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Here is some of the mail we received in 1997.



    In reading the article NUCLEAR GENOCIDE...it brings to mind a very frightening point that was made by Adolph Hitler, and it seems as though it would certainly apply to Clinton's Presidential Decision Directive. "The conviction that it is right to use the most brutal weapons is always connected with the existence of a fanatical belief that it is necessary that a revolutionary new order of this earth should be victorious. A movement which does not fight for those aims will therefore never resort to the ultimate weapon"---ADOLPH HITLER--

    Truly the weapons now are more ultimate than what Hitler possessed.




    In reading your article NOW THE FLOOD, I noticed your reference to Hans Kung and the 1993 World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. I have done considerable research on the cooperation between Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church affiliated organizations with the Christian Right political activists. In the course of my research I found that Moon claims to have funded the 1993 World Parliament of Religions. As he has a great deal of money available for such "unification" activities, it is probably true.
    The fact that prominent "conservative" Christians are available as speakers at Moonie events and write for and promote the Moon-owned WASHINGTON TIMES newspaper is very troubling. These same prominent Christian political activists promote the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER and Promise Keepers. I can't help but feel that their agenda is tainted.

Chey Simonton



    I am a former professional air safety and accident investigator, working for the FAA and in continuous sophisticated aviation for the past fifty years. I wrote three editions of Unfriendly Skies and three editions of Defrauding America. Crocker and I appeared together on the Peter Ford show in Los Angeles, discussing TWA Flight 800. He disappeared shortly thereafter and, as you wrote, [See: Witnesses Allege NTSB Covering Evidence of Missile Attack] hasn't been seen since.
    On October 20, 1995, I sent letters to about twenty-five members of the House and Senate intelligence committees warning of SAM attacks upon commercial aircraft. The basis for those warning letters was documents and information provided to me by one of my many CIA sources who was directly involved in negotiations between Afghan rebels and Justice Department and CIA officials. The rebels offered to give thirty to forty SAM missiles to the United States in exchange for a release from federal prison at Terminal Island. Simultaneously, terrorists were offering to buy some of these same missiles, obviously to shoot down commercial aircraft.
    If the missiles were rejected by the CIA and Justice Department, terrorists would knowingly acquire the means to shoot down airliners. The missiles WERE rejected and my CIA source, fearing planes being shot down, turned documents and information over to me. This evidence was then made a part of the warning letters to members of Congress, urging the recipients to immediately contact me and my CIA source before the terrorists acquired the missiles. In typical cavalier manner, none responded.
    Now, if a missile is identified as the cause of the disaster, and if the public knew of the contents of those letters and recognized the implication, Justice Department and CIA officials would face serious problems from the public. This matter is very significant, far more so than the many guesses made by people who are basically aviation ignorant.
    The downing of TWA Flight 800 and this information is found in the just-released third edition of Defrauding America, along with many other secrets revealed by the coalition of three dozen former and present government agents who I have joined together.

Rodney Stich--



    I just got my current issue of The New American and thought you might be interested in a quote from an article in it called, "Our Man in Baghdad." They are quoting the managing editor of Foreign Affairs, the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations as stating that far from the Iraqi situation being a "failure of diplomacy in the Middle East," he says, "nothing could be farther from the truth. If Saddam Hussein did not exist, we would have to invent him. He is the linchpin of American policy in the Mideast."


Editors Response:

     Told you so.



    In recent weeks we have seen politicians and media personalities begin to beat the drums of war. While the overthrow of Iraq's Saddam Hussein would undoubtedly be a positive event for that nation and the world, those who have fervently called for American involvement and intervention have misunderstood the problems and ignored the costs.

    Most fundamentally, U.S. foreign policy toward Iraq is flawed; it totally ignores history, and reflects a lack of understanding of long-time justifiable Arab distrust of the West. The Middle East has been savaged and ruled by outsiders for a thousand years, and U.N. quick-fixes will only aggravate the understandable resentment of those seen as foreign infidels by the Arabs.

    Regardless of how we may judge the merits of each war or occupation over the past 1000 years, the Arab mind is deeply influenced by the history of Roman, European, and now American meddling. Even the current borders between Middle Eastern countries have been imposed and enforced by outsiders without regard to the history of the region. This is not to argue who is right or who is wrong in each dispute but to emphasize the long-standing nature of the conflicts in the region that prevents a solution coming from the West. Arabs see U.N. policy as U.S. policy, and believe it to be anti-Arab, something that U.S. bombs only re-enforce.

    There is no direct national security interests for us to be in Iraq. We are not the policeman of the world, we can't afford it, and our interventionist efforts usually backfire. Our policy in this region has been designed more to promote the United Nations than to deal with any threat to our national security. Control of the region's huge oil reserves is a much more important factor than U.S. security.

