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Subject: Re: Was Berg CIA?
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Date: 2004-05-12 11:14:07 PST
> Rampant rumors that the beheading video is a politically motivated hoax.
The same people/entities that are telling us a man named Nick Berg was
beheaded by terrorists in Iraq are the same people/entities that told
us terrorists had raped and sodomized Jessica Lynch. And *that* was
fed to us so that we'd all support the war again. With the photos of
the Abu Ghraib cruelties, don't you think those people/entities want
to fuel the flag-waving fires again?

I don't think that makes a person "unpatriotic" or anything to be

I'm sure Nick Berg was a real person with a real family (as opposed to
actors pantomiming grief for a fictitious character named "Nick Berg"
for the benefit of newscameras [that's a little too "Wag the Dog"]).
I'm also 99% sure that the young man is dead.

That's the point that I get unsure of what to believe. Here's the
things that have set off my bullshit detector (and, believe me, I'm
not some lunatic in a tin-foil hat):

1.) His father said that Nick Berg went to Iraq not to make money
because "he hadn't made any of there." Does that mean that his name
wouldn't appear on any dossiers or payrolls?--that's strange. Of ALL
the Americans in Iraq, these militants somehow find the ONE guy who
isn't a soldier or employed by a private firm? That one thing makes me
think that it's suspicious.

2.) I know I don't know him, but the photos they've shown of him don't
look at all like the man in the video.

3.) In the video, NB is kneeling before the men in black. It just
looks fake, man. He is lit differently. He looks superimposed.

4.) Why is he beheaded off-screen? Not that I would want to see him
killed brutally like that and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but come
on. If the murderers wanted to horrify and leave no doubt, why
wouldn't they (sorry) lop off his head in front of the camera?
Instead, they wrestle him to the ground and moments later, reappear
with the poor guy's head.

This is the part, yesterday, that made me say, "Wait... that just
doesn't seem right." When I saw the clip of the video, it made less
sense. It didn't seem right, then it didn't look right. When I heard
this morning that NB was some "free agent", detained by the US,
released, but choosing to stay in Iraq, not employed by any company,
then it was cemented for me: doesn't seem right, doesn't look right,
doesn't sound right = ain't right.

I don't know. I'm not saying that it's entirely a lie and none of it
happened, but... it just doesn't add up. One bit.



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