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    The Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina is most often simply called Bosnia (a short form); that shall be also the case in this text. During 1992, Bosnia had been recognized by more than 90 governments worldwide, the European Community, United Nations, many international institutions, etc. The US Administration of President George Bush recognized Bosnia on April 7, 1992. The United Nations made it a full member state on May 22, 1992.

    This article represents the effort of Bosnian citizens and refugees, to break the informative blockade - to state the truth about the Dayton documents written by the Clinton Administration and signed during November,1995 by Alija Izetbegovic, Muhamed Sacirbey and Haris Silajdjic on behalf of the Bosnian citizens. The American people were never informed that in the time of the Dayton conference - behind the closed doors - all the telephone and fax lines were cut off by some invisible power.

    Terminology that is used in those Dayton documents, such as: "entities in Bosnia", "peace", "Serb Republic", "economic help", etc., reveal that the Dayton papers are reaching further beyond an agenda of a "peace" document -- Dayton documents deal with the constitution of the victim state. This is hidden from not only the Bosnians, but Americans as well, especially the ones who would never freely accept one or a few goals of a foreign state as their own. Documents made in the USA are now added to the Serbian war pressure since they are now also a part of the US Administration "peace" pressure imposed on the victim state and its citizens. Thus, the Bosnian citizens are now being coerced by Bill Clinton (and their acting President Izetbegovic) to participate in the September elections, in which they are about to sign their own death sentence because the September elections are the plebiscite and census planned to terminate the one and the only legitimate Constitution of 1974/1991, that has been recognized by the international community during 1992. That is about to happen after four years of unsuccessful use of force against one parliamentary state and its citizens.

    Verbal promises, together with the somewhat wider territory around Sarajevo, are given to Bosnian citizens by the Dayton agreement in exchange for something much more important: the loyalty of the Bosnian citizens to their Constitution. Ironically, this is but their signature to Karadjic's project as stated in Dayton's "legal" framework. [Note: Radovan Karadzic is the leader of the Bosnian Serb aggressors,an internationally declared war criminal and perpetrator of genocide who commenced and executed the genocide demanding that "three Bosnias" be recognized by the International institutions].

    Against this project, now run by the US Administration, the Bosnian opposition parties and we, the Bosnian refugees abroad, have only one weapon on our side: making problems for all of them. It is a fact that the division of Bosnia, and the creation of new states within it, must be a formal legal process agreed to by the victim state itself. It is also a fact of international law that all individuals who declare themselves as loyal citizens of Bosnia (census 1991) are the only legitimate subjects who can legally sign for the termination of Bosnia in its constitutional form - as it existed before the aggression, and as it has been recognized by the international community during 1992. Thus, approximately one thousand years of Bosnian statehood and continuity (in various forms) is about to be terminated with the Dayton documents and the upcoming travesty of justice named "elections", scheduled for September 14, 1996.

    Having stated that, we shall use this opportunity to thank the American People for their support - which provided a sharp contrast to the covert (and overt) activities of their Administration.


    Insisting on Karadjic's removal from power is simply a "snow job" -- a way for his project to become legal and free of war crimes attributes. Declarations of the UN, Warren Christopher and the European Community, that they intend to "punish acts of genocide", to "side with victims and uphold their legal rights", and to "bring the guilty before the court", are all contradictory to the true intentions of the Dayton project, which are "justification", "legalization" (via internationally valid, signed documents) of the Serb war goal. That Serb goal is to build a state (Serb Republic) on the collective graves of innocent people, their victims. This contradiction between public declarations and the truth is at the center of events in Bosnia.

    More importantly, those who uphold the Dayton documents now use various methods to prepare Bosnians for the big loss to come. Those methods include (but are not limited to) the following:

    -- Building a statelet/ghetto called "Bosnia" based on terminology that is not legal (i.e., "entities") within the territory of a rendered Republic. Bosnians are expected to sign away their statehood that was once recognized by the West, in favor of "entities" that do not exist in any single UN document at all.

    -- Letting the Serb Republic (formed by Dayton documents) exchange food, water, electricity and such, with Bosnia to obtain internationally valid papers legalizing its existence. This goal was clear in the Dayton documents and simply serves to blockade and blackmail Sarajevo (as a capital with a parliament, media and a university) so as to exchange the statehood papers of the Republic for the aforementioned (basic human survival) commodities.

    -- Providing for the illegal "facts on the ground" to become the facts of law. Now NATO and the US Administration of Bill Clinton give the "Bosnian Serbs" that which Serb Nazi project failed to do in Bosnia after facing a resistance sufficient enough for Bosnia to survive. That resistance was NOT foreseen by the planners of the genocide. The rashly formed Bosnian Army - disciplined, civilized, multi-ethnic, efficient -- became a dangerous negation to the expected "Yugoslav Army victory against an amorphous unarmed mass of Bosnians".

