Policemen with bayonets


    "Bayonets, a symbol of brutal hand-to-hand warfare, have bolstered the arsenals of police in California and twenty-two other states as part of a massive flow of surplus military gear," says an Associated Press report dated November 1.

    Those long, "brutal" knives designed to be affixed to the end of military combat rifles (the fully automatic submachine guns, now used by virtually all municipal and county SWAT teams), are more than a symbol of just "brutal hand-to-hand warfare" as the AP phrases it. The police of this nation are apparently becoming more and more militaristic in their approach to law enforcement and their attitudes toward those whom they are sworn to serve and protect.

    "'Since November 1996,'" the AP report continues, "'more than $30 million in excess military hardware has gone--mostly free of charge--to more than 200 law enforcement agencies in California', said David Shaw of the state Criminal Justice Planning Office.'"

    In an alarming assimilation of military tactics and procedures, exemplified by the ubiquitous SWAT teams seen in television dramas and real life, the police of American cities are assuming an increasingly adversarial posture toward their citizens. The acronym "SWAT" stands for Special Weapons and Tactical; all that is "special", all that is "weapons" and all that is "tactical" are taken directly from highly trained, former military personnel and then modified to conform to the needs of military-style operations against suspected criminals in an urban setting.

    The AP report goes on to cite the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), a government organization responsible for surplussing military equipment to, among others, state, county and municipal police agencies. The DLA's Law Enforcement Program, The WINDS determined, provides items to its customers through three separate federal sources working in conjunction with the Department of Justice. On the DLA's website, The Defense Supply Center Richmond, a subsection of the DLA, bills itself as "DSCR...the Best In Weapon Systems Support."

    According to a U.S. News report in December of last year, the authors, in collaboration with CBS's 60 Minutes, were able to purchase several items, some of which were classified components for such as patriot missiles and F-117 stealth fighters and unclassified, but deadly, articles such as flamethrowers.

    The expressed caveat was, of course, that foreign enemies--those "out there"--could do the same and thus pose a serious threat to U.S. national security. The real threat, not even alluded to in the media's diversionary "puppet show", does not appear to be a foreign national attempting to build a stealth fighter in his garage but, rather, the immense quantity of unreported military weapons and assorted support equipment that is turning our cities into a war zone waiting to happen. It is as if the government is handing out bayonets, saying to the states, counties and cities, "Here, poke your citizens with this; it will straighten them right up."

    In an interview with The WINDS, former Phoenix police officer, Jack McLamb, who now heads the organization, Police Against The New World Order (PATNWO), told this office, "It is a very well devised plan. Some of our connections who are pretty high up in the military tell us that they've had meetings to try to figure out how to get around the Posse Comatatus Act*, where they can use military equipment on American people."

    McLamb is the most highly decorated and, he claims, the most often fired officer in the history of the Phoenix Police Department. His career ran into trouble when he "began to speak out about immorality and unlawful conduct by our government officials. Specifically," the soft-spoken McLamb says, "the giving of unlawful and immoral orders for our police to follow." As a result of standing against such moral turpitude in the police department, McLamb said, he was fired--twice-- then on appeal to the Civil Service Board--twice--was rehired--twice and, the then Phoenix Police Chief, Rueben Ortega was reprimanded by that board--twice. Finally, after several injuries while in the line of duty, by violent felons, he was given medical retirement and, apparently, has been a thorn in the side of corrupt government and the Phoenix Police Department ever since. McLamb was also a co-negotiator with retired colonel, Beau Gritz in the Ruby Ridge and Montana Freeman standoffs.

    The way that the government is circumventing Posse Comatatus, McLamb observes, "without using the patient gradualism that they have been using so well [slowly or gradually getting the public accustomed to something so as to accept what would normally be unacceptable] and taking another five to ten years to do it, is to militarize the police. They feel that's no violation of the Posse Comatatus Act."

    When asked if SWAT teams are trained by the military, McLamb said that "would be a direct violation of Posse Comatatus. Most of your SWAT team members are prior military. You don't have to give them military training. They hire police officers based on their prior military experience. They'll hire snipers, SEAL team members, [SEAL teams are the Navy's version of commandos or Special Forces. The acronym stands for SEa Air Land] and Army Rangers....That's why we have such terrible devastation [when these people are involved.]"

    "When I was up at the Weaver cabin and Colonel Beau [Gritz] and I were able to negotiate the surrender of the living members of the Weaver family, and then when we were in with the Montana Freeman for four-and-a-half days, we saw incredible potential for violence and destruction.

