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Smart Meters


Heart and Pacemaker Disruption from Electric Meter


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Thursday January 24, 2013
In the first half, privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht was joined by Jennifer Stahl of Naperville Smart Meter Awareness to discuss Stahl's arrest on Wednesday. In the latter half, consciousness researcher Sandie Gustus was joined by her...
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radiation. Your Health at Risk. Around the world where smart meters are being installed, people are reporting symptoms of microwave (RF) sickness. It is ...
Smart Meters - A Call For Public Outrage
By Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM A4M
Smart meters are the latest technological imposition of utilities generating power to force with no option to opt out a system of control of billing power consumption of consumers at peak energy time rates. This should come as no surprise, but Smart Grid is an Agenda 21 population control Carbon Tax based population TAX ! There is no Federal Law mandating Smart Meters, and even if there was it would be between the Utilities and Federal Regulators and cannot include a non-contracted third party, the consumer. It violates the Federal Wiretapping Laws and clearly builds databases for sale of private information of power usages with the electrical signature of every appliance and time use in the home. This is powerful marketing and control data in the hands of control-freak bureaucrats and marketing gurus. 


Smart Meters thus have two primary areas of contention. First, they are a bold invasion of privacy and purport to have authority to gather data and modify behavior and consumption patterns of unwitting power consumers and market data to third parties and government and policing agencies. Second, they are a Class 2b Carcinogen even by WHO standards, and the mountain of toxic data is mounting that Smart Meters are thousands of times more toxic than even cell phones, causing cancer, insomnia, and numerous medical problems. The biological basis is energy transferred to cell membranes and molecules that open calcium and other ion channels and disrupt the non-covalent Van der Waals hydrogen bonds that hold the fragile double helix of DNA intact and cause 4D enzyme active site disruption with disturbed enzyme KMax and nutrient-enzyme interactions and cellular communications.


Utilizing an advanced ElectroSmog Electropollution Detector from Germany HF 35C 800 MHz - 2500 MHz, the Smart Meter from SDG&E placed on my home without notice Nov 2010 was tested last week. Sempra Utilities SDG&E's Smart Meter produced a burst of ELF microwave radiation 1000s more powerful than a cell phone call at greater than 2000 uW/meter squared power levels every 5 to 15 seconds throughout the day and night. This meter is 10 feet from my studio broadcast desk. Testing beside my wife's side of our bed, Friday August 26th 2011, pointed 20 yards to our neighbors garage mounted SDG&E meter, every 2 to 5 seconds a burst of ELF microwave radiation was detected over limit 2000+ uWatts of power per square meter.  


What is the challenge and what must we do? We must first join by informing our neighbors and communities that we only win if all ELF pollution is dramatically reduced resulting in elimination of ALL Smart Meter Systems, reduction of Cell Towers and eventual replacement with Fiberoptic ports for public access such as the old style phone booths, and removal of WiFi networks proliferating everywhere. 


What am I doing? I am an environmental doctor and pro se activist filing a Federal Suit against the CPUC California Public Utilities Commission and SDG&E with the JurisDictionary Course by Dr Fred Graves JD and legal research by Ron McDonald, legal and constitutional genius at strategic action plans for this and other important issues of our day. Jonathan Emord's legal group has been offered the job of taking on the challenge of taking my environmental research and colleagues with medicolegal expertise in this area such as Dr Wm Rae MD AAEM director of the Dallas Environmental Health Center. We will also move from a local to national level attacking not only other state agencies and utilities but also proceeding against business and neighborhoods who refuse to remove smart meters that pollute our families and ourselves.  


This is no small task, to take on the powerful utilities and control freak agencies with other agendas. However the alternative is total lack of personal privacy and irradiation causing the same micronuclei and DNA damage, premature aging and cellular pathology. Electrosmog ELF changes are similar to ionizing radiation from Chernobyl or Fukushima's ionizing radioisotope particles, with health deterioration and behavioral problems, premature illness and death. We have really no choice but to stand up and take on corrupt government and authoritarian profit driven corporations with UN Agenda 21 driven population control plans. Join the fight, realizing that inaction and silence are complicity with this privacy and electro-pollution environmental extinction level event.


Tuesday August 30th 2011, I have hired an electrician to remove the Smart Meter and bolt it down with tags to prevent tampering with a safe analog meter. I will pay 100 % of my power bill but will not be bullied and irradiated in my own home by unwarranted privacy invasion and health dangers of high energy ELF polluting transmitter on my home or my neighbors homes.


I am available for interviews my phone or on camera, and may need a film crew if they try to cut my power or have police visit my premises to force reinstallation of the SDG&E smart meter transmitter.

Dr Bill Deagle MD

Smart Meters or Murder Meters
“The Global Grid”

Smart Meter Brochure

 pdf/smart meter aug 26.pdf

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