    The cost of such an involvement is very high, and dependent on the immoral use of force. It is argued that the Persian Gulf War was a "cheap" war because less than 200 American military personnel lost their lives. But I argue that even if only one life is needlessly lost, the cost is too high. The billions of dollars spent obviously is a major cost to the American taxpayer. And with an estimated 35,000 military personnel suffering from the Gulf War Syndrome, a final price has yet to be determined. And horribly, the "price" innocent Iraqi civilians pay is seemingly of no concern to our policy makers.

    During the 60-day Persian Gulf War, more bombs were dropped on Iraq than all the bombs dropped on Germany in World War II. Yet instability remains and hatred of America increases. Many years of experience should demonstrate that further hostilities toward Iraq benefits Hussein as his people rally more strongly around him with each increase in sanctions.

    Current American policy has fractured the weak alliance that was bought in the Persian Gulf War: Russia, France, China, Egypt and others have urged that no military force be used at all.

    According to a recent Associated Press news story, Kuwait's leaders and citizens are opposed to US interference with Iraq; remember, this is the same nation we went to war for after Iraq invaded them six years ago. If the people most vulnerable to Iraqi aggression are not anxious to see military might used against Hussein, they are sending a strong message to us about the wisdom of using force at this time.

    A popular conservative talk show host has suggested that the solution to the dilemma might be an alliance with Iran, for the purpose of destroying Iraq. This reflects the senselessness of foreign policy in the region. In the early 1980's, when Iraq was using poison gases against Iran, we were Iraq's allies. In essence, we subsidized the very weapons we now want to kill Hussein for possessing.

    Our foreign policy is without sense or reason. We subsidize China to the tune of many billions of dollars, although their record on human rights is every bit as bad as Iraq. Not only that, but China probably represents the greatest threat to world peace of all the countries in the world. Further, we are currently bailing-out Indonesia, although it too, violates the civil liberties of their own people. The U.S. criticizes Iraq for the treatment of the Kurds; yet Turkey's policy is the same and we reward them with more American dollars. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have hardly been champions of civil liberties for minority religious groups or women, and yet we sacrificed American lives for them. The determining factor in all this seems to be who's controlling the oil. Human rights issues and provoked threats from Hussein seem to be nothing more than propaganda tools for the politicians.

    The main goal of American policy appears to be to kill Hussein. If there was a clear understanding of this region, one would realize that this would probably lead to more chaos, more hatred toward America, and most likely cause a greater threat of terrorism here in the United States.

    Policy toward Iraq is based on the special interests of powerful financial and oil interests. It is not designed to protect U.S. national security. It is instead a threat to our security because it may lead to war and loss of American lives, increase terrorism and certainly an additional expense for the US taxpayer. The hyped rhetoric coming from Washington which describes Hussein as the only evil monster with which we must deal in the world is a poor substitute for wise counsel.

    A policy designed to protect American security and promote neutrality and friendship with all nations would go a long way toward removing the serious threat to peace in the Middle East.

US Representative Ron Paul, 203 Cannon HOB, Washington, DC 20515



    I am quite a big fan of your articles, but I fail to see the significance of the "Saddam" article. Surely, the U.S. has self-centered (oil) interests, but at the same time, I perceive that Saddam, if left unchecked, would become a menace to the entire Middle East. This is not to say, of course, that the U.S. is blameless. But I feel the article does not show the other side of "Saddam" who has continually committed acts of genocide against his own people....and if left unchecked, could be the fuse that starts the biggest Middle East war, ever.

    It may very well be true that Saddam is not the best of characters. Since we only hear about him from his enemies (U.S. and Western press) it is difficult for us to make a clear judgment. I think I would rather have someone else tell the world about me than my avowed enemies. Their judgments are often distorted with self-interest.

Chris W. Stark

Editor's Response:

     Our point is this. The Saddam article, as with most of our other articles, is to show a point. We are making the point that the U.S. and the U.N. are of the same character as Saddam. Men are killed, falsely accused, tormented and tortured every day in this world by the U.S., U.N. and all of their allies and it goes unmentioned. Instead, these same powers point to a bad man out there (largely created by them) to draw attention away from themselves.



    I have read your article on "Goals 2000". As an employee of the Honeywell Corporation for almost 19 years, I must inform you that you are leaving out the most crucial information regarding this societal restructuring. The largest transnational corporations (Honeywell, etc.) of America are the biggest players in this scheme. The major stockholders (CEO level etc.) will naturally come out on top ($$) if they play this game with the movers and shakers behind this movement. The employees are told they will be the winners....HOGWASH !! Since the early 1980's this company has been gradually implementing the things mentioned in your article and MORE. The American corporate workplace has been nearly taken over by this NWO type of thinking and the CEO's are behind it all the way. Mail from our CEO covers everything from "suggestions" on how one should support "fast track" to most favoredtrade status for China. What ignorant employee will ignore a message from the CEO? As one person said, "It can't be baloney...it came from the CEO." This type of mentality permeates this corporation and others.

