Bohos’ more rational critics. The network’s Web site, at, contains a complete listing of all the public-policy speeches that have been given by major figures over the years, including Dick Cheney’s 1991 speech, “Defense Problems of the 21st Century.” Moore, a staunch leftist, is adamant that the annual retreat has to do with more than just fun and games.

“When powerful people work together, they become even more powerful,” she states on the Web site. “The Grove membership is wealthy, and becoming more so, while the middle class is steadily becoming poorer. This close-knit group determines whether prices rise or fall (by their control of the banking system, money supply, and markets), and they make money whichever way markets fluctuate.”

True enough, although it’s a safe bet that more than a few attendees at this year’s gathering have watched their stock portfolios go down in flames during recent months. But what is interesting about Moore’s claims is how nicely they dovetail with those from the opposite end of the political spectrum. Which is where we find Austin, Texas-based talk radio host Alex Jones.

Jones’ original claim to fame was spearheading the volunteer effort to rebuild the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. He has since become an ardent critic of black helicopters, the U.S. government and the New World Order, in much the same vein as Randy Weaver. Two summers ago, Jones and a British documentary filmmaker crashed the Bohemian’s party, sneaking in with a video camera and filming the infamous Cremation of Care ceremony that opens each year’s gathering. The video, Dark Secrets of the Bohemian Grove, can be purchased through Jones’ Web site,


The video depicts a group of hooded figures gathered around a 40-foot-tall stone statue of an owl surrounded by water. Think of the orgy scene from Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut as it might be produced by McClatchy High School drama students, and you've got a pretty good picture. A small boat rows up to the hooded men and deposits a package, supposedly a human child in effigy, which the Bohos have dubbed "Dull Care." The effigy is place on the altar before the owl and set ablaze, thereby symbolically relieving the Bohos of all their cares and worries for the next two weeks. On his Web site, Jones notes:

"This is like something out of a Hollywood movie, where teenagers are out camping in the wilderness and come over a hill and witness some devil cult in black and red garb sacrificing some poor soul on a bloody altar."

According to leftist journalist Alexander Cockburn, the Cremation of Care ceremony was cooked up by a real estate speculator and club member George Sterling in the early 20th century; it was a response to a revival of ritual that was occurring across the nation at the time. But Jones sees something far more sinister in the ceremony, comparing it to the ancient Canaanite worship of the owl idol Molech, in which humans were sacrificed in a similar manner.

"Whether it was an effigy or real, we do not know," Jones says. The element of doubt adds sort of a Blair Witch quality to the video. It won't fool most people, but it will fool some, like former Austin resident Richard McCaslin, who, after watching the tape and listening to a steady diet of Jones' conspiracy-laden radio program, decided to break into the grove last January in order to prevent any more children from being sacrificed. Calling himself the Phantom Patriot, the former Marine broke in at night and managed to set fire to one of the buildings on the premises before being arrested by Sonoma County Sheriff's Department deputies the next morning. He was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison, a sentence that was dramatically enhanced because he had donned a bulletproof vest and armed himself with automatic weaponry and explosives for the assault.

Jones told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat that he was stunned by the incident, saying that it "sounds insane." Yet at the same time, he defended his claim that there might be real human sacrifices going on in the grove. "If my neighbor was worshipping a 40-foot stone owl and burned children on a fire, I wouldn't let that neighbor walk my dog or baby-sit my children. Instead these people are baby-sitting the big red button," he said. "This is some sick stuff."

It may be sicker than even Jones realizes. According to David Icke, a British conspiracy theorist who bills himself as "the most controversial author and speaker in the world," the members of the Bohemian Club are actually a reptilian species from another planet who came to earth thousands of years ago and covertly began taking over the planet, using their shape-shifting abilities to hide their true identities. Conjoining this idea with the more established theory that the secret society known as the Illuminati has been controlling world events since at least the 18th century, Icke postulates that both candidates from the 2000 U.S. presidential election, Al Gore and George W. Bush, belong to the Illuminati/reptilian bloodline.

A former journalist, Icke has written several books on the subject, and a good sampling of his material can be found at, where he advises those who find all of this hard to believe to watch movies like They Live, The Arrival and the television series V (you remember, the one with the lizard people from outer space who take over the earth), which "tell the story of what is REALLY going on." If it all still sounds a little crazy, Icke reminds us that "today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground."

What's really going on in the Bohemian Grove? Outsiders may never know for certain. Mary Moore is quick to debunk conspiracy theorists like Jones and Icke. It was at the Bohemian Grove, after all, where scientists first conceived of the Manhattan Project in 1942, and Richard Nixon talked Ronald Reagan out of running for president in 1968. Important decisions that affect all of us are made at the grove, and people like Moore worry that tinfoil-hat theorists will detract from that fact.

But in the final analysis, the claims of the Bohemian Grove Action Network aren't that much different. Everyone seems to be in agreement that a group of rich and powerful men are conspiring to control the world. Whether they're just your average run-of-the-mill corrupt politicians and business leaders, a bloodthirsty cult of baby killers, or a reptilian species from another planet, the end result is the same.

The rest of us are totally screwed.

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

Bohemian Grove Videos

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Bohemian Grove's pick for California

Fri Jul 25 17:30:12 2003

From what we've hear, the Republican hierarchy -- especially those close to former Gov. Pete Wilson -- would favor Schwarzenegger. At least that's the word that came out of the Bohemian Grove this past weekend, where a number of state and national GOPers, including presidential adviser Karl Rove, happened to have gathered at a club getaway.

San Francisco Chronicle

BEHIND THE COUNT: All eyes will be on the California secretary of state's office today for the big recall count -- but the real plays are going well behind the scenes.

The biggest question, of course, is whether Arnold Schwarzenegger -- who just got back from a European promo tour -- will make this the biggest story of the year by jumping into the fray.

And now that the clock is ticking, the time for playing cute is rapidly coming to an end.

"Everything is set up to go if he says 'yes,' but it's do-it-or-get-off-the- pot time," admitted one source close to the Terminator. "My expectation is that he's talking it over with his wife right now."

One of the keys in all this will be the final round of words between Schwarzenegger and former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan -- who is being urged to run by more liberal Republicans.

"The bottom line," our source told us, "is if Arnold goes, Dick won't. If Arnold doesn't do it, then it's highly likely Dick will -- it's between the two of them to hash out."

From what we've hear, the Republican hierarchy -- especially those close to former Gov. Pete Wilson -- would favor Schwarzenegger. At least that's the word that came out of the Bohemian Grove this past weekend, where a number of state and national GOPers, including presidential adviser Karl Rove, happened to have gathered at a club getaway.

None of this would be good news for Gov. Gray Davis -- who hopes his opponents will be limited to conservatives like Bill Simon or San Diego-area Rep. Darrell Issa.

"There's no question Riordan would be the biggest problem of them all," said one Davis operative. "He's the most liberal, he has a strong name ID in Southern California and you can't pin him as a right-winger -- which is the whole key to the Davis strategy."

Chronicle columnists Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross appear Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. They can also be heard on KGO Radio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Phil Matier can be seen regularly on KRON-TV. Got a tip? Call them at (415) 777-8815 or drop them an e-mail at .


Behind Closed Doors
Metroactive : Metro Santa Cruz This Week - 7 KB - Found: 19 hours ago
The 23rd annual Bohemian Grove protest, called the "Fat Cat's Festival and Parade," was held July 19 in the Monte Rio Amphitheater.

100 march on Bohemian Grove
The Santa Rosa Press Democrat - 30 KB - Found: 2003-07-20, 16:36 GMT
From the dim interior of the Pink Elephant bar in Monte Rio, Jim Hall looked out into Saturday's bright sunlight at protesters marching to the gates of the Bohemian Grove.

100 march on Bohemian Grove

Protesters' numbers dwindle after several hours of skits, speeches

July 20, 2003


From the dim interior of the Pink Elephant bar in Monte Rio, Jim Hall looked out into Saturday's bright sunlight at protesters marching to the gates of the Bohemian Grove.

Hall, a San Quentin prison guard in his mid-40s, shook his head slightly. He'd planned to march, he said, had driven from his Marin County home to join in, but several hours of protest theater turned him off.

"I was disappointed," he said. "The speakers were not informing, they were just denouncing."

The Bohemian Club's annual encampment draws government and corporate officials, entertainers and others to a 2,700-redwood grove along the Russian River. It also draws protesters, who say public policy is being secretly made at the grove.

Saturday's march along Bohemian Avenue, like the Fireside Talks inside the grove, is an annual fixture of the three-week gathering that began 10 days ago.

About 100 people took part in the march, 50 percent fewer than last year and a small fraction of the turnout in 2001, when the demonstrations resumed after an eight-year hiatus during the Clinton administration.

Through the afternoon, speakers and performers attacked the Bush administration before about 200 people at the Monte Rio Amphitheater.

"I think (the Bohemian Grove) captures why capitalism is fundamentally undemocratic," said Skip Spitzel, 39, an audience member waiting for the march to start.

"It allows corporations to amass enormous wealth in a way that can inordinately influence government, said Spitzel, who traveled from Santa Cruz to join in the protest.

Hall, the prison guard, said he's "extremely concerned" about the issues demonstrators have raised in connection with the grove, what he termed "the aggregation of power of all sorts into a few hands."

And earlier in the day, he said, he'd found the sort of "intellectual content" he'd sought in discussions with Sonoma State University Professor Peter Phillips and a few others manning information booths set up in Monte Rio before the march.

But a lineup of often-profane stage presentations sent Hall to the Pink Elephant. "It was the antithesis of an intellectual discussion," he said.

Waiting for the march to start, and watching clutches of people leave the park, activist Mary Moore, who started the protests in 1980 but has stepped aside from a lead role, said the theater may have gone on too long.

"I do wish the march had gotten going earlier," she said.

The rally aspect of the day served a purpose, said Moore, but "I think that's less effective, the whole idea is to have a presence at the gate."

The protest, titled Fat Cats' Festival and Parade, was sponsored by the local chapter of Not in Our Name, a group formed to oppose the Iraq war.

"People are used to this event pretty much being only march," said Susan Lamont, an organizer. "But we're just as interested in the education aspect."

About 70 Sonoma County sheriff's deputies and CHP officers monitored the protests, and reported no problems or arrests.

You can reach Staff Writer Jeremy Hay at 521-5212 or .

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Searched the web for APFN "Bohemian Grove". Results 1 - 10 of about 139

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Sat Mar 13 17:47:17 2004


Mary Moore's - Bohemian Grove
by Mary Moore - July 2000


Two very different films about Bohemian Grove were made in the past year.

The FIRST film, shown on British T.V. was a documentary produced by Jon Ronson of World of Wonder Ltd. with headquarters in London and Los Angeles. It featured national talk show host Alex Jones who infiltrated the Grove in the summer of 2000 and filmed the entire Cremation of Care ceremony using a tie tack video camera. Unfortunately Mr. Jones' interpretation of events drew several bizarre conclusions including allegations of Satanic worship and human sacrifice. Although these rumors have been around for years it has never been the position of Bohemian Grove Action Network that there is any credibility to them. Our position is that we are concerned about the harm these men are doing in the OUTSIDE world and we are quite disappointed in the tone and conclusions of this documentary. For more information about this film you can email    or call 323 603 6300.

The SECOND film called TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC was produced by VISIONBOX pictures in conjunction with satirist Harry Shearer and features such well known actors as Morgan Fairchild, Howard Hesseman, Alan Thicke and George Wendt. It is a spoof on Bohemian Grove thinly disguised as Zambesi Glen. The following statements are taken from the films production notes.

"A comic junket behind the scenes of the world's most exclusive power broker retreat. The true story: the richest, most powerful white men in America gather each summer in Northern California for a super secret retreat that takes them back to their sophomore year in college. For fifty one weeks a year they run the free world. For one week they run amok. They're there to unwind but they get really unwound when that secrecy is threatened."

