Fed Informant Documents Treason in OKC Bombing

JULY 1999

Fed Informant Documents Treason in OKC Bombing

As a self-confessed "international importer and domestic transporter,"
Cary Gagan, 54, admits that he is "no choir boy." But neither is he a
cold-blooded killer, he is quick to add. As a government informant with
an immunity grant, he took every step he could to help the federal
government stop the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, of which he had
solid prior knowledge, but "they let it happen," says Gagan. "They"
were the FBI, the United States Attorney, and many agents of the U.S.
Marshals Service. 

On March 13, Mr. Gagan gave a two-hour deposition before a newly
formed citizens committee known as the Oklahomans for Truth. A court
stenographer and video grapher were present.

Upon viewing the tape, Denver whistleblower Stewart Webb said,
"These well-documented charges amount to no less than treasonous
acts by those sworn to ‘defend and protect against all enemies foreign
and domestic.’ These people should be tried and, if found guilty,
swiftly executed."

Prosecutors would later make a big noise about the ANFO bomb being
built at Geary Lake State Park in Kansas. (Count 35 of the eventual
indictment reads: "On or about April 18, 1995, at Geary Lake State
Park in Kansas, McVeigh and Nichols constructed an explosive truck
bomb with barrels filled with a mixture of ammonium nitrate, fuel and
other explosives placed in the cargo compartment of the rental truck.")

But it is Cary Gagan’s testimony that he, under instructions from a
federal agent, deliver a mixer and what he believes to have been
bombing materials to a service station in Dwight, Kansas, on April 10,
nine days prior to the Murrah explosions... [snip] 

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