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April 19, 1993


ABCNEWS' Charles Gibson spoke to children who escaped the fiery end of David Koresh's Branch Davidian sect. From left: Sky Okimoto, Tamarae Cooney, Joann Vaega, Landon Cooney and Jaunessa Wendel. (ABCNEWS.com)

April 17 — The children in David Koresh's Branch Davidian cult grew up believing they would die young — and on April 19, 1993, 25 of them did, perishing with their parents when the cult's complex outside Waco, Texas went up in flames.

"He never was very specific, but at some point we were going to have to die for him," said Kiri Jewell, whose mother Sherri was one of Koresh's 20 "wives."

"I knew we weren't going to be around for very long. I didn't expect to live past 12."

Jewell was lucky: she escaped from the cult the year before the siege, when her father, who was divorced from her mother, refused to let her go back to Waco after a visit. Her mother stayed with the Davidians and died in the fire.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the fire, which broke out after federal agents stormed the compound following a 51-day siege, Primetime's Charles Gibson spoke to seven of the children who lived with the Davidians, including 14-year-old Sky Okimoto, Koresh's own son. All of them lost one or both parents in the fire.

Harsh Discipline and Child Brides

The children remember a close-knit community in which they were not allowed to have contact with anyone outside the cult. They were taught that there were only two types of people: "good" people who were inside the cult, and "bad" people who were everyone else.

During Koresh's Bible study sessions — which could be as long as 12 hours — he preached a vision of violent confrontation with the government. He taught his followers that his mission was to lead them into the final battle that would end the world and take them onto eternal glory. The members understood that meant they would die.

The children were taught the morbid message too. They used to chant: "We are soldiers in the army. We've got to fight. Some day we have to die. We have to hold up the blood-stained banner. We have to hold it up until we die."

They were kept in line by a wooden paddle known as "the helper," and faced severe beatings for minor infractions like spilling a glass of milk. Dana Okimoto, Sky's mother, remembers being so under Koresh's control that she beat Sky until he bled.

Koresh ordered the men in the cult to be celibate and took some of their wives and daughters to be his own wives. Jewell became Koresh's youngest "bride" when she was just 10, and would later testify in Congress that Koresh molested her at a motel. She told Primetime she was not upset at the time. "I had been trained from a very early age that this was a good thing," she said.

The Initial Assault

The siege began on Feb. 28, 1993, when 70 agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms arrived to search the compound for illegal weapons.

A shootout broke out, and Jaunessa Wendel, then 8, remembers the window above her 5-month-old brother's crib suddenly shattering. The next thing she knew, her mother, a former police officer, herded her and her three siblings into the hallway then rushed back to the bedroom window to return the ATF's fire.

Wendel, now 18, says she understands her mother's urge to defend her children. "What is her reaction going to be other than to protect us in the best way she knows how?" she asked Primetime.

Two hours later, when Koresh gave agents permission to enter the compound and evacuate their casualties, four ATF agents and six Davidians were dead, including Jaydean Wendel. The adults covered her body with a blanket, but Jaunessa knew it was her mom.

An Open Phone Line

Next there began a standoff as FBI negotiators manned an open phone line to Koresh, trying to find a peaceful outcome, especially for the 46 children trapped inside. "The kids were our primary focus," Byron Sage, the chief FBI negotiator, told Primetime.

Sage's team agreed to allow Koresh to broadcast a two-minute mini-sermon on the radio each time he released two children.

Inside the compound, it was Koresh who chose which kids should go. Jaunessa Wendel remembers not wanting to be picked. "As far as I knew the bad guys were still out there, the ones who had shot and killed my mother," she said.

But she and her siblings — 5-year-old Tamarae, 4-year-old Landon, and Patron, the baby — were among the first chosen. She remembers her father Mark saying good-bye and telling her he would see her soon. The Davidian children understood that meant they'd be seeing their parents in heaven.

Opening Up to Strangers

A total of 21 children were released in the first five days. They were all taken to Methodist Children's Home in Waco.

Psychiatrist Bruce Perry, who volunteered to help counsel the children, said that all of them had seen blood, and more than half had seen a dead body. "Their whole world was completely shattered. They were in the care of people who they didn't trust. And they had no idea what was going to happen," he said.

According to Perry, Koresh had threatened the children that if they cooperated with the "Babylonians" he would find them and kill them.

The children spoke about their parents as if they were already dead. On a videotape Perry made, Jaunessa's little brother Landon, then 4, explained how their parents would die in the first battle, but then come back as angels and defeat their enemies: "The bad guys win. Then the good guys win after them because they get up to the angels and burn the bad guys."

The children were reluctant to open up to the strangers at first, but soon began to confide in them, saying the Davidians were planning to die in the compound.

Perry didn't believe them at first, until Jaunessa drew a picture that brought it home: the picture showed the compound engulfed in flames, with steps leading up to heaven. When he asked her what the picture meant, she told him, "You'll find out."

It took three weeks to get the children's heart rate down to normal, Perry said. They stayed at the children's home for two months.

Watching the End of Their World

Back at the compound, after 51 days of waiting, the federal agents finally made a move, breaking in with tanks and tear gas.

They were hoping the parents would feel forced to leave the compound out of concern for their children's welfare. "That's what we banked on, and we were wrong," said Sage.

A fire broke out and swept through the compound, killing all but nine of the Davidians inside. Fifty adults and 25 children died.

Many of the children who had gotten out saw the whole thing on television.

"I was horrified that a building could catch fire that quickly," says Sky Okimoto, who was just 3. His mother remembers him watching the television and asking, "Is my daddy dead?"

Brad Borst, who spent his teenage years with the Davidians but left when he turned 18 a few months before the siege, was watching too, knowing his mother Mary Jean was inside. "I watched my mother die, on television.... It was very difficult," he said.

"I didn't react like a normal child would.... I was very calm," remembers Joann Vaega, who lost both of her parents, Neal and Margarida, in the fire.

After losing their mother in the initial shootout, the Wendel children lost their father, Mark, in the fire. "It's hard having that as your most distinct memory: of your parent being killed, being attacked. That that's your best memory of your parents," said Jaunessa.

"There is still that emptiness of not having, or knowing, your real parents," added her brother Landon.

Anger at the Government

FBI wiretaps inside the compound suggested that the Davidians set the fire intentionally. But the children remain angry at the federal agents, who they believe share part of the blame.

All of the children Primetime spoke to said they want to hear an official acknowledgement of their loss from the government.

"If they could make an apology to families involved and the lives that were lost, I could forgive them. And I think others could too," said Borst.

Sage agreed to meet with the children — the first time anyone involved in the siege had done so. He was blunt, telling them he did not admire their parents because they were involved with a group that violently resisted the ATF's lawful attempt to carry out a search.

Sage said he supported the decisions that were made, and that he believes the federal agents did all they could to avoid loss of life. "I honestly feel this would have ended tragically no matter what," he told the children.

But, he said, the government made a mistake in underestimating Koresh and the control he had over his followers, and in the end, he admitted, the operation was a failure. "For that I think everybody that was involved will forever regret it," he said.

