BEFORE ME the undersigned authority personally appeared Dr. Fred Webber, who being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

1.                     My name is Fred Webber, and I have practiced medicine as a physician since 1975, first in the Minneapolis area and, for the past year, at the Florida Neurological Institute in Clearwater.  My curriculum vitae is attached.

2.                     In my Minnesota practice, I treated many patients in nursing homes who had had strokes, and I am familiar with states of impairment known as coma, coma-like and persistent vegetative state.

3.                     While I have not physically examined Terri Schiavo, I have looked at her medical records covering the period from 1991 to 1999.   Also, I have studied the videotape of Terri and her mother, apparently taped in 1999 or 2000.

4.                     Based on my experience and my observations, it would not be my opinion that Mrs. Schiavo is in a coma or in a persistent vegetative state.  In my opinion, she exhibits purposeful reaction to her environment, particularly her mother.  Her eye movements, easily observed on the videotape, are particularly suggestive that she recognized family members and responded.  It is not my opinion that these movements are merely reflexive.

5.                     Within the past year, I have treated patients with brain deficits similar to Mrs. Schiavo’s.    In most cases, using the cardiovascular medication style of therapy, my patients have shown some improvement, although the degree of that improvement is variable.

6.                     By “improvement” I mean cognitive and physical items such as speech recovery, enhanced speech clarity and complexity, release of contractures, and better awareness of the patient’s surroundings.

7.                     In my opinion and judgment, based on my 26 years of practice, Mrs. Schiavo has a good opportunity to show some degree of improvement if treated with this type of therapy, although I cannot anticipate how much improvement.

8.                     In order for this improvement to occur, it is essential that Mrs. Schiavo’s current physical condition be properly assessed and, if necessary, treated and corrected by physicians and other professionals in the appropriate fields of specialization, as a first step before the Hammesfahr therapy could even begin.






                                                                                    Fred Webber, D.O.



The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this ____ day of June, 2001, by Dr. Fred Webber, who produced a Florida driver’s license as identification, and who did / did not take an oath.




                                                                        Notary Public


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