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Addition to my story

by Sherman H. Skolnick

In a surprise move today, a top official of the Chicago-based electric company, Commonwealth Edison, owned by the Vatican, annnounced his firm is prepared for any eventuality. He offered, however, no specific emergency preparations. Reporters for the monopoly press did not press Edison for any specific emergency preparation details.

Off the record, highly knowledgeable sources contend the ten super portable electric generators, scheduled to arrive from Canada, are to power state and federal office buildings in Chicago if there is a martial law or other emergency-style declaration by President Clinton. With vast dictatorship-powers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is a martial law agency operating---now get this---ABOVE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. Some Federal Judges, such as in Chicago, have a serious conflict of interest in that they are also clandestine officials of FEMA. How can such judges having sworn an oath to support the U.S. Constitution, guard the constitutional rights of citizens, at the same time, being part of cancelling or suspending the U.S. Constitution? Some presidential edicts, such as the one of June, 1994, provide that the edicts ARE NOT subject to being challenged in any court in the U.S., a blatantly unconstitutional provision. In an emergency, the Federal Courts are thus a dead letter.

Footnote: In January, 1991, our group brought in the federal district court in Chicago a suit against FEMA bringing up some of the issues as above. Sitting as both a clandestine official of FEMA and a U.S. District Judge, a local judicial faker dismissed the case without any open court hearing or legal formality. An example of corrupt justice all too common in politically potent cases.[The suit had about 1,000 pages of details and appendices, fingering jointly the federal judges and FEMA.]

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