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Part Three of a Series

by Sherman H. Skolnick

The Human Body Parts Business and the Rockefeller Hospitals

Eating lunch one day in a well-known south-east side restaurant in Chicago was the State Senator representing the Hyde Park district. After he finished eating, since he knew of me, and I was at the next table, he allowed me to interview him with my tiny tape recorder.

I asked him a few routine question. And then I asked, "How did you come to represent Rockefeller's University of Chicago?" (which is the dominant force in Hyde Park). "Rockefeller's University of Chicago?" he asked, puzzled, like I was just bringing up an unfounded rumor. To try to undercut my question, he added "I own six acres of land in Texas. So far as I know, oil has not been discovered there."

In its simplest form, censorship is never bringing up routine facts when they are pertinent. Or denying known facts. On land they supposedly owned, the Rockefellers founded the University of Chicago sometimes before the 20th Century. [Some claim the land was actually stolen by them. Considering their history, that would not be unusual. The Rockefeller fortune was founded on murders and bombings. To begin to understand, read the series of books from early in the 20th Century by Ida Tarbell.] With their ancient look, the gothic buildings on the University of Chicago campus include a group of hospitals. These stone fortresses seem to represent a hardened view of the world. [In more recent years, some modern looking buildings were added.] An example, is one such place with an almost unknown history. It is called the Home for Destitute Crippled Children. In the 1930s, a well-known orthopedic surgeon there took time off to visit Nazi Germany. He came back, pro-Hitler, and refused to administer the only Jewish child in the hospital.

In the 1980s, on campus was a seminar on Germany and World War Two. I asked a question about the pro-Hitler past of the University and their hospitals. A seminar participant, Milt Rosenberg, demanded I turn off my tape recorder and that my question not be answered. [A forbidden subject: Rosenberg reportedly speaks for the Jewish aristocracy, not the common people, that favored Hitler.] With an intelligence agency background, Rosenberg has for many years conducted a talk show on the Chicago Tribune-owned WGN Radio. His Tribune bosses in the past were very pro-Nazi.

Is it still a secret that after World War Two, the newly-created American CIA brought Nazi war criminals to America to the University of Chicago, to supposedly promote "science"? Documents showing this are in the on-campus Regenstein Library, Rare Books Collection. Not supposed to be copied but we did copy them. Also see: "Project Paperclip" by Clarence Lasby.

A heavily-documented book spells out the details of the Rockefellers collaborating with the Nazis: "Trading With the Enemy-The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949" by Charles Higham, Barnes and Noble Books, N.Y., re-issued 1995.

The Rockefeller family did business with the Nazis all during World War Two, to the detriment of the common Americans who fought and died in the conflict. When the U.S. was sucked into the war, the Rockefellers'Standard Oil of New Jersey refused to participate in the manufacture of synthetic rubber tires for the U.S. war effort. They had a deal with the German petro-chemical octopus, I.G. Farben, to split patents and royalties. War or no war, Standard Oil was not going to counter the secretive deals. Few ordinary Americans knew of this treasonous arrangement. Some still do not know.

So, by the 21st Century, the press seldom mention the Rockefellers linked to the Unversity of Chicago and their hospitals and such. A rare example, however: "The University of Chicago wants to break the contract it made with John D. Rockefeller, Jr. to operate the International House so that it can turn the property over to its profit-making business school, students and their supporters charged in a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court....In 1930, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. agreed to donate the land on which International House is located." Chicago Sun-Times, 4/12/2000. [You will read about that newspaper and the Red Chinese Secret Police in a further part of this series.]

Over a period of years, the Rockefeller's University of Chicago hospitals became major advertisers in the local newspapers, on local radio and TV. So no paid reporters who valued their jobs would ever write negatives about the Rockefellers and submit it to their editors.

By the 1970s, the Rockefeller-owned First National Bank of Chicago began to loan billions of dollars to Red China. Nixon as President paved the way for this. [You can thus understand why, after Nixon resigned in 1974, he was given a townhouse to live in Manhattan, wall-to-wall with David Rockefeller.] Also paving the way was George Herbert Walker Bush, who aided the Red Chinese Secret Police operations in the U.S., when Bush was head of America's secret political police. And he continued, when he was Envoy to Red China in the late 1970s.

The Red Chinese promised to pay back the loans with gold supposedly from their western provinces. BUT: they never allowed westerners to inspect these "gold mines". Among the ways the Red Chinese paid back the Rockefellers was flooding dope, from Southwest China into the U.S. via Chicago. Their dope is referred to by law enforcement as "China White". The Rockefeller-dominated press seldom, if ever, discuss thus. Instead they bombard us with talk about dope from Mexico and Colombia.

As I have written, the proceeds from dope and other such contraband is laundered, disguised as "soybean" and "foreign currency" deals on the Chicago markets: The Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Chicago Stock Exchange. The highly corrupt U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is willfully blind to "China White". And as we have said, Rockefeller agent, James "Big Jim" Thompson, former Illinois governor, is reportedly instrumental in the dope traffic arrangements worldwide. Another form of business with Red China, supervised by their secret police there and in the United States, is the human organ business. Human body parts are bought and sold like parts for a car.

On January 9, 2000, a story in the South China Sunday Morning Post tried to blunt the impact of this, by implying that the Red Chinese harvest human organs from their political prisoners for USE ONLY IN CHINA. They said a Southern Chinese hospital is selling livers from executed prisoners to wealthy Asian transplant patients. Undercover reporters were urged to book a liver from a "good young" prisoner during the then current spate of mass executions that precedes the Chinese New Year.

