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Tue Sep 11,  2001

Part 3




Do not fear the enemy, for your enemy can only take your life. It is far
better that you fear the media, for they will steal your HONOR. That
awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a
horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and
shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse. -
----Mark Twain

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"Why Jesus Cannot Create a New Earth Now." "Does God Care?"

Revelation 9:1-12 KJV
Fifth Trumpet
9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, "and I saw a star
fall from heaven unto the earth: and to Him was
given the key of the bottomless pit.

9:2 And He opened the bottomless pit; and
there arose a smoke out of the pit, as
the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun
and the air were darkened by the reason
of the smoke of the pit.

9:3 And there came out of the smoke locusts
upon the earth: and unto them was given power
"as the scorpions of the earth have power.

9:4 And it was commanded them that they should
not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any
green thing, neither any tree; but only those
men which have not 'the seal of God in their

9:5 And to them that was given that they should
not kill them, but they should be tormented
five months: and their torment was as the torment
of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

9:6 And in those days shall men seek death,
and shall not find it; and shall desire to die,
and death shall flee from them.

9:7 And the shapes of the locusts were like
unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their
heads were as it were crowns like gold, and
their faces were as the faces of men.

9:8 And they had hair as the hair of women,
and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.

9:9 And they had breastplates of iron; and the
sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots
of many horses running to battle.

9:10 And they had the tails like unto scorpions,
and there were stings in their tails; and their
power was to hurt men five months.

9:11 And they had a king over them. which is
'A-bad'-don, but in the Greek tongue hath his
name A-pol'ly-on.

9:12 One woe is past; and behold, there come
two woes more hereafter.

O'Lord please deliver every soul that reads these lines. In Jesus Name, Amen!

[How to receive the Seal of God: Prayer]

Yes, Lord, I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and arose from the dead, and is alive and well at this very moment at the right hand of the Father. Yes, I want Jesus to come into my heart, right now and take over my life. I am His forever and ever. Thank you Lord for this second chance to make my life right with You. And I will follow You the rest of the days of my life. In Jesus' Name. Amen



Draft Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001



From the company Web site: "The employees of Hybridon extend our
deepest sympathy to the families and friends of all those who perished or
were harmed by the terrible events of September 11, 2001. We support efforts
to protect freedom throughout the world...."

Bin Ladens own stake in Mass. biomedical firm
by Jonathan Wells and Jack Meyers
Tuesday, September 25, 2001
Boston Herald

One of Osama bin Laden's brothers and a separate Saudi banking family
suspected of funneling millions of dollars to bin Laden's terrorist
organization own 28% of the stock in a Massachusetts biomedical firm
engaged in advanced DNA research.

Securities and Exchange records show that Yahia M. A. bin Laden, one of the
bin Laden siblings in charge of the family's Middle East-based construction
conglomerate, owns 16 percent of Cambridge-based Hybridon, Inc., an
11-year-old company developing new medicine to combat cancer and bolster
the human immune system.

A second stockholder in the company is Abdela bin Mahfouz, a member of a
wealthy family which controls Saudi Arabia's largest bank, National
Commercial Bank. That bank was accused by the Saudi government in 1999 of
trying to transfer at least $3 million to front organizations for Osama bin
Laden's terrorist organization. As of last
May, Abdela bin Mahfouz owned nearly 12 percent of the stock in Hybridon.
Earlier SEC filings show that another member of the family, Abdulrahman bin
Mahfouz, held stock in Hybridon. Abdulrahman bin Mahfouz is a director of
the National Commercial Bank as well as a board member of Blessed Relief, a
Sudan-based charity, which U.S. officials say served as a front for Osama
bin Laden.

Robert Anderson, chief operating officer of Hybridon, said Yahia bin Laden
and the bin Mahfouz family have been ``loyal stockholders.'' ``We don't
have any issue with the background of the investors. We don't have any
concern,'' Anderson said. ``These families put money in early on . . . they
deal at arms length. I imagine they have a number of investments in the
U.S.'' ``We are a legitimate company which is developing medicine,''
Anderson added. ``We have dedicated scientists doing cancer research, not
anything harmful.''

Hybridon, incorporated in 1990, is one of a handful of companies in the
U.S. developing ``antisense'' technology, which involves the design of
synthetic DNA material to inhibit the body's production of disease-causing
protein. The biggest U.S. company involved in the antisense field, Isis
Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is currently working under a $6.6 million research
grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to see if this new technology can
be used to counteract the devastating effects of biological weapons.
Hybridon has an agreement under which it licenses intellectual property to
Isis, but according to Anderson, Hybridon has no involvement in any
research related to germ warfare. ``Currently we don't,'' Anderson said.
``I guess if Isis were successful in some way we would consider it.''

As far as Anderson knows, Hybridon researchers do not work with materials
useful in the development of biological weapons. Anderson said he has never
met Yahia bin Laden in person or spoken with him by telephone. However, he
provided the Herald with a copy of a statement Hybridon received from the
head of the bin Laden family in Saudi
Arabia a few days after the U.S. named Osama bin Laden as the chief suspect
in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Signed
by Abdullah A. A. bin Laden, the statement declared the bin Laden family's
``strong denunciation and
condemnation of this tragic incident which has resulted in the loss of
lives of so many innocent men, children and women, which run counter to
our gracious religion and which is repugnant to all religions and humanity.
.. . . We express our condolences to the families and relatives of the
innocent victims.''

Restating a position first announced by the family in 1994, Abdullah bin
Laden also asserted that ``the bin Laden family has no relation at all with
(Osama bin Laden's) acts and conducts.'' The message was delivered to
Hybridon through the Saudi Arabian consulate in the United States. Another
Hybridon stockholder and member of the company's board of directors is
Camille A. Chebeir, whose company, Saudi Economic Development Co., manages
bin Mahfouz family money, which reportedly totals some
$4 billion. Chebeir, the former executive vice president of the bin
Mahfouz's National Commercial Bank, was appointed to Hybridon's board in
1999. According to reports in USA Today and by the Associated Press that
same year, Saudi government officials audited National Commercial Bank and
its founder, Khalid bin Mahfouz, and found that several of the country's
wealthiest businessmen had ordered the bank to transfer more than $3
million to New York and London, where it was placed in the accounts of
Islamic charities, including Blessed Relief. Khalid bin Mahfouz was
reportedly placed under
house arrest after the discovery of the transactions.

Anderson said he is unaware of any alleged financial dealings between the
bin Mahfouz family and Osama bin Laden's organization. Of the bin Laden and
bin Mahfouz stock ownership, Anderson said: ``They have a vote for their
number of shares at the annual meeting. Like any other common stockholder,
they're allowed to vote their shares.
``Surely these people have significant investments in other companies,'' he
``There must be many, many others because these people have vast amounts of
money. Why single out a little company like ours?''

Yahia bin Laden (also spelled Yehia) is one of three brothers who exert the
most control over the Saudi-based Bin Laden Group, according to research by
PBS' Frontline, and he is currently negotiating with Lebanese officials for
a $50 million contract to help rebuild war-torn central town Beirut.


site down 12/08


Man who allegedly helped two hijackers get IDs is charged

By Pete Yost, Associated Press

25 September 2001

The FBI is seeking nearly 400 people for questioning in the terrorist attacks probe while federal prosecutors build a criminal case involving identification cards for five of the hijackers. One man has been charged.

As the investigation moved forward, a Florida bank president said he had been told that one of the men suspected in the Sept. 11 hijackings of four airliners tried to get a loan from the U.S. Agriculture Department to buy a crop dusting plane.

Attorney General John Ashcroft told Congress the FBI had gathered information raising fears that crop dusters could be used in a biological or chemical attack.

In the criminal case, the government said Herbert Villalobos accompanied Abdul Aziz Al Omari and Ahmed Saleh Al Ghamdi to a lawyer's office in Virginia on Aug. 2 to help the two suspected hijackers obtain state identity cards.

When shown photos of the hijackers by the FBI, Villalobos recognized three other suspects "believed to have commandeered American Airlines Flight 77" from Washington Dulles International Airport that crashed into the Pentagon, according to court documents. Villalobos said Hani Hanjour, Salem Al Hazmi and Majed Moqed were at the Arlington, Virginia, office of the state Department of Motor Vehicles on Aug. 2, just as Al Omari and Al Ghamdi were.

"Virginia DMV records ... show that all five men did in fact conduct various transactions relating to Virginia identification cards at the Arlington DMV," said a seven–page affidavit by an FBI agent.

The affidavit did not say whether the five used the IDs to become ticketed passengers aboard the doomed flights, which also crashed in New York City and a field in Pennsylvania.

The FBI says Al Omari was aboard American Airlines Flight 11 that struck the north tower of the World Trade Center.

Al Ghamdi was aboard United Flight 175 that hit the trade center's south tower. Villalobos was charged with unlawfully signing a Virginia residency form for Al Omari.

More than 6,000 people are missing and presumed dead from the attacks, in which Saudi exile Osama bin Laden has been named the leading suspect.

Ashcroft said 352 people have been arrested or detained in the investigation. Another 392 are being sought for questioning.

Robert Epling of Community Bank of Florida said he's been told that Mohamed Atta, one of the suspected hijackers, sought a USDA loan for a crop duster. The USDA is a tenant in the bank.

"We understand he was turned down" at the USDA "and they referred him to us," said Epling. A loan officer at the bank remembered a phone call from someone inquiring about crop dusters, an unusual request because there are so few of the planes left in the area, Epling said. Nothing came of the inquiry.

James Lester, an employee of South Florida Crop Care in Belle Glade, told the FBI that Atta was among the men who in groups of two or three visited the crop dusting firm nearly every weekend for six or eight weeks before the attacks.

Crop dusters weren't the only concern.

In Michigan the president of a truck driving school confirmed two men arrested last week had attended the school and one of them obtained a permit to transport hazardous materials.

Karim Koubriti, 23, and Ahmed Hannan, 33, taken into custody Sept. 17, attended the U.S. Truck Driver Training School in Detroit this summer, said the school's president, Joseph LaBarge. Koubriti passed the state commercial drivers license exam on Aug. 22 and received a permit to transport hazardous materials. Hannan failed the road test, LaBarge said.

Koubriti and Hannan were living in the same Detroit residence as an earlier tenant who also is under arrest in the probe, Nabil Al–Marabh. Al–Marabh also was certified to transport hazardous materials and is licensed to drive trucks and other large vehicles.

Al–Marabh, a former Boston cab driver, was transferred to New York following four days of questioning, FBI spokeswoman Virginia Wright said.

In other developments:

– French anti–terrorist police detained at least two people early Tuesday in connection with a planned attack on the U.S. embassy in Paris and other U.S. interests in France, police officials and French media reported.

–The FAA said it was considering requiring that airline and airport workers' identifications be verified, followed by new checks of employment histories and possible criminal backgrounds. The order on background checks would affect tens of thousands of airport workers who have access to secure locations in airports, such as baggage handlers, food service workers and mechanics. Initially, FAA officials said the order had been given. But late Monday, the agency said it was still considering the idea and hadn't formally acted.

–The Coast Guard is requiring that incoming vessels supply local port officials with the identities of crew members and passengers. "We want to identify individuals and cargos that should not get into the United States," Capt. Mike Lapinski said.



YOU Paid for the Terror


As the politicians and pundits scream for the blood of all those who harbor, finance or support terrorism – do not mistake the fact that YOUR money paid for the criminal acts perpetrated on September 11, 2001. How’s that workin’ out for ya? Don’t get squeamish on me. If it weren’t true, I wouldn’t say it. Your government financed the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.   The only "suspect" named and lined up for eradication in this case is a bought and paid for "former" U.S. intelligence asset named Osama Bin Ladin. Stay tuned, this isn’t even up for debate. It’s a fact. Peter Jennings and his allies in the Palestinian authority know it, George W. Bush and the globalist elite know it, and the entire Intelligence establishment of the United States government knows it. So… Why is this the most important untold story in the world today?  The mainstream media and your government representatives are complicit in the mass-murder committed in the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001. They are guilty of harboring and giving aid and comfort to the perpetrators of this heinous act, and, in the long run, they are the very institutions responsible for the carnage. The mainstream media and YOUR representatives could have confessed to their complicity after the Oklahoma City bombing, but they did not. Further anti-terrorism legislation was going to be needed to put a stop to the NON-EXISTANT "homegrown terrorism" threat. The globalists were more than willing to attack the militias and other "right-wing" extremists, but they were intent on avoiding any admission of culpability for the crime.

America is waving the flag for unity while beating the drums of war. America is claiming that "Freedom" was attacked on September 11, 2001. But, Freedom was dead and buried long before September 11th, and the war that the ignorant masses seek will be more horrible than they can even imagine. At the end of all of this, we will have a One-World Government, a Global Apostate Religion and we will join these two abominations with the Global finance system that already controls the money system of the world. You will be forced to take a "mark", without which you will not buy or sell. You will wave your flag and beat your drums in the Globo-fascist world that you have helped to create. And you will bow your knee to Caesar, or you will lose your head for your trouble.

Informative reading: http://tinyurl.com/6ngg2o


1ar01a.gif (10347 bytes)Bin Laden's family link to Bush

by PETER ALLEN, Daily Mail

n summer 1971, Osama and Salem Bin Laden enjoyed a holiday in Sweden with some of their 55 brothers and sisters.

Yet within a few years, the two teenagers' lives had taken stunningly different turns.

As the world knows to its cost, Osama embraced Islamic fundamentalism and 30 years later was named the world's most wanted man. He is prime suspect in the murder of nearly 7,000 in the worst ever terrorist atrocities in the U.S. earlier this month.

Incredibly, Salem went on to become a business partner of the man who is leading the hunt for his brother. In the 1970s, he and George W Bush were founders of the Arbusto Energy oil company in Mr Bush's home state of Texas.

Photos reveal the brothers on family holiday to the Swedish town of Falun, 150 miles north-west of Stockholm, when Osama was 14 and Salem around 19.

The brothers had recently inherited a fortune from their construction magnate father, Mohammed. He left millions to each of his 57 children by 12 wives after dying in a plane crash in 1968.

Osama and Salem first visited Falun in 1970, arriving in a blue Rolls-Royce flown to Copenhagen by private jet. They liked the town so much they returned with other family members a year later.

Learning that the Bin Ladens, originally from Saudi Arabia, were staying at the Astoria Hotel, a local photographer asked the unusual visitors to pose.

Astoria owner Christina Akerblad said last night: 'They were beautiful boys, so elegantly dressed. Everybody loved them.

'Osama played with my two boys, Anders and Gerk.

'What's happened since is absolutely terrible. The first time I realised Osama had turned into a terrorist was when I saw his photograph in a magazine article about the bombing. He and his brother were such nice boys.'

At that time the brothers both delighted in their enormous wealth. Salem - wearing a polo neck and slacks as he crouches three places from Osama, in jeans and a skinny rib jumper - put a large part of his money into business ventures, including Arbusto Energy.

Mr Bush was not long out of Harvard Business School when he started the company in 1978.

Salem watched it grow into a hugely successful business until his death in a microlight plane crash in Texas in 1983.

As he built his own business empire, Salem Bin Laden had an intriguing relationship with the president-to-be.

In 1978, he appointed James Bath, a close friend of Mr Bush who served with him in the Air National Guard, as his representative in Houston, Texas.

It was in that year that Mr Bath invested $50,000 (about 34,000) in Mr Bush's company, Arbusto. It was never revealed whether he was investing his own money or somebody else's.

There was even speculation that the money might have been from Salem. In the same year, Mr Bath bought Houston Gulf Airport on behalf of the Saudi Arabian multimillionaire. Three years ago, Mr Bush said the $50,000 investment in Arbusto was the only financial dealing he had with Mr Bath.

Last night a White House spokesman was unavailable for comment.

Before his death, Salem was married to Briton Caroline Carey, now 35.

She has never spoken about her brother-in-law Osama, who was disowned by the rest of his family in 1991 when he was expelled from Saudi Arabia for his anti-government activities.

Now living in luxury in a Cairo villa, she has married twice into the Bin Laden family - first to Salem, and now to a younger brother, Khaled. She has a daughter by each brother.

Three years ago a family friend said: 'She first met Salem when she was just a child - no more than five years old.

'He was a friend of the family but at that stage no one would have dreamed that they would end up marrying.

