The McVeigh aftermath

The McVeigh aftermath

Joseph Farah
The McVeigh aftermath - Tue Jun 19 11:02:01 2001


Since his execution last week, Timothy McVeigh
is out of sight and out of mind for most Americans.

That's the way the federal government wants it -
which is reason enough to continue to raise
questions about the Oklahoma City bombing
and the trial and execution of Timothy McVeigh.

Many of us will continue to demand answers to
questions deliberately evaded by Attorney
General John Ashcroft, President Bush and their

Why did FBI investigators on the scene of
the bombing April 19, 1995, announce to
the public and media (including CNN and
local television stations) that two more
unexploded bombs were found inside the
Murrah Building? Why do they steadfastly
refuse to explain either how they were
mistaken in those findings or their theories
about who placed those explosive devices?

Why did Ashcroft refuse to meet with
independent bombing investigator
Charles Key, a former Oklahoma
legislator, with regard to his findings,
which starkly contradict the official
government line?

Why isn't anyone in the FBI being
punished for the years-long delay in
turning over evidentiary documents to
McVeigh's defense?

How does the FBI explain the way the
laws of physics were defied in its lone
truck-bomb theory - causing a pattern of
damage totally inconsistent with such a
device on the ground in front of the

Why were rescue workers prevented from
continuing the search for survivors hours
after the explosion while federal officials
removed boxes of documents from the
building, as reported in the New York
Daily News?

Why did the Oklahoma City command
post of the FBI order all agents to
discontinue the search for other suspects
in the bombing shortly after the blast,
according to agent Thomas Ravenelle as
reported in Digital City Denver?

Why was McVeigh's initial "confession"
fabricated by investigators, as reported in
the Washington Post? Was anyone ever
disciplined for this abuse of authority?

Why was there bomb-squad activity in
and around the Murrah Building hours
before the blast?

Why were warnings about just such an
attack on a federal building in Oklahoma
City on April 19, 1995, by an informant of
the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms ignored by investigators?

There are many other serious questions I have
raised in the past and more I will raise in the
future. Timothy McVeigh may be dead, but the
government's cover-up of the circumstances
surrounding this tragedy continues with a life of
its own.

Here's one more abuse to consider - one that
has grave implications for all Americans.

The federal government simply did not have
constitutional jurisdiction to try or execute
McVeigh - only the state of Oklahoma did. The
federal government did not own the land on
which the Murrah Building stood. This is not a
mere technicality. McVeigh was prosecuted
under a statute that cites as its authority the
Interstate Commerce Clause.

In other words, McVeigh was tried and
executed for "having a substantial effect on
interstate commerce."

If such twisting of constitutional intent can
happen in a high-profile mass murder case like
this, it can happen to any of us at any time for
any reason the government wants.

But maybe you don't care anymore. Maybe
Americans just don't give a darn now because
Timothy McVeigh is dead and his ashes
reportedly scattered to the four winds. Maybe,
also, none of us are concerned about the way the
Constitution is being misused, manipulated and
shredded before our eyes. Maybe we all just
trust our government, have faith in our public
officials and don't feel there is any need for
accountability any longer in this enlightened
media age.

For those of you who fall into those categories, I
guess I have nothing to say to you. Perhaps,
there is nothing to say that could wake you from
your slumber.

Yet, I know there are many who do care. There
are many who want to know the truth - not just
about Oklahoma City but other government
scandals and cover-ups.

I have two suggestions for you to help get you
motivated and informed:

WorldNetDaily has access to several
thousand of the last remaining copies of
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's "The Secret
Life of Bill Clinton," which devotes several
chapters to the Oklahoma City bombing
cover-up. This is a great primer written
years ago, the facts of which remain
unchallenged to this day. Buy it, read it,
spread it around. Truth has an amazing
impact sometimes.

There's another cover-up still under way
by the federal government - one that bears
striking similarities to the Oklahoma City
bombing scandal. I'm talking about the
downing of TWA Flight 800. No suspects
have ever been found in this tragedy,
because the government quickly
concluded - against all available forensic
and eyewitness evidence - that the plane
exploded due to a non-existent fuel tank
problem. You can learn all about this
cover-up in a new video documentary
available from WorldNetDaily.

Joseph Farah is editor and chief executive officer of and writes a daily column.


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