"Based on the exclusive men's retreat Bohemian Grove, where the likes of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Malcolm Forbes and William F. Buckley, have been known to play, TEDDY BEARS'S PICNIC is a wicked little satire about power, class and to a small degree, sex."

For more information about this film call John Manulis at 310 204 4686 or email at . Their website is:

P.O. BOX 296, OCCIDENTAL, CA.95465
email: phone: 707 874 2248

HTTP://  click on Bohemian

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The Bohemian Grove Is an Offshoot of Skull and Bones -- New, Exclusive Photos Exclusive
March 11, 2004

A visitor to sent us a very rare copy of the Annals of the Bohemian Club (vol 7), 1987-1996. It is the Bohemian Club Quasquicentennial, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding. It is an internal Club publication, and only around 200 were issued to elite members. The photos you will see below document the elite membership from George w. Bush and his Father, George H. W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Helmut Schmidt and other Illuminaries. You will also see new, exclusive images from the occult Cremation of Care ceremony.   More with pictures:


This image from Page 131 shows the ancient Caananite occult ritual, the "Cremation of Care, being carried out by world leaders in 1990. This is an image from their own internal document

Watch a clip of the Mock Sacrifice

Here you see a smug George W. Bush with his father, Bush Senior (taken in 1995) giving what they call a "lakeside chat" at the Grove. This page also shows Newt Gingrich, another member. The talks are given no less than a dozen yards from the stone idol where "mock" human sacrifices take place. This is the same idol you see featured above in the Cremation of Care ceremony photo

 ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

From page 243 (in 1991) German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt addresses the elite of the world at a lakeside talk. Helmut Schmidt, in his own autobiography, "Men and Powers, a Political Retrospective, says that he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilberberg group. He also says that he has been an active participant in bringing in world government. Mr. Schmidt also said in his book that leaders from globalist bodies travel to the Grove every summer. He talks about secret groves in Germany where they do druidic rituals, but indicates that Bohemian Grove is his favorite place to participate in these rituals.

In Alex jones' film, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove closeups are shown of Helmut Schmidt's book and the text.

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

Watch Segments from Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove-Purchase the full length VHS version here

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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Speaks at the Grove

Sat Mar 13 17:13:29 2004

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Speaks at the Grove
Update, July 1997

by Mary Moore

On Saturday, July 12, 1997 Bohemian Grove members burned "Dull Care" in the 118th re-enactment of their Cremation of Care ceremony. But that was not the only strange occurance to come from their 1997 summer encampment.

As usual we obtained their program of events with the help of insider employees (the workers ARE aware) and, as usual, there was a list of Lakeside Talks that belie their claim that "weaving spiders come not here"! So, for your enlightenment we bring you a partial list of speakers at this years gathering of military, industrial and governmental "heavy hitters". If any of you readers recognize the names with (?) please let us know who they are.

Friday, July 11 Ambassador James Woolsey
former CIA Director Rogues, Terrorists and Two Weimars Redux: National Security in the Next Century
Saturday, July 12 Norman Augustine, Chairman
and CEO of Lockheed Martin Inc. Augustine's Laws and the High Tech Grove
Sunday, July 13 Ken Jowitt (?) Individualism in Western History
Monday, July 14 Michael von Clemm
resident, Oxford University Africa—Where is the Light?
Tuesday, July 15 Christopher DeMuth (?) The Triumph of the Market and the Politics of Affluence
July 16 Yurek Martin, Senior Writer
Financial Times Heretical Thoughts
Thursday, July 17 Craig McCaw, Chairman & CEO
Eagle River LLC The New Economics—Ideas Hatched in the Forest are Worth More Than the Trees
Friday, July 18 Louis W. Sullivan, M.D.
Former Secretary
Health & Human Services Cyberspace and Managed Care: Is the Acceleration Manageable, or Do We Throw Momma from the Train?
Saturday, July 19 Charles Hollister (?) Plutonium Today and Tomorrow
Sunday, July 20 William A. Owens, Admiral USN (ret)
Former Vice-Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Chairman SAIC National Security is Going South: Where is the Vision?
July 23 Kurt Hauser (?) Taxation with Representation
Thursday, July 24 Ervin S. Duggan, President and CEO
Public Broadcasting Service The Information Superhighway: A Way Upward, or a Toll Road to Nowhere?
Friday, July 25 Antonin Scalia, Justice
Supreme Court Church, State and the Constitution
Saturday, July 26 Donald Rumsfeld, member of Nixon
Cabinet, Campaign Operative The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Well, there you have it—proof positive that it's not all fun and games, as the Bohemian Club likes to tell journalists.

It's not that these men don't have the right to gather and free-associate. No one is taking issue with that. But I for one would very much like to know what a sitting judge of the United States Supreme Court had to say about Church and State, as well as the Constitution!!!

For serious researchers and journalists, you may arrange to see our copy of the Lakeside Talks for 1997, as well as the newest membership list, by e-mailing me at We also have the schedules from past years, as well as older membership lists and other documents.

Much thanks to our helpers inside the Grove who have made this possible.

Bohemian Grove
by Mary Moore
Bohemian Grove organizer


Compared to past years when such dignitaries as Supreme Court Justice ANTONIN SCALIA spoke on CHURCH, STATE & THE CONSTITUTION (1997) or the scary REARMING AMERICA by then Secretary of Defense CASPER WEINBERGER (1981), this years LAKESIDE TALKS were relatively low key. Maybe that's because so much of the ruling class agenda is now outfront for all to see if only they will look. Still, there were some interesting topics shared that would be of interest to the shut out public. *

Saturday, July 12 12:30 PM: "AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM"--Chris Mathews, Bohemian Member & Television Journalist

Saturday, July 12 6:30 PM: CREMATION OF CARE CEREMONY--124th year

Monday, July 14 12:30 PM: "VOUCHER WARS"--Clint Bolick Vice President of the Institute for Justice--Arizona Chapter

Tuesday, July 15 12:30 PM: " BE CREATIVE OR DIE: WHAT PEOPLE, COMPANIES & CITIES MUST DO TO FLOURISH"Richard Florida-Economics Prof.Carnegie Mellon

Wednesday, July 16 12:30 PM: "WAR IN A CLASSICAL CONTEXT" Victor Davis Hanson, California State University, Fresno


Friday, July 18 12:30 PM:"THE VIEW FROM THE TABLE-& OTHER CONVERSATIONS" Charlie Rose, Television Journalist (so much for liberals!!)

Saturday, July 19 4:30 PM: "A CHANGED WORLD" George P. Shultz, formerly of Becktel, Secretary of State under Reagan & current Hoover Institute Fellow

Sunday, July 20 12:30 PM:"CLIMATE FORECAST-CONTINUED WARMING BUT WITH A BIG CHILL" Bob Gagosian, President, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute


Monday, July 21 12:30 PM: "THE SCOTTISH ENLIGHTENMENT'S IMPACT ON OUR COUNTRY'S FOUNDING" Robert Galvin, Ret. Chairman & CEO of Motorola Corp.

Wednesday, July 23 10:30 AM: "9/11 DID THE TERRORISTS EXPECT THE WORLD TRADE TOWERS TO FALL?" Ian Mackinlay, Bohemian member & Architect

Thursday, July 24 12:30 PM: "AMERICAN-RUSSIAN RELATIONS-IS THE HONEYMOON OVER?" Michael McFaul, Political Science Prof. Stanford Unv.

Friday, July 25 12:30 PM: "TITLE TO BE ANNOUNCED" William Safire--Columnist

Saturday, July 26 10:30 AM: "THE QUEST FOR IMMORTALITY" Joseph Weiss M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine, Unv. of California, San Diego

Saturday, July 26 12:30 PM: "TERMINAL THOUGHTS" William F. Buckley Jr., Bohemian member and Author (and long time elitist thinker)

In addition to the LAKESIDE TALKS the Bohemians were treated to the LOW JINX play on Saturday, July 19 called "A PONY'S TALE" In their own words:

"All of the thrills and excitement of the Sport of Kings--the Monte Rio derby--an adventure of horse racing at its very best. There'll be all of those usual corporate activities--gambling, swindling, cheating and grand theft".........

*All of the above information was taken from the official BOHEMIAN GROVE MIDSUMMER ENCAMPMENT PROGRAM OF EVENTS 2003


write: Bohemian Grove Action Network P.O. Bx. 295, Occidental, CA. 95465

call: 707 874 2248


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Reagon and Nixon at Bohemian Grove
Sat Mar 13 14:18:35 2004

Reagon and Nixon at Bohemian Grove

Inside Bohemian Grove:

These are links to web sites at other
locations that contain photos made at
the Bohemian Grove.'s Exclusive Video Footage
from Inside Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove & Global Elite

Bohemian Grove - 'the greatest men's party on earth'

The Order of Skull and Bones
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask




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Bohemian Club: Power, Prestige and Globalism
Sat Mar 13 17:22:50 2004

June 8, 2001

San Francisco Bohemian Club: Power, Prestige and Globalism
By Peter Phillips

For much of the world, July 14th is celebrated as the end of a flagrantly
out of touch French monarchy; the date in 1789 when the people of Paris
rose up and marched on the Bastille, a state prison that symbolized the
absolutism and arbitrariness of the Ancient Regime.

July 14th 2001 is, ironically, also the first day of summer camp for the
world's business and political aristocracy and their invited guests.
Between 2,000 to 3,000 men will gather at Bohemian Grove, 70 miles north
of San Francisco in California's Sonoma County-to sit around the campfire
and chew the fat-off-the-record-with ex-presidents, corporate leaders and
global financiers.

One might imagine modern-day aristocrats like Henry Kissinger, George W.
Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld amid a circle of friends sipping cognac and
discussing how the "unqualified" masses cannot be trusted to carry out
policy, and how elites must set values that can be translated into
"standards of authority."

Private men's clubs, like the San Francisco Bohemian Club, have
historically represented institutionalized race, gender and class
inequality. English gentlemen's clubs emerged during Great Britain's
empire 1building period as an exclusive place free of troublesome women,
under-classes, and non-whites. Men's clubs were the place where English
elites could co-mingle in homogeneous harmony. Copied in the United
States, elite private men's clubs served the same self-celebration purposes as
their English counterparts. As metropolitan areas emerged, upper-crust
white males created new clubs throughout the Americas. These private
men's clubs continued the European traditions of elitism, race superiority and
gender exclusion.

The San Francisco Bohemian Club was formed in 1872 as a gathering place
for newspaper reporters and men of the arts and literature. By the 1880s

local businessmen joined the Club in large numbers, quickly making business
elites the dominant group. More than 2,500 men are members today. Most
are from California, while several hundred originate from some 35 states
and a dozen foreign countries. About one-fifth of the members are either
directors of one or more of the Fortune 1000 companies, corporate CEOs,
top governmental officials (current and former) and/or members of important
policy councils or major foundations. The remaining members are mostly
regional business/legal elites with a small mix of academics, military
officers, artists, or medical doctors.

With a historically all white membership, the Bohemian Club became
sensitive to civil rights issues in the 1960s and gradually admitted a
few men of color. Today they remain 99% white. The Club does continue to
maintain its exclusive gender practices. Other then allowing women to
work in food service, the shooting range and the parking lot at the
Grove-which was forced on them by the California Supreme Court-they have remained
defiantly a male-only organization. Class discrimination continues as
well. New Club applicants must be sponsored by two existing members before
being considered for admittance.

By the early 1880s, Bohemian Club members began conducting summer
camping trips to the Sonoma County redwoods. The summer encampments proved so
popular that the Club began purchasing land along the Russian River in
1899. By the 1960s the Bohemian Club owned 2,712 acres, including a
1,500-year-old grove of redwoods, adjacent to the small town of Monte

The Bohemian Grove summer encampments have become one of the most famous
private men's retreats in the world. Club members and several hundred
world-class guests gather annually in the last weeks of July to recreate
what has been called "the greatest men's party on earth." Spanning three
weekends, the outdoor event includes lectures, entertainment, rituals,
plays, theater, friendship re-affirmations, lots of hosted camp parties,
political discussions, sideline business meetings and huge amounts of
food and alcohol.