The children do not blame their parents. Borst, now married with two children of his own, still misses "the great mother that she was."

And although it was her mother who drove her to the motel where Koresh molested her, Kiri Jewell says she still adores her. "I love her and she messed up. What more is there for me to say? I forgive her," she told Primetime.




Inside Mount Carmel 03/08/93

Mount Carmel A Day of Information


Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 16:23:49 -0700

Press Release

April 17,2003 4pm MT

ABC misled children of Waco participants - and now the public.

Bradley H. Borst

6413 North Lunar Court
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
(970) 207-9704

The Producer of the ABC Prime Time program, scheduled to air this
evening, misrepresented the facts of how this program would play out.

I was told that we would be allowed to ask an FBI representative any
questions we'd like to ask. When the time came to ask my questions, the
Producer said I was not allowed to present my questions.

This morning the Good Morning America host, Charles Gibson stated that,
"The children were allowed to ask all of their questions, even the tough
ones." This did not happen. The whole tone of the program promotional
seen this morning appeared to be a sham designed to lay the entire blame
for the events of 4-19-93 on David Koresh, and in the process
exonerating the FBI of any responsibility. This was not the true story

I lived at Waco with my mother when I was a child from the age of 13 to
18 when I made the decision to leave. My mother stayed behind, and she
was one of the victims who died at Waco. I am now a police officer, and
I have submitted evidence to Congress in an attempt to launch a new
investigation into my mother's death.

I agreed to participate in the ABC show to tell the truth about who the
Branch Davidians were and the involvement of the BATF and FBI. In
February, I went to New York for the interview.

During the interview, I was betrayed and the program is a
misrepresentation of my position and the real story of Waco.

In other promotional advertisements, ABC has made misleading statements
about the Branch Davidians in what appears to be an attempt to justify
the historical end result. I went into this interview trusting ABC, and
now I feel like a victim all over again.

Due to previous obligations, I will be at a memorial in Waco on April
19, 2003. I can be contacted at 970-214-3717 (cell) after 9 AM on the
18th of April.

Sun Apr 20 04:37:34 2003


I am a police officer who lost my mother at Waco, Texas. I am a strong supporter of our government who is strongly unsupportive of the actions of the ATF and FBI at Waco. I can speak of the Waco issues on a factual basis because I lived at Waco for almost five years, I have studied the reports documenting shocking evidence, and I am familiar with our Federal, State, and Local laws as I have more than 20 law enforcement certifications.

There is new evidence in the FLIR Project which proves the FBI directed gunfire at the Branch Davidian Church. The FBI claims to have never fired any shots, and they would like the American public to believe the Branch Davidians committed suicide. My mother died from a gunshot which entered her back and penitrated through her left lung and heart. The only people in the area of her body were women and children who tried to survive by placing a wet towell over their face due to the C.S. gas.

There is no doubt this was a homicide, and there is no statute of limitation for homicide. This means that all new evidence must be investigated. This new evidence was submitted to former Senator, John Danforth, but he dismissed the evidence without investiging it.

I have recently submitted a letter and the FLIR Project report to certain members of congress to request an investigation of the new evidence. This letter and report is currently in the hands of the Honorable Marlyn Musgrave, House of Representative for Colorado.

The Challenge

If anyone disagrees with the evidence documented on my website, I respectfully challenge you to order the latest documentary, "Waco: A New Revelation." To order the documentary, click this link WACO: A NEW REVELATION or call MGA Studios at 1800-277-9802. I welcome all questions and comments at wacofacts@lycos.com .



April 12, 2003, another FLIR expert, Barbara Grant, confirms FBI gunfire at Waco.

If you saw the ABC Primetime show, you saw an attempt to rectify the actions of the FBI. I was told by the ABC producer that the original show was to show how normal my mother and other parents were. There was also other misleading information.

A special thanks to Michael J. McNulty and Jason Van Vleet for their extensive research, which revealed new evidence about Waco. They have also provided photographs and the FLIR Project for this site.


Fantastic site stuffed full of facts that show the government's intentions at Waco. It was good to meet you at the Memorial today and I wish you Godspeed in your task to bring justice for the victims at Mt. Carmel.

Tom Cook

Mt. Carmel Discussion Board


I would encourage you to write your Congressman or woman in regards to the truth you will discover on this website! Please contact me if you would like help in making this stand for justice! Helpful information on how to write to congress can be obtained by going to Congress.org.

This website will not inundate you with unimportant information. The information on this site was created for your convenience to inform you of the facts that occurred at Waco.

What's New
Most Americans don't know about the new evidence that you will find on my website. Check out my "Letter to Congress" and the "FLIR Project." Don't forget to look at the "FBI Trophy Photos."

April 12, 2003, another FLIR expert, Barbara Grant, confirms FBI gunfire at Waco.

If you saw the ABC Primetime show, you saw an attempt to rectify the actions of the FBI. I was told by the ABC producer that the original show was to show how normal my mother and other parents were. There was also other misleeding information.

A special thanks to Michael J. McNulty and Jason Van Vleet for their extensive research, which revealed new evidence about Waco. They have also provided photographs and the FLIR Project for this site.



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My Mother
Biography of Mary Jean Estella (Haugen) Borst


Waco Facts Message Board


Mt. Carmel Discussion Board

Scott Henson  shenson@goodlifemag.com

New Info on Waco 10 Years Hence
Mon Apr 21 01:05:40 2003

From: "Scott Henson"

Date: Sat Apr 19, 2003 1:41 pm
Subject: New Info on Waco 10 Years Hence

In negotiations over homeland security bills on behalf of ACLU, I
recently was informed of an amazing story related to the Branch Davidian
massacre that to my knowledge had never been reported -- that Ann
Richards improperly used Texas' quarantine laws after the fact to bar
the media from visiting the site. I recounted what I know of the
incident in the current issue of The Good Life, a local freebie magazine
where my wife and I have alternated writing a column on healthcare for
the past few years. I append the text of that column below my signature.

Scott Henson

From the April 2003 issue of The Good Life:

Homeland security no excuse
for abusing quarantine powers

By Scott Henson

What would happen if a Texas city were targeted in a bioterrorism attack,
say, involving smallpox or some other deadly communicable disease? Would our
medical system detect the attack quickly enough to respond? Under what
circumstances would responding to bioterrorism require infringement upon
individual rights? If we're attacked in such a nefarious way, what would

After 9-11, governments at all levels began preparing for how to respond to
acts of terrorism, and after the spate of anthrax attacks in late 2001, the
specter of bioterrorism was added to the lexicon of the average American and
to state government's list of things to worry about.

Most states including Texas have laws on the books empowering the state to
implement quarantines in times of medical emergency. But many of these laws
are antiquated relics. An article last year in the Journal of the American
Medical Association (JAMA) said no state in this country had implemented a
quarantine in more than eighty years.

For the most part that's because, as a medical strategy, quarantines aren't
really a tabbed page in the physicians' best-practices manual. The whole
concept is a relic of the nineteenth century, harking back to before science
had demystified illness.

