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Questions Concerning the Protocols

protocols of zion

   "I have just read your editorial 'The Big Act' and in the main, I am in agreement with your assessment of the manipulation that is being carried out regarding military intervention against Saddam. One thing troubles me about your article that I hope you will clarify. You reference the Protocols of the Elders of Zion without explaining where the Protocols originated. It is vital this is made clear because the Protocols have been the pretext for the most violent anti-Semitism the world has ever known. Hitler's propaganda of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy was at the heart of the holocaust and many in the White Supremacist groups are using the same racist propaganda based on the Protocols here in America today. The tone of other articles I have read on your web site do not indicate an anti-Semitic slant and I am hoping further clarification from you will bear this out."

Chey Simonton


Why Do We Use the Protocols?


    From time to time we receive questions as to our use of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Some writers wonder if we are anti-Semitic because of our uninhibited and nonjudgmental reference to them. I think the questions are fair since the Protocols have often been attributed to the Jews or, more specifically, the Zionists and the Protocols have been roundly discredited as a hoax by media sources around the world. The Protocols are definitive in the charges that many Arab nations make upon Israel. Many Arabs and Palestinians believe the Protocols are authentic as written. This accounts for much of the upheaval now prevalent in the Mideast.

    It is understandable how many people around the world believe the idea of conspiracy since they see themselves so much the victim of one. On the other hand it is understandable how many Jews may feel greatly offended that the Protocols are attributed to them when they know nothing of the thing. When they look at the suffering of many of their brothers, and have attributed that suffering directly to the publishing of that document, the charge of being responsible for that suffering seems monstrous to them.

An Historical Perspective

    To give a little history of the Protocols, as has just been requested of us by this writer, it seems important to see why it is viewed as it is by so many people. The Protocols first appeared immediately after the World Zionist Congress which was held August 18, 1897 in Basel, Switzerland.

    Theodor Herzl, a Hungarian Jew, desired greatly that he should help organize a Jewish state. He founded the modern movement of Zionism which was successful in the influencing of various national and international entities for the purpose of establishing the nation of Israel in the land of Palestine. According to Grolier Encyclopedia, Herzl worked energetically to "influence the Jewish philanthropists Edmond Rothschild and Maurice de HIRSCH." He went on to influence "Emperor William II of Germany, Sultan Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire, King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, and Pope Pius X".

    Herzl seemed to have predicted the Jewish holocaust when he stated, "things cannot improve, but must get worse, until the massacres." Many Jews were not much interested in the establishment of a new country for themselves, so Herzl felt there would have to be something to influence the move in that direction. Having the Protocols surface just after the first Jewish Congress, which had a theme of the establishment of a new order of things, focused attention worldwide on the Protocols as being of Jewish origin as well as the text itself having obvious Jewish overtones. In the next two or three decades the Protocols were widely read and the Jewish conspiracy was widely believed in both the United States and Europe, but something was soon to transpire which would shift public opinion into silence.

    There have been some (who have been called conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites) who have postulated that the holocaust was a plot to help cause the fulfillment of the Jewish dream. The Protocols themselves seem to allude to this. "And how farseeing were our learned elders in ancient times when they said that to attain a serious end it behooves not to stop at any means or to count the victims sacrificed for the sake of that end. We have not counted the victims of the seed of the goy cattle, though we have sacrificed many of our own, but for that we have now already given them such a position on the earth as they could not even have dreamed of." This statement seems all the more proven since the holocaust.

     The sacrifice of one's own countrymen seems monstrous and impossible at first. This notion that has been stated by some seems cruel and horrific until one considers that this nation's own generals and presidents during WWI and WWII sometimes did that very thing for the purpose of some advantage later on. Soldiers have been sacrificed to the enemy so that a certain media advantage might be gained or so that some national or personal glory might be achieved by it.

