LEAKGATE: UPDATE: 06:40 pm 10/03/03 Fri.

Date: Fri Oct 3, 2003  6:43 pm

White House staff asked to hand over leak-related materials ...
Xinhua, China - 3 hours ago
����WASHINGTON, Oct. 3 (Xinhuanet) -- Employees at the White House
were requested to hand over all materials that might be linked ...


Bush juggles economy, Iraq and fund raising on Wisconsin swing
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 6 hours ago
President Bush claimed credit for a brightening economic picture Friday as he
juggled three keys to his re-election -- the economy, postwar Iraq and fund ...


Tues. Deadline for Leak-Related Material
ABC News - 7 hours ago
WASHINGTON Oct. 3 � White House employees were given until Tuesday
to turn in all documents that might aid investigators looking ...


Calling leaker to account isn�t easy
MSNBC - 16 hours ago
By Dan Eggen. IN MORE THAN half a century, only two government employees
have ever been convicted of providing classified information ...


grows to State, Defense
MSNBC - 21 hours ago
OFFICIALS AT THE two departments told NBC News on condition of anonymity that
they expected to receive letters urging them not to delete e-mails and to ...


Ashcroft under pressure to quit CIA leak probe
Financial Times (subscription), UK - Oct 2, 2003
By James Harding in Washington. John Ashcroft, the US attorney-general,
came under increasing pressure on Thursday to step aside ...


Democrats raise calls for probe of CIA leak claims
Financial Times (subscription), UK - Oct 2, 2003
By Deborah McGregor in Washington. Democrats on Monday stepped up calls
for a special counsel to investigate the alleged White House ...


The hollow center of the Plame Affair.
Slate - Oct 2, 2003
By Chris Suellentrop. Robert Novak tried to explain away the latest Bush
administration scandal�which is so far going by the promisingly ...


Leak Probe May Expand Beyond White House
ABC News - Oct 2, 2003
WASHINGTON Oct. 2 � The investigation into the leak of a CIA officer's
name is likely to expand to other Bush administration agencies ...


Bush facing pressure over CIA leak
ABC Online, Australia - Oct 2, 2003
We begin tonight with a story with all the potential to derail the successful
re-election of President George Bush to a second term in 2004. ...


Forced in from the cold, spy feels the heat
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Oct 2, 2003
A couple's secret life is now an open book, write Douglas Jehl and
David Stout. The standard for US operatives who pretend to be ...


No quick answers on leak, FBI warns
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Oct 2, 2003
As US federal investigators began looking into the suspected outing of a CIA operative
by a Bush Administration official, the Republican leadership struggled ...


Pressure grows on White House over CIA disclosure
Guardian, UK - Oct 2, 2003
The White House came under increasing pressure today to appoint an independent
prosecutor to investigate claims that a senior Bush administration official ...


Tenet wages scandal on the White House
Boston Globe, MA - Oct 2, 2003
By James P. Pinkerton, 10/2/2003. GEORGE TENET, the CIA director,
is a real piece of Washington work. He's done a terrible job in ...


Spy catcher leads leak probe
Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - Oct 1, 2003
WASHINGTON -- The probe of whether Bush administration officials illegally revealed
a CIA officer's identity is stirring up debate over whether Attorney ...


Bush adviser Hughes says leak disrupts democracy
Houston Chronicle, TX - Oct 1, 2003
By CLAY ROBISON. AUSTIN -- Karen Hughes, one of President Bush's longest-serving
and closest advisers, said Wednesday that the public ...


Newspaper Editorial Pages on CIA Leak
Editor & Publisher - Oct 1, 2003
By Seth Porges. NEW YORK -- News that White House officials might have
leaked the name of a covert CIA employee to a newspaper columnist ...


All Roads Lead to Iraq
New York Times - Oct 1, 2003
NewsAnalysis WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 � The inquiry into whether senior
Bush administration officials illegally exposed a CIA officer's ...


'Conscience moment' in debate over CIA leak
USA Today - Oct 1, 2003
Media critics are blasting syndicated columnist Robert Novak's decision to "out"
the wife of former diplomat Joseph Wilson as a CIA operative, saying it ...


Tip back in 1898 helped to start a war
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - Oct 1, 2003
The overlapping power circles of government and journalism were shocked
-- shocked! -- this week by reports of yet another news ...


Justice Department Head Is Closely Linked to CIA Leak Inquiry
New York Times - Oct 1, 2003
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 Deep political ties between top White House aides
and Attorney General John Ashcroft have put him into a delicate ...


The GOP vs. Nepotism?
Slate - Oct 1, 2003
The White House leakers didn't grasp that, to conservatives, "nepotism"
is no longer a dirty word. By Timothy Noah. At the heart ...


Poll: Special Prosecutor Favored to Probe CIA Leak
Voice of America - Oct 1, 2003
A new poll shows 69 percent of Americans favor an independent prosecutor to investigate
allegations that a Bush administration official leaked the name of a ...


Bush wants truth as crisis looms
NEWS.com.au, Australia - Oct 1, 2003
By Roy Ecclestone. FACING a growing political crisis, George W. Bush yesterday
promised full co-operation with the FBI criminal investigation ...


White House staffers sift through records as CIA leak probe ...
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - Oct 1, 2003
White House officials began combing telephone logs and other records Wednesday
while the FBI assembled senior agents for the politically delicate task of ...


Poll: Seven in 10 say they favor a special counsel to investigate ...
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - Oct 1, 2003
Seven in 10 Americans, including a majority of Republicans, say they favor a
special counsel rather than the administration's own Justice Department to ...


Whiff of Scandal Poses New Challenge for Bush
Reuters, UK - Oct 1, 2003
By Adam Entous. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The criminal investigation into
alleged Bush administration leaks has increased the vulnerability ...


US media's leak feeding frenzy
BBC News, UK - Oct 1, 2003
By Rachel Clarke. It has taken nearly three months for the "outing"
of a CIA agent to become headline news, and it seems as if the ...


White House Staff Investigating CIA Leak
ABC News - Oct 1, 2003
WASHINGTON Oct. 1 � The White House staff began going back through
records and telephone logs Wednesday in search of any information ...


Sharks are circling in Washington
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong - Oct 1, 2003
By Jim Lobe. WASHINGTON - To say that there's blood in the water and
the sharks are circling around the Bush administration's Iraq ...



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