Bohemian Grove offers daily lectures known as "lakeside chats." The
Under-Secretary of the Navy may give an off-the-record speech on
military budget issues, or the President of Mexico may address global free trade.
Whatever the topic, those present emerge with a sense of insider
awareness of high-level policy issues and political situations which are often
yet-to-be, or perhaps never-to-be, publicly articulated.

One such chat in 1994, given by a University of California political
science professor, warned of the dangers of multi-culturalism,
Afro-centrism, and the loss of family boundaries. He declared that
"elites based on merit and skill are important to society. Any elite that fails
to define itself will fail to survive…We need boundaries and values set and
clear." He went on to conclude that we cannot allow the "unqualified"
masses to carry out policy, and elites must set values that can be
translated into "standards of authority."

Foremost at the Bohemian Grove is an atmosphere of social interaction
and networking. You can sit around a campfire with directors of PG&E, or
Bank of America. You can shoot skeet with the former secretaries of state and
defense, or you can enjoy a sing-along with a Council of Foreign
Relations director or a Business Roundtable executive. All of this makes for ample
time to develop personal long-lasting connections with powerful
influential men.

On the surface, the Bohemian Grove is a private place where global and
regional elites meet for fun and enjoyment. Behind the scene, however,
it serves a very important function similar to 18th century French Monarchy

scheming or the 19th century empire building of the British. The
Bohemian Grove is an American version of race, gender and class elitism. It is
the human process of building insider ties, consensual understandings, and
lasting connections in the service of class solidarity. Ties reinforced
at the Grove manifest themselves in global trade meetings, party politics,
campaign financing, and top-down democracy. In a sense, they live in a
self-made Bastille surrounded by power, prestige and privilege, and
united in their fear of grassroots democracy,


Peter Phillips is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State
University and Director of Project Censored. He wrote his dissertation
on the Bohemian Club in 1994.


Bohemian Grove Action Network
PASSING THE TORCH New organizers
by Mary Moore - June, 2003

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The Bohemian Grove and The Nuclear Weapons Industry:
Sat Mar 13 16:26:45 2004

The Bohemian Grove and The Nuclear Weapons Industry: Some Connections
Article and photos © Kerry Richardson.

(Originally published in 1987, information in this article is not current. Contract information is not up to date, positions held by individuals have changed, some individuals named have died, and the status of some facilities has changed.)
The Bohemian Club is a private men's club headquartered in San Francisco with a country retreat in Sonoma County. Each summer the club holds a two and one half week long gathering at the Bohemian Grove near the town of Monte Rio. Examination of club membership and guest lists from the grove encampments and observation of planes and individuals arriving at the local airport to attend the Grove reveal that the Bohemian Grove is a gathering place for many men with a business and professional interest in the construction of nuclear weapons, men whose companies make nuclear bombs and their delivery systems, and men in government whose jobs involve them with nuclear armaments. This article identifies some of these men.

The data used to compile this paper covers an eight year period and is incomplete. It should not be assumed that all individuals named are present at the same time at the grove. Who speaks to whom and about what is not known to the writer. No attempt has been made to contact individuals named to confirm their attendance at the grove. Positions and titles may not be current.

Several topics should be mentioned that this article does not deal with: uranium mining - the front end of the nuclear weapons industry, the health effects of radiation and the bomb, the strong historical role of the Bohemian Grove in the development of the United States' nuclear weapons program, and the extensive accusations of fraud by weapons contractors.

Index of Bohemian Grove Reportage
Copyright © 1999 Kerry Richardson
(last modified July 16, 1999)
This internet site contains some reportage about the Bohemian Grove. Some of it dates from the 1980's and may not be current. It is an incomplete picture of the Bohemian Grove and Bohemian Club and it is mostly an outsider's critical view. The Bohemian Grove is located in Sonoma County in California, north of San Francisco. The Bohemian Grove is the country retreat of the Bohemian Club, a private men's club headquartered in San Francisco. Each summer the club holds a gathering at the Grove, usually around the last two weeks in July. The club has over 2000 members, with no racial, religious or political restrictions on membership, but new members must be sponsored and approved, and there is a considerable waiting list. The club has a focus on the arts, music, and theater.
go here for full story and photo's:

Kerry Richardson's Home Page

I am a photographer, based in Santa Rosa, California, about 60 miles north of San Francisco. These photos are copyright © Kerry Richardson. I can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 707-575-1875.
(Last modified February 15, 2000)

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"Alex Jones Has Blown Bohemian Grove Wide Open!" John Sergeant, World of Wonder, UK Channel 4

Major media from CBS television, magazines like People and Spy have attempted and failed to get the hard video evidence that Alex Jones and his team have gotten out of Bohemian Grove.

Alex Jones: "This is like something out of a Hollywood movie, where teenagers are out camping in the wilderness and come over a hill and witness some devil cult in black and red garb sacrificing some poor soul on a bloody altar."


Since 1873, the Global Elite Has Held Secret Meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of Northern California. Members of the so-called "Bohemian Club" Include Former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. The Bush Family Maintains a Strong Involvement. Each Year at Bohemian Grove, Members of This All-Male "Club" Don Red, Black and Silver Robes and Conduct an Occult Ritual Wherein They Worship a Giant Stone Owl, Sacrificing a Human Being in Effigy to What They Call the "Great Owl of Bohemia."

Now, for the First Time in History, an Outsider Has Infiltrated Bohemian Grove with a Hidden Digital Video Camera and Caught the Ritual on Tape. That
Man is Alex Jones, the Exclusive Digital Video is Just Part of His Shocking New Documentary:s DARK SECRETS: INSIDE BOHEMIAN GROVE

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

Alex Jones was on Coast to Coast last night for 3 hours. 4 min

Sat Mar 13 00:02:20 2004

From: "The Citizen"

Audio files: The 3 hrs & 4 mins of Alex Jones on Coast-to-Coast Radio on 03/11/04

Last night, Alex Jones was on coast to coast radio and was allowed to say
whatever he wanted for three hours. The response was unbelievable. 4 MILLION
new visitors to the website were turned on to the truth of what has been
happening in this country since the phony terrorist attacks were fomented by
the One-Worlders. If you are one of the two people left in this country that
hasn't the ability to recognize the odor of rotting fish, then please

disregard this email and delete it right now. If you have read any small
portion of the thousands of documents, statements, or legislation that have
been brought forth, then you have a good notion, either subliminally or
overtly, of who and why these "bad actors" have basically bungled the
greatest deception in the history of the world. THE WORD IS OUT! Which,
brings me to the reason for this email.

After the NSA began to realize the scope of listenership (14 million) and
the number of hits to the website (4 million in 3 hours) they sent some sort
of virus or worm that destroyed the server totally. They switched servers
and then the transmission of the website is now blocked in advance of the
T-1 lines.

Welcome to the command and control hell designed and implemented by our
glorius keepers. This Orwellian nightmare has just begun. You have been
censored and the information which you are "ALLOWED" to have, is now in the
benevolent, loving, hands of the New World Order.

My own site was sabbotaged a little over a year ago. Files were deleted, and
when they realized that I had off-line copies of everything they deleted,
and immediately replaced the files, my domain was mysteriously sold to a
porno organization in Las Vegas. The reason was simply to discredit me with
my mostly Christian, truth-seeking, audience. My radio show was in the top
ten of over two-thousand shows on the network. I have since bought it back
but will probably never retrieve the 1000 hit per day traffic level I then

In short..........IT'S ON! The screws are being twisted so you have to
decide whether to take the blue pill and go back to sleep, only to awaken in
a FEMA prison camp, or the red pill and find out how deep the rabbit-hole

Alex Jones, whether or not you like his Texas accent, his demeanor, or
subject matter, he is right and he will be right up until the moment they
kill him, which I suspect will be very soon. The maggots running the control
grid simply cannot allow the mass recognition that Alex has achieved. I ask
you, "What kind of truth is it that the government MUST protect you agaist?"
If he is a liar, then simply show the truth that refutes it. You Can't!

Prepare, for the beginning of the end-times has officially begun!

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

Bohemian Grove Action Network
Sat Mar 13 16:42:22 2004

Bohemian Grove Action Network
New organizers
by Mary Moore - June, 2003

What can I do to make a difference?

Educate yourself about the Grove and it's inhabitants, and the true nature of the power structure in the world. Then educate your friends. Since most major newspapers and broadcast stations are owned by "insiders", be wary of everything you hear in the press. If you can, participate in protest activities during the July retreat.

How do I get more information about the Grove?

Send a note to: Bohemian Grove Action Network, P.O. Box 296, Occidental CA 95465. A $5 donation to cover printing and mailing costs is requested.

Bohemian Grove

An Inside Look - at a Bohemian Club Member
by Phylis Metal (a former mistress)

I have just been listening to KPFA discussing the distribution of wealth in this country. According to the experts, this country is more stratified in terms of wealth than the other industrial countries, with more wealth among fewer people at the top and consequently more poverty at the bottom.

I am an example of what they are talking aout. For 13 years I was the mistress of Alfred D. Bell Jr., who lived in Hillsborough. Now I am on SSI because he chose at the end of our relationship (and of his life) to even things up by having me get money from the government to repay him for all the taxes he had paid. He had always promised that he would make it possible for me to live out a comfortable old age on $ 2500 a month, which he would provide.

He had inherited $ 75 million and money had never been an issue in his life. He owned a bank in Switzerland where he squirreled his money, and an island in the Caribbean, where he did business. On the surface he owned a redwood company and his stepfather owned the Hammond lumber company. He and Bing Crosby owned a duck club together. He was president of First International Travelers Aid and then when the European agency separated from the American, he was president of the American. He was also president of the Forest History Society. He was heavily invested in Georgia Pacific and had timber interests in various parts of the world.

He took me to New York on his many meetings. We always traveled United and waited in the red carpet room. He took me on his hunting trips--Pheonix for doves and Baja for quail. We met with other Bohemians, especially his brother-in law John Phillip Coughlin, who was a senior partner in a prestigious San Francisco law firm. I stayed with him and was faithfully at his beck and call because I felt assured of being supported comfortably in my old age.

He was a Harvard graduate and a defined member of the upper class. He belonged to Derelicts camp at the Bohemian Grove (Ed. note: there are over 120 separate camps within the Grove) . His brother-in-law, Phil Coughlin, belonged to Mandalay (the most exclusive camp in the Grove pecking order). I naively thought this background made him a man of honor whose word was his bond. I had heard that in my own family and it was true, but he had a double standard. He was a man of his word in his own circle but with anybody outside, the code did not apply.

He was generous while we were together. He educated my daughters in Europe so they could pursue the careers of their choice. But when the end came, he wrote me off and had no qualms about doing so. I am sure his family is doing well in Hillsborough. He had a beautiful house there made of redwood. He took me there when his wife was at her bridge club and showed me the elegance in which they lived. I never saw him in the same suit twice, although we traveled together frequently. We met every Thursday when he came to town for the Bohemian Club dinner and entertainment. We stayed at the Fairmont and dined at San Francisco's best restaurants and had sex. Al was impotent and I was part of the conspiracy to show what a stud he was. . .that is for the benefit of his men friends. He took me on trips because, poor dear, he could not live without it. His brother-in-law Phil once said of me "She is watching all of us and listening. We had better be careful or she will write a book about us."

I did hear all their secrets. . .a full front view of the very rich when they thought they were alone. His friends were from Hillbillies (George Bush's camp), Mandalay and Derelicts camps and he preferred them to the Harvard graduates. The Bohemian Grove will meet again this summer in July. I used to stay at the Hexagon House when it was still there and entertained his friends. I don't drink but he stashed cartons of liquor at my cabin and I served the drinks. He and his friends were very pleased that the Jews and those of another hue were kept out of the club. (Ed. note: Henry Kissinger would be the exception).