In those days, communicable diseases like smallpox routinely overwhelmed the
rudimentary healthcare infrastructure that was available. The potential for
catastrophic harm justified the tradeoff between protecting the public and
potentially capturing healthy people in a quarantine area. Communicable
diseases inflicted such a heavy toll on communities that fear, frustration
and futility led to the use of quarantine as the only solution available
from a public policy standpoint.

In addition, eighty to one hundred years ago transportation was more
difficult and disease was less likely to spread quickly from town to town.
The incubation period for smallpox, for example, is ten to seventeen days.
When most travel was by foot or horseback, diseases were unlikely to travel
too far in that short a time. So a quarantine might reasonably capture most
people who were infected with the disease. In the modern world, by the time
ten to seventeen days have passed, many different folks have likely traveled
across the globe and back, making a quarantine virtually useless for disease

Since the rise of public hospitals, routine immunizations, employer-based
health insurance and Great Society health programs, notions of how sick
people should be treated have changed. The idea that they should be herded
into an isolated area and kept separated from the world by armed guards no
longer seems a reasonable option to most public health officials.

Contrary to the findings published in the JAMA report, however, the power to
quarantine has been used fairly recently-and not for protection of public
health. Maybe no other state has implemented a quarantine in the last eighty
years, but what JAMA didn't know-what nobody knew until recent revelations
by Texas Department of Health (TDH) officials-was that in 1993, Texas
implemented the only quarantine aimed at human beings in modern US medical
history. And officials did it to protect against that most odious of modern
diseases: unwanted media coverage.

According to TDH officials, in 1993 Texas Governor Ann Richards implemented
a quarantine at the site of the Branch Davidian massacre after the FBI and
Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) had finished with the area as a
crime scene.

According to TDH, the Clinton administration asked Richards to have the
Texas DPS seal off the Branch Davidian site to keep the media from combing
through the charred ruins of the Mt. Carmel site in Waco. But DPS officials
rightfully replied that they had no authority to restrict access to the area
after the investigation was over and it was no longer a crime scene.

Governor Richards then exercised her authority under the law to declare a
quarantine around the site, even though no public evidence indicates that
any communicable diseases infested the location.

So, the only time Texas' human quarantine law has been used in living
memory, it was actually misused in a fairly egregious abuse of power, solely
for political public relations purposes, not any medical reason.
The quarantine at Mount Carmel illustrates graphically the dangers of
vesting too much power in government officials in the name of homeland
security. While acts of terrorism may well arise that will trigger these
laws, it's much more likely they will be used in response to natural
disasters or more routine law enforcement scenarios.

In Waco, Texas officials abused the public trust by using powers vested in
them to protect their political allies in Washington. The same temptations
may await Governor Rick Perry in the future, or his successor. Which is why
legislation purporting to respond to bioterrorism must be carefully vetted.
These old laws do need to be updated, but they should be improved by
increasing protections for the public, not by releasing the fetters on

Scott Henson was recently appointed to a Texas Department of Health advisory
committee on bioterrorism. You may e-mail Scott at shenson@goodlifemag.com

Constitution Society 7793 Burnet Road #37, Austin, TX 78757
http://www.constitution.org jon.roland@constitution.org 


The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of
patriots and tyrants. ~ Thomas Jefferson

I just finished watching the video "Waco: The Rules of Engagement," and found
it extremely disturbing. Here are the things that struck me about it:

The Branch Davidians were not a cult but a Christian sect, and had been at
Waco since the 1930s.

In video clips (including a home video that the FBI allowed the Davidians to
make but never showed the public because they thought it would generate
sympathy for the Davidians), David Koresh and the Davidians come across as
decent, God-fearing, peaceful, family-oriented, patriotic and freedom-loving.
No wonder the ATF and FBI wanted to take them out.

The complete and utter incompetence of the ATF and FBI.

The pack of lies told by numerous government agents and officials, even while
under oath. In one amazing exchange, the FBI negotiator repeatedly denies
that helicopters fired on the church in the Feb. 28 raid. After Koresh calls
him "a damn liar," he changes his assertion to "none of the helicopters had
guns mounted on them."

The ATF lied to the Army about the nature of its training for Waco (by
telling it that it was an anti-drug operation), apparently so the training
could be funded by money for the War on Some Drugs. The notion that those
deeply religious folks were involved with drugs is laughable. Indeed, no
evidence of drug use ever emerged.

The ATF tipped off the national media the night before the raid and set up a
big press center. Ironically, it appears the ATF staged the raid to get good
publicity and help reverse its image as an out-of-control agency.

The ATF decided to go ahead with the raid even after they learned that they
had lost the element of surprise (the media showed up near Mt. Carmel half an
hour before the raid). ATF agents lied to Congress about that; the undercover
ATF agent who had tipped them off nearly broke down in tears while testifying
about it.

The ATF’s planning of the raid was piss poor. There was no Plan B. Hell, they
didn’t even have any communications! They had to ask a cameraman to call for
an ambulance about 20 minutes after the shooting began. Unbelievable.

The Davidians allowed the ATF to leave in peace after they ran out of ammo.
The Davidians could have killed them if they had wanted to. It was quite a
sight to see dozens of heavily armed ATF agents retreating with their hands
up, with a look of shock on their faces.

The ATF raid was totally unnecessary. Koresh had invited the ATF to come
inspect the Davidians’ guns, but the ATF refused.

After the ATF raid, the FBI refused to allow the Davidians to remove the body
of a teenager from the top of the tower for five days. After the Davidians
buried him, the FBI deliberately and repeatedly ran over his grave with
armored vehicles. So what’s new? Another serf crushed into the ground by the
tank treads of the State.

The FBI refused to let the media get anywhere near Mt. Carmel, and except for
one audiotape, refused the Davidians access to the media. The media also
could not see the back of the church, where a tank knocked down a wall and
ran onto the collapsed roof during the "non-assault" (one of its treads even
came off), and where agents apparently fired into the burning building near
the exit from the bunker, where the women and children were hiding.

At night, the FBI blasted the Davidians with sounds of rabbits being
slaughtered and other blood-curdling sounds. They also played songs such as
Nancy Sinatra’s "These Boots Were Made For Walkin’":
These boots were made for walkin’
That’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

Hearing those lyrics while watching jackbooted FBI thugs load bullets into
magazines was both surreal and horrifying.

When Davidian women would look out a window, FBI agents would moon them or
shoot them a bird. This while the FBI was allegedly negotiating with the
Davidians. I wonder why the Davidians were hesitant to turn their children
over to these people.

It was apparent that the FBI had decided that it was going to take out the
Davidians. When the Davidians told the FBI that they had only one fire
extinguisher, an FBI agent said something like, "You’d better get some fire
insurance." After the FBI refused to allow David Koresh’s grandmother to see
him, an agent said something like, "I hope she’s told him goodbye."

When tanks began punching holes in the walls of the church and pumping in
massive amounts of highly concentrated CS gas, the FBI told the Davidians
through loudspeakers, "This is not an assault." How truly Orwellian. I
expected to next hear, "War is peace. Slavery is freedom."

