Editorial 7/13/97

Martian landscape with rover and tower


    In the bright sunlight of the Martian atmosphere shines a lone tower of mysterious origin. Monday morning, as the rover crested a small rise a little way off from the landing site, a most surprising apparition appeared in the distance. Since the rover sits so close to the ground, this monument was unseen at first. When the tower first appeared on the screens of those watching, scientists simply stood silent and in awe, but soon the tower which stands almost 100 feet in height seemed to suggest a whole new realm of possibilities and problems.

    If this report came from NASA , JPL or even ABC, there would certainly be a rush of excitement and a total belief in it; but since this is the only place you will read about the tower, you probably will not so easily swallow the story -- and, it is true, that the story isn't. Amazing what one can do on a computer these days. With really good equipment one can create a totally bogus picture and have it completely believable if it is presented through the right channels.

    The point is being made that not all things are as they are made to appear. What comes over the main media is often believed just because it is there and all the other reports are considered somewhat radical or even crazy if they do not match up to official announcements. Unofficial reports, as with the media, may or may not be true.

    What is it that is really happening in our world? What is the true story quite apart from all the hype and smooth prophecies of the future. It would be well for us to consider realities instead of simply buying a story or a picture of Mars with a tower on it. Is it real? We have been taught from our earliest years that this is a free country. We constantly hear parrots proclaiming human rights from one end of the earth to the other. What are these freedoms? Tell me if you can. What is it we have freedom to do--that is--without getting arrested or having our homes and property taken away? I do not mean for us to be complaining about freedom. My point is that the cartoon of freedom that Americans draw is simply nonsense. It does not exist. The citizens believe in a tower because the picture has been presented to them and they seldom question whether or not the tower is really there. Because of this, they are made to support things and pay for things which only have their reality in a fictitious story.

    Consider freedom of education we hear so much about. Are we free to educate? If children do not show up for school, may they not be arrested for truancy? If the children never show up, may they not be taken from the parents and put in a foster home so they can be educated? And if other education is allowed, is it not true that government decides the curriculum? Can you, of yourself, decide what you are going to teach your children? If your children go to school, can they request and get to be taught creation rather than evolution? No, no and no.

    Consider taxes. Can you simply inform the government that you do not want to pay this year? When your property taxes come around can you send in a letter that you are going to be free and you will not pay? Yes, you can say that, but your house will be given to someone else before long who will pay. What do they mean free country? What do they mean human rights?

    Well, let's try this one. Freedom of speech. If one is in prison and having every minute of his day designed for him and if one is in a slave labor camp working for his master's benefit from dawn till dusk but he has freedom to say whatever he wants, so what? How is freedom of speech being free? Freedom of speech only means one can make any manner of noise he wants but he must still tow the line and produce for his masters. In the Protocols this is exquisitely put. " All these so-called 'people's rights' can never really exist except in the thin vapor of an idea. An idea which can never be realized in practical life. What does a common laborer care who is bowed down under his heavy toil, crushed by his lot in life, if talkers get the right to babble and journalists get the right to scribble any nonsense right beside really genuine issues? Once the common man can gain nothing from the constitution except a few pitiful crumbs which we fling to him from our table in order to get him to vote for what we dictate--for men we place in power--he is our servant."

    Then there are rights of movement. Citizens have always been led to believe that the government is the people. They have also been told that government land is their land. So when government land is cordoned off for the grizzly bears and wilderness roads are closed, how is that freedom of travel on your own land?

    And then there are personal property rights. First a person must pay a yearly rent called a property tax. If this rent is paid they may be able to build the type of structure the government says is approved. They cannot build without a permit. Surely they can do whatever they want with it if it is what the government wants done with it. This is not a complaint about how things are. This is how we made it. Americans want it that way. The chains they have forged in order to protect their property values have in the end become chains for themselves. But dismiss the idea of a free country. It simply is not. One is free to do only what he is told. He is not free to simply do as he likes. I don't think any country has ever been totally free that way.