Al died a couple of years after our relationship ended. He had a stroke and was bedridden. He had come to my place one morning, very early, he had not been to bed. He and his wife had had a monster fight. She hit him over the head with a lamp and he had a bleeding gash. She was an alcoholic and had to take the cure from time to time. She had been having an affair with her psychiatrist and so they lived happily. But she wanted to meet me. . .woman's curiousity? Al often said he wanted us to have a menage a trois. She and I had lunch together and that was the night the shit hit the fan. He said she demanded that he end things with me and no more money, or she would take everything. He was sobbing "I am an old man and she will take everything!"

So we parted and Cinderella went back to the ashes. However in my poverty I am very lucky. I live at the Redwood Gardens, a beautiful apartment complex for the elderly on the Clark Kerr campus in Berkeley. And I understand only too well what the program on KPFA was all about regarding the stratified economy. I met the very richest when I was with Al Bell and heard their cavalier remarks about their fortunes. And now I am old and poor but thanks to the Redwood Gardens I live well.


Mary Moore's

Bohemian Grove


by Mary Moore

July 2000


Two very different films about Bohemian Grove were made in the past year.

The FIRST film, shown on British T.V. was a documentary produced by Jon Ronson of World of Wonder Ltd. with headquarters in London and Los Angeles. It featured national talk show host Alex Jones who infiltrated the Grove in the summer of 2000 and filmed the entire Cremation of Care ceremony using a tie tack video camera. Unfortunately Mr. Jones' interpretation of events drew several bizarre conclusions including allegations of Satanic worship and human sacrifice. Although these rumors have been around for years it has never been the position of Bohemian Grove Action Network that there is any credibility to them. Our position is that we are concerned about the harm these men are doing in the OUTSIDE world and we are quite disappointed in the tone and conclusions of this documentary. For more information about this film you can email wow@worldof or call 323 603 6300.

The SECOND film called TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC was produced by VISIONBOX pictures in conjunction with satirist Harry Shearer and features such well known actors as Morgan Fairchild, Howard Hesseman, Alan Thicke and George Wendt. It is a spoof on Bohemian Grove thinly disguised as Zambesi Glen. The following statements are taken from the films production notes.

"A comic junket behind the scenes of the world's most exclusive power broker retreat. The true story: the richest, most powerful white men in America gather each summer in Northern California for a super secret retreat that takes them back to their sophomore year in college. For fifty one weeks a year they run the free world. For one week they run amok. They're there to unwind but they get really unwound when that secrecy is threatened."

"Based on the exclusive men's retreat Bohemian Grove, where the likes of Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Malcolm Forbes and William F. Buckley, have been known to play, TEDDY BEARS'S PICNIC is a wicked little satire about power, class and to a small degree, sex."

For more information about this film call John Manulis at 310 204 4686 or email at
. Their website is:

P.O. BOX 296, OCCIDENTAL, CA.95465
email: phone: 707 874 2248

Through these doors pass the members of the Order of Skull & Bones, a small secret society founded at Yale University in 1832 that has risen to the top of American political and economic power. Three U.S. Presidents, two Chief Justices of the United States, over twenty U.S. Senators, and many congressmen, cabinet officers, judges and state officials are testimony to the power, privilege and prestige of Bones.

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

The secret society that ties Bush and Kerry
Sun Feb 1 14:42:29 2004

The secret society that ties Bush and Kerry
(Filed: 01/02/2004);?xml=/news/2004/02/01/wyale01.xml

Revelations that leading candidates for the US presidency were "Skull and Bones" members have provoked claims of elitism. Charles Laurence reports from New York

The "tomb" stands dark and hulking at the heart of the Yale University campus, almost windowless, and shuttered and padlocked in the thick snow of winter storms.

Yale's candidates for the White House pictured in their student days and the 'Skull and Bones' mascot

Built to mimic a Greco-Egyptian temple, it is the headquarters of the Order of the Skull and Bones, America's most elite and elusive secret society - and it has become the unlikely focus of this year's presidential election. It turns out that four leading contestants for the White House in November's election were 1960s undergraduates at Yale: President Bush and Democratic rivals Governor Howard Dean, Sen John Kerry and Sen Joseph Lieberman.

What is more, two are "Bonesmen". Both Sen Kerry, now the Democrat front runner, and President Bush belong to the 172-year-old society, which aims to get its members into positions of power. This presidential election seems destined to become the first in history to pit one Skull and Bones member against another.

The phenomenon of the "Yalies", as Yale alumni are known, has provoked an intense debate over apparent elitism among Americans amazed that - in a democracy of almost 300 million people - the battle for power should be waged among candidates drawn from the 4,000 who graduated from Yale in four different years of the 1960s.

"To today's Yale undergraduates it seems quite extraordinary," said Jacob Leibenluft, a student and a reporter on the Yale Daily News, the campus newspaper. "For some it's a source of pride, to others it's a source of shame."

In fact Yale, with annual tuition fees of $28,400 (£16,000), has long sent graduates to the top of all professions from the campus in New Haven, Connecticut, where it was founded in 1731.

The Skull and Bones is the most exclusive organisation on campus. Members have ranged from President William Taft to Henry Luce, the founder of the Time-Life magazine empire, and from Averill Harriman, the businessman and diplomat, to the first President George Bush.

Alexandra Robbins, a Yale graduate and author of a book on the Skull and Bones, Secrets of the Tomb, said: "It is staggering that so many of the candidates are from Yale, and even more so that we are looking at a presidential face-off between two members of the Skull and Bones. It is a tiny club with only 800 living members and 15 new members a year.

"But there has always been a sentiment at Yale to push students into public service, an ethos of the elite making their way through the corridors of power - and the sole purpose of the Bones is power."

The four candidates' time at Yale spans the period from 1960, when Sen Lieberman began his studies, through Sen Kerry's arrival in 1962 and Mr Bush's two years later, to 1971, when Mr Dean graduated - a period that swung through the bright hopes of the Kennedy presidency to tumult and bitterness over Vietnam.

Mr Lieberman and Mr Kerry served on the same committee to oppose resistance to the Vietnam war draft, but otherwise the four appear not to have known each other at the time. They all studied history and political science, however, and had some of the same professors and academic mentors.

Robert Dahl, the then head of the political science department, said: "Many of us had the sense we were preparing future leaders, but I don't think any of us had any idea we were teaching so many presidential candidates."

While at Yale all four showed hints of the varying character traits that would eventually propel them, on different paths, towards the top of American politics.

Mr Lieberman, the grandson of immigrants, arrived from a state school, probably a beneficiary of an unofficial 10 per cent quota of places for Jews that Yale then operated. Politically ambitious, he chaired the Yale Daily News, the most sought-after student position on campus.

Sen Kerry is remembered as "running for president since freshman year". One of his contemporaries said: "He was obsessed by politics to the exclusion of all else. At that age, it's a bit creepy." He dated Janet Auchincloss, the half-sister of Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady, won the presidency of the Yale Political Union, and was initiated into the Skull and Bones before joining the United States Navy for service in Vietnam.

In laid-back contrast, Mr Bush achieved only a "C" grade academically and took little interest in politics. He joined a "sports jock" fraternity and followed his father into the Skull and Bones.

By the time Mr Dean arrived in 1967, Yale was admitting women and setting more store by applicants' academic merit than their social background. The future Vermont governor showed a disdain for Yale politics and resigned from a fraternity order in a dispute over a coffee bar.

Whether the four men's Yale backgrounds is a plus with voters is uncertain. Mr Dean seems embarrassed, once saying he studied "in New Haven, Connecticut" to avoid mentioning Yale by name. Mr Bush makes light of his student years, apparently revelling in his reputation for socialising, not studying.

The Skull and Bones connection is more troublesome. Mr Kerry laughed nervously when questioned about his and Mr Bush's membership on television. "You both were members of the Skull and Bones; what does that tell us?" he was asked. "Yup. Not much," he replied.

Not surprisingly, the club's rituals fascinate many Americans. Robbins's book describes a social club with arcane rules, a hoard of relics ranging from Hitler's silver collection to the skull of the Indian chief Geronimo - plus a resident prostitute.

She says initiation rites include a mud-wrestling bout, receiving a beating and the recitation by a new member of his sexual history - delivered while he lies naked in a coffin. Elevation of a Bonesman creates opportunities for his fellows, and Robbins says that President Bush has appointed 10 members to his administration, including the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

She recently surveyed 100 of the estimated 800 living Bonesmen on their preferred election winner - Sen Kerry or President Bush. Perhaps not surprisingly, given that both are pledged to advance the interests of fellow Bonesmen, "They answered that they didn't care. Whichever way it went, it was a win-win for them."


Skull And Bones [05 Oct '03] - CBS News

60 MINUTES: Skull And Bones Oct. 5, 2003

CBS) There are secrets that George W. Bush guards at least as carefully as any entrusted to a president.

He's forbidden to share these secrets even with the vice president -- secrets he has held ever since his days as an undergraduate at Yale.

In his senior year, Mr. Bush - like his father and his grandfather - belonged to Skull and Bones, an elite secret society that includes some of the most powerful men of the 20th century.

All Bonesmen, as they're called, are forbidden to reveal what goes on in their inner sanctum, the windowless building on the Yale campus that is called "The Tomb."

There are conspiracy theorists who see Skull and Bones behind everything that goes wrong, and occasionally even right in the world.

Apart from presidents, Bones has included cabinet officers, spies, Supreme Court justices, statesmen and captains of industry - and often their sons, and lately their daughters, too.

It’s a social and political network like no other. And they've responded to outsiders with utter silence – until an enterprising Yale graduate, Alexandra Robbins, managed to penetrate the wall of silence in her book, “Secrets of the Tomb.” Correspondent Morley Safer reports. ”I spoke with about 100 members of Skull and Bones and they were members who were tired of the secrecy, and that's why they were willing to talk to me,” says Robbins. “But probably twice that number hung up on me, harassed me, or threatened me.”

Secret or not, Skull and Bones is as essential to Yale as the Whiffenpoofs, the tables down at a pub called Mory's, and the Yale mascot - that ever-slobbering bulldog.

Skull and Bones, with all its ritual and macabre relics, was founded in 1832 as a new world version of secret student societies that were common in Germany at the time. Since then, it has chosen or "tapped" only 15 senior students a year who become patriarchs when they graduate -- lifetime members of the ultimate old boys' club.

“Skull and Bones is so tiny. That's what makes this staggering,” says Robbins. “There are only 15 people a year, which means there are about 800 living members at any one time.”

But a lot of Bonesmen have gone on to positions of great power, which Robbins says is the main purpose of this secret society: to get as many members as possible into positions of power.

“They do have many individuals in influential positions,” says Robbins. “And that's why this is something that we need to know about.”

President Bush has tapped five fellow Bonesmen to join his administration. Most recently, he selected William Donaldson, Skull and Bones 1953, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Like the President, he's taken the Bones oath of silence. Ron Rosenbaum, author and columnist for the New York Observer, has become obsessed with cracking that code of secrecy.

“I think there is a deep and legitimate distrust in America for power and privilege that are cloaked in secrecy. It's not supposed to be the way we do things,” says Rosenbaum. “We're supposed to do things out in the open in America. And so that any society or institution that hints that there is something hidden is, I think, a legitimate subject for investigation.”

His investigation is a 30-year obsession dating back to his days as a Yale classmate of George W. Bush. Rosenbaum, a self-described undergraduate nerd, was certainly not a contender for Bones. But he was fascinated by its weirdness.

“It's this sepulchral, tomblike, windowless, granite, sandstone bulk that you can't miss. And I lived next to it,” says Rosenbaum. “I had passed it all the time. And during the initiation rites, you could hear strange cries and whispers coming from the Skull and Bones tomb.”

