Editorial 8/27/97

President Bill Clinton giving a speech



    These days character seems somewhat a vague concept in most minds. A leader need only give a sense of prosperity to the people and all else matters little. John Adams wrote that the people "have a right, and indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge--I mean of the character and conduct of their rulers."

    We are trained to think of character more from the aspect of personal conduct than from one's true convictions. If a leader restrains himself from drunken orgies (or at least the general knowledge of it) and seems to smile a lot and talk positive, a wonderful character is assumed to exist even if certain other indicators say otherwise. This nation's leaders over the past century have largely exhibited a character satisfactory to the American conscience. Richard Nixon's Watergate may be seen as an exception, but for his fault of getting caught at cover-up he was no different than most others in his position who have covered their real purposes under political jargon. President Kennedy is known for his many affairs but that was found out after the fact. Basic honesty is rarely seen in modern American culture on any level including religion. Everything culturally American seems to be a sales job with all kinds of propaganda for the purpose of causing men to do one thing or another.

    If we might consider what men say as relevant to the judgment of their character, then what men say is important. In America the constitution of the United States has seemed paramount in American values. One might say that it is this nation's secular Bible. The leader of this nation would seem negligent if he did not know what it said or what it meant.

    President Clinton has followed in the footsteps of his recent forebearers in bringing in a one-world government. He seems somewhat more honest than they, however, since he speaks quite openly about what his plans are, yet they are still hidden in a shadow of terms. Even though clear statements are made from this highest office in the land, there are few who know what they mean.


    In regard to the United Nations, President Clinton stated, "It has not worked. No one can say it has worked, so I decided we're either going to do what we said we're going to do with the U.N. or we're going to do something else." (Washington Post in regards to Bosnia). The question is asked, what did men say the U.N. would do? Since it is not doing it, what will it do now? Is it not proper to have an answer to this question? Would not integrity explain it?

    President Clinton was quoted in USA Today as saying, "We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans." What are these rights we cannot be so fixated on? Will we have our rights of free speech curtailed? Will other natural God given rights be eliminated? And who are these ordinary Americans who should not be fixated on their constitutional rights? Who are the inordinary ones? Who can keep their rights and who will it be that will have them removed?

    President Clinton stated, "When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical constitution with a radical Bill of Rights giving a radical amount of individual freedom to Americans...." What rights do you consider radical, Mr. President? Webster's Dictionary says of radical, "marked by a sharp departure from the usual or traditional: extreme." What would you consider extreme about our constitution, sir?

    Does President Clinton know what the constitution says? In 1996 while campaigning for President, the President said, "The last time I checked, the constitution said, 'of the people, by the people, and for the people.' That's what the Declaration of Independence says." (Great applause followed). Mr. President (and all those who cheered), the Declaration of Independence and the constitution are not the same document and neither of these documents say 'of the people, by the people, and for the people.' That statement is found in the Gettysburg Address spoken by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. The President has sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States, but if he does not know what the constitution says, how can he defend it? President Clinton lied on this point. "The last time I checked." He did not check the constitution or he would have noticed that that statement is not found there.

    If a minister of the gospel does not know the Bible or says the Bible is too radical or extreme, would not his character as a minister be questioned? If a man is a doctor and he says the cleanliness instructions before surgery are too extreme, would not that man's character as a doctor come into question? If a car dealer states to you that your auto warranty was too extreme and he felt it was best to back off on that warranty, would not one call that man a crook? So if a president, sworn to uphold this country's freedoms, thinks those freedoms are extreme, do we not have reason to wonder about the man's character as a president?

    Abraham Lincoln said, "Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow; the shadow is what we think of it, the tree is the real thing." But, it has also been said, "few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder." (George Washington). That highest bidder now resides in the hidden places. Mankind around the world is being led by unprincipled men who promise one thing but have a very different intent.

    President George Bush, standing before the United Nations in session, declared that one of the purposes of the New World Order was to remove national boundaries. That may sound freeing, but the real truth is that the human liberties which we have known will go out the window with those national boundaries. There will be no United States as we know it since there will be no boundaries, but this part of the statement was not spoken. This world will simply be the land of the Borg (human machines) if the "new order" has its way.

    Recent elections show clearly that Americans do not give a stick for character. Because of that, unprincipled men who care only for money and power will rule over them. Americans believe that safety is the motivating power for doing away with some of our constitutional rights, but it will be seen too late that the motivating power was the absolute control and dominance of the entire earth. The ironic twist to this is that those who have formed this strange conspiracy will themselves be its slaves.