    The word "holocaust" so widely used these days simply means sacrifice. Holocaust is the word used to describe a lamb slain on the altar of sacrifice. Some who hold the view of an international conspiracy claim that certain powerful Jews who wanted a Jewish homeland and who needed public opinion shifted in favor of the Jews arranged for the political conditions which would shift public sympathy in their favor. For centuries Jews were held in contempt worldwide. It has been postulated that the sacrifice was deemed necessary to not only make the Jews an accepted people, but, also to forever put away the Protocols as a credible document and to shift public and Jewish opinion over to the position that a national homeland is desirable after all. In fact, the holocaust or sacrifice of the Jews achieved that very thing. The Palestinians who occupied this land were--and are--systematically being moved out of their previous territory through the force of this movement. Palestinians and Moslems, in general, are now made to look like bomb-throwing, gun-toting madmen. This has not only raised the ire of the Palestinians, but other Moslems as well who do not share the view that the Jews should dispossess their brothers.

    The word "anti-Semitic" is a word used extensively these days to mean anti-Jewish. This word is misused when used in that way. A Semite is any of a number of peoples who inhabit southwestern Asia including the Arabs. The Palestinians would qualify. So, if a Jewish person was against the Palestinians, he could be called an anti-Semite. If the United States was against the Iraqis, Americans could be called anti-Semites.

    There is much confusion thrust upon the public in all of this, but there need not be confusion. We may very well look at history to see what happened. There are many things we cannot know, but we can know what we can see.

    If historical events are observed matter-of-factly instead of judgmentally or in prejudice, a candid observer may well see the pieces that make up this mysterious puzzle. Men are not inclined that way, however, in that men of all races tend to be prejudiced. This writer is not one of those, so my use of the Protocols is incidental. I quote many individuals and I would even quote the Devil, as the Bible does, if it served to show men what the truth is.

    I do not use the Protocols to vilify any race of men because I know full well we are all made out of the same dirt. None of us can escape the judgment on this matter. All men are naturally liars and I think this is substantially proven in regards to certain government affairs these days. Because of this knowledge, I do not make any claims as to who the author is of this most derided statement since it bears no author's inscription. I invite people, on the other hand, to simply see what the statement says and then judge for themselves whether or not this statement is coming to pass whomever might have written it.

Just What Happened?

We might well observe certain events which are factual and historical:

    In the latter half of the century the Protocols was described as a hoax. The interesting point here is that there is no evidence or proof that it is a hoax or that it is authentic. If one looks into any encyclopedia he will find the words "forgery", "hoax" or "fraudulent" in regards to this document without the evidence for such a statement. As already stated, their authenticity cannot be proven either. It would be best to stay clear of theories and simply look at events. Events are plain enough and speak loudly enough.

Our View

    The WINDS staff have sometimes quoted from this document not as a proof of Jewish intrigue or national conspiracy. We quote from it because there is nothing written today which more clearly explains current events. One who has digested the Protocols cannot look out into the world without seeing the fulfillment of that much maligned document. Our point of view in this office is that the question of who wrote it is not all that important. What is important is that it is clearly seen as having transpired. A person would have to be well-nigh brain-dead not to realize the awesome success of some brilliantly organized purpose in bringing all men to the state they are in today. The document itself is amazing in its theoretical design. If it were simply created for show, it was created by genius since in it there is seen clear understanding of how human beings are manipulated. This is our purpose for quoting from it. My own personal view is that the Protocols clearly reveal satanic planning. I charge him with the writing of the document. If I say, "the devil did it," then how can that be offensive?

    The reason we refrain from accusing some man, group or race for writing it is not only because it cannot be proven, but because that would serve no useful purpose. If some nation or person were annihilated because it could be proven that they had evil intents, one would soon find out some other conspirator would take that entity's place. The primary cause is satanic and that entity may use anyone he chooses to use in ruining the world if they yield to his purposes.

    There is no doubt in my own mind that there is a conspiracy of control in the world today. This is clearly seen by some. What cannot be seen is exactly who is behind it, at least on a human level. Some of the individuals pushing for the New Order have made themselves public and have stated their purposes, but the whole picture has not yet evolved. Our own president as well as former President Bush are clearly on the train by their own testimony, but one cannot know for sure who is their boss. There are many guessers and professors, but proof is not forthcoming and neither is proof necessary. Many name names and organizations which are most probably involved in this since most all of America is, but where the buck stops cannot be fully seen and, according to the document we are writing about, this is intentional.