Despite a lifetime of attempts to get inside, the best Rosenbaum could do was hide out on the ledge of a nearby building a few years ago to videotape a nocturnal initiation ceremony in the Tomb's courtyard.

“A woman holds a knife and pretends to slash the throat of another person lying down before them, and there's screaming and yelling at the neophytes,” he says.

Robbins says the cast of the initiation ritual is right out of Harry Potter meets Dracula: “There is a devil, a Don Quixote and a Pope who has one foot sheathed in a white monogrammed slipper resting on a stone skull. The initiates are led into the room one at a time. And once an initiate is inside, the Bonesmen shriek at him. Finally, the Bonesman is shoved to his knees in front of Don Quixote as the shrieking crowd falls silent. And Don Quixote lifts his sword and taps the Bonesman on his left shoulder and says, ‘By order of our order, I dub thee knight of Euloga.’"

It’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo, says Robbins, but it means a lot to the people who are in it.

“Prescott Bush, George W's grandfather, and a band of Bonesmen, robbed the grave of Geronimo, took the skull and some personal relics of the Apache Chief and brought them back to the tomb,” says Robbins. “There is still a glass case, Bonesmen tell me, within the tomb that displays a skull that they all refer to as Geronimo.”

“The preoccupation with bones, mortality, with coffins, lying in coffins, standing around coffins, all this sort of thing I think is designed to give them the sense that, and it's very true, life is short,” says Rosenbaum. “You can spend it, if you have a privileged background, enjoying yourself, contributing nothing, or you can spend it making a contribution.”

And plenty of Bonesmen have made a contribution, from William Howard Taft, the 27th President; Henry Luce, the founder of Time Magazine; and W. Averell
Harriman, the diplomat and confidant of U.S. presidents.

“What's important about the undergraduate years of Skull and Bones, as opposed to fraternities, is that it imbues them with a kind of mission for moral leadership,” says Rosenbaum. “And it's something that they may ignore for 30 years of their life, as George W. Bush seemed to successfully ignore it for quite a long time. But he came back to it.”

Mr. Bush, like his father and grandfather before him, has refused to talk openly about Skull and Bones. But as a Bonesman, he was required to reveal his innermost secrets to his fellow Bones initiates.

“They're supposed to recount their entire sexual histories in sort of a dim, a dimly-lit cozy room. The other 14 members are sitting on plush couches, and the lights are dimmed,” says Robbins. “And there's a fire roaring. And the, this activity is supposed to last anywhere from between one to three hours.” What’s the point of this?

”I believe the point of the year in the tomb is to forge such a strong bond between these 15 new members that after they graduate, for them to betray Skull and Bones would mean they'd have to betray their fourteen closest friends,” says Robbins.

One can't help but make certain comparisons with the mafia, for example. Secret society, bonding, stakes may be a little higher in one than the other. But everybody knows everything about everybody, which is a form of protection.

“I think Skull and Bones has had slightly more success than the mafia in the sense that the leaders of the five families are all doing 100 years in jail, and the leaders of the Skull and Bones families are doing four and eight years in the White House,” says Rosenbaum.

Bones is not restricted to the Republican Party. Yet another Bonesman has his eye on the Oval Office: Senator John Kerry, Democrat, Skull & Bones 1966.

“It is fascinating isn't it? I mean, again, all the people say, ‘Oh, these societies don't matter. The Eastern Establishment is in decline.’ And you could not find two more quintessential Eastern establishment, privileged guys,” says Rosenbaum. “I remember when I was a nerdy scholarship student in the reserve book room at, at the Yale Library, and John Kerry, who at that point styled himself ‘John F. Kerry’ would walk in.”

“There was always a little buzz,” adds Rosenbaum. “Because even then he was seen to be destined for higher things. He was head of the Yale Political Union, and a tap for Skull and Bones was seen as the natural sequel to that.” David Brooks, a conservative commentator who has published a book on the social dynamics of the upwardly mobile, says that while Skull & Bones may be elite and secret, it's anything but exciting.

“My view of secret societies is they're like the first class cabin in airplanes. They're really impressive until you get into them, and then once you're there they're a little dull. So you hear all these conspiracy theories about Skull and Bones,” says Brooks.

“And to me, to be in one of these organizations, you have to have an incredibly high tolerance for tedium 'cause you're sittin' around talking, talking, and talking. You're not running the world, you're just gassing.”

Gassing or not, the best-connected white man's club in America has moved reluctantly into the 21st Century.

“Skull and Bones narrowly endorsed admitting women,” says Robbins. “The day before these women were supposed to be initiated, a group of Bonesmen, including William F. Buckley, obtained a court order to block the initiation claiming that letting women into the tomb would lead to date rape.

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

Kerry made his Bones in secret club - like Bush
Posted on Thursday, May 15 @ 15:46:06 EDT by JohnBrown

Conspiracy and Collusion by Andrew Miga, Boston Herald [US]
May 15, 2003

WASHINGTON - Sen. John F. Kerry expounds on many issues in his presidential campaign, but he's completely silent on one topic: his membership in Skull and Bones, Yale's infamous secret society.

``John Kerry has absolutely nothing to say on that subject. Sorry,'' said Kerry spokeswoman Kelley Benander.

Kerry is a respected senator and a decorated Vietnam War combat veteran, but 36 years after he was initiated into what has been called the ``ultimate old boy network,'' he's wary of breaking the ultra-exclusive club's strict secrecy code.

There's also another high-profile member of the club: President Bush.

Bonesmen already are buzzing over the prospect of the first Bones vs. Bones presidential race should Kerry win his party's nomination and face Bush in 2004.

``Bones don't care who wins,'' said author Alexandra Robbins, whose book ``
Secrets of the Tomb'' pierced the secrecy shrouding the 171-year-old society. ``If Kerry wins, it's still a Bones presidency.''

Robbins calls the group ``probably the most secretive and successful club in America,'' and adds, ``It's also pretty bizarre.''

Every year, 15 Yale juniors are tapped for the club, which holds meetings twice a week in a crypt-like building known as the ``Tomb.''

Robbins described the interior, replete with skulls and skeletons, as a cross between the ``Addams Family'' and a slightly shabby English men's club.

There are bizarre initiation rites, including a ceremony where new members must spend an evening before a roaring fire in the Tomb recounting details of their sexual history to fellow members.

Kerry was tapped for the club in 1968, two years after Bush, whose father and grandfather were also Bonesmen. Kerry's brother-in-law from his first marriage, David Thorne, was Bones. So was the late husband of Kerry's current wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. The Bones alumni roster is flush with CIA officials, business moguls, congressmen and Supreme Court justices. The club owns a secluded 40-acre island retreat on the St. Lawrence River.

In 1986, Kerry allegedly tried to recruit Jacob Weisberg, then a college-age intern at ``The New Republic'' magazine.

Weisberg, now Slate magazine editor, said Kerry made his pitch during a private meeting in his Senate office. Weisberg declined, pointedly asking Kerry how he squared his liberalism with membership in such an elitist club that refused to admit women. ``Kerry got sort of flustered and said, `I've marched with battered women,' '' Weisberg told the Herald.

Five years later, Kerry was among those voting to force the club to admit women after a bitter court fight.

Note: more about skull and bones from the yale alumni magazine 

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15Min version Documentary

RealVideo: stream with RealPlayer

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From New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Robbins
Based on interviews with more than 100 Bonesmen
An Exposé of President George W. Bush's Secret Society

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Myron Fagan's Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations


Download free Windows Media Player 7 CLICK HERE

Part 1
Part 2
  Part 3
  Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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This ultra-secret organization, above all secret organizations

Dear Newswatch Magazine Listeners/Readers:

The Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776. This ultra-secret organization, above all secret organizations, controls them with “an unseen hand.” They infiltrate in secret into every corridor of power in government, education, religion and economics. They have been guiding the nations toward their long sought goal of a one-world-government. The Bible reveals their true guiding hand is Satan the Devil (Revelation 13:2; Revelation 12:9).

The progress in America came after the Illuminati’s International Bankers finally wrested the power to create money out of the hands of Congress with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Now they could manipulate the economy to create a depression. Upon the heels of this depression, the people, totally unaware of their tactics and power of money, would vote into the presidential office someone who would offer a solution. Enter 32nd degree Freemason and Socialist Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He brought with him the entire Socialist Party platform in the name of the Democratic Party. It worked!

He first began to bring into government members of the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations. They were seeking to dissolve the sovereignty of the United States and merge us into an all powerful United Nations world government. So they founded the U.N. after the most horrible war in human history. Congress didn’t have a chance to reject it. It was carefully orchestrated to be sure Congress nor the American people would find out that a Russian Communist and an American traitor, who was a member of the Communist Party, wrote the entire Charter. It became a blueprint for a world Communist government - even with a Communist to always head the military of the U.N.

What Americans have NEVER found out is that entrance into the U.N. is a ONE WAY street. There is NO provision by which a nation can withdraw from it. Since its long range goal was to disarm every nation on earth and turn the military equipment over to the U.N., any nation that decides to withdraw will immediately be attacked. When they have gained enough control, they will be unmerciful toward any dissent.

Look at the horror inflicted by the Northern armies upon the South in the war between the States. If Americans would treat their own kinsman with such horror, what do we think Chinese troops will do to Americans? The ONLY reason the United States has survived thus far is that the Illuminati is using our wealth and military to disarm non-Communist nations.

The radical Muslims want world government under their own religion. The adepts of the Illuminati cannot tolerate that. The Muslims must be eliminated. President George W. Bush, as a member of the ultra-secret Skull & Bones society, has been given his orders to have war - WITH OR WITHOUT THE UNITED NATION’S APPROVAL.

Since the Illuminati has captured the U.S. money system, all they have to do is print unlimited supplies of money to pay for war. The tax-payers will foot the bill and repay the bankers WITH INTEREST. They keep getting richer and control of the world at the same time. What a scam! Satan does well, doesn’t he?

With the Patriot Act II on the burners, Americans will truly be enslaved legally. They have passed legislation since the 911 incident that, little-by-little, has stripped every so-called Constitutional Right we had from us. The second Act is more like Adolph Hitler’s legislation - BUT GREATER AND WITH FAR WORSE CONSEQUENCES!!!

Americans think: “It could never happen here.” That’s what the German’s thought too! This new found power in the agents of the Illuminati’s hands will become America’s worst nightmare. They are just waiting for the next terrorist event to implement YOUR AND MY WORST NIGHTMARE!

For 22 and ½ years I have personally warned whoever would listen that this nightmare was coming. It would be in God’s timing, because He knows how much the people of this declared Christian nation have turned their back upon Him (February 29, 1892, Holy Trinity Church vs. The U.S.). This nation has turned its back upon the Everlasting Covenant for which Jesus came and died to forgive us for breaking (Hebrews 13:20-21).

When God made promises to King David, He said if his descendants turned their back upon His spiritual Laws - He would chastise them with the stripes of men - WAR!!! President Bush is about to cause people who have no idea that they are sinning to be chastised with war. How many will have to die, be maimed? When will Americans ever ask HOW they have dishonored their God - Jesus the Christ? When will they ever humble themselves and ask WHY are we in this predicament? And what can we do about it?

In much love,
David J. Smith

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Bohemian Grove Protest
by Peter Maiden Sunday, Jul. 15, 2001 at 2:55 PM
500 at Sonoma County Protest Against the Bohemian Grove Retreat.
Five hundred protested at the Bohemian Grove in the Sonoma County redwoods July 14. The Grove, which belongs to the Bohemian Club, is an all-male retreat where the power elite shape their conservative agenda. Police stopped the march before it reached the Grove's entrance, but it sounded like the drumming and chanting could be heard by those inside.

