Editorial 3/1/98

Happy mask, sad mask


U.S. and U.N Use Force and Make-believe in Middle East Politics

    The New York Times reported Thursday that the CIA has drafted plans to bring down Saddam. This would be accomplished by enlisting Kurdish and Shiite agents to sabotage key economic and political targets in Iraq. It is reported that the plan would be the fifth covert attempt by the CIA to get rid of the Iraqi president. This plan is purported to be secret and so we all are informed that it is a secret plan. In that way, we are led to believe we are privy to something that no one else knows about. Little do most people suspect that it is not secret at all, but a grand announcement and purposely so.

     If this were true (that the CIA failed four other times), the CIA would have to be classed as the most inept organization in government. Ineptness, however, projects the picture of a certain amount of innocence and so the stories serve their purposes well. When the media describes the CIA as being run by the Three Stooges, it serves to quiet the citizens in regards to its real menace.

     Leaders in Congress are openly speaking of the murder of Saddam Hussein. If any U.S. citizen spoke the way our own senators do, and that citizen threatened another citizen in that way, he would be imprisoned immediately. Since it is our congressmen and president speaking against the president of another sovereign nation, these murderous threats go unpunished.


    The story regarding the CIA seems up front on the surface, but much more remains to be seen. U.N. chief Kofi Annan recently returned from Baghdad with the glad tidings of an agreement which will allow the U.N. inspectors an opportunity to clean out all of the "weapons of mass destruction". He thanked the U.S. for its show of force in the Gulf and he is quite confident the U.N. will be persuaded to accept this agreement. The U.S. has publicly looked at the proposal with reserve and doubts. The U.N. was forced to offer Saddam over ten billion dollars in oil for food as an incentive, probably because the world opinion was voicing its opposition to sanction genocide which was the illegal weapon of choice for the U.N. Even so, Iraq is just where the U.N. wants it. Nothing has been said by Annan concerning the U.N. weapon of mass destruction which has the innocuous name of "sanctions." In this nation a whole family can end up dead for having a gun 1/4" too short. How is it the U.S. and World Body can commit almost any crime against humanity and no heads roll? The results of U.S. policy has made Iraq a weak and impotent example to the world and this most recent concocted controversy has permitted a great increase of American arms into the region. This is something that could not have occurred without it.

     The hypocrisy of the U.N. is beyond comprehension for most people with any conscience left. The U.N. has broken many of its own laws and its charter while dealing with Iraq. The starvation of citizens is against the Genocide Convention, the U.N. Charter, the Constitution of the World Health Organization, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The U.S. clearly states it will not pay attention to the World Body in regards to its own unilateral actions, yet, the U.S. continues to claim Iraq is going against the wishes of the world community of nations. How is it that Iraq is expected to obey but the U.S. is not? What is this strange cowboy, Rambo, Terminator insanity that this nation possesses? Is money worth the ruination of the soul of a nation? Evidently, this nation's leaders believe it is. These lawmakers who are the progenitors of mass starvation, who want to continue to bomb, should be given a gun and sent off to do their dirty deeds, but leave the rest of the nation alone.

     On 60 Minutes Sunday night (March 1st) one segment took great pains to prove the Iraqi gassing of Kurdish citizens because they supported Iran during that war. The news media in America is determined to press the view of the need for more devastation on that country. They thrust upon the American public any evidence they might muster to get America to rain fire down upon that people once again. What 60 Minutes and the news media leave out of the report is how our president gassed children in a church near Waco. They do not mention that our starving to death of 600,000 Iraqi children, and a million others besides, almost makes insignificant any atrocities that Saddam has reportedly committed.

Barrels of depleted uranium

     When the U.N./U.S. coalition bombed Iraq the report was that the bombing was on the military infrastructure. This was an official lie. While it is true that weapon depots were bombed, it was equally true that all of the food reserves of the country were bombed. Food processing plants were laid waste. Water processing facilities were destroyed and sewer disposal plants were rendered inoperable. Ramsey Clarke stated, "We didn't want them to be able to feed themselves for a long, long time." The starvation of the Iraqi nation is not an error. It is purposed by the U.S. and its murderous coalition of nations which has the facade of United Nations. Ramsey Clarke reports that 800 tons of depleted uranium weapons dropped on Iraq have significantly increased the incidents of cancer in all ages. This was no accident. Was the U.S. needing a place to get rid of its toxic uranium waste? While the U.S. continues to rattle its sabers and call for the destruction of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, what it means is that it wants to further humiliate that nation and remove any last life supports it may possibly possess and, perhaps, there are other sinister motives too dark to mention some of which we have already seen.

