Editorial 3/26/98

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Dear Mr. Nichols,

    Today part of your letter to the court was published by the Associated Press. In this published letter you stated that you "never wanted to kill or harm anyone." You wrote, "...I am sincere when I say that I would give my life if it would bring back all those that died in the bombing, especially the children...I never wanted to kill or harm anyone or to damage or destroy any buildings or property anywhere at anytime." You wrote, adding that if you did anything to contribute to the cause of the bombing, "I am sorry, I'm truly sorry....Please, all I want is to have my children to have their daddy with them and Marife to have her husband for the love and support of a complete family....I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I would know someone that would do a horrible terrorist act as what happened. I never thought that an American would carry out such a terrorist act on his own country."

    I want to say, Mr. Nichols, that I believe you. There are many questions that have come to our attention regarding your trial that are still unresolved. The WINDS has discovered and reported that certain government officials knew of the bombing beforehand. We know that there were others who were privy to the bombing who were not questioned or brought to trial. We also know of those who testified concerning government complicity who were murdered, never to speak again.

    When it comes to the state these days, justice cannot be expected. The media forms the opinions and the jury is primed for the assault beforehand. Judges tell them how they are to judge. In your own trial some of the jurors were disgusted with the government's case. Those jurors were then summarily discredited for having those opinions. The mob wants blood, anybody's blood. The mob does not want to know the facts of the case--they just want to hang anyone who is close by and who are having the finger pointed at them by those in authority, whether the accused are guilty or not. I don't know why it was so disgusting for us to know that Adolph Hitler gassed some Jewish children, but it seems quite all right for Clinton and Reno to gas some Branch Davidian children. After this, men seem so surprised that any sort of retaliation might come. Hypocrisy makes no sense, does it? Juries do not often think these things through. They are instructed by the court not to delve too deep into a thing since it would show us ourselves. Heaven forbid!

    I believe you may have had some friends who spoke of violence against the government. There are numerous threats made by nations and peoples but most would never carry them out. Perhaps, according to your letter, this was your situation. You never really expected anyone to do anything like that. I think the same thing can be said of governments. The U.S. government makes many threats and takes postures, but many Americans really believe our government is honorable and would never do some of the things it says it will do. When we see our nation do those things, some of us are surprised. If we had known that the U.S. would starve hundreds and thousands of innocents because some leader wouldn't do what our government said, we would have spoken out. As it is, we are now partakers in its evil deeds. Heaven holds all of those who turned a blind eye accountable.


    On the other side of the question is the violence brought on by those who want to punish government for its evil deeds. They want to retaliate for unjust acts as was done near Waco. You may have been associated with some of these folks at the wrong time. You may have participated in some of the activities or discussion without being aware of where it would actually lead. The dilemma is that retaliation helps the enemy. When the Oklahoma bombing occurred, it was a boon for the government. It was precisely what was needed to get the antiterrorism bill passed. This took away more American freedoms which is just what the new order of things desires. The "terrorists" believe they can hurt the socialist power now in control, but every act of violence helps them. It strengthens their hands. If the government did not have a terrorist, it would invent one--which evidence indicates some of that happened in this case.

    If justice was truly practiced in this nation, we would see far different people in jail than some who now inhabit those places. President Clinton and the Congress would be tried for war crimes in the starvation of over a million-and-a-half Iraqis. President Clinton and Ms. Reno, along with a large part of the FBI and ATF, would be tried on charges of attacking a church and gassing innocent children in that church. They would be tried for murder or manslaughter. Other government officers would be tried for cover-up and outright collusion in the Oklahoma bombing. Americans turn their eyes away from these things since the economy is going along pretty good. As long as they have a secure job they really don't care about the morality of those who lead them.

    You may have heard of the recent scandals in the White House. If our president has done any immoral acts, which he said under oath he did not do, he would be a criminal. The president would have committed a crime. It is unlikely that his intentional crimes will put him in jail as fast as your unintentional ones. The problem with government crime is that nice things are said about it and all the people say, "Amen". When someone retaliates against those crimes, the government says evil things about them and then the mob wants their blood.

    No one knows for sure why it is that we wine and dine the terrorists of other nations. We sit and reason with them and try to bring understanding and concessus, but we kill and imprison our own terrorists. Hypocrisy truly stinks. These days we imprison thousands for taking a drug that the law says they should not take, but we praise and support young mothers who want to murder the young life forming in their womb. Self-righteousness is the motivating force for American policy these days. Our nation is reverting to its lowest animal instincts. I do apologize to the animals for making this comparison since most animals seem to use higher principles in their government than humans do.

    Mr. Nichols, our halls of government are filled with terrorists who have found someone against which to launch their hypocritical rage. You may not even be aware of some of these things since you wrote what you did to the judge. You assume honest men are running things, but I dare say your faith and confidence may be misplaced. I do hope that the rulers of this land come to their right senses and see things as they truly are, but I suspect they will not.

