Editorial 9/12/97

Thinking about cause and effect


    There is a wonderfully organized state of things going on these days which truly makes a man ponder the simplicity of the universe and the perfection with which it turns. One may read about it in the news. Cause and effect is certainly discernible if one will take a moment to consider. What I mean by this is that we are getting what we deserve.

    The world is in trouble. This statement may cause the reader's eyes to roll since it is generally common knowledge on one hand, and sounds like doom and gloom on the other. May we put aside our prejudices against warnings and simply reason concerning the circumstances facing us?

    On the surface, and within the news media, there certainly appears to be some sort of order. True, troubles and wars are reported but they are in the context that they will be taken care of by the U.N. peace keepers sooner or later. The world promises peace and safety, by and by, if everyone will just cooperate. If one does not cooperate, then he will be forced to cooperate and we will get peace after all.

    What are the real things concerning us today that we ought to consider? I do not mean the reported things, and not the hopes and dreams, but the real issues. After all, has any civilization ever gone on which lost its moral fiber, strong faith, and its ability to reason things out? One cannot be found.


    Last spring about two million Muslims gathered near Mecca to denounce Israel and America, the "great Satan". Many Americans laugh that charge off as the rantings of religious fanatics, but in this they err. All we might have to do is put ourselves in their place. Let us suppose America's land was being taken away by a foreign power. Consider also that our core beliefs were being attacked by this power and with some success. Let us further extrapolate that several million Americans gathered together, chanting death to this invader. Do you not suppose that there would be some real repercussions? When a large portion of this earth sincerely and passionately hates America for all of her many crimes against the world for the sake of profit, all in the name of foreign aid or peace keeping, do you not suppose there will be some retribution?

Statue of soldiers in park


    Recently, I read a statement from an unnamed sergeant in the military who seemed to reflect what this mood is about. He said, "My thoughts and beliefs are somewhat confused these days. But, I want to express some feelings I've kept inside for some time. I'm a Sergeant in the U.S. ...Many soldiers feel something is wrong with some of our missions and some of the things we are being commanded to do, so few actually know what is going on in the military and the world today.

    "In my career, I've seen firsthand, up close, how American soldiers and the soldiers of other nations have been used to take guns and freedom away from poor, black, Asian and Hispanic people who need their guns to try to retain their freedoms by fighting against communist renegade leaders in their own nations and governments. The [situation concerning the] people of Somalia was a prime example. Going in, we were not aware that they were fighting to resist violent Marxist forces and endeavoring to live free. 'PEACE ENFORCEMENT', they called it. As I viewed it, we disarmed the wrong side. The good people in the towns. Forthwith, the people no longer have a way to resist the barbaric, UN/U.S.-backed communist War Lords. Some of us lost good friends in that 'peace enforcement' effort against the poor, Somali people. Many of them, for good cause, now detest us.

    "In Haiti we accomplished the same, installing a Marxist dictator (thankfully, I had no part in that U.S./U.N.-backed communist takeover). South Africa, thanks to strong American and European pressures, now suffers under a communist junta. Several million black Christian brothers and sisters are being dispatched, as I compose this letter, by the communist terror our nation advanced there. Inquiring of our superiors 'why', we get no logical answer. World peace under U.N. communism is a fraud. Our military leaders go about bewildered but undaunted.

    "As did most, I entered the military to serve and protect the freedoms and property of the people of my own nation against totalitarianism, communism, or fascism (which are all the same). Can anyone logically articulate how we are assisting our country, or these other poor nations' people, by forcing them under world communism? This kind of thinking has drawn me some heat, regardless. I suppose that since I performed well at removing the freedoms of one nation's people I'm now in a 'special unit' in another nation using my talents to enslave another people. Several of us, including the Lieutenant, understand that we are once again being used here to undermine the present government of this non-communist dictatorship and prepare it to become another asset of the United Nations. Understanding this, as you can imagine, puts us in a shameful and stressful situation. It's difficult to change one's job description from one of guarantor of freedom to one of facilitator of world slavery.