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July 2000

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More Info Re Bohemian Grove: Articles, Facts, Photos
There is no question that the Bohemian Grove is real, that secret elite meetings take place there, or that satanic ceremonies including ritual satanic murders with people being burned alive also routinely take place there. There also are scientific reasons for committing ritual satanic murders: they are used to keep trauma based mind control subjects locked into their mind control. Satanists get an adrenalin rush from witnessing people burned alive, it feeds their power trip. They really got off on WACO where numerous innocent people including women and children were incinerated inside of a Christian Church, and they got off on murdering Randy Weaver's pregnant wife, kids and dog. Why should it surprise you that our so called leaders are blood drinking murderous orgy lovin' pedophiles who conduct secret meetings in order to hide their global deliberations from the people of the world? It sure doesn't surprise me after attending 4 UN Codex meetings in Germany and witnessing the zeal with which they seek to ban our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range, a genocidal action that would kill more people than died in all the wars in history combined.

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Bohemia Grove Is No Garden

Bohemian Grove & MN Chippewa Tribe Connection

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Project Censored


The 155 media elite are mostly individuals who inherited wealth. They were educated in private preparatory schools and ivy league universities, and they’re main social interactions occur at the Knickerbockers Club in New York, Bohemian Grove in California or the Piedmont Driving Range in Atlanta. They represent private wealth, private education, private clubs, conservative politics... and they control the way most Americans get their information and news.

The top 11 media corporations in the U.S. form a solid grid of overlapping interests and affiliations. The 155 directors of these 11 media corporations sit on the boards of directors of 144 of the Fortune 1000 corporations and interlock with each other through shared directorships in other firms some 36 times.

NBC, Fox News and Time Warner each have a board member who sits as a director on tobacco producer Phil Morris’s board. CBS (Westinghouse) shares directorships on Fortune 1000 boards with the Washington Post, Time-Warner, NBC (GE), Gannett, Viacom and the Times Mirror Corporation (L.A. Times). MORE:

Operation Mockingbird
The Subversion Of America's Free Press By The CIA 

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NASA's Bohemian


Sean O'Keefe is another Bush I holdover having served in that administration as Secretary of the Navy and Defense Comptroller at DIck Cheney's Pentagon. He has ties to Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy and in 1994 he participated in a roundtable for that group and argued vociferously for increasing funding for the B-2 bomber, currently priced at $2.2 billion a piece. He was a paid consultant and advisory board member for the manufacturer of the B-2, Northrop Grumman, and also Raytheon. Prior to becoming NASA's administrator, O'Keefe had no background in the sciences involved with space flight. Rather, he was counting beans at the Office of Management and Budget until Bush II nominated him--no doubt at Cheney's insistence--to the head NASA position. O'Keefe's also a member of the manly and very elite San Francisco Bohemian Club which meets now-and-then in the summer months in the Sonoma County Redwoods to discuss, among other things, matters of planetary and national governance. Hank Kissenger, Bush I and Bush II and like-minded folks have attended these bonding activities. According to Peter Phillips, a sociology professor at Sonoma State University, lakeside chats provide Bohemian attendee's with keen insights like these:

"The Bohemian Grove offers daily lectures known as "lakeside chats." The Under-Secretary of the Navy may give an off-the-record speech on military budget issues, or the President of Mexico may address global free trade. Whatever the topic, those present emerge with a sense of insider awareness of high-level policy issues and political situations which are often yet-to-be, or perhaps never-to-be, publicly articulated.

One such chat in 1994, given by a University of California political science professor, warned of the dangers of multi-culturalism, Afro-centrism, and the loss of family boundaries. He declared that 'elites based on merit and skill are important to society. Any elite that fails to define itself will fail to survive... We need boundaries and values set and clear. He went on to conclude that we cannot allow the "unqualified" masses to carry out policy, and elites must set values that can be translated into "standards of authority."'

O'Keefe's stated before the House Science Committee that his number one priority for NASA, was to have it be the "leading agency in the federal government for implementing the President's Management Agenda." That meant outsourcing, cutting costs and reforming the management of NASA. In testimony before the US Senate, O'Keefe went on to say that "...technical excellence at any cost is not an acceptable approach. Managing the program within cost and schedule must be elevated in importance..." That from a proponent of the B-2 bomber which has shattered records for cost overruns and requires astronomically expensive retrofits. In an endeavor where technical excellence means the difference between life and death, it would seem that any cost is a fair price to pay for the men and women who undertake the most dangerous mission of all--the exploration of space. MORE:

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Meet The Secret Rulers of the World
The truth about the Bohemian Grove

Where's the fashionable rendezvous for the World's Secret Government? In the good old days when the Illuminati had a firm grip on things, it was wherever the Bilderbergers decided to pitch their tents. Then Nelson and David Rockefeller horned their way in, and the spotlight moved to the Trilateral Commission. Was there one secret government or two? Some said all the big decisions were taken in England, at Ditchley, not so far from the Appeasers' former haunts at Cliveden and only an hour by Learjet from Davos, which is where jumped up finance ministers and self-inflating tycoons merely pretend they rule the world.

Secret World rulers spend a good deal of time in the air, whisking from Davos to APEC meetings somewhere in Asia, to Ditchley, to Sun Valley, Idaho, tho' mercifully no longer to the Clinton-favored Renaissance Weekend in Hilton Head, South Carolina. But comes next July 14 and every self-respecting member of the Secret World Government will be in a gloomy grove of redwoods alongside the Russian river in northern California, preparing to Banish Care for the 122nd time, prelude to three weeks drinking gin fizzes and hashing out the future of the world.

If the avenging posses mustered by the Bohemian Grove Action Network manage this year to burst through the security gates at the Bohemian Grove, they will (to extrapolate from numerous eyewitness accounts of past sessions) find proofs most convincing to them that here indeed is the ruling crowd in executive session: hundreds of near-dead white men sitting by a lake listening to Henry Kissinger.

The avenging posses may find some puzzling elements within the Grove. Why, for example, are at least 80 percent of the Bohemians in a state of intoxication so advanced that many of them had fallen insensible among the ferns, gin fizz glasses gripped firmly 'til the last? Why so many games of dominoes? Why the evidence that a significant portion of the Secret Government appear to be involved in some theatrical production, involving the use of women's clothes and lavish application of make-up?

Many an empire has of course been run by drunken men wearing make-up. But a long, hard look at the Bohemian Club, its members and appurtenances, suggests that behind the pretense of Secret Government lies the reality of a summer camp for a bunch of San Francisco businessmen, real estate plungers and lawyers who long ago had the cunning to recruit some outside megawattage (e.g., Herbert Hoover, a Rockefeller, Richard Nixon) to turn their mundane frolicking into the simulacrum of Secret Government and make the yokels gape.

The simulacrum isn't half bad. For Republicans the club is an antechamber to the White House. Teddy Roosevelt was a member. So, as noted, was Herbert Hoover. In his memoirs Hoover wrote that within one hour of Calvin Coolidge's announcement in 1927 that he would not run again, "a hundred men – editors, publishers, public officials and others from all over the country who were at the Grove, came to my camp demanding that I announce my candidacy." Hoover was at the Grove again the following summer, as he had been with some considerable regularity since 1911, when news came that Republicans had chosen him for their candidate.

A speech to the industrial and financial titans clustered for one of the Grove's famous lakeside talks could make or break a candidacy. After a poor reception, Nelson Rockefeller abandoned his bid for the Republican nomination in 1964. Richard Nixon, like Hoover a member of the Cave Man's camp inside the Grove, got a rapturous reception in 1967 and pressed forward to the nomination and the White House. It was at the Bohemian Grove that America's nuclear weapons program was first devised by physicists such as Grove members Ernest O. Lawrence and Edward Teller – meeting with other members who were then in government, all confident of the security of the redwood clubhouse built by Bernard Maybeck (my favorite of all American architects) in 1904.

European leaders travel discreetly to the Grove to address the American elite. German chancellor Helmut Schmidt (not to be confused with Club members Chauncey E. Schmidt or Jon Eugene Schmidt) strolled its paths with club member Henry Kissinger, as did French socialist leader Michael Rocard. Where else could such men hope to chat privately with the head of IBM, a couple of Rockefellers, bankers galore, a Justice of the US Supreme Court and Charlton Heston? Even the prickly Lee Kuan Yew hastened to visit the club, only to have the mortification of being mistaken for a waiter.

The Bohemian Club began as a San Francisco institution in 1872, founded by journalists and kindred lowly scriveners as an excuse for late-night boozing. Its membership was dignified by Jack London, Mark Twain, Bret Harte and other literary roustabouts who had fetched up in the city after the Gold Rush.

The hacks soon concluded that Bohemianism, in the sense of real poverty, was oppressive. "It was decided," clubman Ed Bosque wrote, "we should invite an element to join the Club which the majority of its members held in contempt, namely men who had money as well as brains, but who were not, strictly speaking, Bohemians." So they pulled in a few wealthy men of commerce to pay for the champagne and the rot soon set in. Within a very few years the lowly scriveners were on their way out, except for a few of the more presentable among them to lend a pretense of Boho-dom – and Mammon had seized power.

There were laments. "The salt has been washed out of the Club by commercialism," one writer grumbled. On his visit to the city, Oscar Wilde gazed around at the fleshy faces and handsomely attired members and remarked, "I have never seen so many well-dressed, well-fed, businesslike looking bohemians in all my life."

The final blow to the hacks came soon thereafter. Near the end of the last century the cult of the redwood grove as Nature's cathedral was in full swing and the Boho-businessmen yearned to give their outings a tincture of spiritual uplift. The long-range planning committee of the club decided to buy a grove some sixty miles north of the city near the town of Monte Rio. When the wheeling and dealing was over, the club owned 2,700 acres of redwoods, a grove of the mightiest of thousand-year-old Sequoia sempervirens:

"We are grown men now," a piece of club literature announced in the early 1920s, "but each year in the hard procession of our days there comes, thank God, to us Bohemians, a recess time – it is upon us. Come out, Bohemians. Come out and play!" Soon the ancient redwoods, hated by the Pomo Indians of the area as clammy and sepulchral, rang to the laughter of the disporting men of commerce.

When all is said and done, the way the beleaguered American male asserts his personhood, defies convention, hails the American dream, is to piss against a tree. Indeed, when confronted with a sex-discrimination suit a few years ago, the Bohemians indignantly asserted that theirs had to be a Men Only institution precisely because any woman entering the club's precincts would see nothing but men occupied in this crude pastime.

Like all such institutions the club has its rituals, its ceremonies, its hallowed rules. In June there are three long weekends of Springjinks, mostly attended by Californians. At the opening of each summer season proper, on July 14 this year, there is the traditional masque, representing the banishment of Care. Amid somber music, horses carrying caped riders gallop through the trees. Then, eerily picked out by torchlight, robed tycoons move slowly into a clearing with a bier supporting the effigy of Care. Amid stentorian chants, a blare of music and leaping flames, Care is finally cremated. In its place the flame of eternal friendship is ignited and three weeks of Boho-dom are underway.

This amalgam of pop Druidry, Klan kitsch and Fraserian mumbo-jumbo stems from the nineteenth-century passion for "ancient ritual." Two thousand miles away, at the other end of the continent, the same impulse produced Mardi Gras in New Orleans, with its Mystick Krewe, its Elves of Oberon and the tribute paid by Rex to Comus. Many of the Boho rituals and its first play, The Triumph of Bohemia, were worked up by a real estate speculator called George Sterling who took to poesy and Boho-dom late in life and banished Care permanently in 1926 by taking strychnine in the Club's city premises.

A college kid I'll call Tom – the arm of the Secret Government is, after all, far-reaching – worked at the Bohemian Grove each summer for three years in the middle 1990s. At that time (and I doubt things have changed) the basic wage for the very ample force required to assist in the banishing of Care was not handsome – $5 to $6 an hour. But Tom worked for an independent contractor supplying food and help and got $125 a day plus tips (officially banned at the Grove) and ended up with $3,000 for his three-week stint.