    The apparent contradiction between the wishes of the U.N. and the U.S. serves the forces of world control well, for it provides the facade of credibility for the U.N. and paints the U.N. more benevolent than the U.S. As we have previously reported, the real truth may be found in the statement by the managing editor of Foreign Affairs, the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations. He states that Saddam is a necessary ingredient for American foreign policy. If the U.S. did not have Saddam, it would have to invent him. Of course, this statement is only half true. Anyone who has watched this situation closely over the years and paid attention to the forces of government, recognize that Saddam was indeed invented for the purposes of world conquest.


     Saddam was at first well armed ostensibly to counter the forces of Iran. Secondly, Saddam was privately encouraged to invade Kuwait. Thirdly, the U.S. so humiliated Iraq and brought it so low that they lost much respect in the world. This all lent itself to the vilification of Saddam which made the way for U.S. forces to enter the Middle East. This was a coup of wonderful proportions since it is introducing terror into the Middle East. This terror is not of Saddam but of the U.S. All nations wonder what will happen to them if they ever try to think for themselves. They will know that independent thinking is not nice and Father America will punish anyone who tries it. The Saddam threat is clearly make-believe. A Hollywood screen writer could have concocted the scenario, but most of the world who looks on really knows what is coming down. Americans, largely stupefied from all of their media madness, are in what has been termed "la la land." Most Americans are completely ignorant as to how they are viewed in the rest of the world.

     This make-believe that has engulfed America is well stated in the much maligned document the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion which is definitive as to the nature of current events. It reads:

Twin towers of Power

    "The signature of our power is - force and make-believe. Only force conquers in political affairs, especially if it is concealed under the cloak of statesmanship. When governments [such as Iraq] do not want to lay down their crowns at the feet of the new [U.N.] power, we must respond with violence, cunning and make-believe. These evils are the only means by which to attain the end, the good. Therefore, we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they will help towards attaining our goals. In politics it is necessary to know how to seize the property of others without hesitation if that will win for us submission and sovereignty."

    The forces at work these days are forces of make-believe. The buzz words used are comical and hypocritical to anyone giving it much consideration. The make-believe is that Saddam is the most dangerous man on earth. The make-believe is that he has billions of tons of weapons of mass destruction. Often the word "dictator" is used to describe Saddam as if that word meant anything. Adolph Hitler, Saddam and Clinton were all elected by the populations of their country. I would say that of all the dictators of history it is proving Bush and Clinton to be the most dangerous, as well as, untruthful of them all. While it is true that Saddam might have some of those biological bugs around some place, it is also true that almost every nation on earth has them. If one considers it, there is no nation on earth any more dangerous than the U.S. and the U.S. seems to be the one flexing its muscles all over the place. This is the "force" spoken of in the Protocols and some of the world recognizes the danger.


    The U.S. has charged Saddam with ignoring the wishes of the International Community. Few notice the hypocrisy in this. While the International Community expressed opposition to the use of military force, the U.S. made it plain it would ignore the International Community and reserve the right to use force unilaterally. Again, the Protocols say it right:

Our right to do what we desire lies in force. The word 'right' is an abstract illusion and cannot be proven by anything. The word means no more than: when you give me what I demand, it proves that I am stronger than you.

Barrel of oil spilled

    The purposes behind the charade of the wrangling over Saddam has nothing whatever to do with Saddam or Iraq. It has to do with the conquest of the U.N. over world governments and world affairs. The U.N. needs a bad man to give credibility to its invasion into sovereign nations. Iraq has oil and the West loves oil. Iraq has a religion that does not bow the knee to western financial pressures. Islam has not completely sold itself out yet to American and western financial aggression as Christianity has. This creates the need to "invent" Saddam. He is necessary to the success of this aggression. Islam must be eradicated at any price and not Saddam--at least, not until he has served their purposes. Most Moslem nations are not quite as brain-dead as the Americans in regards to what is actually happening to them. But they still seem to be willing to be enslaved. They still buy much of the party line. Perhaps their love for western toys and bribes has blinded their eyes to the full extent of their danger.

