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Sherman H. Skolnick
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by Sherman H. Skolnick

---How They Penetrated the Markets in Chicago---To understand the details of this series, you need to have a virtual encyclopedic knowledge of several related subjects. A short lesson on what you need to know:

[1] Primary research and investigation. I do not know if anyone has really ever written on what that term really means. Some author highly detailed stories that are followed by numerous chapter notes referring to SOMEONE ELSE'S magazine article or book followed by chapter notes, if any. So, when the article is finished, you are relying on third and fourth hand data which may or may not be true.

We rely on first hand sources. In over 40 years our group has compiled some one million documents, confidential reports, tapes, pictures, and such. Some we can safely post on Internet and elsewhere. Some not. So, from all this, what we on our own have corroborated, we put into our reports. We never, never divulge sources. We do not want to find out our sources are found dead, floating in the canal, or just now mysteriously fell off a building to their death, or that their airplane blew up in the air.

As the head of our group and spokesman, I have been put in jail over the decades some eight times. NOT FOR COMMITTING CRIMES, but for contempt of court, for refusing to divulge sources.

[2] Our work, thus obtained, has led to several dozen judges going to prison for bribery. And the removal or jailing of other corrupt high-level public officials. The results are what counts, not how many footnotes we have quoting someone else's footnotes. Yet, uninformed critics often hollar at us, "Where are you documents, Sherman?" They probably never themselves produced results. And have never, like us, obtained details, directly from those who know but whose identity cannot be revealed.

[3] You have to understand the banking system. We do. What money laundering is, and how public officials are under a malign, if not corrupt influence, by bribery and such, not in an alley at night, but in a bank by daylight.

Several terms before Clinton was Arkansas Governor, the Governor was Winthrop Rockefeller, part of a family that has long owned and operated Arkansas, a sizeable state with a small population. If there ever were "documents" linking William Rockefeller Clinton directly to the Rockefellers, such records have long since been destroyed. The Rockefellers are not stupid, leaving footprints for fools to discover. We have strong reasons to believe the person using the name "Clinton" is an illegitimate great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous monopoly called Standard Oil, broken up by Court order 1911 and in later years, corruptly re-combined.

In Chicago, a bank formed at the time of the American Civil War was called First National Bank of Chicago. Now called Bank One. Who knows, by the time you read this, the name will be changed again to confuse people. For many years it has been a Rockefeller bank.

Starting at least in the 1980s, and even earlier, this Rockefeller bank loaned billions to the Red Chinese on the promise of repayment in gold from China's western provinces. But, gold mine "inspectors" were never permitted. So, China was permitted instead to repay by flooding the U.S. with dope, with impunity, through Chicago. The highly crooked Drug Enforcement Administration has been all along willfully blind.

The resulting huge money river enabled China, with the connivance of their partners/patrons, the Rockefellers, to penetrate the markets in Chicago: principally the Chicago Board of Trade, and to an extent as well, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Midwest Stock Exchange [since a scandal in 1991, renamed Chicago Stock Exchange].

Brokerage and trading firms and their people are supposed to do "due diligence". They are required to find out who their customers are. But, in Chicago, more than one such firm really does not know, OR WANT TO KNOW, who their Red Chinese customers are. It is well accepted, however, that the Red Chinese and their multitude of "spooks" have an armlock on the markets in the Windy City.

For many years, Chairman of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, was Leo Melamed, more recently, Chairman Emeritus. He reportedly grew up in the Orient and understands and/or speaks Chinese. Have the reporters who have interviewed him over the years, ever asked HIM about his reported role in promoting the Red Chinese Secret Police and their domination of the Chicago markets? When, if ever, does the financial press even mention the Red Chinese and the Chicago markets, the prices of items by them referred to worldwide? For a hundred and fifty years the Rothschilds have controlled the Chicago Board of Trade, later joined by the Irish Catholic aristocracy. Do we all understand that the Rothschilds are interwoven with the Vatican? In a simplistic explanation, the world is divided between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. At the annual super-secret Bilderberg Group meetings, each year in a different country, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, although age-old competitors and "enemies", sit together. Business is business.

