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A Prophet in His Time

    The real news maker in Washington last week may have been the lone protester outside the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. However, the crowd waiting to enter the memorial to the slain Jews of World War II seemed indifferent to the message of the demonstrator. The passage of more than fifty years since Hitler's barbaric holocaust seemed to create a barrier between the past and present, lending a sense of security to the throng on the sidewalk.

    The unsettling message of that prophet-like voice - "If we can deny the evident humanity of these poor children, wouldn't we have denied the humanity of the Jews when that was the politically correct way to think?"- seemed to fall on deaf ears. The children he referred to were depicted on the placard which he carried- dismembered, decapitated children, dead babies whose bodies have been horribly mangled by the abortionist.

    "Within walking distance from where you stand, this (abortion) is going on in three places RIGHT NOW", he shouted, above the roar of traffic. "Every day in America, 4,000 children die, day in and day out. And almost all of them for no other reason than convenient fornication. Is lust a better excuse for mass murder than hate?" an obvious comparison to the hate crimes of Hitler. "If we turn our backs on these children now, wouldn't we have turned our backs then" when dehumanizing the Jews was the socially accepted thing to do?

abortion protester leaving Holocaust Museum


    With his mission accomplished in that location, the protester's voice faded and he was lost to view. The museum doors opened and the people flooded in, all seemed eager to learn about the "tragic holocaust which could have been prevented had the German people not passively stood by".

    In a section of the museum directed toward children, the story of Daniel - "The Holocaust Through the Eyes of a Child" - is narrated with scenes and recordings and concludes with a series of statements. "What was the holocaust? - THE PLANNED MURDER of European Jews", and "Remember what happened to Daniel and millions of other children." But no one appeared to remember the lone voice on the sidewalk that cries out for the Daniels of today, the multiplied millions of children slaughtered in the holocaust of abortion.

    The museum's Permanent Exhibit is very extensive, requiring several hours to view. It begins with Hitler's rise to power under a guise of lawfulness that concealed his true intentions. It reveals his gradually increasing control over every aspect of German society. It shows how Hitler used the educational system to promote his agenda, how the youth of Germany were to be the foundation of what he called "the new order." Finally, it reveals the "final solution", the slave labor - death camps where so many lives were lost. The "final solution" also includes an exhibit entitled "Healers Turned Killers". It states that "many physicians championed the Nazi theories that negated the individual's worth and dignity, and the value of human life." It revealed how the medical profession compromised itself for the accomplishment of Hitler's agenda. After long, grueling hours of exposure to brutalizing scenes of unimagined horror, those in attendance leave the dark nightmare of the Holocaust Museum stepping out into the bright sunshine of the city of Washington, vowing "NEVER AGAIN, it can never happen again!" "We will never again allow ourselves to be too scared to act and too selfish to do in our hearts what we know to be right." "Never another holocaust." But the nation does not know its own heart, nor the depths of its own hypocrisy.


    The systematic, legalized murder of the unborn child is a relatively recent development in the United States. The sanctity of all human life has been closely guarded and sacredly respected. "Not too long ago, as medical history is measured, a group of physicians launched their campaign against abortion with this resolution: 'In questions of abstract right, the medical profession does not acknowledge such words as expediency, time service [cowardice]. We are the physician guardians of women, we alone, thus far, of their offspring. The case is here of life or death--the life or death of thousands--and it depends, almost wholly, upon ourselves. As a profession we are unanimous in our condemnation of the crime [which is] no simple offense against public morality and decency, no mere misdemeanor, no attempt on the life of the mother, but the wanton and murderous destruction of her child.' (Word Wars, Eugene Diamond MD). This document was unanimously approved by the American Medical Association in the year 1859, but would be largely condemned today by many in the medical field.

    One of the major arguments put forth by those favoring abortion is that the unborn child is only a blob of tissue. But the relevant question is, exactly when does life begin? Prior to 1973, when abortion became legal, obstetrics and embryology textbooks stated unequivocally: "Life begins with the fertilization of the ovum by the spermatozoa." (Bradly Patton,Human Embryology, McGraw Hill). Later, when a United States Senate Subcommittee sought testimony on the question of when life begins, most of those who appeared at the hearing agreed with the statement made by Professor Hymie Gordon, Mayo Clinic. "By all of the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception."

    The pro-abortion movement, the homosexual movement and many other organizations are merely instruments used by those who are promoting the implementation of the "new civilization". They have achieved great success by the use of misleading, distorted language, clouding issues with deceptive reasoning, and by obscuring the truth with half-truths and falsehoods.


    Throughout history the "Big Lie" has been used by tyrants, dictators and despots. We can attribute its use to Hitler's early success in Germany and, since then, to the totalitarian communist regimes around the globe. But the "Big Lie" is unquestionably reaching its peak in today's world; we see its results everywhere. The agenda of the United Nations is largely built upon this lie, resulting in "peacekeepers" (who rape and torture their subjects) and UN policy toward Iraq (sanctions) in the name of "peace enforcement" which resulted in the deaths of 500 thousand children from starvation.

    Closer to home, we see the work of the most prestigious law enforcement agency in the world- the FBI, resulting in the fiery deaths of men, women and their children, near Waco. We hear of FBI culpability in the World Trade Center bombing. We see the BATF gunning down a mother, babe in arms, at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. And most damning of all, we see the major news media doing its best to cover up the shameful truth of it.

    The following commentary on the subject of abortion appeared on the internet. "Abortion is not the same as the German annihilation of six million Jews during the World War II. The Nazis took millions of people, raped them of their dignity, robbed them of their homes and possessions, destroyed their culture and then brutally massacred them. The Holocaust unequivocally is not the same thing as abortion." (Just a Word- Ami Neiberger).

    Indeed, it would have to be conceded that abortion is not the same as the Jewish holocaust; unequivocally, it is not the same. The tragic holocaust of WW II took the lives of six million Jews among others, but the ongoing abortion holocaust has taken the lives of over 35 million babies in the United States alone, and every day it crushes the life of 4,000 more of our children and grandchildren. Abortion rapes them of their dignity, robs them of their homes, destroys their culture, and brutally, mercilessly massacres them.

    At the conclusion of the tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, visitors are invited to share their thoughts, feelings and comments in a register. One thoughtful observer saw beyond the dark blood-stained past to the present day, when another nation is staining its hands in blood, the blood of its own children.

    "History repeats itself. We ask, how can one person do this to another? Yet, today we have bought into the same notion as we have made the mass slaughter of babies legal and acceptable. We have dehumanized them in the minds of those who are deemed to be the leaders of popular culture. Those who protest are jailed and now subject to felony conviction. The voice that cries out for these is silenced in the popular media. The next group to fall to this depravity that infects man are the elderly. Euthanasia is being debated as this is written. Like a dog returns to its vomit, man repeats his sins." (Greg, visitor from Chicago).

"Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth has fallen in the public squares, and uprightness cannot enter." Isa 59:14.


Written 9/25/97


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