Tom's day began at 5:30 a.m., preparing for breakfast. The Bohemian Club is set up along frat house lines. Instead of Deltas and Pi Etas there are camps, some 120 in all, stretching along River Road and Morse Stephens canyon. Their names follow the imaginative arc of American industrialists and financiers over the past hundred years, from Druids to Hillbillies (George Bush, Walter Cronkite, William F. Buckley), Isle of Aves (John E. Du Pont), Meyerling, Owl's Nest (Eddie Albert, Ronald Reagan), Silverado Squatters, Totem Inn (which has actually boasted a writer, Allen Drury), Woof (former Secretary of State James A. Baker III), Wayside Log (which has boasted another writer, Herman Wouk), Ye Merrie Yowls, Zaca.

The camp Tom lived and worked at was thick with real estate tycoons and had a reputation for good food and comfortable appointments. Tom fixed the early morning gin fizzes and kindred cobweb banishers. He got the papers – San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, New York Times. He cleaned up the mess left by the Bohos' nocturnal revels. He served up the fruits, juices, eggs and bacon and listened to captains of commerce start their day's chat about business affairs. The club has a famous motto, "weaving spiders not come here," meaning No shop talk, but Tom laughs. "They talk business here all the time. The younger members brown-nose shamelessly, making contacts." By midmorning it's another day in Bohemia, with Tom's hands never idle as he runs up Old Fashioneds and Manhattans. The members prefer to mix their own martinis.

Though he was no career man at the Grove Tom had already taken on a caustic loyalty to his camp. He sneered at nearby Abbey, a lowly place equipped merely with tents and believed to have a tradition of unmentionable practices. He sneered too, though more deferentially, at lordly Mandalay camp, inaccessible save by written invitation by a member, luxuriously appointed and stocked with the Membership Committee's most determined stab at the pretense of Secret Government. Here are to be found members of the Bechtel clan, owners of the largest engineering contractorship in the world, veterans of Republican Washington of the era of Gerorge Bush Sr. (former Treasury Secretary Nick Brady, former Secretary of State George Shultz), souvenirs of industrial might (Leonard K. Firestone. Edgar F. Kaiser), 1970s retro (Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger) and foreign bric-a-brac (Andrew Knight of The Economist).

The waiting lists for membership are so long it takes years for the novitiate to be admitted. Lobbying is pathetically fierce. Tom Watson, the builder of IBM, once took a long weekend off from his retirement job as US ambassador to Moscow to fly to San Francisco to dine with a Bohemian Grove board member and discreetly lobby for membership. A friend of mine, big in Reagan's time, has been on the doorstep for 15 years. He says he likes it that way. He's spared the hefty signup fee of around $10,000 and annual membership dues and only has to pony up when he's invited, which is every two or three years. Particularly in the more sumptuous camps even this takes plenty of money, sharing bills for retinues of uniformed servants, vintage cellars, master chefs and kindred accouterments of spiritual refreshment. But what, in the end, does the member get for his pains?

There are lakeside talks. Here, of an evening, Grovers can hear a banker or a Treasury official wend his way through the intricacies of Third World debt rescheduling, or listen to a European leader who will offer himself up for inspection. There are increasingly popular science talks at the Bohemian Grove's museum. During the day there are enviro-strolls with some biologist from Stanford or Berkeley lecturing his retinue on successional stages in redwood regeneration. There's skeet-shooting on the private range. There's endless dominoes, the Grove's board-game par excellence. There's Not Being At Home with the wife. But best of all, there are the talent revue and the play.

Visit some corporate suite in San Francisco in June or early July and if you see the CEO brooding thoughtfully before his plate-glass window overlooking the Bay Bridge, the chances are he is not thinking about some impending takeover or merciless down-sizing. He is probably worrying about the cut of his tutu for the drag act for which he has been rehearsing keenly for many months.

These plays are planned five years in advance, with no expense spared. Tycoons vie eagerly for the privilege of shifting a stage prop or securing the best computerized lighting system that money can provide. Although the talent shows put on by Merv Griffin and Art Linkletter were reckoned at least in past years to be good, the plays are pretty awful, heavily freighted with double-entendres about swollen members and the like. A poster for one Grove play, Pompeii, featured a mighty erection under a toga, modeled no doubt on the redoubtable organ in the Pompeiian fresco photographed by many a touring tycoon.

Along with the big play there is the comedy revue – Low Jinks – for which members again rehearse with passionate anticipation. World affairs stood still a few seasons ago as Henry Kissinger prepared for his big moment, which was to enter, dressed as a dumpy man wearing a Kissinger mask which he duly pulled off, to reveal the ever-familiar features, while announcing in his glottal accent, "I am here because I have always been convinced that The Low Jinks is the ultimate aphrodisiac." Puissance – this is after all a mature crowd scampering about amid the Sequoia sempervirens – is a big theme, and the drag acts are heavily overstated.

Boho-member Wouk once got off a sententious paragraph about the Grove being the site of that purest of loves, the friendship that men can nourish between each other in noble surroundings. Some years ago a gay writer called Ron Bluestein described his stint waitering at the Grove in a very funny pamphlet, "A Waitress in Bohemia," in which he evoked the below-the-stairs homosexual culture fostered by a workforce mostly recruited from San Francisco. Some anthropologists of Boho culture even believe that the Grove is now encircled with gay residential suburbs that have inevitably sprung up to accommodate these migrants.

Informed sources discount these stories somewhat. Of course there are gay waiters and gay bohemians too, discreetly cruising River Road, but it seems that it was back in the 1970s things got somewhat out of hand. The Club took certain measures and things are now under control.

Along with its most definitely closet contingent, the club also has about 2,000 heterosexuals cooped up for the summer retreat, with no women officially on the premises except for a daily minibus of female cleaners – the consequence of a lawsuit brought by feminists a few years ago – which can go no farther into the Grove than the Camp Fire circle, 400 yards from the Main Gate. Randy members break bounds and head for such straight cruising spots as the Northwood Lodge and Country Club where vigorously bejeweled women in their thirties are to be found

A few years ago KGO radio, out of San Francisco, had an interesting talk show in which callers with firsthand Grove experience told their tales. A man from Monte Rio said he was only one of several townspeople renting cabins every year to prostitutes traveling from as far as Las Vegas to renew the Bohos' spiritual fibers. He said it was a big shot in the arm for Monte Rio's ailing economy. This same caller moved from shots in the arm to shots in another location. He said he stocked his cabins with plenty of booze as well as syringes of a potency drug recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration which furnishes four to six-hour erections. Sempervirens indeed. The Monte Rio caller added that at least this quotient of Secret Government included good tippers, doling out splendid gratuities to their companions.

In the 1990s the Grove's reputation as the site of Secret Government was in eclipse. The Mandalay camp roster told the story, with its grizzled veterans of the Reagan-Bush years. The contours of the Republican Party had changed, in a manner not entirely suited to the Club. The young Christian zealots of the Newt revolution were scarcely Low Jinksters, and Newt – he did give a lakeside talk in 1995 – was a little too tacky in style for the gin fizz set. Dole wasn't even a member and with Bill and Hillary in office, journalists dashed off each year to the Carolina coast to write about the Renaissance Weekend at Hilton Head where the idiom was of the 1990s – self-awareness, being in touch with your inner self, networking – rather than the 1890s – making merrie, getting drunk and using the Old Boy Net.

But here we are in the Bush II era, and the Bush Clan is pure Secret Government, all the way from the old Rockefeller connection, to Skull and Bones and the Knights of Malta. Dick Cheney's a Grover.

So spare yourself the expense of traveling from Quebec to the next session of the WTO. Voyage to Sonoma County and muster against Secret World Government which, let's face it, isn't exactly secret. For the Rally and Line of Shame, be at the Monte Rio parking lot across from the Rio theater at 2pm, July 14.

For further details, call the Bohemian Grove Action Network, whose Mary Moore has been chivvying the Grovers for twenty years, at 707-874-2248 or check out

Copyright © 2001 Alexander Cockburn

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Sheriff's Department
County of Sonoma


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World Leaders Engage in Symbolic Pagan Worship
of Molech–the ‘god’ of Child Sacrifice

Excerpts from websites about the Bohemian Grove summer camp,
and other occult influences in US and world leadership.

###   ###   ###

Bohemian Grove intruder says he feared human sacrifices


###   ###   ###

Radical Techies Go To Camp
"Here" was a 350-acre wildlife preserve in the Northern California hills, buzzing with more than 60 networked computers, a multimedia production studio and wireless broadband subnets connecting laptops across the woods and fields. This was the
href="">Ruckus Society's nine-day Tech ToolBox Action Camp and there was a pretty good chance the Feds were listening in on all the digital noise coming from this temporary community of open-source programmers, corporate-accountability activists, community organizers, network administrators, Web producers, microradio broadcasters, human rights campaigners, environmentalists, anti-capitalists, videographers and culture-jammers.
More than a few of these campers are regularly detained at airports, arrested at protests and put on FBI lists by a U.S. government that increasingly redefines dissent as terrorism.
Cohn was leading a workshop on "Internet Activism and the Law," one of more than 50 planned workshops on topics from surveillance to setting up a Linux mail server. Groups sat in the grass to look over walkie-talkies and radio scanners or learned skills for consensus procedure; they gathered in barns to write Web programs, and discussed ways to transform advertisements or tapes of network news shows into counter-propaganda.
At this electronic wilderness camp, where the signs at the Porto-potties reminded you to wash your hands in the buckets and hand-pumps, you could attend a training on secure collaboration led by facilitators in Israel, broadcast live into the computer lab over an website.
Yet, despite the heady schedule, this was first and foremost a social event. Known mostly for training activists to form blockades, hang banners from buildings and non-violently deal with very unhappy police officers, the Ruckus organizers understand that the strength and success of their camps is in what happens in between the scheduled sessions. According to camp coordinator Allen Gunn, the driving vision for this project was to create gathering space for passionate political people, geeks and non-geeks, to lay the groundwork for collaborations and solidarity by connecting faces with email addresses and chat-room tags. "We pitched it as a party, knowing full well that massive knowledge transfer would be an unavoidable by-product."

###   ###   ###

Don't Go To The Bohemian Grove, a nice Redwood Camp where daddy elitist says he'll make you .......

a career fit for pauper to prince/princess. Stay Away From Local, County, State, Federal, Global Elitists. Murder Needs OUTED, Basic Human Rights Loss Needs OUTED. This is Outed. Cool it if your an underage invitee. We're after adult elitist despots. Goshawk Rules! (they eat owls)


Don't Go To The Bohemian Grove, a nice Redwood Camp where daddy elitist says he'll make you a career fit for pauper to prince/princess. Stay Away From Local, County, State, Federal, Global Elitists. They are Molicks ears, but you DO NOT have to be in Molicks Belly. Scared, good, Murder Needs OUTED, Basic Human Rights Loss Needs OUTED. This is Outed. Molick heard by clairaudient means by under 18'ers is not Outed. Cool it if your an underage invitee. We're after adult elitist despots. Goshawk Rules! (they eat owls) Don’t let the university professor types, up to no good, that go by ‘goshawks’ spoil your owl defeating.

If you’re:

a child or young adult under or over legal age,

new to just 18 gay porn modeling,

new associate professor,

new teaching assistantship,

new K-12 teacher,

university student,

any kind of school jock,

glbt youth,

brown in any ethnic color,


Hollywood-bound child actor (the many Milo(s), successful or unsuccessful);

then please be advised about the Bohemian club and its outreaches near you. Do not go. You are the candy of political and wealthy Satans. You are the most targeted of groups. Here is why in reference also to above article.

Article Comment:

The murder described in 1984 is not isolated. This murder was executed in front of club members to remind/terrorize/extort them of the ‘efforts and extent’ that other club members go through to bring them adult and child prostitution and protection of same and pedophilia at their respective home areas. The rest of the ethical club membership fear for their wealth, lives, loved one’s lives in having seen or heard too much.