    The same can be said about the general public with regards to the national network news. One thing that has really irritated many Honeywell employees is the introduction of "teams" and diversity training. Corporate Honeywell has suggested that "diversity training" should be mandatory for employment with Honeywell. Naturally, the corporation will site the possible legal complications of any future "racially based" incidents if they don't implement this plan. Honeywell has a "Black Employees Club or Group...where is the Honeywell White Employees Club? Can you imagine the trouble if people tried to organize one??

    With regards to "teams", the whole idea seems to center around the goal to "de-individualize" the worker to make them co-dependent on each other. Management's reasoning is it will help improve productivity. This is nothing more than trickle down fodder from the upper echelons of this corporation. This same thing is happening throughout corporate America. The troubling thing is nobody will ever question the true source and objectives of this "new ! age" nonsense. Where is the outrage??? Now, no employee can ever get into a mode of being the "sole" expert of a certain job or operation if they are better skilled then the rest. In past isolated situations, employees are actually complaining of such incidents of mastery saying, "it is not fair to the rest of us when raise time arrives" and management will listen to them because of their numbers. The company wants all employees to be easily replaceable.

    Another "control" perk is everyone can evaluate each other. The "herd" will eventually, over time, be paid less for more. It is one thing to evaluate an employee who provides a service for you to do your job. However, the real goal is to eventually have employees who work side by side doing the same thing, evaluate each other. Nobody will get a large raise and nobody will get a small raise and those not brainwashed will be shunned, paid less, and, eventually, forced out of the department or workplace. (collectivism!) I can go on and on but this response is supposed to be brief. Please look into how corporations are involved in helping usher the unknowing and unsuspecting into the NWO thus destroying our Constitution.




    Back in 1994 when my office was burglarized in what local police characterized as a professional job and, strangely, nothing was stolen, I thought maybe - just maybe - the break-in might have something to do with our news agency's high profile investigative reporting into Clinton administration scandals. I didn't make any accusations, however, because I wasn't even certain that the White House knew we existed.

    Last year, after congressional investigators released memos written in the White House counsel's office in 1994 that specifically targeted my group, my suspicions deepened.

    A few months later, when I learned that the White House had been circulating to select journalists a 331-page report targeting me personally, my Western Journalism Center and a handful of other media outlets, my concerns grew.

    When an Internal Revenue Service agent announced that my group was going to be audited and demanded to know why we had embarked on an investigation into the death of White House deputy counsel, Vincent W. Foster Jr., I became even more convinced that this pattern was more than coincidence.

    When that same agent declared that the audit was "political" and that the decision about our fate would be made fiat the national office," I thought even more about the break-in, the way our voice mail system was hacked and about surveillance experts' recent disclosure that my home and office phones had been tapped during the previous two years.

    Any remaining doubts I had that the Clinton administration was both capable of and willing to resort to such dirty tricks and illegal activity were erased in recent days by two stunning developments.

    The first was the IRS response to the Western Journalism Center's Freedom of Information Act request for our case file. The IRS gave us a heavily redacted file missing all IRS paperwork save the final report clearing us of any wrongdoing and extending our tax-exempt status. The agency enclosed a cryptic letter explaining that other documents were being withheld because they involved "interagency memos and government privilege. "

    Government privilege? What about our rights? And why on earth were other agencies involved in our audit?

    The second development was what I learned about the experiences of Cindy Hays, director of the Paula Jones legal fund. In objecting to a request from President Clinton's lawyer, Bob Bennett, for a list of donors to the fund. Hays explained that "confidential donors to the Paula Jones legal fund reasonably can fear reprisal if its discovery is had." Why would they have such fears?

    In her sworn declaration filed in court about two weeks ago, Hays described what her group has been through - break-ins, wiretaps, stolen files and tampering with the office burglar alarm system. She also described the way her phone lines would go dead for five or ten seconds at a time - an unexplained phenomenon identical to one we experienced in our office for months beginning more than a year ago.

    In addition, I can back Hays' concern about the intimidation of donors as well-grounded. At least one of our major contributors was threatened by no less than a cabinet secretary for supporting the center.

    I've got news for anyone who believes that police state tactics are impossible in 1997 America. Not only is evidence accumulating that they are being used at the highest levels of the federal government, but the abuses are going unpunished. It's as if they never happened. There's no accountability.

    We have entered an extremely dangerous time. Abuse of power is rampant. The very character of our country is threatened. And almost no one is talking about it.

    Only now - more than twenty years later - are we learning the extent of President Nixon's Watergate-era abuse of power. If today's abuses continue to go unchecked, twenty years from now we may not recognize this country.

