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    On Sunday, July 15, 1996, CBS aired a segment on its program "60 Minutes" about a group of Nazi officers who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler during World War II. It was noted how these men were portrayed as heroes during the program.


     Assassination or conspiring to assassinate the President of the United States is a federal crime punishable by death or life imprisonment. Those who have assassinated former presidents have left names loaded with infamy in the history books. Names such as James Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald evoke the memory of great public enemies in the minds of most people.

    In light of society's almost universal condemnation of assassination of presidents and other political figures, it is interesting to see how the media can portray as "heroic" the conspiracy to murder the leader of another country. The apparent contradiction of values goes unnoticed by the public because it is assumed it is okay to murder someone who is "bad".


     It is almost universally assumed by most people who have never met Adolf Hitler that he was a "bad" person. These conclusions were drawn from historical and eyewitness accounts of certain events that many of us did not witness personally. Since he was a "bad" person, it is naturally assumed that those who were plotting to murder him were "good".

     On the other hand, Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy have been elevated to virtual presidential sainthood by the same subjective estimation. Most of us have not known these men personally and do not have an intimate knowledge of their lives and characters. The popular estimation of these men is based on historical accounts. They get to wear the label of "good" and therefore their killers must have been "bad".


     Another example of the media's subjective labeling may be seen in the Oklahoma City bombing case. Mr. Timothy McVeigh has been accused by the government of bombing the federal building in that city. The media has used words such as "terrorist" to describe him and "terrorist attack" to describe the incident. President Clinton has called the bombers "evil cowards". What is not considered by most people is that Mr. McVeigh has been trained by the federal government to kill "bad people", and was sent to the Middle East for that purpose. At that time his official designation was not "terrorist" but "soldier".

     One may also consider the American Revolution. The British were the lawful government of the colonies at the outbreak of the war. Many of the men who fought in the Continental Army committed acts of sabotage and arson against the British. Perhaps the Loyalist newspapers called these "terrorist acts" if they used such language back then. They were certainly acts punishable by death; yet, in this day we have 4th of July parades and celebrate those acts with fireworks and picnics. Perhaps Mr. McVeigh sees himself as fighting for the same ideals as the "terrorists" of the American Revolution.


     News and history are not examined by today's media and schools in an objective, factual manner. It is the emotional, subjective context in which the stories are related that forms the opinions that most people hold. While the media makes a pretense for examining the facts, as in the "60 Minutes" example cited above, the facts are flavored with an insidious emotion. This is especially effective in the television and radio medium where one may receive information without the intellectual reasoning mechanism actively engaged.


     The news media is either owned outright or controlled by powerful financial interests in the world. As various countries institute "democratic reforms", they must necessarily allow a "free press". This press is not free by any means, but is a tool in the invisible hand of the international money elite for controlling the nations.

     Most people have formed their belief system based on what they have watched on their television or read in the paper. When people become concerned about a certain problem, i.e. church arsons or other "hate crimes" that the media is talking about, they express a desire for the government to do something, thinking they are expressing their own concerns. They do not understand that they are merely acting out the agenda of the true powers that be; thus, there remains an illusion of a free press and a free society.

     Whatever crimes Hitler may have committed against humanity, none were so diabolical and deceptive as the methods of control used by the New World Order today. People have lost their ability to think and function as human beings and have sunk to the animal level. They have become fully dependent on their master, not discerning that their end will be the slaughter house.


Written 8/96


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