'When they met again as adults, Caroline was 20 and Salem twice her age.

'Salem was the head of the Bin Laden family as the oldest of all the brothers and sisters.

'He was a man with a powerful presence.'

They married and, after his death, Caroline decided to bring up her daughter in Saudi Arabia.

'Caroline was a widow for nearly ten years before deciding to marry Khaled,' said the friend. 'He is one of the younger brothers and very quiet and loving.

'She can never speak publicly about her marriage, or anything else for that matter, or she would be cut off from the family.'

Caroline's father, a retired psychology lecturer from Hampstead, said: 'My daughter is very happy with Khaled. She decided to stay on in Saudi Arabia because she found her family there to be so loving and supportive.'

Yesterday FBI agents swooped on a Boston suburb where around 20 of the wealthy relatives of Bin Laden live. They questioned them at a condominium complex in Charlestown. Agents even began visiting nightclubs to collect credit cards of younger members of the family.

Bin Laden's younger brother Mohammed, who is said to have moved back to Saudi Arabia with his wife and children several years ago, owns a ten-bedroom mansion in nearby Wayland.

Another younger brother, Abdullah, is a 1994 graduate of Harvard Law School. The family has given it 2million in endowments to research Islamic law.

Most of Bin Laden's family have in the past strongly denounced the 44-year-old fugitive, now living in Afghanistan.

The FBI in Boston has long been aware of his extended family and began monitoring their activities after the 1998 terrorist bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa.

The Bin Ladens still run one of the biggest construction companies in the world.








(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that investigates and prosecutes government corruption and abuse, reacted with disbelief to The Wall Street Journal report of yesterday that George H.W. Bush, the father of President Bush, works for the bin Laden family business in Saudi Arabia through the Carlyle Group, an international consulting firm. The senior Bush had met with the bin Laden family at least twice. (Other top Republicans are also associated with the Carlyle group, such as former Secretary of State James A. Baker.) The terrorist leader Osama bin Laden had supposedly been "disowned" by his family, which runs a multi-billion dollar business in Saudi Arabia and is a major investor in the senior Bush’s firm. Other reports have questioned, though, whether members of his Saudi family have truly cut off Osama bin Laden. Indeed, the Journal also reported yesterday that the FBI has subpoenaed the bin Laden family business’s bank records.

Judicial Watch earlier this year had strongly criticized President Bush’s father’s association with the Carlyle Group, pointing out in a March 5 statement that it was a "conflict of interest (which) could cause problems for America’s foreign policy in Middle East and Asia." Judicial Watch called for the senior Bush to resign from the firm then.

"This conflict of interest has now turned into a scandal. The idea of the President’s father, an ex-president himself, doing business with a company under investigation by the FBI in the terror attacks of September 11 is horrible. President Bush should not ask, but demand, that his father pull out of the Carlyle Group," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

"This has the potential of making ‘Billygate’ (Jimmy Carter’s brother’s dealings with Libya) look like small potatoes," added Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

See "Bin Laden Family Could Profit From a Jump In Defense Spending Due to Ties to U.S. Bank," by Daniel Golden, James Bandler, and Marcus Walker, The Wall Street Journal, 9/28/01



Why the Bush administration wants war

Statement of the WSWS Editorial Board
14 September 2001

In the midst of the hysterical war mongering of the US government and a state-controlled media that knows no shame, it is more than ever necessary to retain not only one’s composure, but also one’s ability to think, analyze, and reason. It is surely appropriate to mourn the terrible loss of life on September 11. But sympathy for the victims, their families and friends should not blind anyone to the fact that powerful sections of the US ruling elite view this tragedy as a welcome opportunity to implement a militaristic agenda that has been in the works for more than a decade.

Modern wars require a pretext, a casus belli that can be packaged to the public as a sufficient justification for the resort to arms. Every major war in which the United States has been involved since its emergence as an imperialist world power—from the Spanish-American War of 1898 to the Balkan War of 1999—has required a catalytic event that inflamed public opinion.

But whatever the nature of such trigger events, they never proved, in the light of sober historical analysis, to be the real cause of the wars that followed. Rather, the actual decision to go to war—while facilitated by the change in public opinion produced by the casus belli—flowed in each instance from more essential considerations rooted in the strategic political and economic interests of the ruling elite.

"War," said von Clausewitz in his oft-quoted aphorism, "is the continuation of politics by other means." This means, in essence, that war is a means by which governments seek to secure political ends they could not achieve peacefully. There is no reason to believe that this profound truth does not apply to the events that are now unfolding in the aftermath of Tuesday’s hijackings and bombings.

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been seized on as an opportunity to implement a far-reaching political agenda for which the most right-wing elements in the ruling elite have been clamoring for years. Within a day of the attack, before any light had been shed on the source of the assault or the dimensions of the plot, the government and the media had launched a coordinated campaign to declare that America was at war and the American people had to accept all the consequences of wartime existence.

The policies that are now being advanced—an open-ended expansion of US military action abroad and a crackdown on dissent at home—have long been in preparation. The US ruling elite has been hampered in implementing such policies by the lack of any significant support within the American population and resistance from its imperialist rivals in Europe and Asia.

Now the Bush administration has decided to exploit the public mood of shock and revulsion over the events of September 11 to advance the global economic and strategic aims of American imperialism. He has the full support of a debased media and a Democratic Party that is more than happy to end any pretense of opposition to the Republican right.

On Thursday Bush all but admitted as much, declaring that the atrocity carried out two days before had provided "an opportunity to wage war against terrorism." He went on to say that the conduct of this war would be the focus of his entire administration. Such a declaration of unabashed militarism would have been unthinkable prior to September 11. But the assault on the World Trade Center had, in the parlance of imperialist real politik, created new facts.

Without having begun to seriously investigate, let alone explain, the very strange circumstances surrounding the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, the Bush administration and the media have declared that all-out war is the only possible response to these events. This is before the government has even established the political identity of the terrorists, or answered troubling questions about how such an elaborate plot—apparently involving dozens of conspirators operating within the United States—could have gone completely undetected by the FBI, CIA and associated intelligence agencies.

Nor have the Federal Aviation Administration, the Air Force or the FBI explained the failure to issue an alert or attempt to intercept the hijacked airliners as they swerved off course and made for the nerve centers of the US financial and military establishment.

For all the claims of sorrow and sympathy, there could not have been a more timely or fortuitous event for the Bush administration than the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. When George W. Bush awoke on September 11, he presided over an administration in deep crisis. Having come to power on the basis of fraud and the suppression of votes, his government was seen by millions both in the US and around the world as illegitimate.

The very narrow social base of support his administration had in the beginning was rapidly eroding in the face of a deepening economic slump in the US and around the world. Unable to advance any solution to the growth of unemployment and catastrophic losses on the stock market, facing criticism over the evaporation of the budget surplus and the reversal of its pledge not to spend Social Security funds, the administration was showing signs of internal dissension and disarray.

Some three weeks before, on August 20, the New York Times carried a front-page article expressing the fears within ruling circles that world capitalism was descending into a global recession of massive proportions. "The world economy," the Times wrote, "which grew at a raging pace just last year, has slowed to a crawl as the United States, Europe, Japan and some major developing countries undergo a rare simultaneous slump."

The Times continued: "The latest economic statistics from around the globe show that many regional economic powers—Italy and Germany, Mexico and Brazil, Japan and Singapore—have become economically stagnant, defying expectations that growth in other countries would help compensate for the slowdown in the United States.... [M]any experts say the world is experiencing economic whiplash, with growth rates retreating more quickly and in more of the leading economies than at any time since the oil shock of 1973. And this time there is no single factor to account for the widespread weakness, persuading some economists that recovery may be slow in coming.

"‘We have gone from boom to bust faster than any time since the oil shock,’ said Stephen S. Roach, the chief economist of Morgan Stanley, a New York investment bank. ‘When you screech to a halt like that, it feels like getting thrown through the windshield.’"

The Times derisively described the response of the Bush administration to the unfolding crisis: "The Bush administration still puts a relatively bright gloss on the picture." It reported with unconcealed skepticism the White House projection of a sharp upturn in the US economy later this year or in early 2002.

On the same day the Times reported that Ford Motor Co. was preparing to announce more layoffs and quoted CEO Jacques Nasser as saying, "We don’t see any factor that’s going to restore the robustness of the economy" in the next 12 to 18 months.

The Wall Street Journal provided an equally gloomy assessment, writing: "Almost a year after the slump in high tech and manufacturing began, many of the other pillars that have been supporting the economy are starting to weaken. Businesses that started slashing spending on equipment and software late last year are now doing the same on office and industrial real estate...

"Automobile sales, which were surprisingly healthy most of this year thanks to generous incentives and low interest rates, have started to slide.... Since April, most industry groups tracked by the Labor Department have been reducing payrolls.... Construction shaved 61,000 jobs between March and July, the clearest example of the spillover from high tech and manufacturing."

The mood of gloom within business circles turned to near panic last Friday when the Labor Department’s jobless report for August showed a sharp rise in the unemployment rate, from 4.5 percent to 4.9 percent in a single month. Nearly one million jobs were wiped out in August, as job cuts hit every sector of the economy. Faced with the prospect of a collapse in consumer spending, investors rushed to dump their stock holdings. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 230 points, ending the day well below the 10,000 mark.

The economic crisis compounded a host of foreign policy dilemmas confronting the Bush administration. Washington’s policy in Iraq was in a shambles, with sanctions crumbling and the US facing open opposition from France, Germany, Russia and China to its plans for maintaining sanctions and intensifying its vendetta against Saddam Hussein. On this and other major issues the US was finding itself unable to get resolutions through the United Nations Security Council and other international bodies. On a whole host of issues—missile defense, global warming, an international criminal court—the US was in open conflict with most of its nominal allies.

The growth of social protest and anti-capitalist sentiment was expressed in the wave of "anti-globalization" demonstrations, which revealed the extreme isolation of the governments of all the major powers and rising popular discontent over their right-wing policies, seen to be embodied above all in the Bush administration.

But in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attack the Bush administration, aided by a cynical and sophisticated media campaign, has been working to whip up a patriotic war fever that will enable it to overcome, at least temporarily, its immediate problems, while creating the conditions for profound and lasting changes on both the foreign and domestic front.

In the name of national unity, the Democratic Party has given Bush a blank check to wage war, increase military spending and curtail civil liberties. As one commentator aptly put it, "We will be operating as if we have a national unity party. That means alternative voices will be suppressed."

The Washington Post spoke for the liberal establishment in a September 14 editorial calling for the curtailment of democratic and civil rights. Entitled "New Rules," the editorial declared: "[I]f replying to that attack is truly to become an organizing principle of US policy, as we believe it should—if the United States is to undertake the difficult and sustained campaign against those who threaten it—then neither politics nor diplomacy can return to where they were.... This is most of all true as Congress and others discuss the possible need to sacrifice privacy, freedom of movement or other liberties to the needs of domestic security."

Tens of billions of dollars will be pumped into the economy in the form of military and security spending, and to rebuild the devastated sections of New York City. The viability of what remains of the social safety net—Medicare and Social Security—will not be allowed to stand in the way of pursuing the twilight struggle of good versus evil proclaimed by the White House and Congress.

Every restriction on the exercise of US military might and the counterrevolutionary activities of the CIA will be lifted. For years the most reactionary sections of the ruling elite, in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and the publications of right-wing think tanks, have been agitating for an end to the "Vietnam syndrome" and calling for the unbridled use of military force to secure the interests of US imperialism. Now they see the opportunity to realize their agenda.

Already leading spokesmen of both parties are demanding the rescinding of the presidential order banning the use of assassinations as a tool of foreign policy. The Democrats have agreed to vote for a resolution giving the White House virtually unlimited authority to go to war against any nation that it claims is aiding or encouraging terrorists. There is little doubt that one of the first targets for a massive bombing campaign, combined with a ground invasion, will be Iraq. But other countries are certain to follow.

As one military officer said on Wednesday, "The constraints have been lifted." Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the contemplated military action will "not be restricted to a single entity, state or non-state entity." Georgia Democrat Zell Miller was more blunt in expressing the bloodlust that prevails in government circles: "Bomb the hell out of them. If there’s collateral damage, so be it."

Senator John McCain said the US should "not rule out any force short of nuclear weapons." New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, in a piece entitled "World War III," refused to make such a caveat, writing that while the September 11 attack "may have been the first major battle of World War III, it may be the last one that involves only conventional, non-nuclear weapons."

The American people, at a moment of enormous grief and anxiety, are being told they must accept the prospect of having their sons and daughters sent to distant parts to kill and be killed, to fight an enemy or enemies yet to be named, and at the same time acquiesce to the gutting of their democratic rights.

What they are not being told is that the American corporate and financial elite, in the name of a holy war against terrorism, intends to rain death and destruction on countless thousands of people in order to realize global aims it has long harbored. Can there be any doubt that this crusade for "peace" and "stability" will become the occasion for the US to tighten its grip over the oil and natural gas resources of the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and the Caspian? Behind the pious and patriotic declarations of politicians and media commentators stand the long-cherished designs of American imperialism to dominate new parts of the world and establish global hegemony.

This article is available as a PDF-formatted leaflet


Bin Laden prepares new attacks

SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COMSunday, September 30, 2001

LONDON — Saudi billionaire fugitive Osama Bin Laden is preparing to launch new terrorist attacks over next few weeks, according to information obtained by western intelligence.

Officials said Bin Laden is believed to have ordered his agents in both Europe and the United States to scan targets and prepare spectacular strikes that could resemble those of the Islamic suicide attacks on New York and Washington on Sept. 11.

Bin Laden's plans have alarmed both London and Washington as well as several European capitals, Middle East Newsline reports. Officials said their concern is based on intelligence information obtained over the last two weeks.

"I understand he is preparing for high-impact terrorist attacks in the coming weeks, if he's able to," British Minister for Europe Peter Hain said. "We've got to track him down. We've got to stop him."

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw agreed. Straw told the British Broadcasting Corp. that Bin Laden is preparing attacks. Western intelligence agencies, he said, do not know Bin Laden's targets.

"There continues to be a risk of them making further attacks," Straw said. "We don't know exactly where. On the one hand none of us wish to raise anxiety in the minds of the public, but we would be complacent and irresponsible not to warn of the risks."

Officials both in London and Washington assess that Bin Laden has hundreds of agents based in Europe and the United States on call for suicide attacks. They said the attacks could be launched even if Bin Laden is killed in a U.S. military campaign against terrorism.

On Sunday, the London-based Observer weekly reported that Britain and the United States would launch an attack on Bin Laden within two days. Other reports said U.S. commandos are already operating in Afghanistan.

Earlier this week a leading Arabic daily reported that Pakistan and the United States have agreed to launch a campaign to overthrow the ruling Afghan Taliban movement within days. The London-based Al Hayat reported on Wednesday that Islamabad and Washington have agreed to cooperate with the northern-based Afghan opposition in a drive to oust Taliban from Kabul. But the newspaper said the Bush administration and Congress do not agree on any military campaign against Taliban.

The newspaper quoted Russian sources as saying that a military campaign against Taliban could begin as early as between Thursday and Saturday. Such a campaign, the sources said, would be used by Russian President Vladimir Putin for a military offensive against Chechen rebels.

The sources said Britain and the United States will probably begin with a massive air attack on Taliban installations in Afghanistan. They said U.S. units have arrived in neighboring Uzbekistan for such an assault and have taken over Dushanbe airport, the largest in Central Asia.

Over the last week, Washington has been consulting with Russia over intelligence estimates regarding the military strength of Taliban. The assessment is that Taliban has about 30 Soviet-era tanks, none of them more modern than either the T-62 or T-55 models.

Taliban is also believed to have between 15 and 20 MiG-21 fighter-jets as well as the Sukhoi-22. Russian sources said Taliban is also said to have a limited arsenal of Scud ground-to-ground missiles and U.S.-made Stinger shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles.

