About those plastic chairs.
Thu Jun 3, 2004 03:27

First, I do not believe in the "authenticity" of the Berg video. I sincerely think that Nick Berg was not murdered by the alleged terrorist group, but most probably in the Abu Ghraib prison. This was my first impression and remains the same after watching the video dozens of times, even frame by frame. I came to this conclusion based upon a number of details and also driven by a natural instinct. Believe me, I try to be as unbias as Nature allows me.
Now, regarding the chairs: they are resin furniture (plastic); the model is called American Perennial Chair, and also (Economy Line) DeLuxe Fanback Chair; they come in white and green colors. They are manufactured by Syroco in Baldwinsville, New York, U.S.A.
Syroco is a division of Fiskars Brands, Inc., Madison, Wiscosin, U.S.A.

Although Syroco does not show in the list of DoD contractors, Fiskars Brands does:

This is a Adobe (.pdf) file. The contractors are in alphabetical order and Fiskars shows on page 76 on my screen.

All this does NOT exclude the possibility that this successful model has been copied/cloned elsewhere in the world. Admitedly, some speculation here...

However, in my opinion, the chair itself is only a circumstancial element of minor relevance. For instance, identical chairs are seen (in the background) on several videos showing the shack/house next to the hole where Saddam Hussein was captured. Also, on videos showing street markets in Baghdad, daily life, etc. So, the chairs, made in U.S.A. or NOT (embargo?), are there.

I would focus on more relevant elements like the back of the head crossing in front of one of the cameras, prison uniform, sound track, time table, accent evaluation, body language, etc.

Thank you for your reading.


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