Editorial 5/97

Blending of American, UN and German flags


An Editorial

    This last generation has been an eye-opener for sure. They are still showing films of WW II where the Nazis invaded Europe and the fascist Italians helped. I've always wondered what those words really meant; you know, "Nazi" and "fascist". The news media often refers to those wicked totalitarian governments that are still around. We humans often use descriptive words that mean nothing at all, but they are used to mean things that can be described as bad. You know, "bad Nazi," "bad communist," "bad fascist" and so on.

    I have just looked up the words in Webster's Dictionary. Hmmmmmm. Nazi means, "German fascist". I guess I had better look up fascist. Hmmmmmm. Fascist comes from the word fascio meaning a bundled group. Let's see...it says, "it was taken to symbolize the power of many people united and obedient to a single authority of the state." I feel kinda dumb right now. As I scratch my head, it seems that was like communism. Everybody united to obey the authority of the state.

    I wonder how that would look. I suppose they had an educational system which was enforced by the state and all the little kids had to go to it or be arrested for truancy. I think I remember they had a social security system that took care of everyone when they got old. If the people in those countries broke a law, the Gestapo or secret police would come out and stand up real straight and act real tough while they arrested the people. Hmmmmmmm. I don't know what those bad people were called in Germany or Russia, but I know what they are called here. They are called Branch Davidians, Texas separatists, Freemen, terrorists, tax evaders or something even more imaginative. Oh, wait a minute. This isn't Germany, what am I saying? We're the good guys! Back to the Nazis.

    If some bad group gave the Nazi police trouble, they would surround them and play loud music to try and get the folks upset. Sometimes they would stick their bare butts out a window at them to express contempt. Our ATF agents did that with the Davidians, but it must have been an accident. Maybe our soldiers just like rock music and maybe one of them just thought he had to go to the bathroom or something.

    I know the Nazis killed alot of innocent people. That was bad. The U.N. starved to death 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions, that was good. We all know that Iraqis are bad people. The children deserved it since they let Saddam be the ruler. We don't like Saddam. When the Israelis killed a thousand unarmed, surrendered Egyptian soldiers, that was good because the Egyptians were bad until they did what we wanted. Right? Hmmmmmmm, I think it's right.

    Oh, yes, one more word. Totalitarian. Hmmmmmmm. Totalitarian means, according to Webster, "relating to, or being a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of life especially by use of force." Hmmmmmmm. Let's see if I got this right. If one does not do what the political regime says, a strict use of force will be used to make one do it. Yes, I think I got that right. If they break your law, kill 'em, jail 'em or take their house away.

    Up here, where we live, there was a family called the Weavers. They had a gun which was about 1/4 inch too short so the army came in and killed half the family. I wonder if the Nazis did that. Maybe so, but they were the bad guys, right? I heard on the news that the communists did that. When I heard that, I thought they were sure bad people. Oh, yes I did. I'm not so sure now, though. When America does it, that must be because the Weavers were bad people. Yes, that must be it.

    I wonder if the founding fathers of this nation thought they ought to imprison anyone or kill anyone because they had a gun that was a little too short. Probably so, after all, if the gun is too short, that means you're a bad person. Also, if you have a little too many of them, as the Davidians did, it must mean you're a bad person too. I wonder, though, if that was really why those folks got all shot up. I wonder if the real reason was that they didn't do what they were told. Hmmmmmmm, totalitarian. Yes, I think that must be it. Do what you're told or you will get killed. You know, come to think of it, the Germans and Russians were never put in jail if they did what they were told to do. If they obeyed all the rules, they just seemed to have a happy time. It was when they broke the rules that they got into trouble. Kind of like the "free world", huh?

    We humans are sure strange, aren't we? It seems no matter what name we call ourselves, like fascist, communist, Nazi, Democrat or Republican, we all think we are the good guys, while all the time we do the same things everyone else is doing. I'm just beginning to think we are all the same. We are all the same rapists, murderers, Nazis, communists and thieves. It is just that the one with the biggest gun wins and the one with the biggest gun gets to write the history books that explain everything. Maybe the one with the biggest gun is the good guy. Yes, that must be it!


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