The FBI decided to gas the church even though they knew the Davidians had no
gas masks for the children. I’ve been through a gas chamber three times. Just
before you leave, you have to take off your mask and say a few words so your
face will be exposed to the gas. The first time I went through, I thought I
was going to die. I choked, I gagged, I cried, I wanted to throw up. It was
an awful, awful experience – and I had been exposed to it for only a few
seconds. The CS gas that the FBI used on the Davidians was ten times the
strength that the military uses in its gas chambers, and none of those kids
(some of them infants) had gas masks.

After the gas attack began, Janet Reno decided to go ahead and give a speech
in Baltimore so it wouldn’t look like there was some kind of emergency.
Apparently, orders were coming from the White House during her absence. Bill
was probably screwing around with some intern when Hillary gave the order to
torch the church. That way, Bill could truthfully say, "The buck never got

Reno’s description of the tanks as "kind of like a good rental car" was truly
bizarre. Maybe she could take O.J. Simpson’s place in those Hertz
commercials? It is amazing that this woman is now a credible candidate for
governor of Florida.

It was obvious from the FLIR tapes that the FBI repeatedly fired into the
church during its "non-assault," including at the back of the bunker, where
the women and children may have tried to escape the burning building. I
believe they said that 27 Davidians had been shot, although it seems that
those were just the bodies that had not been burned beyond recognition. See
the autopsy photos and you’ll understand why it would be impossible to
determine whether most of the corpses had been shot. The FBI agent who
photographed the bodies in the bunker said it appeared that they had been
murdered. By whom?

The man who invented the FLIR camera said that sunlight reflecting off broken
glass and debris could not explain the flashes on the tape since they don’t
emit heat, debunking the theory put forth by John Danforth. I noticed that
Danforth officiated at Katherine Graham’s funeral. He was part of the
Washington Establishment. Reno never would have put him in charge of the
investigation if he weren’t.

It appears that the Davidians did not start the fire, as the public has been
led to believe. Two fireballs rolled through the building soon after the
tanks pulled away. One of the fireballs started at a place where the FLIR
tape showed two large flashes. An FBI bug picked up Koresh talking about
pouring kerosene, but they were apparently making Molotov cocktails to use
against the tanks, not dousing the building.

Apparently, the FBI never requested any fire engines before its gas attack,
and then held them back once they arrived.

One of the first things the ATF did after the fire was run an ATF flag up the
Davidians’ flagpole. I’m surprised they put it below the Texas flag.

After the assault, agents posed for pictures like they had just taken Iwo
Hero! Those kids sure put up a fight, huh? They should put you in for a
Bronze Star. What a stud. What a great American.

Much of the evidence, including tapes and the metal front doors above (which
show bullet holes from the Feb. 28 raid) disappeared while it was in the
custody of the FBI. The FBI bulldozed the ruins of the church soon after the
fire, which is a highly unusual thing to do to a crime scene. No ATF agent
filed a written report of the Feb. 28 raid because the ATF thought it would
create exculpatory evidence.

One ATF agent complained that they were outgunned on Feb. 28, saying the
Davidians’ guns sounded like cannons while the ATF’s guns sounded like
popguns. Aw, poor thug. Did your MP-5’s and M-16’s not pack enough punch?
Now I see why you guys want to ban "assault weapons."
There is probably no greater cheerleader for the State than Chuck Schumer.
His conduct during the hearings was sickening.
What happened at Waco was simply disgraceful. It is an example of how the
State will use its primary tools of lies and brute force to accomplish its
goals as long as it thinks it can get away with it.

To every government employee who was involved in that sorry operation, I say
to you: May the names of your victims haunt you forever.

August 6, 2001


WACO: The Rules of Engagement - The Movie
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Description: WACO: The Rules of Engagement
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http://www.waco93.com/ - 6 KB

Waco: The Rules of Engagement (1997)
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New documentary reveals
what really happened at Waco

Federal agents machine-gun the truth

by Doug Holland

On the afternoon of April 19, 1993, as fire destroyed the Branch Davidians' "compound" outside of Waco, Texas, federal agents walked around the outside of the church, shooting hundreds of rounds of machine-gun fire at people who tried to escape the flames. This is the most damning, completely-proven assertion in a new documentary, "Waco: The Rules of Engagement."

But before considering the film, a disclaimer: In the odd arena of news and analysis, anyone who questions certain official assumptions is generally assumed to be a nut. Well, I do not pay attention to the latest theories of who killed JFK, I have only minimal curiosity about crop circles, and this film is certainly not the schlocko video that's been circulating for a few years, claiming that the tanks at Waco had flame-shooting attachments. I'm a skeptical man. The director of this film used to be a network newsman, so if anything, this film is too objective. The narration is dry and dispassionate, even as the facts demand righteous indignation.

Ask any American — your friends, your co-workers, yourself — what happened at Waco, and you'll hear a recitation of the following facts:
David Koresh was a cult leader, a known child molester, and suspected drug dealer, who was stockpiling illegal weapons. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) tried to serve a search warrant on Koresh's compound, but the Davidians had been tipped off. They ambushed the BATF, and when the dust cleared, four BATF agents and two Branch Davidians were dead.

Then the FBI came on the scene and tried for more than a month to negotiate a peaceful end to the standoff, but talks proved impossible because Koresh repeatedly agreed to various terms, then broke his word.

Finally, after 51 days of fruitless and frustrating talks, something had to be done. So tanks approached, piercing small holes in the walls of the compound and tear gas was pumped in, in hopes that the Branch Davidians would finally come out with their hands up. Instead, the cultists lit their compound on fire, committing mass suicide.

We know that's what happened because we saw it on TV. But as revealed by this stunning documentary, almost every word, almost every assertion in the preceding italicized paragraphs is untrue.

What happened is that a group you'd never heard of suddenly erupted into the headlines in February 1993, and by mid-April they'd been obliterated. In that month and a half, they were never permitted to talk to the press. Until this film, we've only been allowed to hear the Davidians' side of the story through the messages they painted on bedsheets and draped out their windows during the siege: "Rodney King, we understand." "FBI broke negotiations. We want press."

President Clinton said Koresh was "dangerous, irrational, and probably insane." But was he? Shown here in home videos, and preaching to his congregation, Koresh seems rarely weird, and not much nuttier than your average evangelical minister. The local sheriff says the Branch Davidians were "good people." They weren't insane, they were Christians. The "compound" was a "church." Their "cult leader" was just a Bible-thumping preacher.

Was Koresh a child molester? He bedded girls as young as 14; there's no dispute about that. But the girls consented, and their parents knew and had given permission. You might say that a grown man having sex with teenaged girls is disgusting, and I'd agree. However, under the circumstances, and under Texas law, it was legal.

There is one girl who says that Koresh raped her. This is the only charge of sexual abuse which could theoretically be brought against Koresh if he had survived. However, while such an allegation must be taken seriously, it is completely irrelevant to everything that happened on and after February 28, 1993. Rape is not alcohol, rape is not tobacco, rape is not firearms — the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has no jurisdiction over rape and child abuse.