[Note: It is also deliberately disregarded by "the West" that there were hundreds of thousands of Bosnian Serbs (and Croats) loyal to the civic Republic and its legitimate government at the outset of the aggression. However, only followers of Serb ultra-nationalistic leaders are mentioned and called summarily the "Bosnian Serbs"]. -- Neutralizing the constitution of the victim state by negotiating about it, instead of confronting the aggression. The aggression, together with war crimes, was supposed to be judged in front of the World Court, the proper place for international disagreements. But this course of action was avoided by:

a) Boutros Boutros Ghali's United Nations strategy of sidestepping the legal issues by redefining a political and legal problem of war/genocide to a "humanitarian problem". That strategy illegally EXCLUDED BOSNIA (the UN member state) FROM THE POLITICAL AND LEGAL PROTECTION OF THE UN CHARTER.

b) redefining aggression to a "civil war";

c) redefining the Bosnian government to a "Muslim government";

d) renaming the Bosnians and their secular Army to a "Muslim" Army, assuming that Bosnians in the future can count on religious autonomy only, but not legal protection (requires religion to be separated from state). Contrary to that, the Serbs and Croats kept their national/statehood names and were never called Orthodox Christians or Catholic Christians. So innocent people of Bosnia, against their will, were deliberately pushed out of the protection given them by their Constitution and the UN Charter. Instead, they were given protection that only their mosques (destiny) can provide. So, after losing legal ground of the UN Charter and after losing its civic state, Bosnia itself, if they ever try to return to their homes, the next name they can expect from the UN legal system (and US Administration) will be: "THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS".

[Note: Amongst other acts of war/torture against a UN member state, the UN/NATO held a totally illegitimate arms embargo against the army and police (even the firefighters!) of formally recognized member of the international community for the entire duration of mass murder of its citizens. Four years (1992-1996) of the UN/NATO sea-air-land blockade of the Bosnian Army and Police Force is an act of war by basic textbook teachings of any military academy - by definition and by default.]

    -- Separating the war crime trials from the political problems the war poses. That is a strategy that can be viewed as the "inefficiency of the international community". However, this diversion only boosts Gen. Mladic and Karadjic's morale, both of whom talk about the sovereignty of the Serb Republic. This is a clear sign of outside support and the true meaning of the Dayton documents. Rhetoric about how the "important parts" of the Dayton documents are being adhered to, such as how NATO troops are on guard inside (not outside!) Bosnia's borders, is meant to show how the project is a success. Meanwhile, the return of refugees to their homes has become the least important part of the agreement. Every agreement should be considered null and void, if any part of it is not completed/realized.

    -- Blocking from any action and free speech all the critics who might notice that NATO, UN, OSCE, Richard Holbrook, Warren Christopher, Karl Bildt, and the US Administration in fact are NOT inefficient but EFFICIENT in their completion of a job. This gag order is in direct alliance with the Greater Serbia and Greater Croatia project. Such "inefficiency" silences the opposition parties, legal action of the Bosnian High Court in Sarajevo, prevents the return of refugees to their homes, chokes the freedom of press/speech, puts surviving the population in despair, etc.

    -- Confronting questions having to do with the defense of the (one and the only legitimate) Constitution of 1974/1991 with answers from the Dayton documents. This is done regardless of the fact that all "peace" agreements, including the Dayton documents, are irrelevant constitutional topics. Bosnians will end up accepting the Dayton documents (and its even more eroded form) as a substitution for their last (and the only) legal Constitution due to this "exchange of constitutions" that salesman Holbrook sold to the American people as a "peace agreement".

    -- Hiding the fact that the subject of Dayton talks (held behind closed doors) was Bosnia's Constitution, by calling it a "peace agreement" even though it formally establishes two new states (and their constitutions). [ Note: Legislative, Judicial and Executive powers on a given territory make for a state and not an "entity". The term "entity" is from the Dayton document.]. Also, the Dayton documents that outline a presidency and parliament in UNION of states have not much in common with legitimate institutions of any state; at best, UNION is NOT a state but only UNION of states. The way this UNION is formulated in Dayton, and further redefined during 1996 (to the detriment of Bosnians), does not make this UNION anything more than a vehicle, a tool, a temporary legalistic step, towards "legitimate" destruction of the Republic and its citizens. It is actually a prelude to the formation and international recognition of Greater Serbia and Greater Croatia. De facto it is already so - we are now only helplessly observing motions to make it also a de jure "new reality".

