The big bad wolf is dead! Or is he...


     The big bad wolf is dead! Or is he...
     Tue Jun 12 20:11:40 2001

     The big bad wolf is dead! Or is he...

     Timothy McVeigh Executed at 7:14
     Oklahoma City bomber put to death June 11th 2001!
     Was his last words a clue to THE MASTER MIND?
     By Senior Editor of 24 7 News Net
     The 24 7 News Wire

     24 7 News Net Wire - June 11th, 2001

     The media circus has begun.

     The big bad wolf is dead!

     Or is he...

     For years some have said Timothy McVeigh wasn't the Oklahoma City bomber!

     They said, McVeigh was a person TRAINED BY THE US MILITARY to take a fall

     They said the McVeigh trial was faked with bogus information.

     They said the McVeigh execution would be faked.

     They said McVeigh was trained to take this fall, and that he was told he
     would be given millions of dollars and a new face and new identity.

     They said he would then be sent to South America.

     Is this the truth?

     Since I was told that information years ago, the following details have
     occurred to verify it could be the truth!

     A WARNING FAX that was sent by someone the government called THE MASTER
     MIND the day before the bombing, appeared as a key piece of evidence in
     the final days of this circus.

     I personally told Rob Nigh the attorney for McVeigh about it a couple of
     weeks ago, and gave him the court case number where the WARNING FAX is on
     file as part of a sealed US Federal court case!

     Rob Nigh then filed SEALED DOCUMENTS in the McVeigh case about THE
     WARNING FAX, which are part of a SEALED CASE in Philadelphia.

     The sealed case is 96CV 1499 in the Eastern District of the Pennsylvania
     Federal court system!

     After Rob Nigh made his recent SEALED FILINGS, several references then
     started to appear about THE MASTERMIND in the media.

     Rob Nigh stated to the media and in court records, that THERE WAS PROOF
     the US government was hiding information about OTHERS and a so called

     A judge also ordered that McVeigh's body not be autopsied! Which also
     seems to validate the FAKE EXECUTION CLAIMS that were made years ago to

     The fact that a Federal Judge ordered the execution VIDEO TAPED, only to
     have other judges OVER RULE the video taping in the US Supreme court.

     Since there is no video of the execution, the proof to prove the
     execution was faked, can now never be used. A the video tape of the
     execution was never made!

     McVeigh's body was also immediately cremated, so it can never be exhumed
     to dispute any faked execution claims!

     Documents analyzing the residue of the explosion that day from debris
     taken by explosion experts on the scene that day, verify the type of
     explosion McVeigh is said to have used, was not the type that caused the
     residue analyzed from debris that day!

     If a truck bomb was used as claimed, it would have left a massive crater
     like the ones left years later in the US embassy bombings.

     And now the media says THE OFFICIAL TIME OF THE DEATH was 7:14 AM central

     7:14 is the actual birth date of the person that told me years ago in an
     interview I did about the bombing, that McVeigh didn't do the deed!

     The person that says McVeigh is a soldier that the US government trained
     to take a fall for THE UNEXPLAINABLE, is Sollog Immanuel Adonai-adoni.

     Sollog is known by only one name today, which is SOLLOG. If you check
     that name in a search engine, you see thousands of pages about Sollog.

     To his close friends, Sollog is called SOL, like the Roman Sun GOD named

     The poem chosen by McVeigh is in fact a tribute to SOL(LOG)INVICTUS!

     Already some in the media are reporting on the fact the word INVICTUS has
     been tied to some militia groups.

     Was the choosing of INVICTUS by McVeigh a coded tribute to SOL or Sollog?

     Sollog is the very same person that filed case 96CV 1499 in Philadelphia
     in early 1996.

     In that case Sollog explains HE SENT THE WARNING FAX to many in the media
     about the Oklahoma City bombing the day before the explosion occurred!

     In the lawsuit Sollog claims the US government tried to kill him after
     the bombing, so he is now living UNDER GROUND!

     Sollog says that there was an explosion in Oklahoma City on April 19th

     But, Sollog says the explosion was caused a tiny rock that was a fragment
     from a small comet or meteorite, it entered the earth's atmosphere on
     April 19th 1995!

     Sollog says it imploded near the Alfred P. Murrah building.

     That is why the US government decided to put McVeigh in place as the
     bomber, to EXPLAIN THE UNEXPLAINABLE to the US public!

     Sollog also says a small meteorite fragment took out TWA 800 as well!

     Sollog says the government knew of his COMET WARNING sent to the media
     about a BIG BANG on April 19th 1995 and decided to cover up his WARNING
     of an ACT OF GOD that then occurred!

     In Sollog's case 96CV 1499, which is now sealed under NATIONAL SECURITY,
     are details about other future events he warned the court of in early
     1996, that then took place.

     The exact locations where the first nine US school shootings later
     occurred are in the Sollog sealed case!

     The complete details of the death of Princess Diana are in the sealed
     case as well!

     Sollog filed the case to PROVE HE KNOWS THE FUTURE, and to warn that NUKE
     TERRORISM is about to destroy ISRAEL!

     So what is the truth about todays first Federal execution in 38 years?

     Was it all a staged event to HIDE THE SOLLOG WARNINGS? A warning McVeigh
     hinted at by SOL in his last words?

     For now the media says Timothy James McVeigh was executed and pronounced
     dead at 7:14 AM CT.

     For years Sollog THE PERSON THAT SENT THE
     WARNING FAX said the execution would be faked.

     Now the infamous 7:14 appears IN REPORTS OF THE DEATH!

     McVeigh's final meal, if it was his final meal, is said to have been two
     pints of Ice Cream, mint chocolat was the flavor.

     McVeigh made no final spoken statement, but did release a hand written
     statement. It was a verbatim copy of the 19th century poem "INVICTUS".

     This is the hand written poem that was McVeigh's last statement.

     These are the words of "Invictus" written by William Ernest Henley.

     Out of the night that covers me,
     Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
     I thank whatever gods may be
     For my unconquerable soul.
     In the fell clutch of circumstance
     I have not winced nor cried aloud.
     Under the bludgeonings of chance
     My head is bloody, but unbowed.
     Beyond this place of wrath and tears
     Looms but the Horror of the shade,
     And yet the menace of the years
     Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.
     It matters not how strait the gate,
     How charged with punishments the scroll,
     I am the master of my fate:
     I am the captain of my soul.

     So, did the government inject Timothy McVeigh with chemicals to fake his

     Is the big bad wolf really dead?

     History will have no body to analyze.

     History will have no video tape to analyze.

     The WARNING FAX is sealed!

     There was no autopsy!

     The final words of McVeigh is a poem connected to SOL(log) INVICTUS, the
     name of the person who sent the now SEALED WARNING FAX!

     Sol Invictus is also a famous computer game now.

     Sol Invictus is even the name of a rock band. Did a rock really destroy
     the building as SOLlog claims?

     And then there is that number again, the number of SOLlog.



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