Was Koresh a drug dealer? In a word, no. In order to gain access to a military base for full-scale "dress rehearsals" of the raid, the BATF told Army officials that this would be an anti-drug operation. But there is simply no evidence that Koresh or the Branch Davidians were ever involved with drugs. In providing false information when seeking permission to use the base, the BATF broke the law. It would not be the last time.

Were the Davidians stockpiling illegal weapons? Koresh was a small-scale gun dealer, buying and selling weapons and ammunition at area gun shows. So there were dozens of weapons on hand — like any businessman, he had an inventory of merchandise. Some of the guns may have been illegal, but only under complicated technicalities of the law. Long before the initial raid, Koresh invited BATF agents to visit his home and inspect his inventory, to clarify the often-blurry line between what's legal and what's not. When the BATF arrived, however, it was not for purposes of examination and explanation.

On the morning of February 28, 1993, three BATF helicopters hovered behind the church to distract the Davidians as several truckloads of BATF agents arrived at the front of the building. According to agents' testimonies, the Davidians opened fire as the trucks approached. But in the film, these claims are juxtaposed against BATF public relations photographs of the raid in progress. We see agents crouched and poised, their weapons aimed at the church's doors and windows, while other agents are in the open, only yards from the church. We see agents standing directly outside the church's windows, their backs to the building, holding ladders on which other age

Rick Fisk - LibertyForum
Ten Years After: Children still being used as human shields
Sat Apr 19 03:33:05 2003

Ten Years After: Children still being used as human shields by Rick Fisk - LibertyForum

Ten years after the Fiery end at Waco, the media is trotting out its version of nostalgia. Angela K. Browne, writing for the Associated Press has apparently decided to post her own version of nostalgia (discuss on LibertyForum) and can't get the nostalgia quite right. She writes:

Kiri Jewell, now 22 and a Michigan college student, told ABC's PrimeTime Thursday. "He never was very specific but at some point, we were gonna have to die for him. I didn't expect to live past 12."

Kiri Jewell is a liar. She didn't think that she was going to live past 12 but told a nation-wide audience, during an interview on the Donahue show in 1995, that she expected to be Howell's wife when she turned 13.

The article is timed perfectly and is meant to bolster the nonsense the government has been peddling. Some of us reflect on Waco during this time of year and here's another pack of lies to greet the masses with more of the "he asked for it" kind of reporting we've come to expect.. For starters, Kiri Jewell is now 22 and attending college. Is she still a child as the headline suggests?

There's nothing more cynical (or abusive) than using children for this purpose. But they used Kiri once before and to devastating effect.

(Kiri Jewell’s testimony was) more appropriate for ‘Oprah’ than a Congressional committee....” — David Rosenbaum, Times, 7/23]

Exactly. Jewell, who's father had been through a messy divorce, paraded Jewell through the halls of "justice" to provide prurient testimony that was, to some of us watching, clearly scripted and clearly sensationalized. After killing men, women and children, the government was now using the children who survived as pawns in a disgusting game of CYA.

The sole reason that Kiri Jewell was paraded in front of Congress was to protect the ATF and FBI. Child abuse allegations were completely off-topic for the Congressional hearings and in fact had nothing to do with the issue at all. Neither the ATF nor the FBI ever filed charges alleging child-abuse and neither enforce such laws.

"This hearing is not for the American people," Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) said in a prepared statement. "It is by, for and about the National Rifle Assn. This hearing is an attempt to repeal the assault weapons ban by tearing down the agencies that enforce that ban." Link

Kiri Jewell was the Democrat's answer to the Republicans who were critical of both the assault weapons ban and the jack-booted thugs who killed 84 men, women and children in Waco, Texas.

At the time, Chuck Schumer was a laughing stock to second-amendment advocates. Known then as Chuck "cereal-killer" Schumer, due to his insistence that Janet Reno initiate an investigation into breakfast cereal manufacturers, he was one of the most strident and blatant liars (not including Special Agent Rodriguez) ever to grace the committee hearings.

Schumer, who's smarmy persona could revolt a snake, said that Kiri was payback:

"The Republicans made their own bed, equating David Koresh with federal law enforcement," said a clearly satisfied Rep. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), ranking minority member of the House Judiciary subcommittee on crime. "And now they have to lay in it." Link

And all of these Democrats (and Republicans) had to know that Kiri was lying. She and her mother were not even in the state of Texas when these events were alleged to have taken place. Ambrose-Evans Pritchard, of the London Daily Telegraph, was the reporter who broke the story.

"A few telephone calls would have told them that Kiri had not been a resident in the compound - despite press reports to the contrary. She was living with her mother and grandmother in California for most of the years in question. Her father, David Jewell, has been promoting her allegations on the TV talk show circuit.

"He is a man of questionable character. He abandoned Kiri in Jamaica when she was an infant, has had a series of unstable marriages, and was arrested in 1988 for failure to pay child support."

It was also clear that the prosecutors, during the trial against those who survived, knew the score. In spite of the fact that the judge ruled child abuse allegations as relevent, Kiri Jewell was not called to testify. Obviously they didn't consider her testimony credible.

Neither did Texas Child Protective Services investigators think so when they were called to investigate originally. In fact, Kiri's father was using her to make a nice chunk of change appearing on Donahue and other television shows to tell "her story."

The fact that she repeats these stories now and that anyone in the media offers to give her a forum to repeat them is quite disgusting.

It's also quite illustrative of the shoddy reporting and the government control over the media. But worst of all, it is the use of "children" to peddle lies and cover up murder.


John Perma ohnperna@1smartisp.net
April 19 in history; Day of Death
Fri Apr 18 02:44:44 2003

In reverent memorial to those who have died on April 19, and as a precaution against new acts of violence from the New World Order, please work for peace on this date that draws near:

April 19, 2003

Patriots Day, April 19, 1775 - Massachusetts, when an unordered 'shot heard around the world' began the American Revolution. This is now commemorated as a victory for the forces of liberty, as it did turn out to be the beginning of a revolution; which gave us a republic. It could have gone in many other directions. It is impossible to know the thoughts; which actually brought about this revolutionary action.

APRIL 19 1871 --Declaration of the Commune of Paris: "La révolution communale commencée par l'initiative populaire du 18 mars, inaugure une ère nouvelle de politique expérimentale, positive, scientifique. C'est la fin du vieux monde gouvernemental et clérical, du militarisme, du fonctionnarisme, de l'exploitation, de l'agiotage, des monopoles, des privilèges, auxquels le prolétariat doit son servage, la patrie ses malheurs et ses désastres.(...) Nous, citoyens de Paris, nous avons la mission d'accomplir la révolution moderne, la plus large et la plus féconde de toutes celles qui ont illuminé l'histoire. Nous avons le devoir de lutter et de vaincre!"

" the communal revolution started with the popular initiative of March 18, inaugurates one new era of experimental, positive, scientific policy. It is the end of the old governmental and clerical world, militarism, officialism, the exploitation, agitation, the monopolies, of the privileges, to which the proletariat owes its serfdom, the fatherland its misfortunes and its disasters. We, citizens of Paris, we have the mission of achieving the modern revolution, broadest and most fertile of all those which illuminated the history. We have the duty to fight and overcome! "

---excerpt, "Déclaration de la commune de Paris au peuple français", du 19 avril 1871.