    Concerning now the crown and glory of freedom--freedom of religion. How is it that we have freedom of religion? Well, it is said that men may believe whatever they like in this country. So tell me, where on earth one cannot do that? There is not a person on earth who cannot believe whatever he likes. Men have never been imprisoned or troubled for believing something. They have been imprisoned for acting on that belief or perhaps sharing that belief with someone else. So how is that different in this country? If a man were to take Bibles to a public school and seek to pass them out because he believed it was his Christian duty, do you not suppose you would see a uniformed government agent ending that practice? What if you were witnessing to children on the playground, do you not suppose one might be arrested for harassment? You see? It is like any country including the Soviet Union. One has freedom of religion as long as one practices it according to state law. That has always been the case in any country on earth. Of course kids are free to have all the condoms they want but religion is illegal these days.

    Even though men have never been perfectly free to express their vile natures, are there not some basic freedoms men should have in a society that boasts of its freedoms? In the WINDS article "Another Church Takes a Hit From the U.S.", a small church had its land confiscated by armed government agents because they would not pay property tax to support what they believed was a corrupt system. This glaring omission proves the fallacy of this "free society." Men are free to pay, but when they stop paying just see how free they remain, or at least, see how many of their possessions they retain.

    Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe in transfusions, but in recent court cases they were forced to go against their stated belief by government decree. Is freedom of religion in this nation only for those who appear normal in every way and if they do not appear normal they have their constitutional rights suspended? Is that not how it has been in every other totalitarian society?

    The point of all this is that men are believing that there is a tower on Mars because someone said it. That is--the modern day story is that the world is being made safe for democracy and that men should live freely. The president preaches from his pulpit that democracy is going all over the world. While this is true, democracy is not what the masses think it is. Men are believing in make-believe. Democracy is only where the powers that be use the media to educate the majority of the population to vote for what these masters want. Also, because of all of the danger talk, Americans have been convinced to vote for laws which virtually eradicated their freedoms and, in all of this smoke, these same Americans still believe they are free even when they are forced by decree to pay the lion's share of their income for the purpose of making wealthy their masters. Hasn't this always been the lot of the serf? It is now fact that 95% of all Americans live hand to mouth. They would not be able to make their house payment if they lost their job. Because Americans have a variety of toys and get to go home and watch television and have a beer they think they are free. What a giant illusion. The Soviet Union may have had fewer toys but their people were far more secure in life. They were not free, though, and neither are Americans. Americans just have more toys and what a trade-off that is.

U.N. watchtower


    One need not make any mistake about there being a tower out there, but it is not the tower they think. The new system is not freedom and justice for the masses of the world. That story is only a tower on Mars. The real story of Mars is that it is barren and desolate. The new system is about bringing everyone in the world under the watchful eye and control of this new master. This is done through assassination, fraud, revolution, sanctions, and media propaganda which millions eagerly flock to in the form of the nightly news. The truth about the new system is that it is barren and desolate and there is nothing new about it and there is no wonderful tower of deliverance out there somewhere. There is only the tower of watchful control and usury.

    The truth is easily seen even in the hype of these new masters. The entire earth is locked in a vise of debt, trouble, insecurity and fear while the new age masters shout peace and safety for the multitudes. Millions starve to death every year and diseases run rampant and there is no peace, yet these new masters shout peace and safety if you'll only vote for us.

    Has this watchful eye been our protection or the protector of our children? Through its so-called sex education, this new system has well neigh destroyed the morals of the young and old alike. They have been encouraged on to experiment sexually and especially with the same gender while taking precautions against disease and pregnancy. Have our young been protected or exploited? They have been educated to reject the authority of their parents in favor of the authority of the nation and government. They have been taught to disregard the God of Scripture and instead accept the ancient gods who took those nations who worshipped them into oblivion. Where is the grandeur of Rome, Greece, Babylon and Egypt? These days their grandeur only exists in a phantom, a ghost of the past and so it goes with all nations who worship as they did.

    It all seems harmless. When the Olympics focused on the ancient pantheon of gods it seemed like fun. Berit Kjos puts it well in her Olympic Dream.. She writes concerning the most recent Olympic games: "The spirit behind Zeus, the ancient god of the Olympics, would have been pleased. Never has so large a flock sung his hymn and cheered his sacred flame. Never have so many people celebrated a timeless ritual involving earth-centered spirits and the 'tribes' they inspire. And never have so many international heroes been idolized for their physical prowess, regardless of moral character. Never have so many nations cheered the dream of global oneness. Awaiting a spiritual and physical renaissance 'powerful enough to unite the world,' the Olympic dream ...burns stronger than ever, fueled by wishful thinking, globalist propaganda, and the utopian ambitions of the United Nations.

