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by Sherman H. Skolnick

There are many places in the U.S. that are centers of something or other. The center of jewelry manufacturing[Rhode Island through which, by the way, the Rockefellers are the major importers of gold] and the center of cheese and dairy products[Wisconsin, also a center of certain small towns dominated by mafioso supposedly in the mozzarella cheese making business for pizza makers--you buy THEIR cheese for pizza making or get bombed.]

Some centers are praise-worthy others are condemned. In many places the Courthouse is the center of the local corruption and intrigue. Typically, the bank down the block or across the street from the Courthouse is owned and operated by the judges, commissioners, regulators, and inspectors in the Courthouse. Guess who gets the best deal in their Court or government office? You're right. The big folks tied to THEIR BANK. Equipped with loads of facts, some find out life can be simple.

There are phantasies and fables about this monkey business. To bribe a judge, you pass him a bag of money in an alley at midnight. Wrong! It does not work. Many new suburbs have no alleys. It is much simpler to work your charming corruption, as a business "miracle worker", with the bank linked to the judge and his circle of hand-shakers, knowing-winkers, confederates, cronies, and lawyer-pals.

Some states keep ownership of such enterprises like banks as public records {Illinois, for example]. Finding the records is often difficult, however. I was once a spectator in a court, not in Illinois. I needed to quickly know whether the bank across the alley of the federal courthouse was tied to the nearby Chief Federal District Judge. A not-so-unusual inquiry about who is putting in the "fix" or "wiring up" in a hot case, that I and my pals in our court reform group may be investigating.

"I am a business man moving into this town. I intend to deposit one hundred thousand dollars of our company funds in a bank here. But I first want some routine facts about this bank", I said with a straight, white-lied face to a Senior Vice President of the bank. "Is the distinguished Chief Judge next door tied to your establishment, sir?" I asked. "Oh, yes, he is one of the owners of this bank, also formerly a director here, and our owners and directors include a number of prominent business men in our community", and in so saying the Senior Vice President wrote down for me a list of some of the local potentates in with the Chief Judge and the Bank.

So there I nailed down Step One of our probe. Of course, I did not ask for nor receive a sworn affidavit from the bank honcho affirming these facts, nor could I ever expect to get one easily. If fingering dirty business is like mining, well, Chicago and Illinois, as examples, are strip mining. Not always necessary to dig way down. Some say this is typical throughout the Western World. Is it also true where you are?

In the tide of commerce and politics, how does a Governor get elected? Remember: when elected, he will greatly control or in some way strongly participate in who gets state contracts, what community get fix-up funds, who will be exempt from "Big Brother" government, and who and what will have open season for their pirate enrichment.

In 1998, in Illinois, supposedly "elected" on the Republican ticket for Governor was George H. Ryan. In supposedly getting the nod from sleepy-eyed voters, lulled to sleep by the liars and whores of the press, Ryan escaped the real scandal-bullet. Ryan had been Illinois Secretary of State. The state title being misleading, no, he was not the State diplomat. His main function was the issuance of licenses to autos, trucks, and other vehicles, and the drivers licenses for the same. As in other places in the U.S., the Secretary of State gets corrupted by bribery from mobsters who want unlisted and untraceable license plates. Stolen auto parts purveyors, called "chop shops", need to falsely register vehicles with stolen motors and such.

A previous Illinois Secretary of State, Alan Dixon, went on to become U.S. Senator. His relatives and cronies reportedly ran "chop shops", plainly in violation of Interstate Commerce and other federal laws, and taking stolen vehicles across state lines. At a secret meeting of "chop shop" operators, a competitor of Dixon's reputed circle, bitterly complained of "unfair competition" by Dixon's reputed mobsters. There being then no honor among thieves, the "outsider" was soon thereafter murdered, gangster-style, naturally.

