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    With the precision of a military strike, foreign troops descended on the Gulf Coast of the United States in late June and early July. As was reported in a previous WINDS report (see: "Peace Keeping" Armies Train for Global Control"), albeit the troops came at the invitation of the American government to be part of Cooperative Nugget '97. This military training exercise took place at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Ft. Polk, Louisiana.

    The exercise brought together more than 4,000 soldiers from four NATO countries and eighteen European and Central Asian countries. These non-NATO countries are members of the United Nations, Partnership for Peace program, some of which may soon become members of the expanding NATO.

    In opening ceremony remarks the Supreme Allied Commander stated that, "Cooperative Nugget takes place at a decisive time in history," when it will take not fewer soldiers, but "greater soldiers, who understand what working together means." He said that it will require the "support of the U.S. Congress and the average American citizen who understand that the world is not a safer place to live. We are truly at the beginning of a new millennium where nations can and must work together." One wonders if the world is not a safe place because of these "greater soldiers."


    Military sources stated that the training is designed to provide realistic training by combining together foreign soldiers alongside U.S. troops. "Most of these countries don't deal with peace keeping missions." But "peace keeping is becoming much more prevalent in the world today", said U.S. Army Sergeant John Hartline. He revealed further what is actually meant by peace keeping when he stated, "it (peace keeping) is very important because a lot of the countries are not accustomed to dealing with civil disturbances and that's exactly what this training is about."

    This international collection of military personnel has been assembled under NATO sponsorship, with UN influence visible throughout. They are said to have been brought together to "hone their peace keeping skills" and this joint exercise serves to clarify how NATO and the UN define peace keeping. The training largely involves military interaction with civilian and non-military personnel under a variety of conditions.

    In a communique released to the press the organizers state, "During training exercises troops will deal with civilians and the (news) media through the unique rules of engagement required in these types of operations." In a series of photographs of the event, the soldiers are shown to be heavily armed when dealing with the yielding and passive populace. The photographs also show the techniques and tactics associated with humanitarian and peace keeping operations, which include a Hungarian soldier searching a civilian at a UN checkpoint, Lithuanian soldiers searching rooms for contraband items, a Turkish platoon leader escorting civilians during patrol training and a Polish soldier searching a civilian's baggage. In "React to a Civil Disturbance Training", one of 33 tasks in the situational training exercise, a Latvian soldier detains a civilian whose hands are raised in a surrender position.

    These are the soldiers who will be in charge of the world's next trouble spot and they are being trained to deal with whatever unfortunate people fall under their jurisdiction. The sight of these NATO - UN soldiers, bristling with heavy weaponry as they command and control the civilian population, is in striking contrast to the friendly and familiar local police officer who is always on hand to assist those he serves.

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    Officials say "there are no hidden agendas associated with this exercise--only the opportunity to demonstrate the role of the American military to emerging democracies." If the training exercises are an indication of the role the military will play in societies around the world, then there are, in fact, no secret agendas. What it does reveal, however, is the ominously impending transition of the military from a defender of the people to a dictatorial oppressor of the people.

    Charles Lichenstein, former U.S. Representative to the UN, gives this revealing insight into the United Nations peace keeping agenda. "The UN is reinventing what used to be called "peace keeping". In the last several years, that do-good concept has been stretched to encompass a range of UN operations that typically involve the use of force, even the waging of war. 'UN peace keeping' is a dangerously misleading misnomer."

    A furor was created in Germany recently when news headlines reported what actually took place in the "peace troops" training. International News Electronic Telegraph (July 5, 1997) PEACE TROOPS SIMULATE EXECUTIONS... "German soldiers training for service as peace keepers in Bosnia filmed themselves simulating executions of civilians, the Defense Ministry said in Bonn. During the training some soldiers would dress as civilians to simulate scenes they might face in Bosnia." One might ask if they are simply joining their American counterparts in "honing their peace keeping skills?"

    Those who direct and control the world's military are changing its focus and mission. Countries are shifting away from the traditional role of protecting their individual sovereignty and their citizens' liberty of conscience. They are being redirected to encompass what NATO's Supreme Allied Commander called, "that new vision." As the new vision develops, it will be seen to be a monumental departure from past loyalties and values.


    It was during the Reagan years that many of the domestic military and intelligence programs were instituted. Operation Garden Plot is the code name for the use of coordinated military action in law enforcement at any time during a civil disturbance within the fifty states, District of Columbia, and possessions and territories The operation of the FBI's COINTELPRO Domestic Counter Intelligence Program, FEMA Federal Emergence Management Agency, and JTTF Joint Terror Task Force, all give the government the authority to step in and immediately crush any civil disturbance or turmoil which might occur. Civil disturbances are defined as riots, acts of violence, insurrection, unlawful obstruction or assemblage, or other disorders prejudicial to public law and order.

    Urban Warfare Training has been conducted in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington, Charlotte, and may be coming to a city near you. These exercises may be calculated to condition the American people to the sights and sounds of warfare in their neighborhoods. About ten mock invasions of major U.S. cities occur each year. The Charlotte Observer reports on one such invasion in March of this year, "Without warning, helicopters swooped over Third Ward, scaring residents with sounds of simulated bombs and gunfire as commandos stormed a vacant warehouse. They used training ammunition designed to look and sound like the real thing, with flash-bangs and people jumping out of helicopters. About 100 Army special operations troops descended on uptown for a secret drill. 12 helicopters, including special Black Hawks, swooped in. Charlotte residents, rattled by hovering choppers and noises that sounded like explosions, flooded police and city offices with complaints."

    This is another aspect of "honing the peace keeping skills" that is employed by the global elite. Peace keeping, as defined by the UN, more closely resembles civilian conditioning and control which will increasingly take place on a worldwide scale as the New World Order becomes fully entrenched.

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    There is a principle that underlies declarations and policy emanating from the United Nations. That principle is spelled out in the book, Peace or Anarchy by Cord Meyer Jr. of the United World Federalists. "The UN must be given the constitutional authority to maintain security through laws which call for OBEDIENCE FROM THE INDIVIDUAL INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD AS THEIR FIRST DUTY and which no government can override."

    The suggestion of rendering foremost allegiance to the dictates of the United Nations runs counter to both the United States Constitution and the highest principle of human rights--liberty of conscience. Giving preeminent homage to UN dogma is in opposition to the law of man's true freedom.

    The world is witnessing, on a massive global scale, the lethal conditioning of humanity. Whole populations can so easily become desensitized to the significance of the most earth-shaking events happening around them. As exemplified in the degradation of the moral and ethical character of our military, what seems reprehensible and abhorrent at the outset, slowly becomes reasonable and justified after a period of conditioning.


Written 7/17/97


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