Fifty years ago, San Francisco was the birthplace of the UN. Last year an organization emerged from the same city with an identical agenda. In early October 1996 the second annual State of the World Forum is set to convene in San Francisco. Last year's inaugural event drew world leaders, scientists, artists, business people, politicians and teens from 50 nations. All were gathered with the stated purpose of smoothing our entry into the next century.

    During five intense days this diverse group of 500 dignitaries, celebrities and personalities, ranging from Ted Turner to Queen Noor al-Hussein, wife of Jordan's King Hussein, will grapple with a wide array of challenges which they perceive the world to be facing over the coming decades.

    The forum is sponsored and organized by the Gorbachev Foundation USA, and is the creation of former Communist party leader and president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev. The driving motivation of the organization is the implementation of social change in the world. This year's theme is "TOWARD A NEW CIVILIZATION."

    The following list of "CORE INITIATIVES" will be discussed and a comprehensive strategy for worldwide implementation will be established.

Other issues to be considered at round table sessions include:

    The New World Order has a "politically correct" way of stating its agenda. It is calculated to illicit the least amount of recognition and resistance from the general population because it is couched in benevolent terms, which belie its true intent. This is the tactic which the State of the World Forum has employed. While the goals of this new organization sound laudable, it should be remembered that they are in the context of force which would excel that of the communist system. This new religion is being fostered at the expense of the individual conscience.

    The organizations which are working toward global government have formed networks which operate worldwide at all levels of society, in government, business, news and entertainment media, religion and education. World society is permeated with the influence and control of these forces which are working with skill and effect to guide, direct and shape individual and collective thinking, preparing the people of the world for the "new civilization."

    As one observes the accelerated speed of change taking place around us, we are individually confronted with destiny. Will we submit our conscience and our will to the power that is dominating the bodies and minds of the masses? To secure our standing in society, conscience must be compromised and we must enter the system of slavery established by the world rulers.

    The failure of the New World Order is assured, even as it is poised to assume full power and control in the world. "Yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him." Those who opt for the secure and peaceable entrance into the "new civilization" will realize the deception, but that realization will come too late to benefit them.


Written 10/96


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