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Election CNN Aug.28 2008

Team coverage of police raids related to RNC protests


9/01/08: Amy Goodman Arrested at RNC

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar were arrested by the Minneapolis Police Department. Charged with conspiracy to riot. Footage from Rick Rowley and Brandon Jourdan.


Police Bust Thru Attic to Detain "Democracy Now" Producer

Aug 31, 2008 12:07:57 AM
Note: this is a recording of a live video stream.
Elizabeth Press is a producer with “Democracy Now” and is in St. Paul to help the group “iwitness Video” document any police abuses during the Republican National Convention.
She was staying in a house on Iglehart in St. Paul (949 Iglehart)
She says a Federal agent came to the door this morning and asked for someone named Fred who was involved with a bike ride a few months ago and they wanted to question him. He said it wasn’t related to the Republican National Convention. He then left.
The iwitness video group decided then to move from the house because they felt their meeting wasn’t safe.
Around 1pm about 20 St. Paul police officers surrounded the house. A few of the group went outside and were handcuffed. They had to wait for the search warrant to arrive. When the warrant arrived, it was not for their house. It was for the apartment next door. Police went into that other apartment and then busted through the attic into where the journalists were.
“They came in with pistols drawn” said Press “ I was pointing my video camera
back. They said ‘St. Paul Police, put your hands on your head’ and then we were all detained for the next several hours in the back yard.
Police then searched the journalists’ belongings, unhandcuffed them and let them go.
“I feel like these are intimidation tactics. iwitness video has been in the news recently, in the New York Times and all over the internet. Their video work has gotten over 400 people’s charges dropped from the National Republican Convention in New York City and they are going to be here today and through out the week to document police behaviors at the 2008 Republican National Convention.
Three members of the group were biking away from the home at the time of the raid and were detained by police on the sidewalk. All of their belongings were searched. They went through their maps, their notes and wrote things down after viewing the notes. The police had riot gear and tasers.
One of the group members said she asked the St. Paul police how far they have to be away from somebody to shoot a taser. The police officer told her they can be any distance. She had heard that if you’re too close they can be fatal or cause heart attacks.
She also said she doesn’t know if they were targeted because they are with iwitness or because of the house they are staying in, or something totally different.


Online Videos by Veoh.com

Police Detain Journalists-Amy Goodman Jumps Fence To Question Cops
Sat. Aug 30, 2008. Saint Paul, MN Police Department raids a home at 591 Iglehart Avenue at gunpoint. The journalists include a contributing photojournalist with "Democracy Now", whose host Amy Goodman appears in this clip jumping a fence to question police officers.
This is part of a series of police actions on the eve of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.
After several hours, all those detained were released. No arrests. No property was seized as result of the search warrant. The clip ends with an interview with homeowner Mike Whalen. At the start of the clip, a neighbor shouts to the media and onlookers that we could all come into her backyard to see the detained people held in the adjacent backyard.
Video by Chuck Tomlinson

Police Raid Houses Connected With Planned RNC Protests
Uploaded by Veracifier

Police Raid Houses Connected With Planned RNC Protests
From Grace Kelly:
UPDATE: People have been allowed to return to this house.
At about 8:30 this morning Aug 30, 2008, the police executed a raid on 2301 23rd Av. About 10 people were staying here for the RNC. The people living here were planning to provide food to people at the RNC parades. The police did a "no knock" entry, had everyone in plastic bindings on the floor.
After an hour, everyone who allowed to leave except on person who was held on some sort of conspiracy charge. According to the person who lives there, there was nothing illegal going on. He collects scrap metal for a living, he provides food at various community events.
The search warrant was searching for searching for wierd stuff including bricks. cardboard, feces and urine. I observed officers taking out plastic buckets, covered so we could not see the contents. So everyone on the sidewalk was wondering if they emptied the toliets. Or if they were taking out the food. The scary part is that they then called the code inspectors and are try to board up the houses due to code inspections.
People were waiting out in the sun to get in the house, without shoes, ID, car keys or money.
The raid comes after the Ramsey County Sheriff's office raided a location in St. Paul late last night. The raids in Minneapolis this morning are reportedly also being done by the Ramsey County Sheriff's office. Please note Minneapolis is in Hennepin County. The UpTake has video of last night's raid and has people on the scene of this mornings raids. This is video of a house at 3500 Harriet from Ken Avidor.

