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    As we approach the dawn of the 21st century, the forces of change in America exert increasing pressure for conformity to new criterion which has been set for society. At every level of government, transitional policy and agenda is undergoing implementation. In no area is change more critically calculated than the educational system of the United States.

    Goals 2000 is the federal government's education reform legislation which will restructure all of the nation's local schools. The emphasis of Goals 2000 is the influencing and manipulation of society's values, rather than the teaching of academics. "Change" in the educational system of this country is not new. As early as 1902, the Rockefeller Education Board was involved in an effort to influence the course of the nation's schools. The "Board" had as its object "this goal of SOCIAL CONTROL." Clearly, the goal of the "reform movement" in the field of education included the preparation of society to be drawn into the global government scheme, and today's "reforms" are the final version those earlier goals.

    The aim of educational change is to bring the U.S. into conformity with the GLOBAL EDUCATION agenda which is simultaneously being instituted in other countries. Brought in under the guise of "improvement", it is, in actuality, a radical change in the basic philosophy of America as we have known it.

    After parents in Seattle began expressing concern over "global education" courses, a memo appeared on Seattle public school's stationery, from "Jim Grob, Rockefeller project.....The term 'global education' is an extreme, political hot potato at this time" with "right-wing Christian groups" opposing its use, and instead of using the term "global education," district personnel should note that a "temporarily safe term is-- multicultural-international curriculum development." Florida Forum, 1996.

    The redesign of the educational blueprint for the United States and the world involves a gradual change in focus and emphasis away from moral absolutes, individualism, academics and sense of nationalism which has formed the basis of national societies. In place of this traditional structure, the CHANGE AGENTS are implanting a fundamental shift in the mind of society. In the book, Conceptual Tools for the Change-Agent, it is stated that, "The reeducative process changes the individual's COGNITIVE structure...including all his facts, concepts, beliefs, and expectations. It modifies his VALUES. This reeducative process is calculated to effect the required changes, and is transforming American society into a passive global herd. The school has been shown to be the single most effective arena in redirecting and shaping the mind of a nation, bringing it under the dominance and control of the 'New Order'. Techniques have been devised whereby the individual's ethics and principles, family legacy, and national heritage can be altered or destroyed under the manipulative control of the teacher. A large part of what we call 'good teaching' is the teacher's ability to attain 'affective objectives' through challenging the students' fixed beliefs....The evidence collected so far suggests that a single hour of classroom activity under certain conditions may bring about a major reorganization in...affective behaviors....The affective domain contains the forces that determine the nature of an individual's life and ultimately the life of an entire people." Taxonomy of Educational Objectives Handbook 2. This demoralizing process is the ongoing experience of today's students.

    Much of what schools are "teaching" today is not academic in nature. Schools are aggressively involved in this "affective education". This realm of education deals with values, attitudes, interest and appreciation. "Most affective education engages in VALUES CLARIFICATION, allowing students ample opportunity to clarify their own values without the benefits of absolutes....The state's interest (for the sake of the coming global government) is to ensure that all children are allowed to develop their own beliefs and values, apart from parental direction and religious influences." Florida Forum 1996. It may be stated here that the values which students develop are not attained merely in the absence of parental or religious influence, but are carefully crafted by the new educational system.

    Dr. Paul Vitz, (New York University) conducted a study centered on elementary school textbooks used by millions of students across the country. He concluded that, "Those responsible for these textbooks appear to have a deep-seated fear of any form of active Christianity. The nature of the bias is clear: religion, traditional family values, and conservative political and economic positions have been reliably excluded from children's textbooks. The exclusion is particularly disturbing because it is found in a system paid for by taxpayers, and one that claims, moreover, to be committed to impartial knowledge and accuracy...textbooks are so written as to present a systematic denial of the history, heritage, beliefs and values of a very large segment of the American people."

    The educational system and the world at large has created great contradictions. Children must have parental permission to watch a movie on abortion, but aided by the school, a child may actually have an abortion without parental notification. A teacher may instruct students in the use of condoms, but is forbidden to assist a child in spiritual distress.

    There is a mystery to all of this, a great mystery! Why would parents entrust their children to such a system of contradiction, deceit and destruction? Are parents actually so devoid of reason and judgment that they do not recognize the devastating moral and spiritual effect of these things?

    The world has created its own demise and the truth of the proverb, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap", will be realized by both the perpetrators of these deceptions and their willing victims. The hypocrisy of parents, teachers, administrators, politicians, governments, and the "behind the scene rulers" is unavoidably summoning their own final consequences.

Written 11/96


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