Joseph Farah

(Joseph Farah is editor of the Internet newspaper WorldNetDaily.com and executive director of the Western Journalism Center in Sacramento, Calif.).



    I would just like to thank you and the author of the piece on "the new democracy in South Africa". I first thought that this was an article written by an unhappy South African, and was delighted to find that it came from the US. I have distributed this article to many friends and family and the overall reaction was that it was written by a very objective and realistic person. The whole world was anti- South Africa and had nothing but criticism and their preconceived ideas of how we should run our country. And now after the "struggle" has "paid off", all of those very anti-apartheid freedom fighters are gone. (I am referring to the overseas countries who funded the "struggle" and instituted the sanctions which, incidentally, had no effect, other than make the poor even poorer!) I have not heard any of them admit that what they perceived as democracy could not work here. The only thing achieved was to cause even more hate and unhappiness. We are paying through our necks on interest rates and taxes to try and restore our now very bad economic state. As corruption is now just about ruling our country - how much of all the overseas funding for "upliftment" is really going where it is meant? For years the whites in this country created a black generation who just want to receive everything (money, education, possessions, etc.) on a silver platter and very few of them are prepared to do an honest day's work. Except for the nouveau riche, created by "affirmative action", the majority of South Africans are still living in poverty (even worse than before) and they are still waiting for handouts from the rest of the world. They believe that because of the injustices of apartheid the world owes them something. Informal employment is getting more hard to find as employers are becoming more weary of potential employees, because of the current state of our labor laws and also because no one can be trusted anymore. Everyone is treated as potential criminals.

    As South Africans we feel that the rest of the world was there to help us get democracy (for what it is worth), but now we have been deserted!! Those of us who are still trying to make a living by working very hard are getting poorer and poorer!! We are watching our country's infrastructure getting run down. Every city is becoming more and more dirty. Our newly uplifted society believes that if they make a mess, it will create employment for someone else. The state of our schools is a real worry to parents!! Anyway, I didn't want to complain or anything, I just wanted to say thank you, at least someone out there still sees what really is going on here. But, unfortunately, I think it is too late!! I love my country, my culture, and my heritage but, unfortunately, I don't think there will be anything left for my children. They will just inherit another rundown, dirty and very poor Third World country! It is funny how everything here gets blamed on apartheid, isn't it?

Thank you once again!!

Maryna (A very disillusioned South African!!)



    I just wanted to thank you for this excellent site.
    Since I found The Winds I've been coming back nearly every day looking for the latest editorial. It's a thrill to read things that resonate with what I believe personally, and I'm sure many people feel the same way.
    All my life I've thought something was strange about the mainstream media's portrayal of current events. I could never quite put my finger on it. I'm pleased that someone is finally telling the truth. Your honesty and integrity is appreciated and sorely missed in these troubled times.
    You are indeed a voice crying in the wilderness.




Dear Winds,

    You are doing an unmatches service in keeping the Christians informed with your excellent articles, which the manipulated news media would never, never cover!

    I am so thankful that I am on your mailing list. I print out your articles and give them to friends who are delighted to be informed by your very knowledgeable writers.

Norman McGary




You guys are full of hot wind... There was no mass murders or cover-ups in Panama.

I was the Deputy Chief Engineer for Joint Task Force South and later the Chief Engineer for the Military Support Group Panama.

There was no way that mass murders could have been committed without my knowledge. I was all over Panama before, during and after [Operation] Just Cause.

Many of the officers of Panamanian Defense Force were relatives of my wife and my friends. A large number of US soldiers also were married to Panamanians. Do you really think we killed our in-laws and then covered it up?

The grave you referred to was a temporary burial site at the US cemetery at Curundu (outside of Fort Clayton). Yes, the dead were for the most part civilians who were killed during the invasion. The question is, who killed them - the PDF or the US military or both? I suspect both.

You can believe what you want. However, I was there and know the truth.

Major Kenneth E. Sivula

US Army (retired)

Editors response




    This site helps to keep freedom alive and inform the masses. I sometimes sit for hours reading your articals,YOU have many friends out here,I would that GOD will bless you all.Thank you very much.

yours truly

william riehle.



    "I am wishing to respond to your article entitled, 'World Bank Guilty of Genocide in Africa'. This was the most irresponsible and offensive piece of reporting that I have witnessed, and was extremely saddened by callous and disgusting depiction of the World Bank and IMF. My father has been a high ranking official within the IMF for the past four years and has just finished his involvement in a financial review of the World Bank. I was extremely offended when I read your statement that "the largest burden of guilt sits with the World Bank...." when describing the reason for the genocide that occurred in Rwanda. This statement has implicated my father and, therefore, my family in the death of thousands of people.