Bank with Nazi gold

Forces of Intrigue Take Both Sides

    Some believe the true headquarters of world control is Switzerland. A country so-called "neutral" during World War II. Recently, 60 Minutes revealed that the bankers of Switzerland supported not only the Western armies, but the Axis states as well. Communists, capitalists and fascists were all supported by the same banks. This certainly smacks of conspiracy when one hand controls all the wars as is clearly defined in the Protocols. If one needs food for conspiracy, one need not look far. Who is it that controls those banks? That might be an interesting survey. To put this simply, the same hands which paid for and financed the armaments of the Western powers, financed the crematoriums which incinerated millions of innocents. At the same time, this banking capital stayed free of being perceived as being on anyone's side. Is it any wonder that some suspect a picture of treachery unimagined until this time?

     One thing that is clear and proven is that money governs. Banks have the control of money, not the least of which are the central banks of all the economies. It is safe to say, since this can be proven, that the international conspiracy is headed and funded by men in high financial circles, whether in Switzerland or any other country. If I were to pick a culprit, it would first of all include the international banking organizations. When one knows who controls them, one knows who controls the world, its media, businesses, politics and policies. This is how it has been, and this is how it is.

    There was an interesting statement made by Keith Bradsher of The New York Times, August 5, 1995. He said, "In a small Swiss city sits an international organization so obscure and secretive....Control of the institution, the Bank for International Settlements, lies with some of the world's most powerful and least visible men: the heads of 32 central banks, officials able to shift billions of dollars and alter the course of economies at the stroke of a pen." This Bank for International Settlements is located in Basel, Switzerland.

    Some of the Zionist influence is hardly ever mentioned. For whatever reason, on the surface it appears that Christians are as influential in establishing a Jewish primacy in the Mideast as some of the Jewish people are. For years many Christian denominations have been urging the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. The Papal See also expects to make a major appearance in Jerusalem on or about the year 2000. The whole Western religious world seems to have a major stake in setting up Israel's power, and, this for the sake of their Messianic hopes and dreams for the upcoming millennium. If some Jews are the culprits of world domination, one would have to honestly include many who are professed Christians as well.

What is Slavery Anyway?

    Over the last one-hundred years our nation has been overflowing with the forces of people control. Few Americans consider what has actually happened to them since they still are able to buy toys. Americans do not seem to care if they can drug themselves, entertain themselves and play themselves into a stupor. But just for the sake of discussion, let us look at the situation. Much has been said of the black slavery days. What was a black slave? He was an individual who worked all day and, in return, he would get a place to live and enough food to feed himself. While it is true some black slaves were treated badly, it is also true some were treated well. But the true underlying principle of slavery was that the slave did not acquire property. He was not allowed to be self-sufficient. He had to work for his master's wealth. Tell me now, how is that different from the system we have these days?

    Is it not true that most Americans work all day and earn just enough to get a place to live and the transportation to get to work? If every American lost his job tomorrow, how many would be able to pay their bills in two months from that time? According to a recent report on National Public Radio 95% of all Americans would be unable to pay their bills if they lost their jobs. The homes of 95% of the population would belong to the banks. While it is true most Americans have more toys than the black slaves had, it is also true toys do not bring true freedom to a soul. True freedom rests in the ability to go where one wants when one wants to go there. This freedom is realized by almost no American today. They have to work for someone else in order to survive and pay their bills. If a man happens to own a business, it is most likely financed and, he is, in effect, working for the bank. This is what constitutes slavery. The word "slave" simply means servant. When one is a hired servant, he is a hired slave. The freeman is one who hires servants or slaves and is not in debt to another. You can see, if you have eyes, that Americans are slaves except now the whites are slaves along with the blacks because they can only do what they want when the bank has been paid or their masters say they can. If they do not pay, they lose all their toys and life supports. If they do not do what their masters say, they will lose their jobs.

    This condition of things is precisely explained in the Protocols. The news media directs the minds of the nations to know who their enemies are and to go to war at the appointed time; we are told what products to buy, we are told what we should be learning. If there were ever a time when slavery was practiced, it is now. The mobs of ignorant, media-educated masses are so quick to jump to the commands of their national masters, but few of them realize their slavery since they went into it by choice usually to buy something new and shiny. This is, to put it simply, the way things are.

