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The people who have seen the video of Nick Berg's "execution" fall into three categories. Those that, out of patriotism and maybe a little prejudice, believe that the video is real and accept the government version without question. There are those who, because of a strong belief in conspiracy theories or a mistrust of the government, automatically feel that the video is a fake. Finally, there remains a group of people who can put their personal feelings to one side and analyze the video in a logical and scientific way.

Unfortunately, we are never likely to be given hard evidence that will solve this potential mystery and perhaps for many it will make no difference?

However, we can continue to speculate and perhaps arrive at a reasonable version of the truth by simple deduction. We have been receiving comments on our message board regarding this video and people in all "categories" have offered their views/opinions. Sadly, some have used personal abuse rather than intellectual persuasion in their arguments and these posts are (and will be) deleted.

One of our recent posts gave an interesting view on the video. He believes that the video was real in that the beheading took place. However, he does not feel that the official version of who the culprits are is correct.

Obviously, the quality of the video makes it difficult to see anything in great detail and this was probably intentional. He also believes that there were 2 cameras used and this would explain the inconsistency of the Timestamps, and thinks that the audio was added later.

However, his most interesting point (which is plausible) is based on the fact that the "white chair" and the place where the "execution" took place, strongly indicate the Abu Ghraib prison as the location of this crime.

If this is true, then those carrying out the execution could indeed be American soldiers as suggested in his post. Maybe (and it is only maybe) they were forced into doing this in order to escape "other" crimes and to help the US government obtain "home support"for their war in Iraq?

His post points out that the voices of some of those involved sound almost "regretful" and "tearful" and hardly portray the image of cold hearted terrorists. If you look and listen to the video again, this does seem like a reasonable observation.

But why kill Nick Berg? There seems to be conflicting reports about his role in Iraq. Was he working for the CIA, for the Iraqi's or just visting for personal business reasons as originally suggested? Again, we may never know. However, some members of the US Military saw him as an enemy of the USA and perhaps this has some relevance?

The post was made by an American who seems to have a genuine wish to discover the truth and makes it clear that he is not "Un-American" or a "terrorist lover". His wish to discover the truth and show that America is a country where truth and justice are strong, makes him a true patriot in our eyes.

Perhaps, if a few more people followed this example, America would recover its reputation as being the "land of the free", which at the moment is more of an illusion created by the politicians presently in power. World respect for America is falling because of its leaders, not the people. America is a major player in the world but it needs a leader that puts its own people first and lets other countries sort out their own problems.

This article is published in an attempt to offer additional information that may help to discover the real truth about the video. Simply accepting the official version, regardless of the actual content of the video, is not good enough. There are too many doubts about this video and it needs to be investigated. To ignore these "discrepancies"is to ignore justice and that would make us no better than the people who are accused of carrying out this act. We must seek the truth and not be blinded by our personal anger.



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