But in Washington, U.S. officials have not ruled out the prospect that Taliban or Bin Laden might use chemical weapons against U.S. troops. The Washington Times reported on Wednesday that Bin Laden has acquired from Russian organized crime groups components for weapons of mass destruction. The newspaper said Bin Laden might also have a nuclear weapons laboratory inside Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon ordered 2,000 more reservists to duty. Later, the House approved a $343 billion defense bill that diverted $400 million in funds from missile defense to counterterrorism efforts. In all, $6 billion has been allocated for counterterrorism. http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/breaking_4.html


1ar01a.gif (10347 bytes)Shocking Us into World Government

The method described by Gardner is sometimes called
"patient gradualism." By slowly sapping our country’s
sovereignty, globalists can achieve the objective of
empowering the UN to act as a world government without
attracting a great deal of public opposition. But
there is an alternative approach: Using sudden
crises, such as wars, disasters, terrorism, or
similar threats, to scare the public into accepting
a new world order.
See: The UN Is NOT Your Friend


World's doctors warn of germ warfare risk
Fri Oct 5 00:00:10 2001

Not sure exactly what's happening here but I wanted to pass the following on
to you......

Please note that a friend of mine is visiting Michigan and passed the
following on to me.

There is an apparent outbreak of Meningitis in Garden City, Michigan (near

Kalamazoo, Michigan has an E-Coli outbreak via the water system.

There have been several calls that stated two men so far have dropped dead
with heart problems in their mid-forties. As far as I know these men had no
known previous heart problems. One more item I would like to mention that I
feel is most important----both of these men in different parts of the country
had blood which came from their mouth during the process of their demise,
Could these men have been misdiagnosed?

Now several articles tell the story of the man in Florida that has been
diagnosed with Pulmonary Anthrax, the weird part is that they say perhaps the
man contracted the anthrax from a creek ---
a lie for sure----Anthrax from the water would cause Gastro- intestinal
Anthrax NOT Pulmonary Anthrax.

The following article from the World Medical Association warns that a few
cases may be seen at clinics--------"This was because the first sign that
any biological attack had been carried out would probably come with the
appearance of a just a few patients at a clinic."

In Florida they are stating that there is "no need to worry"--the case of the
gentleman in Florida is merely an isolated case. Some Miami stations are now
stating that the Lantana, FL man was misdiagnosed. Well------the lies

Now is the time-please network the outbreaks and pay attention to the
hospitals and drug stores. We do appreciate input.

Here is the article.
World's doctors warn of germ warfare risk

By Richard Waddington

GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Medical Association warned Thursday that nations
were not adequately equipped to deal with terrorist attacks using biological
or chemical weapons.

The group, bringing together doctors' associations from 72 countries, said
the threat posed by such weaponry demanded vigilance from all sectors --
governments down to individual physicians.

"The WMA called on governments to acknowledge and act on the extreme danger
of chemical and biological weapons," the association said in a statement
issued at the start of a special three-day meeting of its governing council.

The WMA had been scheduled to hold its annual assembly in New Delhi but the
gathering was called off after the Sept. 11 terror attacks in the United
States. A smaller council meeting was convened instead for the French town of
Ferney-Voltaire, near the Swiss border.

Doctors said they were deeply concerned that any future attacks might involve
the use of biological weapons that had the potential to be even more lethal
than last month's assaults on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Some 6,000 people died or are missing and presumed dead after pilots slammed
planes into the landmarks in attacks which the United States says were
orchestrated by Saudi-born Islamic militant Osama bin Laden.

The WMA said a program of education for doctors and health workers was
required in order to ensure they could quickly detect symptoms of a chemical
or biological attack. The WMA also called for greater international
cooperation between health services.


A WMA report presented at the meeting pointed out that any attack with
biological weapons was likely to be insidious rather than instantly dramatic,
with infections possibly spreading for days or even weeks until detected.

"The release of organisms causing smallpox, plague and anthrax could prove
catastrophic in terms of the resulting illnesses and deaths, compounded by
the panic such outbreaks would generate," it said.

"We have to increase our vigilance and improve coordination between military
defense and medical areas," the president of the American Medical
Association, Richard Corlin, told Reuters.

This was because the first sign that any biological attack had been carried
out would probably come with the appearance of a just a few patients at a

"We need to ensure that we will be quick off the mark. In dealing with a
biological weapon attack, the key is the speed of the response. This means
quickly identifying that it has taken place," Corlin said.

"The level of readiness is only spotty. I don't think we have in place the
systems needed," he added.

The WMA report noted that advances in biological and genetic research had
made it easier for groups of would-be attackers to obtain weapons of germ
warfare. It was also often difficult to tell the difference between programs
of legitimate medical research and weapons production, it added.

The United States briefly grounded crop-dusting planes following the New York
and Washington attacks on fears they could be used to spread toxic chemicals
or germs.


It's all about the "O" [Oil] word!
Thu Oct 4 02:17:14 2001

Pipelinemap.gif (28201 bytes)
It's all about the "O" word!
The brother of Osama bin Laden, Salem bin Laden was killed mysteriously in 1988 after
his plane, an BAC 1-11, crashed in Texas soon after a meeting concerning an "oil deal"
with George Bush. It is time for the American people to wake up and demand the truth.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Bush Sr. in business with bin Laden
family conglemerate through Carlyle Group

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest law firm that investigates and
prosecutes government corruption and abuse, reacted with disbelief to The Wall
Street Journal report of yesterday that George H.W. Bush, the father of President
Bush, works for the bin Laden family business in Saudi Arabia through the Carlyle
Group, an international consulting firm. The senior Bush had met with the bin Laden
family at least twice. (Other top Republicans are also associated with the Carlyle
group, such as former Secretary of State James A. Baker.) The terrorist leader
Osama bin Laden had supposedly been “disowned” by his family, which runs a
multi-billion dollar business in Saudi Arabia and is a major investor in the senior
Bush’s firm. Other reports have questioned, though, whether members of his Saudi
family have truly cut off Osama bin Laden. Indeed, the Journal also reported
yesterday that the FBI has subpoenaed the bin Laden family business’s bank

Judicial Watch earlier this year had strongly criticized President Bush’s father’s
association with the Carlyle Group, pointing out in a March 5 statement that it was a
“conflict of interest (which) could cause problems for America’s foreign policy in Middle East and Asia.” Judicial Watch called for the senior Bush to resign from the firm then.

“This conflict of interest has now turned into a scandal. The idea of the President’s father, an ex-president himself, doing business with a company under investigation by the FBI in the terror attacks of September 11 is horrible. President Bush should not ask, but demand, that his father pull out of the Carlyle Group,” stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

“This has the potential of making ‘Billygate’ (Jimmy Carter’s brother’s dealings with Libya) look like small potatoes,” added Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.



Pipeline info....
Mon Oct 1 14:54:50 2001

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Our hearts go out to those who have been lost, injured and affected
by the September 11 attack on America. This is a time of deep
sadness and reflection for all of us. We send hope and love to all.

One action you may take is to make a donation to the Red Cross

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of Lumina Pictures to produce "When Peace Breaks Out," a feature film
based on the life of Aqeela Sherrils and the Gang Truce in Watts. Cheo Coker,
who wrote "Tupac" for New Line and "Marley" for Dreamworks, among others,
has been hired to write the screenplay. Before forming Lumina Pictures with
Margi English, Fred Fuchs was president of Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope

Tree Media Group has concluded a teaming agreement with Booz Allen
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Tree Media Group is supporting a new season of live webcasts for the Council
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What Energy Resources Lie in the Caspian Sea Basin?
Mon Oct 1 17:20:52 2001

What Energy Resources Lie in the Caspian Sea Basin?
Proven oil reserves estimates vary between 15 to 40 billion barrels, representing 1.5% to
4% of the world's proven oil reserves. Estimates of proven gas reserves range from 6.7
to 9.2 trillion cubic meters, with perhaps 8 trillion cubic meters of additional reserves,
according to the International Energy Agency. This represents approximately 6-7% of
the world gas reserves.

Estimates of potentially recoverable oil reserves range far higher with the US
Department of Energy indicating a possible total of 200 billion barrels--close to the 269
billion barrels of proven oil reserves already discovered in Saudi Arabia. Many experts
dispute this claim: the International Institute of Strategic Studies sparked a controversy
last spring deriding the US Government estimates.

Although largely skeptical about the US Energy Department figure, experts differ as to
the amount of recoverable energy reserves. Estimates range from 25-35 billion barrels
according to some industry forecasts to possible reserves of 70 billion according to a
report by Wood Mackenzie consultants. Some US companies use a working estimate of
65 billion barrels.

Whatever the most likely estimate, there appears to be a consensus emerging that,
though the area is "unlikely to become another Middle East" or "major competitor
for the Persian Gulf," it could play a "significant role as a marginal supplier" in
"arresting a jump in the price of oil" in a high price environment and diversifying
supply, "much as the North Sea (does) today."

In terms of distribution, the overwhelming bulk of the oil lies in Azerbaijan and
Kazakhstan and, to a far lesser extent, Uzbekistan.

Kazahhstan has over half of the possible oil resources and, according to some
analysts, has the best potential for new discoveries.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Azerbaijan accounted for almost one
half of the world's crude oil production, but lost its leading position even within the
Soviet Union as investment turned to other promising sites. Its oil production lags
behind Kazakhstan, but investment has risen strongly in past years.

On the gas side, Turkmenistan has the world's fourth largest reserves, but Kazakhstan
and Uzbekistan also have appreciable amounts. According to Oil and Gas, Turkmenistan
had "a significant track record as a proven exporter" before the breakup of the Soviet
Union, but has been recently stymied by Russian competition and control over export
links. Its longer term prospects will depend on development of export markets such as
Turkey, Iran and the Far East.

Kazakhstan is actually a net importer of gas and any increased production is likely
to be used to meet domestic demand. Without the development of other routes,
potential gas exports would currently have to traverse Russia and would likely
encounter the same resistance plaguing Turkmen exports.

Uzbekistan is the largest gas producer in Central Asia since the falloff in Turkmen
production, but most is for domestic consumption. Other than modest exports to its
neighbors, its landlocked position means its gas would have to go through more
countries than its Turkmen and Kazakhstan competitors.

Estimates vary as to how fast the area's energy resources can be developed.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects oil production from Kazakhstan,
Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan to reach 1.6 million barrels per day by
2000 and 3.5 million barrels per day by 2010 in a "high case" scenario and 1.4
million in 2000 and 2.8 million in 2010 in a low case scenario.

US Government estimates believe the production could reach as high as 4.5
million b/d by 2010 if political barriers are removed.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies expects Kazakhstan,
Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to reach 3.5 million b/d sometime around 2010.

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies cautions that the production take-off is
likely to be slow, although they believe it could reach 3.5 million barrels per day by

By way of comparison, North Sea oil production ended 1997 at 6.1 million barrels per
day; Venezuelan oil production stood at 3.5 million barrels per day in early 1998. Some
analysts contend that in terms of diversifying world oil supplies and providing for extra
energy security, the "payoff" would be much higher if "greater efforts" were made
elsewhere—such Mexico and Russian Siberia—to tap available resources.

IEA forecasts gas production from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and
Uzbekistan reaching 112 billion cubic meters (bcm) by 2000 and 201 bcm by 2010 under
a "high case" scenario and 102 bcm by 2000 and 164 bcm by 2010 under a "low case"
scenario. Caspian gas exporters face stiff competition from a host of other suppliers in
the European gas market while the difficulties of building pipelines eastward through
Afghanistan is not be minimized. Gas prices are also linked to oil in most markets adding
an additional constraint if oil prices remain flat.



Government Had Prior Knowledge - Pending 9-11 Attack


bush11.jpg (17782 bytes)

They create the problems, then they provide the solutions.

To gain control first they create a problem then they provide the solution. One way or another the solution always results in more loss of freedom for us and more power for them.

GUNS..... They create the massacres then they want to take away guns.

FIRES..... They start the fires, then come along and make the land inaccessible to us, then they confiscate the land and turn it into parks which later become controlled by the United Nations.

HEALTHCARE........ By creating programs like Medicare they gained control of medicine, because they were making payments that gave them the right to make the rules and get more and more control over doctors, medicines, hospitals and HMOs.

WELFARE...... by creating a welfare state they have more people under their thumb to control while EMPOWERING their system.   How much money is allocated each year for a single individual on welfare?  And how much of that money is actually seen by the recipient?   I think if you do some research, you will find that more money goes BACK to the government then goes to the welfare recipient!    CONTROL THE MONEY AND YOU CONTROL THE PEOPLE........ ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY! http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/dove/index.htm



By Harry Mason BSc, MSc,

"On the day of the event, I, like many others, watched the CNN
TV feed of the Oklahoma scene. Intriguingly, there were early
reports of missiles being seen coming down vertically into the
building, but these reports never resurfaced."

"An eyewitness located in a car a couple of hundred metres
from ground zero observed a silver-white light flash or beam
coming out of the top of the building, followed by a large
blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam, followed by an
orange-red light flash or beam that shot out from the top of
the building."

"It is my contention that the OKC event was the result of a
double-pronged EM weapon strike that caused the Earth's
dielectric field to erupt up through the building. The building
shook first because of harmonic reaction to the first EM wave
packet which also blew the building's electrical supply and
created the various computer, digital compass and ionising
hot-air effects. Having rocked the building sufficiently, the EM
weapon mode was advanced in a second strike to initiate
atomic-bond rupture and literally blow the building material



By Harry Mason BSc, MSc,

OKC "Bombing" extract from longer article.
(read whole article at above URL)

On 17 April 1995, at a few minutes after 9.00 am, Oklahoma
City was blasted by the "terrorist bombing" of the Alfred P.
Murrah Federal Building. One hundred and sixty eight men,
women and children were killed, and hundreds more were
maimed or injured in this callous attack. The building was
nearly totally destroyed by the explosion, whilst severe
damage was inflicted on adjacent buildings, petering out
at about a one-mile radius from ground zero.

This event was soon blamed upon a "right-wing militia group"
composed of ex-Gulf War veterans utilising an ANFO bomb
composed of from two to five tonnes of ammonium nitrate and
Diesel fuel-oil set up in a hire truck parked in front of the target
building. A robotic Timothy McVeigh was recently convicted
of the OKC "bombing", and his alleged accomplice Terry Nichols
awaits his trial (which is about to commence as this article
goes to press).

On the day of the event, I, like many others, watched the CNN
TV feed of the Oklahoma scene. Intriguingly, there were early
reports of missiles being seen coming down vertically into the
building, but these reports never resurfaced. A survivor with
blood over his face was interviewed about one hour into the
rescue effort. He described how his life had been saved in his
previous domicile in California. When the Murrah Building began
to shake violently he recognised an earthquake, just like those
he had experienced in California, so he dived under his fifth-floor
desk. Some five-to-ten seconds later, a huge explosion demolished
the building around him, but the desk saved his life.

Then came reports that more bombs had been found, and a
utility truck with a small armoured bomb box in its tray was
shown, whilst the FBI's radio delivered a conversation alleging
large drums of mercury fulminate explosive had been found
attached to building support pillars next to the lift shaft.

I became agitated, since I had never heard of earthquake-type
effects hitting a building before a bomb went off, and I knew
mercury fulminate to be an extremely unstable explosive and
very unlikely to have survived a major explosion. Also, the size
of explosive drum reported then and later photographed would
have been far too large to fit in the armoured bomb box that
reportedly drove away with these dangerous prizes.

Explosives experts in Australia, the UK and USA (e.g., the
General Partin report) began to question the nature of the
damage at OKC. The gist of their theses is that low-velocity
explosives like ANFO cannot have demolished so many
support pillars in the strange pattern seen at OKC, since the
blast pressure falls off according to the inverse cube distance
law-yet some near-bomb pillars were still standing, whilst some
further away from the bomb were demolished by the blast.

Their reports generally invoke a need for very-high-velocity
explosives and individual charges attached to certain pillars
inside the building-requiring hours of work to fit out. Personal
friends with experience in mining explosives and Belfast IRA
ANFO terrorist-bomb damage have confirmed these points to
me and have noted that the crater that developed at OKC does
not fit with the truck bomb explanation or the truck's alleged
parking lot position.

Another possible weapon candidate soon surfaced: the
"A-Neutronic" bomb. In this scenario, a mad criminal scientist
(the infamous Michael Riconosciuto, currently serving time in
a US prison), developed for the US Government a new super
-weapon that involved blowing a cloud of chemicals into the air,
charging the cloud with a large excess of electrostatic energy by
means of a small rocket-carried "wire", and then detonating the
resultant "fuel-air" mix to create a small nuclear-type explosion.