APRIL 19 1919 -- Mutiny of the Sailors in the Black Sea (19 to 21 April). Several French warships around Sébastopol (brought in to aid in stopping the advances of the Red Army) are subject to mutiny. Begins with the sailors on the battleship "France," & spreads. A delegation, made up partly of anarchist sailors, demands suspension of the war against Russia, the return of the ships to France, & no disciplining for their actions. In Sébastopol, French officers massacre participants in a demonstration to prevent them from fraternizing with the mutineers. Despite the promises of the officers, the mutineers (such as Alphonse Sauveur Cannone; see 15 February) are treacherously arrested & receive from 10 to 20 years of prison.

APRIL 19 1933 -- President Franklin D. Roosevelt takes the US off the gold standard.

APRIL 19 1943 A contingent of 2,000 heavily armed Schutzstaffel troops with tanks enter the Warsaw Poland: Ghetto . While the civilian population hides in underground bunkers, the ghetto fighters attack the Germans with incendiary bottles & a few guns. Shocked by the Jewish resistance, the SS is forced to withdraw. Unable to put down the revolt with conventional weapons, the Germans resort to setting the ghetto on fire.

APRIL 19 1948 -- Costa Rica abolishes its army.

APRIL 19 1952 -- England: 35 Operation Gandhi supporters picket Aldermaston AWRE, a spy base.

April 19,1960 Namibia Founding of Swapo

April 19,1960 After the Korean peninsula was divided at the 38th parallel. In the north, "Kim Il-sung" who was backed up by the USSR and in the south "Syngman Rhee" who was supported by the USA established each government respectively.

In South Korea, President Syngman Rhee ruled the nation with anti-communism as a state policy. President Rhee was ousted by an uprising called "the April 19 Revolution".

April 19, 1961-Failed Bay of Pigs disastrous invasion of Cuba- freedom fighters betrayed by being promised air support, which was not provided

The declassified CIA documents show that the final invasion plan did bar the U.S. pilots from joining in the bombing runs. But the exile pilots, who had been attacking Cuban airports and other targets for three days before the invasion collapsed on April 19, "were exhausted and dispirited," according to the documents.

Initially, the CIA blamed the lack of air cover for the invasion's failure, but the CIA inspector general's report blamed the CIA itself — its arrogance, poor planning and "almost willful bungling."

APRIL 19 1971 -- US: Several hundred Vietnam Veterans Against the War begin an encampment on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. Launch "Operation Dewey Canyon III (April 19-23).

APRIL 19 1971 Sierra Leone Proclamation of the Republic

APRIL 19 1978 -- California Governor Jerry Brown refuses a request to extradite American Indian Movement (AIM) leader Dennis Banks to South Dakota to stand trial.

APRIL 19 1980 Colombia Founding of M-19 The "April 19 Movement (M-19)," a leftist guerrilla group.

APRIL 19 1989 -- Forty seven U.S. sailors were killed by an explosion in a gun turret on the USS Iowa during gunnery exercises in the waters off Puerto Rico. Turret explosion is initially blamed on alleged suicide pact between homosexual sailors, as conjectured by Naval Investigative Service & as leaked to NBC News.

April 19, 1992 Protestors rally in the annual Easter Protest at the site of nuclear weapons testing, and nearly 500 are arrested.

April 19, 1992 first attempted raid on the Weaver Family

April 19, 1993 - Federal agents attack Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, shooting or incinerating over 80 women, men, & children.

Branch Davidian compound burned to the ground with 86 persons inside, including 17 children.

April 19th 1994 -- Henry Kissenger, World Affairs Council Press Conference, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , April 19th 1994 "[The New World Order] cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change it's perceptions."

April 19, 1995 -Oklahoma City At 9:02 a.m.: A massive car-bomb explosion was used as a detonator of; or a diversion of attention away from, other INTERNAL EXPLOSIONS. Demolition charges on the critical failed support columns destroyed the entire side of a nine story federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 persons, including 19 children inside a day care center. A decorated Gulf War veteran was later convicted for the attack.

Bombing of Federal Building in Oklahoma City sets off hunt for "Arab terrorists" & Muslims. Results in new laws suspending due process for non-US citizens.

19 April 1996 Marine Corp issues treatise against "right wing" extremism



Title: Rise of Domestic Terrorism and Its Relation to United States Armed Forces

Author: LCDR Steven Mack Presley, MSC, USN

Thesis: Extremist

April 19, 1998 British Family Kidnapped - A British Council teacher, his wife and their 14-year-old son have been kidnapped by tribesmen while driving to the capital from southern Yemen, the embassy said Sunday. David Mitchell, 48, his wife Caroline and son Ben were seized around midday Thursday on the road from the southern port city of Aden to the capital, said David Pearce, the deputy head of mission. The kidnapping took place outside the town of Dhamar, 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Sanaa. (AFP)

Columbine was on April 20

They kidnapped Elian Gonzalez April 22, 2000

It is time to update a famous quote from Rev. Martin Niemoller
Constitutional rights:

Freedom of religion
Freedom of speech
Freedom of assembly
The right to keep and bear arms.

Are NOT dependent on which religion or ideology someone believes. If one group can be liquidated, it will just be a matter of time before they get around YOU.

Rev. Martin Niemoller, commenting on events in Germany 1933-1939 said:

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics, and
I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to
speak up." -- Rev. Dr. Martin Niemoeller, July 1,
1937; arrested by the Third Reich

An update of this concept, with the United States in mind, would go like this:

"First they burned the house of the Symbionese Liberation Army and killed all of their members. Most of us did not object because we did not believe in the same things as the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Then they dropped a bomb on the building of the Philadelphia MOVE group, and destroyed two city blocks, and killed 11 members. Most of us did not object because we did not believe in the same things as the MOVE group.

Then they burned the house of Gordon Kahl, a tax protester, and killed him. Most of us did not object because we did not believe in the same things as Gordon Kahl.

Then they burned the house of Robert Matthews, leader of "The Order," and killed him. Most of us did not object because we did not believe in the same things as Robert Matthews.

Then they conducted a siege and a raid of 80-member Covenant of the Sword and Arm of the Lord religious group. Most of us did not object because we did not believe in the same things as the Covenant of the Sword and Arm of the Lord.

Then they conducted a siege and a raid of Randy Weaver's family, and killed or wounded nearly everyone present; even including a baby and the dog. Many of us did not object because we did not believe in the same things as Randy Weaver's family.

Then they burned the church of the Branch Davidians and killed nearly all of them. A few of us did not object because we did not believe in the same things as the Branch Davidians

And then they kidnapped Elian Gonzalez ..."

John Perna April 22, 2000
Mount Carmel - A Day of Information


Rodney Stich stich@druggingamerica.com
Paul D. Wilcher, Attorney letter to Janet Reno
Fri Apr 18 03:19:37 2003

The Paul D. Wilcher, Attorney letter to Janet Reno on what
really happened at Waco. Dated: Friday, May 21st, 1993

Defrauding America Pg 416 (First Edition)
Rodney Stich can be reached via email at:
by calling at any time, 1-800-247-7389

Another Death:
Hours before this book was to go to press, I learned of another death
of one of our small group, Attorney Paul Wilcher. Marion Kindig, a
friend of mine, expressed concern about Wilcher's sudden Disappearance.