In this great tradition, George H. Ryan, as Illinois Secretary of State, had various of his vehicle license facilities around Illinois in which supervisors and such took bribes to issue licenses to truck operators and drivers who could not pass the tests or were otherwise not eligible. In recent times alone, the reputed graft amounted to more than one million dollars. The Federal Gestapo, the FBI, supposedly caught some of the examiners and test-givers. Most said they had not kept the bribes but, in fact, contributed the sum to their boss Ryan and his 1998 campaign for Illinois Governor. In so many words, according to published reports, Ryan said he did not know anything about any of this and did not specifically know of any of these State employees of his office.

A Democrat running against Ryan for Governor was Glenn Poshard, a Congressman from a far downstate district. On the other hand, for many years past, getting on the ballot were candidates from the Libertarian Party and/or the Libertarian Party of Illinois. And in the past they somehow got on the ballot despite the forest of unfair state laws requiring more ballot access signatures than from the two Establishment parties. Except in just a few isolated examples, the encrusted U.S. Supreme Court, bastion of the backward Establishment, fails and refuses to knock down this swarm of state laws that prevents a real and open election of third and fourth party would-be office holders, throughout the U.S. Europe, to their credit, does not so blatantly obstruct third party candidates and potential opposition party office holders.

Knowledgeable commentators and pollsters estimated that the difference between the vote for George H. Ryan and the vote for Glenn Poshard, for Governor, was going to be a slim 4 per cent, a close vote being expected. Because of somehow putting together a sizeable election campaign advertising fund, Jim Tobin, expected to be running on the Libertarian Party ticket, was estimated for 1998, to be able to pull down 8 per cent of the vote for Governor. A larger per cent than usual expected for 1998 because of the widespread dissatisfaction with both Establishment parties. Reportedly using some of his own State employees, Ryan arranged for Objectors to the candidate petitions for Tobin. The State Board of Elections' own Hearing Examiner and General Counsel had ruled the necessary number of signatures on the petitions as valid. Strange, but the members of the State Board of Elections threw the Libertarian Party candidates off the ballot in a year when the Third Party vote was crucial to which of the Establishment candidates won.

So unlike previous elections when there were not such strong efforts to keep the Libertarians off the ballot, the Libertarian candidate for Governor was thrown off the ballot. Hearing the appeal from the Election Board, a local Judge in Chicago, Judge Francis Barth, upheld the slanted ruling of the Election Board and kept Jim Tobin off the ballot. So in the final vote, for Governor, the difference was slim, but Ryan was supposedly "elected".

A highly secret team of the IRS from evidence and witnesses, reportedly determined the following:
[1] That George H. Ryan reportedly split a million dollar bribery melon between some of the members of the State Board of Elections, Judge Barth, and top officials of the Illinois Department of Revenue, and others. The state tax collectors, reportedly corrupt, blackmailed their way into the bribery deal and got a piece of the action.
[2] That the million dollar bribery fund was obtained in large part if not entirely from the so-called "campaign contributions" from Ryan's vehicle facility supervisors and examiners and such who had, in turn, received the bribes from truck operators and other license applicants and forwarded the bribery loot to Ryan.
[3] The IRS reportedly recommended that Clinton's Justice Department prosecute George H. Ryan on federal criminal charges of tax evasion, bribery, and related charges.
[4] That the IRS' own Inspection Service was aware that IRS top-level personnel reportedly also got part of the action of the million dollar bribery fund by becoming aware of the bribery and blackmailing their way into the deal.

The FBI, being themselves highly corrupt and politically chicken, only went after the smaller fish leaving Ryan alone and claiming that the known total so far of the license facility bribery was 300 thousand dollars.

A lot of this I did NOT know prior to the November, 1998 election. Being in favor of open elections and third party candidates being heard, I invited Jim Tobin and other Libertarian Party candidates struck from the ballot,onto my taped, one hour weekly, popular public access Cable TV Program. We reach about 400,000 viewers on the Cable in Chicago. During the Show, which went on the air just prior to the 1998 election, I did mention I was aware that George H. Ryan reportedly visits a lavish villa in Jamaica, from time to time, at the expense of certain gangtsters owning the same and with whom Ryan reportedly does business. In other words, I never accused Ryan of being honest. A gossip column item in the local press after the election, said Governor-Elect Ryan was going to Jamaica for a "vacation".