I began to collect eyewitness reports and evidence from official
source publications and Internet sites relating to the OKC event.
Then, in late 1996, I visited Oklahoma City and with the help of
local author David Hoffman examined the "bombing" site and
interviewed local witnesses. The outpourings of grief and anguish
present, with messages and wreaths of the victims' relatives and
friends on the targeted building site's protective fences, made me
resolve to give this event my very best analysis to try to deduce
the true nature of this explosive event and thereby help indicate
the real culprits.

Seismic evidence recorded by local seismometers demonstrated
a double-pronged explosive energy event with two nearly identical
three-to-five-second, low-amplitude, multiple wave trains separated
by a null field, occurring over a nine-second interval. USGS
geophysicists argued that these two wave-packets were due to
an initial ground "surface" wave arriving before a secondary wave
that had travelled via deeper reflecting Earth layers, i.e., via the local
basement. Other geophysicists argued that there were two wave-
packets, representing the explosion followed by the building debris
impacting with the ground.

These hypotheses were blown apart by the US Government's
explosive demolition action on the Alfred P. Murrah Building remains,
which failed completely to demonstrate a two-pronged seismic
response that was in any way similar to the original event recordings.
The original and best seismic recordings have been confiscated by
the FBI, along with many other items of evidence such as the City
video-surveillance tapes. Hardly surprisingly, none of this evidence
surfaced in the McVeigh trial.

Along with the evidence of seismic action shaking the building
some five-to-ten seconds prior to any explosion or blast wave
hitting the building, there were several other mysterious
pre-explosion events. A policeman working at his computer
noticed electrical sparks and streamers in the wiring under the
table several seconds before the explosion brought the building
down around him. A woman on an upper floor noted a strong
ionising electrical sensation and hot air-flow entering the windows
several seconds prior to the explosion which blew the same
windows in on her. The lights in the building went out some five
seconds before the explosion. A dictation tape recording made
across the street from the "bombed" building recorded a loud
"click" a few seconds before it recorded the sound of a huge
explosion. This "click" was probably a local electromagnetic
wave spike of considerable intensity.

An eyewitness located in a car a couple of hundred metres
from ground zero observed a silver-white light flash or beam
coming out of the top of the building, followed by a large
blue-white electrical arcing flash or beam, followed by an
orange-red light flash or beam that shot out from the top of
the building. These electrical and light effects took some five
seconds and preceded the actual explosion. (Reports of missiles
may have been mistaken identification of these pre-explosion
energy beams.) They were followed immediately by two explosive
shock waves, one trailing on the other, that propagated out and
away from the base of the building. These waves lifted the ground
and buildings violently upwards. The witness called this the
"lid effect".

Several cars located on the above-ground carpark had
electronic ignition computers completely burnt out by the
event. Two cars had factory-fitted digital magnetic compasses
that were later found to have been thrown out by 180 and 45
respectively. Many nearby office computers went down with
burnt-out circuit- boards. These facts point strongly to a major
EM pulse having struck the area associated with the explosion.

The local area damage from the OKC event was huge. I cannot
emphasise enough how devastated this area was. I was quite
amazed when I visited the site. Entire blocks of damaged office
buildings had been knocked down due to their shattered state,
some nearly a mile away from ground zero. Large open spaces
were surrounded by boarded-up buildings with no windows,
no roofs, and intensely shattered internal concrete beams and
supporting pillars. I saw the intense damage inside the nearby
newspaper building where internal dividing walls had been
smashed asunder and horizontal three-foot-square reinforced
concrete beams sagged down everywhere. This building had
been built to very high 1930s standards to withstand tornados,
yet it was wrecked. Many buildings had entire windowsills forced
back in with their front brick walls sagging inwards. Nearer to
ground zero, large, one-foot-wide, floor-and-wall reinforcing steel
H-girders were twisted like spaghetti into grotesque shapes
amidst the ruins of entire floors blown away to dust and rubble.

I showed a suite of local damage photos to retired SAS trooper
friends, with experience in IRA ANFO bomb damage. They were
as amazed as I was, and stated categorically that this was no
ANFO damage. They said it would not have mattered how large
an ANFO bomb had been detonated, it could not have caused
the damage seen in the photos and/or described in the US

Funnily, the FBI released film of ANFO car-bomb test explosions
that show significant fireball or fiery effects from such explosives.
Yet no witnesses have described any fiery explosion or flames -
just strange, pre-explosion light flashes or beams followed by
pure energy waves, with very high plasma-type heat effects
noted on nearby car paint.

It is my contention that the OKC event was the result of a
double-pronged EM weapon strike that caused the Earth's
dielectric field to erupt up through the building. The building
shook first because of harmonic reaction to the first EM wave
packet which also blew the building's electrical supply and
created the various computer, digital compass and ionising
hot-air effects. Having rocked the building sufficiently, the EM
weapon mode was advanced in a second strike to initiate
atomic-bond rupture and literally blow the building material

No conventional or nuclear explosive, including a so-called
"A-Neutronic" bomb, can cause seismic shaking and electrical
light-energy effects in a structure, seconds before the explosion
blast-wave hits.

Oblique aerial photos of the Murrah Building show two nearly
vertical, tubelike damage forms running through the building.
These represent slightly displaced near-vertical but divergent
beam-pulse orientations, suggesting an orbital platform was
involved in the action.

Any bomb or militia-terrorist character to this event was set
in train by those who hit the building, to ensure that the true
nature of the weapon system and its technology was hidden
from public and possibly other US Government personnel.

This implies that a faction from within the US Government
was responsible. Either that, or the US Government was warned
well in advance that this particular building would be hit that day
by an advanced weapon over which there was no defence-so
it quickly found a patsy and built up a cover story.

"Need-to-know" secrecy policy suggests that there then
entered a cock-up of horrific dimensions. Lower-level personnel
had been searching for a bomb earlier that morning, having
been told that the building was targeted for bombing by
terrorists, but, in failing to find it, they then did not proceed
to evacuate the building. Higher government levels, having
decided to hide the horrible truth from even their own operatives,
had to have a plausible McVeigh militia-type event. The Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms personnel were better served, as were
the Judges in the adjacent court house: they were all warned
to stay away that day.

Secret Service personnel engaged in anti-drug operations were
in their offices which lay in the centre of the damage and were
wiped out by this OKC event. Interestingly, similar terrorist-
bombing events in the past were apparently aimed at the same
anti-drug Secret Service in both the downing of the Lockerbie
Pan Am jumbo and the "bombing" of the New York World Trade
Center. Indeed, it is possible that this entire series of events
is being fought over a drugs empire.

[And/or a G8/Globalist empire?
Michael Irving. World-Action]


The failure of government

Joseph Farahbetween the lines

 2001 WorldNetDaily.com

During the Watergate investigation into Nixon administration corruption, a familiar question to witnesses was: "What did the president know and when did he know it?"

A good variation on that question more than a month after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack is: "What did the government know and when did it know it?"

There's a growing body of evidence that those entrusted and paid by the people to know about threats indeed had some warning, but failed to pass it on to the public.

For instance, according to a report in the London Telegraph, Israeli intelligence agents traveled to Washington in August to warn the FBI and Central Intelligence Agency that large-scale terrorist attacks on highly visible targets on the American mainland were imminent. The Israelis warned that as many as 200 terrorists linked to Osama bin Laden and Iraq were preparing a big operation.

Now that may not seem like enough information to have prevented the attacks. But that's not all the information that was available to our intelligence agencies – not by a long shot.

The FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies also knew that two of the hijackers were in the country, according to the Los Angeles Times. They were on a terrorist watch list. But the airlines were not notified.

In addition, the FBI and CIA were well aware of bin Laden's plans to hijack U.S. airliners. The plot was uncovered six years earlier in the Philippines when police found detailed information on a laptop computer belonging to a bin Laden operative, Ramsi Youssef. The plan called for hijacking U.S. airliners and crashing them into U.S. buildings including the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

In case the FBI and CIA had just forgotten about Project Bojinka, which I sincerely doubt, they should have received a reminder with the 1999 publication of Yossef Bodansky's book, "Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America," in which he spells it out. The original plan called for the hijacking of 11 airliners at once.

In other words, had the FBI and CIA simply added two plus two, the threat of hijackings would have been obvious.

But there was even more.

The FBI had several terrorists under surveillance, according to the Oct. 1 issue of Newsweek. They intercepted communications just prior to Sept. 11 that suggested something very big was about to happen.

Still, there were more clues.

Zacarias Moussaoui was arrested after flight trainers tipped off the feds that he wanted to learn how to fly a 747 but wasn't interested in takeoffs or landings. Zacarias was traveling on a French passport. When contacted, the French government reported that he was a suspected terrorist.

There were even more reasons to be on high alert – and specifically to be thinking about the threat of dramatic hijackings.

The question then is: Were they ignored? And, if so, why?

But there is evidence that the threat wasn't ignored – at least not entirely.

A day after the attack, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Mayor Willie Brown was called eight hours before the hijackings and warned by his security staff not to travel.

On Sept. 27, the London Times reported that Salman Rushdie got a similar warning about avoiding U.S. and Canadian airliners. That warning, said Rushdie, came from no less authority than the Federal Aviation Administration.

Now, you're probably wondering why Willie Brown and Salman Rushdie are more important to the U.S. government than you and me and Barbara Olson. I'm wondering the same thing.

These selective warnings – and I have no doubt there were many more we have not yet heard about – suggest strongly that the FBI, CIA and other federal agencies had the information, knew something big was up, something that involved terrorist attacks on airliners, but failed to disclose the information to the airlines and the flying public in general.

I think heads should roll at the FBI and CIA. I think there ought to be an investigation into what the FAA knew and when it knew it. I think, once again, the federal government has neglected its main responsibility under the Constitution – protecting the American people from attack.




The time has come to stop using the flag as a blindfold, to stop waving our guns and our gods at each other, to take a close look at the facts which have emerged from the attacks on the World Trade Towers and to recognize the very real possibility, indeed probability, that We The People are the victims of a gigantic and deadly hoax.

In a normal terrorist event, the terrorists cannot wait to take credit, in order to link the violence to the socio-political intent of the terrorist organization. Yet the prime suspect in the New York Towers case, ex(?) CIA asset Osama Bin Laden (whose brother is one of George W. Bush's Texas business partners), has issued only two statements regarding the September 11th attacks, and both of those are denials of any involvement.

Huge problems are emerging in the official view of events. It's known that the United States was planning an invasion of Afghanistan long before the attacks on the World Trade Towers. Indeed the attacks on the World Trade Towers perfectly fit the timetable of an invasion by October stated by US officials just last summer.

The 19 names of suspected hijackers released by the FBI don't point to Afghanistan. They come from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates; all across the middle east without a focus in any one region. Indeed, even as the FBI was admitting that its list of 19 names was based solely on identifications thought to have been forged, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saudi Al-Faisal insisted that an investigation in Saudi Arabia showed that the 5 Saudi men were not aboard the four jetliners that crashed in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania on September 11. "It was proved that five of the names included in the FBI list had nothing to do with what happened," Al-Faisal told the Arabic Press in Washington after meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush at the White House. A sixth identified hijacker is also reported to still be alive in Tunisia, while a 7th named man died two years ago!

In a recent development, the BBC is reporting that the transcript of a phone call made by Flight Attendant Madeline Amy Sweeney to Boston air traffic controls shows that the flight attendant gave the seat numbers occupied by the hijackers, seat numbers which were NOT the seats of the men the FBI claimed were responsible for the hijacking!

FBI Chief Robert Mueller admitted on September 20 and on September 27 that at this time the FBI has no legal proof to prove the true identities of the suicidal hijackers. Yet in the haste to move forward on the already planned war in Afghanistan, our government and the FBI (which does not have the best record for honesty in investigations to begin with, having been caught rigging lab tests, manufacturing testimony in the Vincent Foster affair, and illegally withholding/destroying evidence in the Oklahoma Bombing case) are not taking too close a look at evidence that points away from the designated suspect, ex(?) CIA asset Osama Bin Laden.

In particular, the FBI, too busy harassing political dissenters to find spies in its midst, the long rumored mole inside the White House, or plug leaks in high-tech flowing to foreign nations, has willfully and criminally ignored the implications of some vital pieces of information the FBI is itself waving around at the public.

We are being told that this crack team of terrorists, able to breeze past airport security as if it wasn't there, wound up leaving so much evidence in its wake that the bumbling Inspector Clouseau (or the FBI) could not fail to stumble over it. The locations where the terrorists supposedly stayed are so overloaded with damning materials that they resemble less a crimes scene, and more a "B" detective movie set, with vital clues always on prominent display for the cameras.

Yet another problem lies with the described actions of the hijackers themselves. We are being told on the one hand that these men were such fanatical devotees of their faith that they willingly crashed the jets they were flying into buildings. Yet on the other hand, we are being told that these same men spent the night before their planned visit to Allah drinking in strip bars, committing not just one, but two mortal sins which would keep them out of Paradise no matter what else they did. Truly devout Muslims would spend the day before a suicide attack fasting and praying. Not only does the drinking in strip bars not fit the profile of a fanatically religious Muslim willing to die for his cause, but the witness reports of the men in the bars are of men going out of their way to be noticed and remembered, while waving around phony identifications.

Because of the facts of the phony identifications, we don't really know who was on those planes. What we do know is that the men on those planes went to a great deal of trouble to steal the identities of Muslims, and to make sure those identities were seen and remembered, then to leave a plethora of planted clues around, such as crop dusting manuals, and letters in checked baggage (why does a terrorist about to die need to check baggage?) that "somehow" didn't get on the final, fatal, flight.

Fake terror is nothing new. According to recently released files, our government planned Operation NORTHWOODS to stage phony terror attacks against American citizens in the wake of the Bay Of Pigs, to anger Americans into support for a second invasion of Cuba. The plan was spiked by JFK. If our government has ever actually carried out such plans to stage phony terror attacks, the documents have remained classified. But given the reality of Operation NORTHWOODS, or the manner in which FDR maneuvered Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, one cannot rule out the possibility that, once again, the people of the United States are being lied to by their own government, to manufacture consent for a war of invasion already being discussed with other nations the previous summer.

It is also quite possible, indeed likely, that the United States is being spoofed by a third party to trigger a war. It has happened before. According to Victor Ostrovsky, a defector from Israel's secret service, Mossad, Israel decided to mount a false flag operation designed to further discredit Libya, and provoke the US to attack an Arab nation. A transmitter loaded with pre-recorded messages was planted in Tripoli, Libya, by a Mossad team.

The `Trojan Horse' beamed out fake messages about Libyan-authorized bombings and planned attacks that were immediately intercepted by US electronic monitoring. Convinced by this disinformation that Libya was behind the 1986 bombing of a Berlin disco in which a US soldier died, President Ronald Reagan ordered massive air attacks on Libya, including an obvious- and illegal (under US law) attempt to assassinate Qadaffi himself. Some 100 Libyan civilians were killed, including Qadaffi's two year old daughter. Libyan officials had no idea why they were attacked.

It is worth remembering the motto of the Mossad is, "By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

Whether they were involved in the attacks or not, it cannot be doubted that Israel has benefited from the attacks in New York. While world attention is focused on what the US will do in Afghanistan, Israel has escalated its attacks against Palestinians towns. Israel has repeatedly tried to claim that Palestinians were involved in the New York attacks, hoping to bury the Palestinian cause under the rubble of the World Trade Towers.

Because of the faked IDs and stolen identities, we don't really know who planned the World Trade Towers attacks. We only know who they wanted us to blame.

And we know that the United States has been tricked in the past into bombing someone who did not deserve the attack, and that those who were bombed then embarked on what from their point of view was justified retaliation that culminated over Lockerbie. And while bombs were falling and planes were crashing, Israel was laughing at us that we had been so easily fooled into bombing Israel's targets for them.

Are we being hoaxed again, by Israel, or by our own government, or by both? It's impossible to rule that out. Right now there are a lot of people who want war. Oil companies want Afghanistan's petroleum products. Our corporations want "friendlier" markets. The CIA wants all that opium. And all those war-mongers, with all their greed and agendas, will not hesitate in the least to pour your tax dollars and your children's blood all over Afghanistan, to get those "friendlier" markets, oil, and opium.

Because of the vested interests at work here, American citizens must, more than at any other time in recent history, rely on themselves to decide what is happening in our nation. Too many of those who purport to report the "truth" to us are eager to grab more tax money and more children to pour into a war of invasion, poised at a region which has swallowed up every army that has tried to conquer it since the time of Alexander The Great.