Sarah McClendon asked the Washington police to go to Wilcher's
apartment to check on his safety, stating that several friends had not
seen Wilcher for the past two weeks and that they feared foul play.
The Police refused to do so. I called Marion late Tuesday night in
Washington suggesting steps she should immediately take the following
morning to get into Wilcher's apartment.

The next morning Wilcher was found dead, sitting upright on the toilet.
He had apparently been killed elsewhere, tied in a fetal position, and
rigor mortis set in. He may have been brought back to his apartment and
placed on the stool, to look like a natural death. It wa made to look
like a suicide, but a body does not freeze into that position when a
person dies, the body falls over. Swarms of FBI agents appeared, going
out of their way to tell Marion and McCledon that they had not interest
in the case.
From: John B. Purkop, December 19, 1993 - 206-840-8074
Paul Wilcher left three teenage children whose mother struggles to basic
necessities of life. They are good children, the kind you don't see much
these day day's

Paul Wilcher was a multi millionaire lawyer/real estate inventory in

After building up a $60,000.000 real estate empire, he made a mistake
that cost him everything... Judges in Chicago's bankruptcy courts,
successfully bankrupted him and took from him his entire fortune.

For over ten years, Paul stayed in Chicago and tried to fight and expose
the corruption in Chicago's bankruptcy courts. This is how he was
associated with Sherman Skolnick and Jim Vassolos. Paul spent every
penny he could earn in those ten years, just fighting the corruption in
Chicago. For most of these years, his wife Carol supported him and their
Paul Wilcher's FULL REPORT w/ letter (103 pages)
Letter to Attorney General Janet Reno dated May 21, 1993
About what really happened at Waco

Page 1

Re: (1) Vital NEW information concerning the conflagration at David
Koresh's Branch Davidian compound, "Ranch Apocalypse," outside Waco
Texas, on Monday, April 19th, 1993, which is now being kept from you
covered up -- i.e., that what happened was NOT a "mass suicide," but
rather a MASS MURDER;

(3) The extreme sensitivity of this information, and my specific
proposal as to how you should handle it. The lives of key participants,
other witnesses, and even myself are now in grave danger as a result of
my passing this information on to you. If you let this information fall
into the hands of the wrong persons, some or all of those who know the
truth about Waco and are now prepared to come forward and testify could
well be "silenced" (i.e., MURDERED) in the very near future;

Page - 45
(c) And then above the DCI and the Joint Chiefs, at the very Pinnacle of
power, sits a top secret council of nine (9) men -- whose names I do
not know, and would not recognize even if I stumbled across them --
but who nevertheless have the power, and who regularly exercise this
power -- to order the "termination with extreme prejudice" of any
person on earth, up to and including the President of the United States.

Page 101 of Paul Wilcher Report to Janet Reno:


Paul Wilcher's exPOSE (2 pages)

ATTORNEY GENERAL JANET RENO - Friday, May 21st, 1993

Paul Wilcher's FULL REPORT w/ letter (103 pages)
Slow loading.......(worth the wait!)

Part 1 http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/PW_report1.pdf
Part 2 http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/PW_report2.pdf
Part 3 http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/PW_report3.pdf

Part 1
Part 2 http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/PWreport2.zip
Part 3 http://www.apfn.org/wacoinfo/PWreport3.zip

(APFN, A copy of this report was sent to the Waco
Congressional hearings, registered mail.)


Re: The Aftermath of Koresh's Waco:

Burying the Branch Davidians

Sometimes, to understand an event, it's necessary to look at the smallest of things. Jamie was such a thing.

He weighed less than thirty pounds. He was blind. His eyes forever closed. He didn't talk, or sit, or walk, and couldn't feed himself. He spent much of his day in an infant carrier or a crib beneath the windows of his room so he might feel the sunlight. He could only feel and hear, and so his mother read him nursery rhymes, and spent countless hours winding a collection of music boxes whose tinkling sounds always brought a smile to his face. He was cuddled, and rocked like any infant, except Jamie was no infant. Jamie was eleven years old. A victim of spinal meningitis at eighteen months, he didn't grow much after that. He was a little boy who "all the king's horses, and all the kings men" could not put together again. He was not the youngest of the Branch Davidian children who lived at Mt. Carmel, but certainly one of the least.

He was in his crib under those windows on the morning of February 28, 1993, when agents of the BATF began a raid on his home. Bullets shattered the window above his crib and he was cut with flying glass. For a very long time he screamed and thrashed in his crib as his mother, along with the other children, huddled on the floor of the bedroom away from a barrage of gunfire and flying glass. His father, Wayne Martin, was downstairs pleading through 911 with the Mc Clennon County Sheriffs Department to "call them off, there's women and children in here." It was a futile plea. For a long time the McClennnon County Sheriffs Department hadn't a clue as to what he was talking about.

Because of Jamie, his mother, Sheila Martin, came out of Mt. Carmel along with him and two of his younger siblings early on in the siege, leaving her husband, Wayne, and her other four children behind. Jamie required special care, and the other two, Kimmie and Daniel, were too young to leave their mother.
Full Story.
.. http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig/vinson7.html

APFN: Remember Waco Page

A secret military organization took part in the raid at Waco
in the raid at Waco THIS MESSAGE POSTED TO APFN MESSAGE BOARD ... in the raid at Waco, Texas, and has been training in civilian ... the raid at Waco. They considered it a great ...

WACO - MILITARY DOCUMENTS DESTROYED carl william spitzer iv WACO - MILITARY DOCUMENTS DESTROYED Sun Apr 29 ... Events News Keywords: WACO, DELTA FORCE Source: http://fps1999...

WACO: The Case of the Persecuted Prosecutor
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There is NO Statutes of Limitations on the Crimes of Genocide!
Rights http://www.apfn.org/pdf/genocide3.pdf (7 pages) Why WACO! "LET JUSTICE FINALLY BE DONE" http://www.apfn.org/apfn/waco_justice.htm While the sheep are sleeping, the predators...

Hillary Directed Waco
Hillary Directed Waco There are NO Statutes of Limitations on ... EST Tripp: Hillary Directed Waco, Bill Abused Monica Hillary Clinton pressured ... resolve the 1993 Waco stand-off in a move...

The elites had to have the Branch Davidian Village eliminated because:
Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, is shown engulfed by flames in ... all of the Waco documentaries, all of the documentaries ... Airlines. 6. The Waco siege BATF/FBI/CIA/Military...

Waco Update 06/25/00
Waco Trial Update 06/25/00 Ex-FBI official testifies ... and move on." Not quite: Waco will not be put behind us! I pray ... this Republic will use Waco, the Davidians and the FBI/BATF for...

 FBI didn't plan to fight Waco fire
plan to fight Waco fire http://dallasnews.com/texas_southwest/ ... compound, the bureau's Waco commanders sent a message to ... the FBI's two Waco commanders, Jeffrey Jamar and Richard...