Transcript of Carla Magnuson- NLG Attorney National Lawyers Guild and staff organizer
So in preparation for the RNC, there was a theater on the west side of St. Paul on smith avenue that was rented for the purposes of organizing . It was raided last evening during a concert. The attendees at the concert were detained, questioned and then released.
This morning we woke to calls saying multiple activists houses were being raided. We think that the two raids are connected. The raids of the three different houses occurred two in south minneapolis, one in Seward. They are all known houses of people doing radical organizing. We have at least at one site requested to see a warrant and none was provided. They are questioning people in the houses. Several people in the houses are visitors from out of town. And right now we have both National Lawyers Guild attorneys and legal workers and legal observers on all three sites. So we’re currently collecting statements from the people who have been raided. And there’s going to be a mass community meeting at Powderhorn park today at 11:30 AM. And we’re hoping everyone can make it because this is outrageous behavior on the part of the


RNC Eve: "Police Are Acting Like Nazis"M
Michelle Gross of Communities Against Police Brutality was the victim of a burglary...and she's hinting strongly that she thinks someone from the government did it.
She and her husband were detained by police in St. Paul on Fri. 8/29/08 while attending an organizing meeting of activists protesting the RNC in the Twin Cities. They
were not arrested, and eventually released. However, they returned home to find their garage and car had been burglarized. Nothing was taken, but documents and
belongings had been searched. Interviewed at a gathering in Powderhorn Park on 8/30/08.
More at http://www.theuptake.org

Constitutional Rights Violated, Mass Arrests & Raids
by Heavily Armed Gestapo Storm Troopers- RNC

Republican National Convention- PREEMPTIVE RAIDS!
August 30, 2008
Martial Law at the RNC

If you deny that the U.S. is CURRENTLY under Martial Law you are not only locked into complete psychological denial you are an imbecile and a fool. Time to awaken; it is the Fall, the days are growing shorter.

Martial Law actually used to be called "Maritime Law" because Navies used to be the controlling/policing entity and primary military force of the globe. Then it was changed to "Martial Law." Some still use "Maritime Law" especially old salty dogs.

But either way; local "law enforcement" and Homeland Security have basically fully made the transition into Federal Agents now.

After George HW Bush called up Martial Law in 1992 due to the Los Angels "Riots" of 1992 when the 1st Marines from Camp Pendleton, California and the 1st Armored Infantry Battalion form Fort Ord, California were deployed upon the city of Los Angeles. Under George HW Bush and for the first time in the history of the United States Posse Comitadus was repealed and US Federal Troops invaded their own country and killed their own people.

George HW Bush never truly and fully repealed his declaration of Martial Law once he called for it and that's why he made his infamous "New World Order will be a success" speech that we all know and love so well...

Then it was only a matter of his son capturing the Throne so he continue the work his father King George I had began.

King George II has since installed 27 "Presidential Directives", forced the FISA bill on the nation, empowered FEMA and created Homeland Security which all together completed his fathers earlier work and finalized the official but "unannounced" transition into full "Martial Law."

Modern Definition of Martial Law:
Martial law is when military-like actions are taken upon a nations own citizens and constitutional and human rights are violated on a regular basis as part of a standard operating procedure (SOP).

It is when you cannot protest without a "permit" and your freedom of speech is silenced.

It is basically what they call a "police state". It is when the "police" are trained by and act like federal officials/military police rather than the civilian peace keepers they are supposed to be.

It is when random AND permanent checkpoints are set up by Homeland Security and police officers like they have now all over the country especially along interstate-highway 8 and 10.

Many believe that martial law is ONLY when the actual Army/Marines/National Guard patrol the streets but this is incorrect as these troops are committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and attending to the other 1100 U.S. military bases that are outside of the U.S.

Homeland Security and the local police departments have been trained by federal agents and are federal agents and in these modern times are now enforcing obvious martial law.

The days of the Army rolling down the street in tanks is over as it is unnecessary because the U.S. citizens have been pacified enough and Homeland Security and the Police have been trained and armed enough to where this would surely be overkill.

Besides there are US National Guard bases in the majority of 30,000+ population towns and the troops are committed overseas.

A basic example of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for martial law would be the internment camps they have set-up in Colorado in preparation for the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

If the country was not under martial law setting up these kind of warehouse-style camps which are being hidden from the media and the citizens would not be permitted by the city, county or state.

Watch a White House press conference and/or go to your local court house and peak inside a court room and look at the American Flag.

You will notice that the flag will have gold tassel around it's borders. If you understand this and have any education in these matters you would know in fact that it is a Federal Crime to attach ANYTHING to the American Flag.

The ONLY thing that can be attached to the American Flag by Federal law under penalty of prosecution are GOLD TASSELS, GOLD FRINGE and they can ONLY be attached in the case of MARTIAL LAW ordered by the President of the United States of America.

Of course under martial law information, education, news, networks and the internet (as seen nightly on FOX news and CNN) are censored therefor research on this subject is not the easiest although it can be done.

The only reference/evidence that they could give were actual military/Department of Defense manuals in which the assertion of Martial Law and the indicators of the fringed and tasseled flag were referenced.


8/30/08: Minneapolis Raid Of Peace Protesters, Bruce Nestor


8/30/08: Peace Protesters Raided At RNC in Minneapolis



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