And one more thing. Take a good look at the map of Eurasia and plot out where the United States has military deployments. They march in a straight line through the middle of Eurasia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan.

The United States is prepared to cut the Russian Federation off from the oil rich middle east, and to control transportation routes from China and India into the Middle East. When Russia realizes that this is the real agenda, that's when "Dubya Dubya Three" will really get going!



Hijacker 'given anthrax flask by Iraqi agent'

Saddam Hussein.jpg (15031 bytes)

Saddam Hussein


INTELLIGENCE agents from Prague to Swansea are uncovering a trail of clues
that point to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq having a hand in al-Qaeda's
terrorist missions.

Iraqi ministers have spent the week protesting Baghdad's innocence to the
United Nations, but will not say why some of its diplomats who met Mohammed
Atta, one of the suspected September 11 hijackers, disappeared from their
European posts after that date.

Nor will Baghdad explain why Saddam's agents were spotted at various times
this year with Atta in Germany, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Many in the Pentagon are sure Saddam helped to orchestrate the simultaneous
hijackings and the anthrax attacks, but President Bush and Tony Blair have
yet to be convinced.
To get proof of the Baghdad connection, senior
officials in the Bush Administration even sent a former CIA Director to
Britain on a covert mission.

Intelligence officers in Washington have deliberately leaked the testimony
of an Iraqi defector hiding in Turkey who said that Saddam set up a
terrorist training school on the outskirts of Istanbul to practice
hijacking a Boeing passenger aircraft.  The CIA says that it is assessing
the claims.

Meanwhile, a special FBI team sent to Europe to uncover al-Qaeda cells say
that they are studying a report from Prague that anthrax spores were given
to Atta during his last meeting in Prague in April with Ahmed Khalil
Ibrahim Samir al-Ani, the Iraqi consul.
"If it can be shown that Atta was given a flask of anthrax," a Western
intelligence official said, "then the link will have been made with Osama
bin Laden and with Iraq." What is known is that Atta made at least four
visits to the Czech Republic to see Mr al-Ani.  Czech intelligence officers
who saw them embrace at Ruzyne Airport admit that they had no idea who the
man greeting Saddam's envoy was.  When they were followed to the
headquarters of Radio Free Europe the suspicion was that they may have been
plotting to bomb it.

Yesterday the German newspaper Bild suggested a more sinister motive for
their meetings.  The claim, according to Israeli security sources, is that
Atta was handed a vacuum flask of anthrax by his Iraqi contact.  From
Prague, it is believed Atta flew to Newark.
 From New Jersey, letters laced with anthrax were sent to broadcasters and
politicians in New York, Washington and Florida.  Czech officials have been
to Washington to reveal all they know, but they can't question the Iraqi
envoy because Mr al-Ani was deported from Prague in April for "activities
incompatible with his status as a diplomat".

Stanislav Gross, the Czech Interior Minister, confirmed yesterday a meeting
in Prague between Atta and Mr al-Ani just weeks before the envoy was expelled.

US scientists believe the anthrax spores sent to Tom Daschle, the Senate
Majority Leader, had been treated with a sophisticated chemical additive
only three countries can manufacture: Russia, America and possibly Iraq.

Former UN weapons inspectors suggest that Saddam could have helped bin
Laden to get nuclear material.  Critics of the Pentagon's view say that
Iraq would not share its nuclear secrets, but might watch for others trying
to buy on the black market.

Italian police say they are investigating how Saddam also used his Embassy
in Rome to foster his partnership with al-Qaeda.  One of Saddam's
intelligence agents, Habib Faris Abdullah al-Mamouri, was sent to be the
new headmaster of a school for Iraqi diplomats in Italy.  The bogus
headmaster has not been seen in Rome since July, shortly after he also met
Atta.  The pair are also said to have been together in Hamburg and Prague.

There is no proof the men were in direct contact, but as one intelligence
source in Madrid said: "They chose a strange time and place to take a
holiday." The Rome daily Il Messaggero, quoting Western intelligence
sources, said of Mr al-Mamouri that "he spent more time pursuing contacts
helpful to the Iraqi regime among fundamentalist Islamic groups than he had
on his supposed teaching duties".

Italian officials say that Mr al-Mamouri held the rank of general in the
Iraqi secret service, and from 1982 to 1990 worked in the Special
Operations Branch forging Baghdad's links with Islamic fundamentalist
groups in Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Gulf and Sudan.  He was transferred to
his "teaching duties" in 1998, although all the Iraqi Embassy will say of
his sudden departure is that "he had money problems".

Although Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State, and others in his
department are sceptical of Saddam's involvement, there are many
influential figures in US intelligence who claim that Iraq's links with bin
Laden go back to the early Nineties.

Desperate for allies after the Gulf War, Saddam sent Faruq Hijazi, his
secret service director, to Sudan in 1994, where bin Laden then had his
headquarters.  The meetings were brokered by Hassan al-Tourabi, the
Sudanese Muslim leader, who was bin Laden's protector.  The Sudanese
belatedly offered to show the CIA all they knew about bin Laden and his
visits, to ingratiate themselves back into the international fold, but the
Americans scorned the approach.

The Iraqi connection with bin Laden continued when the terrorist leader
moved to Afghanistan.  Mr Hijazi, who is now Saddam's envoy in Turkey,
reportedly met the al-Qaeda leader at his fortified home in Kandahar and in

Mr Hijazi also disappeared from his embassy last month after the first
reports of his meetings with al-Qaeda, and he is believed to have slipped
back into Ankara earlier this week.  The Foreign Ministry in Turkey says it
has not been told that the Ambassador had returned, although the Iraqi
Embassy says that he is "resting".
What puzzles Turkish officials is that there are no airport records of his

US Intelligence says Saddam cultivated the relationship with al-Qaeda at
the start of 1998 by inviting the man regarded as bin Laden's deputy -
Ayman Zawahiri - to dine with Taha Yasin Ramadan, the Iraqi
Vice-President.  That was such a success that a delegation from al-Qaeda
attended Saddam's birthday celebrations that April, and it was during this
trip that arrangements were made for bin Laden recruits to receive the sort
of advanced weapons training they could not get in their camps in Afghanistan.

The hand-picked bin Laden agents found themselves under the supervision of
Saddam's violent son, Uday, who wanted to conscript some of bin Laden's
skilled fighters into his own militia.
Bin Laden reciprocated by dispatching "400 Afghan Arabs" to Iraq to fight

The most curious attempt to implicate Saddam was in South Wales last month
when James Woolsey, the former CIA Director, is reported to have visited a
Swansea college.  The hope was that the testimony of college lecturers and
recollections of former students could be used to convince sceptics in the
US Administration and Downing Street that Saddam has helped to provide
agents to carry out al-Qaeda attacks.

Mr Woolsey, who refuses to give details of his British itinerary, has
always believed that the Iraqi leader masterminded the 1993 terrorist
bombing of the World Trade Centre.

The trip to the Swansea Institute was to establish the true identity of one
of bin Laden's bombers, who claims to have studied computer-aided
engineering in South Wales.

Additional reporting by Roger Boyes in Berlin; Richard Owen in Rome and
Andrew Finkel in Istanbul


Republic USA

From: Steven Pattison stevenpattison@juno.com

Some Got rich off Tragedy
A Select Few Seem to Have Profited from Advance Knowledge of the Terror Attacks on America

Sept. 11 marked a devastating loss for the nation, but shrewd financial speculators with ties to the highest levels of the CIA appear to have profited from the disaster, raising questions about exactly who had prior knowledge of the terrible tragedy.  Exclusive to American Free Press

By Christopher Bollyn

The day two passenger planes crashed into the World Trade Center ended differently for different people. For some 10,000 children it meant the loss of a mother or father. For millions of Americans it marked the end of normality. For a select group of fi nancial speculators it meant increased profits.

There have been numerous reports of unusual activity in financial markets around the world suggesting prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

In Chicago, home of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the largest of the five options exchanges in the nation, brokers and speculators known as options traders wage bets daily about what a stock price will do. In options trades there are winner s and losers regardless of the outcome.

The catastrophic events of Sept. 11 were no different; the devastation at the World Trade Center resulted in some speculators winning millions of dollars from options purchased at the CBOE-while others lost their lives.

A $2.5 million winning that resulted when the United Airlines share price fell after two of its planes crashed remains unclaimed more than six weeks after the tragedy.

Investigations into the unusually high number of "put" options, betting that the price of United Airlines (UAL) and American Airlines shares would fall, have revealed that Alex Brown Inc., an investment banking firm, purchased many of these op tion contracts.
Alex Brown Inc. was, until 1998, managed by the man who is now the executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard.

Krongard, 64, former head of Baltimore-based Alex Brown, America's oldest investment bank, joined the CIA three years ago as a counselor to Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet.

Krongard switched careers shortly after helping engineer the $2.5 billion merger of Alex Brown and Bankers Trust New York Corp., gaining $71 million in Bankers Trust stock in the process.

President Bush appointed Krongard executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency on March 26. From February 1998 until March 2001, Krongard served as counselor to the director of central intelligence. Until 1997 Krongard was chairman of the inves tment bank A.B. Brown, having previously worked in various capacities at Alex Brown.

Krongard was quoted on the relationship between Wall Street and the CIA in an article by The Washington Post. If you go back to the CIA's origins during World War II in the Office of Strategic Services, Krongard told the Post, "the whole OSS was re ally nothing but Wall Street bankers and lawyers."


Between Sept. 6 and 7, the CBOE saw a dramatic spike in the purchases of put options on United Airlines stock compared to call options.

A "put" option increases in value when the stock price falls, while a "call" option increases if the share price rises. The ratio of "put" options to "call" options was 12 to 1, with 2,372 "put" options purchased, betting that UAL stock would fall compared with 198 "call" options. The winners on these options deals walked away with untold millions of dollars in profits.

On Sept. 10, speculators in Chicago purchased put options on American Airlines, the other airlines involved in the hijackings, at a ratio of 6 to 1 against "call" options. Traders bought 2,258 put options as compared with 374 "call" options the day before the crashes.

There were similar spikes in "put" option contracts on the shares of the investment firms of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. and Merrill Lynch & Co., major tenants of the World Trade Center, occupying 22 floors each, who were both dev astated by the terror attacks.

In the three days of trading prior to Sept. 11, Morgan Stanley "put" options spiked dramatically.

According to figures provided by Options Clearing Corp. of Chicago, during the two trading days before the attacks the total number of "put" options jumped to 7,647 compared with a daily average of 2,384 during the month of August. Morgan Stan ley's shares fell from $48.90 to $42.50 in the aftermath of the attacks.

Likewise, Merrill Lynch "put" options jumped to 64,445 in the three days before the attacks. On Sept. 10, 28,960 "put" options were purchased on Merrill Lynch compared with a daily average of 5,430 during the month of August. Merrill 's shares fell from $46.88 to $41.50. H

Saddam Turns His Back on Greenbacks
Time - November 13, 2000, Pg 34 <---------------=
By William Dowell / New York City


EUROPE'S DREAM OF PROMOTING the euro as a competitor to the U.S. Dollar
may get a boost from SADDAM HASSSEIN. Iraq says that from now on it wants
payments for its oil in euros, despite the fact that the battered European
currency unit, which used to be worth quite a bit more than $1, has dropped
to about $.82. Iraq says it will no longer accept dollars for oil because
it does not want to deal "in the currency of the enemy."

The switch to euros would cost the U.N. a small fortune in accounting-
paperwork changes. It would also reduce the interest earnings and
reparations payments that Iraq is making for damage it caused during
the Gulf War, a shortfall of Iraqis would have to make up.

The move hurts Iraq, the U.N. and the countries receiving reparations. So
why is Saddam doing it? Diplomatic sources say switching to the euro will
favor European supliers over U.S. ones in competing for Iraqi contracts
and the p.r. boost that Baghdad would probably get in Europe would be
another plus


Euro Information

Euros to 1 USD (invert,data)

Note that the American media never picked up on this story


PATRIOT ACT OF 2001 -- (House of Representatives - October 12, 2001)




Afghanistan's pipeline dreams resurface
By Sarah Horner for eCountries


PBS (Public Broadcasting Show) about Islamic plans to destroy the USA

From: Dave Burch B4Ranch@nvbell.net

Everyone, if you would like a clear picture of what is going on in North
America and the World  regarding the terrorist Muslims this is a Real
Player program of a PBS (Public Broadcasting Show) TV show that was taken
off the air because it was not politically correct for the  time period of
Bill Clinton's presidency.

Things have now changed, however. It is now being called prophetic, for it
covers the Islamic plans to destroy us. It shows hidden camera shots of
Muslim Clerics and what they say when they do not think anyone else but
other Muslims are around.  If you know any police officers, this would be a
good program to share with them because the laws did not allow this type of
information to be collected by law enforcement. The retired FBI agent has
some eye-opening comments.

It is a one hour program so sit back and learn what is out there that
doesn't agree with freedom and our lifestyle.

http://www.ou.org/audio/video/jihad.ram gone 12/08


Subject:  OH WOW!!! U.S. JOURNALISTS STORM FRAME- UP , ESTABLISH MAINSTREAM BEACHHEAD -- Super-crime eilte's days are numbered
Date:  Thu, 1 Nov 2001 18:12:06 -0800
From:  "Dick Eastman" eastman@wolfenet.com
To:  editor@villagevoice.com

Internet amateurs stand aside.  Leading New York Journalists in concert today began reporting the real WTC story, the frame-up story.   Robert Lederman essays and links represent the first significant blow against the real terrorist since the frame-up assault on America began.  Now with  great newspapers getting the real story out, we the people have our first real hope of   identifying and defeating the real evil behind the crashbombings. Once public opinion is awakened by our free press not even the highest establihsment connections will hold back justice.   9 Unpopular Ideas On 9/11
by Robert Lederman

October 24, 2001

Are you less than satisfied with the official explanations about 9/11? 
Here are nine for the moment relatively unpopular but nevertheless compelling ideas to consider about the attack. Americans who tend to believe in any or all them are in the minority right now. Perhaps they won't be in the near future.
  The following groups are down 12/08


Rather than attempt to provide a lengthy proof of each idea which would require a book-length report, here are one or more references from which you can learn more. Every one of these ideas has voluminous documentation which can be found in the mainstream media, on the net or in reputable books if one looks for it.
Are these ideas true, are they connected and do they point to an even more sinister explanation for 9/11 than is popularly held? I'll let you be the judge, which is more than our newly popular leaders are willing to do. While to some it may seem unpatriotic to question the government's actions at this time of crisis let us remember that the original purpose of free speech was to enable Americans to ask exactly these kind of unpopular questions of our elected leaders. Real unity cannot be based on deceiving the American people.

1. This new war is not a conflict between Islamic fundamentalism and American freedom. 
According to President Bush, we are now at war with "the evil-doers" who hate our freedoms and way of life. Reasonable enough, but to be complete the list of evil-doers involved with terrorists would have to include most of the nations in our present coalition, the CIA, many of Americas' top corporations and some of its' wealthiest and most respected families. Leading the list of those connected to the alleged terrorists are former President Bush, GW Bush and a number of key cabinet members of both Bush administrations who have been in business with the wealthy Saudis who finance Usama bin Laden's operations and with the bin Laden family itself for decades. 
Click Here
[Wall Street Journal subscribers, also Click Here]

Wall Street Journal September 27, 2001  
Bin Laden Family Could Profit
From a Jump In Defense Spending
Due to Ties to U.S. Bank 
Through this investment and its ties to Saudi royalty, the bin Laden family has become acquainted with some of the biggest names in the Republican Party. In recent years, former President Bush, ex-Secretary of State James Baker and ex-Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci have made the pilgrimage to the bin Laden family's headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Bush makes speeches on behalf of Carlyle Group and is senior adviser to its Asian Partners fund, while Mr. Baker is its senior counselor. Mr. Carlucci is the group's chairman. Osama is one of more than 50 children of Mohammed bin Laden, who built the family's $5 billion business, Saudi Binladin Group, largely with construction contracts from the Saudi government.

