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    N ewt Gingrich was narrowly reelected as Speaker of the House of Representatives last week, giving the impression that he possesses only a narrow margin of support among his colleagues. If one looks past Mr. Gingrich's outward facade of conservative politics to the internationalist policies he promotes, and the reinstallment of his internationalist colleague in the White House, the "narrow margin" of victory takes on almost theatrical overtones.

    In an interview with the Washington Post on January 3, 1995, Mr. Gingrich said, "I have an enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the entire planet. And I am doing it." It is the "enormous personal ambition" of this as well as other make-believe conservatives that has caused them to sell out the American economy to the complete control of the internationalist elite, as they did with GATT and NAFTA. The margin of votes cast for Mr. Gingrich in the House matters about as much as the Republican's "Contract with America". The real agenda is the internationalist agenda, and those who serve that agenda will be kept in place until they are no longer useful. The fact that Mr. Gingrich promotes that agenda is revealed in his statements and associations. These are but a small part of a larger picture outlining the destruction of the cultural values and mores of the world's populations, and the inculcating of a "global culture."

    Mr. Gingrich has an organization misnamed the "Progress and Freedom Foundation", which has published a book by futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler entitled, Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave. Gingrich wrote the forward for the book in which he said, "In this 100 pages you'll begin to sense what the 21st century America, the 21st century Government, and the 21st century Congress need to be." Mr. Gingrich stated, " I am proud to be a part of the third wave information revolution."


    Because the Tofflers are not running for political office they do not need, nor do they attempt, to assume the conservative, Bible-thumping exterior that Mr. Gingrich does. Their book basically outlines three waves: the first being agricultural, second industrial and the third the information age. The new Third Wave civilization into which we are now supposedly entering is "based on new, non-nuclear families." They also assert that it is useless to speak of Second Wave "values, as though one could return to the values and morality of the 1950's....We will need to prepare people for work in such fields as human services....Majority rule is increasingly obsolete. It is not majorities, but minorities that count....The Constitution of the U.S. needs to be altered...the system must die and be replaced....Nationalism is (Second Wave) economies are transformed by the Third Wave, they are compelled to surrender part of their sovereignty." (Source: The Road to Socialism and the New World Order by Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.).

    What is especially relevant is the Tofflers claim that it is useless to "return to the values and morality of the 1950's." This statement underscores the true nature of the "Third Wave", which means the certain end of the traditional family and Christian morality as we have known it - hardly an aim presented in the Republican's "Contract with America."

    The Tofflers represent the views of a group of people known as "Secular Internationalists" (SI's) in some circles. These SI's look upon a strong religious influence as an impediment to economic advancement. "...From the SI perspective, those regions controlled by strong religious cultures tend to have difficulty advancing economically unless there are important changes made in their cultural orientation....SI's believe government and society should be culturally neutral so that one may behave in public as they wish....SI's believe a given nation is not worthy of democracy until all destructive nationalism is renounced, religious or cultural fundamentalism ceases to be a major influence in public life, and society becomes secular in its dealings." (Source: "Multi-National Corporations; Global Reach or Global Breach," an essay by Dr. Manton C. Gibbs, Professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania).


    In an interview on the McNeil-Lerher PBS program (January 26, 1995), "Heidi Toffler intimated that the US had achieved a secular societal state" (ibid.), that is, successfully freed itself of those impediments such as "nuclear families" and Christian values. This must come as good news to the internationalists who see the demise of American culture as the linchpin of their success.

    Dr. Gibbs also describes a "small shadow faction (within the culture of internationalism) that in its passion for global secularism is impatient, aggressive and warlike. These secular international cultural imperialists (SICI's) reside mostly in the west and...are to the right on the fascist scale of behavior. The SICI advocate war, corruption of values and mores, lying, or any means to achieve the evolution to a secular state. These are they who cause much trouble from the shadows of power...." (ibid). With the destruction of American values and mores well nigh complete, more illustrations of this warlike campaign may be found abroad.

    After doing its number on American culture, the SICI's have set their sights on nations "that have strong religious based cultures such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islamic and others that may proscribe public behavior and functioning of government..." (ibid). The western assault on Islam has mainly been military and extortion (sanction) oriented because most Arab societies are not democratic and are unified under a strong leader and a national religion, and traditionally resist western culture. Where there is secularism and democracy working together such as in Egypt, the SI's introduced leavening agents such as the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development (January '95, which focused disproportionately on abortion) to inject a false system of values that are anathema to the culture of the region.

    Another country with a strong, religious based culture is India, who has found itself under steady pressure to open its borders to western pop culture. CNN, once dubbed the "eyes and ears of the global village", has struck up a deal with the Indian government for access to their vast television audience. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. obtained permission to broadcast its star TV channel, produced especially for India. One program on the channel was called "Ricki Baby", a talk show hosted by a giggling, scantily dressed woman who mimicked the gossipy format of America's trashy daytime talk shows. One guest on "Ricki Baby" insulted Mahatma Gandhi posthumously and caused such an uproar in India that the government forced cancellation of the show.

    Another inroad western trash culture made into India was the Miss Universe beauty pageant that was conducted there late last year. Thousands of police had to be deployed to protect the "beauties" from the anger of Hindu women who were offended by the pageant of half dressed foreigners. One spokeswoman for the protesters said that the pageant was teaching Indian women to desire material things such as cosmetics, new clothes and western fashions, and that female nudity was an insult to Indian women.

    "Loud protests have accompanied the opening of the airwaves to Rupert Murdoch's star TV, Viacom's MTV and Ted Turner's CNN, which have revolutionized the home life of the middle class. Many Indians wonder whether they--and especially their tube-glued kids--are better off than they were before. Complains Shamsul Islam, a teacher of political science at Delhi University: 'Now the youngsters dress, talk and eat like Americans.'" (Time Magazine , Sept. 18, '95).


    The occasional protests in India against the cultural invasion reflect the uneasiness of the entire world as each nation and culture finds itself under attack - either from the forces of economics within or from sanctions and military pressure without. Every nation and people are being forced to renounce the values and history that formed their culture and their national identity, and adopt the so-called "global culture" of secular humanism, thus enabling the multi-national corporations to better integrate them into the global economic system of slavery.

    "Babylon was a golden cup in the LORD's hand, making all the earth drunken; the nations drank of her wine, therefore the nations went mad." Jer 51:7.

Written 3/97


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