The NWO will be defeated from forces within.

Date: 03/17/02 04:47:15 AM
Name: me me
Subject: NWO defeated from within?

Subject: The NWO will be defeated from forces within.

During the Iran/Contra operations, I worked with Ollie North as a commander in the NSO (name most often used was "Bob"). I was on the ground the day Hassunfus went down. Robert Gates and Ollie argued about sending me in. Bob Gates said I was not controllable (true statement)...Ollie said I was the best for the job (Equally true). I was accompanied and disguised as a reporter (female operative with me as cover-distraction). With intent, I led the opposing forces into the staging area where the Arkansas National Guard were staging and Hassunfus was.

I knew about the drug running into Mena and the Bush involvement. I exposed the operation for this reason. In the early days of the Arkansas drug running, shipments were airdropped in remote regions using homing devices. One such drop was discovered by a young boy hunting. Those that retrieved the drop eliminated the boy and tried to make it look like an accident. Then attorney general "William Clinton" made the fix for the investigation. I was present at many of the meetings Bill had with elements of organized crime involved in establishing Mena. The mother of the boy was cautioned outside the courthouse by a man wearing a blue dress jacket. He told her powerful people had a vested interest in not uncovering what truly happened to her son.

I was the designated money guy for the Hughes fortune (we were related) that was the seed money for many of the Bush senior operations. After my active duty military, my NSO cover included my tenure as a Lt. for Sheriff John Duffy in San Diego (Reserves). Most of the NSO types were on Duffy's "unofficial" reserve list (a private army of about 600 at one time): Lent an air of credence to certain "in-country" operations with "official" id's and authority "as required". I atended many parties at an exclusive San Diego restaurant where Ed Meese liked to meet with Duffy when he was in town. Karen WIlkening was his (Meese's) favorite squeeze.

I stood next to Barry Seals when they took him from the homeless shelter and executed him on the trash pile. Contrary to what others say, although Barry Seals was a real live person, his "Name" was used as a cover by myself and others many times. The reported machine gunning of Seals in his car (how many homeless people drive their own cars?) WAS NOT SEALS!!! The executioners worked for the Spillotros Crime Family out of San Diego (Duffy had assigned me to his Organized Crime Unit to accompany the San Diego wiseguys-made a lot of friends & enemies). I was taken there as a warning to "cooperate" or else. I fully expected the second shot but knew they needed my contacts & my signature more than they needed my silence.

Full control of the Hughes fortune was eventually forced (August 1993) from my control to George Millay and The Bass Brothers in close alignment to the Government via former pres. George Bush Senior. The night George Millay obtained my signature on the documents, he had a notary paid for and present ($10,000 for the job - He was nervous). They ran me to ground in Chula Vista, Ca. using coordinated Millay and company and paid police (always on the payroll in San DIego). When I refused to sign they drugged me (usual when I refused to afix my signature) and they had a close friend of mine under the gun in the front seat of the limo. I signed. The Hughes Tool Company passed to new hands. Baker/Hughes et all... took on new meaning!

A few years later SD police under authority of "Bought and Paid" Carl Black, executed my friend in the Cleveland National Forest under orders of Gar Millay. I tell you these things after a long silence because I was from the beginning a member of another organization known as the "Library". My "borrowed time" is becoming precarious. The documents I gleaned over the years and loyal friendships I nurtured in many places will suffice long after I have departed. The following is an overview of the "Library" to which I belonged. I am no longer in direct contact with members due to the impeding move against me by Millay and company (are they in for a surprise!-I saved the best for last).

I am occasionally contacted anonymously and kept informed of my status and things about to happen. My links to the "Library" are cut and secured. Cannot spill what I do not know: A safeguard built in when we decide to "go-safe." I have found a few sites to post this to. Feel free to use at your discretion.

The Library: Those of the intelligence community, government, and military/industrial/intelligence complex that have become disillusioned with the operations of governments world wide have "come out" with critical documents. These documents map the history, sources, personage, events in rising, and the money trail of the hands and fingers of the New World Order conspiracy. For a number of years, documents have been maintained in an underground library as protection for those that cared to come out and contribute. Each has "insurance" assigned by the library with a "Threat of Release" for certain documents as protection for contributors and their families.