    "...The crowd of 83,000 in Atlanta cheered as five 'Olympic spirits' wrapped in silvery cloth and masked as sun gods rose out of the earth. Representing the five regions and colors of the world, they writhed like serpents while chanting mystical invocations to 'summon the tribes' of the world.

    "...In a 'tribute to the ancient Greek Olympians and...the unifying power of these ancient games', the arena was transformed into the old Olympia. There, back in 776BC--when Nike was the Goddess of victory, not a trademark for shoes--the original games began. The walls of a fifty-foot-high temple to Zeus showed silhouettes of Greek athletes in action and of victory goddesses crowning the winners with olive wreaths.

    "...But contemporary Americans, well-trained in multicultural tolerance, have learned to ignore God's warnings concerning 'other gods' and pagan rituals.

    "'A new voice was heard,' continued the commentator. 'Pierre de Coubertin's. He said, 'We shall light the Olympic flame once more, and this time keep it burning--an everlasting tribute to all that is great and noble in mankind.'

    "...This global oneness sounds good to those who reject biblical truth and have forgotten the lessons of history. Global peace sounds good to those who want security and have never known political oppression. And global controls sound good to those who fear terrorism more than totalitarianism and are prepared to sacrifice American freedoms to fulfill utopian dreams. Small wonder then, that over 3 billion viewers around the world approve these pagan rites and the 'power of the dream.' It costs nothing to dream, but the unified world it envisions would be costly beyond measure."

    So, this is what our children have been given. Pagan gods, pagan sexual rites and the pagan idea of God. The true God is crucified on the pagan cross once again, except this time it was done with eyes open and they know very well what they are doing. Men may flatter themselves that these sins belong to other men. That they, themselves, are good men. They may also flatter themselves that filling their children's heads with Superman, Batman and violent cartoons is harmless fun. Men may have all matter of "good feelings" concerning Pocahontas or Hercules. But in all of it is the radical tearing out of the heart of the child his natural sensitivities to the true God who rules and blesses men. Instead his mind is filled with fantasy and make-believe and the sure results will follow. This is what our watchers have given us. And this is what Americans have wanted.

    Will the nation escape? Did the "good Germans" who turned their faces from the horrors of Hitler because they, themselves, were doing pretty well, save them from the Allied bombs and fire that reigned down upon their towns? Did the "good Japanese" escape the nuclear holocaust when American bombs cremated two cities which had not been attacked before that time? Did their innocent children escape? No, Americans may think they will escape because they are not bad like other men, but they will not and they have not. When the realities of the Oklahoma bombing sink in, it will be seen that citizens are held responsible for what their leaders do. When citizens pay evil men with their taxes and political support, they are responsible for what they do. When the U.N. starves hundreds and thousands of little children by their sanctions, every American who supports this evil kingdom by turning a blind eye, or paying for it with the fruits of their labors, will be held accountable for every crying, dying infant in those places. They may have the false idea that they will escape the terrors of these last days because it was the rulers who did those evil things, but God will hold each one personally responsible for the causes and effects they have set into motion whether intentional or from willful ignorance.

    Does not even the U.N. follow those principles? When the war crimes trials were held in Nuremburg regarding the Nazi atrocities, were any of the accused let off for their murders because they were "only following orders?" Niet, no, and nein. And neither will God let this new power off, or Americans off, because they were only following the law. If a law is bad, it must be broken or the consequences will come upon the doer and his children. This is simply all in the realm of cause and effect. Look at history and we will see the natural effects of the causes which have been created by men.

    The Scriptures say there is only one escape. To escape, one must speak loud and clear against the abuses of this age. Secondly, one must withhold support from wicked men who do wicked acts. He must turn from those who speak lies and who preach peace and safety. To do this a person must be a follower of the true God. One must follow Him even when He says, "Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

    It was reported today that there was a tower on Mars. As the rover got closer to the tower that stands almost 200 feet tall now, little green men could be seen coming out of the bottom all holding musical instruments and playing the Star Spangled Banner as a welcome to the little mechanical tractor. One little Martian read a speech of welcome and reported that they have approved a prime location for a new Wal-Mart store. Wal-Mart had no comment. Oh, well, Americans believe everything else!


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