Bush-Bin Laden-Saudi Connection: Click Here
and Here

President's oil companies funded by Bin Laden family and wealthy Saudis who financed Osama bin Laden: Click Here

Bush family's dirty little secret: Click Here

Bush's scary CAIR friends
(Click Here for WorldNetDaily site)

2. The destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) was anticipated and might have been preventable.

Outside of the mainstream U.S. media - which proudly admits it is censoring itself at the request of the Bush administration - there are hundreds of articles and reports detailing the foreknowledge of various U.S. agencies and officials about a terrorist attack taking place around 9/11. The sources of these reports include many of our allies in the new war.

David Schippers the Republican lawyer who impeached President Clinton, claims he spent months before 9/11 trying to get information to Attorney General Ashcroft from FBI agents who claim they were told not to investigate leads that suggested a terrorist attack on Manhattan was imminent. For a transcript of Schippers' interview Click Here

After having been bombed in 1993 the WTC was probably the building complex in the U.S. most expected by Federal authorities to be the subject of a future terrorist attack. Various books and movies had such an attack, in some cases involving hijacked jets, as part of their plot. A FEMA emergency response manual, titled: Emergency Response To Terrorism ERT: SS Q 534 (Click Here), featured the WTC on its' cover. Why were the Federal government and the Giuliani administration seemingly so unprepared on 9/11?

A Daily News article details that numerous children in the NYC Muslim community made public statements shortly before 9/11 about what was to happen to the WTC. Are we to believe school kids knew and publicly bragged about it, but the CIA didn't know?

Daily News 10/12/2001
Some Got Warning:
Don't Go Downtown on Sept. 11

Most of the suspected hijackers had valid U.S. passports and some were suspected terrorists who were actually under surveillance at the time by the authorities. A number of them received U.S. military training and all the hijack pilots were apparently trained in the U.S.

On Friday, Sept 7, the State Dept issued a worldwide terrorist alert to Americans abroad Click Here

The FAA and Army intelligence knew that multiple hijackings were in progress long before any of the planes had crashed, yet failed to shoot them down Click Here

3. The Rockefeller connection may be the key to unlocking an understanding of this entire issue. Why has their connection to the WTC been omitted from 99.999% of the media coverage about 9/11?

From "A View Of Cities site"
Click Here

"The World Trade center was a project started up in 1960 by David Rockefeller. The towers were sometimes nicknamed David and Nelson, the Rockefeller brothers."
a. The secretive Rockefeller family is considered by many authors to have been one of the main forces behind the scenes of the Ford, Reagan, Carter, Bush and Clinton presidencies. The Rockefeller family is the world's #1 promoter of eugenics, was half-owner of Nazi Germany's IG Farben and is at the center of virtually every organization and idea associated with The New World Order.

For an excellent article on Rockefeller and the WTC written before 9/11 Click Here.

b. According to bin Laden his main problem with the U.S. involves us being in Saudi Arabia and propping up their unpopular regime. The Saudi royal family bin Laden hates so much is kept in power by men who work for the Rockefeller family and the CIA to insure the flow of oil to Standard Oil and other U.S. oil corporations. WWII, the Holocaust, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Gulf War and the present war on terrorism all share a direct connection to the Rockefeller dynasties' oil interests. Standard Oil, now called Exxon, is the most powerful corporation on earth.
For a very detailed account of this Middle Eastern oil story and how it has shaped both recent American and world history see, "The Secret War Against the Jews" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, St. Martin's Press. John Loftus is a former U.S. Department of Justice Nazi war crimes prosecutor.

For an in-depth article on Standard Oil/Exxon see: Business Week APRIL 9, 2001 COVER STORY Exxon Unleashed, How the world's most powerful corporation plans to dominate the new age of oil exploration Click Here

For an excellent article on the Saudis http://tinyurl.com/6r9x85

The New Yorker, 10/22/2001
King's Ransom
by Seymor Hersh

Previous to becoming Bush's top foreign policy advisor, Condolezza Rice was on the board of directors of Exxon which named an oil tanker after her. Dick Cheney, GW Bush and many of his top aides are also heavily invested and involved in the oil industry.

c. David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank is also the main sponsor of the Manhattan Institute (MI) a think tank founded by Reagan's controversial CIA director William Casey. MI is the source of just about all of President Bush's and Mayor Giuliani's policy ideas, a fact which they are very proud to admit.
Many of Bush's cabinet members and advisors are also closely associated with MI, which invented the classic doublespeak slogan, "compassionate conservatism". Casey, who was intimately linked to the Rockefeller empire throughout his career, was the top CIA official behind arming bin Laden and training his terrorist army. Is it just another coincidence that George Bush Sr. was Vice President and NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the third highest official in the Justice Department during this same time?

William Casey's activities before his death and the Manhattan Institute's agenda are intimately connected to Wall Street and to the oil industry. While MI is best-known for its policy papers on race, welfare and urban planning its' board includes Wall Street investment bankers deeply involved with oil, geo-politics and the military-industrial complex.

d. The WTC was a financial failure from day one and was completely outmoded as a real estate holding. Its design made updating the buildings for contemporary fiber optic and other telecommunications systems exorbitantly expensive. Now that it has been so tragically destroyed, real estate interests are clamoring to rebuild it and will do so in large part at U.S. government expense. Insurance companies which are among the world's most profitable corporations may not even have to pay claims for this or future terrorist attacks. See: NY Times October 22, 2001 Insurers Push for Cap on Future Payouts

A Mistake In The First Place
By Robert Fitch
Click Here for original article

Legislation was passed to move the port to New Jersey, create a downtown World Trade Center and establish a World Trade Center corporation headed by Winthrop Aldrich [Rockefeller's uncle] of Chase Manhattan Bank.

4. Anthrax may not be getting sent to the media and to Congress by so-called terrorists.
If bin Laden or Iraq want to wipe out Americans with anthrax, they're doing a poor job of it. The main people who have been infected so far are assistants to key members of the media, mail handlers and a few aides to the Congress.

On the other hand, if someone was trying to boost sales for Cipro and the stock prices of companies manufacturing vaccines and pharmaceuticals - many of which are directly connected to the Bush and Rockefeller families and Bush administration officials - they are doing an exceptional job of it. Medical experts anticipate that widespread use of Cipro will make the American public far more vulnerable to all forms of disease by causing pathogens to mutate into antibiotic resistant strains (see: NY Times October 19, 2001-THE MEDICATION Experts Say Cipro Overuse Could Lead to Problems). In light of the Bush and Rockefeller dynasties' historical interest in pharmaceuticals, eugenics and population control, might that have something to do with the concerted effort behind Cipro becoming more in demand than Viagra and the government proposing a (mandatory?) nationwide smallpox vaccine program?

In all the hysterical Cipro-centered coverage about the "evil-doers" who are using anthrax a basic fact is often omitted. It was the first Bush administration and our coalition allies which originally gave anthrax and seventy other biological and chemical weapons to Sadamn Hussein. The U.S. has led the world in production of chemical and biological warfare agents.

NY Times October 21, 2001
Preparing America for the Reality of Germ Warfare
Before President Richard M. Nixon renounced germ warfare in 1969, for example, the United States Army produced dried anthrax, a single gallon of which could hold up to eight billion lethal doses - enough in theory to kill every person on the planet, twice.
One of many drugs which can be used for the treatment for anthrax exposure, Cipro, is now mentioned every few minutes on every news show in America. Cipro is a fairly dangerous drug manufactured by the German company Bayer. Cipro was already Bayer's most profitable product before 9/11 and sales are now up according to the NY Times 1,000%. Bayer's Cipro patent expires in 2003. According to some medical experts, garlic may be just as effective as Cipro and far safer for fighting infection by anthrax.

Before the end of WWII Bayer was the main component of I. G. Farben, the chemical, pharmaceutical and munitions powerhouse behind the rise of Nazi Germany. For information on I.G. Farben's remarkable parallels and links to the Bush administration see my articles, "What's Hiding in GW's Cabinet" and "The GW Bush Gang"
Even if it turns out that Iraqi or bin Laden-connected terrorists are mailing anthrax to locations in the U.S., it was the first Bush administration and our allies which originally gave it to them.

It is alleged that among the top stockholders in Bioport - the only company with an anthrax vaccine - is the Carlyle Group. Among the top participants in the Carlyle Group? The Bush and bin Laden families.

Click Here for a Directory of various articles on Rockefeller, MI, Bush and eugenics
Cipro alleged price fixing and Bioport anthrax vaccine info Click Here

"The Anthrax Commisars" a report by Sherman Skolnick on Bioport and ties to bin Laden Click Here

10/4/2001 Daily News
West Nile Virus Outbreak Is
Seen Through Lens of Terror

"A 1994 congressional inquiry found American companies had legally shipped West Nile and other killer viruses to Iraq for research purposes, with the full consent of the U.S. Commerce Department, documents obtained by The News show."
April 2, 1998; Keith Bradsher, "Senator Says U.S. Let Iraq Get Lethal Viruses," The New York Times, February 10, 1994, p. A9;
Kevin Merida and John Mintz, "Rockville Firm Shipped Germ Agents to Iraq, Riegle Says," The Washington Post, February 10, 1994, p. A8;

5. This conflict is about oil not terrorism, Israel or Islam
The U.S. was planning to invade Afghanistan long before 9/11 and not in order to stop terrorists or help Islamic women denied human rights by the Taleban. Such an invasion would have been widely criticized if not politically impossible before 9/11. Afghanistan is crucial to the creation of an oil pipeline that has long been a key preoccupation of the Rockefeller, Bush and related oil interests.
"In spite of this, a route through Afghanistan appears to be the best option with the fewest technical obstacles. It is the shortest route to the sea and has relatively favorable terrain for a pipeline. The route through Afghanistan is the one that would bring Central Asian oil closest to Asian markets and thus would be the cheapest in terms of transporting the oil."

Quoted from: February 12, 1998 Testimony by
John J. Maresca VP, International Relations UNOCAL CORP
(Mr. Maresca was George Bush Sr.'s Ambassador to Cyprus )
Click Here

Click Here for Energy Information Administration (DOE) Afghanistan Fact Sheet (note section titled "Regional Pipeline Plans") - December, 2000

US planned attack on Taliban - BBC News September 18, 2001 Click Here

Threat of US strikes passed to Taliban weeks before US attack - Guardian September 22, 2001 Click Here

6. Are we bombing the wrong country?

According to FBI reports most of the suspected 9/11 hijackers were not planning to commit suicide and were unaware of the plan to crash the planes into various buildings. That coupled with the fact that false identities were used by all the suspected hijackers makes it possible that Islamic terrorists may have had little understanding of the real purpose of the hijackings even if they were on the planes. It appears that none of the hijackers were even from Afghanistan, the country we are now bombing, invading and trying to overthrow. If we are going after the source why aren't we invading Saudi Arabia where many of the hijackers were from? According to the Bush administration, Saudi Arabian billionaires are the bin Laden terrorist networks main source of funding. If we are after the Taleban then why is Pakistan, the Taleban's main ally among nations and the sponsor of the radical religious schools from which bin Laden draws his recruits, our closest ally?

From: The UK Guardian Sunday October 14, 2001
The Observer
Click Here
Attackers did not know they were to die
"FBI investigators have officially concluded that 11 of the 19 terrorists who hijacked the aircraft on 11 September did not know they were on a suicide mission, Whitehall intelligence sources said last night...It is understood the FBI has found evidence suggesting the 11 men expected to take part in 'conventional' hijackings - with the planes flown to distant airports, and the passengers and crew taken hostage while the hijackers presented demands. Items found among the 11 men's possessions suggest they had been preparing themselves for incarceration. One source said: 'It looks as if they expected they might be going to prison, not paradise.' The FBI analysis concludes the 11 may have believed the purpose of the hijackings was to free the perpetrators of previous extremist terrorist attacks on the United States, such as the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993."

7. Bush is not doing a good job of protecting America. It would be far more accurate to say he's doing a good job of destroying it.
The super "patriotic" Bush family have a consistent habit of building up dictators, supplying them with arms, reaping the profits for themselves and their wealthy friends and then declaring their onetime allies to be the ultimate evil requiring a new war and the loss of American lives.

GW Bush's grandfathers were key supporters of and Wall Street investment bankers for Adolf Hitler during more than a decade preceding the U.S. entering WWII. In 1942 the U.S. Congress seized their assets as Nazi fronts under the Trading With the Enemy Act. Former President Bush and some of his top his cabinet members were very close allies of Sadam Hussein before the Gulf War, which may have begun when the Bush administration signaled Iraq that an invasion of Kuwait would be tolerated by the U.S. Under the Reagan-Bush administration (in large part run by former CIA director and Reagan Vice President, George Bush) Usama Bin Laden was financed, armed and had his army of terrorists - "the evil-doers" - trained by the CIA. The wealthy Saudis who are bin Laden's money men are also business partners with the Bush family. At what point will Americans dare to question the President about these business relationships?

See my various articles on the Bush family and their ongoing Nazi connection Click Here

8. There is an occult aspect to the attacks which cannot be ignored or attributed to coincidence.

The article at the website below is truly amazing and thought-provoking. Whether or not you believe in God, numerology or the occult this article is well worth reading. You may have already seen a breakdown of the numerological repetition of the number 11 in this event, but this article goes much deeper into what it might actually mean.

Click Here for original

The attacks took place on 9/11
9+1+1 = 11

Each WTC Tower had 110 floors, which is a multiple of 11

American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane flown into World Trade Tower2, had 11 crewmembers. A total of 65 people were on Flight 11. 6+5 = 11

The second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the World Trade Tower 1 at 9:02 AM. 9+2 = 11

9/11 is the 254th day of the year. 2+5+4 = 11

After 9/11, there are 111 days left in the year

New York City (where the major attack occurred) consists of 11 letters

New York was the 11th state admitted into the Union

President Bush ordered flags to fly at half mast until 9/22, making an 11 day period of mourning.

9. NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani not only did not unify New York City but he has done everything in his power since 9/11 to destroy the electoral process and guarantee future social chaos.

There are few examples of a public image changing so radically and rapidly as Mayor Giuliani's has since 9/11. Within hours of the WTC attack and continuing ever since the media has been bombarding us with empty propaganda about Giuliani being a hero, an icon and a savior. This is by the same corporate media who for eight years consistently described him as a heartless, racially-biased violator of the Constitution who denied raises and up-to-date equipment to the EMS, police and fire departments and regularly delighted in exacerbating the City's racial, economic and social divisions for his personal political gain.

Giuliani, or Sir Rudy as he is now known, has managed to turn the WTC disaster into a personal bonanza of goodwill culminating most recently in an honorary knighthood bestowed upon him by none other than the Queen of England. Surrounded at every opportunity with real heroes - police officers, firemen and rescue workers - Giuliani routinely leads celebrity tours of ground zero and depicts himself as responsible for the spirit of cooperation New Yorkers have shown for three centuries. Are these non-stop emotional tributes to firemen and police intended to keep anyone from asking the question, who screwed up?

While his "heroic" actions involved holding hourly press conferences notable for their lack of information, appearing on every news and entertainment show to take credit for his efforts and lecturing the UN General Assembly on the superior value of electoral freedom, behind the scenes Giuliani and his staff were feverishly trying to prevent the 2001 NYC election from ever taking place so that he could indefinitely stay in office.

What is never broached in the corporate media is that despite Giuliani's leadership for eight years the city's emergency planning was completely ineffective on 9/11. That anyone was saved from the WTC disaster is due to the sacrifices of the firemen, cops, Port Authority staff and EMS crews who risked and lost their lives, not Mayor Giuliani. Among the many unanswered questions since the attack, only a single columnist has dared to ask in print why Giuliani located his $15 million emergency bunker - complete with 6,000 gallons of highly flammable fuel - on the 23rd floor of the very NYC building complex most expected by FEMA and other Federal agencies to be bombed by terrorists.

Village Voice 10/8/2001
From: La Dolce Musto

But before you decide: In '99, despite complaints-like how the building was a potential target and also happened to be owned by a political supporter-our mayor had an emergency bunker built at 7 World Trade Center. Legendarily enough, a 6000-gallon fuel tank was installed there to run the generators in case of a power outage. Well, when the planes hit the other two towers on September 11, flying debris fell on 7 WTC, which some insiders say ignited that very fuel. Still love Rudy?

