2 X 2 foot box marked "High Explosives" WHICH HAD A TIMER ON IT


One such bomb was a 2 X 2 foot box marked "High Explosives" WHICH HAD A TIMER ON IT.
This was confirmed by Oklahoma City Fire Marshal Dick Miller. The timing mechanism
apparently had been set to detonate at ten minutes after nine. Apparently it had
malfunctioned due to the initial blast.

According to Toni Garrett, a nurse who was on the scene tagging dead bodies.
"Four people--rescue workers--told us there was a bomb in the building with a timing
mechanism set to go off ten minutes after nine." According to Garrett, witnesses told
her it was an active bomb. "We saw the bomb squad take it away."

This fact was confirmed by an Oklahoma City Police officer who inadvertently began
to walk into the building when a fireman yelled, "Hey idiot, that's a bomb!" The
stunned officer looked over and saw the 2 X 2 box surrounded by police crime tape.
He then heard the fireman yell, "There's one over there and another over there!
We're waiting for the bomb squads to come back from hauling off the others."

Investigator Phil O'Halloran has Bill Martin of the Oklahoma City Police Department
on tape stating that one of the bombs found in the building was two to three
five-gallon containers of Mercury Fulminate--a powerful explosive--one not easily
obtainable except to military sources.

Citizens monitoring police radios heard the following conversation on the morning
of the 19th:


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