    If the U.N. or U.S. openly launched a military attack in the Middle East for the purpose of invasion and total acquisition, it would awaken the nations to the fact that another Hitler was loose in the world. This would be quite costly and the nations would not be happy subjects. To help hide this fact it is Saddam who is painted as the Hitler and the U.S. and U.N. as the savior from that Hitler. In this way the nations of the world fall into the arms of this new American dictatorship because it has come in as a Christ rather than a devil. America brings in stars and stripes instead of the swastika.

    The contradictions in the various media stories do not appear since men seem so willing to have peace rather than intelligence in regards to how they are being led by a ring in their noses to the slaughter. The U.S. has a large standing army. This army of between one and two million persons is being sent to nations all over the world. They profess to come as "peacekeepers." It is a rare thing in this world's history that a foreign army can invade the nations of the world without war. The nations agree on these forces because they appear to be preservers of the peace. It never seems to occur to these nations that they could do that well enough themselves. These "preservers of the peace" are the new rulers and almost no one notices. Americans seem willing enough to let this all happen since the bad guys are on their side, but the tide will turn by and by. When they come for American property and when they come for American lives, these same sleepy souls will wonder what happened to them, but will not ascribe it to their own blindness and permission.


    Last week Kenneth Starr charged the White House with producing an avalanche of lies which are being put out against his staff as he endeavors to make it all plain and expose the lies in regard to the recent scandals of government leaders. I would suggest that the avalanche of lies is simply business as usual in governmental affairs and this is a very effective tool in bringing down public confidence in government for the purpose of beginning a new government. All of this plays right into the hands of the New World Order proponents. This New Order has a foundation made of deceit and lies. Force and make-believe, toys and sex are the tools used to keep the population brain-dead long enough to pull this off.

    Saddam is vilified for doing what we would do under similar circumstances. Iraq is being starved to death little by little. The U.N. has effectively reduced the Iraqi population by 5% over the past eight years. Because the sanctions were not lifted, Saddam resisted any more inspections while his nation was being starved. Would not any responsible ruler do the same? The U.S. made a fuss and spewed out all the familiar buzz words about the "evil dictator". When offered more oil for food it was agreed that inspections could go ahead. That is all that really happened and this change could have happened years ago except the U.S. has a strange fixation on the ruination of a nation of the weak and the poor. Iraq wants the sanctions dropped so that it might go ahead and be a country again. I am not sure how evil Saddam is, but I have not read any stories yet about his adulterous life with his interns. While the media announces the trail of murders behind Saddam's regime, it may as well be noted that a trail of murders is charged upon our own president as well. The media and our own government make a charade out of everything trying to justify our own murders and attempted murders because Saddam sinned in some way. We have even gone so far as to publicly plan the assassination of Saddam, even though it is all a hoax, he is too valuable alive. I will make a prophecy. We will most certainly be paid back. Oh, yes, it will come.


    If our president truly is only after Saddam and not the children, as he and his Secretary of State continue to assert, then why do we not simply lock Saddam and Clinton in a room and let them fight it out? If Clinton wins, Iraq will have to let the U.S. take over the country as it wants and the U.S. gets all the oil. If Saddam wins, the U.S. must destroy all of its own weapons of mass destruction and the U.S. will have to give all its oil to Iraq. Does that sound fair enough? In that way, a million children do not have to die over the farce that is now being projected into the world.

    We have written our own state senator concerning the matter. He sent back a letter with nothing in it. Politicians are good at saying nothing. His response was that Iraq was not doing what it was told, so our actions are justified. "I am watching the situation closely," he said. I don't think I care whether or not the situation is being watched. I would much rather have this evil lie ended. No, it seems they will not end it until they are all dead.

    I have been noticing the similarity between Nazi Germany just before the holocaust and the U.S. now. Hitler's popularity in the late 30's was at an all-time high since the economy was humming along again after the great inflation of that decade. When Hitler demanded the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia, flexing a little macho muscle, his popularity soared. He was not especially moral, having a mistress, but that was put aside since everything was working so well for Germany. What really happened is history now. Some of us will look back on this someday and see history played itself out again in our own nation.

Americans have the greatest access to historical information as any nation on earth. It is also true that Americans seem to learn the least from it.


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