    -- Hiding the fact that these elections are more than the voting they are proclaimed to be. According to the Dayton documents, these elections are a plebiscite and referendum favoring the Dayton "constitution" vs. the one and the only legitimate constitution. So, defined elections cannot be the subject of a peace agreement. These elections are also a plebiscite that will neutralize the internationally sponsored, monitored and approved March 1, 1992 plebiscite. After the March 1, 1992 vote, the formal recognition of the Republic became obligatory even for Russia and Greece. Later on, Russia and Greece were described to the American People as the "Serb allies who must be respected" in a campaign to reject the Bosnians' desperate pleas for permission to defend themselves against the perpetrators of the genocide ("Lift the arms embargo!").

    -- Influencing election results by forcing all parties in the election campaign to comply with the demands of the Dayton documents -- the new Dayton "constitution" that has yet to be voted on. OSCE also violates Bosnian election laws by judging the behavior of Bosnian political parties; OSCE makes those interventions not in accordance with the actual Constitution but with Dayton's constitutional demands, -- again a code that has yet to be voted on (and therefore, in terms of law, powerless).

    -- The OSCE and other international political structures behind this body (though the OSCE should be the only mediator) are dictating all elements and terms of the election campaign favoring those parties already supporting the division of Bosnia. The recent OSCE complaint, in which the OSCE is only "protesting" against the violation of refugees' rights to free movement, also contains strict proposals that harm opposition parties which are clearly supporting an integral Bosnia. On August 26th, the OSCE published a list of hundreds of opposition candidates who are NOT allowed to be included on the ballots because, according to the OSCE, "they failed to prove that they were citizens of Bosnia back in 1991". Among those banned were Dr. Ivo Komsic - a Croat member of the Bosnian seven member Presidency (!); Bogic Bogicevic -- a Bosnian Serb representative of Bosnia in the Yugoslav presidency; Professor Dr. Zlatko Lagumdjija - Deputy Prime Minister at the beginning of the war, etc. These politicians, democratically elected officials (1990 elections!), are serious opponents of ethnic division and are leaders of major political parties. With a coalition, those opposition parties are threatening to defeat Izetbegovic and dismantle the idea that ethnic territories can become states within Bosnia, or that three sovereign peoples (fully protected by the legitimate Bosnian Constitution) can form sovereign states through the use of genocide.


    When the Bosnian Army (a rashly created citizen army formed in 1992), even under severe handicap of the arms embargo and its mere three years of existence, started to win back its territory, NATO took these victories away from them and gave the land back to the Serbs with the Dayton documents. Bosnians and the international public were given some propaganda rhetoric about how "NATO stopped atrocities in Bosnia". The truth is, of course, that NATO in fact stopped the Bosnian Army's liberation drive before the American public could pay more attention to the fact that the "invincible Serbs" were losing three towns a day. NATO's action was promoted by the US Administration propaganda campaign as a "punishment of the Serbs because of genocide in Srebrenica". [ Note: Srebrenica massacre was a July,1995 mass murder of up to 10,000 unarmed Bosnian men, women and children in the "UN safe haven of Srebrenica" in only a few days]. The massacre of the Bosnians in the Srebrenica "UN protected" enclave had been declared as "new opportunity for peace" by Bill Clinton himself. Not many people understood the true meaning of Bill Clinton's words. What he actually meant, is that the Srebrenica slaughter simplified the "ethnically pure" map of Bosnia, and thus made its rendering even more achievable. Clinton: "massacre is an opportunity for peace" - George Orwell Newspeak: "War is peace".

    The pin prick NATO air strikes were thus used as a "proof positive" that the Clinton Administration was "doing something" FOR Bosnia, and not AGAINST Bosnia. As one can easily see, that is not so - au countraire -- after seeing footage of "Operation Bosnia Storm", people stopped asking for the embargo on Bosnians to be lifted. So, while Karadjic can easily rebuild lost warehouses, Bosnians are ordered to give up something that cannot be rebuilt with money: their Constitution/Statehood and their FUTURE. NATO never really stopped the murder of civilians in any "UN safe haven". So, for Bosnians to give up all in exchange for NATO's "stopping" of the Serb military "superpower" from killing civilians in "UN safe havens", is not a deal - it is a travesty of justice.


    Though Karadjic is not formally now in power, the US Administration is now running its model plan for the division of Bosnia in an efficient way since Izetbegovic still remains in power. As long as Warren Christopher is around, Karadjic does not really need to be present - everything is taken care of by Christopher, no problem. It is clear that they want to push Karadjic out of office while concurrently protecting themselves from the consequences of passive collaboration in war crimes; all to protect Karadjic's project, and his aide de camp, Izetbegovic.

    Nowadays, there are some more manipulations and hand-twisting going on. Too many to mention. The cart of morality and law is rolling down hill: the genocide is being "legalized" and even made "legally respectable".

    In 1992, the Bosnian citizens tried to run away from the communism by the vehicle of their constitutionally enshrined parliamentary republic. Lo and behold, the UN, the EU and the US Administration made sure that they paid for it dearly.


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