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is now bracing for a whole other order of urban treachery and cataclysm by building a $15.1 million emergency control center for his administration...bullet-proofed, hardened to withstand bombs and hurricanes, and equipped with food and beds for at least 30 members of his inner circle." -NY Times 6/13/98 Giuliani's $15.1 Million 'Emergency Control Center

NY Times 10/24/2001
Split in Ranks:
Commissioner Hears the
Boos of Firefighters
But even as the events of Sept. 11 strengthened those bonds, it did little to soften the bitter feelings that many firefighters have long held for Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen [one of Giuliani's closest aides]. Indeed, on Saturday night, when Mr. Von Essen took the stage at a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden, many of several thousand firefighters in attendance joined in sustained booing...Mr. Von Essen's unpopularity was a problem of his own creation, the stubborn residue of five years in which he has butted heads with many firefighters, officers, emergency medical technicians and the unions that represent them. "The E.M.S. people have been unhappy with Von Essen for years," said Robert Ungar, a spokesman for the emergency medical technicians' union. "This crisis wasn't going to change that."...Similarly, Capt. Peter Gorman, the president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association and one of Mr. Von Essen's harshest critics, also declined to speak of their relationship or the conduct of firefighters at the Garden. "I have and continue to have serious labor-management issues, but we have agreed to put them on the back burner," he said...Others complained that Mr. Von Essen has been on television too much, appearing with David Letterman, standing alongside Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani at news conferences and being honored by the British government instead of being with them at ground zero.

Newsday 10/25/2001
Questions About Safety of Workers
Hundreds of injuries to workers combing through the rubble at the World Trade Center might have been prevented had the city been faster to require proper training and equipment at what is still an "extremely hazardous" work site, according to a sharply worded federal report. "There is no excuse for what I saw," John Moran, an engineer and industrial hygienist, said yesterday. Moran investigated working conditions at Ground Zero in the weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as a consultant to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The report he coauthored was released this week by the institute, an arm of the federal National Institutes of Health. "When I was up there, there was no evidence of any safety or health program or plan. It's the worst site I've ever seen - extremely hazardous. Very few of the workers were wearing even the most basic protective equipment," said Moran, who was at Ground Zero from Sept. 22 to 27.

Sep 30, 2001
Chicago Tribune; Chicago, Ill.
by Tom Hundley
Panicked opium traders unload huge stocks
Price plummets as refugees seek cash in Pakistan
To counter the Soviets, the CIA began to recruit, arm and train thousands of mujahedeen--holy warriors--from throughout the Middle East. From the outset, the CIA recognized the potential of stimulating drug production to finance the operation and to spread addiction among the poorly disciplined Soviet troops. President Jimmy Carter rejected using drugs as a weapon of war, but when the Reagan administration came to power in 1981, CIA Director William Casey jumped at it, according to the memoirs of some of the key players in the operation.

Week of October 24 - 30
Village Voice 2001 Press Clips
by Cynthia Cotts
Tales of the Afghan Drug Trade,
Opium for the Masses
During the last few weeks of anthrax hysteria, a dozen or so U.S. reporters have pursued a more difficult, taboo story: opium's role as the centerpiece of Afghanistan's economy. That cursed country was already a place where children helped to harvest the gum from the poppies, working people kept opium in their homes rather than money in the bank, and the Taliban raked in up to $50 million a year in drug taxes...Writing for the Chicago Tribune on September 30, Islamabad-based Tom Hundley probed a little deeper, noting that during the 1980s, CIA director William Casey embraced the opium trade as a means to finance his covert war in Afghanistan. Translation: The Afghan fundamentalists may be drug lords, but they're our drug lords. They learned to trade drugs for arms 20 years ago, with the tacit approval of the CIA.

Great resource for info pertaining to the new war Click Here

Bush and NWO Click Here and Click Here

Author's Note: Recommending a site or article should not be construed to mean I necessarily endorse all of the views therein. Regardless of how one feels about the Bush and Giuliani administrations, for Americans there can be no desirable outcome to this situation other than America and NYC coming out on top, our troops coming home safely and all terrorists, including our own, being brought to justice.

To Directory of Essays by Mr. Robert Lederman

Robert Lederman is an artist, a regular columnist for the Greenwich Village Gazette [See: http://www.gvny.com/ for an extensive archive of Lederman columns] The Shadow, The African Sun Times, The Vigo-Examiner [see: http://www.vigo-examiner.com/archive.htm] Site down 12/08 and Street News, and is the author of hundreds of published essays concerning Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Lederman has been falsely arrested 41 times to date for his anti-Giuliani activities and has never been convicted of any of the charges. He is best known for creating hundreds of paintings of Mayor Giuliani as a Hitler like dictator.

Robert Lederman,
President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics)

Freedom is never Free!!!!

The Bill of Rights does not protect our guns,
our guns protect the Bill Of Rights!

Bush and Cheny in intimate business contact with the real prime
suspects of the WTC/Pentagon crashbombing frame-up

Why Afghanistan ???    It's All About Oil !!!


Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away
by Michael C. Ruppert

Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away

by Michael C. Ruppert

[Those who've been reading my posts will already be familiar with most of the
information contained in this article.  There are at least 10 parts below
that are based on information I supplied Mike, starting the day after the
attacks -- when I suggested he investigate suspicious trades and then
followed up a few days later with a report of the first published item about
it, in Sweden. You may not like what I post, but it would be a good idea to
pay attention, for your own good as well as the country's.  I suppose most of
you have forgotten that I posted information months ago that war stocks were
"in" -- a definite sign of impending war.  Significantly, some of the most
mysterious sales and buys can be linked through family ties to Koffi Annan.]



Bin Laden Met with the CIA in July and Walked Away


Michael C. Ruppert

[ COPYRIGHT 2001, All Rights Reserved, Michael C. Ruppert and From The
Wilderness Publications, www.copvcia.com. May be copied and distributed for
non-profit purposes only.]

FTW, November 2, 2001 - 1200 PST -- On October 31, the French daily Le Figaro
dropped a bombshell. While in a Dubai hospital receiving treatment for a
chronic kidney infection last July, Osama bin Laden met with a top CIA
official - presumably the Chief of Station. The meeting, held in bin Laden's
private suite, took place at the American hospital in Dubai at a time when he
was a wanted fugitive for the bombings of two U.S. embassies and this year's
attack on the U.S.S. Cole. Bin Laden was eligible for execution according to
a 2000 intelligence finding issued by President Bill Clinton before leaving
office in January. Yet on July 14th he was allowed to leave Dubai on a
private jet and there were no Navy fighters waiting to force him down.

In 1985 Oliver North - the only member of the Reagan-Bush years who doesn't
appear to have a hand in the current war - sent the Navy and commandos after
terrorists on the cruise ship Achille Lauro. In his 1991 autobiography "Under
Fire," while describing terrorist Abu Abbas, North wrote, "I used to wonder:
how many dead Americans will it take before we do something?" One could look
at the number of Americans Osama bin Laden is alleged to have killed before
September 11 and ask the same question.

It gets worse, much worse. A more complete timeline listing crucial events
both before and after the September 11th suicide attacks, which have been
blamed on bin Laden, establishes CIA foreknowledge of them and strongly
suggests that there was criminal complicity on the part of the U.S.
government in their execution. It also makes clear that the events which have
taken place since September 11th are based upon an agenda that has little to
do with the attacks.

One wonders how these events could have been ignored by the major media or
treated as isolated incidents. Failing that, how could skilled news agencies
avoid being outraged, or at least even just a little suspicious?

1. 1998 and 2000 - Former President George H.W. Bush travels to Saudi Arabia
on behalf of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense
contractor in the U.S. While there he meets privately with the Saudi royal
family and the bin Laden family. [Source: Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27,
2001. See also FTW, Vol. IV, No 7 - "The Best Enemies Money Can Buy," - 
http://tinyurl.com/5fatuu ] .

2. Feb 13, 2001 - UPI Terrorism Correspondent Richard Sale - while covering a
trial of bin Laden's Al Q'aeda followers - reports that the National Security
Agency has broken bin Laden's encrypted communications. Even if this
indicates that bin Laden changed systems in February it does not mesh with
the fact that the government insists that the attacks had been planned for

3. May 2001 - Secretary of State Colin Powell gives $43 million in aid to the
Taliban regime, purportedly to assist hungry farmers who are starving since
the destruction of their opium crop in January on orders of the Taliban
regime. [Source: The Los Angeles Times, May 22, 2001].

4. May, 2001 - Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, a career covert
operative and former Navy Seal, travels to India on a publicized tour while
CIA Director George Tenet makes a quiet visit to Pakistan to meet with
Pakistani leader General Pervez Musharraf. Armitage has long and deep
Pakistani intelligence connections and he is the recipient of the highest
civil decoration awarded by Pakistan. It would be reasonable to assume that
while in Islamabad, Tenet, in what was described as "an unusually long
meeting," also met with his Pakistani counterpart, Lt. General Mahmud Ahmad,
head of the ISI. [Source The Indian SAPRA news agency, May 22, 2001.]

5. July, 2001 - Three American officials: Tom Simmons (former U.S. Ambassador
to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South
Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South
Asia), meet with Taliban representatives in Berlin and tell them that the
U.S. is planning military strikes against Afghanistan in October. Also
present are Russian and German intelligence officers who confirm the threat.
[Source: The Guardian, September 22, 2001; the BBC, September 18, 2001.]

6. Summer 2001 - According to a Sept. 26 story in Britain's The Guardian,
correspondent David Leigh reported that, "U.S. department of defense
official, Dr. Jeffrey Starr, visited Tajikistan in January. The Guardian's
Felicity Lawrence established that US Rangers were also training special
troops in Kyrgyzstan. There were unconfirmed reports that Tajik and Uzbek
special troops were training in Alaska and Montana."

7. Summer 2001 (est.) - Pakistani ISI Chief General Mahmud (see above) orders
an aide to wire transfer $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, who was according to the
FBI, the lead terrorist in the suicide hijackings. Mahmud recently resigned
after the transfer was disclosed in India and confirmed by the FBI. [Source:
The Times of India, October 11, 2001.]

8. June 2001 - German intelligence, the BND, warns the CIA and Israel that
Middle Eastern terrorists are "planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use
as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture."
[Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 14, 2001.]

9. Summer 2001 - An Iranian man phones U.S. law enforcement to warn of an
imminent attack on the World Trade Center in the week of September 9th.
German police confirm the calls but state that the U.S. Secret Service would
not reveal any further information. [Source: German news agency "online.ie",
September 14, 2001.]

10. August 2001 - The FBI arrests an Islamic militant linked to bin Laden in
Boston. French intelligence sources confirm that the man is a key member of
bin Laden's network and the FBI learns that he has been taking flying
lessons. At the time of his arrest the man is in possession of technical
information on Boeing aircraft and flight manuals. [Source: Reuters,
September 13.]

11. Summer 2001 - Russian intelligence notifies the CIA that 25 terrorist
pilots have been specifically training for suicide missions. This is reported
in the Russian press and news stories are translated for FTW by a retired CIA

12. July 4-14, 2001 - Osama bin Laden receives treatments for kidney disease
at the American hospital in Dubai and meets with a CIA official who returns
to CIA headquarters on July 15th. [Source: Le Figaro, October 31st, 2001.]

13. August 2001 - Russian President Vladimir Putin orders Russian
intelligence to warn the U.S. government "in the strongest possible terms" of
imminent attacks on airports and government buildings. [Source: MS-NBC
interview with Putin, September 15.]

14. August/September, 2001 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average drops nearly
900 points in the three weeks prior to the attack. A major stock market crash
is imminent.

15. Sept. 3-10, 2001 - MS-NBC reports on September 16 that a caller to a
Cayman Islands radio talk show gave several warnings of an imminent attack on
the U.S. by bin Laden in the week prior to 9/11.

16. September 1-10, 2001 - 25,000 British troops and the largest British
Armada since the Falkland Islands War, part of Operation "Essential Harvest,"
are pre-positioned in Oman, the closest point on the Arabian Peninsula to
Pakistan. At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups arrive on station
in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also at the same time,
some 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for
Operation "Bright Star." All of these forces are in place before the first
plane hits the World Trade Center. [Sources: The Guardian, CNN, FOX, The
Observer, International Law Professor Francis Boyle, the University of

17. September 6-7, 2001 - 4,744 put options (a speculation that the stock
will go down) are purchased on United Air Lines stock as opposed to only 396
call options (speculation that the stock will go up). This is a dramatic and
abnormal increase in sales of put options. Many of the UAL puts are purchased
through Deutschebank/AB Brown, a firm managed until 1998 by the current
Executive Director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. [Source: The Herzliyya
International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism, http://www.ict.org.il/,
September 21; The New York Times; The Wall Street Journal.]

18. September 10, 2001 - 4,516 put options are purchased on American Airlines
as compared to 748 call options. [Source: ICT - above]

19. September 6-11, 2001 - No other airlines show any similar trading
patterns to those experienced by UAL and American. The put option purchases
on both airlines were 600% above normal. This at a time when Reuters
(September 10) issues a business report stating, "Airline stocks may be
poised to take off."

20. September 6-10, 2001 - Highly abnormal levels of put options are
purchased in Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA Re(insurance) which owns 25%
of American Airlines, and Munich Re. All of these companies are directly
impacted by the September 11 attacks. [Source: ICT, above; FTW, Vol. IV,
No.7, October 18, 2001,
http://tinyurl.com/5dhl2t  ]

21. It has been documented that the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and many other
intelligence agencies monitor stock trading in real time using highly
advanced programs reported to be descended from Promis software. This is to
alert national intelligence services of just such kinds of attacks. Promis
was reported, as recently as June, 2001 to be in Osama bin Laden's possession
and, as a result of recent stories by FOX, both the FBI and the Justice
Department have confirmed its use for U.S. intelligence gathering through at
least this summer. This would confirm that CIA had additional advance warning
of imminent attacks. [Sources: The Washington Times,  June 15, 2001; FOX
News, October 16, 2001; FTW, October  26, 2001, -


 FTW, Vol. IV, No.6, Sept. 18, 2001 -


FTW, Vol. 3, No 7, 9/30/00 -


22. September 11, 2001 - Gen Mahmud of the ISI (see above), friend of
Mohammed Atta, is visiting Washington on behalf of the Taliban. [Source:
MS-NBC, Oct. 7.]

23. September 11, 2001, For 35 minutes, from 8:15 AM until 9:05 AM, with it
widely known within the FAA and the military that four planes have been
simultaneously hijacked and taken off course, no one notifies the President
of the United States. It is not until 9:30 that any Air Force planes are
scrambled to intercept, but by then it is too late. This means that the
National Command Authority waited for 75 minutes before scrambling aircraft,
even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings had occurred - an
event that has never happened in history. [Sources: CNN, ABC, MS-NBC, The Los
Angeles Times, The New York Times.]

24. September 13, 2001 - China is admitted to the World Trade Organization
quickly, after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts. [Source: The New York
Times, Sept. 30, 2001.]

25. September 15, 2001 - The New York Times reports that Mayo Shattuck III
has resigned, effective immediately, as head of the Alex (A.B) Brown unit of

26. September 29, 2001 - The San Francisco Chronicle reports that $2.5
million in put options on American Airlines and United Airlines are
unclaimed. This is likely the result of the suspension in trading on the NYSE
after the attacks which gave the Securities and Exchange Commission time to
be waiting when the owners showed up to redeem their put options.

27. October 10, 2001 - The Pakistani newspaper The Frontier Post reports that
U.S. Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain has paid a call on the Pakistani oil
minister. A previously abandoned Unocal pipeline from Turkmenistan, across
Afghanistan, to the Pakistani coast, for the purpose of selling oil and gas
to China, is now back on the table "in view of recent geopolitical

28. Mid October, 2001 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average, after having
suffered a precipitous drop has recovered most of its pre-attack losses.
Although still weak, and vulnerable to negative earnings reports, a crash has
been averted by a massive infusion of government spending on defense
programs, subsidies for "affected" industries and planned tax cuts for

Now, let's go back to the October 31 story by Le Figaro - the one that has
Osama bin Laden meeting with a CIA officer in Dubai this June.

The story says that, "Throughout his stay in the hospital, Osama Bin Laden
received visits from many family members [There goes the story that he's a
black sheep!] and Saudi Arabian Emirate personalities of status. During this
time the local representative of the CIA was seen by many people taking the
elevator and going to bin Laden's room.

"Several days later the CIA officer bragged to his friends about having
visited the Saudi millionaire. From authoritative sources, this CIA agent
visited CIA headquarters on July 15tth, the day after bin Laden's departure
for Quetta.