    "I am well aware of the situations that are occurring in these impoverished countries and I am distressed by their predicament, but I do not go blaming those who are trying to make things better. I am not saying this from a biased view, but one that is informed. I have read the reports, I know what they are doing. I HAVE SEEN MY FATHER'S ANGUISH AT THE PAIN IN THESE COUNTRIES AND HAVE HEARD HIS CO-WORKERS' PAIN AT SEEING THESE CONDITIONS AND THEIR CONTINUAL ATTEMPTS TO HELP. Until you have seen these things, you will not understand what the Fund and the Bank do. I have much more respect for my father who has given up many things, INCLUDING A PAY CUT, YES A PAY CUT, (that is surprising for such a greedy organization!!!!!) to help others. [If] you want to say these things, maybe you should try doing so to the people that you are accusing [to their] faces, instead of behind your computer screen."  

Sincerely ,  Dave Pearson

Editors response



     Concerning your article, Pagans have taken over Christianity --You may know your politics but you sure don't know the "goats" from the "sheep".


Editor's Response:

     And then there are goats in sheep's clothing.



     I want to congradulate you on the best web site I have found. You have done a good job explaining the way things really are in the world. The world is as it has always been, but we must choose which master to serve each and everyday of our life. Many of us may be asked to die for what we believe in and we should be willing to do so now. The Kingdom of heaven is at hand, right here right now. Salvation can only be found within and no one else can do it for you. Know yourself and you will know God.

     What is eternal life? What is heaven or where is the Kingdom of God? Where did the body of Christ go? For those who know explinations are not necessary and for those who do not know explinations are not possible. Words become obsolete when expressing the things of the Spirit, Jesus used the parable to explain the Spirit. Ultimately it is in the giving up, the death of self that we find true life in the Spirit. So quite your mind, put your thoughts at ease and experience life's most rewarding moment, the present. God is in control and He will take care of you always.

B. A.



The United Nations [Theme Song]

We are the mighty forces that keep order in the world.
It's our responsibility to make your life secure.
We have our work cut out for us for peace to be assured.
But it's nothin' that a rifle and a bullet will not cure.

We are the mighty men of valor marching off to war.
Some don't care about it, some just wonder what it's for.
And then there's some who question our intention if it's pure.
But it's nothin' that a rifle and a bullet will not cure.

You understand we have a plan to deal with dissidents.
First we start with sanctions 'cause we're lookin' out for them.
If starvin' doesn't make 'em quit then that's where we come in.
To make them see authority belongs to the U.N.

We are courageous soldiers making peace for you and me.
We kiss our wives and risk our lives for global unity.
And then there's some who fail to see the freedom we insure.
But it's nothin' that a rifle and a bullet will not cure.

Stalin, Hitler, Ho-Chi-Minh, the list goes on for sure.
Of despots bringing dogma that they thought would change the world.
The gall of some to think that they can rule with iron hand.
But force is justified for us for we've a better plan.

We are the new age heroes fighting for the cause of right.
You know we are the good guys 'cause we're wearing blue and white.
It's plain to see that sovereignty won't fit in the new world.
But it's nothin' that a rifle and a bullet will not cure.

Kevin Jones



     After reading your excellent and objective piece on the OKC bombing, I have the suspicion that the Arkansas flu is traveling west.

Gary A. Preble
Attorney at Law


Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.

--Justice Louis Brandeis, Olmstead v. U.S., 277 U.S. 438 (1928)



    Many thanks to you for the WINDS. I am surrounded by blind and uninformed people who refuse to seek the truth. I refer those who give me those "looks" to your site. I am a freelance writer in my late twenties and a full time mom. My own research into the origins of feminism and NOW has been enlightening. The destruction of the family was calculated and their own documents spell it out. I've never known a world where women are honored for raising their children.

    Did you know that in '67, the year before I was born, daycare was viewed as an unacceptable option reserved for welfare mothers who had no choice? Their documents call for the training of "substitute mother's" and the use of the media to change the public perception of daycare. It goes on and on, and gets worse and worse. I am, as I type, sending my own children to William Jefferson Clinton Elementary School in Arkansas, and the daily indoctrination of humanism into the thought process of my dear children is almost more than I can counter. If I would only go out and get a job I could send them to private school, see the vicious cycle!

    My sons kindergarten teacher informed me last week, when I requested that he be placed in a 1st grade reading group, that "He is learning, not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well, and that he is building self-esteem through sharing his knowledge with the class." I guess that means no reading group, huh? Sorry, to go on but you are some of the few people that understand what is really going on. It is heads up time, but not to worry, we already know who really wins in the end. Keep up the excellent work. We need you.

Mom in Arkansas

Editor's Response:

Dear Mom,

    Yes, I am aware of all you say. Consider homeschool. It is best to take your children out of the jaws of the dragon who seeks their moral destruction.