    "...Most of us in the U.S. military do not understand what we are a part of. Soldiers, and 'the folks back home' are told that we're helping the poor and oppressed people in other countries. I could live with that, but it's not true. It's like we are mercenaries for the highest bidder, not American soldiers. We, of course, can't speak out loud about these feelings, for reasons you're already aware of.

    "...We have been instructed that any U.S. individuals or groups that espouse or publish about patriotic activism', 'constitutional violations' or government conspiracies are subversives and it will do our careers severe damage to express interest or get involved. That speaks volumes, since some in the military (including up the chain) are members of anti-American, leftist movements or groups. This has no deleterious effect on their careers. More factually stated, having a leftist world view is somewhat beneficial at promotion time. We see this and more and discuss it quietly. As I see it, more of us are beginning to see the truth and that's good, but it does seem the day may come when we will all have to decide whom and what we will serve.

    "...Those of us who have seen it firsthand, and now understand, are saddened that many of our Afro-American brothers and sisters, along with the Hispanics, are misled to believe that a one-world system is going to be our people's answer to total equality and freedom. 'Quality' time in the military has allowed some of us to see the truth. I've beheld communism's true FACE, its history written in the drawn, despondent faces of millions. 'All races and many creeds, just as dead under that exploitive system!'

    "...Some of us can now see plainly that, under the United Nations' world government plan, the only difference is, this time Afro-Americans will not be enslaved alone. The rich Marxists in America and around the world are no respecters of persons. Afro-Americans will be enslaved right along with all other non-wealthy Anglos, Hispanics, Asians, and other indigenous peoples of the world, all made to serve the masters of a 'world plantation'."


    There is a large amount of evidence for these things mentioned if one would simply take off the distorted images the news media puts astride one's nose. Even on today's CNN [9-11-97], the report is that the U.S. is sending over three aircraft "in response to the perceived pattern of vehement rhetoric and incitement to violence". These aircraft will jam Bosnian Serb radio and television frequencies. In the days of the cold war America would charge communists who did these things with interference of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Do we Americans only allow freedom of expression when it is a friend who is speaking? Is not this hypocritical? Do not even the devils do the same?

    Another strange or not so strange occurrence is seen on the cover of the latest New American magazine. Peace keepers are holding a young person of the country over a fire, evidently trying to pacify him and cause him to accept his new masters. In the cold war days we would call that torture. Today we call it peace keeping.

    When the Muslims chant "death to America", it may also be stated "death to the U.N." How can America escape this hatred when at the present time it is American guns, personnel and power that supports this global tyranny to a large extent? And how can we escape when, as this soldier quoted from above, we continue to support, aid and abet a system we recognize is bringing the world to a most wretched state? Why do we continue to support it? Because we count the cost and realize to overthrow it, we must ourselves be overthrown. Therefore, we bemoan and complain while we take the chains of this new order because we might suffer loss.


    Secondly, the very real situation today is that there are thousands of nuclear warheads prepared to fire at the west at any moment. Oh, yes, the president said they were not aimed at us. Any one of us knows full well that a computer can change that aim in about 15 seconds or less. That message came right out of the Russian high command. That is, not to mention the many more weapons the U.S. has trained on other nations--mostly Russia.

    Now comes the catch-22. We were told that we needed nuclear weapons so that we would not be taken over by a totalitarian communist power. Now, because of these nasty nuclear weapons, we are told to give ourselves over to the U.N. totalitarian communist power so that we can be protected from these same devices. Pretty tricky, I must say. These New World Order people aren't dumb. No sir! President Bush stated that we had won the cold war. Oh, surrrrrre we did! Either the leaders of this nation are the most stupid men I have ever heard of, or they are the most deceptive and cunning that one can imagine. The most cheritable thing that one might say about them is that they are simply blind.