On behalf of espionage interests, interwoven with the Rockefellers, Rahm Emanuel helped propel William Rockefeller Clinton into high office. In earlier stories, on my website, I wrote how 3 million dollars was siphoned off a secret federal agency 50 million dollar fund used to keep Bill and Hillary Clinton from being federal criminally prosecuted for bank embezzlement. The 3 million dollars put into the hands of Rahm Emanuel jump-started Clinton's 1992 campaign for President.

[The 1992 presidential election was a fraud. Clinton ran against his mentor/buddy, George Herbert Walker Bush, former head of America's secret political police, the CIA, which created "Clinton". Bush/Clinton agreed never to really attack each other. No "October Surprise" and Iran-Contra revelations against Bush. No criminality, rape, and such against Clinton.]

Clinton was created by, and is owned and operated by, the Rockefellers and their business partners, the Red Chinese Secret Police. And the Rockefellers use the American CIA worldwide as a private security army to protect the Rockefellers' oil interests. The huge dope money, proceeds of the Red Chinese dope into the U.S. via Chicago, is disguised as soybean and other commodity and currency trading.

Brokers are supposed to aid in enforcing the U.S. Treasury regulations requiring detailing the origin of cash in excess of ten thousand dollars. Among brokers, it is generally not enforced and the top-level corruption of the Chicago IRS keeps it that way. [See my series on corruption of high-level IRS officials in Chicago and their money laundry boat in the Caribbean.]

So, the Red Chinese with the aid of their secret political police are able to funnel billions from dirty business coming out looking like soybean and foreign currency deals in Chicago.

An instrumenal reputed player/facilitator in all this has been Rahm Emanuel and his gang. On a local PBS TV outlet show in Chicago, Rahm bragged how as Clinton White House Senior Advisor he had a desk closest to the Oval Office. The TV cameras were allowed right into the White House to show this. In effect, Rahm is reportedly the Deputy Chief, for North America, of Israel's secret police, The Mossad. Rahm is permitted to have dual citizenship. During the Persian Gulf War, he went to Israel to serve in their armed forces, reportedly in an espionage capacity.

And Rahm Emanuel apparently has two faces. He supposedly has been a Clinton administration loyalist. BUT, at the same time, he reportedly controlled and directed the Israel/Red Chinese secret police circle that manipulated Clinton on sexual scandals, diverting our attention from the oil fraud and similar important matters.

Rahm's gang ostensibly included Monica Lewinsky, whose parents for years were reportedly assets of The Mossad. Clinton/Rahm Emanuel sent Monica to the Pentagon to sniff out what Admirals and Generals were planning a coup against Clinton. In the process, she got pregnant and had an abortion. Included apparently in the circle is Linda Tripp who previously was a covert operative of the Delta Forces, one of the few women in that capacity.

There was a stand-off between Clinton and supposed "Independent" Counsel Kenneth W. Starr. They are both master blackmailers against each other. Result: Starr's work dribbled down, no treason, just sex and Monica. Starr had as a PRIVATE law client Wang Jun, the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Starr is also reportedly the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist of the Red Chinese government. From time to time, Wang Jun visited Clinton in the White House. Clinton reportedly gave him U.S. industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets. To a sworn enemy of the United States. Knowing about this was White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney. She was silenced, July, 1997, when a foreign intelligence team murdered her in a Starbucks Coffee Shop right in the District of Columbia.

So who was going to arrest who? Starr arrested by Clinton's Justice Department? Or Starr to have arrested and prosecuted Clinton for treason with Starr's private law client, Wang Jun, being the common factor?

Bill and Hillary's crony/pal, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., understood about the Red Chinese money laundered through the Chicago markets and going, in part, to be parked offshore for Bill. That is one reason another intelligence team murdered Foster. [See my website stories about Greenspan-Bush, Part Three.]