    It is with a sad heart that I read the articles on your website. Prior to ever having surfed the web, I came to many of the same conclusions regarding the government, the media, the UN, and social issues. I always kept my mouth shut for fear of being called paranoid or racist. NO MORE! I am sick and tired of sitting still while the liberal left destroys the moral fiber of our country. A large percentage of our population has forgotten what it means to have honor. They have forgotten that sometimes you must do what is right regardless of the inconvenience it may cause you. They have forgottern that their actions affect the people around them. The country is coming apart, and as long as it does not affect them directly, most people are content to allow it to happen. We need to wake-up! Trouble is a-brewing in this country. One day, people will realize what I know, and what you write on this site. That day will come soon, whether due to God's will, or the illuminati's plotting. On that day, people will wake-up in the United POLICE States of America.




    I have just found your site and have read a few of your articles. Your reporting is thorough and true. Unfortunately, as I write this, these events which you write about are increasing in both number and depth of evil. The cunning of our current government, the cover-ups, the misinformation fed our children, the disrespect of parents, the media brainwashing the general public who still believe that what they see on the "evening news" is absolutely true, and other things can't be reversed at this late stage. We stand at the brink of a grand change, one that was predicted many years ago. Can one change prophecy? No. The fulfillment of all prophecy is so close I can feel it staring over my shoulder, waiting next to me for the moment. Continue the good work. It's sad that so many have turned away and won't turn again, even as you yell after them. God bless.

D. C.
New York



    Americans have become so accustomed to the LIBERAL truth, it's hard for them to accept the HARD truth. Anger at your Editorials, the opening of eyes and understanding with the presentation of cold, hard, undeniable facts hiding behind each government program. Maybe, just maybe, enough people will realize that Government created the situation we, along with it, are in and that Government, by itself, will NEVER rectify its self, only by the intervention of the people will this occur. And without that intervention, it will only get worse.

S. D.
Cumberland Gap, Tn




    We are working to get rid of Georgia's National ID card. I haven't read all your article yet, but it appears you came to the same conclusions as we did. The power structure here in Georgia is determined to keep the DL. The Georgia Senate repealed the law, but the Representatives were not allowed to vote on the issue. The Governor and Speaker of the House love this new law.


Deb in Georgia



    As I read my latest forwarded message about sodomy taught to preschoolers, I am wondering if you ever write anything that does not misconscrue the truths of an issue by swaying so far to the absurd extreme. You would be far more credible to middle America if you quoted statements in their context, rather than the random babble you commiserate.


Editor's Response:

    Let us suppose there was a large bridge over a very deep chasm. Let us further suppose it was supported by a large pillar in the center. Each day a train went over the bridge carrying its cargo and passengers. By and by an unscrupulous person, who received great thrills watching trains crash, made his way to the bottom of the great chasm and carved a piece out of the main support. He was observed by one of the engineers who made quite a fuss. The engineer accused the man of trying to destroy the train and kill everyone on board. The one who carved the main support responded that what he was doing was carving out some rotten wood and that now the rot would not spread. He said he did it to keep the passengers safe. His story quieted the fears of the people and the engineer was replaced for being so reactionary and causing such a stir. After awhile the bridge collapsed, but then it was too late to care about the warning given and too late to care if they were lied to.

    "Middle America" is basically in a state of blindness to the subtle changes which are taking over their nation. I know that "middle America" will never see until the bridge falls in, but then who will care? It is true that these subtle changes coming into the world are described in soft, loving tones with the words freedom and love poured all over them. These smooth words used make our story seem extreme. The fruits of the changes taking place will not be so sweet. When "middle America" faces the terrors that they, themselves, have created and faces the results of their moral choices, there will only be a sorrowful wail in that day.

     Americans are faced with terrible tragedies every day which they blame on providence or someone else. At last the decree will be pronounced upon them, they have reaped what they have sown. You have declared that our article was absurd and extreme. In that day, when everyone gets their eyes opened, our article will not seem so extreme at all. I have lived long enough to know of what I speak.



    Are you aware the Washington Times story was blown out of proportion? I happen to be covering the story for CNN. I was just wondering if you researched your facts like I did and found that the schools anti-bias program is the same as any other school in Massachusetts.

    Just a note I would hate to have to use your website as an example of hate speech and religious fanatics.


Editor's Response:

     For myself, I recognize that ones interpretation of events has much to do with his view of life. Adolf Hitler had his story, and his actions did not seem as gross to him as they did to the Jews. Much of this nation's activity in the world today is perceived by many, including the main media, as wonderful challenges soon to culminate in a world of unity and love. We, on the other hand, see ominous portents of annihilation proven by history.

    I fully expect that our site will be perceived the way you threatened to use it. I would also add, that I do not see a difference in the school we covered and most any other school. The difference is not in the event but how those events are understood. We are not alone in this. Others have been falsely maligned by those whose world view is one of universalism. You may or may not see it, but the facts are that there is a war on. The system so readily supported by the main media is soon to come to its end. It behooves us to give the people the news as we understand it.

