Bad CIA PsyOps:Claims Dead Zarqawi Kills Nick Berg

CIA can't keep its lies straight. First there was the bogus Nick Berg Death video and now CIA lies that a dead Zarqawi did the dirty deed.

AP (Associated Propaganda) then reported that "unnamed CIA officials" said that Nick Berg's killer was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was killed months ago, according to public reports. CIA probably figures (and rightly so) that clueless flag-waving Americans can't keep their Dead Ragheads straight.

AP hedged their lies and their bets by publishing disinformation that so-called "intelligence officials" said there was "high probability" that the person speaking on the Nick Berg Death Video was al-Zarqawi, a CIA official said, "speaking on the condition of anonymity."

Contradicting AP propaganda, Islamic militants claim he was killed in a bombing attack in
Northern Iraq (See Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead")



Sat May 15, 2004 14:45

Just in the nick of time, as the crusaders were going into meltdown over
the outrage of the sexual perversions and torture photos of iraqi
prisoners being released into the semiosphere, the word came down from
up top, "We need a distraction, an atrocity, an outrage and we need it
It's the classic "CIA, Black Op" it appears that The CIA arranged for
some of their Iraqi musclemen (most likely Ahmed Chalabi) to cut off the
head of what appears to be an American intelligence agent cutout for a
staged atrocity, "made to order."
It looks like a "Sheep dip" operation. Berg is an Oswald. A patsy. A
made to order, fall guy. A sleeper, waiting to be activated, this time
as a sacrificial lamb to distract the comatose masses as they sit there
and say, "Take my rights but protect my precious flesh."
Questions are swirling around the very suspicious activities of the CIA
in the hours preceding the beheading of the 26 year old American.
There is also the question of the alarming, "coincidental," connection
to Moussaoui.
The murdered man's father is coming out with a scathing attack on Bush
claiming it's Bush who is behind the death of his kid.

And the message gets transmitted at different levels to different
1) For the gullible non thinkers sheep they get the brunt of the horror
and nothing more. For their brains are so profoundly stunted by the
continous "Psy-op" and the alpha state induced conditioning from the
television. In the alpha state you forget about the coffins and rape.
And now you react exactly in the preplanned way and say, "See, Raping
and torture is much better than Beheading, see, we're the good guys
cause we only rape and torture, not like those evil terrorists who cut
off people's heads... duh."

2) But to the thinking people, the people who are aware and awake the
message is loud and clear: We can kill you at will. Anytime - anywhere.
You'll be the next one in the orange smock.

3) Also the message to the antiwar movement (Berg was supposedly "Anti
war") is: "Watch out! We're offing civilians now too." (Although don't
believe for one second that he was just a civilian. He's got "Agency
Patsy" written all over his decapitated body.)

4) Aparantly what the Freepers did was to get a list of anti war
movement people and publicize it and create a hit list in essence and
this kid's name was on the freepers list and he goes over there and
get's picked up by US forces who later deny they detained him.

5) The Message is: Stuff happens to anti war people.

It's the softening up and desensitization of the human mind.

Gun's present in frame: Israeli Ak47 and a Mac 9MM

White plastic lawn chair identical is the same as in Abu Gharib prison
torture and sexual assault photos.
Raising the threat level for those who can see it.
For those who can see what is real
prometheus (kid's company name)
The Neo Cons are bringing the terror to a new level.

They would of course have Chalabi's boys do the act.


1) It's got the bogus near certain identification of the hooded
executioner as being "Al-Zarqawi" within minutes. A feat literally
impossible for the CIA to do.
2) There was No Blood spurting from neck. Experts (Except the CIA
"Ex-spurts") noticed the obvious lack of blood spurting from any neck
artery which should accompany a beheading - There was none. (Major media
fails to mention this obvious fact)
3) Looks like the same director who did the previous phony Bin Laden
Video with the admittedly fake Bin Laden.
4) It's surfacing that Berg worked at the Abu Ghraib
5) There is a Link to Moussaoui. Moussaoui emailed something from this
kid's laptop. The FBI says: "Nothing to see here, move along." And the
media doesn't dare talk too much about it. And they are going to try to
tell the American people, "Oh it's just a coincidence that the so called
20th hijacker just COINCIDENTALLY emailed from this kid's laptop before
911. And the people who's minds have been so saddenly destroyed by the
effects and dumbing down of the Television, will accept that it just
must have been a coincidence. (The thinking is: If it's got the swirling
graphics and ominous theme music and read by some blond bimbo on CNN, we
can feed these mental midgets anything, no matter how rediculous -
they'll believe anything.)
6) Berg has a mysterious Israeli passport stamp.
7) Berg has sensitive electronic equipment on his person that he has no
paperwork for.
7) Berg travels the world helping the disadvantaged? Huh? What? Big
Hmmmm on that one.
8) And just exactly what is a jew doing as a freelancer in the
apocalyptic war torn Jew hating Iraq? Does he have a death wish? Is he
mentally retarded? Nope, He's a US government agent - albiet a
patsyesque one.
9) Bergs father smells a rat - he thinks it's the US Gov who killed his
son - and not abstractly so either.

These are the working notes of this atrocity, look for updates as this
story develops

Berg was absolutely positively murdered by the shadow operators of the
US Government. It's in your face. It's a very dangerous time for the
human race.

Get in their face
Dont have a shred of fear
Don't give in an inch to their Nazi tactics
Get off your knees
Open your mind
Wake up
and fight these bastards!




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