After being Clinton White House Senior Advisor, on and off for six years, Rahm Emanuel became a bigshot with the Chicago office of Wasserstein & Perella, New York-based so-called "investment bankers" purportedly for the Red Chinese and their secret police. Through that firm, Rahm has reportedly been able to promote the agenda of China's Gestapo operating on U.S. soil. And Rahm with the financial "muscle" of the Chinese spy machine has reportedly been able to dominate various other brokers, facilitating the money laundering of illicit funds.

Keeping tabs on all this with his own spy shop, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley reportedly ordered the Irish Catholic aristocracy that manages the Chicago Board of Trade for the Rothschilds: "Get those Red Chinese 'spooks' out of there!" Result: soon thereafter on April Fool's Day, 2000, Richie Daley had a bout of hypertension that put him in Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Was it an accident or did someone send the Mayor a message?

The pressfakers have yet to run stories about the open secret, how the Red Chinese Secret Police have an armlock on the Chicago markets. And how the federal regulators, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission [(312)353-5990], at their Chicago headquarters are corruptly willfully blind. CFTC reportedly allows "due diligence" provisions to be violated by various brokers to conceal illicit trading arranged by the Red Chinese and their Gestapo.

Long owned jointly by the Vatican, the Jesuits, and the Rothschilds, Bank of America took over another Vatican-owned money ship, Continental Bank of Chicago. For decades, Continental has been the depository and transaction point for the Chicago markets. And Bank of America is a major player in foreign currency trading. B of A plays a key role in concealing the Red Chinese illicit river of money flowing through Chicago.

On some levels of business, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers do get along. Chicago is also reportedly the center of buying and selling of human body parts harvested from Red Chinese political prisoners. Those with the wrong politics in Red China are put in jail. [About 2 per cent of Americans in jail here are in the same fix.] If they are in good health and an order comes in from America for a human heart, liver, kidneys, to be transplanted through Rockefellers' hospitals---Well, the Red Chinese suddenly condemn the prisoner to death and behead him. [Shooting such prisoners would most likely injure the body parts.] More about this in a later part of this series.

Two key judges on the Federal Appeals Court in Chicago have reportedly been supervising Rockfeller's University of Chicago stock portfolio of over a Billion Dollars, including huge investments in Red China. That is 7th Circuit Chief Judge Richard A. Posner [(312) 435-5806] and his shadow/sidekick, 7th Circuit Judge Frank H. Easterbrook [(312) 435-5808]. Both were once law professors at Rockefeller's University of Chicago Law School. [So you did not know the Rockefellers founded and run this University? Waiting for the New York Times to tell you?] On my website, see my story about Posner the major crook, for a while negotiator in the Microsoft case.

With the assistance of my TV Show associate, Joseph Andreuccetti, I did several programs pointing out the high-level corruption and judicial perjuries of Posner/Easterbrook. Chief Judge Posner inflicted a reprisal on us: he ordered that we be barred from all the federal courts in the Midwest. [Do not waste my time explaining my constitutional rights. At the hands of crooked judges, our rights are cancelled. And the multi-multi-millionaires on the U.S. Supreme Court refused us a remedy.]

Little-known, the French Secret Political Police has a crack team in Chicago. They intensely track both the Mossad, and the Red Chinese Secret Police, and the huge illicit funds washed through the markets in Chicago. The French are moreover upset that Israel and Red China share nuclear and electronic weaponry secrets to the detriment of the French who would like to target their missiles on both nations.

Heaven, in its Judgment, has cursed us, the common people of America, with a traitor-infested central government, with an evil and fraudulent banking system,with a mendacious press, and with a venal and corrupt judiciary condoned by rapacious and cowardly lawyers. Thus, some say our Constitution is deservedly dead since, in our name, innocent folk on foreign shores are butchered and bombed. We ordinary Americans, if loudmouthed ---Are we quickly approaching the time when foreign secret police on U.S. soil, with impunity, will knock at our door in the dark of night and take us away, who knows, to a world government concentration camp? And will we be the most well-informed inmates of why and how we are there, inside the barbed wire?


Stay tuned. More in this series.

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.

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