    It seems to us that the Washington Times simply reported the facts without passion. Would you consider the Washington Times among hate groups and religious fanatics? I believe that your quarrel should be with them. As for our article, The Washington Times was only one source. Our writer used other sources to form a picture of what is developing in this nation rather than making a mere incident the whole story.



Great web site! Keep up the good work. I am recomending your site to everyone on my E-Mail lists.



    I really enjoyed reading your information. A true inspiration it is. Just want to say that it seems that the "liberation" of women (brainwashing of families into believing that everyone would be happier if women just went back to work) is another part of enslaving (to financial debt) and time-depriving the people. Everyone seems to buy it hook, line and sinker, and now families are worse off than ever.

A housewife



    I am amazed that such a site as The WINDS exists on the web. The WINDS is exactly the kind of site I have been looking for since coming online.

    I have been more than interested in Bible prophecy since I was nine years-old, so I have had about eighteen years to study the subject. My research and your web site is directly on target.

    I found your site by looking for information on the GA DMV. This search led me to your page on the N.I.C.-National ID Card. Georgia is indeed forcing all of its residents to receive the new driver's license. This new ID contains all of the information your page revealed.

    Lastly, while reading your page, "What is the truth? What is the lie?", a section talks about a scenario of what if the president truly revealed the U.S. hidden agenda to the public. Well, I had a dream recently that perfectly fits your comment about the surrender of autos to be used only by "NWO designated" responsible leaders. Continue to warn the masses and may Jesus protect all your endeavors.

Metro Atlanta, GA, USA



    I read several of your articles and I am both relieved and unnerved at the same time. My boyfriend of five years and his family are all too aware with the mind control experimentation of the CIA and its fellow offices and, thus, by being in such personal contact with this family, I have become a great deal more enlightened.

    I read your statements concerning the answers to certain e-mails such as whether you were conspiracy theorists or liberatarians, or even plainly who you were...but, after reading them, I have come to the conclusion that you and your organization are merely a group of individuals who have come to a frightening realization of the deepest and most heinous crimes this country's government has ever and will continue to commit. I know it is difficult to try to shed light on an almost unbelievable subject such as these because so many people would rather live in blissful ignorance where they refuse to open their minds and listen to the possiblities of an apocalyptic fall of this country.




    4 months ago, after years of mulling over what to do, I ceased paying my Federal Income Taxes. I no longer will fund the absolute evil emanating from DC, and will not willingly pay for my own enslavement and the enslavement of others.

    I would like to tell you that what started me on the long road to this eventual decision (one that I do not take lightly!), was finding out that my tax money had been used to fund the Khmer Rouge against the Vietnamese after Vietnam had invaded Kampuchea (Cambodia).

    I take any and all opportunities to preach my belief that a general tax strike is the only way to halt those in DC. If this precipitates the use of force against the strikers, so much the better, as something must happen to rouse this nation out of it's sleep.

    I for one will not capitulate. I will no longer fund the evil which emanates from DC.




Dear Mr. President:

    Although the title of the American Heritage Rivers Initiative sounds noble enough, recent history of federal government behavior regarding states' rights and private property rights exhibits clearly that the government has no idea of the importance of these concepts.

    The American Heritage Rivers Initiative is nothing more than an attempt to circumvent Congress and to add additional layers of unaccountable bureaucracy to an already bloated government. There is no reason to add this additional agency when for the past 200 years or more the states have been doing quite well managing their own resources. There is clearly potential, with no safeguards, to see that this program could easily violate states' sovereignty.

    If part of the intent is to make funds more easily available to the states for improvements, then the specific programs offering those funds should be made more coherent and accessible. It is not necessary nor advisable to build in more levels of government which more than likely will end up regulating to death every district, county, city, or community it enters.

    Please do NOT proceed with this or any other such unnecessary and inadvisable plot.


Mark Worthington



    Your article on FEMA only helps to enlighten and confirm my growing fears on where these supposed government organizations are going and what their dark plans are. Thank you WINDS for providing this information when no other would.

Mike T.



    Ladies and/or Gentlemen: I don't remember exactly how and when I stumbled onto The Winds, but I quickly added it to my Favorite's list. Soon, I was eagerly checking each day for new articles/editorials. I wish that you could post 10 new ones each day, but I know it's not possible (but not for lack of material to write about). Besides, if you did, I'd never get any work done. I don't know who or where you are, and I guess that's not really important. What's important is that you continue to shine the light. The WINDS should be read by everyone who is concerned with the direction this once great nation of ours is taking. To paraphrase, I have become afraid, very afraid. Trying to explain what is really happening to most people is met with ridicule and skepticism. The next few years may decide whether we, as a nation, remain free or become subjects of the ruling elite. I just hope there are enough brave souls left to bring the beast to its knees. Keep spreading the truth. We need more like you.