One Revealing Event

    There are other things which have fueled the cause of conspiracy theorists concerning Israel. One such event happened on June 8th, 1967. On this date during the 1967 Israeli war an American surveillance ship was patrolling off the coast of Egyptian and Israeli territorial waters. The U.S.S. Liberty was in international waters when attacked by Israeli aircraft and gunboats. A report written by James M. Ennes, Jr. who was a survivor and an officer on the Liberty stated:

    "In June 1967, jet aircraft and motor torpedo boats of Israel brutally assaulted an American naval vessel, the U.S.S. Liberty, in international waters off the Sinai Peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea. The attack was preceded by more than six hours of intense low-level surveillance by Israeli photo-reconnaissance aircraft which buzzed the intelligence ship thirteen times, sometimes flying as low as 200 feet directly overhead. The reconnaissance pilots were heard by intercept operators in Germany and in Lebanon reporting to their headquarters that they could see an American flag and men sunbathing on deck.

    "The carefully orchestrated assault that followed was initiated by high-performance jet aircraft, was followed up by slower and more maneuverable jets carrying napalm, and was finally turned over to lethal torpedo boats which fired five torpedoes. Four missed. The one torpedo that hit the ship blasted a forty-foot hole in the ship's side.

    "The attack lasted more than two hours -- killing 34 Americans and wounding 171 others -- and inflicted 821 rocket and machine-gun holes. And when the Liberty stubbornly remained afloat despite her damage, Israeli forces machine-gunned her life rafts and sent troop-carrying helicopters in to finish the job. During the attack, radio intercept operators in Lebanon heard one Israeli pilot identifying the ship as American. He was told to ignore the flag and continue his attack.

    "Before the ship arrived in the area, U.S. Sixth Fleet Commander Admiral William Martin promised to provide air support within ten minutes if an emergency arose. Yet when the ship did come under attack, the White House blocked any air rescue for more than 90 minutes. Officers on the bridge of the aircraft carrier Saratoga heard Liberty's radio operators calling for help while bombs burst in the background, but were forbidden to help. When Navy jet aircraft were finally authorized to come to the ship's aid, the Israeli government suddenly ended the attack and withdrew. Only then did the identity of the assailants become known.

    "...For 30 years Israel and its supporters have denounced survivors as liars and anti-Semites for reporting what happened to their ship. Members of Congress are unwilling even to listen to their stories. These men seek justice."

    Why would U.S. elected officials be so terrified of investigating an attack on a U.S. vessel by a foreign country in the full light of day and with an American flag flying? Why would, according to the officer on deck, help called for would not come by White House order? If Iraq even looked as if they were going to attack one of our ships, it would pay with the lives of hundreds of its citizens. If Mexico or Canada attacked us, we would defend our ship and then there would be an extensive investigation. No nation on earth would escape the wrath of the U.S. but Israel. Nothing was mentioned in this instance. Everything was covered in secrecy and denial.

The Conclusion

    Since the truth is not forthcoming, and not many who know are willing to tell the truth, there will always be suspicions of collusion and the worst will be imagined for better or for the worse. In any event, as far as the United States is concerned, Israel is the most powerful and influential nation on earth. Israel receives billions in aid and any national thrust against the U.S. is carefully secreted out of sight.

    With events such as these I would say the perpetrators of these secret things seem to deserve the charge of conspiracy. If they refuse to tell the truth, and tell it openly, the questions arise, why are they so secretive if they are not hiding something? If they are hiding something, is that not to conspire?

    The personal view of this editor is that it is a miscarriage of justice to charge an entire race of men with the publication of a single document. How can it be fair to make millions of men responsible for what a few are perpetrating? Because a president of this country conspires against his own citizens, does that not mean every citizen has that intention as well? I suppose it can be said we are all responsible since we participate and give cooperation to the forces that now manipulate the lives of so many. Prejudice and race hatred does not and cannot be a solution. The solution is for every man to simply open his eyes to the truth. In regards to the Protocols one need simply look out into the world and see that in every detail this paper is being revealed. The "secret plans" are unfolding for all to see. If a man believes that the Protocols is a hoax, all he needs do is refrain from reading it. If one believes it is authentic, it may give one the answers to the questions that arise in our society. It may take the mystery out of what is happening to our world. In any case, how would one know whether or not it is authentic unless one first comes to understand what it says?



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