    Thirdly, we can look at the trump card of this nation's demise. Go to the movies and you will see this nation's true sense of things. Violence and sex are the great motivators of most of what goes on these days. These two great passionate motivators are the basis of a routed foundation. It is hard for most Americans to see this truth since they are always presented with those hallowed values of freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. In the name of these virtues has come the flood of moral perversity. This is being exported to the entire earth. The homosexual revolution is well-nigh flooding every natural desire and the young children are not even safe. (PROVINCETOWN INTRODUCES SODOMY TO PRESCHOOLERS).

    The great violence presented in the film industry is often perceived as an art form and somewhat harmless. In reality, these films reflect the violence in the society and if it is not there, it enculturates it. More and more the people love violence and free sex which more and more prepares the masses to accept an upheaval of unprecedented proportions. The whole earth is now prepared to destroy itself and the thing which seems the most unbelievable is that now the earth doesn't care. When one is preparing to commit suicide, does he care if he dies? The general media reported on the warfare in Bosnia one evening and told how the citizens were running down the street, dodging bullets, while making their way to the movie "Terminator II". Quite remarkable when one thinks of it.

    The movies tell on us. The monsters and perpetrators of terror are we ourselves. The wicked space creatures portrayed torturing the innocent earthlings or blowing up cities are only pictures of our own national depravity. It is our own government which tortures the innocent. We ourselves connive to dominate the various nations around us. While others seek to do away with land mines, it is our own president who wants an exemption so that we might still blow off the legs of others. Does this sound unfair? We may decry the corruption of our own leading men, but we will do nothing since it may cause us to lose our home or someone we love. As it has been said, we are "only following orders".


    Now comes the sting. The world is being overthrown by the "rulers that be" in the name of free expression and freedom for the purpose of setting up a new system of world control and profit for themselves. Yet, when this new power is fully entrenched, it would deny these very same "freedoms", including homosexuality, on the basis that it demoralizes the world. There would be no free speech then if any of that free speech expresses ideas contrary to the ruling class. What so many are eagerly anticipating as a wonderful new world with no borders or racial divisions, with all the sex and violence one could want, is pure fantasy and not intended at all in the new society being set up once this one is completely overthrown. The new society envisions total control of the lives of the citizens for its own purposes. While today we tag and inspect all the wild creatures and control their habitats to a great degree, tomorrow it will be the humans who wear the tags.


    It has been said that America is a free country. How is it free? Tell me if you can. Slavery is considered a fact when a person is forced against his will to work for his master. Suppose a taxpayer saw the implications of what he was paying for and withheld his income taxes. Do you not suppose he would be jailed for tax evasion or some other evil-sounding crime? Is this not forced labor for another master? Many Americans equate tax paying with being nice honest citizens, but is not this forced revenue the thing that pays for men to torture others? Do we suppose we shall escape the judgment of God because we were only obeying the law? Niet, nein, and no! Obeying the law may be a laudable thing, but doing what is right is what is required.

    So what is the conclusion of the matter? The evidence clearly shows that this nation, in collusion with other nations led by the great money interests, has virtually taken away the nobility and integrity of every opposing system. Those who participate in this new invasion will be held accountable. Nuremberg was no match for the Great White Throne tribunal.


    The Scriptures do offer a solution. It is found in Revelation, Chapter 18. After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority; and the earth was made bright with his splendor. And he called out with a mighty voice, 'Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! It has become a dwelling place of demons, a haunt of every foul spirit, a haunt of every foul and hateful bird; for all nations have drunk the wine of her impure passion, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown rich with the wealth of her wantonness.' Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, 'Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues; for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities'." (Revelation 18:1-5, RSV).

    There is a ray of joy in all of this. The Scriptures say again, "for in one hour is she made desolate." "Yet he shall come to his end and none shall help him." Yes, this speaks of the beast of the Christian west and the beast of the Muslim east as well. The whole thing is coming to its end and won't the perpetrators of the New World Order be surprised when they die along with those they kill? All of those who support this system of things, even when they see it, will, with the beast, perish. So it is written!

Note: Soldier's story quoted in part from Free American magazine.


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