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Those With the 50 Dollar Hairdoes
and the Nickel Heads

by Sherman H. Skolnick, moderator/producer "Broadsides" Chicago public access Cable TV Program, since 1991, and chairman/founder, since 1963, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts

COKIE ROBERTS. One of her principals lies, that her late father, Cong. Hale Boggs [D.,La.]believed a "lone assassin" [not the American CIA] assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Cong. Boggs sat on the Warren Commission which concluded that a "lone nut" blew out the brains of JFK in an open car in Dallas. By 1971, Cong. Boggs had misgivings. He began making public statements that J.Edgar Hoover's FBI was wire-tapping Congress and blackmailing public officials. Boggs had misgivings at the "lone assassin" finding of the Warren Commission panel of which he had been a part in 1964. Boggs was reportedly prepared to make public statements that Richard M. Nixon was complicit in the JFK murder. Nixon was there all day, that bloody time in Dallas, although falsely stating he left that morning by plane. [I was on a Dallas radio show with a former Director of Pepsico Bottlers, whose counsel in 1963 was Nixon. He said Nixon did not leave that morning and when the murder was announced, Nixon, unlike the others gathered for a business convention, wanted to continue conducting business as if nothing had happened.]

Cokie's brother, super-fixer and "lobbyist", Thomas Boggs, is reportedly a pay-off man in Washington. According to published accounts, Boggs has been the lobbyist for central american countries and their "death squads".

Cokie Roberts has made public statements that she and her mother are satisfied that her father the Congressman did, indeed, disappear on a plane flight to Alaska, 30 days before Nixon was re-elected President in 1972. Cokie is in a position reportedly to know she is lying. U.S. Military Intelligence, jointly with other U.S. espionage agencies reportedly found the Congressman's airplane but have concealed that. Apparently Boggs' airplane had been sabotaged to silence him on statements he was about to make about Tricky Dick. NOTE: one month AFTER Nixon was re-elected, 12 Watergate figures perished on a sabotaged plane crash in Chicago. Including Mrs. E.Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar. She had onboard two million dollars in securities she and her husband reportedly blackmailed out of Nixon for silence on Nixon's complicity in the JFK murder. The government attempt at cover-up of the crash as "pilot error" was wrecked when we "liberated" the entire government file, showing sabotage, and sued the fakers on the National Transportation Safety Board. Despite confronting NTSB with these documents at a re-opened public hearing, the NTSB continued the big lie. Rockefeller-owned United Air Lines, covering up the sabotage, arranged to stop in the printing cycle my book, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage" [Alas, no copies are now available.]

To give Cokie "muscle" as a promoter of the big lie, her mother is U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.[Previously the U.S. did not send an Ambassador to that theocracy, just a delegate.] Cokie's reward, as others who help cover up political assassinations? She was made a talking head pundit on ABC's Sunday morning network program.

DAN RATHER in 1963 was a much lesser known electronic journalist. He was standing in the shadows under the Triple Overpass Bridge, in Dealey Plaza, as the death car with Pres. Kennedy passed right under Dan Rather's nose. Rather was the only one on the planet to immediately be able to verify that JFK was mortally wounded. About six feet away from Rather, one of the several gunman had been shooting point blank at JFK from a little known sewer opening up on the railroad embankment. At my prompting, a populist paper in 1988 finally published the details after discovering the sewer cover right near where Rather was standing. Was it just a coincidence that Dan Rather was standing there? He alleged he was holding a bag of films to give to a TV network pick up courier. Thereafter, as a reward for his silence and complicity, Rather was made CBS White House correspondent and then, network evening news talking head. Paid millions of dollars per year for his assassination complicity.

Robert MacNeil, Canadian correspondent, just happened to be walking inside the building where the CIA "patsy" Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot JFK in the back of the head with a poorly built Italian Carcano rifle from a high window obscured by a tree. MacNeil helped promote the big lie of Oswald as the "lone assassin". MacNeil was rewarded with millions of dollars per year by a nightly PBS TV Program, called the MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour. Playing a role in the rewarding of MacNeil has been Sharon Percy Rockefeller, Public Broadcast dictator in the District of Columbia, long-time site of that News Hour. MacNeil, now retired, continues to own the TV show with Lehrer. Major sponsor of the show has been Archer-Daniels-Midland, soybean monopolist. ADM long-time boss, Dwayne Andreas, reportedly by corruption, escaped being prosecuted and jailed in the Watergate Affair for his money laundering for the Nixon White House.

MacNeil's sidekick, Jim Lehrer, who dines from time to time with the Clintons, has become a high-paid faker and apologist for the Clintons criminality.

One of the great secrets of the monopoly press is that those who help cover up political assassinations are greatly rewarded by being promoted to top positions. Most of such assassin whitewashers are not promoted because of merit. By the way, a woman newsfaker once heckled me for my slogan "Liars and Whores of the Press", taking it to mean just female liars and whores. Not so, the slogan applies to both male and female press liars. Compared to the above named propagandists, Hitler's Joseph Goebbels was an amateur. Watch for further parts to this type of story.

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