"According to various Arab diplomatic sources and French intelligence itself,
precise information was communicated to the CIA concerning terrorist attacks
aimed at American interests in the world, including its own territory.".

"Extremely bothered, they [American intelligence officers in a meeting with
French intelligence officers] requested from their French peers exact details
about the Algerian activists [connected to bin Laden through Dubai banking
institutions], without explaining the exact nature of their inquiry. When
asked the question, "What do you fear in the coming days?' the Americans
responded with incomprehensible silence.".

"On further investigation, the FBI discovered certain plans that had been put
together between the CIA and its "Islamic friends" over the years. The
meeting in Dubai is, so it would seem, consistent with 'a certain American

Even though Le Figaro reported that it had confirmed with hospital staff that
bin Laden had been there as reported, stories printed on November 1 contained
quotes from hospital staff that these reports were untrue. On November 1, as
reported by the Ananova press agency, the CIA flatly denied that any meeting
between any CIA personnel and Osama bin Laden at any time.

In the most ironic twist of all, FTW has learned that Le Figaro is owned by
the Carlyle Group, the American defense contractor which employs George Bush
Sr., and which had as investors - until they sold their stake on October 26 -
the bin Laden family.

Who do you believe? In coming stories FTW will prove to you that this war,
which according to Dick Cheney, may not end in out lifetimes, has been in
the works for at least four years.

Mike Ruppert - www.copvcia.com


So just who WAS on those aircraft?

Brenda Bennett     bpb123@earthlink.net   WROTE:

World Trade Center
Sat, 3 Nov 2001 17:05:54 -0600

So just who WAS on those aircraft? 

The government could point their finger at any one of us next!!

In the rush to sell an invasion of Afghanistan, our government and media have
been waving a bunch of middle eastern faces at us on the TV; photos of the
dangerous hijackers who ploughed their stolen aircraft into the World Trade
Center and the Pentagon. Flight 93 was supposedly flown by Captain Saeed
al-Ghamdi and a second hijacker named Bukhari, while Abdulrahman al-Omari
was supposed to be at the controls of flight 11. Going from these suspects,
links are being created to point the finger of blame at various targets,
including but not limited to Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, etc. Ah, but the
best laid plans gang aft aglay and there's a problem! Mr. al-Omari, a
pilot with Saudi Airlines, just walked into the US embassy in Jeddah
to demand why he was being reported as a dead hijacker in the American
media. Likewise Mr. al-Ghamdi is still alive and well and at his job for
Tunis Air, while Mr. Bukhari has been  dead for two years now, according
to the Saudi Gazette in a story dated September 18th, 2001.

In a recent development, the BBC is reporting that the transcript of a phone
call made by Flight Attendant Madeline Amy Sweeney to Boston air traffic
controls shows that the flight attendant gave the seat numbers occupied by
the hijackers, seat numbers which were NOT the seats of the men the FBI
claimed were responsible for the hijacking!

Even CNN is now reporting that the men who hijacked those aircraft were
using phony IDs, using the names of real people still living in Arab nations
in the middle east.

So, one fact is now apparent. If those who hijacked those airplanes were using
stolen identities, then we don't know who they were or who they worked for.
We can't. It's impossible.

Now, people who are intending to commit suicide normally don't worry about
whether anyone knows their real name, and it is here that some other odd
aspects of this case take on a new meaning.

We are told that the group that planned and carried out the hijackings and
subsequent attack on the World Trade Towers were highly trained (possibly
by the CIA) experts, with knowledge of how to steal identities, forge fake
IDs, and compromise White House and Air Force One security codes.

Yet at the same time, we are being told that these same hijackers spent the
night before the attack getting drunk in bars, making noise, screaming insults
at the "infidels", and doing everything they could to attract attention to
themselves. They used the credit cards issued in their stolen names, allowed
their driver's licenses with the stolen names to be photocopied, and used
public library computers to send emails back and forth using their stolen
names signed to unencrypted messages about their plans to steal aircraft
and crash them into buildings, then decorated their apartments with
absurdly obvious props such as a crop dusting manual to the point where
the whole affair reads like a low budget "B" detective movie from the 1930s.

In short, these men did everything they could to make sure everyone knew
who they were, or more to the point, who they were pretending to be.

Because the IDs used by the hijackers were phony, we cannot know who
they really were or who they really worked for. But what is apparent is that
those who planned the hijackings and the attacks on the World Trade Towers
went out of their way to leave plenty of clues pointing to citizens of Arab
nations of the middle east.

Brenda Bennett     bpb123@earthlink.net






From: "Steve McAlexander" mcalexander@veriomail.com

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 5:40 PM

by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel
[Posted 14 November 2001]

Andrews Air Force Base is a huge military installation just 10 miles
from the Pentagon.

On 11 September there were two entire squadrons of combat-ready fighter
jets at Andrews. Their job was to protect the skies over Washington D.C.
They failed to do their job. Despite over one hour's advance warning of
a terrorist attack in progress, not a single Andrews fighter tried to
protect the city.

The FAA, NORAD and the military have cooperative procedures by which
fighter jets automatically intercept commercial aircraft under emergency
conditions. These procedures were not followed.

Air Force officials and others have tried to explain away the failures:

"Air Force Lt. Col. Vic Warzinski, another Pentagon spokesman, [said]:
'The Pentagon was simply not aware that this aircraft was coming our
way, and I doubt prior to Tuesday's event, anyone would have expected
anything like that here.'"
--'Newsday,' 23 September, 2001

Using information from the mass media and official Websites, we will
show that this is lie.

Some of what happened on 9-11, such as planes flying into buildings, is
unusual. But most of what happened, such as commercial jets flying
off-course, transponder failures and possible hijackings, are common
emergencies. We will show that these emergencies are routinely handled
with expert efficiency based on clear rules.

The crash of the first hijacked jet into the World Trade Center made it
clear the United States was faced with an extraordinary situation. This
should have intensified the emergency responses of the air safety and
defense systems.

The whole country was aware. For example, at 9:06 AM the NY Police

" 'This was a terrorist attack. Notify the Pentagon.'"
--'Daily News' (New York) 12 September 2001 (1)

'American Forces Press Service' reported that ordinary people working at
the Pentagon worried they could be next:

"'We were watching the World Trade Center on the television,' said a
Navy officer. 'When the second plane deliberately dove into the tower,
someone said, 'The World Trade Center is one of the most recognizable
symbols of America. We're sitting in a close second.'"
--'DEFENSELINK News', Sept. 13, 2001 (2)

U.S. air safety and air defense emergency systems are activated in
response to problems every day. On 9-11 they failed despite, not because
of, the extreme nature of the emergency. This could only happen if
individuals in high positions worked in a coordinated way to make them

Such operatives would almost surely have failed if they tried to disrupt
and abort routine protection systems without top-level support. The
failure of the emergency systems would be noticed immediately. Moreover,
given he catastrophic nature of the attacks, the highest military
authorities would be involved. Acting on their own, the operatives could
expect that their orders would be countermanded and they themselves
would be arrested.

The sabotage of routine protective systems, controlled by strict
hierarchies, would never have been contemplated let alone attempted
absent the involvement of the supreme U.S. military command. This
includes at least U.S. President George Bush, U.S. Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld and the then-Acting Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
Air Force General Richard B. Myers.

In the following summary of evidence we will demonstrate probable cause
for charging the above-named persons with treason for complicity in the
murders of thousands of people whom they had sworn to protect.

The summary of evidence covers the following areas:

* Andrews Air Force Base and the myth of 'no available planes;'

* The air safety/air defense systems and the myth that they were not

* The actions of George Bush on 9-11 that clearly violated his positive
legal and constitutional obligations and demonstrated consciousness of

* The testimony of General Richard B. Myers at Senate hearings on his
nomination as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In these hearings,
the contents of which were reported accurately by one lone journalist,
General Myers attempted to cover up what had happened 9-11 when he was
Acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. He offered three mutually
contradictory cover stories and demonstrated consciousness of guilt;

* The cover story floated by CBS evening news, September 14th.
Until that time, officials reported that no planes had been 'scrambled'
to intercept the hijacked planes. But following Gen. Myers disastrous
Senate testimony, CBS broadcast an improved version of 9-11. In the new
script, fighter jets from Otis and Langley Air Force Bases did try, but
failed, to intercept the hijacked planes. This is now presented as the
official NORAD story and has been repeated uncritically by media and
government officials alike. We will demonstrate that this cover story is
both weak and incriminating.

SECTION ONE: Why did no fighter jets 'scramble' to protect Washington


As noted, Andrews Air Force base is 10 miles from the Pentagon. The
media has mainly avoided talking about Andrews. An exception is 'USA
Today,' the second-highest circulation newspaper in America. On one day
it published two contradictory stories to explain the failure to
scramble jets from Andrews prior to the Pentagon crash:


"Andrews Air Force Base, home to Air Force One, is only 15 miles [sic!]
away from the Pentagon, but it had no fighters assigned to it. Defense
officials won't say whether that has changed."
--'USA TODAY,' 17 September 2001 (3)


"The District of Columbia National Guard maintained fighter planes at
Andrews Air Force Base, only about 15 miles [sic!] from the Pentagon,
but those planes were not on alert and not deployed."
--'USA TODAY' September 17, 2001 (4)

Both stories are false.

Only one newspaper told the truth. That was the 'San Diego

"Air defense around Washington is provided mainly by fighter planes from
Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland near the District of Columbia border.
The D.C. Air National Guard is also based there and equipped with F-16
fighter planes, a National Guard spokesman said.

"But the fighters took to the skies over Washington only after the
devastating attack on the Pentagon..."
--'San Diego Union-Tribune' 12 September 2001. (5)

Andrews Air Force Base is a huge installation. It hosts two
'combat-ready' squadrons:

* the 121st Fighter Squadron (FS-121) of the 113th Fighter Wing
(FW-113), equipped with F-16 fighters;

* the 321st Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA-321) of the 49th Marine
Air Group, Detachment A (MAG-49 Det-A), equipped F/A-18 fighters.

These squadrons are served by hundreds of full-time personnel.


".as part of its dual mission, the 113th provides capable and ready
response forces for the District of Columbia in the event of a natural
disaster or civil emergency. Members also assist local and federal law
enforcement agencies in combating drug trafficking in the District of
Colombia. [They] are full partners with the active Air Force"
--DC Military (6)


"In the best tradition of the Marine Corps, a 'few good men and women'
support two combat-ready reserve units at Andrews AFB.

"Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 321, a Marine Corps Reserve
squadron, flies the sophisticated F/A-18 Hornet. Marine Aviation
Logistics Squadron 49, Detachment A, provides maintenance and supply
functions necessary to maintain a force in readiness. "
--DC Military (6)

So Andrews AFB had at least two 'combat-ready' squadrons.

The above quotes are from www.dcmilitary.com, a private Website
authorized by the military to provide information for members of the
armed forces. We discovered it 24 September. A month later we found that
the address had been changed and the Andrews information posted in the
smallest type size. Similarly, the official Andrews AFB Website has been
'down' since mid-September. Fortunately, it can be accessed by going to
www.archive.org and entering www.andrews.af.mil .

On the Andrews main page, front and center there is a direct link to DC
Military. The information on the Andrews Website confirms the
information on DC military. We urge everyone to check these links and
download the pages as soon as possible because they may be moved or
removed yet again. For Andrews, go to www.archive.org and then enter

Our research has been carried out mainly by volunteers. Newspapers and
TV news departments have full-time research staffs. The important media
have bureaus in Washington DC, just a few miles from the Andrews
airbase. Why haven't newspapers and TV news programs reported the truth:
that Andrews job was to protect DC?

This failure is especially striking because some media did report that
fighters scrambled from Andrews, but only after the Pentagon was hit.
Thus they were aware that Andrews was supposed to defend D.C.:

For example:

" Within minutes of the attack American forces around the world were put
on one of their highest states of alert - Defcon 3, just two notches
short of all-out war - and F-16s from Andrews Air Force Base were in the
air over Washington DC."
--'Sunday Telegraph,' (London), 14 September 2001 (7)

"WASHINGTON - .an audible gasp went up from the rear of the audience as
a large black plume of smoke arose from the Pentagon. Terrorism suddenly
was at the doorstep and clearly visible through the big glass windows
overlooking the Potomac River. Overhead, fighter jets scrambled from
Andrews Air Force Base and other installations and cross-crossed the

"A thick plume of smoke was climbing out of the hollow center of the
Pentagon. Everyone on the train understood what had happened moments
--'Denver Post,' 11 September 2001 (8)


"It was after the attack on the Pentagon that the Air Force then decided
to scramble F-16s out of the DC National Guard Andrews Air Force Base to
fly cover, a--a protective cover over Washington, DC."
--NBC Nightly News, (6:30 PM ET) 11 September 11 2001 (9)

The media should have demanded to know the truth about why fighter jets
assigned to protect Washington didn't scramble an hour BEFORE the
Pentagon was hit.

Besides fighters, tanker planes and AWACS were also readily
available.(An AWACS is a flying communication center equipped with radar
which can scan at least 250 miles. This is almost the full distance from
the West-Virginia/Ohio/Kentucky border, where American Air Flight 77
turned around before flying back to DC.) Both General Myers and Vice
President Cheney admit that these planes did not go into the air over
Washington until after the Pentagon was hit.

Here is General Myers, testifying 13th September:

"When it became clear what the threat was, we did scramble fighter
aircraft, AWACS, radar aircraft and tanker aircraft to begin to
establish orbits in case other aircraft showed up in the FAA system that
were hijacked."
--Gen. Richard B. Myers at Senate confirmation hearing 13 September 2001

And Richard Cheney on 'Meet the Press:

"VICE PRES. CHENEY: Well, the--I suppose the toughest decision was this
question of whether or not we would intercept incoming commercial

"MR. RUSSERT: And you decided?'

"VICE PRES. CHENEY: We decided to do it. We'd, in effect, put a flying
combat air patrol up over the city; F-16s with an AWACS, which is an
airborne radar system, and tanker support so they could stay up a long
time." --NBC, 'Meet the Press' (10:00 AM ET) 16 September 2001 (11)

As we shall see, Mr. Cheney's statement that "the toughest decision was
this question of whether or not we would intercept incoming commercial
aircraft" is a lie. Publicly available FAA documents prove that fighter
jets routinely intercept commercial aircraft under certain designated
circumstances without requiring or asking for approval from the White

Summary of evidence is CONTINUED IN PART II


(1) 'Daily News' (New York), 12 September 2001, Wednesday, NEWS SECTION;
Pg. 24: 'THE TRAGIC TIMELINE The sad events of the day.'
the full text is available at:

(2) 'DEFENSELINK News,' "It Was Business as Usual, Then 'Boom'" By Jim
Garamone, 'American Forces Press Service,' Sept. 13, 2001
Backup at http://emperors-clothes.com/9-11backups/def.htm

(3) 'USA TODAY,' 17 September 2001, Pg. 5A, "Military now a presence on
home front," by Andrea Stone. Web version is at:
Backup at:

(4) 'USA TODAY,' September 17, 2001 Monday, FINAL EDITION, Pg. 5A,
"Shoot-down order issued on morning of chaos," by Jonathan Weisman,
Web version is at:
Backup at http://emperors-clothes.com/9-11backups/usa2.htm

(5) 'San Diego Union-Tribune,' 12 September 2001. Homepage at:
http://www.signonsandiego.com/ Article at:
Backup at:

(6) Current link is:
Backup at : http://www.emperors-clothes.com/9-11backups/dcmil.htm

(7) 'Sunday Telegraph,' (London), 14 September 2001
Backup at:

(8) 'Denver Post,' 11 September 2001
To view this article on the Web, search for Article ID: 1075896 on:
Or look at backup at:

(9) 'NBC Nightly News,' "Attack on America," (6:30 PM ET) 11 September
11 2001, "Tuesday President Bush returns to White House on Marine One,"
Anchor: Tom Brokaw, Jim Miklaszewski reporting.
See transcript at:

(10) Gen. Richard B. Myers at Senate confirmation hearing 13 September
Full text at:
This particular quotation was also reprinted by many mainstream media

(11) 'NBC, Meet the Press' (10:00 AM ET) Sunday 16 September 2001.
Full transcript at:
Backup transcript at:

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