Secret Rulers Control America's Weather

A weather modification Grid System has been set up by the Elite One World Government of an astonishingly advanced nature. The Grid System consists of three enormous underwater cables laid along the continental shelf of our East, West and Gulf Coasts (the latter from Florida to Texas.) Each cable is powered by an underground nuclear power plant and can be made positive or negative relative to Earth. The power plants act like a giant battery; one pole grounded to Earth and the other to the cables.

The effect of these three grid cables along the coasts is to create electrical fields which span the continent of the United States. These power fields control electrical charges in the upper atmosphere producing jet-stream shifts. Experiments are conducted with the cable set at either a positive or a negative potential, and also alternating from positive to negative. What is going on now is weather warfare, and the era of weather strategy is underway. The Russians also have weather control, making use of their formidable cosmospheres (massive antigravity spacecrafts), which is more localized, but much of what has been happening more recently has been due to the secret government. These two factions are in competition for control of America's weather with the purpose of world domination.

Reference: CONTACT Newspaper

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