Murder or Media Manipulation?

From: Anon Poster ( nobody@ybodon.not )
Subject: Beheading video

Date: 2004-05-12 03:06:28 PST

Murder or Media Manipulation?
The video clip (from ) is not a continuous record. The
video quality is very poor but there are several jumps in continuity
at crucial moments that suggest editing.

On the strength of the video evidence alone, I'm not entirely
convinced that the event portrayed is genuine. It looks like a fairly
amateurish special effects show. The original source URL does not
appear to exist. Very little about this story makes sense.

Having watched real beheadings while in the Middle East, physiological
aspects of the supposed execution do not look right. It would be
interesting to hear the views of forensic medical experts.

The video could be a US and/or Israeli propaganda exercise designed to
divert attention away from the prisoner abuse scandal and reinforce a
link between al-Qaida and Iraq in the minds of the US public?

Given that British military authorities have doubted the authenticity
of prisoner abuse photographs published recently in the UK, perhaps
this is just another damage-limiting media manipulation in an ongoing
propaganda war?

Apologies to the family if this is a genuine tragedy

This guy was arrested and detained for several weeks in Iraq by
coalition forces and was not seen alive again. He was supposedly
released by the US military and then immediately vanished until the
video surfaced.

The fact that a decapitated body was found or that there is a grieving
family back home does not mean that everything happened exactly as
claimed by those best served by such a story.

I'm not convinced by the video or the so-called facts of the matter.

I think it is also possible that the Americans (and/or Israelis) faked
the whole incident and persuading Berg to disappear into something
like the witness protection program with a big payoff.

As for the headless body, they're two a penny in a war zone.

Fact is, I don't know what really happened but my suspicions were
raised by the video and heightened when I looked further into the

This story has come at just the right time to divert attention away
from the wrongdoing of the Americans, whose prisoner abuse pales into
insignificance in the light of the alleged barbarism of al Qaeda.

An al Qaeda leader is far more likely to follow the religiously
approved method of beheading than the outright butchery shown in that
video clip, IMHO. Especially as Berg was no infidel but one of the
People of the Book.

After all, there is Middle Eastern tradition where a Jewish man atones
for Man's sins by suffering and dying at the hands of his enemies -
and rises on the third day.

While Al Qaeda proudly produced the fake video of a killing they had
had nothing to do with and claimed it as their own, instead of
exposing the American sham for what it is........why, exactly?

"The trip to Iraq was seen as a similar adventure, with a humanitarian
perspective. But even before events took a fatal turn, things had not
been going well for Berg. He had struggled to find work and he spoke
to his parents on March 24, telling them he would return home on March

But the same day he spoke to his parents he was detained by Iraqi
police at a checkpoint in the northern town of Mosul.

He was then turned over to US officials and detained for 13 days. The
New York Times reported today that he was questioned by FBI agents who
were trying to determine what he was doing in Iraq and whether he was
really a US citizen.

On April 5, the Bergs - frustrated at his incarceration - filed a suit
in a federal court in Philadelphia, contending that their son was
being held illegally by the US military. The next day he was released.

Events must have looked as if they were improving, but his family
heard from him for the last time on April 9, a time which saw a wave
of abductions of foreigners during an upsurge of violence in Falluja,
west of Baghdad, after four US security contractors were killed and

It is still unclear exactly when and where he was abducted, but his
body was found near a highway overpass in Baghdad on Saturday. It is
believed that he was beheaded on the same day.

Anonymous US officials said today that Berg had been warned to get out
of Iraq for his own safety. His family have criticised officials for
not giving him more help.",2763,1215255,00.html

I'm sure the CIA knows how to send an anonymous or forged email with
attachment to an Islamist website.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the CIA was running hundreds of
such websites as part of the war against terror.

There are several breaks in the time stamping. They happen to fall
exactly where one would expect special effects breaks.  



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