Daryl Cherny’s and Judi Bari’s sufferings of attempted murder and frames upon them were partially plotted at the grove and else where among Bohemian Grove members. Reservations in MN and generally across the US are predominantly Republican and anti-environmental and were sought after by the Bohemian Club members by force, extortion, bribe, and alliance making by tribes new found wealth to play with the club members doings. Mathew Sheppard’s murder also had a Bohemian Grove connection among both reservations and Bohemian clubs social engineering for a cute young gay martyr to further gay rights, which Lambda Legal was somewhat aware of before the murder. This is to say almost anything impacting on American political life usually has some connection to the Bohemian Club because this is where, in relaxation or refuge from turbulence, our nation’s and some of the globe’s political elite reflect on social engineering unchecked in crime or dollars. We do not elect them, they chose each other and ultimately are responsible only to each other is their general opinion. With combined wealth of the globes wealthiest assassinations are very possible. Paul Wellstone’s murder was such a plotted murder over diner at the clubs restaurant, a rumor heard back to the early 1990’s in serious premeditation and back to the pre-Rio conference in 1984 in lesser hoped for premeditative manipulation of people’s lives.

Many of those who know these rumors, who work for the federal government or are reservation confessionaries because Native Americans have no power and won’t be believed, suffer constant attempted murders usually by druggings and associated drug-rapes.

In general, political party ties of rank and file electorate and/or pre-gay/ GLB or T youth experience invites to the grove since before the sexual revolution of the 1960’s up to today. Ruined lives, extortion from home, families, town underground of pedophilia within the establishment mainstream force child that report or are absent from home during midsummer and other times to be sex traded at the grove or elsewhere. I know of children in NE Ohio, N. Calif. and WI that have been cajoled or forced to participate in sex trading with Bohemian club members. Most report horror, fear, loss of constitutional liberty taking, impending murder looming, grief at others killed and new kids extorted to go to the grove or local hotel by parents and political corrupt local/county/state authorities as an infiltrated union.

Universities across the USA ply this Bohemian club encouragement to protect and participate such political corruption, as local K-12 school district child abuse reporters end up in psychological evaluation periods for reporting such suspicions to infiltrated government child protection services. School Districts K-12 also have their honorary adult Bohemian club members that silence and cover-up well as any organized crime group, but more efficiently because of political party support among other polis authorities. The universities cajole the uninitiated children invitees that they will assure a place for them in higher education, and therefore job markets, to alleviate any concerns of ruined lives, but not ruined basic human rights.

What’s great about Bohemian Club terrorism is that it makes the University system kids are connected to look like saviors needed in a good sex libber underground intellectual proletariat vs. bad child sex-murder elitists, which could be true, but for the fear of kids when they find out how gutless universities are in attacking elitists and specifically the Bohemian Club, and likely the universities have a very old partnership as two-faced Daniel Websters. Universities have always been political while repressing faculty, staff and students politics; therefore untrustworthy hypocrites with suspicious faculty pre-mature deaths. To single out any one university is for ‘child-become-adult’ victims to do and I don’t find it fair to do so in an article until I’m repressed again by a Bohemian club participating university like the one I left last spring.

XY youth, familism pedophilia ranks of all classes, boys next door, those brought already into the justice system by fraud/frame as refuse-nicks or participants in like home area activity & punished under different less shameful crimes may apply for Midsummer’s July 15 festival of Luciferian Bacchus and get a chance to meet international known porn stars and elitists, if you survive. The ethical elitists feel duped similarly in being lied to about the grove and club’s activities until they see something worthy of being murdered over.

Common children make-up these participants also and perhaps predominantly, with jokes yet to terrorize them that they can be killed because they only be ugly when grown and of no use if neither smart nor wealthy. You can image what the town of Monte Rio, California suffers and how the power structures of Sonoma County deal with this reputation of un-prosecution of the world’s most powerful in their midst. Like other areas of the country, once enough local sex trading has been done, the elitists then visit those targeted home areas. There likely is not an area in each of the 50 states not affected. Anyone who reports this is usually deemed of diagnosis’ed ‘delusion beliefs’ at best and medicated. We must protect our freedoms everyday and just not on Election Day, so write if you can about this or any issue. The politicians only wish to count on your vote.

Tribes in WI and MN have suspected that many of there ‘Missing Children” were kidnapped and ended up dead after sex slavery or sold into the Asian sex trade at the direction and/or influence of Bohemian Club members, which include politicians many people trust in power now and past. Something they say they cannot help due the organized and barter/bought seeking help they inspire or hire indirectly and directly. Native American tribes across the US have suspected the same. Also I’ve gotten comments of suspicions of this child-sex slavery and/or murder kidnappings from many points on the globe; specifically I’ve heard rumors of children with citizenships that resided in South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, other African countries, all central American countries, Romania, Former Yugoslavia, Russia, and especially quick kidnaps from Mexico when ‘exotics’ are not acquirable on time. As you can see the new US Hmong community and Native America are easily targeted for prostitution, foreign sex slavery, and sex-party snuff murder due availability and racism in the US.

There was the one reported time that white supremacy groups extorted the Bohemian Club. The Bohemian Club responded by hunting down and murdering black youth while wearing KKK-style robes and yelling ‘run nigger run’. This appeased the white supremacy groups and likely occurs periodically, but the most familiar rumor is right before and right after the 1984 murder to prove predictions wrong.

Now I was supposed to tell the readers how very important the cremated stag was in symbolizing the elk on Native American Tarot card as a symbol of Heteronormativity disliked but inescapable. Male Gay culture should not be so impugned, but for the only partially history of being the very lap dog leaks in every other oppressed classes’ struggle through being subjects of kidnapping, slavery, two-faced suck-up betrayal with the bigoted polis, sadio-masochism gay fetish support. Not all or even most GLBT are such participants to bringing down basic human rights for themselves, other GLBT community members, and the kids abused in association with the Bohemian club taking advantage of an already existing all-classes hidden family pedophilia most GLBT’ers escape from by GLBT identification. This very escape and identification into GLBT is the primary insult, reason, abandonment for hate-murder against GLBT’ers from the predominantly family-ism hidden pedophilia heterosexual psychos and their bigoted mainstream support.

So do not expect me to ass your Bohemian elitist asses about such a positive anti-heteronormativity symbol in the burned elk or stagg. All the underage boys that your club processed that I know are too scared to be anything but straight’s used homosexual slaves, than part of a respected sexual diversity social change movement adult or xy mvt.; though some try, but usually returning to ‘underground corruptville’ of straight-fakers that have more gay sex than most gay persons, but with few civil and basic human rights intact.

GLBT Community Part You Can Skip, Not!
Foolishly GLBT culture responds like a gay murder mystery rag as business expected. Poorly once environmentalist radical faeries have replaced environmentalism with nature aesthetics plus an infiltration of domination-leather-S&M fetish take-over in attitude for the Bohemian Club inspired social change of spreading and lending acceptance of pedophilia by the brutal straight’s belt’s, beatings, and terrorism variety. The elitists have absolutely no advantage to legalized such things as now they control everyone involved from their position of status and bribe; and its appears extensive in political two party system and economy.

Bohemian club/grovers are not interested in GLBT because Gore lost and that lisp of his is shamanistically sent just as it is toward GLBT community members. The lisp is called ‘minstrelling’ or ‘Nellie’ voice sent to ID, embarrass, and/ or pull the upwardly mobile queer rats back into the queer bucket by Nellie defeated (read shamanistically defeated) queer bucket rats some gay persons not wanting Nellie voices and Gore not wanting Nellie voice in his support of GLBT causes. Its an old/ancient insult to masculinity wore turn tacit by the defeated as a GLBT community identification.

Bohemian club members and bigoted Native American reservation members were somewhat responsible for that in regard to Gore, specifically. This insult causes more hate crimes in both straight and GLBT communities than anything else in reference to closeted straight and bisexual males of any ethnicity or race; and its shamanism that causes it by everybody, not Native Americans per say. Which is to say the elitists will likely never change until ‘outed’.

The real harm here and the impetus for this article is not gay hating, but everybody’s stupidity in being silent about our political leadership, especially Bohemian Grove.

Get some adult porn, if you have to and you do have to, and stop screwing basic human rights and children those of you among: mainstreamers, two party system, whitehouse, capital hill, universities, school districts, child protective services, psychiatry/ psychological detainers, reservation tribal councils, law enforcement agencies, judges, parents. - Or make it legal. You’re disgusting. And the ethical don’t deserve any of repression economically or otherwise that they suffer. Get the hell out of my country short-timers.

Now go re-read the whole thing and see if I should have pandered to these wicked evil screw-balls that run our economy and government. Hell no, but like you I don’t want to be murdered.


###   ###   ###


Every Summer in Mid-July, this country's corporate, military and political elite attend their annual retreat in the old growth redwood Bohemian Grove, along the Russian River in Monte Rio, California. As their first order of business, they stage an elaborate ritual called the "Cremation of Care". Their ritual utilizes red hooded robes, high priest and acolytes to incinerate what they term the "dull cares of the market place" at the base of a 40-foot owl totem, so that they can frolic in the woods unencumbered by business worries.

We are seeing the increasing evidence of the effects of the corporate pillage of land and peoples- some would argue these are the effects of burning Care for over 100 years. And even as they frolic and retreat among the ancient redwoods, the very companies that these men oversee move at a feverish pitch to decimate the redwoods held in trust for the mere common people.

This year's encampment begins on Friday, July 11th, and a number of people have expressed a desire not to keep letting this ritual go unchallanged. For more information on how you can become involved in confronting the corporations where they play, call

Abalone Alliance at 415-861-0592.

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~



"The Persian Gulf crisis is a rare opportunity to forge new bonds with old enemies (the Soviet Union). Out of these troubled times a New World Order can emerge under a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders."
—President George Bush Sr., arrested for DWI with a mistress, Nazi-worshiper at Yale's Skull & Bones Secret Society, Satanic cultmember at Bohemian Grove Presidential Retreat, and member of the Satanic super-elite secret society of Illuminati Council on Foreign Relations, mother of all Satanic cults, that intends to destroy the United States of America, as warned by Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, regarding what the British ("US") "Federal" Reserve Bank's One-Dollar Bill calls in Latin, "Novus Ordo Seclorum", September 11, 1990

"The world can therefore seize the opportunity (the Persian Gulf crisis) to fulfill the long held promise of a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind."
—President George Bush Sr. in his State of the Union Address, January 29, 1991

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

The McDonald Bloodline


When one thinks of the name McDonald one immediately thinks of the fast food hamburger chain which has franchises all over the world. The McDonald's Corporation  has been rumored for years to be connected to Satanism. In fact, a book which tries to debunk belief in a Satanic conspiracy entitled Satan Wants You reported the rumor that Mc Donald's owner Ray Kroc tithed to the Church of Satan. (see Satan Wants You, page 140).

Ray Kroc does spend time with NWO elites and is a member of the Bohemian Grove. There is no doubt that the McDonald's Corp. has an inside track with the Illuminati, because the U.S. government has given according to one source 40 million dollars in public tax money to McDonalds to help them set up McDonald Restaurants in foreign countries under the disguise that this was money spent on foreign policy. In 1991, the total of McDonald outlets (restaurants) in the 3 primary European nations of Britain, France and West Germany totaled 959 restaurants.

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

06/08/06 Coast to CoastAM with George Noory re: Alex Jones in Ottawa, Canada at The Bilderberg Meeting They had him arrested
 (7.15MB) 31Min 12Sec

06/08/06 Listen to Alex Jone's phone call from Ottawa, Canada at the Bilderberg Meeting to his own show today being hosted by Jack Blood.

David Rockefeller Henry Kissinger Peter Carrington James Wolfensohn

The Bilderberg Group
- The Invisible Power House -

Groups who seek to create a New World Order

Bohemian Grove In The News

~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~


Harry Pothead And The Secrets Of The Bohemian Grove


~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~

The Order of Skull and Bones
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask



Freemasonry web and documents


A Satanic Plot for a One World Government



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