General Wesley Clark
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Mount Carmel - A Day of Information
True Story of Waco coming soon......... Videos: Inside Mount Carmel ... The Burning of Waco http://www.getafile.com/cgi ... WACO_CNN_04_19_93.WMV The Waco Incident  

WACO: Sarah Bain's Letter to District Court Judge Walter S.
be a more serious penalty.... WACO: Sarah Bain's Letter to District Court Judge Walter S ... legalnews.findlaw.com/cnn/docs/waco/bain_letter.html Real Player Audio Free Download Sarah...

FBI Special Agent (SA) R. Wayne Smith Waco Report
R. Wayne Smith Waco Report Dated 6/9/1993 ... is not verified. Waco Document #1 Waco Document #2 Waco Document #3 Waco Document #4 Waco Document #5 APFN WACO PAGE  http://www.apfn....

WACO ~ One of the Biggest "Federal Lies" of All Time
WACO ~ One of the Biggest "Federal Lies" of All Time ... unseen video/s" regarding Waco Ref: (c) Fort Worth Star Telegram; 11-04-99 "New Waco film says agents used explosive to blast...

WACO: GAO REPORT - DOD/FBI Ammo Saturday, 21-Oct-00 ... DOD/FBI Ammo @ Waco http://disc.yourwebapps.com/Indices/149495.html -------- ... DOD/FBI Ammo @ Waco Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 08:02...

Waco Siege
WACO SIEGE Police probe death of tape expert ... Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Tex. There was no sign of a ... that littered the scene. Waco Siege Investigator Found Dead In His Home...

 Waco Siege Investigator Found Dead In His Home
Waco Siege Investigator Found Dead In His Home Waco Siege Investigator Found Dead In His Home By Cindy ... Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Tex., was found dead in Laurel under ...

Excerpts from Mt. Carmel, the Unseen Reality
Excerpts from Mt. Carmel, the Unseen Reality Sunday, 01-Oct-00 14:36:57 writes: Excerpts from Mt. Carmel, the Unseen Reality by Livingstone Fagan Reflections on the Siege...

founder/owner of APFN.) Waco documents: .pdf files Get Adobe here Application ... Web Pages on Waco: Globalist Excerpt: Look at what we did near Waco. APFN WACO Page Why Waco? More on...

Davidians' Sentences Set Aside
siege at the sect's Waco, Texas, compound. The court ruled that a ... on the compound outside Waco. The raid led to a 51-day ... S. SUPREME COURT IN WACO CASE UPHOLDS RIGHT TO JURY TRIAL ..

More on Waco
More on Waco Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 08:43:56 -0600 ... will be held in Waco, Texas on Sunday, April 19 at Mt. ... on the outskirts of Waco. This church property was called "home" by...

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The Aftermath of Koresh's Waco
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Waco cover-up: "The FLIR Project" Film Resurrects Waco Pat Shannan Waco cover-up: "The FLIR Project" Sun Apr 8 14 ... and reporting of the Waco cover-up, has done it again! This ...

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anniversary of the Waco Holocaust draws near. U.S. ... Feds Jittery as Waco Holocaust Anniversary Approaches O n ... Davidian congregation near Waco, Texas. Friday, February 28th, marks...

Clinton's Ties
Who Waco! Probe Clinton's Ties To Riady to Rapoport to Why Waco! Mochtar Riady and son James in 1994 (AP ... on MURDER!" See Who Waco! http://www.apfn.org/apfn/whowaco.htm ... 

Waco FLIR Expert's  Strange Death Ruled 'Heart Attack'
Waco FLIR Expert's Strange Death Ruled 'Heart Attack ... 00 The death of Waco FLIR expert Carlos Ghigliotti has been ruled ... release of the official Waco-FLIR report by the not-independent...

Transcription from 911 calls during Waco raids
from 911 calls during Waco raids Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 12 ... edu Subject: Transcript of Waco 911 tapes I thought this might be ... weekend I transcribed the Waco 911 tapes that were broadcast...

WACO: INTERVIEW EXCERPTS: Dr. Nizam Peerwani "So I can tell you that we didn't detect any propellants or any of the CS gas in the bodies. We did not attribute CS gas as a cause ...

Hold FBI accountable
Hold FBI accountable Hold FBI accountable By by Gail Schoettler Sunday, June 24, 2001 - Timothy McVeigh has paid for his monstrous crime. While his execution can never atone for the...

Inside Mount Carmel
8, 1993 Hillary Directed Waco A one hour and 58 minute Windows ... genocide.htm Bring The Waco Murders To Justice! CLASS ACTION SUIT ... The Burning of Waco http://www.apfn.org/Movies...

Horiuchi Fired At Waco -- Cases Found
Horiuchi Fired At Waco -- Cases Found There are NO statute of ... Subject: Horiuchi Fired At Waco -- Cases Found From: neal@nealknox.com (Neal ... Mike McNulty's new Waco film: The fact that...

Take a moment to picture this...
Waco, a senseless slaughter. A horrifying glimpse into governmental atrocities committed right on television! These are the facts and evidence the press was too scared to report! ...

FROM RUTH MOSHER: Free Davidian prisoners: Personal comments
incineration! For many Americans Waco is the second strike in the ... release of the Waco survivors from unjust imprisonment! Assist ... faithful stand at Waco! Further, we request that all...

  Waco Trial 07/14/00
WACO TRIAL 07/14/2000 Word About This ... Not to Blame in Waco Case By Marcus Kabel http://dailynews.yahoo ... Responsible for Deaths at Waco By Sherri Chunn Associated Press Writer WACO...

apfn/christianity.htm WHY WACO - UPDATES: http://www.apfn.org/apfn/wacopg.htm *** WACO - ONE OF BEST FOR INFO & LINKS http ... com/consp.htm#WACO 12/20/1999 FROM: MCAC@home....

PARDON THE SEVEN WACO PRISONERS (Suggested form letter for President ... PARDON THE SEVEN WACO PRISONERS Renos Avraam Brad Branch ... group outside of Waco, Texas. They shot the church's...

Clinton_Scandals/Riadi_Hawaiian_Link/ [WHO WACO] Justice Department investigation should target ... THE BELOW! Who Waco! Probe Clinton's Ties To Riady ... to Why Waco!... http://www.apfn.org...

FBI, David Koresch, "Defense Electronics" and Igor Smirnov
1994, Mind Control in Waco) published the information that Igor Smirnov ... the siege in Waco. In reaction to this publication ... his participation in Waco Igor Smirnov narrated: I suggested...

WACO: Gunshot Evidence
WACO: Gunshot Evidence Subject: Re: WACO: Gunshot Evidence Date: Sat, 12 ... journal.htm APFN WACO PAGE ____________________________________________________________ American Patriot ...

Bring The Waco Murders To Justice! Class Action Suit.  
Bring The Waco Murders To Justice! CLASS ACTION SUIT The United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire The People vs.William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton...

Waco Do you believe the reported government/media reports about the events that occurred at Waco (i.e. Branch Dividians)? Yes No Don't Know Results ...

April 19, 1995


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