Many members choose to remain in their influential positions while serving the purposes of the "Library" and recruit other disgruntled key figures. Information contained in the Library (distributed worldwide with no single source of cognizance-distributed architecture with built in firewalls) includes info dating back to the "Hoover Files" (contributed anonymously). If the "Library" were to go public in full, various world governments could easily be indicted in a legitimate court of law (If such existed). It is not our collective desire to overthrow governments (this is the modus operandi of the NWO we oppose). To do so would throw nations into chaos with the open indictment of some of their most prominent figures.

The World Order promoters thrive on thesis and anti-thesis and resulting chaos as seen in the recent and past events they have secretly concocted. We instead, maintain and disseminate at critical times, the only thing they fear: truth, the proof of the truth, and exposure of their operations in a controlled fashion. Our operations have included our direct involvement in and exposure of Iran/Contra, Arms for Hostages, The CIA bank, Offshore money laundering (Carolco studios via BCCI as principle agent), Whitewater, name a few.

In view of the wealth, power, and agents of the NWO, they cannot be overcome in a collective fashion from without. We believe they can be overcome from within. In recent years, many have become disillusioned in new policies and actions conducted by their group and have opted to recruit from within towards the end of the NWO. We believe, eventually, our group within the "Library" will overcome the influence and power of the NWO core personalities. Currently, in this country, illicit funds garnered through money laundering schemes (Carolco, Hughes Medical Foundation-Institute, etc..) and estate/business scams, extortion, and contrived crimes (Duke, Hughes, Ramsey, Jose Trias-Hughes MI, etc...) have been used to create prominent figures in the financial community to include: George and Gar Millay, Sid and Lee Bass, Ted Turner, Donald Trump, Bush Senior (AOL stocks, Carlyle Group), Rupert Murdoch (Robert Maxwell preceded-FOX was a Hughes holding) etc... These are not "self-created" individuals. They have simply "fed at the trough" and made their appropriate bargains as "caretakers" of their holdings with control relegated to the NWO hierarchy.

Turner screamed like crazy when "They" told him to donate the $1 Bil to the United Nations. These people are aware of the "Library" as they have made several incursive breeches to "test the waters". Our mutual defense of releasing data to sympathetic parties and organizations through tried and proven sources have proven "fail-safe" in securing breeches: "The cost of intrusion is extremely high". I would like to conclude by saying: "This time around...the Watchers are watched."

Pay particular attention to the names cited herein. They have planned a concerted intrusion of our membership and we intend to respond with a flood of empowered truth (far more than they believe we hold). Their membership shall be rightly affected, to say the least! Pay particular attention to forthcoming news concerning "The Carlyle Group", "Paramount/Viacom", NBC, "Baker/Hughes", a certain Universal Studios big budget movie (Robin who?) that was "made to disappear" (Sean Connery & Sean Penn-This drips with government/FBI $$$ bribes). The "Truth" about the embarassing TV mini-series North and Bush had removed: Copies exist and MORE.

Ian Spiros: The most important info he had WAS PROPERLY DELIVERED in Borrego Springs BEFORE the SD sheriffs dept. did the thing (The Bush involvement with SD crime families, Lebanon and hostages, etc..). There is a ray of hope on the horizon!!!! Anonymous Follow-On A founding member of our organization saw the gathering of like-minded power early on. As he was in a position to provide funding for their efforts, He chose to bind them to a common source (the trough from whence they fed). He realized that even without a common source, they would eventually succeed without suitable trace ability as to "from whence they came, those of like mind, and how they came..

The "trough" of funds, as he was a key member in charge of principle funding, is the common thread that documents their rise! His foresight led him to "bring in" an individual that would eventually rise to become their strongest link. The "strongest link" is also its "weakest link" due to its "predictable" nature. The weak link has risen in power to threaten the existence of other members (our founder predicted his expulsion by this individual and in fact counted on it). Other members are in turn awakening to the true nature and risks of their plan and will eventually engage the "Library" in like cause. This aspect of the "Library" (from its very inception) has only recently been realized by the strongest link. The search for OBL's funding would in reality only take 2 or 3 weeks with the doors to the banks open! The real search is for the "Library" funding. This too was foreseen!!

We are quite prepared to deal with pending incursions. Our objectives were clear from the start and current (and pending) events were predicted and prepared for!! Anonymous
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The Enemy Is Very Much Within

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