The idea of our nation's two-party system is reassuring to Americans in light of alternatives which can be seen in the world today, i.e. Bosnia, Iraq, China, etc. Ours is a representative form of government.

    We have the opportunity of electing leaders who represent our values, who hold our views, who will promote the interests of our society and defend our freedoms. While this is a noble ideal, it is far from reality.

    Today we hear of the wide distinctions between liberals and conservatives, republicans and democrats, hard-liners and moderates. One could conclude that our country's political sectors are well represented. Let us consider that further.

    With presidential elections only months away, we are increasingly hearing from the candidates of their politically superior positions and abilities. Recently in a scathing speech, President Clinton's major contender attacked him as "a weak, passive, indecisive, vacillating, misguided dreamer who doesn't understand how dangerous the world is." Robert Dole promises restoration of American leadership in the world. One of Mr. Clinton's campaign managers responded saying, "Good speech, wrong decade." The President's campaign claims Dole and Clinton are poles apart on foreign policy.

    While the politicians are making the most of their purported individual ideological differences, we can look behind the scene to see a far different picture. Where now are the real distinctions between the parties and candidates?

    Both the President and former Senator Dole are committed to maintaining "most favored nation" status for communist China, despite its massive human rights violations and repressive government policy. This is not for principled purposes, but for political and trading advantage. Notwithstanding the agreement of Mr. Dole and Mr. Clinton, there is still resistance in Congress over MFN status for Beijing. The amount of opposition remains to be seen, but those who know of the Republican and Democratic collusion in getting NAFTA and GATT through Congress have little doubt about the outcome.

    To understand this collusion of apparently opposing or contrasting powers, let us look within the real power structure which dominates the United States and the World.

    The respective political parties are directed and controlled by leaders who are members of the pro world government organization Council on Foreign Relations. CFR members as individuals acting in concert with other individuals acting in concert with other individual CFR members write platforms of both political parties and select their respective presidential candidates and control U.S. defense and foreign policy.

    "Once the ruling members of the CFR have decided that the U.S. government should adopt a particular policy the very substantial research facilities of the CFR are put to work to develop arguments, intellectual and emotional, to support the new policy, and to confound and discredit, intellectually and politically any opposition. The most articulate theoreticians and ideologists prepare related articles, aided by the research, to sell the new policy and to make it appear inevitable and irresistible. By following the evolution of this propaganda in Foreign Affairs, the most prestigious scholarly journal in the world, anyone can determine years in advance what the future defense and foreign policies of the United States will be. If a certain proposition is repeated often enough in that journal, then the U.S. Administration in power -- be it Republican or Democratic -- begins to act as if that proposition or assumption were an established fact." UN Conspiracy, 6. The governmental structure of America is simply an effective tool in the hands of the unseen world rulers.

    Since its inception in 1945 the United Nations has been used in the same manner and for the same purposes as has the United States -- the establishment of global government. To bring the independent nations of the world to the point of surrender of national sovereignty, the UN has used as its agents, presidents, heads of state, parliaments and legislatures. These instruments have effectively directed the decisions and movements of their nations toward this end.

    The success of this plan can be clearly seen in today's world. With the call for the formation of an Atlantic Union which would unite the European Union with the United States, we see the steady progress toward the implementation of the New World Order envisioned by the UN.

    Referring to the world leaders of our day, Revelation 17:13 states, "These all have one mind, and give their power and authority over to the beast [UN]." The hypocrisy of the so - called partisan leadership is their claim to essential party diversity and promotion of national interest while working determinedly and unitedly toward a common end -- the surrender of nation sovereignty and establishment of a one world government.

Written 8/96


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