Bob W.



    I wonder if Rush (EIB NETWORK, NY) knows of your web page. He is heard by thousands of Americans every day. I believe I heard him say he thinks issues of a "One World Order" are silly and info seen on the web about it are untrue. Can Rush be this naive or is he on the DARK SIDE? I am beginning to wonder about Rush. I have listened to him on the radio for years now. Since getting on line and finding "THE WINDS" and getting to read the real issues that are not discussed anywere, except the newspaper called, "THE SPOTLIGHT" (washington/www.spotlight.org) I feel he and other talk show hosts are either in the dark or not allowed to bring to the air waves the TRUTH.

TC Bennington, NH

Editor's Response:

     One cannot know for sure how much this man knows, but one can know where one gets his money. His sponsors will pretty well define what he will say. A man will not bite the hand that feeds him.


July 7, 1997

    Would you not agree that the use of the word "militiamen" in respect to "Hutus", may cause more uneducated Americans to parallel the Hutus with the Militias of the Several States? These Hutus seem like perpetrators, yet they probably do not use the word "militia" in their country. I love your site, and am a great fan of your efforts, yet I am very touchy to where the term "militia" is utilized to describe a military faction of any kind. Otherwise, God bless your work and keep it up.

Guy H.
New Mexico

Editor's Response:

     Yes, Americans could stand to be educated on a lot of things. We use the term "militia" according to its meaning. "A body of citizens with military training who are called to active duty only in an emergency." (Webster's Dictionary). By this term we infer no national preference or motive unless specifically mentioned in the article. Thanks for writing and being in touch.


July 7, 1997

    I am shocked!!! Please do not misunderstand me, the world's situation today is a far cry from being perfect (and I am not that optimistic that it will ever be close to being so), but don't you think that you are being just a bit too skeptical? I mean you shouldn't shake and rule out other people's beliefs and opinions. If you don't like the way the world works, then state the problems and try to give solutions, because without solutions people will get offended. As for me, I just have to say that while you are cutting down democracy, what other form of government did man come up with yet that is more just, equal, moral than democracy (and I am not saying that democracy runs like clockwork, but at least we try, and if people like you will stop criticizing from the sidelines and join in, to try to help everybody will be better off).

Dana S.

Editor's Response:

    I truly appreciate what you said. I think most people think as you do. Most people in the West hold out a little hope for the future. Today men largely look at the world through the glasses that the media places astride their noses. The WINDS does not report negative sounding news for the sake of it. We report things as they are. We take information that comes to us and tell the truth about it. We take great pains to leave out the imagination and report what is actually there. Is truth too hard to honestly look at? The troubles you have in your own country are largely contrived. The same is true here in the U.S. If you could see the final plan as we do, you would see Hitler as a minor figure in comparison to what is happening now. Many millions are dying this very generation at the hands of evil men in high places and the greatest tragedy is soon to come. Our work is to warn. Soon we will be made to be silent and the nations will hear us no longer, but until then, we will simply report things as they are.

     As for democracy, Alexander Hamilton said,

"We are a Republican Government. Real liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of Democracy."

Samuel Adams said,

"Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself! There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide."


May 26, 1997

The New South Africa - The Same Old Bondage

     A most interesting article..which all South Africans should read. Why isn't it published in the press? Or is the press also under a new democracy rule?

South Africa


March 30, 1997

    Here in NY state the students are required to have proof that they have had MMR immunization or get one or two of the two parts of MMR immunization before entering school or college. Since I was applying to a college of my choice and I had to give a proof that I've had MMR, I went to the White Plains Clinic to have them sign a form for me. I'm a U.S. citizen by birth. They refused to sign that I've had MMR and forced me to take a full course MMR immunization and to take two parts at two different times. I couldn't argue any further and took shots or else I wouldn't be able to enter college.
    When I went to the south and called the medical information center, they said I didn't have to take the first part because I'm a U.S. citizen which meant all of the U.S. born citizens already have had their first part of MMR immunization while they were young. But the registered nurses at the White Plains (Westchester County, New York) refused to hear me out and forced me to take a full course. I know there are immigrants coming to this clinic for immunizations but I'm a U.S. citizen by birth. I was upset and nervous about the possible side effects from the immunization. Since the full course immunization was to take two separate intervals, my admission to college had to be delayed until the next semester or so.

Margaret Arnold

Editor's Response:

     Your letter indicates that you have concern over whether or not your immunization may cause dangerous effects. As you may have read on The WINDS these things do occur (See: CAFMR Charges Medicine Research with Fraud!). The greatest issue here, though, seems to be the issue of force. When men or women are forced to do that which they would not ordinarily do simply to go on with life, it smacks of a cult or dictatorship. Government's purpose is to serve rather than dictate one's options.


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