    I would hope for basic honesty in government, you know, tell us how it really is. Let me take a stab at it. "My fellow Americans, we gather here today to inform you of our true purposes. We want to be honest and forthright in all that we do. Our real intentions are to do away with national boundaries, thereby eliminating nations as we know them. We will be simply defining the world in a set of outlined areas. We are now rewilding a large portion of the earth's surface for the purpose of preserving many species of animals and providing a place for the ruling classes to hunt, fish and hike for their rest. The ordinary folks will not be allowed into these areas since there are so many of you. You may go to a local zoo by permission of your managers or see the animals on TV.

    "Secondly, we want to have everyone working in a job which we will outline. You will not be able to travel freely any longer, but one may get to change locations if he gets a permit and it works within the world interests. We will limit births through abortion and if the older folks are no longer able to be productive, we will put them to sleep permanently. Don't we do that to our elderly doggies? This is only reasonable. Everyone will receive free medical care to keep them productive, but if they seem too great a burden on society, they will have to be terminated.

    "We will be giving everyone a card with a magnetic strip with all of your pertinent information which you will use for money. This card will also be used if you desire entrance into any public building or take any public transportation. In this way we can keep track of how much you spend and for what it is spent. If you end up with a little too much money, it can be directed to needy projects. This card will also allow us to see where you go and who you are with. In this way you will be discouraged against any meetings which do not meet with official approval.

    "Your religions of diversity will no longer be allowed. We have a nice new one where everyone will be able to worship the one great spirit as we shall direct. Any deviation from this will not be tolerated. Those folks who are deviant will be placed in re-education centers until they are made to see the light regarding true religion. Also your constitution of individuality is being scrapped. It takes a village to run things now and individualism will not be permitted.

    "If any group or individual is resistant to this new world order, they will be eliminated if they cannot be re-educated to the new system of things. Everyone will obey and everyone will obey happily or they will have to be terminated or re-trained in hard labor camps we will provide. Many of the poorer classes around the world are unsuited to what our plans include, so large unproductive or untrainable populations will be terminated.

    "Your autos and other wasteful modes of transportation will be used only by those who are in responsible leadership positions. All ordinary citizens will have provided for them a wonderful system of mass transit to get them to their place of labor. Of course, all of those nasty guns will be confiscated and your x-rated videos also. These x-rated videos and pornographic pictures on the Internet were only allowed to disrupt and demoralize the society long enough for us to gain control of it. The Internet will be encouraged for your further indoctrination and assimilation into the 21st century.

    "Each evening you will be required to attend extended and lifetime education classes to help you stay in touch with your requirements and in your off time we have many wonderful volunteer projects in which to properly use your idle time. You will be expected at all of the parades and national celebrations.

    "You will no longer be able to own private property since you will be placed in apartment complexes which will make the best use of the land. This will not apply to the ruling class, however. Since their responsibilities are much higher than the ordinary citizen, they will be given more private and luxurious accommodations. Welcome to the 21st century! Have a happy day, or else."


    To put all this in perspective, men are born on the earth. We were not born into a political system. We are not born Republicans or Democrats. We are not even born Americans or Canadians. We are born naked and free. Who is it that has usurped ownership of us? Who gave us away? Where is that paper I signed when I agreed to be a slave of other men? It is true that most Americans believe they are controlled by something outside of themselves but this belief exists because they have accepted the lie.

    We have been told that every American is born owing over $100,000.00. Because of the national debt, we are debtors they say. Who says? Where is that paper I signed when I was born saying I borrowed $100,000.00. Who is this grand and noble personage that has claimed I owe that money and where is the document which proves it? That personage is the powers of government aided by the media who parrot these ridiculous themes.

    Recently, President Clinton made a directive guaranteeing our free expression of religion in the workplace. When one thinks about it this move seems rather arrogant! How can a government give me what I already have and was born with? I have free exercise of religion even if the constitution said I did not. No man or government can take it away or give it to me. I am born with it and with all of the freedoms our constitution speaks about. Our constitution did not give us any rights. It did not guarantee any rights. It simply expressed the rights we already possess. God made us and not some democracy which speaks freedom but takes it away in its own name.

    Yes, a wise man said many years ago, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." So much for men with no true character. So much for those who do not understand the truth but teach lies with a smile on their faces. So much for the propagandists. You cannot have what I do not give you!


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