    "Of course, the Waco situation was perfect to show that these SWAT team and hostage rescue team members are all military experts at 'killing people and breaking things'. So it's very difficult to get them to change their mentality once you bring them into a situation where they're under civil authority--working not as soldiers but as employees of the citizens--as police officers. They don't really want them to be anything less than military when they hire them for these positions."


    "The thing our police officials like the best about them," Jack McLamb continued in his interview with The WINDS, "is that these guys have been trained to do anything, whatsoever, they are ordered to do-- without thinking. It's sad to see but that's exactly what they do. They're given an order to shoot a woman in the head holding her ten-month old baby--and they do it!"

    When Mr. McLamb was asked if he saw this mentality spreading into the mind-set of the normal line officer--street cop--he replied, "Not so much. There's other training for them. I was an instructor at the Phoenix Police Academy for five years and we were supposed to be trained to be servants and protectors of the people, but were actually training these young people to be servants and protectors of the system--and many times that has to be done against the citizens. For example, if you had a suit against the system--against the city or the county--I've been in meetings where officers are told that we're being sued and to make sure their reports all said the same thing--to make sure that if you sue the city, you lose."

    This reporter was informed by a former Deputy Sheriff, who wished to remain anonymous, that it was a standing joke within the department whenever an officer was required to give testimony in court that he was going to "testilie--oops, I mean testify."

    "This is not looked at as bad and evil," McLamb claimed, "it's looked at as if there is no higher authority in our society than government, which is god. As a result, if your god is your government, then you are trained as lawmen to do everything to protect the system, even from the people if you have to. This is called 'patriotism' by them", McLamb added disdainfully, "so that regardless of what you are ordered to do, you will do it. You will do it for the team, you'll do it to protect the system--regardless of what it is....

    "Because of the difference in training between SWAT, hostage rescue teams, and that of the patrolman, it is difficult to intermix the two in operations," McLamb said. "The patrolman has a difficult time following the orders given to the SWAT teams and the hostage rescue teams because sometimes they will rebel against killing somebody without thinking about it--so you don't ever mix these two. The training is totally different. With the SWAT teams it's called tactical work" which is a strictly military term.

    The previously mentioned Associated Press story quotes San Joaquin County Sheriff, Baxter Dunn as claiming that "he could envision his SWAT team members, who were issued some of his department's 75 bayonets, placing them on the ends of their rifles, but only to cut screens or pry open doors when storming a structure."

    "We can imagine no circumstances whatsoever," comments John Crew, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, "where it would be appropriate for a local police agency to put a bayonet on the end of a rifle." (ibid.)

    In a recent article The WINDS revealed the United Nations' plans to take control of local American police forces. "...The United Nations Security Council, Foreign Minister of Sweden, Lena Hjelm-Wallen, issued a Council proposal quoted in an official press release encouraging the UN's individual member states to 'make appropriately trained police available to the Organization at short notice....' The Security Council 'encouraged states to provide appropriate training of civilian police for international service and to seek further means to enhance the ways in which such police components were set up and supported. It encouraged their efforts to organize joint training between civilian and military components designated for United Nations operations.'"

    The question can be asked: Is this movement of federal, state and local police forces toward militarization part of the unpublished UN agenda to coopt American civilian police forces? Do these civilian agencies really need the immense firepower provided by their military weapons in the "War on Drugs", or is it another "war" to which they are looking?


    Lest it fail to be observed, America is not the only nation that is the focus of the globalist new order in its attempt at ultimate control of populations. Recently, the Canadian Parliament passed a bill called "C-68". Within the enactment, which is touted as gun control legislation, are provisions that many legal observers consider draconian. Says one legal scholar, "C-68 gives breathtaking powers to government." Among those powers it is claimed that C-68 authorizes or provides for:

...entry, search and seizure without warrant where no crime is known or suspected [FA s. 99].

...warrants to enter private homes to search and seize where no crime is known or suspected [FA s. 99 and 101].

...imprisoning anyone who refuses to help search his own home, or refuses to answer a question put to him before he has opportunity to seek legal advice, [FA s. 100 and 107].

...a sentence of up to five years imprisonment for expressing an opinion, even where the opinion is inadmissible in a court of law [Criminal Code amendment, s.107(3) and (1)

    The assertion made by the Protocols, that master document driving the globalism agenda, seems prescient, almost prophetic in its centuries-old, circumspective when it declared,

The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces - are all essential for the completion of the...plans. What we must have is that there should be, in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the working class, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers.

*The Posse Comatatus Act, Title 18, U.S.C, Section 1385, is a law, comprised of only a single sentence of fifty-two words that makes it illegal to use "any part" of the U.S. Military (personnel or equipment) against U.S. citizens, the violation of which can result in a fine and imprisoned for up to two years.

Written 11/10/97


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