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When the U.S. apparently pulled Saddam Hussein out of a hole under a mud hut in Iraq, the American government suddenly felt as though the war with Iraq was worthwhile, and that they had accomplished something. They had. They had managed to kill hundreds of American soldiers, thousands of Iraqi civilians, destroyed a nations infrastructure and stability, and caused the rest of the world to hate America more than ever, all for a war that was completely unnecessary, and started on false pretenses.

In 1991 the first Bush administration betrayed the Iraqi people. US president George Bush publicly exhorted the Iraqi's to revolt against Hussein after the first Gulf War. When they took his advice and did, they got absolutely NO SUPPORT from Washington. Hussein then killed tens of thousands of those who defied him. AND HE DID IT WITH THE WEAPONS THE U.S. GAVE HIM IN THE 1980's. When the Kuwaiti's slant drilled under Iraq in 1990 to steal Iraqi oil, Hussein warned them to stop, or there would be war. They didn't and Hussein got the green light from Washington to go ahead with the war.

When he did, the U.S. went to war with him. It was all just a setup to enrich those who control the international war machine. Union Carbide, Dupont, Honeywell, Betchel, and Spectrum Physics, all American companies, supplied Hussein with the materials for war. Hussein was already using chemical weapons on a daily basis when the U.S. started supplying him with weapons. U.S. banks gave him billions. The CIA gave him cluster bombs. The gassing of the Kurds took place in March 1988. 6 months later the U.S. gave him 11 strains of germs used for germ warfare.


Saddam Hussein may have been a ruthless dictator, but the world is filled with tyrannical governments, including our own, it's just more covert in America. What generated the war in Iraq was not the evil of Saddam Hussein, but a President who is being used by the globalists to further their ambitions and those of their corporate war mongering associates. America created Saddam Hussein and gave him all the help he needed to manufacture weapons of mass destruction, so long as we believed he was only going to use them against other Arabs...When the Frankenstein they created was no longer convenient for their secret agenda, they came up with all sorts of jingoistic trash to justify their attacking another country, and killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process.

What a shame, that it is never those who start the wars who end up dying on the firing line. It is not the Iraqis who put and kept Hussein in power for so long, but America, under the watchful eye of the globalists. The Iraqi's did not attack the United States...They did not declare war...that honor rests with Washington, the Pentagon, George Bush, and all of the puppetmasters who control them. Hussein may deserve to stand trial for crimes against humanity, but so should so many in our own government, and the hidden elite that controls them as well.

The Trial Of Saddam Hussein


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