Right after the election, Ryan was invoted to a dinner with Bill and Hillary Clinton. I did not think this was unusual, Bill Clinton being himself an out-of-control pirate and perceived by savvy folks as a closet Republican.

Just recently we obtained copies of the State law-required disclosure reports, called Form D-2. Showing name of political Committee: "House Republican Campaign Committee" and then "Transfers Out" of funds, to: "National Taxpayers United of Illinois, 59 East Van Buren #2517, Chicago IL 60605", the head of which is Jim Tobin. The pertinent two pages of the D-2 forms shows: for 2/5/98, $15,000.00 and for 7/1/98, $25,000.00. So prior to the election ballot mess, Jim Tobin's group received $40,000 from the GOP against whom Tobin was supposedly running for Governor on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Had I known this, which I had not known prior to the 1998 election for Governor, I would have certainly confronted Jim Tobin. It appears that the Established political parties use dirty business to infiltrate and obstruct so-called Third Parties and some of their candidates. So that no REAL Third Party opposition ever gets anywhere.

Jim Tobin and/or his group reportedly also gets for apparent "election" purposes, one hundred thousand dollars a year from another source of funds. Frustrated by high-level connivance, obstruction, and arm-twisting, the secret team of the IRS has their reported referral of the George H. Ryan bribery matter for federal criminal prosecution of Ryan, BLOCKED by Clinton, a closet Republican posing as a Democrat.

AND the secret IRS team is reportedly inquiring into whether Jim Tobin uses any of these mentioned funds for personal living expenses and thus subject to having to report the same on his personal Federal Income Tax report, if any.

Closely reportedly linked to the traditional mafia, is Illinois Attorney General James E. Ryan, re-elected in the 1998 campaign when his sole election opponent, Miriam Santos, was framed by the FBI and is in jai. [An investigator's role would be simpler if the two Ryans are family-related, which they are not. BUT: both Ryans ARE jointly in reportedly with various known criminal interests and enterprises.] Jim Ryan's Charitable Trust Division requires groups, like Jim Tobin's, to file financial disclosure forms, supposedly a public record. Knowledgeable sources confirm,however, that from time to time, to apparently assist Tobin to cover up his role as an apparent infiltrator of Third Parties for the benefit of the GOP, that the public record disclosure forms are somehow "unavailable" to be looked at and copies obtained.

More outspoken and candid than most others in the Establishment media, a commentator for a local commercial TV station, reportedly states that it is an open secret in the State capitol, that Jim Tobin reportedly somehow shakes down the GOP for sums of money, while Tobin purports to be active with a Third Party. Others once linked to Tobin reportedly intend to confront Jim Tobin to inquire whether this is, in fact, true.

By the way, one guest on my Third Party Candidates TV Show raised the question whether I was aware that George H. Ryan was linked to the American CIA. I answered: that may explain the unrestrained dope traffic flooding in by way of Chicago, from Red China, of "China White", high purity heroin. I answered that I and my associates shall give that matter our serious attention.

You see why we call Chicago, the mafia-CIA capitol of the world.

[To any serious researcher or journalist, we are offering to fax a copy of the two pages of D-2 State forms showing the 25 thousand dollars and the 15 thousand dollars from the GOP to Jim Tobin's group. Currently, we are not set up yet to scan in documents on our computer to e-mail or our website.]

Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, researching and disclosing certain instances of judicial bribery and political murders. Since 1991 producer, since 1995, moderator/producer of "Broadsides", a one hour weekly public access Cable TV Show, on in Chicago, every Monday evening, Channel 21 cable, 9 p.m. For a heavy packet of our printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] plus a stamped, self-addressed BUSINESS SIZED envelope [#10, 4-l/4 x 9-l/2] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to: Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Recorded phone message: (773) 731-1100. Office: 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days: (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "routine calls"]. Call before sending FAX. Website: www.skolnicksreport.com [note "s" after name in website address]. E-mail: skolnick@ameritech.net

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