    There are many folks all over the country who are agitated one way or another in your case. I would simply say this, if terrorists and their sympathizers are imprisoned, then imprison all of them including those in government and law enforcement. I do not think there has ever been a terrorist act any more heinous than the one perpetrated against the children in Waco. If those who take drugs are put in prison, then put them all there. If some who lie and deceive are imprisoned for perjury, then place all who do those things there. I would say, Mr. Nichols, that there would be precious few left on the outside of those walls if they did this. All our high officials would be imprisoned along with you. Those who placed you where you are would be found guilty of murder, high treason, drug addiction, drug trafficking and other high crimes.

    Mr. Nichols, you said, "I never thought that an American would carry out such a terrorist act on his own country." Do you really mean that? Do you really not understand what happened? Mr. McVeigh has done nothing more criminal than President Clinton has done or would do. Do you actually believe what was done against that church was less offensive before heaven as what was done in Oklahoma? If Saddam came to America and murdered 80 people in a church, gassing them with his weapons of mass destruction, do you suppose Mr. Clinton would stop at 168 Iraqis? I suppose he would bomb the whole country right into the Stone Age if it were not already there. Mr. Clinton would exact revenge and purpose a great punishment on those he would say were guilty. Timothy McVeigh did not commit murder. He committed revenge. He retaliated. How is that really different than our own government? Why should they accuse him for something they do themselves when given the chance? The downside is that retaliation is a bad idea. It doesn't work. Our government delights in squashing its adversaries. It wants an excuse for a good fight with someone.

    The Scriptures say, vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord. This is in what we should trust. This nation will soon pay in spades for its unholy deeds and it is best for those who are disgusted with the perversion and lies that come from our Capitol to simply wait and see the justice of God. God has a thousand ways to repay the perpetrators of injustice. We should not take that work into our own hands. Even though I believe this is the best policy, I can still understand why someone would want to pay back those who they feel mistreated the innocent. It is a human reaction. Our government is unwilling to confess its faults. In self-righteousness it stands tall and so the Lord allows violent acts to come against it from different quarters. In the government's case it seems quite just that one who they trained to use violence on others focused that violence on their own head.


    Was this horrible thing allowed for a purpose? We can look at the Word and see. The Word says, "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man [nation] soweth, that shall he also reap." Gal 6:7. The facts are that the government came against a church that took the name of Christ and they killed about 80 people including women and children. The children were innocent and could not help where they were. With the federal building 168 people were killed by the various personages that arranged for the bombing. It was a government building and housed some of the same people who partook in the siege near Waco. Innocent children were in that building. They could not help where they were. When the government attacked Waco, it was a surprise. When the federal building was bombed, it was a surprise. On April 19 the Davidian compound was terminated. On April 19 the government building was terminated. There may have been some in the church who were not thinking quite right as were some in the federal building. One might now ask, that isn't fair. Twice as many died in the federal building as died in the Davidian fire. These people who might bring this objection do not read their Bibles. The Bible says, "Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double." Rev 18:6. I would say that is just about right. I would say the government got just about double what it did to others.

    Americans may scream and fuss about this unholy deed, but as I said, God is not mocked. It is fashionable these days to deny there is a God. Men mock and the T.V. programs joke about Him, but He is not mocked. If men do not repent of their unholy deeds, God has ways of setting things right. No one will escape it. In some way, Mr. Nichols, you are a player in the scheme of things. God keeps good records. In some way, and in God's own time, fairness and equity will prevail. You may be certain of that.

    God was watching the bombing of the Oklahoma federal building. He saw who did it and He saw those in government who knew about it in advance, and He let it happen. The angels took perfect record of the whole thing and the angels could have stopped it if it was right to stop it. God was not off golfing, as so many are these days. He was at His post. Things would be quite different if we were all at our post. If the government had respected its citizens, or at least repented for its crime against its citizens, this most terrible disaster would have never occurred. Since our government is so full of lies these days, and hypocrisy is the idol worshipped, we can be guaranteed of many more humiliating effects of those causes.

    When men falsely accused Christ, and employed false witnesses to have Him crucified, they thought that they had won the case. They thought they had pulled one off. What really happened is that this deed of hypocrisy and dishonesty finally ruined the country. Nothing was left. I am not sure of all the facts in your case or just how much you may have been aware of, but there is a God in heaven, and I know that by and by, you may be assured, everything will be made right. While the court may use false witnesses to make its case or it may pervert evidence to support its own story line, or it may not include all of the evidence for its own purposes, one may rest assured it will only come back on its own head. More than this, if those in power refuse to look at an event in its true context and, instead, place the event in a false context such as was done in this case, they will only guarantee that much greater horrors than have been seen must surely come to pass.



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