"Our experience tells us that there are many organs before the Lunar New Year", a doctor from the Sun Yat Sen University Hospital in Guangzhou told the newspaper. "If you miss this chance, you may have to wait until Labour Day".

China has always insisted that donations are voluntary. But doctors from the hospital told the newspaper that consent was not required for criminals and most organs came from executed prisoners. The hospital, which subsequently denied the doctors' comments, charges about 20 thousand pounds for a liver transplant. [Cheap by Chicago standards.] Rockefeller's University of Chicago Hospitals are the largest so-called "transplant center" for human body parts in Illinois, if not the entire U.S.

" 'Thirty percent of liver transplant patients are from out of state, and about one-third more of kidney and pancreas transplant (patients) are from out of state,' says Dr. Michael Millis, head of the liver transplant program at University of Chicago Hospitals. 'We should have an expanded donor pool to draw from.' U. of C. performs more transplants than any other hospital in the state. In 1998, it performed 288 procedures, or more than 22% of all transplants in Illinois, including 78 liver transplants, according to the Illinois Health Care Containment Council." Crain's Chicago Business, 3/13/2000.

The newspaper pointed out that "a liver transplant averages $241,000".

Rockefellers' hospitals are reportedly a center for the human body parts from Red China, supervised by the Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES. The whole procedure is highly clandestine. One cannot expect the Rockefellers and their hospitals, cozy with the pressfakers, will ever admit this. If ever forced to answer, which is doubtful, they will certainly vigorously deny this.

[An example of denial: I interviewed on tape an official of the Rockefeller's University of Chicago Hospitals Public Relations, regarding Gulf War Syndrome. He said there is no such thing and that a doctor on their staff had been a key person on a semi-government group that came to the same conclusion. I told him that sources at their hospitals contend that some doctors and nurses themselves have somehow reportedly contracted this "Gulf War Syndrome" and are severely ill if not dying. In so many words, he said it is all in their mind. And the hospitals only treat the matter as different forms of ailments, he said. So if the medical people themselves are sick with this "imaginary" syndrome and are severely ill or dying, somebody should say, "Get up out of your bed, Doctor, it is all in your imagination. And if your wife has given birth to misformed children, or your children are themselves sick with the same syndrome, or your dogs or cats---it is all in their imagination, doctor."]

How does the transplant business reportedly work? Young, healthy political dissidents in Red China are put in jail. [Funny thing, about 3 per cent of those in U.S. jails are likewise political dissidents that some believe were framed up. In some parts of the U.S., the jail population has ballooned by 700 per cent in 30 years.Note the Clinton/Arkansas scandal of selling prisoners HiV-tainted blood to Canada, resulting in a number of deaths.]

Here is how orders for human body parts are filled from the prison/warehouse in Red China. So they are informed that there is an order for a human heart, kidney, lung, liver, pancreas, and such in Chicago. The Red Chinese political prisoners are condemned to death on a human-organ-when-needed basis. The doomed prisoners are not shot but beheaded. That way, their organs are not damaged. Then the parts are packed and quickly shipped to Chicago. Those in the shipment business usually do not ask questions. [Remember the stories of airplanes bringing into the U.S. containers marked "medical items" from Central America, which actually contained cocaine. A favorite trick of the secret police, such as the American CIA.]

And the authorities at the airports and other shipping points are willfully blind. Like the corrupt DEA top officials, they do not know about or see "China White" flooding into the U.S. via Chicago. Or human body parts reportedly headed for the Rockefeller Hospitals.

And where does some of the money from the "transplant business" go, supervised by the Red Chinese Secret Police? Some is washed through the Chicago markets, like dope proceeds, disguised as something else, such as "soybean" or "foreign exchange" trading. Some ends up in Rockefeller's University of Chicago billion dollar stock portfolio, which includes huge investments in Red China. And who reportedly supervises that? Why, two Rockefeller cronies, formerly law professors at the University of Chicago Law School: 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Richard A. Posner [(312)435-5806] and his court shadow/sidekick, 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Frank H. Easterbrook [(312) 435-5808].

Because I and a TV assistant of mine, Joseph Andreuccetti, have pointed out these things about the two federal appeals judges, on behalf of the Rockefellers, the two Judges have ordered that we are BARRED from all the federal courts in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. [Do not waste my time explaining to us our First Amendment rights which have thus been cancelled. And the multi-multi-millionaires, owned by the Rockefellers, on the U.S. Supreme Court have refused us a remedy.]

The French secret police have a crack team in Chicago watching all this for themselves. They have their own beef with the Red Chinese secret police.

To confuse matters and divert attention from what is really going on, the Clinton White House has been picking a bone with some members of Congress. Regarding who gets first choice of human organs. That whole issue evades the secret importing of human organs from Red China. The first choice goes to the one who pays the price, not the one most in need. The ultra-rich, when they need a transplant, they ask no questions and are not interested in how the Red Chinese Secret Police arrange to have political dissidents beheaded, the body parts shipped to Chicago, and some of the proceeds laundered in Chicago.

Among the "liars and whores of the press", are key people in a position to know but are silent. Do not waste my time that I should talk to the Chicago Tribune or the New York Times, or any of the pressfakers. This has to be a public issue, without submitting it to be approved by the monopoly press.

More details coming. Stay tuned.

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.

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