Subject: The already enormous powers of our FBI have been greatly expanded

Date: Sat Oct 4, 2003  9:32 pm



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    Subject: The already enormous powers of our FBI have been greatly expanded
    Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 01:54:32 +0100
    From: "GRAHAM JUKES" <>
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    The already enormous powers of our FBI have been greatly expanded by
    adding to their arsenal a most a most elaborate apparatus known as
    "CARNIVORE". This now enables the FBI to monitor and to interject themselves into,
    and interfere with any personal activities in progress on anyone's Internet
    at any time and anyplace in the world. This most expensive and
    sophisticated equipment was granted to the FBI on some expressed presumptions: One
    being that our FBI is an honorable organization and that they are seriously
    in the business of fighting crime.  A second, and more accurate presumption
    was that crimes such as drug trafficking or even espionage might well be
    perpetrated via the Internet.  A few of us have come to know quite
    directly that there are other factors needing to be considered in granting these
    added powers to the FBI, however.   Must we not weigh in the
    ever-present factors of Corporate & Government greed and related corruptions?  Are
    we not also forced to acknowledge the most pervasive role of those special
    interests that we find contributing so heavily to our elected
    bureaucrats, nd, what they just may be expecting in return for these ongoing large
    contributions. Must we not ask where our FBI fits into this quagmire of
    corporate/political bureaucratic entanglements? (Remember Waco)

    Over the years we have drawn a degree of comfort in knowing that there
    are always some good folks who will take all the the risks involved in
    blowing the whistle on some of the worst of these Corporate/Gov- Rip-Off  schemes and
    and the related special arraignments.  In today's world though will not
    our whistle blowers turn, most likely to their Internet computers as there
    best means to organize there thoughts and get their message out - and
    there-in comes the big snag. They will, most likely, no longer find themselves
    to be alone with their efforts on their computer. Their message may now need
    to meet with the approval of those ever-present FBI agents assigned to
    their Internet.

    One of our wisest forefathers noted that "With Power Comes Corruption"
    and it has also been observed that increasing those powers will likely to
    little to diminish any of that corruption.  Indeed, in considering these
    powers now entrusted to our FBI, I find myself being required to take another look
    at the role of our FBI when they're Agents. For whatever reasons, do not
    approve of what any Whistle Blower may want to say.  It is now a clear
    fact that they, the FBI, have been given the power to block, disrupt, alter
    otherwise sabotage any Internet activities where crimes, in fact are in
    progress.  Might we be confident that our FBI would never be disposed
    to knowingly misuse such powers?  Might they interject there new powers
    where they simply don't approve of what is being said?  On that point I have
    learned painfully and first hand that we have no cause for optimism. 
    We have one obvious reality to be weighted. Top FBI officials are
    political appointees, appointed most often by the same political persons that are
    on the receiving end of the special interest monies here noted.  What is
    to be the role of the FBI when their very own appointed directors and cronies
    are, themselves, about to be exposed in criminal schemes?

    On this subject I can speak first hand.  My personal experience
    involves the VIAD Corporation of Phoenix, Az. (d.b.a: Travelers Express Inc.).  I
    learned that they have been, for several years, targeting and Ripping-off
    mostly the poor.  They are the ones most often needing to deal in their money
    orders. I would learn that they, Travelers Express (VIAD), had been making
    large contributions to both the Republican and Democratic Parties and they
    had been getting away with their elaborate schemes - being held accountable
    by none of those agencies in place to protect these same Citizens who were
    being victimized. I learned about the VIAD Corporation's big
    contributions to both parties (mostly to the Republicans for some reason).  I set out
    to Blow the Whistle on all of this after being personally ripped-off for
    about $500 in one of these Travelers Express - VIAD schemes and it was then
    that I would get to observe first hand the role of our FBI and how they would
    be using there new "CARNIVORE" when it comes to how they deal with
    whistle-blowers. While I got my story out with some degree of success
    early I have not been permitted to be alone on an Internet computer since.
    For a message such as this I am relegated to a word processor or a

    This remains now a subject, which I am now, and will remain willing to
    speak to directly for as long as I am able.

    David Goggin

    Please pass-on to as many people as you can. Thankyou.
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    Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2003 1:52 AM
    Subject: The already enormous powers of our FBI have been greatly expanded

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